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Default The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=


There exist in this world powerful creatures known as the Routaikakamigami, or the Elder Gods. These beings are said to exist in a separate plane, a spiritual one, and only come to the world of the living when they feel the need to intervene in mortal affairs. They go by many other names, such as the Blessed Ones and the Legends. Normally, these beings exist in harmony with one another, but there are times, rare they may be, when peace is shattered and the Routaikakamigami go to war.

The Fell Bracelet was a divine item created by the High Routaika, capable of giving to the wearer unimaginable powers. Their normal powers were increased fourfold, they could invoke elements aligned to the individual stones. The Bracelet could never be destroyed and could only be removed by the wearer. It was originally created to give just beings the power to defend and protect the weak, but it managed to find its way into the hands of an evil-hearted being who used its powers for darkness. Enraged by this perversion of noble power, the Routaikakamigami banded their considerable powers together and managed to break the Fell Bracelet into its ten separate components, the Fell Stones. These ten stones were scattered across both the world of the living and a spiritual world known as the Soul Society, in the hopes that they would never be gathered together to reform the Bracelet.

And so for centuries the Stones sat, lost to time and out of memory of all save the Routaikakamigami. As so often happens, though, one of them began to grow tired with the structure of things, and secretly began to yearn for the Stones and for the Bracelet. He began using pawns, having them search through the world of the living and the Soul Society to locate the Stones and bring them to him once they were found. In his greed he was discovered, and the Routaikakiami known as Shintoko, Prevailer of Chaos, was sealed within a spacial dimension. The Stones he had managed to gain were once again scattered, and normalcy returned. Once again century upon century passed.

But there were those in the Soul Society who remembered the Stones and managed to evade the retribution the Routaikakamigami had passed on those who helped Shintoko. They banded together, naming themselves the Seekers of Fell, and, deceiving all those around them, began to hunt for the Fell Stones.

There were those in the world of the living, though, those who also remembered the Stones and were afraid. They were afraid someone like Shintoko would try to reform the Fell Bracelet, and so they, too, banded together in an effort to locate some of the Stones and prevent anyone from gaining all ten. They dubbed themselves the Holders, and with their mission, the race to find the Stones began.

Meanwhile, the Routaikakamigami sensed that unrest was taking place in the world of the living and the Soul Society, and so many of them went to the two worlds to see what was going on. When they learned of the hunt for the Stones, they instantly became divided. There were those who felt the Stones and possibly the Bracelet should fall to whoever was capable of gaining them, and those who felt the Stones needed to be kept from any and all who sought them. There were those who felt they should aid the Holders and those who felt more sympathetic to the Seekers of Fell. And in the middle of this dissent was the High Routaika, who could not control his fellows as they split into separate factions and began warring amongst themselves. Many left their home of the spiritual plane called Doshon, some joining the Seekers, some the Holders, and others forming their own groups to assault all others.

And then true disaster struck.

Shintoko, by unimaginable means, managed to escape from his prison. Overlooked because of the chaos already thick thanks to the war going on between the Routaikakamigami and the fevered hunts for the Fell Stones, Shintoko was easily able to assassinate the High Routaika. With the death of Souta, the Prevailer of Balance, true discord and madness broke out amongst the Routaikakamigami. Without Souta to exert his power over them and at least keep their abilities in check, the Gods’ power was released to full strength. The Seekers of Fell had control of their team wrested from them by the Routaikakamigami that had once been their allies, and in response the Holders gave control of their team to the Routaikakamigami allied with them.

Now it has truly begun. Battles wage in both the world of the living and the Soul Society as everyone races to find the Fell Stones before their enemies do. Destruction is being wreaked in both worlds, and as the chaos grows, more and more innocents are being drawn into the war. Shintoko, having only started his revenge on the other Routaikakamigami, is also once again seeking the Fell Stones and seeking pawns to further his goals. Now is the time for you to join the battle. Now is the time to make a stand for whatever you believe in.

What will you choose…?



1) The Routaikakamigami are spiritual beings, but they are different from all other spiritual beings such as Hollows or Soul Reapers. Their form of spiritual power is known as Spirit Fire, not spiritual pressure, and is a more pure, raw form of spiritual energy (like that of the Ouin, even MORE pure). When one senses their Spirit Fire, it is similar to sensing spiritual pressure, but the “feel” of them are different. In this way it’s possible to tell if someone is a Routaikakami or some other being. High levels of Spirit Fire have the same effect on weaker beings that high spiritual pressure does (meaning it can overwhelm, disorient, and even knock out weaker beings). They can appear as humans, but all have a true form that can range from humanoid to something like a shapeless amoeba. When in their human form, their Spirit Fire is dampened and they are weaker, but in their true form, their Spirit Fire is pretty much impossible to hide and they aren’t weakened.

2) The clash of such high levels of Spirit Fire is causing Hollows to mutate into creatures more monstrous than usual, with greater strength, capabilities, and resistance to damage. These creatures are also visible to people even with very low spiritual pressure.

3) Because I like variety, it’s not just humans, Routaikakamigami, or Soul Reapers you can play as. In this world, there are all sorts of creatures that can exist in either a physical or spiritual state. These include things like vampires, werewolves, demons, and so on. These creatures can live in either the Soul Society or the world of the living, and you can choose a character of any of these races (as well as others).

4) The Routaikakamigami are EXTREMELY powerful. Think a Aizen/Yamamoto love child on super-raw steroids times ten. Yeah, REALLY scary thought, but you should get the idea. These things make Bounts look like schoolyard bullies. Each Routaikakami (the singular version of the word) is a Prevailer of some aspect, be it Light, Purity, Darkness, Loyalty, Trust, and so on. They have powers based on whatever aspect they are the Prevailer of. However, while they are indeed very freaking strong, that DOES NOT MEAN they are invincible! They can be killed like any other character, and they can be injured, especially by one another.

4) This takes place about seven years after the canon, so if you play anyone from the series, have fun with them! Change them around a bit if you want, explain what they’ve been doing the past few years, that sort of thing.

5) Dead characters should remain dead, please.



Each of the ten Fell Stones has a specific power and elemental Bound, which is a personification of a certain element. The Bounds can be summoned from their Stones three times a day; after that, they must remain in their Stone for twenty-four hours to recover. Summoning a Bound makes the powers of the Stone stronger and also lets the Bound interact with the world outside its Stone. Bound don’t have actual genders, but will manifest as either male or female depending on several factors. The Stones, when exposed to bare flesh, imbed themselves in their wielder and can only be removed by cutting it out/off, if the wielder wills it, or if the wielder dies. Each one is a sentient object because of the Bound tied to them, much like how Zanpakuto are sentient blades. The Stones are listed below, along with their power and their Bound. Each one is the size of a regular-sized marble.

Flame Stone- This Stone is dark red and contains the power to create and control fire that burns under any conditions, even underwater or in a vacuum. The fire can be made as hot as the wielder wishes and can burn any material. They also become impervious to being hurt by heat or fire. The Bound of this Stone is Kotui, who appears as a fiery white wolf when summoned.

Droplet Stone- This Stone is deep blue and contains the power to control liquid of any kind, including blood, saliva, water, and so on. The wielder can also breath when submerged in any liquid. The Bound of this Stone is Michi, who appears as a winged golden serpent when summoned.

Wind Stone- This Stone is clear and contains the power to control the wind’s strength, direction, and all other aspects. The wielder can fly when they have this Stone. The Bound of this Stone is Tik, who appears as a large silver eagle when summoned.

Icicle Stone- This Stone is ice blue and contains the power to create and control ice and cold temperatures. The wielder is impervious to cold and can make their body as cold as they like. The Bound of this Stone is Zusu, who appears as a giant blue polar bear when summoned.

Lightening Stone- This Stone is yellow and contains the power to create and control electricity. The wielder is impervious to being injured by electricity and they can restore their strength by tapping into a source of electricity, such as a power line. The Bound of this Stone is Zue, who appears as a large black eel when summoned.

Earth Stone- This Stone is brown and contains the power to control stone and metals. The wielder can make their body as hard as diamond. The Bound of this Stone is Sai, who appears as a black deer when summoned.

Plant Stone- This Stone is emerald and contains the power to control plants. The wielder can absorb sunlight and carry out photosynthesis in order to restore their energy. The Bound of this Stone is Looa, who appears as a large, multicolored butterfly when summoned.

Light Stone- This Stone is dark gray and contains the power to control light. The wielder can reflect light to become “invisible”. The Bound of this Stone is Wetachi, who appears as a large red dog when summoned.

Shade Stone- This Stone is black and contains the power to control shadows and darkness. The wielder can use shadows to immobilize and attack their foes. The Bound of this stone is Andenis, who appears as a large purple raven when summoned.

Divine Stone- This Stone is pure white and contains the power to heal any injury. The wielder can take more damage and is more tolerant to pain, and for a single hour they can become a Routaikakami. This power can only be used once a day. The Bound of this Stone is Tetsumaru, who appears as a white Dragon when summoned.

If all ten of the Fell Stones are gathered by a single person, they will be able to reform the Fell Bracelet. This allows them access to all the powers of each Stone simultaneously, as well as having their powers strengthened by four times. Otherwise, a person owning more than one Stone can only access the powers of one of them at a time. Keep in mind that the Fell Stones have been hidden away for centuries, so it will be extremely difficult to track them down and in many cases to obtain them once you do find them.



In this RP it’s possible you will die. If that happens, one of several things will happen. If your character led a life balanced between just and corrupt they will go to the Soul Society. If they lived a corrupt life they will go to Deathscape. If they live a just life they will go to the Afterlife. If they die before their time they will go to the Hereafter, whether they were just or corrupt. It is possible to return to life no matter where you go, but you will first have to undergo a series of trials to prove you’re worth a second chance at life. These trials should be grueling and extremely hard to carry out.

Dying can also be done in order to obtain a power or artifact from one of the other afterlife realms. For example, creatures from the world of the living cannot go to the Soul Society without first passing through a special portal that turns their physical bodies into spiritual ones. Dying may therefore be the only way for someone to get into the Soul Society to hunt for the Fell Stones or help an ally.

Keep in mind that if you attempt to die over and over you will eventually no longer be allowed a chance to return to life. This is especially true if you do it to keep gaining different powers, or to simply harass other players. In fact, if you repeatedly die your character will lose all powers they might have gained over the RP and will be forced to start over as if the RP had just begun.

Note that if you are a Soul Reaper, if you die you will instantly be reincarnated in the world of the living with no memory of your previous life. Those who die in the Soul Society (other than Soul Reapers) will go either to the Deatchscape, the Afterlife, or the Hereafter.



-Follow all of PE2K’s general forum rules and ToS (Terms of Service)

-No bunnying (this includes killing or injuring a person’s character without permission and/or without giving them a chance to react)

-No god-moding (even Routaikakamigami!)

-Keep cursing to a moderate level

-I’ll allow romance, but keep it forum-friendly

-Only two characters per person.

-Please post restively often, in order to prevent the RP from dying because of inactivity

-Post literate replies, please. No things like random chatspeak and smilies unless your character is sending a text message containing these or something. Also, for the sake of my sanity, please try to not make each of your posts one- and two-liners. That really doesn’t contribute to moving things along.

-At the beginning of each post please include:

Character Name
Location (Soul Society, World of the Living, Deathscape, Afterlife, or Hereafter)
Team (If you are part of the Seekers of Fell or the Holders, specify which) or Alliance (If you’re not on either team, specify if you’re working for the Seekers, for the Holders, Neither, or None. If you select Neither you are working against both teams. If you select None you are fulfilling a personal agenda, which basically means you’re working for your own gain)

You can also post if you are a Routaikakami and if you possess any Fell Stones, as well as any other information you feel important, though you don’t have to.



Aspect (if you’re a Routaikakami, what are you the Prevailer of? Death, Happiness, Honesty, and Light are all examples):
Personality (2 paragraphs please):
History (2 paragraphs again, please):
Description (both human form and any other forms your character possesses; pictures are fine but include a text description as well):
Weapons (includes powers; nothing crazy):
Additional Info:

Note: Even if you’re playing a character from the series, please fill out everything, including History (which shouldn’t be too hard except for what you have to add in consideration for the past several years). Also, keep in mind that Soul Reapers must list all forms and powers of their Zanpakuto, and that ONLY Soul Reapers, Arrancar, and Vizards can wield a Zanpakuto.



-Dog of Hellsing Ronoh ; Zohara Desmond
-Winter Cherry Blackmoon Ravenwing and Orihime Inoue
-Seliana Ottawa Unohana Retsu ; Matsumoto Rangiku
-Nyurgh Cain and Abel
-metal sonic Uryu Ishida ; Gin Ichimaru
-Shen Shenichi Taniguchi
-Neo Pikachu Deigo Dakkan
-Enkaku KuromiSeptem and Quinque

-Shen (Ichigo)





SU Thread
Discussion Thread
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

How very odd.

This town seemed to be full of people with relatively high spiritual pressure. It was strange, as I’d never been in a place where so many such people lived. Oh, here and there you’d come across a city or a village that had one, maybe two people with high spiritual pressure, but never ten, eleven, or twelve. I had my suspicions that many of the ones I sensed weren’t human, but even after factoring out some of them, there was still an unusually high number of humans with large amounts of spiritual pressure.

Perhaps that was why I’d been sent here, not by the Captain of the Holders, but by a fellow Routaikakami who shared the Lieutenant position with me. Normally neither of us had direct command over the other, but Shoitan had been busy taking squads of our team to hunt through another city to the north of where I currently found myself. It made sense that Shoitan would want someone to come inspect Karakura, what with so many possible recruits around. I had to be careful, though; those of the Seekers of Fell and those opposing is in general might have had the same idea.

I was in my human form, walking aimlessly up and down busy sidewalks. Every now and then I’d get a flash, a sort of ripple of someone’s spiritual pressure washing over me. Most of these ripples were weak, but occasionally I’d feel one closer to my location. So far I’d made no moves to track down any specific individual, mainly because I was likely to lose them (and get myself lost in the process; this town was so large I’d get disoriented in no time!). That, and I didn’t want to startle any potential allies by following them around. Certainly those high spiritual level beings would sense my Spirit Fire once I got close enough, and it would undoubtedly put them on edge. I wanted to try and meet one of them face-to-face, out in the open, not by stalking them until they felt the need to go down some abandoned alley and confront me.

I stopped at random intervals, looking at the wares offered by a store or wishing I had the correct currency when glancing at the menu of a diner. I had no money, as I could never keep track of exactly how to use it or how much each coin or piece of paper stood for. As a result, I often went hungry when out on missions, unless I happened to be with someone who had (and knew how to use) money. At one point I stood near a noodle stand and resolved to finally learn how to use money in this place, this Karakura Town. After all, I’d probably be staying here a while, so I would have time to learn.

Or you could always ask to be reassigned to the Soul Society, where you wouldn’t have to bother with money, I thought to myself as I left the noodle stand. After all, the Head Captain of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads said that any of the Holders could count on the Seireitei for food and shelter if we were sent there. Of course, that unpleasant man Mayuri would most likely come around to bother me, insinuating that to him, I’d be most useful in a test tube in his laboratory. How I dislike that man. I would probably have to stay with someone he’s not fond of to keep him from pestering me and interfering with my tasks.

I sighed and shook my head, crossing a street and once more attempting to run into someone who may be of assistance.


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

Ah, how Zohara hated daytime. Forget all those silly games, movies, and comics you might have played, seen, or read growing up. Vampires could very well go out in daylight and not explode into flames or turn to dust. It didn’t even cause sunburns. It did, however, cause a horrible exhaustion and make their eyes hurt badly. It also cut their strength and reduced them to using the most basic of their powers, such as healing.

However, it would be a waste of precious time if Zohara slept, and so here he was, out and about, his glasses tinted to offer some meager protection against the sun’s glaring light. His coat flapped around his legs as he walked, ignoring everyone passing him by. He didn’t care for the mindless sheep bleating all around him. He was full and content for now, and none of them were useful in any other way besides food. No, Zohara was looking for someone special, someone who would be able to get him into the Soul Society. It would be wonderful if he could find a young Soul Reaper who didn’t know who he was. There was a ridiculously small chance of that happening, though; any Soul Reapers too young to know who he was were probably too young to be sent to the World of the Living to help with finding the Fell Stones here.

The Vampire halted at a corner along with a small group of others, waiting for the light to change so he could cross. How irritating it was to try and blend in, to be inconspicuous and not raise alarm or suspicions. He smiled a bit at the thought of walking out into traffic, laughing as people screamed for him to get out of the road, laughing as a car plowed into him and was utterly destroyed as he himself strolled on as if nothing happened. It would be entertaining to see the humans’ reaction, no doubt, but it would also have consequences. He didn’t want anyone thinking him anything but polite, kind, and easy to get along with. That way those who might prove useful would be more inclined to trust him.

A young woman next to Zohara glanced at him, then did a double take and gawked as the crossing light flashed. Zohara smiled at the young woman and ignored the light and those walking ahead of him, turning the full weight of his gaze on the young human ogling at him.

“Is something wrong, dear?”

“You…you’re a…”

“Oh, I see,” Zohara replied, chuckling. Ever since being forcefully awakened to the truth about creatures such as himself, humans who realized what Zohara was were always dumbstruck to see him around. They expected Vampires to sleep in stuffy, dirt-filled coffins during the day, hidden in clammy, decrepit old castles out in the country. Humans, being the simple-minded creatures they were, were always surprised to see one such as Zohara walking around during the day, as active as themselves.

“Uh, I gotta go…bye…” The young girl gave an awkward, embarrassed smile, waved hesitantly, and hurried across the street as the crossing light began to signal not to cross. Zohara watched her bustle across the street and smiled a bit more, imprinting the young woman’s scent into his memory.

Oh no, my pretty little morsel, he thought. This is hardly goodbye…
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Uryu Ishida =Quincy=
World of the Living; Karakura town
Currently unaffiliated

The Quincy's hands were in his pockets, garbed in the white outfit and mantle of his nearly-dead order. Most people didn't really care about his appearance; the only ones who had any inkling of what the garments were symbolic of were Soul Reapers and the odd Hollow with some age to it. But either way, Uryu did not have any concern for their opinions on his garb or his kind; he was tracking... something. What, he didn't quite know; a being with a vast amount of spirit energy that had shown up in Karakura somewhat recently. The last time he had detected anything remotely close to that level of strength was Aizen shortly before his defeat, and that didn't even chip at this... whatever it was. His purpose of following it was to find out if this entity was friend or foe; if it was some kind of supercharged Hollow or some other abomination, he doubted he would be able to single-handedly do much damage against it.

He pushed his glasses up on his nose as he rounded the corner, narrowing down where the energy was concentrated; a normal-looking Human girl. But then, most anyone with the ability to sense something like this would know instantly there was absolutely no possibility that the girl was entirely Human. On the other hand, Uryu also suspected that the only reason he was able to detect the massive amount of spirit energy because of his improved abilities; he wouldn't have been able to sense such a dense source of it seven years earlier. From the looks of it, she looked like she needed some help. "Excuse me, miss," Uryu said politely as he reached the other corner of the street. In front of a noodle stand, exactly.

"You look lost. Do you need any help?" He questioned. Of course he wanted to make mention of his ability to sense her spirit energy, but here was certainly not a good place to do so; anyone hearing him say something like that would think he'd lost his mind. Besides, he may as well offer his assistance to her since she appeared to need it.

Gin Ichimaru =Soul Reaper, Division 3 Captain=
Soul Society; Division 3 Barracks
Currently neutral

Gin Ichimaru was one to frown rarely, but this was a special occasion. He was pouring over an old scroll he'd had one of his division dig up for him. Old stories he already knew, but he may as well have seen how they had changed over time. Sort of like him, but not really, considering his two-hundred-year mean streak was just an overly-long act. Still, it hurt to have to pull the wool over everyone's eyes for so long and make them think he was a bad guy when he really wasn't. Rangiku most of all; sure, he'd done the whole thing for her benefit a bit more than the Soul Society as a whole, but he'd still had to trick her, too. And she quite obviously was not happy about it. He'd actually dropped off a request at her division earlier for her to stop by, but he knew she probably wouldn't, even if the request got to her at all. He could understand her not really caring to be in his company after his overly-long facade. It'd probably be a long time before anyone -really- trusted him again.

But, if there was anything he'd learned, it was patience. He'd keep trying 'till he breathed his last if it went that far... Not that he hoped it would go that far, or that such a day would be soon. He'd already almost died once; he wasn't too eager to taunt death a second time. Actually, the only reason he was reading these old stories was because he was waiting; he didn't have any assignments for today, and he'd already finished his paperwork, so he had a lot of free time at the moment. He'd even gone ahead and bagged up the dried persimmon he'd been making over the past few months, waiting to be distributed between the divisions whenever he got to it. "Huh... Who would have thought I would want more work to do?" He mused to himself, smirking.

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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

((Eh, re-using Septem's old post cause I think it fit his emo-ness quite well :3))

Septem - Routaikakami
World of the Living - Karakura Town

In this world of misery, disease, old age, and death, there is no other protection, refuge, or help than our own practice of truth. Others are powerless; as we sow we reap. Septem thought to himself as he stared dispassionately at the humans below him. And then there's me. In this cold, dreary world here I stand, alone. My duty still stands, and my hand shall give you the rewards you deserve, and none of you humans even thank me. You blame yourselves, or "good fortune", never knowing it was my doing the whole time. Ungrateful worms.

On top of the building he was on, Septem could view the entire street. He was in his human form, and a wind played idily with his long white hair. His icy eyes gazed at nothing in particular, and if his severe expression had any power in it it would have frozen the whole block. He wore stark black, highlighting his paleness so it was almost unnatural. With a shake of his head, Septem jumped off the building, unseen by the public. He landed far too softly to be normal, startling the life out of those he landed by. He walked off as if nothing had happened, ignoring the hushed whispers that followed him.

You, he thought, falling into step beside a bearded man. He glanced into the man's eyes and immediately he saw into the man's soul. Everything the man was, and everything that made him to be the person he was folded out in front of Septem's eyes in the length of a heartbeat. He read the man like a map, it was a part of his power to see the hearts, minds, and souls of mortals, so his judgements could be passed without fear of lies or veiling the truth. Your heart is tainted by greed. You found a wallet ten minutes ago with four hundred dollars in it. Because of your greed, you kept the money and credit cards instead of turning it in. Your greed shall be punished one day, another strike against your soul, Akira Toumetai. In three weeks you will bet everything you have on gambling, and you will lose everything you have to your greed. In three weeks you will not even have enough money to buy yourself a cardboard box to sleep in. This I decree, and so it shall be. To seal his words, the ring on his left index finger glowed. Engraved on the ring were the Roman numerals VII, his symbol, which for the briefest of instances glowed like embers in a fire.

Septem did not really like doing his work in human form, in his true form he was unseen and therefore could have passed his rule with a little more flair. Not to mention in his human form his powers were dulled, and could not ring with the powerful conviction he had in his other form. Shaking his head in disgust at the man he just read, he walked on. He passed a haggard woman. He met her eyes for a brief instant and her entire being rushed into his like a flood. You, he thought as the woman turned away. Your life is lived in poverty, and you have three children to take care of. You stole a loaf of bread to feed your family. You have taken what is not yours. Anyone who eats that bread will become sick. He paused for a moment, his piercing eyes roving deeper into the mortal's heart. But yesterday you donated half of your small money to others who need it more. It was a kind thing to do, you have a bright heart in the midst of your dark life. I shall stay my hand, your family shall be sick, but your neighbors are kind. They will take care of you and help you along the way for a week. His judgement passed once more, the Prevailer of Retribution turned away and disappeared like a shadow in the crowd.

And so the silent rewarder went on. He read peoples' minds and hearts and either punished or rewarded them. Nowadays it seemed like he was punishing more than rewarding. Sometimes people would catch him staring at them, and they would look away in alarm when they saw his expression. Some would give him weird looks, as if saying "Why is this creep staring at me?". A few glared back at him, but were ultimately cowed by Septem's unchangeable, unreadable expression. It was Septem's job to observe, and he quickly observed two spikes of energy, one was so familiar that he didn't need to do a double take. He knew a Routaikakami when he sensed one. But what was this he sensed with it as well? Another person of spiritual energy? It was a minnow compared to a whale, yet Septem found the energy most puzzling. It was not like a Shinigami or Routaikakamigami, but familiar somehow....a Quincy? How odd, he thought they were extinct.

His curiosity aroused, Septem turned on his heel and went back the way he came. People ignored him, when he was not using his almighty gaze Septem might as well have been a ghost in the crowd. He turned the street and stopped for a moment to pass out some judgements so he wouldn't be caught slacking off, then headed down the street. There he saw Ronoh in her human form (Hise wasn't it?) along with a dark-haired teenager wearing glasses. The teen could be considered quite handsome, although something about him suggested a reserved nature. Septem narrowed his eyes and concentrated. Yep, definitely Quincy. A most interesting find.

Quinque - Routaikakami
World of the Living - Karakura Town

Out of my way, thank you, you'll find twenty bucks on the street in five minutes. Excuse me, vielen danke good sir, you'll have a lovely dinner when you get home. Pardon me, coming through, very kind of you... Was mainly Quinque's thought process as he threaded his way through the street. His arms were loaded with cardboard boxes, which in turn were loaded for supplies for the Holders. The soft-spoken Routaikakami did not mind in the least running errands for others, which made him the perfect choice to run out and get things because others knew he would get the job done. Of course, he could barely see with his arms full, so he decided to leak just a little stream of tightly controlled power in front of him. The people in front, whether they knew it or not, were being redirected around him to clear his path, although they just thought it was their own free will, which in a way it sort of was. Of course to make it look like he was still doing his job, Quinque was still rewarding people for doing so.

Spikes of spirit pressure reached the sensitive being, washing over him like a tide. Two Routaikakami and somehting else. He didn't really bother investigating, nowadays crazy spikes like that were common in Karakura Town. It was kind of sad actually, the town was under constant assualt from mutated Hollows and really Quinque felt quite bad about it because he knew he was partially the cause. He sidestepped a black-clad man wearing glasses, still putting his thoughts into redirecting the people. He had to getback to the Holders' base, these boxes were getting tiresome.

((Gag, Quinque's part took longer than it should have. >.< ))
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes)
Entering the World of the Living: Karakura
Neutral, at the moment

Blackmoon Ravenwing flinched as she stepped out of the Garganta and into the sunlight, even though everything looked fuzzy to her. She still didn't like the sunlight, having lived most of her life in Hueco Mundo's eternal night, but it was here or back in Las Noches where Niccholi would have finished her off. Honestly, she was amazed he'd just left her, but it seemed like he was toying with her, he wanted her to suffer, though she had no idea what for. She wasn't complaining, she take life and sunlight over moonlight and death, but that didn't mean she had to like it.

But that was the least of the Vasto Lordes's problems right now. Blackmoon swayed dizzily, gripping her arm harder and swarming her vision with dancing black dots. Her wings flapped brokenly, trying to right her unsuccessfully. "Niccholi... Curse him to burn in the depths of Hades..." Blackmoon hissed as her vision cleared suddenly, and she couldn't believe where she was--the place was still around? In the back of her mind, she could already hear the soft calm of Lord Aizen's voice speaking to her, see his face looking out over the town before them, serene smile on his face.

"See that town--Blackmoon, move your sleeve from your face." Sosuke Aizen chuckled and looked over at her, Blackmoon inched the white sleeve away from her face in obedience, squinting.

"Too bright. I like Hueco Mundo better." She replied, Aizen laughed and turned his smile on her.

"You'll get used to the sunlight soon enough, Blackmoon, I promise." The voice like silk assured, and it was hard to distrust it, that was what made him so dangerous in the first place. "Now, look at the town." He insisted, and it was that persuasive voice that made Blackmoon brave the sun and drop her arm completely to look at the indicated town that her Lord seemed to obsess over.

The sight took her breath away--she'd never seen a settlement so big before! Another voice joined the fray as another soft chuckle not Aizen's announced the newcomer's arrival before he spoke. "Havin' a ball newbie?" a playful voice asked and Blackmoon whirled around in shock to find Gin Ichimaru standing behind her.

"I-I-I... Mr. Ichimaru, sir!" She gasped out, causing the man's ever-present smile grew wider.

"Easy, easy. Showin' her the goal, sir?" Ichimaru asked, looking to Aizen, who nodded.

"Why not show her Karakura while it's still here?" Aizen replied, voice never losing the silky tone that was imprinted in Blackmoon's memory.

The memory faded and melted from there back into the present, where she stood now. She glanced down at the broken sword in the grasp of her free hand by some miracle since it was otherwise useless. The rest of her sword lay in pieces on the floor of Las Noches where Niccholi had shattered it to prevent the sword's release. It's name escaped her, and it felt like she was more hollow than she already was from it's loss. She could only have hope of calling it back together later if she lived, but she wasn't fit to call a fly to her even right now.

She was covered in gashes and cuts, the most prominent being a large gash running from her left arm on across her chest in nearly a ruler-straight line that ran deep. It hurt to breathe and she was getting increasingly dizzy, her vision had resumed it's blurryness. Blackmoon couldn't hold on hard enough anymore and she pitched forward almost drunkenly, her wings trying to catch her unsuccessfully once more. She sucked in a deep breath as her wings eploded in a puff of feathers and she let it out in a scream directed to the heavens as she fell, "Niiiiiiiiiiiccholiiiiiiiiiii!" she roared in fury as she fell. everything went black as she hit the ground, and Blackmoon felt the last fragments of her mask crumble away as she did, realizing that Niccholi had won. He'd taken eveything from her--her home, her mask, her sword, and above all, her only real friend. And that was when she gave up, closing her eyes to wait for an end.

Orihime Inoue
World of the Living, Karakura Japan
Not on a side at the moment

"Oh." The words slipped out of Orihime's mouth softly as she felt multiple spikes of odd spiritual pressure again, this time one that felt very similar to that of the Arrancars had joined them, but it wasn't familiar. It was, however, fading and doing it rapidly. She bit her lip and looked down in surprise as she felt cold water on the bottoms of her bare feet, the flower pot that she'd been watering had overflowed as she'd emptied the full contents of the watering can she'd been using onto it. "Oh, oops. Silly me!" She chirped, putting the newly emptied watering can down and moved to go get a sponge, but it still nagged at her. She hadn't wanted anyone to die when she'd been with the Espada, not if it could have gone any other nonlethal way. As it was, she could still remember reaching out for Ulquiorra's hand as it turned to dust, his "Are you afraid?" still ringing in her ears, she'd shaken her head, just as she did now and repeated her reply. "No, just sad."

She had to go find whoever it was. It just wouldn't be right to leave them, and it would eat at her for months if she didn't. As it was, the spiritual pressure was faint, whoever it was was close to death, but they weren't too far away from her. She shok her head again, deciding and dropping the sponge over the wet spot on the floor, running to the door and pausing to flip her "The shopkeeper is on break, come back later, please." sign over so that people stopping by could see it. She practically ran out the door and almost forgot to lock it--kids these days would steal anything--and once she corrected her near-mistake, she took off down the street as fast as she could in her bare feet, she had forgotten her shoes, but that was the least of her worries as she ran towards the faint spiritual pressure.

OOC: I'f someone wants to get to Blackmoon before 'Hime-chan, feel free to, just needed something for her to do. And the text about her and Ulquiorra may not be entirely correct, I read it on OneManga before copyright issues had the site shut down it's reading section.

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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: >< I had a longer Rangiku reply, but the computer ate it. Sorry metal_sonic if it's crap. Also, recycling Retsu's old post.

Retsu Unohana - Shinigami/Soul Reaper
Captain of the Fourth Division
Mountains of Rukongai/Rukon District
Soul Society


If there was one thing Captain Unohana enjoyed, it was peace. She often seemed to be the very epitome of serenity itself, after all, even in her moments of battle, those times when she incited fear with a single look and a half-smile.

Perhaps it was wrong for a Captain of the Thirteen Divisions to be of such a peaceful constitution. No doubt someone like that Captain Zaraki would say so. Peace was for weaklings, serenity was for cowards.

And yet, nobody had the gall to call her on it, really. Perhaps because, despite her fondness for calm, Retsu was still not to be trifled with. Perhaps it was simply the reason she enjoyed serenity so wholly. Because she was so powerful, talented...enough so that she could appreciate the calmer aspects of life without the need to thrill one's self constantly. She was, in a nutshell, confident in herself, and it was that and her immense spiritual pressure that allowed her that complicity.

"Ah, here we go," Retsu murmured, that almost permanent half-smile brightening slightly as she knelt to gently cut the plant from it's bonds. Aloe Vera; it was an astonishingly simple plant, and not at all attractive. Yet it's needs were universal. T'was the fool indeed, the one who underestimated it's properties. It could heal sunburns, soothe grazes, assist in knitting together skin, cure skin conditions...

Truly t'is an example of the foolishness of underestimating one's appearance.

Retsu's chuckle rang soft and clear, surprisingly young for a soul so old and wise, throughout the small plateau. It was a small allowance she made away from her generally reserved demeanour in the presence of others, an allowance often elicited from being alone, and amongst the natural beauty of the mountains she had come to dearly love in her excursions for medicinal herbs.

The Aloe Vera secured and in her bag, Retsu straightened, a small frown creasing her brow as she looked out over the plateau.

From this altitude, her gaze was wont to sweep over a good portion of Rukongai, and in particular, it's heart, Seretei. It was something she was oft fond of doing, and at the same time, not so fond of the idea. Not fond, because it reminded her that she would have to leave the serenity of the mountains, and lately more so, for the presence of the accursed Fell Stones made for much unrest. Even as she herself was intrigued by the Divine Stone, Retsu did not value the unrest it caused in itself.

Fond, for it was a view of her home, and with that view, her mind allowed itself to wander and ponder the movements of those below her. What was Isane doing in her absence? Had the 11th once again taken it upon themselves to harangue her squad? She'd have to do something about that...perhaps another talk with their Captain would suffice.

Or not.

An almost wry little smile curled the female Shinigami's lips at that, seen by no one but herself and the little red-breasted robin sitting in the tree to the side of her form. A talk indeed. It worked, for a little while, but then she would be inundated with 11th Division members again. She could never turn patients away, but the presence of their Captain could be trifling at times.

"I'll stop 'em the day you fight me an' prove me wrong! Come on, fight me, Unohana!"

"Believe me, Captain Zaraki, you would find it rather more beneficial for your well-being if I continue refusing. Now please, cease trying my patience."

That had gotten his attention. She had seen the bright spark of interest in his dark eyes, before his litte Lieutenant had leapt upon her, begging for candy as usual. Retsu could never refuse the girl, and had done just that...sent her home with a bag with the promise that she would remember to bathe and brush her teeth afterwards. And then she had swept away before Kenpachi could further interrogate her and her enigmatic words.

Shaking her head slightly, Retsu let her breath gust idly from her lips. Time to head back to civilisation, she supposed. Another idle sigh, and she tucked a strand of hair that had come loose from her plait in her exercise through the mountains, setting it off a flushed cheek and behind her ear before finding a pathway, and slowly beginning the trek back down from the mountains.

Rangiku Matsumoto
10th Division Lieutenant
In the Vicinity of the Third Barracks
Soul Society

Peace was not something often found when it came to the voluptuous Lieutenant of Squad Ten. Really, it wasn't a word found in most of said division. Though they were no Eleventh (oh god no, the day she looked as effed up as Ikkaku was the day of her demise), there was a suppressed energy about the Tenth, emulated perfectly even in the cold demeanour that was Captain Hitsugaya.

Ah, Captain, I'd be lost without you, though.

In truth, Rangiku would be lost without her Captain. Yes, he grumbled and moaned about her overprotectiveness, but it was that vigilance that kept her going on darker days, that which had kept her in the position she was in now even when she had debated leaving the squad forever post-war, shaken as she was by it's events.

And why wouldn't she be? How could you not be shaken, when the one person who had meant more than anything to you for most of your existence in memory had betrayed you, betrayed everyone and then...then it was apparently a facade, a ploy the whole time.

How did you recover from a heart broken like that?

God, I sound like one of those goddammned soap opera chicks you see on television in Living World.

Rangiku's beautiful features scrunched into a grimace at that, though even that comical expression didn't quite hide the weariness in her blue eyes these days. Oh, if you knew her you'd see it, otherwise she was still happy, loud, lazy, shameless Rangiku, with the indecently low cut haori and the voluminous breasts.

But if you knew her very well, you'd see it. The tiredness, the lack of trust in many things where there had once been trust, the way her mood changed to solemnity and sadness quicker. At present though, it was mainly frustration. Frustration at her zanpakuto; she had spent the morning trying to once again uncover Haineko's bankai, with little results. No amount of cajoling or bribing or threatening or screaming made the blasted ash cat spirit budge, and Rangiku swore to god it had gotten worse since...since...

******* you, Gin. God-effing-damn you.

Rangiku bit her lip hard, staring at her reflection in a puddle on the road. In the back of her mind, she heard her once best friend's voice, teasing her about frowns causing wrinkles, but she pushed it back, just as she'd pushed back the desire this morning to respond to the request to go to Third Division. That had answered for itself - the minute Hitsugaya had seen it, his face had grown stormy, and one look at her crestfallen features was enough for the pint-sized captain to tear the request up strip by methodical strip.

Despite herself, Rangiku smiled a little at the thought. It was nice, in that odd way that her captain operated, to know he cared so deeply for her well-being.

Belatedly, Rangiku realised her spiritual pressure was higher than average - not enough to make those around her suffer, but enough for those worth more than the average shinigami to notice. It was a result of her frustration with Haineko, the thoughts that clouded her mind after. Poor discipline on her part, and a bad decision, too, she realised, when she saw the arch not fifteen feet in front of her was that of the third division.


Hastily, she clamped a lid tight on her spiritual energy, praying to god she'd done it fast enough so that she could make a quick getaway and not have certain people thinking she was indeed paying them a visit. Idiot, why would he think that? She'd avoided him at every opportunity, shadowing Hitsugaya when she was forced into the same room as Gin Ichimaru, vowing in mind and body never to forgive him even as her heart burned at the thought, burnt at the memory those years ago of his near death, and the words that had accompanied it.

Damn it all. Gotta get out, gotta get out...drink...drink is good...drunk is good...whatever...

Those thoughts accompanied a turn of the heel in the opposite direction, yet still strangely hesitant. Pushing all but to never forgive from her mind...indeed.

OOC: Floor's open to you, Gin. xD
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Diego Dakkan, Soul Reaper, Division 5 Lieutenant
World of the Living, Karakura Town

For the moment, Karakura Town seemed to be at peace. I took in my surroundings, looking at the abandoned industrial lot that I had been using to gather information about the current situation. Even though there were very few that could actually see us, they were still out there, and I still wanted to keep the operation quiet and under control.

I hadn’t faced anything like this before. Spirit Fire… I knew it was doing something catastrophic to the Hollows, and because of that, more Soul Reapers were deployed just to keep the situation under control. For now, I couldn’t sense them, and the coast seemed to be clear. Regardless, we needed to be on standby in case something else had happened.

My list of priorities was already in pandemonium and it wasn’t getting any better by the minute. I had already been trying to coordinate with the other members of the 5th Squad, some of which were trying to keep things under control and others that were deployed in the world of the living with me, either trying to handle the situation with the Hollows…

…or by figuring out what was going on with these Fell Stones.

“They haven’t turned up anything, have they, Lieutenant Dakkan?” Vincent Duran, a fellow Division 5 Soul Reaper, had asked me. “There’s nothing normal about any of this.”

“It makes me wonder if the Spirit Fire and the Fell Stones are connected,” I replied to him. “As for the stones, there’s nothing… not yet.”

Unfortunately, legend described that the bracelet could not be destroyed. Ultimately, the Soul Society was still putting my idea of assembling the bracelet and only using it as a weapon of last resort under consideration. At the moment, there was at least one thing we could do even if that plan wasn’t agreed upon.

We could at least make sure it didn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Meanwhile, Duran was fidgety, and I knew this because he always tended to brush his long, black hair back with his hand as a sign of nervousness. That, and he tended to blink a lot as well. At the moment, he was leaning besides the tin wall of one of the warehouses with the look on his face that his mind was trying to organize too many things at once.

“Who else do we know is after it?” Vincent asked, looking like that was probably just one among thousands of questions he had floating around his head.

“Shintoko, among many others,” I told him, looking out into the distance at the bustling town in front of us. “There’s no real way of telling. And I’m sure if it was discovered that you had one of the stones, you’d find there were more after them than you originally thought there were.”

In truth, I didn’t know who else we were up against, but it was only a matter of time before we did. I did strongly caution Vincent and the others that the individual stones were very powerful, but they didn’t compare to when the entire necklace was fully assembled. That was the major criticism to my plan… keeping them together. There were plenty of other Soul Reapers that felt keeping them separated would be better and ensure more security when we finally had all the pieces in our hands. To an extent, I could agree with them, but we would be looking at and endless war if we couldn’t stop all those that opposed us and ensured they stood down. A fully completed Fell Bracelet was capable of doing that. Keeping them separated, there was nothing stopping someone from trying to steal that one piece which would result in the war firing up all over again.

However, I knew we could worry about that when the time came. It was going to be a long road before we came to that decision…

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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

OOC: Enjoy =3 Oh, and my name hasn't been put on the Accepted list in the first post in here yet...

Kikiraru Dashinara- Routaikakami, Prevailer of Fury
World of the Living, Karakura Town, Tatayi Corp.

Kikiraru let out a sigh as he gazed out of the large window that made up the wall behind his desk. Kikiraru's eyes darted across the movement below, deep in thought. He was startled when a knock came at his door, and he turned around.

"Come in." Kikiraru called, and the door opened silently.

A woman around the age of twenty-eight stepped into the room, her spectacles hanging on the rim of her nose. She was wearing the usual crimson dress he had seen her wear several times already.

"Mr Tatayi." the woman spoke, and Kikiraru mentally rolled his eyes.

There was no-one else in the room besides the two of them, which made Kikiraru annoyed that she always had to say 'Mr Tatayi' whenever she talked to him. It was obvious that she was going to talk to him when they were the only two in the room, so why call his name. Kikiraru never understood these humans.

"The paperwork over the Dodeca Crystal Crisis needs to be done by tomorrow." the woman continued, and Kikiraru mentally cursed.

He had totally forgotten about that, even if it wasn't important to him, these humans got so worked up over the tiniest of things. Sometimes, Kikiraru just wished that humans had never existed, and that an intelligient race of respectable creatures lived instead. Maybe even emotionless ones. Kikiraru didn't care. Humans were quite honestly so emotional, getting sad or angry or happy over really pathetic things. Kikiraru remembered one of his workers, who had come complaining to him about a colleague not replying to an email of his. Looking back on it, Kikiraru understood why the other worker hadn't replied. The worker hadn't liked the man, and so felt no need to reply. Kikiraru sighed, wishing everything was so simple.

"Mr Tatayi." the woman spoke again. "Are you even listening to me, Mr Tatayi?"

"Yes" Kikiraru replied, keeping his tone of voice emotionless. "I'll get that done tonight Ishamo."

"Mr Tatayi." Ishamo called, Kikiraru cursing inside his head again. "Could I possibly have tomorrow off? My brother lives down in the Southern District, and there was a small riot there yesterday, and I'm worried about his safety."

Kikiraru was usually a harsh, emotionless boss, and would normally refuse any request along these lines, but quite frankly, he no longer cared.

"Sure, whatever." Kikiraru responded. "In fact, I think I'll give everybody time off, for several weeks."

"What?" Ishamo gasped. "Is the company closing down, Mr Tatayi?"

"No." Kikiraru replied. "Simply giving everybody an extended holiday. I have important business to attend to, and it might take a while to get sorted, so I don't want the company getting backlogged, so everybody will be able to relax until I finish. Oh, and don't worry, everyone will still be getting paid."

Ishamo nodded slowly, before turning to leave and exited the office, leaving Kikiraru in the office on his own, and he finally let out a sigh. Kikiraru would finally be able to get a few weeks away from this stupid company of his, and humans didn't question his motives if he mentioned money. In truth, Kikiraru didn't actually have anything that needed doing, he just wanted some peace. Kikiraru turned to the wall on his right flank and approached it, placing his palm on the wall. The wall slid open, and Kikiraru stepped inside the hidden area, the wall snapping shut behind him. The room shuddered as it began to move, heading down. As it moved, Kikiraru's body began to change, growing taller, his skin becoming scaly, like that of a dragon. His clothes vanished as his body finished morphing, and Kikiraru sighed, a small hiss escaping him.

His humanoid true form was mostly like his dragonic true form, and he didn't need to remove his clothes either, as they became in a sense, a part of him. His large body stood quite tall, yet it still didn't reach the ceiling of the room. Kikiraru flexed his hands, partially relieved to be out of the wretched human form. He hated it, but knew it was necessary if he wanted to remain unnoticed in the human world. The room came to a halt, and Kikiraru waited for the doors to open, and when they did he immediately stepped through them, entering a large pale white room, a massive thing humans called a computer attached to the wall on the far side. The computer took up the entire wall, and words fizzled over the large screen at an incredible pace as Kikiraru walked forwards.

"Welcome, Master Dashinara." an electronic voice echoed in the room. "I have some interesting news for you."

"Do you now? And what would this news be?" Kikiraru asked, a small sense of curiosity now inside him.

"It seems there is some recent activity with Soul Reapers in the area, and not only that, but I picked up some comm chatter about Fell Stones." the electronic voice replied.

Kikiraru's features instantly changed. Fell Stones. Kikiraru was now anxious and curious, mentally laughing. He was quite curious today. Kikiraru was quite interested in the news given to him, and a sigh rolled out of him.

"My day gets better and better." Kikiraru said, sarcastically.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

I sensed him before he reached me, and I threw a furtive look over my shoulder to see a blue-haired young man coming towards me. He was wearing a white outfit that seemed vaguely familiar to me, and it took me a moment to recognize it for what it was. A low, startled gasp popped from my throat as the young man came to a halt before me. I was so surprised I almost didn’t hear his words.

"You look lost. Do you need any help?” the Quincy inquired. For a second I could only stare, too stunned to do anything else, but then I turned to face him fully. A hasty glance showed that there was a few feet of space between us and the humans flowing around us. I leaned in close to the Quincy and allowed just a tiny bit of Spirit Fire to spike up. Not enough to draw unwanted attention, but enough to give fair warning of what I was.

“You’re a Quincy,” I said, pitching my voice low to ensure no one overheard me. “I thought your kind extinct…” I then stopped abruptly, wishing I hadn’t said such a careless comment. “I’m sorry, that was…uncalled for. But it’s been many years since I heard of a Quincy, let alone seen or met one.”

I then straightened and waved a hand for the young man to follow me, turning from him and heading for what looked like a park not far away. There’d be more privacy for us to talk there.

“We need to talk,” I called, looking back at the Quincy. “There are things that need to be discussed.”


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

The Vampire followed thr young human woman back to what appeared to be a college dormitory. He sighed softly as a group of older teens bustled by him, laughing shrilly and casting nervous glances in his direction as they went by.

Even though they tried to ignore his presence, no human would soon forget his passing. The death of a college student wouldn’t go unnoticed, and everyone would remember the Vampire who had been tailing her. Even if something happened to her and he wasn’t responsible for it, he would most likely be blamed. All the same, it didn’t hurt to have some options available in case of any unforeseen…emergencies.

As he was turning away, Zohara caught a sense of a stabbing spiritual pressure that quickly faded away to almost nothing. It felt somewhat like that of a Hollow, yet strangely different. Intrigued by the development, Zohara abruptly changed direction and started off towards where the spiritual pressure was coming from.

It didn’t take him very long to reach the outskirts of the town. In the distance he saw a shape slumped on the ground. Despite the fact that the fallen figure was dozens of yards away, the sharp scent of blood reached Zohara’s keen nose. His nostrils flared and for a moment his eyes took on a dark red sheen. But Zohara wasn’t one to just randomly go around finishing off whipped mongrels. If there was a change this unknown person could be useful he’d try and make sure they survived. For a while, at least.

Increasing his speed, the Vampire closed the gaping distance between the figure and himself within a few seconds. When he reached the person he noticed a slew of black feathers strewn around. The fragments of what looked like a Hollow mask were scattered around the person’s head, and clutched in one hand was the hilt of a shattered sword. Now close enough to make out the figure’s appearance, Zohara realized it was a pretty-looking young woman. He scent was anything but human, though. Like her spiritual pressure her scent was reminiscent of a Hollow, yet warped somehow.

“Strange little birdie,” Zohara said softly, kneeling down next to the critically injured being. He could hear her heartbeat, faint and erratic, and knew she was close to death. “I don’t know who you are or what you are, but something tells me you might be of some use..”

Being a Vampire, Zohara wasn’t exactly a master in the healing arts, but over the centuries he had managed to manipulate his body’s ability to mend itself and apply it to others. Putting a hand on the small of her back, Zohara used the sharp nails on his free hand to slice his arm open. Instantly his body tried to close the injury, but Zohara forced the healing energy from his body into the Hollow-girl on the ground. Not knowing what the affects would be if she received too much of his essence, the Vampire drew his hand away after the worst of her injuries were sealed. She’d still lost quite a bit of blood, though, and there was nothing he could do about that.

No longer redirected by his will, the healing energy made quick work of the gash on his arm. Standing, Zohara studied the odd creature sprawled on the ground, his mind plotting out a series of stories and preparing to make use of the most appropriate one, depending on what happened next.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Soul Society, 12th DIvision Experimentation lab
When has he ever been on anybodies side?

"NEMU!" The roar resounded through the lab, bottles rolling off sides and smashing, the contents inside spilling everywhere; just one big gooey mess. "NEMU WHERE ARE YOU?!" The voice roared again. Being a science lab, and that distinctive voice it could only be one person - 12th Division Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi. With a face like a slapped arse he scowled heavily as his lieutenant rushed towards him to answer his call.

"Yes Mayuri-sama, sorry for taking so long." She spluttered, bowing low.

Mayuri however, was not interested in her apologies he reached out fast with one hand and grabbed her by the throat, squeezing hard so she choked "NEMU! DONT YOU EVER TAKE SO LONG AGAIN! OTHERWISE I SHALL MAKE YOU MY NEXT TEST EXPERIMENT!" He screeched in her face, throwing her to the floor in disgust.

"S-Sorry ... Mayuri-s-sama ... My s-sincerest a-apologies." She said, gasping for air.

Grunting in what was obvious annoyance Mayuri turned back to the computer he was working on "Now come over here and look at the reason I called you in the first place." Mayuri said, pointing to a chart on the screen that showed some sort of graph. Nemu clambered to his side and her eyes widened in shock

"Yes Nemu, you understand don't you? The Hollows out there are getting frighteningly strong! I MUST CAPTURE ONE TO ANALYSE. NEMU PREPARE THE SOUL GATE. WERE GOING TO THE WORLD OF THE LIVING!" He roared, cackling loudly as he said it.

Within minutes Nemu had the gate open and shining bright, the pure brilliant white it always was. "Nemu! Stay this side and be ready for my return. I will want to get to work straight away when I bring this Hollow back in!" He said, cackling loudly as he stepped through the gate, which promptly closed shut behind him.

As he appeared through on the other side, he laughed loudly to himself, the laughter echoing throughout the town.

Shunsui Kyoraku
World of the Living; Karukara Town

Shunsui had been following the hollow for some time now, watching it as it moved slowly through the town. He dared not attack it, for the spiritual energy that was radiating off this thing was incredible. So much so that it made even the captain hesitate, albeit one of the most experienced captains of the 13 divisions. So instead of engaging it he followed and observed, keeping a good distance back and shielding his reiatsu himself so he wouldn't be noticed.

It was when the beast was sitting down resting that he noticed a burst of reiatsu fill the town, followed by a manic laugh. There was only one person who laughed like that - Mayuri Kurotsuchi, the 12th division captain.

Sighing to himself, Shunsui made himself comfortable, but ready. "Na-daio, I guess hes here after all. Well, better wait for the sparks to fly now." He muttered to himself, touching the edge of his hat lightly.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Uryu Ishida =Quincy=
World of the Living, Karakura town

"I am," Uryu replied, ignoring the comment about the Quincy supposedly being extinct. His words were probably very different from what this being wanted to tell him. Nonetheless, he followed her anyways, though he was still cautious. He may not have looked it externally, but internally he was tensed in the case this was not a friendly entity. He couldn't readily allow someone to catch him off guard. When they reached the small park area, he decided to take the first question.

"Before we discuss anything, I have two questions for you. Your spirit energy does not match with anything I know of; what are you, and why are you in Karakura town?" He asked, surprisingly not sounding threatening. Most people would have sounded angry, or used an intimidating tone, but Uryu's voice was the same calm, measured tone he most often used. If she was an enemy, he would respond appropriately, but as of yet, she had done nothing to bring about negative treatment, lest he were to take the fact of him being one of only two Quincy still living as an insult.

Gin Ichimaru =Soul Reaper, 3rd Division captain=
Soul Society; Near the Third Division Barracks

"Hey, I know you don't want to talk to me and all..." Gin Ichimaru's voice came from not far behind his childhood friend. Of course he'd sensed her coming in this general direction, and he had doubted (correctly) she has just happened across here without meaning to. But, this was probably the only chance he'd get for a while; may as well run with it. "But I haven't really gotten a chance to say what I wanted to tell you between me almost dyin' and you hiding behind Captain Hitsugaya every time I come around. I won't take more than five minutes of your time; humor me for five minutes, just for old time's sake, hm?" He requested. He knew he'd probably get a big 'NO' and a slap... or she'd just run away. If she slapped him, at least she would be putting her feelings out there; he was pretty sure she was mad, but this'd give him a better idea of just -how- mad she was. Hopefully, she'd at least listen to what he had to say.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Diego Dakkan, Soul Reaper, Division 5 Lieutenant
World of the Living, Karakura Town

To me, Vincent seemed to lack confidence, among many other things. The stones were powerful alone, but they were still manageable in terms of defeating anyone who possessed them. Besides, I had confidence in Kasai Fenikkusu, who had taken me far and had taught me that confidence makes us understand that we are capable. Vincent, at the moment, still had the looks of a rookie. A part of him also seemed to be overwhelmed with the feeling that this was beyond anything the Soul Society has ever seen.

“What are you afraid of, Vincent?” I asked him, giving him a curious stare. “The stones being assembled? The Hollows fueled by Spirit Fire? Fear is the mind killer, I’ll have you know. And the body cannot survive without the mind.”

“You… you take me for a fool?” Vincent questioned me, suddenly growing anxious and tense. “Are you naďve or simply blindly optimistic!?”

I looked away, knowing most Soul Reaper Lieutenants would harshly punish their underlings for comments like that. I wasn’t like them, however. There was potential in Vincent, but it was the kind of energy that would only allow him to learn when he’s seen and experienced it for himself. Besides, he was nervous and anxious, naturally tentative in the face of certain new and unknown dangers. Around him, I could sense his emotions were racing, not sure if he was ready to stand up to handling the Routaikakamigami or if what he was doing was suicide.

“You… the way you’re looking at me…!” Vincent exclaimed, looking tense. “Why did you bring me along anyway!?”

“So you could watch and learn,” I told him, knowing I didn’t expect for him to fight anyway. “It’s your choice, Vincent. If you’d rather return to the Soul Society, that can be arranged, but you’re not going to get much out of it.”

“I’d rather consult with Captain Hinamori first,” Vincent told me, not realizing she’d probably give him exactly the same response. “I still think this is far out of even your league!”

I had to roll my eyes at his statements. There was more to battles besides winning and losing. Even if it was too out of my league, there was still a lot to be gained from gauging the strength of my enemies and all those that sought to assemble the Fell Bracelet for whatever purpose they had intended. Regardless, it was still a mission objective, and backing off from it out of fear and cowardice was definitely not my style, nor was it the method of the 13 Court Guard Squads.

And then again, there was the fact that Vincent barely passed the entrance exam and barely passed the training. In truth, I figured he had been assigned to this mission to learn from me and gain something from my example, but unfortunately for him, I honestly didn’t believe he was ready for even that. I could see him sweating right there, and his anxiety was ready to drive him up a wall.

“Maybe it is better if you sit this one out,” I told him, avoiding eye contact.

“Yeah, and you would do well to sit out yourself,” Vincent told me, feeling obviously quite spunky today. “You may be a Lieutenant, but even you know there’s a limit to your own power.”

He turned and walked away, obviously leaving me along to seek out my own objectives. In truth, if I was Captain Hinamori, I would have sent our dear friend Vincent back for more training, as he still seemed to be inexperienced and frankly, an outcome score that was the equivalent of a D- left more to be desired. That, and I sensed a lack of spirit energy in him, probably one of the lowest I’ve ever seen in a Soul Reaper. In truth, if he didn’t feel he was ready, chances were extremely good that was true. And even if he said he was, I still wouldn’t have treated the situation any differently.

Getting back to my objectives, I knew the Fell Stones didn’t have any kind of spirit energy emanation coming from them. If they did, this would have been much easier. Reading up on the lore of these stones revealed they were no bigger than a marble, and there were many that would wonder how something so small could create so much anxiety and be capable of so much power.

For the moment, I decided the hour was late, and I probably wasn’t going to make much more headway without rest. At the moment, the Soul Society didn’t have any leads to follow on the location of the stones, and in truth, I was deployed more for the reason of monitoring the activities of the Hollows. For the moment, it was calm, but we had to be ready for anything.

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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes)
World of the Living: Karakura
Neutral, at the moment

The end, however, didn't come. Still faintly aware of the shell of a thing she called her body enough to faintly hear garbled speaking before she felt a faint pressure on her back. It felt as though whoever it was was pressing there from under a ton of blankets, light, but got stronger and heavier as she became oddly more aware and the pain from her cuts, mainly the gash, seemed to fade away. What is this??? Her mind asked herself, she could find no explanation, that was, until she finally opened her eyes.

The sun got her again, and she promptly squeezed them shut. "Too bright." She grumbled before opening them again and letting them adjust. "I want to go home, Niccholi should burn." She hissed sharply before pushing herself up to face what had healed her, she feared it would be Niccholi wiating for a round two, but she found another instead. He may have healed her, but she was instantly wary of him, something about the man put her on edge. He wasn't Niccholi, but she felt he certainly couldn't be trusted.

"Who are you?" She asked him, blinking up and the figure, then another thought occurred to her. "And why did you heal me?" She questioned sharply, she didn't think anyone would do something like that without a reason, and with the way her life had played out, it was a natural assumption. Then another joined them.

Blackmoon Ravenwing(Vasto Lordes) and Orihime Inoue
World of the Living: Karakura
Neutral, at the moment

Orihime reached the spiritual pressure source in time to feel it spike--someone else had healed whoever it was, but she was too close now not to go see. What she found was a curiousity, a young woman sat on the ground, looking up at a man that she didn't recognize. "I'm sorry, I thought I felt someone here was hurt... What's going on?" She asked them, the girl looked over at her. Orihime frowned, she had on a unifrom that reminded Orihime of the Espada, but she had no mask, nor did she speak, just looked back to the guy before her lips moved.

"Not sure myself. Other than I was dying a few seconds ago." She finally spoke, and Orihime looked to the man as well. apparently someone had healed her, him?

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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living ; Karakura Town
The Holders (Lieutenant)

The young Quincy followed me to the park, and once we reached the relative solitude of the place he turned to question me before I’d even come to a stop.

"Before we discuss anything, I have two questions for you. Your spirit energy does not match with anything I know of; what are you, and why are you in Karakura town?"

I pondered how to best answer the questions. I made it a habit to disguise who and what I really was from everyone until I knew them, and that habit was a hard one to break. The fact that he had never come into contact with another Routaikakami was a surprising one, considering there were several of us in the Holders alone searching this area for the Fell Stones as well as prospective people to join us. It also made explaining things a bit more difficult; if he had met a Routaikakami before he would recognize me as one.

“My name is Hime,” I said after a second. I sighed and stared into the distance, trying to decide how I wanted to word what I wanted to say. “I’m sure you’ve heard of the Fell Stones? I am a member of the Holders, a group that seeks to find and forever seal away the Stones so those who seek them for dark purposes will not find them. Our number is not a large one, though, and our main opponents, the Seekers of Fell, have more allies than we currently do.

“It has been my task to not only help search for the Stones, but to locate potential beings who can join the Holders and help us stand against the Seekers, as well as those with no alliance but to themselves. We have a small headquarters located on the southern outskirts of the town, which we set up about two weeks ago. It’s only temporary; we never stay in one place for too long. But there are many with high spiritual pressures here, and our leader seems to think there are at least one or two Stones here, so when we move we won’t be leaving Karakura.”

I paused, deciding not to mention what I was. Hopefully the Quincy would either work it out on his own or not even realize I hadn’t answered his first question. I didn’t know him at all and was too cautious to go telling everything to him. For all I know he could already be part of the Seekers, or someone out to collect the Stones for his own gain. If that was the case then the things I’d told him would be of no use to him; the only thing that might give him away was the fact that I’d mentioned Fell Stones may be here. If he was one after them for with cruel intentions, I would see it in the way he reacted to that bit of information. What happened next was entirely up to the young man.


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living ; Karakua Town

The first thing the odd girl did when she came to was mumble, "Too bright." After a moment she added, "I want to go home, Niccholi should burn." She sat up after that, looking up at Zohara with an expression that told him instantly she didn’t trust him. He didn’t allow himself to smile at the girl’s tension, though the temptation was there.

‘Perceptive little bird,’ he thought, smiling only when the girl asked, "Who are you? And why did you heal me?" the second question was more forceful, almost as if she were angry with Zohara for saving her. Even though he was amused by her reaction, the Vampire knew he had to play the part. He allowed the friendly smile to drop from his lips, adopting a hurt expression at the girl’s tone.

“I sensed someone was in trouble,” he started, only to be cut off when he caught the scent of another. He turned and saw a young human girl approaching them. Instantly Zohara imprinted her scent, not at all betraying the thrill of elation he felt.

‘Such appetizing meal choices,’ he thought, casting a glance back at the girl still sitting on the ground. ‘I almost hope neither of them are useful.’

"I'm sorry, I thought I felt someone here was hurt... What's going on?" the newcomer asked, and the girl Zohara had healed turned to face her for a moment. She didn’t speak until she faced Zohara again, distrust clear in her features.

"Not sure myself. Other than I was dying a few seconds ago,” she answered, and it was obvious she was waiting for Zohara to explain himself. Adopting the air of discomfort and uncertainty, the Vampire squatted down and offered a one-shoulder shrug.

“I sensed spiritual pressure that started to fade,” he started. “When I got here I found you. You were hurt badly and there was no way I could get you to a hospital before you died of yours wounds. So I did the next best thing and sealed the worst of them myself. You might feel a little strange for a few hours; I’m a Vampire, and my particular energy might not mix well with yours. That’s why I didn’t heal the rest of your injuries.” Zohara paused here, staring hard at the ground as if embarrassed with his explanation. “I’m not sure what you are, after all. You feel like a Hollow but different, and I know certain Hollows react badly to my energy.”

Zohara stood suddenly, not looking at either of the young women with him. He absently folded his arms, and his façade of uncertainty was so sharp he almost tricked himself into believing it. Almost, but not quite. It never hurt to put himself out there when he was trying to manipulate others, but if he pushed things too far there was a chance the others might catch on.

“I…I can tell you’re not comfortable around me. I would have left earlier, but…” And now he launched a cover story, one he felt necessary because of the faint scent of Soul Reaper clinging to the orange-haired young woman. “I feel like maybe you can help me. Something happened to me…I was fighting a Hollow…I can’t remember how long ago…I can’t remember anything about myself, not after that fight. I don’t know what it did but I think the Hollow did something to my mind or maybe my memories. I only remember my name, what I am, and how to use a few of my powers. Everything else is a blank.”

Zohara offered a sad smile, still not looking up at the others. Instead he hesitantly began to walk away, arms still folded over his chest.

“I remember almost nothing about myself, but recently people have been acting odd around me. I suppose they always did. I make people uncomfortable, I guess. I can tell you don’t trust me, but it’ll all right. I’m used to it, honestly. I think I must have been alone for most of my life, however long its been, so it doesn’t bother me, not really. And…” Here Zohara stopped walking, glancing back at the others with a sorrowful expression. “I didn’t heal you because I thought you were useful to me, to help me get my memory back. I helped you because…I couldn’t just ignore someone in need. I’m not sure what kind of person I was, but I like to think it was a good one.”

Without another word Zohara turned from them and walked back towards Karakura, a tiny smile on his lips. The injured girl’s distrust might keep her from believing most or all of Zohara’s story, but he could sense the gentle personality of the other. She, at least, should be moved by his little plight and offer some assistance.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga <A Bleach RP> [RP] =REVIVED=

Cuora Pani, Vasto Lorde
World of the Living; Karakura Town
Noone really

Kill them! Do it!
They're weak

I opened my eyes, wondering exactly where I was. Using a Garganta had never been an experience I enjoyed nor looked forward to, but staying in Hueco Mundo had always been a daring way of living, and that held even less appeal to me. I didn't care- never cared- about what happened during that silly, stupid war. Aizen, Arrancars, Shinigami... it was all meaningless and futile.
Silly things that needed to be destroyed
I made an unconscious effort to never get involved in all that, I had enough on my hands with all these struggles of mine: being powerful once held interest in me, but now...
Fill the void.
We need it.

I sighed. Now I just wanted it all to stop. Kill!
Feed us!

I took in my surroundings, and couldn't definitely place where exactly I was. The sun was shining on me- not something I'd get accustomed anytime soon, apparently, but it didn't feel any bad, after all- and there was wind blowing all around me.

Muffled noise rose from beneath me, seeming rather faraway. I looked down and noticed the concrete pavement. "Makes sense," I muttered. I somehow managed to land on top of a building- a pretty tall one, apparently, since I had no obstacles clouding my sight right now.

A doorway led to some kind of staircase, I guessed, but I had no interest in exploring that cramped place. Closed buildings were always my bane, and I never could understand why. Cramped hallways and stupid corridors, that's why! I turned around and used my Pesquěsa to check if any strong spiritual pressure was nearby, hoping there wasn't as I wanted to get away fast and without being noticed.

Turns out there were, and I groaned thinking of the trouble it'd bring me. Only, much to my surprise, there were a large number of pressures I could sense, even if just slightly- one just too close for it to be any comfortable. I debated if opening a Garganta right here and now would raise any suspicion to this strange being... it probably would, but if my luck held I'd be gone before it could do anything.

A confused mumble drew my attention- a young woman, slightly taller than me, had entered from the doorway, possibly seeking some solace on the scarce benchs on the rooftop: she looked visibly surprised as she took my strange features in- I was nobody she recognised as far as I could tell, and I didn't really care. I'd get ready and vanish right under her nose in any situation, but something stopped me from doing it. I'm hungry.
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Dinner time?
Oh no you don't! If she could see me, she probably had some kind of ability, even a very low one. And well, it had been a while since I had anything.... substantial.

"Who are you?" she asked in what I figured was a professional tone, even if a somewhat shaky one.

"No one of consequence," I replied before letting my pressure spike a little, leaving the woman inhaling deeply as she felt her consciosness slip away. "Just someone who's gotten a little hungry..."

She fell down. Snacktime, boys!
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