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Default Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master [Chapter 5 Part II Up]

Rating: PG-13, and at times there will be some blood and violence. Reading discretion advised.

Hello and welcome to my first Fan Fics I have written in months. Actually, this has taken me months to write since this time I put a lot of time and thought into it. Many of you may recognize the title, and this is my remade version of that old fic I wrote last year which in my opinion did not go as I had planned. While I wanted to finish it, I felt that the way I continued on from the first chapter was terrible.

Anyway, here is the plot of this times story...

The raiders, a new and extremely powerful criminal organization are rising and are trying to do everything in their power to get the Amethyst and with it, take over the world. Devan Ketchum, the world's youngest and greatest Pokemon Master had disappeared three years ago after celebrating his fifteenth birthday and many believe he is dead. Either that or that he had forgotten all about where he came from and was now influenced by the fame and fortune he had received. At the current moment, Ash and company are in hiding, trying to come up with plans to stop the raiders. However, because of how many there usually are, their going to need someone powerful enough to give them an edge. One dark night, a couple of raiders plan to cease a town, but when things seem like they will be easy, their plans are ruined by a black-cloaked male and his Pokemon. The question is, who is this man and is he going this to assist Ash or for his own selfish purposes? The war between good and evil continues!

Author’s Notes:

Just so everyone who reads this knows, is the only site I have and will post this on. So, if you ever see this Fic anywhere else, please inform me. Thank you!

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Default Re: Pokemon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokemon Master

Main Characters - (4)
Devan Ketchum - Code Name: Devura.

Pokemon: Pikachu [Neo] - Charizard [Heero] - Lucario [Auron] - Garchomp [Chompah] - Floatzel [Tails] - Torterra [Terrain]

Ash Ketchum Code Name: Ashura. - Ash has always dreamed of becoming a Pokémon Master and as soon as he hit the age of 10 he rushed to Professor Oak's Laboratory to get his first Pokémon. Originally wanting to choose Squirtle, Ash ended up getting the Pokémon Pikachu and left on his journey. Starting off as a completely unskilled trainer, Ash managed to go through, with the assistance of his friends Misty & Brock and capture new Pokémon and defeat the gyms in Kanto, allowing him to enter in the Pokémon League. Since then he has continued to travel, make new friends and capture new Pokémon while still following his goal of becoming a Pokémon Master. Since this goal is so close to his heart, he sometimes acts a bit rash and rushes to the next battle he can as fast as possible. His achievements consist of being Top 16 in the Indigo Plateau, winning the Orange Islands, Top 8 in both the Johto League and the Hoenn Championships, winning the Battle Frontier Challenge but declining position of Frontier Brain and coming in the Top 4 in the Sinnoh League.

Pikachu - Daikenki - Kenhorou [Male]
Gary Oak Code Name: Garuya. - Gary, the grandson of renowned Pokémon Researcher, Professor Oak, has had a life long rivalry with Ash Ketchum. Starting based on a fishing scuffle where they both claimed ownership of a Pokéball used for fishing, Gary has always had it in for Ash. Gary started off as an extremely arrogant kid who somehow managed to amass a group of Cheerleaders, cheering only for Gary. After he lost in the Pokémon League, Gary ditched the cheerleaders and after some soul searching, started to become less arrogant and more of a competent Pokémon Trainer. Finally, after his defeat against Ash, Gary, with humility, mended the fences with Ash finally and decided to stop being a Pokémon Trainer and instead to follow in his grandfather's footsteps and become a Pokémon Researcher. Gary defeated 10 Gyms in Kanto and got to the Fourth Round in the Pokémon League. He also has defeated at least 8 gyms in Johto and came in the Top 32 in the Silver Conference.

Pokemon: Electivire - Umbreon - Blastoise - Scizor - Arcanine
Lance - Known as one of the best Pokémon trainers in their world, specializes in dragon Pokémon. He is Claire's cousin, having previously trained with her in Blackthorn City. He helps the protagonist in the second generation games in the fight against Team Rocket. He appears in the anime, where he helps Ash's group defeat Team Rocket, catching a red Gyarados that is part of their experiments, and later helps to stop the battle between Groudon and Kyogre. He is an antagonist in the manga, who wishes to destroy humanity due to all of the pollution and their hurting of Pokémon. He later becomes an ally of Silver, who he sends on various missions. Lance is the Johto Champion. It was said that he is undercover for the police and traveled with his partner who was none other than the missing Devan Ketchum.

Pokemon: Dragonite - Red Gyaradoes - Aerodactyl.

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Default Re: Pokemon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokemon Master

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Default Re: Pokemon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokemon Master

Chapter 1
Never Too Dark For Light

Drip, drip, drip…

It was a very dark night and it was stirring up to be a disastrous night as well.

Drip, drip, drip…

It was drizzling, and everyone seemed to be panicking.

An icy chill pervaded through the black night. Cold, except for the unnatural hot wind blowing south with the strong scent of acrid smoke. Through the dark starless sky slightly covered by clouds, intermittent moonlight shone on to the thick green forest revealing little by little, a snaking trail of destruction. Burnt and broken tree stumps lay on the ravaged path, some still burning with small, flickering flames; as well as fallen branches and other debris interspaced with giant animalistic footprints.

A dark figure wrapped in a long, black hooded cloak ran through the woodland almost silently. The robe-like mantle secured at its waist, its lower folds flapping gently behind like a floating shadow. The only sound was the dry vegetation softly crunching beneath thick black boots as it followed the trail onward. Golden-brown eyes took wide sweeps, observing the desecrated area. A small brown backpack was adjusted briefly by a hand as it sped up the pace. The quarry was close…

Flames crackled and fires burned. The small town settlement lit up the night, its modest structures engulfed like the pyres of a bonfire. Everywhere, screaming and smoke filled the heated air as dozens and dozens of people ran all seeking escape from the terror of attacking. Without mercy, huge hostile Pokemon assisted their trainers in the merciless and violent raid. Totally unprepared for the assault, towns-people and their Pokemon had been cut down and destroyed almost as soon as they were called out.

Behind a slowly burning house, a young dark-haired girl screamed as a grinning male raider grabbed and pinned her against the wall. Nearby, his Kangaskhan watched in fascination. The raider slapped the girl across the face hard. “Shut up with the screaming girl and take this like a woman!”

Before the raider could do anything else, an explosion of pain erupted in the raider’s head and the next thing he knew was the feel of the rushing air as he was picked up and thrown violently away by a single hand. The hard dirt ground met his back all too abruptly and the breath exploded out of his lungs as he bounced once then slid to a stop.

“Bastard!” he coughed furiously as he rolled his feet and opened his eyes to see who had dared attacked him. Several feet away, a tall figure in darkness stood watching him, its silhouette all but invisible if it weren’t for the background of burning houses and hazy gray smoke behind it.

The figure lifted its hand, adjusting the black fingerless gloves it wore with the other. They were like black half-gloves of a fighter. All of a sudden he felt a cold stab of fear enter his heart. There was something familiar about this man…

Then he growled in anger. He was mistaken. This was just a poor fool who was trying to be a hero. “Kangaskhan, take him!” He laughed. “Chew his bones, nice and slow.”

Already hissing in anger because of the attack to its master, the large bipedal Pokemon needed no second order. It gave an inhuman snarl and extended its sharp bony claws before leaping towards the shadow.

However, a rapid spin-kick stopped the charging Pokemons attack, while one of its claws was seized and used against it; stabbing into its own chest like a knife. The Kangaskhan blinked in confusion before toppling over, its chest a puddle of oozing dark blood.

“Kangaskhan?” the raider said in shock. The raider was sure that no man could be strong enough to do what the figure had just done. Not to mention the figure wasn’t exactly big and bulky much like bodybuilders. He continued to stare, dumbfounded before a hard booted foot smashed into his jaw and everything went black.

The man in the cloak walked towards the girl and put his hands on her shoulders. “Are you alright?”

The dark-haired girl stared at him; trying to see if she could see her savior. All that was shown was his nose and under nonetheless. Nevertheless, she just had a feeling that she heard his voice before. “Are you Dev”

“Go to a safer place. I have to go see if I can find the other raiders and clear them out,” he said to her; interrupting her before she even had a chance to finish her question. She smiled briefly and nodded. Soon after that, he was off.

Puffing a large cloud of smoke, a huge Charizard eyed the supply structures in hunger as even more raiders surrounded the area in a half-ring of hostile forces. It snorted questioningly to its mater in a rough nasal tone.

“No,” the tall, bald woman answered with a slight chuckle. “The supplies we were raiding for in the first place would be destroyed.” She looked over to one of the other raiders. “You! Use your Tauros to break the walls down. Then we’ll have some fun.” She chuckled deep in her throat as her subordinate directed his bull Pokemon to charge through.

A sudden wet splattering sound sounded from behind them. Turning instantly, they discovered an obviously dead Scyther still sliding toward them along the dirt ground from the momentum of being thrown; its blood acting as lubricant. Shockingly mutilated, somehow both of its own sharp, blade-like arms had been twisted around to fatally impale itself while its serpent-like head hung from its neck by a thin string of red tendon, almost decapitated. The mangled green corpse gradually came to a stop before their feet.

For a short moment there was silence. Then pandemonium broke out over the raiders as all began shouting at once. “What the hell happened to it?” Someone cried out in horror.

From behind a burning building, a figure wrapped in a long, black hooded cloak abruptly stepped out into sight. The cloak was flapping sinuously, slightly open in the hot wind revealing a man’s lean but muscular body; shrouded in darkness. His face was concealed in the deep shadows of the hooded cowl, leaving only bright, golden-brown eyes visible. They seemed to glow in the dark; two points of flaring yellow light, which narrowed threateningly.

That silenced the raiders. A second later, the bald woman raider stepped forward, her onyx black eyes angry. “Arrogant bastard, isn’t he? Think you’re a Pokemon Master with that cloak? Everyone knows Devan Ketchum hasn’t been seen for years!” She mocked. “Surround him!” The huge Charizard, Tauros, Pinsirs, and their trainers walked around to slowly encircle the cloaked stranger. The frightened towns-people scattered about the area watching in a terrified silence, thoughts of escape forgotten.

“Do you have anything to say for yourself?” the woman raider asked scornfully. “Before you are roasted alive?” Her Charizard snorted in anticipation, leaving rings of smoke to shine in the moonlight before they dissipated into the darkness.

The black-cloaked figure snapped his fingers. A tiny, shadow form leaped out of the small, brown backpack he wore to land by his feet. “Neo… I choose you.” The voice was soft but serious, the order barely carrying to them so it could be heard, a Pikachu now stood beside the male. There was a dangerous quality to it that sent a feeling of apprehension down the raider’s necks.

They looked down at the cloaked stranger’s Pokemon. Next to him, it looked contrastingly small as it crouched, its head barely reaching the man’s shin. It seemed to be an ordinary Pikachu, an electric mouse with pointed ears and a long tail the shape of a lightning bolt.

The woman raider laughed out loud. “A puny Pikachu named Neo? Gee, you’re really trying hard to imitate him, aren’t you? Anyway, Charizard will roast that puny thing into oblivion! Charizard, Flamethrower!”
The huge, red winged-dragon rose up to its full height of twenty feet and inhaled sharply. A powerful wind arose, the air ruffling the stranger’s cloak and causing the pointed ears of the Pikachu to sway back and forth. Then the Charizard leaned forward and exploded a huge tongue of bright red flames towards the small electric mouse Pokemon and its master.

But suddenly the sound of electricity crackled in the night air and the fire was repelled by it. It was something like a shield of electrical energy. It sparked and hissed violently as it deflected the flame harmlessly to the sides before winking out.

"Neo, do your 'Lightning Vortex'," said the Cloaked man.

The little Pikachu nodded once. Quickly after the crackle of electricity returned and a bright blinding glow surrounded the small, probably now strange Pokemon. The raiders stepped backward, startled. They had never seen the like of this attack before. A sharp wind began to kick up and rotate around the Pikachu and its master. Dust, leaves and debris from the destruction of the towns buildings began to stir and rise. Rocks and planks of wood lifted into the air...

The Charizard began to slide forward, despite its huge weight. It grunted in confusion, then fear as it began to slide faster. It flapped its wings to attempt to take off into the sky, but that was a mistake as it was only pulled into the powerful winds at an even more rapid pace. The raiders themselves began to get inhaled, as well as everything around them that wasn't securely attatched to the ground. The Tauros squealed as it scrabbled backward, hooves digging into the dirt. However, the wind was becoming too much.

"What the devil of an attack is this?" The tall, bald-headed woman raider shouted in confusion as she tried to claw herself though the air and back to the ground. It was useless. The velocity of the Pokemon-made tornado picked up speed and soon the town was just a revolving blur to the raiders and their Pokemon as they spun around wildly. What was odd about this situation was, what Pikachu was the powerful. It couldn't have been doing this itself. Plus, there was a blue aura surrounding the cloaked man.

"PI-KA-CHUUUU!" Screamed Neo and a ring of destructive lightning exploded from the center of the vortex. A flash of the lightest energy was seen and the raiders and their Pokemon were more than likely no more.

The cloaked figure and the Pikachu stood in silence. Around them, the ring of raiders and their Pokemon lay unconcious, if not dead, smoking, some even on fire. The Charizard was definitely dead, its body ripped in two distinct pieces. The severed ends, blackened and frayed. The smell of cooked meat and dissipated electricity hung heavily in the night air.

"Good work, Neo," said the cloacked male trainer.

The small electric mouse stood up on its hind legs. "Pii," it said as it climbed up to its trainers left shoulder. Several of the towns-people began to approach them wearily despite their instincts to just flee from a man who revealed himself as so dangerous. One of them, a white-haired, older man spoke first.

"T-That was most impressive." He looked at the Pikachu staring curiously at him. The only thing going through his head at this particular moment was how could a Pokemon that small be so powerful. He shook his head and regarded the cloaked stranger again. "B-But who are you?"

The stranger lifted his hands towards the hood covering his face and slowly removed it, settling it back behind his shoulders. It revealed a handsome young man's face, who seemed to be approximately eighteen years of age. His eyes were no longer golden-brown, but now a calm onyx black much like the woman raider who was now presumed as dead.

The night wind picked up again, blowing the smoke of the ruined village in the background. It ruffled the stranger's brown hair causing some of his hair to wave across his eyes, obscuring part of his vision.

He blew the hair out of his eyes with an upturned lip and a gust of breath. Then, he answered them, "I am Ketchum... Devan Ketchum."

__________________________________________________ ________________


Shiny Moves [Neo]:

Attack: Lightning Vortex
Type: Flying / Electric

A powerful hurricane is formed around the Pikachu. When the opponents are
sucked inside, a ring of destructive electrical energy is exploded

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Chapter 2
The Long Awaited Battle

Warm healing light from the morning sun bathed itself over the small half-destroyed town. Despite this, the air was still freezing cold, causing villagers to shiver slightly as they worked hard at repairing their homes. The raiders had caused such extensive damage that it would be some time before the town recovered from it all. But at times like these, people could only try. The sound of hammers ringing on anvils reverberated loudly in the still air and the sawing of wood echoed among the destroyed buildings.

I sighed as I warmed one of my hands on the fire and sipped some tea from a mug in the other. leaning back on tot he rough trunk of a tall tree, I combed the hair out my eyes. It was hard to believe this had once been Pallet Town. It had been so long ago. Now I knew no one. They were all strangers. At the same time, when I closed my eyes, I thought that maybe I too was a stranger.

A giggle interrupted my internal monologue and I sighed again. Honestly, I couldn't help but think if these kids would ever leave me alone. I opened my eyes to observe the crowds of children, infants and teenagers alike as they scampered around my campsite at the edge of the raided town and the forest.

"Does that cloak mean it is true that you're a Pokemon Master?" One of the little girls asked me.

"Why does it look like you don't have any more Pokeballs on you?" Questioned a teenage male.

"Silly, he probably only has one Pokemon," said a teenage girl in my defense.

"I have never heard of a Pokemon Master with only one Pokemon." The same teenage boy responded; clearly not convinced I was a Pokemon Master.

And the questions they just asked constantly. I couldn't believe I had been this noisy as a kid. I must have really been annoying when I was their age.

Neo, for his part, calmly munched on his apple as he stared into the campfire. "Pika-pii..."

Then a new voice spoke up. "I have heard about the one with the Shiny colored, incredibly powerful Pikachu." It was a skeptical woman who had been observing Pikachu and I from afar for some time but only now had come closer. She was a pretty blond woman who most probably had turned the heads of many men.

I ignored her, my whimsical mood darkening, and looked down to contemplate the bubbles in my tea.

"It is said that he was unbeatable and that he was once the top trainer in the Pokemon League." The woman began again. The kids hearing this, fell to silence. They began to look at him fearfully. Some even began to step backward. "Then one day he disappeared..."

I put my mug down, picked up my long onyx black cloak and stood up. It was time for me to leave, or so I felt. It was always time for me to leave places nowadays. I looked up to find that all of the children made their escape. However, one of the teenagers was still there. "Mister, I don't believe for one instant you were on of the evil trainers in the Pokemon League," she said forcefully. It was the girl I had saved from last night. "No one who was one of those bastards could be as heroic and handsome as you are..."

The blond woman sucked in her breath. "You don't know who you're talking to girl..."

I just began to roll up my sleeping bag impassively. "She is right, ya'know? You do not know me." I clenched my black-gloved fist and stared at it, my thoughts a thousand miles away. "You do not know me at all."

Seemingly permanently hidden behind its dense layer of gray clouds, the afternoon sun slowly slid across its downward trajectory along the sky. Although the wind was beginning to pick up speed, ruffling my cloak and hood, the deserted ruins of the city were silent. Almost too silent actually. Not even the insects were chirping their songs, though overgrown foliage was plentiful among the stones. I shrugged, my black cloak around my shoulders slightly, loosening it. I felt there might be a battle soon. That someone was following me. And it seemed... like with hostile intent.

"Chu..." Neo said sadly atop my left shoulder as he looked around at the debris that used to be Viridian City. I understood Neo's sadness. This place held memories for me as well. It was the first city I had reached back in my training days. If not for Nurse Joy, Neo would not be here now, and most likely he would not be here either. Most likely, dead. Neo and I had stuck by each other through thick and thin. This made me think about my younger brother, Ash and his Pikachu seeing that they had been in a very similar situation.

I stared at the broken-down wall of one of the old buildings. In fact, that was probably part of the Pokemon Center which had saved Neo's life. Now this city was nothing but a deserted forest of crumbling rubble. Even the air smelled dead. It was just like all the other major cities that had been destroyed back in the Dark Pokemon Wars between the good trainers and the Raiders. A cloud of dust was picked up by the wind and I held my hand over my nose and mouth as it passed.

I could still feel the itch on the back of my neck. Whoever it was, was still following us. It kept a safe distance nonetheless and didn't seem to be advancing on them... Yet.

Neo's ears pricked up. "Pika?"

I turned to the small electric mouse Pokemon riding on my left shoulder. "Yes, there is someone following us, Neo. But they seem to be keeping back-"


The crumbling stone wall we had been walking parallel to abruptly exploded with a hail of sharp rocks. Shrapnel and rubble showered over us in a spiked pailful raid as a massive object crashed through with a rumble of the sound of thunder.

"What?" I grunted, as I quickly threw Neo away in safety, just in time, before I was smashed back painfully, to roll sideways along the gravel of the old road. After rolling away at what I thought was a sufficient distance, I swung my feet, jumped and back-flipped away to land on top of the opposite wall. I threw the hood of my cloak back and brushed my hands across my temple. I felt the slight stickiness of blood.

"Neo! Come to me!" My small companion leaped to land on my left shoulder once again. Then I turned to the scene of the attack with narrowed eyes.

Dust was floating around everywhere. It was hard to even make out the wall we had been walking next to. I raised my hand to shelter my face as I quickly searched. I had not even sensed the threat. Which meant the attack was one of "us".

Finally, the dust settled. There was a gaping trench in the wall and next to it lay a huge, brown boulder about a dozen feet across. Then with a loud creaking of stone, thick, gray limbs began to sprout from the massive rock. Large claws as sharp as daggers extended from the newly-made appendages and a snake-like head grew from the center of what would be its torso. The eyes on the rocky, serpent head, suddenly swiveled open. They were an angry red, the color of blood.

"TRAITOR," the head hissed.

"Golemdor," I acknowledged, turning my body slightly sideways in alert preparation. I knew this day would have come eventually.


"I think not..."

The red serpentine eyes swiveled to Neo who was sitting on my shoulder. "I SEE YOU ARE STILL TRAVELING WITH THE LITTLE ONE." It focused on Neo completely. "YOU COULD HAVE HAD POWER LIKE THE REST OF US. WHY DO YOU TRAVEL WITH THE ASSASSIN?"

"Pika-pikachu!" Neo chattered angrily from atop my shoulder. I narrowed my eyes at the mention of the name the Golem had called me.

"YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO POKEMON-KIND!" The Golem roared in response to whatever Neo had said. It lifted a huge stone fist and pounded the ground. I figured it was using the move Earthquake because the earth shook wildly as a large jagged crack rapidly approached the wall I was standing on. I leapt high into the air, tossing Neo to the side just before the quake reached it and reduced the stone wall to dust.

As I landed softly upon the ground on one knee, one hand clutching a loose fold of my cloak steady, the massive, boulder-like Golem again pounded the earth in its Earthquake attack, this time using both of its fists. I was hard-pressed to avoid the cracks of destruction heading my way as I turned a backward somersault then sprinted swiftly across the ruins, leaping away from bursts that had gotten too close. I barely dodged the wildly-shaking earth attacks that shredded the ground behind and below me like a rapid jack-hammer.

Then I exhaled in pain as a piece of rock shaped like a dagger flew up and embedded itself into my leg. I landed painfully and slid along on my chest, the gravel digging into the palms of my hands.

"Chu!" Neo shouted in alarm, leaping to distract the huge Golem. Lightening began to spark from his cheeks. "Pika pi!"

The Golem grunted in surprise as it stopped its Earthquake attack. Of course the electricity did not hurt him, but it was powerful enough to stun it. "DIE," it rasped as the huge animalistic boulder began to charge the small electric mouse Pokemon. The ground rumbled from its immense weight.

I looked up in apprehension. "Neo!"

"PIKA!" Neo cried, body crackling violently as it sent a powerful Thunderbolt toward the oncoming Golem. However, despite the extreme strength of the electric attack, it dissipated harmlessly over the rock Pokemon's stony-hard body. The huge limbed boulder continued forward in its mad charge.

"No!" I called out desperately. Exhaling a breath in pain, I ripped out he piece of stone shrapnel from my leg, then leaped forward, knocking my Pikachu out of the way. The Golem careened past and screamed in frustration at missing its intended target. After skidding to a stop, it looked at me lying on the ground nearby with a malevolent gleam in its blood-red eyes. It grabbed me with on of its huge, rock-like fists and pain exploded in my torso as its tight grip began to squeeze the lift out of me.

"NOW YOU DIE," the Golem chuckled. It opened its palm slightly to allow access to the front of my body and then, snorting in rough laughter, gave me two massive punches to the chest with its free arm before tossing me away like a broken toy. I uncontrollably flipped in midair then crashed on the hard ground with a muted thump on my back and continued to slide painfully away. My cloak ripped in several pieces as the rocky and jagged ground's friction took its toll, before a large piece of stony rubble stopped my momentum with a crunching sound.

Feeling as though my chest had been caved in and I had died, I coughed and spat out a mixture of blood and saliva as I lay on the ground and rolled over. Slowly, I got up on my hands and knees, shaking furiously. "Now you've gotten me angry, Golemdor. And you'll see just why they called me the Assassin." My voice was low and calm. My voice... was death itself.

The Golem looked at me in confusion. It had expected me, a mere human to be lifeless, dead. Granted, I had been a Pokemon Master and won every Pokemon League there was, but at the hard of things, I was still just a puny human in its eyes. It had given enough blows into my chest to shatter concrete, let alone bone.


"That's a question you'll soon be asking yourself," I growled, before flipping to my feet and streaking forward so fast that my form blurred into a live shadow. The Golem tried to dodge, but it was much too slow to avoid the massive step-roundhouse kick aimed at its legs, then another and another. Dust rose as with each hit, the Golem was knocked backward.

But the Golem seemed unperturbed. "FOOL! YOU CANNOT HOPE TO DAMAGE ME," it taunted as each hit seemed to fail to affect it. But it began to feel apprehension at the furious attack that I had displayed. After all, back in the Dark Pokemon Wars, I had gained a reputation...

I paused in my rapid attack, standing on one heel, before seeming to make the very light bend around my fore-knuckle first as I struck forward with a single massive, scoring directly across both thick rocky legs. Then I leapt backward, high in the air, before flipping around with a one and a half twist and landed lightly on an intact section of the wall. The sound of my boots striking the stone was non-existent.

"You were already from the first hit," I stated calmly, as the folds of my cloak settled around me.

Too calmly, the Golem suddenly worried. Time seemed to stand still. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? NOOO!" Its legs abruptly gave way from underneath it as they crumbled into dust like the fine sand of an hourglass. The torso of the boulder-like Pokemon cracked at the loss of its support and toppled over to land on its back. "IMPOSSIBLE! THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE AT ALL! I AM INDESTRUCTIBLE!" It tried to lift itself up by the use of its remaining arms, but lost balance and fell over again.

I held my right arm out horizontally and Neo landed on it. "We shall see." I threw Neo high into the air. "Finish it! THUNDER SHATTER!"

Midair, the little Pikachu rolled into a ball and began to emit a bright light.


"PIKA!" The air around my Pikachu suddenly roared with thunder and began to spark shiny lightning as it descended towards the Golem.

"WHA-WHAT IS THIS?" It shouted in alarm as the small electric mouse Pokemon collided into its chest with a spray of stone shrapnel and shot into its body like a bullet through flesh. When Neo had fully entered its rocky torso, the Golem started to vibrate madly. Pebbles and rocks falling away from its skin. "WHA-WHAT MA-MANNER O-OF A-AN A-ATTACK I-IS T-THI-"

It didn't get to finish its final question. The Golem's body turned white and its body began to invert into itself as if it were trying to implode. Then the rumble of thunderclaps and flashes of white lightning exploded from within it and instead the Golem was ripped apart into countless tiny pieces of rock and dust.

When the thunder stopped crackling, all that was left in the center of the explosion was my little Shiny Pikachu. A ring of gray and brown dust and rock lay piled around in a circle. The Golem's snake-like head rested a dozen feet away, before it too crumbled, like wet sand, into a fine dark powder.

"Neo... return." I said as a red beam of light sucked him into a yellow and white Pokeball.

There was the sound of clapping. I quickly turned around from my position standing on the wall to see a couple of people. One of them dressed and hooded in a long Master's cloak like mine, but yet it was blue. A deep blue of the ocean. He or she was leaning on one of the toppled walls of a destroyed building lazily applauding me with their hands. I studied the slender figure more closely. She.

"Only a true Pokemon Master could defeat one of the eight Master Pokemon of the Pokemon League."

That voice. My eyes narrowed even as something had thought long forgotten began to arise within his chest. No, it couldn't be. "And who are you to make such observations?" I asked softly.

Not answering me, the blue-cloaked figure slowly began to approach, aqua eyes beginning to become visible within the depths of her shadowy hood. Suddenly she leaped up to join me on the wall so abruptly that I was completely unprepared for what she did next. She kissed me.

But it was not a loving kiss, nor even one of liking. It was a hard kiss, the type that punished.

I broke away from her, feeling the slight, coppery taste of my own blood upon my tongue and maybe even some of hers, and stood still. I have no outward reaction.

The aqua eyes studied him for a while with an emotion he couldn't identify. Finally she answered him. "You know who I am." The hood was pushed back to reveal glorious long orange hair to float behind a hauntingly beautiful face.

And then the hurt was fully remembered, unbidden, before it changed to hatred. It welled up in my chest, so powerful it seemed to consume my soul. Abruptly it was replaced with emptiness. I had thought I would never see nor the people she was with ever again.

My voice when it came was a dead tone. "Hello, Misty, Ash, and Gary."

Her eyes, framed by long dark lashes, flashed as cold an an iceberg. "Mistaria, Ashura and Garya," she corrected. "And I see you haven't forgotten about us."

__________________________________________________ ________________

Shiny Moves [Neo]:

Attack: Lightning Vortex
Type: Flying / Electric

A powerful hurricane is formed around the Pikachu. When the opponents are
sucked inside, a ring of destructive electrical energy is exploded


Attack: Thunder Shatter
Type: Normal / Electric

Pikachu rolls into a ball and glows with a white light before entering
the victim's body. The victim then vibrates and explodes, leaving the
Pikachu in its place. Effective against rock.

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

I have to say, I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING this fic!! I remember Pokemon Amethyst from before, but this seems to be different take on it. Is this a rewite of the thread below, or a different story altogether???
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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Originally Posted by ShionRasenka View Post
I have to say, I'm ABSOLUTELY LOVING this fic!! I remember Pokemon Amethyst from before, but this seems to be different take on it. Is this a rewite of the thread below, or a different story altogether???
Well if you read the first two chapters of the old version of Pokemn Amethyst you would see that, that was when Devan was younger. I am not the best with adventure type fics which that one was. So I decided to alter it into a future version. Years after Devan's adventures. I am glad that you remembered the first one though and even happier you love this one. I'm putting far more dedication, time, description and characcter personality traits in this one and I think it is showing. Stand by for the next few chapters as I plan on finishing this.

By the way, to answer your question, this is more of a new story than a rewrite since this is the way I wanted the first version to be.

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Aaaaahhhhh, I see now. Okay, thanks for clarifying! I can tell you're putting a lot of effort into this story, and that's great! I myself am trying to plot a pokemon fic. I'm just fine-tuning some things, and then it'll be up and running once I write a few chapters and post them.
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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Chapter 3

A slim figure covered by a long, white hooded cloak knelled as it studied the ground intently. Reaching down with a finger, it touched a rusty-colored patch on the stony surface in between clumps of dead weeds. Then raising its fingertip to the opening of its hood, it licked its fingertip and smiled.

“You’re back. And so convenient too...”

A deep rumbling grunt from behind was the only answer.


Slight waves rocked the small canoes as they drifted slowly northward down the river, bubbles gently lapping against the sides of the boat. A hazy mist hung about the waters and the sky was as gray as an old faded painting. In contrast to the sounds of the steady current all about them, the green forests on both sides of the stream remained deathly silent.

I leaned back against the rear of the canoe and took the time to study the blue-cloaked woman sitting in front of me. She was unaware of my attention as she steered us steadily along with a long wooden pole. I also glanced at the other two black-cloaked males in the other canoe a couple of times.

I had recognized her instantly even before she offered her supposed name. After all this time, what was she doing here? What did she want with me? I squashed down the dark forgotten feelings of resentment that threatened to spill over from inside and breathed in deeply. After adjusting the black hood that kept my face hidden within its shadows, I looked down at Neo, who seemed to be greatly fascinated by the canoe ride. Cheered up a little by my Pikachu's obvious enjoyment, I sat up again and checked the bandage around my leg. The wound left from the sharp stone fragment had been deep but it was healing pretty fast as my wounds normally did.

“It will be night soon. Let us camp at the next bend of the river,” Misty, or Mistaria as she said she was called now said to me.

I tightened my bandage more, welcoming the pain. “And you will tell me what it is that you want of me or why you are even here, Mistaria... Misty.”

The blue-cloaked woman didn’t turn to me as she continued to steer the boat. Minutes passed. I almost thought she hadn’t heard my question before she suddenly threw her hood back to let her long orange hair float in the breeze. She twisted slightly to regard me with somber eyes. “Let’s not live in the past... Devan.”

With her head unhooded so to speak, I could see more of her features. She had definitely matured over the years. Especially her beauty which had shown promise when they were younger, but was now in full bloom. In youth she had been pretty, yes. Though most would say cute. But apparently cuteness had fled over the years and left adult splendor in its place. Sooty dark lashes were unblinking over her aqua eyes creating an alluring contrast with the pale skin of her face and darker hair. Pink-tinged lips were expressionless as strands of her hair fought the wind and partially obscured her face.

However, overall, though much had changed, I knew I could never mistake her for another person. But one thing ate at me. There was a strange, different kind of familiarity with that beauty that seemed almost unnatural. Like for the few times the sun managed to squeeze out its golden light through the clouded sky and upon her...

I finally turned away to stare at the moving scenery of the forest and back to Ash and Gary. Neo noticed her and growled.

“You haven’t forgiven me have you?” She asked rhetorically, meaning either or both of them.

I did not answer her. But she began to speak again regardless.

“But that’s okay, since I haven’t forgiven you either.”

Anger welled, but was just as soon gone. She began to say something else when the boat rocked dangerously to the left almost unbalancing her. I steadied myself with a hand on the edge of the boat, while my other hand grabbed Neo to stop him from falling into the river. A large wave splashed into the boat, drenching everyone in cold river water. Neo chattered angrily and powered up for a short instant, drying his shiny yellow fur with light energy.

“Hey, are you guys alright?” Gary shouted to us in question as he and Ash were a bit in front of us now.

A second later, the water at the head of the boat exploded upward into a fountain at least twenty feet tall. At the center oft he eruption, the head of a Gyaradoes appeared, its angry, yellow eyes in narrow slits. It puffed a cloud of hot steam from its dragon-like snout and screamed a high pitched animal cry as its long scaly body continued to rise out of the water. It began to lower its head to attack.

“Neo...” I began.

“Pika!” My small electric mouse Pokemon started to gather power into itself. White sparks emitted from his red cheeks.

“Wait.” Misty waved us off and I signaled Neo to stop. The Gyaradoes snarled as it streaked down, its mouth open in an angry shower of sharp teeth. Misty’s eyes began to glow a startling blue, an almost unholy light emanating from her pupils. The sound of rushing waters seemed to fade into the background, into a still silence. The Gyaradoes then froze, unmoving.

Misty’s eyes began to glow even brighter. Then she waved her hand in a quick gesture. Simultaneous with the movement of her arm, the large hostile Pokemon dived back into the river. The light in her eyes winked out and time seemed to flow as normal. The sound of the rushing river came back.

“A Water Master,” Ash stated. “Just like she always wanted to be.”

Misty shrugged and replaced the blue hood of her cloak over her head. “You knew my dream,” she said, staring at me as she continued to steer us down the river. Then added with a sarcastic smile, “Besides the dream that Ash would ever repay me for destroying my bike.”

She glanced at Misty noticeably and an anime sweat-droplet appeared on the right corner of his forehead. He quickly sat down in the canoe. “Oh... yeah.”


The moon’s light was dim in the darkness of the night sky. The camp fire crackled warmly in front of me as I stared at the orange and yellow flames eating away at the wood. Looking down as I unwrapped the bandage from my leg, I noticed in satisfaction that the would had completely healed. Although, strangely I was still feeling a bit weak. Enough time had passed by now for me to have fully recovered. Maybe it was just stress. And the shadows knew just how stressed I was.

A soft snoring came from Neo as he slept beside me, snuggled inside the opening of my backpack. I looked down at him and a half-smile formed my lips. My Pikachu certainly deserved the rest after the day’s effort.

On the opposite side of the camp fire, Misty, Ash and Gary removed their cloaks and sat down. I watched Misty with slitted eyes as she took some blankets out of a travel pack then began writing in a small notebook which she took from one of the folds of her cloak.

“So what is so important that you three seeked me out of all people? Why are you even here?” I asked the three of them. I knew it sounded cruel to be asking people I considered my friends, and my little brother, but I had a tough time trusting anyone but my Pokemon nowadays.

Misty stopped writing and looked up at me. She blew a long strand of orange hair out of her eyes with a tilt of her mouth. “Reconnaissance, mostly.”

I should have known. “So you’re just a spy,” I said contemptuously. “For the Rebellion, I assume?” I wondered why I had never saw them before now and never even knew about their allegiance. The answer to the inward question came as quickly as it was asked. They had been avoiding me obviously. And a good thing too.

“That is correct,” Ash and Gary replied in unison.

“It is a pointless battle. There is no way that you guys can win.”

Hey eyes flashed, almost beginning to glow. “You certainly did not help matters.”

I shrugged, uncaring. “That was in the past.”

“So, what could have possibly made you decide to fight with the League?” Gary asked of me.

I ignored his question, but proceeded to question them. “So, again, what is this all about?”

Misty was silent for a while, toying with a long lock of her hair. She stared at the fire. “You must have noticed the large amount of League activity in this area and to the east.”

“Yes, there has been more... disturbances... here than in other areas I pass through.” I admitted.

“Well, from the little intelligence reports that we have received, it seems that something is going down at the Cerulean City ruins and you know Misty just has to find out what. From the few Masters that we have on our side we have our own missions. But this seeming like a big one, Ash and I decided to accompany her.” Gary explained to me; speaking very clear and fluently.

I stopped looking at Gary as he finished and gave my attention to Misty. “And where do I fit into all of this?”

She played with a long lock of her orange hair as she started to speak. “Well I have to admit, we certainly did not plan on meeting up with you of all people. We thought you were dead. We just came across some of your... handiwork the night before. We didn't even know or believe it was you until-” She cut herself off, looking uncomfortable. Finally she looked at me in the eyes. “Devan, you're the only one who knows how the League operates and who is actually not part of it. You have been with them a long time. You have information that could be of great help and I have seen your power. How you easily defeated the Master Pokemon of Rock. You have seen the world oppression caused by the League. Wouldn't that be one of the reasons you left them in the first place?”

So that was it. She just wanted to use me. Again. Inside, the dark feelings of resentment rose to a crescendo. Outwardly, I showed nothing. My voice devoid of emotion, I shook my head. “Tomorrow we will split up and go our separate ways. I am sorry but I cannot be a part of this anymore.” Can't be a part of you, I added silently.

Ash shook his head. “Please don't let your personal feelings about Misty influence your decision brother. Think of all the suffering you could end.”

While he spoke, Misty's eyes seemed to moisten, but instead began to glow a bright blue. “I am sorry I have to do this, but it is for the good of this world.”

I startled, and then began to stand up. All of a sudden I shouted in pain as I felt my blood beginning to boil. How could she have done this? As I bent over with the unbearable pain, a small cut on the inside of my lip broke open. I tasted the metallic taste of blood. Of course! I should have known that the kiss she had given me before wasn't just for show. But she had caught me so off-guard, I couldn't have prevented it. But I should have. Stupid, stupid, I admonished myself as only that. I should have known to never trust anyone! Especially, of all people, Misty.

Neo woke up and began to snarl, powering up to let loose a bolt of white lightning at Misty who was still starting at me with her glowing blue eyes.

“Did you happen to know that the human body is comprised of more than seventy-five percent water?” She asked me in an apparent bored tone as her eyes abruptly returned to normal. “And when that balance begins to change, it usually leads to death.” She licked her lips. “Amazing that a drop of my blood can let me do almost anything when it gets within the bloodstream of a person.” She noticed Neo's agitation and looked down at him. “If you kill me, your Master will die as well.”

Neo immediately stopped powering up, confused on what to do. My pain was beginning to subside. I sat up again and held Neo off with an upright hand. “I guess you've won this one.” I was calm now. “So, how long have I got?”

Gary walked towards me, prepping himself to speak., “About a week... unless of course you convince Misty to remove her... influence from your person.”

“And helping you do your job just might happen to convince her?” I questioned.

“I see you understand,” said Ash with a smile. He then shook his head. “You know, you've changed Misty.”

“That's true.” She smoothed her hair and looked down at the ring on her finger. “If only you guys knew how much.”

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Ooooooo, this is getting ggggooooooddddd..... I'm curious as to what all the tension between them is about.... Interesting chapter, Ash! Can't wait for the next one!
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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Very interesting indeed. I love the originality of this, I've never seen anything like it. It's really good so far, and your writing skills are awesome. Keep up the great work; I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. :3
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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Originally Posted by ShionRasenka View Post
Ooooooo, this is getting ggggooooooddddd..... I'm curious as to what all the tension between them is about.... Interesting chapter, Ash! Can't wait for the next one!
Well you won't have to wait too long!
Originally Posted by DarkAmethyst View Post
Very interesting indeed. I love the originality of this, I've never seen anything like it. It's really good so far, and your writing skills are awesome. Keep up the great work; I'll be looking forward to the next chapter. :3
Yay! I am glad you decided to read this. Thanks for your comments and hope you continue reading.
Originally Posted by Michelle8936 View Post
Nice job so far, Ash. I think I'll keep up with this one this time. Or at least I should be able to - real life gets in the way so often XD
Awww... so you weren't planning on keeping up with the other one?

Haha, but neither did I...

But yeah, I understand exactly what you mean. Try to keep up with it as much as you can. It won't be updated fast considering I have a life so yeah! :P
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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Chapter 4
Shape Shifting Surprise I

It was a foggy morning. I struggled to see as Misty led our way east towards the Cerulean City ruins. Dead leaves and other foliage crackled underfoot as we walked at a slower than usual pace through the woods. Misty may be able to see through the white fog, water being her element, but I sure couldn't. I wondered whether Gary or Ash were having as much trouble seeing as I was. It was hard for me to even make out the dark-blue of her cloak in front of me.

“Chu!” Neo chattered angrily in my ear as he rode on my shoulder.

“It’s okay, Neo,” I said quietly, so as not to let Misty hear. “I’ll find some way to deal with this… this thing she’s done to me. It is water-based though, so there is nothing I can do for now, except to do whatever it is she wants.”

“Pikapi! Pi-pikachu…”

“No, if you kill her, I’ll die,” I said; grinning a little at the fierce loyalty of my friend. Then I turned my head to look at him with a serious face. “Besides, I thought you liked Misty, and the others.”

Neo’s eyes moistened a little as he seemed to remember something. “Cha…”

“Well I’m over it now, so you don’t have to worry.” I looked ahead searching for the dark-blue outline of Misty’s cloak. It wasn’t there. “Damn, where did she go?” I asked aloud, speeding up my pace a little. I didn’t see Gary or Ash either. The toe of my left boot had gotten caught on a fallen branch that I hadn’t seen and I almost tripped over. Fortunately I was able to grasp the trunk of a nearby tree for support. Neo fell off by shoulder but jumped back on it quickly.

“Misty!” I shouted, as I looked all around. My lack of visibility caused by the fog was terrible. I could barely see more than half a dozen meters in front of me before the scenery was swallowed by an all-encompassing white. “Misty!”

For a moment it seemed like someone answered me. I concentrated on listening to it. It sounded like… singing? I concentrated even more and could just make out some words.

“Shadow and sun, sun and shadow…
Refraction of light, what shall form?”

It was coming from the north. The melody was strangely haunting and beautiful and familiar. I couldn’t tell whether the song itself was familiar or the voice of whoever sung it or maybe even both.

“Neo, you hear that buddy?” I asked my small electric mouse.

“Pii.” He replied with a slight nod.

“Let’s go see what it is,” I said, my curiosity awakened. “And besides, I don’t know where the hell we are anyway, so following it for now won’t hurt anything.”

I stepped through the mist slowly, but surely, following the sound of the song. As I did so, I parted away low-lying branches from the trees and stepped carefully over shrubs and bushes and other forest vegetation lying on the ground.

After a couple of minutes, and partying yet another set of low branches, the mist seemed to give way to a clearing and what looked like an old temple. It was fairly ancient, old enough to have survived through the Dark Wars and then some.

The clearing the temple was in the middle of appeared to favor the sun as it streamed down, bright over the structure in contrast to the dreary thick fog behind me. The temple itself, although ancient looking, was fairly well preserved and beautiful in its own way with various multi-colored stain-glassed windows and whitish marble walls. The double wooden doors in the front of it were wide open. It was also the source of the haunting song that had led him here.

I stepped forward into the clearing, feeling the warmth of the sun wash over me in waves. I removed the hood of my cloak and combed the hair on my head with my right hand. With the other, I felt the sunlight in my palm. Although warm, it was also strangely cold at the same time. Feelings of familiarity washed over me and I turned to narrow my eyes at the entrance to the temple.


“Yes, Pikachu, we’re going in.”

As we approached the temple, the song continued.

“Just as the shadow have many faces
Mystery surrounds the storm.”


“Devan!” Misty called behind her. “Are you still with us?”

No one answered. Her, Ash and Gary stopped walking and turned around to see that I wasn’t there. Annoyed, Misty lifted her hand and repelled more of the fog to see further behind her. All that were revealed were more trees and foliage.

They could hear some sort of melody. Someone singing but it was faint. She began to run towards the source of its sound and the two males in their black cloaks followed her. Absent-mindedly, she dissolved the fog in front of her with an open hand. She should have known that walking through this forest any disturbances was wishful thinking.


I walked along the narrow hallway, quietly following the origin of the singing. I knew who it was now. Neo, riding on my shoulder, chattered desperately at me to turn back, but I continued onwards. It was as if I couldn't stop myself. Finally I reached the center of the temple, the chapel. I stepped inside, past the open doors, and saw her.

She was standing on the altar with her back turned towards me. It was her who was singing the song. On her slim body she wore an almost transparent white robe which fell past her long legs and down to her ankles, leaving her elegant feet bare. Long, straight blond hair fell down her back and almost past her waist. Its color was so golden it seemed to emit a light of its own.

It was her. Pikachu was silent on my left shoulder and I could feel the fur of the electric mouse stiffen through my cloak.

My danger senses exploded into action, but I stayed unmoving as the door to the chapel suddenly slammed shut with a bang and long chains of white light shot out from each corner of the room to wrap each of my limbs tight and immobile. Neo, who was still on my shoulder, was given the same treatment, though only one coil of brightness encircled his waist.

More sunlight seemed to stream in through the roof of stained glass windows to fall all around the woman in front of Neo and I. She seemed to glow even brighter, as if the sunlight was indeed coming from her and not the roof. Her melodious voice continued to sing, haunted,

“But together, what will become
When that which has split becomes one?”

She stopped singing and the room fell to silence. She lifted her arms above her head and from her feet; a white light began to drift upwards, but slowly as if it were smoke. When the light reached the top of her hands, it seemed to blink once then reform into a white material. First long white sleeves formed down her arms, and then a hood around her head as the rest of the light fell downwards to morph into a long robe-like cloak. A Master’s cloak of pure white. She dropped her arms in a sudden, quick motion.

The newly-cloaked woman turned around and removed her hood with one elegant hand. In the same slow motion as before, she tilted her head up and freed the hair from her neck to fall down her back. Then, looking down at me as I stood helplessly encased in long chains of light, she gave a half-smile. Brilliant blue eyes regarded me with a devilish twinkle in their depths.

“Remember me, Devura?” Her voice was the same. Throaty and sensuous.

“Valdera,” I acknowledged.

She looked at me up and down. “Even more handsome than I remember.”

“And you. Still a beautiful hoe.”

She laughed at my comment. “I missed you, you know. We were good together. An unstoppable team. One complementing the other.”

She stepped down off of the altar and approached me, walking through the gold chains of light that held me from each corner as if they really were as insubstantial as they seemed. She stood in front of me and unmoved by the beauty of her face; I stared into her eyes, finding them doubly familiar for some unknown reason.

She lifted a slim hand, and with a long fingernail, began to trace down my cheek. I repressed the urge to shiver.

“Why don’t you come back to the League with me? The empty spot in our bed has been empty for far too long…” She grinned. “And my Pokemon… she missed both of you as well…”

Neo, trapped on my shoulder, made a small sound, but I silently ordered for him to stay still.

Suddenly an explosion rocked the temple and the chapel doors were blown inwards off their hinges with a crash. I turned my head to find Misty, Ash and Gary striding in. Misty’s blue cloak was giving off an icy-cold steam. Her hood was lowered and thrown back; her long orange hair seemed to float behind her as if being blown by a storm. Her eyes glowing as she accessed her power over the element of water, she lifted her right arm.

“Seadra! Ice Beam!” From behind her, a large shadow inhaled its breath and a split second later, a cold, vivid blue beam of energy shot forth, directly at Valdera. Nevertheless, the intended target did a quick backflip towards the altar almost lazily, white cloak whipping about, and dodged the shot with ease. Instead, the beam hit the back wall of the chapel and exploded, sending shards of sparkling ice everywhere.

Valdera smoothed her cloak down with her hands. “Pity,” she yawned, covering her mouth with a hand, “an interruption.”

I concentrated, my eyes glowing golden, and golden aura rose up from my feet to dissolve the chains of light which held both me and Neo immobile. The light dissipated to nothing and I was free.

Misty looked at the white-cloaked figure more closely and the blue light in her eyes winked out in shock. “It’s you!”

Valdera squinted at her and began to laugh. She then turned back to me. “So this really was the girl who left you all those years ago! How absolutely delightful!” She turned back to Misty soon after. “Well you had your chance, Mistaria, now I’ll be taking him back.”

Misty’s eyes began to glow again as she narrowed them. “You just try! Seadra. Blizzard!” The shadow behind her hovered into the light revealing a large blue, water Pokemon with a dragon-like head and sharp spines were protruding from its tail and shoulders.

“SEA-DRA!” It roared as it began to form a cloud of blue energy above its head.

Valdera smirked as she lifted her arm. “White Flare.

As soon as she said the words, a pure white Pikachu with glowing, green eyes dropped from the ceiling and seemed to explode in a burst of light.


Misty, Ash, Gary and I all covered our eyes from the blinding whiteness. When the light dissipated, Valdera and her white Pikachu were nowhere to be seen. Instead a twelve-foot tall Machamp with four, incredibly muscular arms stood on the altar. Its torso and legs were rippling with pure strength as it stood there, a feral grin on its frog-like face. Its skin was a gray tone and it wore nothing except for a small black loin-cloth.

Valdera’s voice floated in the air, her tone slightly mocking. “Devura, I will be back for you later when we can be alone. For now, Machampross will keep you amused.” She laughed and then her voice was gone.

I stepped backward towards Misty as the huge Fighting Pokemon walked forward slowly. It growled at me and focused its bright red eyes on me. “I WILL TAKE REVENGE FOR MY FALLEN GOLEM BROTHER,” it snarled. Then it looked at Misty, Ash and Gary and an appalling leer tilted its lips. “AND YOU THREE WILL BE MINE.”

It leaped at her with its four arms out-stretched, growling like a dog. Misty took a step back. “Seadra, Glacier Spear!

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Chapter 4
Shape Shifting Surprise II

“SEA-DRA!” Her Seadra glowed a cold blue and shot a large spike of ice directly at the attacking Pokemon. However, the oversized Machamp punched it away almost contemptuously and shattered it on the ground. It continued forward and was about to reach her, when a bright blur collided into its side so hard, it was knocked through the wall of the chapel and several more walls until it was smashed outside into the forest. Bits of stone and glass rained down in a haphazard heap.

Misty turned and saw me crouching in place of the Machamp, feet smoking.

“I had it under control,” she said forcefully.

“Calm down Misty, all he was trying to do was help you and Seadra out.” Ash said in my defense.

I lifted my arm. “Neo, to me!” As my small electric mouse leaped on to my shoulder, he turned to look at her. “Sorry, but I can’t take any chances with the person who holds my life in her hands.”

“Haha, yeah right Ash. He doesn’t care about Misty, he only cares about himself. So, he basically saved himself by seemingly helping her out.” Gary told Ash with a slight smirk; his arms folded. He seemed cool, calm and collected by the way he had his eyes closed, leaning his back on the wall.

I leaped through the hole in the wall and followed the trail of destruction left by the Machamp’s exit to the outside. Misty jumped after me, her blue cloak billowing behind her.

Jumping to the forest floor through the hole left in the white steaming marble of the temple outer-wall, I did a forward flip and landed low to the ground, my left hand braced for balance. Neo landed on all fours next to me, his jagged tail in the air and alert.

Misty arrived on the ground behind me with her Seadra hovering over-head as I slowly rotated my field of vision. The fog, no longer affected by Valdera’s power of light, was seeping back into the area. I had to find Machampross soon and end it before my visibility worsened even more. I noted the line of destroyed trees the Master Pokemon left in its flight.

Misty moved forward. “Careful,” Ash warned her. “Master Pokemon are almost impossible to sense.”


A tree trunk seemed to come out of nowhere. Misty, Neo and I leaped upward almost narrowly getting smashed by the huge, rough spike of wood thrown at us.

I rotated backwards in the air to alight on a tree branch above me with Neo landing on my shoulder. Misty grasped on to the branch of an adjacent tree and swung herself up.

The four-armed monstrosity jumped out of its hiding place behind one of the forest trees and ran, ape-like to leap on to the trunk of the branch that I was standing on. It began to climb impossibly fast.


I thrust myself off the branch and did a half twist to face the huge Pokemon as I descended to the ground. “Neo!” My Pikachu was settled onto my shoulder. “Shiny Bolt!” Neo jumped straight at the climbing Machamp. In midair Neo began to glow gold and electricity crackled as he began to form shiny energy around his body.

The Machamp saw the attack and leaped away to a different tree. Neo exploded through, narrowly missing it, but cutting the tree the Machamp was climbing in half. The top of the tree fell down with a crash.

I landed on the ground, my cloak billowing behind me, and dodged as the Machamp leaped at me again. Its four arms were just a few feet shy from grabbing me nonetheless.

“Seadra! Impale it!” Misty shouted.


From behind the Machamp, Misty’s Pokemon charged, its head lowered to skewer it through the spine. Shockingly more agile than it seemed, the Machamp flipped backwards, landing behind the Seadra and grasped its body with two lower arms. With its upper arms it began to bash the water Pokemon’s head in, with massive overhead swings. The Seadra squealed in pain and Misty shouted in horror.

“Drop it!” Ash and Gary shouted simultaneously as they jumped up and rotated into a double flying spin kick striking Machamp’s head. After completing their spin, they used their other legs to propel themselves away from it by pushing off of its face. The combined attack was powerful enough to snap its head to the side and make it roar in agony. It dropped the Seadra, and grasped its head in pain with its two upper arms.

Misty’s eyes flashed blue as she formed an ice-blade around her fist and leaped off the tree to attack. The Machamp recovered from Ash and Gary’s blows and grabbed her out of the air with one huge hand. It began to laugh in exultation then stopped and screamed in pain as she slashed through its wrist with a powerful swipe of her frost ice-blade.

As she dropped, Misty did a backflip away and landed safely on her feet. “Don’t underestimate me you big lummox,” she said dangerously, as she ripped of the dismembered hand, which was still hanging around her waist and threw it on the ground behind her.

“YOU ****!” the Machamp roared as it held its wrist in agony, trying to stop the fast leakage of black blood. It grasped another nearby tree and broke it off by the base with its two free arms. “SEISMIC TOSS!” it shouted again as it threw it at her. Misty expelled a breath and desperately attempted to jump away but the tree was moving much too fast.

“Neo! Thunder Burn!” I commanded my companion.

A shiny flash of lightening disintegrated the thrown tree into red ashes which harmlessly fell around Misty like snow flakes.

I turned back to the giant Machamp but it was no longer there.


From behind, two arms grabbed me like vices of steel and my back exploded in pain as I was flipped over and smashed into the ground with a huge overhead blow. I choked on blood as the Machamp began furiously hammering on my chest with as many functioning arms it had left; much like Deebo from Friday. A crater began to form on the hard earth behind my back as I was pushed in by the force of the blows.


Ash’s Pikachu on the ground next to us now, snarled and began to power up, but one of the Machamp’s fists managed to knock him into the growing hole and he fell in.

Abruptly, the Machamp roared in pain and it stopped the beating. It stood up and ripped an ice spike from its back. It roared again as more spikes began to embed themselves into it and turned around.

Misty’s eyes were glowing brightly, aura flaring, as icy steam drifted away from her hands which she had used to throw the spikes.

“YOU ANNOYING LITTLE GIRL! I WILL ENJOY RIPPING YOU APART!” it shouted. Then it leered and growled lecherously. “IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE!” It began to run, ape-like once again at Misty, on arms and legs. Misty stood her ground and desperately hoped that I was okay.

All of a sudden, the ground beneath the Machamp’s feet ruptured in a strong earthquake and it grunted in confusion and pain as it was knocked high up in the air by a powerful blast. From an explosion of dirt, rocks and other debris, I erupted from the ground and shot up into the sky after it. “Neo!” I shouted hoarsely. “Shadow Blade!

Neo, hanging on to the back of my cloak yelled in acknowledgment. “Pii!” He began to glow a shiny gold and propelled himself into the air above me, with a crack of thunder.

More shiny energy formed around the shiny electric mouse and the air around it seemed to shift as it transmuted itself perfectly into a pure ebony Kusanagi Sword. The very darkness of the long curved blade seemed to absorb the light around it. I grabbed the long hilt of the sword in both hands with a metal clicking sound and met the Machamp in midair at the highest peak of our flight.

“NOOOOOOO!” the Master Pokemon shouted in fear, seeing the blade of now pure shadow. It desperately tried to twist away from me in the air but to no avail. I grunted as I swung the razor-sharp sword, cleaving it diagonally through the middle, causing black blood to explode everywhere. After the quick execution, I turned a flip and descended back to the ground, landing with a solid thump and forming a smoking crater with my feet. The black blade hissed with a steam as I balanced myself with one hand on the ground.

A second later, the two halves of the Machampross landed on both sides of me along with several splashes of blood and other body fluids. I stood upright and threw the sword into the air. With another crack of thunder, it reformed back into a Pikachu, who landed on my shoulder.

Misty was standing in front of me, impassive. “I see it was not a mistake to force you onto my side.”

I spat out some blood to the side then looked down at her. “It was a mistake… you just don’t know it yet.” I dusted my cloak free of dirt and leaves.

Ash walked over to the first crater made by my body when the Machampross was beating me and wrapped his arms around his Pikachu. It seemed to be alright and started to shake the pain off.

Gary and Ash then approached Misty and I. “You seemed to recognize Valdera. How do you know her?” Gary asked, morbidly curious.

Misty looked away from us for a brief moment with a troubled look in her blue eyes. “She’s my twin sister.”
__________________________________________________ _________________

Shiny Moves [Neo]:

Attack: Lightning Vortex
Type: Flying / Electric

A powerful hurricane is formed around the Pikachu. When the opponents are
sucked inside, a ring of destructive electrical energy is exploded

Attack: Thunder Shatter
Type: Normal / Electric

Pikachu rolls into a ball and glows with a white light before entering
the victim's body. The victim then vibrates and explodes, leaving the
Pikachu in its place. Effective against rock.



Attack: Shiny Bolt
Type: Shadow / Electric

Pikachu gathers shiny electricity around its body and becomes a deadly
bolt of destructive energy.

Attack: Thunder Burn
Type: Fire / Electric

A powerful lightning attack with elements of fire making it possible to

Shadow Blade
Type: Shadow / Electric / Fighting

Pikachu shape-shifts into a long black Kusanagi Sword. Incredibly sharp
and powerful. Thought to be an indestructible weapon.

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Default Re: Pokémon Amethyst: The Return of the Pokémon Master

Thanks for pointing that out. I will read over it and if it doesn't sound right with the sentence, I will proceed with the necessary alterations.

Also, I would like to apologize for not updating this for probably at least a week. I have been busy and could not update it. However, since the weekend is coming up, I will definitely have time to get 1 or 2 chapters done.
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