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Pokemon News Here you will find the Pokemon news that is on the website, posted here also so you can reply with any comments/questions.

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Old 09-22-2010, 05:26 AM
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Post PE2K Reacts to the Fifth Generation

Below are several statements made by PE2K Staff regarding the Fifth Generation of Pokemon. We hope you’ll enjoy them.

Lord Celebi (@RaidonMakoto):

The Pokemon look really weird; there’s no denying that. They seem to have run out of animals to use and are just using… things (if even). I mean, we now have an Ice Cream Pokemon and a Chandelier Pokemon. But there are MANY interesting typings and a lot of new Pokemon for less commonly used types. Lots of Ghosts, Grasses, Bugs, and Steels. In particular, I’m looking forward to adding Iwaparesu (the sandstone crab) to my URPG Gym (Pewter City) in place of Armaldo, just because Armaldo kind of sucks. I’m also hoping to add Abagoora and Aakeosu (the two fossil Pokemon) if their movesets are good.

HKim (@HKimF):

There’s clearly a movement in Nintendo to introduce Pokemon to a new generation of players. Simply put, they want to create a game that anyone can pick up and play, even if they’ve never heard of Pokemon before. With completely new creatures, everyone is more or less at the same level of experience when they start. I’m not entirely sure if this tactic will be effective given the fact that most of their target demographic (children, teenagers, and young adults) are already aware of Pokemon. Either way, Black and White will surely turn a profit given the widespread fandom across the world. Pokemon has always been a top selling franchise for Nintendo.

Mikey (@MikeyDPirate):

I just be blunt. Most of these new pokemon look strange and ugly. I didn’t have too much of a problem with some of the designs of 4th Generation even if a lot of people did but this time I have to say they are surely a few ugly ones here in the bunch. Though I am hoping that this is because all we been getting are screenshots of them via DS screen. Still there are some nice ones in the bunch. The idea of more fire pokemon seem cool and I can’t wait to play with some of the new typings and abilities that this group has. It should make things interesting especially since they (Pokemon Company) are forcing us to use these new guys from the get-go. Things surely will be interesting and I hope that I can enjoy this new set of pokemon.

Neo Pikachu (@NeoPikachu82):

With regards to Gen 5, right now we’re in that “Wow, these are so different from the already existing Pokémon! I don’t like them!” stage and shortly after that, we’ll be in that “Oh yeah, I recognize that Pokémon! Its name is so-and-so and it can use X, Y, and Z attack” stage. This happened with Diamond and Pearl, and its happening all over again. Sure, some Pokémon may look strange and foreign in the beginning, but it time, we’ll get used to them and recognize them. In a way, I feel Pokémon Black and White break a lot of traditions, but keep some of the familiar feeling. In essence, the Pokémon mainstream series of games isn’t radically changing, but its becoming more dynamic and more adaptive to hardware innovations and what the fans are eager to see. Think back to the days of Red and Blue and look at how many things and changes have been implemented with each successive generation. Think back to the days when the Pokémon sprites weren’t even in color yet, and now they’re fully animated! In all, I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with it, and in the many future games to come.


Honestly, my original impressions of the entire generation thus far were a little less than enthused. I had seen the starters and random tidbits here and there, and I was very underwhelmed. Everything looked a little generic, and many of the pokémon succeeding in being (rather obvious) re-skins of ones from past generations. However, I gave a look to the entire leaked list of them today, and I was a little impressed with some of what I saw. Sure, about 40% looked rather uninspired, but overall I’d say I’m fairly surprised at how many I found myself saying “Hey, that’s kinda cool.” to. Of course, there’s that one that looks like an ice cream cone. That one’s rather… dumb. Ah well! All in all, I’d say I’m looking forward to the game now!

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