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Old 02-01-2011, 12:10 AM
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Default Re: Ties of Fate [RP]

Dyrikoda & Saeri
Fairy Castle

Last night seemed to just fly by. They went up the stair case, talked to some crazy lady (and Dyrikoda still wasn't sure who she was or what she was talking about), and then they ended up in Fairy turf. But... they got arrested. Frankly, Saeri wasn't too happy about that. Arrested by her own people? What the heck? If it hadn't been for the fact that she couldn't fly at the moment, she would have strangled that one kid and cursed all the guards. Dyrikoda tried to contain her, but it wasn't easy staying the night in a cell listening to her spew off all sorts of questionable language.

The next day, things looked better. After talking to the fairies' Queen, they were released pleasantly. Dyrikoda got his dual swords back, and Saeri had someone heal her wings. Right then, they were standing out in the hall, the former examining his swords--which seemed to be tampered with somewhat--the latter flying about the hallway, talking to some of the other fairies. The other people were talking amongst themselves... except for the dragon. She was back in her human form, but was looking positively sour that morning. Her clothes were tattered, and Dyrikoda (though keeping his distance from the others) overheard her saying,

“Right...tailor, tailor...where to find a tailor...”

"Um, Saeri?" Dyrikoda glanced around for the fairy, but for the moment she ignored him. Instead, she fluttered over to the other "heroes" and asked,

"Yo, you people," she called loudly to them. "What make you of that crazy episode last night? What was with the crazy chick in the castle-tower-place?"

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Old 02-01-2011, 03:33 AM
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Default Re: Ties of Fate [RP]

((Info rush O_o))

Cinder and Caron
Faerie Castle?

This was why Cinder didn't like other people. Not in the least bit. First they get spoken to by a goddess, saying something about being chosen as heroes and all that nonsense, and then without a single warning they're dropped off in the middle of absolutely nowhere. The Magus had almost blown it when he saw that there were faeries everywhere, and wasn't the least bit surprised that they had been arrested; bloody tempermental things.

So as a result Cinder had been very snappish and moody throughout the entire stay in the cell, even more so than usual. Caron knew better than to try an get him to talk, especially after the (short) conversations they had consisted of Cinder's caustic remarks and comments that were even more blistering than usual. Eventually Caron just gave up and settled for watching the forest outside the window while Cinder curled up on his bed like some sort of animal and glared at his guards with dark gold eyes.

Morning rolled by, looking like it was going to be a lovely day. The news came that the Queen had forgiven them for intruding so abruptly, and their weapons were handed back. Caron gaped at what the smiths had done to his sword and Cinder doubted that his staff needed any fixing up anyway. Still, the mage frowned and placed his hand against the giant blue crystal on top, as if to make sure. it instantly lit up like a bright blue lantern, and suddenly the pale man smiled. Satisfied, he drew his hand back; it suddenly seemed as if he had changed his entire personality in the length of two seconds, a crooked smile on his lips as he actually observed the others for perhaps the first time.

Gods above, he had to spend his time with all of these people? Whoever was up there right now, help.

Just as he was scowling into Aederalvesaldi's crystal, Stranger stomped by, muttering something about tailors under her breath. Her irritation was enough to almost make him smile again. "I still owe you for that, don't I?" He asked out loud, standing up straight. "Well, I'll tell you that faeries have some of the best tailors around, and sometimes their clothes is even magical. But, it might take them a while t fix your clothes because they're so small." He let his gaze run over her ruined clothing, and at the moment he was sure she didn't really care how long the wait was. "But, if you're still up to it, I'd be willing to pay for the damages done to your clothes."

((*tries to pretend like that didn't come out the way she planned*))
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Old 02-01-2011, 10:25 PM
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Default Re: Ties of Fate [RP]

Ryu-Ikimono, AKA 'Oh right they're still calling me that...'
Fairy Castle
Current form: Human

Ryu was in her thoughts when the sound of a voice adresing her made her turn rather quickly and defensively. The idea of being in a cell was still making her a bit jumpy, as that was not something she was up to doing for the rest of her known life. There standing was Red Reaper and Crusader Guy. Not too far off, she found the familiar smelling guy who she thought was also part of the conversation.

" kinda do owe me a tailor." Ryu replied, moving her pointed finger around in a circle. "I'm not too knowledgable on faries...I know more about stuff that, well the majority of the time, it tries to kill me."

It was true, there were many things out to get Ryu for many reasons. At least they didn't lock her in a cell...well most of them.

"I don't care how long it takes. I just don't have any money, well, at least the money you people all use here." Ryu continued in a rather calm yet slightly aggravated manner. "I'm from way out of town. Way way out."

Ryu kept looking back at the weird scented guy and the mini sidekick he seemed to be carrying. She had something to ask the dodgy being. Something was bugging her about him.

"Hey, you, Rockhopper." Ryu called in a dull tone, not garnering too much attention with her tone, and referring to the fairy carrying being by his actions of hiding behind a rock earlier. "Come with us to get something to eat or drink."

Aldvir gave Ryu an odd nudge in her brain.

"No I don't know where to go for food here but I'm sure theres some place around here."

Ryu paused for a moment, realizing she spoke to her currently intangible demon blade out loud.

"Oh demon says hi."
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