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Old 10-06-2010, 09:34 PM
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Default Re: [RP] Dungeons and Dragonites: Trial Run [RP]

Ru, Beastmaster
With Group

I moved my milk over to Abik when he came back. He muttered something to me quietly, one statement that rather surprised me. Riku was in a back room on the right as far as he could smell. Why would Riku be in a back room? I noticed Robert and Lilly looking a bit anxious. Perhaps they knew something about where Riku was. I was starting to like this less and less, so I told Abik in a quiet whisper using Beast Tongue for him to go and tell Lilly. Abik nodded, sliding off the stool and making his way towards Lilly.

"Yes I have been told I am pretty." I continued speaking to the bartender. "Free? If there some sort of binding law here that's troublesome for the people here?"

Abik made his way to Lilly, tugging on her clothing to get her attention, then pointing to the door on the right, trying to explain that's where he could smell Riku. Afterwards, Abik checked around to see if there was an opening into said room that he could sneak into. I then remembered hearing something behind the doors. It stopped, but I asked anyway.

"What's going on back there?" I asked the bar tender. "Rather noisy isn't it?"

Outside Kayen walks around the stable and back of the tavern, doing another check around out of boredom. Afterwards she approaches the mounts for a conversation about who they belong to and about the town.

Ru is doing a diplomacy check as she asks about the demand of the Duke. Another diplomacy check about the noises in the back room. If the diplomacy check for the back room fails, she will force her way into the room Abik told her about. If she succeeds, Ru will try to get in without force. (Not sure if that's a check or what it would be called)

Abik is doing a perception check for a way into the room Riku is in. If he succeeds he will be able to get in after Riku' Sleep Powder attack and not fall asleep. If he fails, Abik will try to use Dig to get in. (This will make him come into the room even later at the time) If any hostile actions are taken against him, Abik will make noise until someone comes.

Kayen is doing another perception check of her surroundings and the back of the tavern to notice anything odd about the building. She is then using a diplomacy check in her asking about who the mounts in the stable belong to, and another for about the town.
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Old 10-07-2010, 11:02 AM
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Default Re: [RP] Dungeons and Dragonites: Trial Run [RP]

Pokethrope-Gallade-Human form
With Group

Blade stood outside for quite a long period of time, scanning the scenery. He saw some people looking quite anxiously at him, and others averting their gaze. He looked at a mansion in the distance, gleaming white in the sunlight. He decided to enter the tavern, finding most of them at the tables or by the bartender. An unfamiliar stench hung in the air, and he shook his head, trying to clear it from his nostrils, but to no avail. Sighing, Blade headed over to the bartender with Makani and Midnight, hearing Ru talk about a law for the people in the town.

"A law?" Blade asked both of them telepathically, taking one of the wooden stools near the bar. He thought, "This might explain the strange looks the villagers gave me quite a while back. I must find out more."

Note: Sorry for posting really late! Blade's attemping Sense Motive, by the way.

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