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Old 12-11-2010, 08:25 PM
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Default Ender the Xenocide [PG13]

Author's note: If you do not know what this is going on about, I suggest reading at least Ender's Game and Speaker For the Dead before attempting to comprehend this storyline.


"What the hell do you mean we lost another colony ship? What the hell is out there?"

"I don’t know sir. But this new one we are sending out will have a security camera mounted on it. We will see exactly what goes on."

"I cannot afford to lose another one admiral, if I do it is someone's ass on the line."

"I understand sir."

"No you don't, it isn't your ass on that line."

"Yes sir."

The cruiser came in for its descent. Over fifty-thousand humans ready to start a new life on the planet. They watched as they neared they neared it. The camera made small and swift circular intervals around the ship. The grey camera feedback was almost eerie as the men watched. What happened next was absolutely mysterious. Yelling from within the ship's hull erupted as the camera made its next interval. Another ship, different in structure, and definitely not International Fleet.

"What the hell is that?"


"Admiral, if the Buggers were still alive, they would have attacked us already. Besides, it has been over three thousand years since that kid Wiggin killed them all off."

"Hell, if isn't them, what is it?"

"I have no godda** idea admiral."

The camera continued to film the one-sided battle. The I.F cruiser held its own for as long as it could. The opposing ship's weapons, however, eventually tore through the ship. Pieces of metal and flames soared everywhere until eventually, it looked like it was never there.


"Yes sir?"

"I think it would be best if we buggered off."

"Me too sir."

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Old 12-19-2010, 08:21 PM
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Default Re: Ender the Xenocide [PG13]

Book 1 sountrack:

Chapter 1

The six soldiers shook around as the chopper started to land on the "rebellious" planet. They all had their night-gear on their helmets. Night vision goggles and their warrior helmets readied. Friendly soldier status floated over heads, target figures were outlined in red. Their targets were of the upmost importance as well. They all glanced at each other as a female mechanical voice informed them of their next action, "Red light, prepare to jump."

Several more minutes of soft mechanical humming from the chopper blades went on. The four soldiers began to check their magazines.

"All right men, dummy rounds. This target cannot expire, no matter what the hell the situation is."

"Yes sir," the other three replied.

"Green light, door open, please queue for the jump," said the totally emotionally detached female voice. The soldiers all nodded as they lined up, a sign to show they were hitched and ready to go. The first soldier jumped, the sound of air ripping all around him as he plummeted to the ground. The land on Lusitania was peaceful as all soldiers were unharmed. They made their way through the high-velocity disruptor fence, which had be deactivated by the humans there.

The house they were heading towards had almost all its lights on. The figures of the contents were plainly visible. "What should we do with the other four, sir?"

"Take them as well."

They headed to the front door and broke it down. The four of the targets hit the ground, while their main interest lunged at one of the soldiers. The soldier through his arm out to grab the target. The man quickly snatched the arm and pulled it down to his knee, hard. The crack was loud as the soldier screamed and hobbled back. Two more soldiers came at him, the man turned around as he grabbed a light stand. He swung it brutally at one of the soldier's masks, the glass visor shattering in his face.

"God damn it! He is one man, take him!" one of the soldiers shouted.

The other soldier jumped onto the man's back, the man slung himself backwards into a wall, and the soldier was crushed. All three assailants were downed, one on the floor, one clutching bleeding face, and the other grasping his broken arm. The last soldier quickly pulled his weapon out. "As you know, I will win. Now, these aren't live rounds, but they'll hurt like hell."

The man's face sank as he dropped the metal lamp stand. He put his hands up and said,
"Fine, you got me."

"That is right, Andrew Wiggin."


"Well, we got the school together quickly. From ansible contact, I hear the assault team got Andrew and his sister," said Admiral Lance. Admiral Lance had black hair, was about forty-seven, and always had an arrogant-looking smile on his face.

"Good, we will be able to get an army together soon enough."

"Eerily similar to about three-thousand years ago isn't it?" asked the Admiral.

"Well, children are brilliant tacticians, what can I say? And well, an added bonus is a familiar setting would get Ender to be able command more efficiently."

"That is what you are calling him now?"

"What would you rather me call him? God?"

"No, just with more respect."

"I do not respect him. He is clueless without a cause."

"He does have a cause now, sir," said the Admiral.

"Oh, and what is that?"

"Making us pay for the creation of the Descolada virus."

"Haha. He really thinks he is doing good isn't he? Well, when he arrives, he and Valentine will learn an awful amount about their actions."

"Roger that, Stevenson."

Stevenson was a plump sixty-year old. He had square glasses and his long hair was combed back. He sat in an intelligent conservative suit as he bent over his desk. He took his glasses off and looked at Admiral.

"That is 'sir' to you Admiral. For the next six years, I own you and Ender," said Stevenson. He smiled as Lance's face drained of arrogance. Stevenson leaned back an slipped his glasses on, "And they are going to be very, very fun."


"Well, you got me onto the bridge, what do you want?" asked Ender.

"Well, Mister Wiggin, we are in dire need of your excellent services."

"What do you mean?"

"Your commanding skills of course," replied the commander of the ship.

"Your alien killing skills. Except, this time is going to be a little different.

"Different how so?" asked Ender. Ender was forty, he could not stand surprises.

"You will see soon enough."

And he definitely did not stand this new predicament.

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Old 02-01-2011, 07:06 PM
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Default Re: Ender the Xenocide [PG13]

This is my fan fic, so do not block me for continuing this story.

Chapter 2
"Neo Jeesh"

"So, the new training facility is complete?" asked Stevenson.

"Yep. We now have a massive concentration of soldiers and... Children."

"Good, we can get started after the procedure with Ender is over," he replied with confidence.

"Do you think we should alter his age?" asked Lance.

"If he chooses to be as old as he is now after the war, so be it. But with this new technology, we can get the world's most brilliant tactician to top physical condition."

A light on Stevenson's desk brightened up. Stevenson and Lance both looked at the light, Lance started to sweat. He was nervous.

"He is here."

"Hell yeah he is," muttered Lance. Stevenson looked up at Lance and replied, "I suppose you had better get down there and greet him."

"Why aren't you gonna do it?" asked Lance nervously.

Stevenson though, I told you have no respect for the punk, but that would not get the point to him. He needed to include himself in the introduction and orientation. Damn, this ruined my plans. "I decided to plan a sort of orientation for our new guest and commander," he smirked.

Lance gulped and put his officer's cap on and walked through the door way.


Ender and what was left of his family walked through the door way. Ender, for his age of sixty, was extremely fit and walked down the ramp ahead of the others. He was greeted by a smart looking man.

"Hello, sir," said the nicely decorated officer.


"You never officially retired from the military, thus you are still an officer, sir," said the officer, he then smartly saluted him. Ender did not return the salute, but rather looked at his surroundings. It modeled the old Battle School. Darkened and dim blue lights, closed in hall ways with different colored neon lights leading the way for workers, soldiers, and students alike to their destinations. Ender felt, at home. This disturbed him though. He turned to the officer.

"What am I doing here...?" he motioned his hand to get a name.

"Oh, Admiral Lance, sir!" he gulped.

"Lance, what am I doing here? Why in the hell did you kidnap me and my sister's family? Why!" he yelled in anger. He approached Lance in an intimidating way. Valentine had seen his anger, in various ways, but not this. It startled her, even in her old age. Ender stood there, his fist ready to strike the officer. Soldiers passing stopped immediately to help Lance. They encircled the two.

Ender smiled, "Answer the question."

And voice mumbled in his ear, "Uh, Ender? The odds of you winning this fight are six to one, and they are not in you favor. I suggest a more passive way of learning why you are here."

Ender ignored her advice and simply sub-vocalized his response, "And I also wanted them to leave me alone. They have done enough already, and they will just harm and abuse me even further."

Ender's nature was to always eliminate a problem before it actually could harm him. And he damn near did. Lance was knocked around quite a bit. Everyone, even Ender, was surprised by his actions. But there was an even bigger surprise when he awoke two days from the event.
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