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Old 10-07-2010, 12:56 AM
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Default [SU] The Lylat Wars (Star Fox RP)

The Lylat Wars


For the past twenty years, the Lylat system has been peaceful since the fall of Emperor Andross and the Aparoid invasion. Under the guidance of a young boy named Dash Bowman, orphaned grandson of Andross, Venom was able to be purified of its air toxins and become not only livable again, but prosperous as well.

Many of the old mercenary teams disbanded after dealing with the threat of the Anglar attacks, seeking out peaceful lives and leaving the fighting behind. However, not many can truly remove themselves from the battlefield and have either turned into space pirates or remained working as mercs for hire, taking whatever jobs they can get.

The Star Fox team was one of those that chose to disband. Krystal and Fox settled on Fox's home planet of Papetoon and raised a young boy named Marcus. Peppy was risen to become a general in the Cornerian army after General Pepper's devistating illness. Falco remained a freelance merc, taking odd jobs, though he was always seen with Katt as his wingman. Slippy settled down with Amanda and raised a large family.

Team Star Wolf became pirate hunting mercs. Wolf was never one to ever be able to live outside the battlefield. While he did have a family, he stuck mostly to what gave him the greatest pleasure: combat.

But tensions are now arising once more. Venom, having become a very prosperous and advanced planet, declares that they should become the future of the Lylat system and that the Cornerian royalty should let other planets rule over themselves to allow for a brighter, more prosperous future for all worlds. He said that the people should have more power and the government should be elected by the people, not determined by birth and blood.

However, the royal family refused as they felt that while Venom did bring new prosperity and technology, having such a change may jeopardize the freedoms of the peoples of the other planets. They held strongly into account Dash's lineage, fearing that he may one day become a madman like Andross and become a tyrant, despite the heroism he displayed while helping Star Fox destroy the Anglar threat.

Eventually, war erupted between Corneria and Venom. To make matters worse, the pirates have become organized by some unknown third party and is using this war as an opportunity to try and pull a coup on both the Cornerian royal family and the Venom leader Dash.

Teams have formed to fight on both sides while some teams have formed solely to fight the space pirates. Who's side will you be on? The traditional, compassionate royalty of Corneria? The industrious and prosperous Dash of Venom? Or are you one of those who will try and bring peace between the two planets while defending them against the space pirate menace?

Your Role:

You are either a team leader or team member of a mercenary group. You have one of three sides to choose from. Fight for Dash to break the traditional hold of one planet over all of the others so the people of each planet can rule over themselves: Fight for the royal family to maintain peace, harmony and order in the Lylat system: Fight against the organized pirates to prevent them from taking rule over the Lylat system.

There are a scarce handful of cannons that can be played: Falco Lombarde, Lucy Hare, Katt Monroe, Wolf McDonell and Panther Caroso. All other cannons are considered NPCs.

Each team will have a mega ship for transport and major battles and each can house up to 8 individual crafts . The following individual crafts that can be selected are as follows:


Arwing (Original)
Arwing II
Black Rose
Cat's Paw (Original)
Cat's Paw II
The Cloud Runner
The Monkey Arrow
The Rainbow Delta
The Red Fang
The Sky Bunny
The Sky Claw
Wolfin (Original)
Wolfin II
The Zazanga 9
Invader II Fighter
Invader III Fighter

The Landmaster

The Tadpole
The Blue Marine

1.> No Godmoding. You can get hit, you can miss, you can't do an infinite number of barrel rolls.
2.> No bunnying without permission
3.> In order for me to know that you read the rules, put the following somewhere in your SU. Do a Barrel Roll!
4.> Keep the violence and romance to PG-13.
5.> At least a paragraph in each post.
6.> Be Active! Post at least three times a week.


Appearance: (Picture or 1 paragraph)
Team Name:
Position: (Leader, pilot, engineer, medic, etc.)
Personal Craft: (More than one person can have the same style)
Side: (Venom, Corneria, Mercenary)
Personality: (minimum 1 paragraph)
Bio: (Minimum 2 paragraphs)

Team SU
Team Name:
Team Leader:
Team Members:

Accepted Teams:
Star Fox
Leader: Marcus McCloud

Marcus McCloud (Mewcario)

Blown Up:
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Old 10-07-2010, 12:57 AM
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Default Re: [SU] The Lylat Wars (Star Fox RP)

Team Name: Star Fox
Team Leader: Marcus McCloud
Team Members:

Name: Marcus McCloud
Species: Fox
Age: 18

The blue-furred fox
Team Name: Star Fox
Position: Leader/Pilot
Personal Craft: Arwing II
Side: Mercenary
Personality: Marcus is a laid back kind of guy. However, in battles, he is sharp and focused. His primary concern is to keep his team mates safe while accomplishing the mission at hand. While he is supportive of his father's friend Dash and that each planet should rule themselves, he also feels there should be some form of universal law in order to prevent any planet from becoming warlike towards other planets. He has torn feelings about the war as his friends are on both sides of the field, so he focuses on the greater threat of the pirate alliance. He would do anything for his friends and for the safety of others.

Bio: Marcus was born after his parents, along with the help of a young pilot named Dash, defeated the Anglar threat. His father Fox taught him everything he knew about flying, while his mother Krystal taught him the many stories of lore of the planets, as well as her own planet which was conquered by Andross's army and later destroyed. She even taught him how to speak saurian for when they vacationed to the dinosaur planet.

Later, at the age of 10, Marcus entered into the Cornerian Academy. he was taught in many subjects by General Peppy Hare, but Peppy was far from easy on him. He trained the boy harder than any other cadet, but always showed the boy respect. By the time Marcus graduated, he was the #1 top student. With the threat of pirate attacks on cargo cruisers, Marcus decided to reform the Star Fox Team.

Then the war hit. Dash had suggested that each planet should be free to rule themselves, and the royal family refused, insisting that he was trying to overtake the Lylat system like his grandfather tried to do. Even though Dash was a good-hearted guy, it seemed he couldn't escape the shadows of his blood relation to the late tyrant Andross. Conflicted by the fact that he did not want to fight against Dash or Peppy, Marcus decided that Team Star Fox's mission would be to deal with the pirate alliance while Corneria and Venom settled their differences. Still, he knew eventually he would have to take a side, and that would be the most difficult mission he would ever have to face.

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