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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

OOC: I admire your attempts to play this out like V For Vendetta, but here’s the curveball that’s definitely not going to follow the movie. XD

Nathan “Striker” Graystone
En Route to Mossdeep City, Hoenn

Following the laptop I had on board the Blackhawk helicopter, I kept tracking Mew’s location with live satellite feeds on an overhead display of Mossdeep City and tracking information, knowing the tactical strike team was standing by. Mew’s location was indicated by a pink blip on the screen, and at the moment, Mew was currently on the move, simply watching the townspeople in their daily lives. Apparently, they wanted to wait for Mew to become distracted before making a strike, knowing the small, cat-like legendary was capable of evading in a variety of ways if the strike failed in trying to keep under stealth. At the moment, they were waiting for Mew to fall asleep without the suspicion that ENDoG operatives currently had Mew targeted. At the moment, our naval ships were four miles away from the Mossdeep City island’s coastline, trying to avoid suspicion. Mew already knew it was being pursued, hence why it came all the way out here in the first place.

The rest of the operatives I had on my team were also watching the laptop, though I figured their purpose in this strike was going to be learning from watching the examples of others and nothing more. Considering the operation was highly complex and delicate, I wasn't even going to think of letting them charge right into there as they had no idea of what they were supposed to be doing.

I had been tracking the information on the monitor until something with the system had been interrupted, and for the moment, I thought it was a transmission feed. That was until some guy dressed in a white mask and black Zoro-like costume came on, sitting behind a fancy desk with a red background behind him. In the corner was a “V TV” logo. I figured this was likely a broadcast transmission interception, because I knew for sure the ENDoG government wouldn’t broadcast some masquerading spokesperson like this.

“Who the f**k is that?” One of the operatives asked, wondering what was going on with the computer.

“Good evening people of the world,” He began speaking in a smooth and crafty tone. “Allow me first to apologize for this interruption. I do, like many of you, appreciate the comforts of every day routine - the security of the familiar, the tranquility of repetition. I enjoy them as much as any person. But in the spirit of commemoration, whereby those important events of the past usually associated with a nation's great accomplishment or the end of some awful, bloody struggle, are celebrated with a nice holiday. I thought we could mark this day by taking some time out of our daily lives to sit down and have a little chat.”

I had quite a few assumptions about who this really was, but I kept quiet, allowing this viral video to catch my curiosity. Besides, there was nothing we could do until the Blackhawk had arrived, so I figured I might as well see what this was about.

“There are, of course, those who do not want us to speak,” He continued. “I suspect even now orders are being shouted into telephones, and men with guns will soon be on their way. Why? Because while the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this world, isn't there? Nature being turned on its head, cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression. And where once you had the freedom to object, think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission.”

I could tell where his assumption was going wrong. Even if we could track the transmission, which I’m sure what this “V” guy was assuming and probably even expecting, our operatives wouldn’t make a move just for someone speaking out. Even at the moment, there was nothing this guy was saying that would flag him down for a counterterrorist operation.

“Your Pokémon partners and friends being forced to either register or be taken away or even slaughtered out of the ENDoG's selfish desire for power,” V continued. “How did this happen? Who's to blame? Well, certainly there are those more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again truth be told, if you're looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid. Who wouldn't be? Natural disasters, terror, disease. There were a myriad of problems which conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic you turned to Dictator Kenneth Grant and the ENDoG. They promised you order, they promised you peace, and all they demanded in return was your silent, obedient consent.”

Behind the gas mask I wore, I couldn’t help but smile at this guy. He sure had the spunk, if anything. I could see what he was attempting to do, but there were multiple ways to play this game. Grant knew that, I knew that, and I was sure most of ENDoG knew that, except for the idiots with one track minds that had the intelligence and reasoning of an ape.

“You wish to know the real reason our world is in chaos?” V asked all his listeners. “There are a select few Pokémon known as legendaries. They hold sway over the balance of nature. However, with those Pokémon forcibly removed from their natural places and confined by the government, they are not able to do their natural duties. In this forced captivity, they are unable to do their jobs and this planet suffers because of it. They are dying under the foot of the government, and should they die, we, too, shall not escape our fates. ENDoG would have you believe the Pokémon rise against us, that many are diseased. This is not so. The government talks about the end of days and trying to prevent it, but their actions are causing the very thing they claim to protect us from. You can see it all around you in the world, can't you? And when did all of this start? I'll let you look back on the events of the past and draw your own conclusions.”

He sure asked a lot of questions we had the answers to. But as I saw him continue, I nodded, trying to mathematically predict and calculate what he was attempting to do. It was an attempt to reach out to the civilians, but he didn’t see the big picture of the situation.

“Last night I sought to end that silence,” V began to conclude. “Last night I destroyed the Old Bailey to remind this world of what it has forgotten. My hope is to remind the world that fairness, justice, and freedom are more than words, they are perspectives. So if you've seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest you allow the fifth of November to pass by unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek, then I ask you to stand beside me two months from tonight, outside the gates of each nation's government hall, and together we shall give them a fifth of November that shall never, EVER be forgot!”

After that, the speech was ended, followed by the red “V” insignia. After a few moments, the transmission was ended, and the screen returned to the normal output.

“I swear, I’m going to find that schmuck and-“ One of the rather extremely idiotic officers started to growl.

“Shut up, you fool,” I told him, giving him a shove. “That’s exactly what he would want. You don’t quell resistance by making a martyr out of people, especially the ones that have the potential to hack government transmissions. Grant knows this.”

“So what the hell is he going to do?” He asked, really showing how little time he’s served in the ENDoG.

A few minutes passed, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until Kenneth Grant responded to this. And as expected, the response soon came on about fifteen minutes later, with Kenneth Grant positioned in front of a camera, seated behind the desk of his main office. As expected, the presentation was broadcasted worldwide. As I saw Kenneth Grant smiling, I knew he had things under control.

“Greetings, ladies and gentlemen, and greetings to you too, Mr. V, if you don’t mind me calling you that.” Grant spoke in a calm and relaxed disposition. “First off, I would like to thank you for being open regarding your concerns about the Enforcer Neutralization Division of Government branch, as well as myself and the rest of the government’s various divisions. Though you may be surprised, I haven’t deployed ENDoG operatives to your location, and I don’t intend on doing that either. I respect mankind’s ability of dialogue and communication, as well as the foundations and freedom of speech, regardless of whether they agree or oppose my political standpoint.”

“To address a few of your concerns, Mr. V,” Grant continued in a genial and open tone. “There is actually a logical reasoning behind why the Legendary Pokémon are being contained at the moment. The reason for this is because they are dangerous, and many of them possess abilities and powers that can bring a significant amount of harm and destruction to human cities and societies. It is true, many of the legendaries did have natural duties before capture, but we have a solution to that. Modern science and technology can and will replace and perform these duties on their behalf, and unlike the legendaries, mankind will have full control over these technologies, whereas the nature and behaviors of legendaries is often unpredictable with a lot of statistical and calculated risk. I think you may remember past events in history where legendaries like Kyogre, Grondon, and Lugia were involved in events that risked bringing destruction to wide areas of the globe. It is my goal and ENDoG’s goal to see to it that these legendaries are instead contained where these potential disasters no longer have a chance of taking place.”

It was probably the most effective and powerful way to shut V up permanently. Play his own game. I could tell, V wanted to become a martyr. He wanted to be the man that would be seen as a freedom fighter for the people, but Grant was presenting him with logical debate and open discussion, not limiting his freedom to speak out either. It was true, he could have deployed plenty of squads to hunt V down and try to slaughter him like a lamb, and I had a feeling they would fail. V was not stupid, he was far from it, but this was a fight he wasn’t going to win.

“And I have full intentions of caretaking for these Pokémon while the risk they pose upon mankind is reduced as much as possible,” Grant continued the open discussion. “As for the remainder of Pokémon, there is a reason why Pokémon training was ended years ago. In truth, that international pastime was ended with the welfare of Pokémon in mind. In the past, people used to battle using their Pokémon, which today is seen as unethical and harmful to both people and the Pokémon themselves. It was also why the organization known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Pokémon, known as PETP for short, was formed for Pokémon in mind. In that past, Pokémon were used in criminal and terrorist activities, and some may remember such organizations like Team Rocket and Team Galactic that unleashed very destructive campaigns against society. Because of the banning of Pokémon training, these threats have been, for the most part, quelled, except by those that continue to break these critical laws, hence why ENDoG’s operations have needed to continue. There are many that would like to forcefully bring back Pokémon training even though its against the law, and I’m hoping this message will allow them to understand why these laws exist, and why only government authorized personnel are the only ones that are allowed to carry them. These laws exist for the protection of the people, the commonwealth of society, and for the protection of Pokémon themselves.”

“Lastly, with concerns regarding the Ole Bailey tower incident,” Grant continued. “I would like to put that behind us. As we speak, the Liberty School will soon be taking the place of the Ole Bailey Tower, an institution of education that I feel will bring far more contribution to society than the tower did. While the Ole Bailey was in fact a symbol of society, I strongly feel an institution of education is a far more active and significant symbol, one that looks more toward the future than the past. And in truth, despite the destruction, I find this institution proves we are making strong headway toward a better society for all. So with all my respect, Mr. V, do not feel the need to apologize for the incident that had occurred. I do, however, politely ask that you refrain from causing any other similar incidents in the future, as their nature poses risk to both people and Pokémon. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the Ole Bailey incident, and I intend on doing my best to watch out for the safety and welfare of the people. I politely ask that you do the same, Mr. V.”

“And in conclusion, I would like to thank you for being open regarding your opinions and concerns regarding my declarations,” Grant began to conclude. “I am not a man who responds with violence unless it is necessary for the protection of the people. And, if you wish to continue these discussions, Mr. V, please, I invite you to speak with me directly, and I will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns. And as for the rest of the people watching, I would like to thank you as well, not just for listening, but for your continued support, cooperation, and understanding of our operations. Without you, this society would not be possible, and we will do our part in return by ensuring you are safe, free, and allowed to live your lives without fear. This is Kenneth Grant, wishing you the best of goodbyes.”

And it was then that Grant’s response had ended. With the transmission done, I turned back to the satellite feedback as it was tracking Mew, who from the looks of things, hadn’t moved all that much since before V’s broadcast started.

“See, that’s why no one hates Grant,” One of the operatives spoke up. “Even people that try to piss him off are calmly and gently pushed aside.”

It was Grant’s tactic… give the people the things they wanted when it allowed, and come up with perfectly logical explanations and alternatives when he didn’t want to, backed with justifications. Even V, who most ENDoG operatives would instantly see as a terrorist, was not even given a slap on the wrist for what he did, but rather a liberal response and a polite request to stand down for the sake of the people. Chances were good we would never get the order to hunt him down.

In time, we wouldn’t even need to…

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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Shay Miru

I felt like I was going to die. The breath of my acquaintances Wailord was noxious and unbearable. I felt like I had been in here for days, when it was probably hours. Tearess had returned to her Pokeball, I didn’t need her smelling like dead Magikarp too. My clothes were damp, with either the humidity of the Pokemon’s breath or the saliva I tried so hard not to lay down in. I couldn’t do my usual pacing, pacing on a giant tongue was not easy to do, even if I did do crazy aerial stunts on my dragons. I really didn’t want to lean on the walls on this Pokemon’s mouth. It was damp, squishy, and might aggitate the Pokemon to sneeze. This all seemed familiar but my concern about being knocked out by fumes prevented me from putting my finger on where I’d heard this story before.

I had to think of what I was going to do as a Freelancer. Honestly, my other acquaintances weren’t trainers, they were students at the college with ‘pets’ though they did manage to pass off all Porygon variations as complex quantum programs inside their computers. I had my own Porygon Z guarding the special storage system in my laptop. No government hacking or program could beat out a cyber originating life form at it’s own game. In fact my Porygon Z’s name was Reverb, and as far as anyone knew, he was a musical alert program for my email, like a built in pager. It rarely vibrated, I mean Arceus rare. It was my one piece of untraceable tech that I had to carry around.

Another soft moan vibrated inside the mouth of my ‘ship’. So much in fact that I only found myself falling on the squishy, rubbery tongue. I listen carefully to the moaning, almost hearing moans that sounded very distant. They must have been from the other Wailord, the few of them. Luckily I could understand Pokemon, spending time in Mt Silver allowed me to at least guess what they were saying.

“Almost there? Great.” I breathed a heavy sigh of relief, only coughing afterwards from the stench. “Right, when this is over...I’m making sure you’re getting your teeth brushed...”

I waited until the giant Pokemon opened it’s mouth. I knew when we would arrive over the shore, there would be a shifting before settlement. I waited for awhile until it did happen. In the mean time, it was a good quiet thinking time to go over my plans.

Firstly, I had to figure out what my contact wanted to show me. Then I would continue searching for Legendaries on my own, possibly a Shaymin since they were more populous than anything else I had options to go and find. A small thing like that I could easily carry around in my backpack. Then, I would need to find my main target: Giratina. Anyone who knew legendary lore knew that Giratina lived in the Reverse World. Only a scare few individuals actually managed to get into said World on their own, however those findings were long destroyed by time. If I could get in there, appeal to the Renegade Pokemon for passage, we would have the upper hand against the ENDoG’s actions, operations, anything. We meaning me right now, and my Pokemon, possibly anyone else to help with the cause. Safe travels, even a haven, depending on what condition it was in. This reality wasn’t in great shape itself, and I could only imagine what on earth Giratina was going through. I had chosen it as my mark, and it may have been selfish thinking, but I would like to truly meet my mark. No pun intended. Meeting other Freelancer’s was never a guarantee, and I had just as much social skill as an Ekans in the middle of the night. Still, I was alone in this as far as I knew, with no back up, well no hard line back up. There was just me and what was left of my family. If I only had my father...if I only knew where he was...

My thoughts stopped when I felt the shifting. I knew that finally I would get fresh air. I waited patiently, trying to keep steady without using the wall of flesh as a support. I could see muscles contracting, and the slow parting of the jawling. A rush of cold, fresh and sweet scented air came to me like a hard wall of relief. I jumped out, knowing even if there was no one around, the less time in the open the better. I looked around, waiting for my eyes to adjust. Good, it wasn’t dawn yet, and everything was deadly quiet. The Wailord shut it’s mouth, and I patted it’s nose.

“This is really your good side. Stay safe and farewell.”

With that, the great blue behemoth sunk into the depths of the ocean. I looked around the trees, at the ghostliness of the small forest. New Moon Island, the once home of Darkrai, and my entry into Sinnoh. Dear god did I still stink...

I pulled out a Pokeball from my pack and called out Bryn, my beloved Dragonite. She stretched out her wings, swung her arms around as well before sniffing curiously at something, that something being me.

“Yeah yeah I’ll explain later...we’re in Sinnoh, heading to Mt. Coronet. We gotta hit it before dawn breaks.” As I explained, I mounted the orange dragon Pokemon. “You can still fly around the world in 18 hours can’t ya bud?”

I received the expression like my last statement was a joke. I trained my Dragonite to fly around the globe in 18 hours, or even less. I highly doubted any other dragon type could match a specially trained Dragonite such as mine. With a running start, Bryn launched into the air quickly, I, holding on tightly to not get pushed off by the force of the wind. Yes, Bryn was my speed demon when she wanted to be. Still, Asharas, my Charizard, was a force to be reckoned with. My best of the best, even a pair of trained Gyarados at once was no match for her. I only let her out when I needed to, and she knew it well.

As we left the ground behind and reunited with the dark clouds, I was only worried about a thunderstorm. Ever since the legendaries were gone, storms were as common as summer sun used to be, and it was all year round. This made aerial travel risky, but I was a risk taker, hell, a daredevil. Finding a good spot to land on the giant range that split Sinnoh in half wouldn’t be easy, but soon enough we would get there.

“If I had Datara with me, we probably would have made better time...”
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Keiru "Longshot" Fireking
Outside Vermillion City, Kanto>On the road to Mossdeep City, Hoenn

An ENDoG APC came streaking up the road towards Keiru, stopping alongside him. The passenger door opened, and the driver sat back in his seat, motioning for Keiru to get in. Keiru sat in the passenger seat, staring out as the APC rumbled down the road. Keiru flung his backpack onto the floor of the APC, which he had managed to grab out as he got the RPG.

Keiru pulled out his laptop, and turned it on. He had a new email. Great. Opening it, he scanned it.

Major General Keiru
This email is of the highest importance, and is to be deleted upon completion of reading. Your driver is going to be taking you to meet up with Zeta team in the approximate area of Shaymin. Your task is to lead Zeta team, and secure, or kill, the Shaymin.

I know you can get the job done, and it is clear you shall do well here. We have another, well experienced operative who has been assigned the Shaymin as a secondary target. If you by chance meet up with said operative, then you must assist them in their task, which is undisclosed to anyone but the said operative.

We have received information regarding Celebi, but it is old. We picked up energy readings somewhere in Hoenn, but we could not pinpoint them. Good luck Major General, and happy hunting.

Kenneth Grant
Director of ENDoG

Keiru sighed, and looked at the driver.

"I take it we shall be going to Hoenn then?" Keiru asked, frowning.

"Yes sir." the driver replied, not taking his eyes off of the road.

"So, where are you dropping me off?" Keiru asked, staring out the window.

"We are heading to Mossdeep City." the driver replied.

Keiru stared out the window. Another highly skilled operative? Who did Grant mean? Keiru wanted to meet this skilled operative, and hopefully he would get the chance.

>.> This looked A LOT longer when I was typing it up..
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Yuri Tomowa
Pewter City, Kanto Region
I shook my head. "You can go on. I' some stuff to do."

I watched the Lugia Freelancer walk away, and then headed off in the opposite direction. As we were moving, Shade glanced at me with a questioning glimmer in his eyes. ^Why didn't you just go with them? Didn't you say that maybe you should find some other Freelancers?^

I nodded curtly at him. ^Well, I did say that, but I don't really think that'd be such a good idea now.^

Shade just rolled his ghostly eyes, but I barely paid any attention to him. Now that I've just dismissed a good chance to actually do something for the Freelancers, what should I do now?

My train of thought suddenly jerked to a halt when Shade started banging his head through my hand. ^What the hell are you doing, Shade?!^

^I had an idea, and thought I needed to tell you about it!^

I snorted. ^And that's why you started swinging your head around? Wow.^

He glared at me. ^Hey! I don't have any arms or legs, what was I supposed to do?!^

I ignored his question as I replied. ^What was your idea?^

Shade's eyes brightened and I could barely understand what he was saying through our telepathic link, for his 'mind-voice', so to speak, was speeding through his words like there was no tomorrow.

^Wait! Wait! Slow down a sec!^ I put up my hands as if to signify this. ^Now, what was it you were saying?^

Shade sighed. ^I said, maybe you should try to free Darkrai. He is your Freelancer Mark, after all. If my nightly adventures prove right, he's definately being held somewhere by those ENDGoG people.^

I stared at Shade with surprise. ^That's actually not a bad idea, Shade. The only problem is, where is Darkrai being held?^

Shade grinned wickedly like he always does when he's got some crazy plan in mind. ^You can just leave that one to me!^
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Keiru "Longshot" Fireking
En route to Mossdeep City, Hoenn

The APC rumbled down the road, Keiru trying hard to concentrate on the laptop on his lap, rather than on the noise of the engine, or the shuddering as the APC rocketed down the raggedy road. Keiru was reading on operation reports about Zeta team.

Zeta Team
An elite team of six ENDoG soldiers, dispatched for high importance level situations. Took part in the capture of Lugia and Ho-Oh. Zeta Team consists of some of the most experienced ENDoG members that faced and captured the L-class Pokemon.

Zeta Team originally consisted of fifteen soldiers, but lost the majority of their squad in an ambush just outside of Snowpoint City, Sinnoh, where they tried to apprehend Celebi, and it turned out to be a ploy by Pokemon activists who surrounded Zeta Team, and engaged in fiery combat with them. Original Zeta Team leader, Major Jerison Arthur was killed in the ambush.

Zeta Team managed to suppress the ambush, but it took them too long, and Celebi had escaped. Zeta Team was then assigned the task of searching for L-class Pokemon in the regions of Hoenn and Johto, primarily Hoenn.

Private Alice Mason
Major Jonathan Cartwright
Sergeant Marcus Artinson
Corporal Jim Baker
Lieutenant Samantha Tears
Private Lucas Keyes

Keiru opened the files of the surviving members of Zeta Team, and read the reports. They were a pretty interesting, and volatile bunch of soldiers. Keiru smiled. They would get the job done well.

"How long until arrival at the rendevous point?" Keiru asked, glancing up at the driver.

"Approximately several hours sir." the driver replied.

Keiru frowned, turning his attention back to the laptop when a file popped up on screen. Keiru raised an eyebrow as the file requested a password, and Keiru typed in his ENDoG clearance code. The file opened, and Keiru stared intently at the screen.

Lieutenant Jack Smith
Corporal Gary Scott

Keiru looked at the list of Zeta Team operatives, and saw that Jack Smith and Gary Scott were listed as KIA, yet here he was looking at a report only a day old, of them having gone rogue, and attempted to sabotage ENDoG operations in Hoenn. Keiru scanned down the file, when an email popped up on screen.

Major General, I sent you the encrypted file as I want you, after securing the L-class targets with Zeta Team, to track down and eliminate the rogue operatives Lieutenant Jack Smith and Corporal Gary Scott.

I know you can get the job done Major General, and I know you shall perform well, and succeed brilliantly. This mission is secondary to securing the L-class targets, but is still of the utmost importance.

Good luck Major General.
Kenneth Grant
Director of ENDoG

Keiru sighed. Another objective? Great. How hard would it be to track down and eliminate two rogue operatives, honestly? All he would need is to find someone with information, bribe them, and there you go, he would be able to locate them.

Keiru decided to do some research to pass the time. Keiru scanned through the ENDoG files, opening a file detailing operatives who were primarily searching to acquire L-class Pokemon. The second name on the list caught Keiru's attention.

Striker- Primary target: Classified. Secondary target: Shaymin

Keiru opened up his earlier email from Grant, and looked through it, before looking back at the operative's name. Was this the operative Grant was telling him about? Keiru sighed, closing the laptop, and staring out at the passing scenery.
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Adriana Sanchez
Mossdeep City

Target sighted. Adriana put down her binoculars and put her glasses on, turning them on with a button that was located on the side. She focused in on a seemingly regular Skitty as it played around, acting like any normal Skitty would though every once in a while it would stop and look around, as if watching its back. The data signature that uploaded into her glasses was that of Mew. She smirked, leaning back in the tree that she had decided to take cover in. Don't worry your cute little head Mew. You'll be in good hands... permanently, she thought. Her face kept its serious look and she heard movement above her.

Her Lucario seemed so uncomfortable with the situation as he sat there staring at Mew. She trusted Lucario though. She knew the promise he made before when she was only eleven would keep him from telling Mew about them. To be quite honest, it pained her to see the way Lucario was feeling but she had to follow orders. She looked back at the target only to no longer see a Skitty anywhere in sight. Damnit... that's the last time I space out, she thought with a growl. She pressed the other side of her glasses with another button she had installed only recently and suddenly scans began to go across the screen of the lens. She looked around at every Pokemon, a scan being put on them without them knowing. Finally she found Mew again and this time it was an Umbreon.

She heard another noise down below and looked down to see one of her underlings getting up to move. She jumped down and landed quietly behind the man, her pistol right on his neck. "Get back down in position," she said in a hushed and threatening voice. Mew is getting suspicious, Adriana. I think it heard us but only briefly, Lucario said to Adriana with his aura. Quietly the man got back into hiding as she hid behind the tree from Mew's sights. She was starting to get annoyed. She had gotten a message earlier that a certain person by the name of Striker was coming to aid her. She held some respect at least for this person because he wasn't as incompetent as the others were but still, his lateness was bugging her. She then brought up her wrist with a different device on it to her face. She pressed a button on her ear piece and then dialed in a few things on the communication device she had attached to this wrist.

On Nathan Striker's end, he would hear his headphones (I believe all people wear these in a helicopter, yes?) begin to crackle and an ear splitting screeching sound came through them before dissipating and a female's voice was heard. "Striker, where the hell are you? This incompetent team they gave me almost gave away our presence to Mew," she said straight and to the point. She definitely sounded annoyed and even a bit hushed. On Adriana's end, she was greatly annoyed. She should have just went in and done the job herself but no, they had said she would need backup. Back up her ass. The back up was just as incompetent as her team!

(I'm also gonna throw in a wrench for you Neo ^^ You're not gonna get Mew that easy :P)

Isaac Dominic (Latios)
Hidden part of Shoal Cave

Isaac looked at the mottly crew of trainers that had gathered. Only eight where there. Only one other was actually a Freelancer. He sighed slightly and looked at Tempo. "May as well start," he said, looking back at the trainers. He had actually gathered what trainers he could find practicing battling by themselves from Mossdeep and brought them all here to a hidden cavern in Shoal Cave that no one knew about since he only found it recently. Their objective? Well he had one in mind but he others didn't know of it. His objective was to hopefully locate either Latios, his mark, or find the other legendaries like Shaymin and Mew before they could be caught by ENDoG. He had also stationed another Freelancer at the entrance to the cave to watch out for anyone that may come to the cave.

He turned back to the crew of whispering trainers. "Alright everyone! You probably are all wondering why I have gathered you today. Well, the thing is, there's a very serious threat to our world. No, it's not just the banning of Pokemon Training. But it is also the legendaries. The ENDoG have captured almost all of them. I truly believe that this is why the world is in the chaos it is. What I want to do is set them free. But since we have no clue where to start, we shall start by finding what legendaries remain out there, unprotected and just waiting for the ENDoG to capture them. These will mainly be Shaymin and Mew. I have no clue where they currently are though but I was hoping you all would like to help me in my quest to heal this world of the turmoil it is in," he called out to the trainers. Tempo and him both had serious looks on them, indicating he wasn't kidding.

The trainers talked amongst themselves for a while before Isaac spoke up again. "For any who wish to join, please, raise your hand and say I! I know this will be a dangerous task to undertake but we need the cooperation of many to pull it off. If we can pull this off, then we can also secure back the rights of Pokemon training," he called. The trainers all looked at each other, the other Freelancer standing beside him. After a moment, one trainer looked back at him, raising his hand slowly. "I.." he called out, a bit hesitantly. Others followed a bit slowly but three hands went up at the same time as they called out I.

Isaac nodded. "Good. I was hoping you all would help me. I will be needing all the help I can get. As of now, you are all officially known as Freelancers. I like to think of ourselves as Freedom Fighters, for we are not only fighting for our freedom to regain the old ways, but for the freedom of the legendaries and this world," he said with a nod. The other trainers nodded in understanding and with that, they all followed Isaac toward the exit of the cavern.

((no he's not out of Shoal cave, just exiting it, so you can't say you spotted him from the helicopter xD))

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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

OOC: Am I right in presuming we have motion sensors? If we don't then please correct me sabi-chan and I will change it :)

Major General Keiru "Longshot" Fireking
Arriving at the rendevous point with Zeta Team

The APC turned left, away from Mossdeep City, and headed into some very rough roads. Dirt picked up, splashing all over the sides of the APC, pattering on the windscreen and windows, making it hard to see. The APC stopped, and the driver motioned for Keiru to step out.

Keiru did so, picking up his backpack, and flinging it over his left shoulder, before picking up his .50 cal, and putting it on his right shoulder. He placed his MP40 in his thighstrap where he kept it, and knocked on the side of the APC.

The APC pulled away, hurtling back down the road, heading back to Vermillion City. Keiru walked up to the assorted soldiers.

"Major General Keiru Fireking here." Keiru said, saluting the soldiers.

The soldiers snapped to attention, saluting Keiru back the way he did to them, confused, as this was not their normal salute.

"I have been informed that our L-class targets are in the vague area of our location, is that correct?" Keiru asked.

"Yes sir!" the middle soldier said, stepping forward. "Major Jonathan Cartwright, leader of Zeta Team."

"I read your file Major, and I must say I am impressed." Keiru said. "It's not often I find a soldier who is so promising as you. And you are only 21, correct?""

"Yes sir." the Major replied.

"Let's suit up, and roll out." Keiru said, scanning the trees.

"Sir, I think you might need this." the Major said, holding out an ACR assault rifle.

Keiru took it, thanking the Major, before checking the magazine, and taking the safety off the ACR.

"Motion sensors on." the Major said, opening a side part to his gun.

The rest of Zeta Team did as the Major said, and Keiru checked his gun, finding the same side part, and opened it. Keiru stared at the small blue screen, as a ping sensor much like submarines used to have appeared on the screen, spreading out from the center, showing the soldiers around him. Seven dots on the screen, all of them yellow.

"So, does this distinguish friend from foe?" Keiru asked, looking at the Major.

"Yes sir." the Major replied. "It picks up our Service Tags on our uniforms, and relays the signal to the ENDoG satellite that covers this sector, before pinging it back down to the sensors, which is why you see the small ping from the center outwards like the sonar on submarines. Quite good these motion sensors. Not so good in an urban environment, but quite useful out here."

"Let's move out." Keiru commanded, and he stepped into the trees.

Zeta Team split up, four soldiers going into the trees, spreading out to the right, whilst Keiru, accompanied by the Major and the remaining soldier of Zeta Team headed left. Keiru kept his eye on the motion sensor, scanning the trees as he did so.

"I got movement." the Major whispered. "Two targets, fifty metres."

Keiru nodded as he watched as two red dots appeared on his motion sensor.

"Five targets, sixty metres." the other soldier accompanying Keiru said.

"Ten targets, sixty-three metres." the Major frowned. "Fifteen targets, fifty metres. forty."

Gunfire erupted in the trees on their right, the second group obviously engaging hostiles.

"Ready yourselves." Keiru growled, as he watched more and more red dots appear on his sensor, and they were closing in.

Keiru counted at least thirty or more targets closing in. Figures erupted into view in front of Keiru, who aimed his ACR at them. Attacks swirled through the air from their direction, narrowly missing the ENDoG soldiers.

"Confirmed hostiles. Open fire! Regroup! Regroup!" Keiru bellowed, running backwards, firing shots into the oncoming figures.

Keiru heard footsteps pattering behind him, and glanced to his left, watching as the four other members of Zeta Team were running, having heard his call to regroup. A Hyper Beam shredded the trees around Keiru, and he dived forward, narrowly avoiding being crushed.

The operatives managed to regroup, aiming their guns at the trees, waiting for the figures to launch an attack. The figures erupted from the trees, an array of Pokemon. Their attacks whizzed through the air, two Zeta Team operatives dropping to the floor as attacks collided with them. Keiru opened fire, as did the remaining Zeta operatives, bullets cutting through the air.

Bullets met flesh, howls of pain rising up from the Pokemon. Keiru saw five, no ten, Pokemon fall to the ground, and watched as the Pokemon began to flee, heading back into the trees.

"They're protecting something." Keiru growled, reloading his ACR. "Status?"

"Two KIA." the Major replied, and Keiru cursed under his breath. "The rest are accounted for, and fighting fit."
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Angela Feyr
En Route to Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
Currently flying over Lavender Town, Kanto


It wasn't something ninjas normally did.

It is something that we should do more often.

Definitely something worth doing more often.

I was crouched on Ace, my fearless Fearow as we raced over Kanto. The Pokemon Tower was quickly approaching, and there were many people paying visits to the grave site now that so many pokemon were being slaughtered. It was a touchy area for the ENDoG. In fact, to my knowledge there were no operatives stationed in the town. It was an area best left alone. Soldiers didn't need to watch over the graves of the things they were trying to destroy. It just wasn't right. And yet it had already been a long flight, and there was a lot of time left. It wouldn't hurt if I stayed for too long.

Motioning for Ace to land, we went down in the forest so I could return her to the confines of her pokeball. I didn't need to make a spectacle by showing off that I had the right to own my own pokemon. I walked calmly into town, making sure that I didn't attract attention. I walked into a park by the tower, simply trying to blend in. The softness of the day seemed to contrast so much with the solemn overtones that this town represented. And yet it showed that the world could be at peace without the legendary pokemon. This was why we needed to accomplish our mission.

Striker had left me with this important mission. Shaymin wouldn't exactly be an easy target to exterminate, though finding it wouldn't be too much of an issue. I opened my PDA, which had been emailed the file of Shaymin that AXIS had found through research of the ones we had captured.

ENDoG/AXIS Pokemon Files

Species: Shaymin
Class: Pokemon Class-L
Priority: Medium
Current Status: 70% of population in ENDoG control or dead; 30% of population still in the wild.
Abilities: Purifies air and flowers, changes to Sky form upon exposure to Gracidea flower. Change is forced back at night and at low temperatures.
Armor: None

Easy enough. After reading through the file, I put my PDA away, walking back into the woods before taking off again towards Johto. The plan will be accomplished.
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

Major General Keiru "Longshot" Fireking
With Zeta Team near Mossdeep City, Hoenn

"Zeta Team on me." Keiru motioned, running forward into the trees. "Weapons free. Shoot at anything that moves. These are hostiles, pretty obvious, and are protecting something key."

Keiru, accompanied by Zeta Team, stormed through the woods, in pursuit of the fleeing Pokemon, and in search of what they were protecting. A Flamethrower whizzed through the air from their right, setting trees alight.

"Keep moving. Check your sensors, whatever they are protecting is in the dead center of their circular formation." Keiru commanded.

Studying the sensor, it showed a large circle of red dots, and a large clearing in the center of the circle. Whatever they were protecting was there. Keiru and Zeta Team burst into the clearing, opening fire on the Pokemon in the clearing.

Pokemon dropped like flies as the bullets shredded their flesh, the Pokemon caught off guard by this sudden assault, but quickly counteracted, barraging their attacks upon the ENDoG operatives.

Keiru heard a cry and watched as the Major dropped to the floor, a large chunk of his left shoulder missing, scorched to the bone by a Hyper Beam attack. Keiru pulled out a grenade, lobbing it towards the Pokemon, and dragged the Major behind a fallen tree. Zeta Team joined him, and he studied the wound.

"You ok Major?" Keiru asked, blindfiring a burst of three shots over the tree.

The Major limply nodded, wincing in pain at the suddeny movement. Keiru looked at the rest of the operatives, finally noticing the RPG on the back of one of the others.

"You any good with that RPG?" Keiru asked, looking at the soldier.

He nodded in reply, and Keiru stared at him.

"Use it then. Aim at the concentration of Pokemon twentytwo metres on the left. If you fire at the right point, you will bring down some trees, which will hopefully crush some hostiles, and also give us more cover." Keiru ordered.

The soldier placed his gun on the ground, taking his RPG off his back, and aimed where Keiru had told him to, aiming carefully. He fired, the RPG swirling through the air. Limbs flew everywhere as the RPG exploded, splitting the bark of trees. Several trees thundered to the ground, crushing chunks of the Pokemon. The Pokemon were thrown in disarray, and Keiru and the remaining three of Zeta Team moved forward, Keiru scanning the center of the formation of Pokemon.

In the center were four L-class Pokemon, Shaymin. Keiru popped his head back behind the cover, pressing his radio.

"This is Major General Keiru Fireking." Keiru spoke into the radio. "Have met heavy resistance near Mossdeep City. I have confirmed visual of four L-class targets, Shaymin to be precise. Requesting pickup for the L-class Pokemon, and back up to deal with the heavy array of Pokemon. the CO of Zeta Team is wounded beyond fighting capability, and we have two KIA."

"Copy that Major General." a voice crackled on the radio. "We cannot send support currently, as all available operatives near you are currently engaged in their primary tasks."

Keiru cursed under his breath, shoving his backpack on the floor. He placed his ACR on the ground, and pulled out his laptop and a wire. He connected the wire to the laptop, and to the radio, opening up a file.

Keiru typed in three passcodes, and a loading bar appeared on screen. Several seconds later, and it showed a list of ENDoG radios in the vicinity of Mossdeep. He patched into the frequency, checking the name as he did so. Striker.

"This is Major General Keiru Fireking." Keiru spoke into the newly configured radio, hoping it would get through to Nathan Graystone. "Have met heavy resistance near Mossdeep City. I have confirmed visual of four L-class targets, Shaymin to be precise. Requesting pickup for the L-class Pokemon, and back up to deal with the heavy array of Pokemon. the CO of Zeta Team is wounded beyond fighting capability, and we have two KIA."
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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

OOC: Kaioo, remember, no one knows Striker’s real name.

Nathan “Striker” Graystone
Mossdeep City, Hoenn

The scene was a joke. I couldn’t believe how many squads had been assigned to capture Mew, as if we were dealing with some cataclysmic being that could decimate the planet. Chances were good only a tenth of these operatives would actually be involved with the operation.

“Striker, where the hell are you?” Operative Sanchez radioed me. “This incompetent team they gave me almost gave away our presence to Mew.”

“Tell them to fall back,” I told her, responded just as the helicopter finally landed on the coastline. “Only one strike team will be making the contact, the others are just on backup in case something goes wrong. Tell your squad they’re obviously not the chosen strike team, so they’d better not be in there.”

Once we arrived on the beach, I reinforced the order that we were only to head in if we were called. Many of these operatives wanted to be the one to capture Mew just to gloat about it, but now wasn’t the time to do something stupid. If another strike team was assigned to make the capture, there wasn’t a damn thing they could do about it. Meanwhile, I told them they needed to stay hidden, or it would possibly alert Mew and the entire mission would be compromised.

“You move if and only if I tell you to,” I told the other operatives in my team. “If you don’t, I’ll kill you myself, understand?”

They nodded, and I waited for further instructions. At the moment, they were probably going through tactical positions, Mew’s current location, and what team would have the easiest, quickest, and most effective tactical position in terms of making the capture. Until all teams were in place and Mew’s current location was analyzed, we were all on standby. For the moment, it seemed like things were going relatively well until something damnable happened.

“This is Major General Keiru Fireking,” The commanding officer contacted me. “Have met heavy resistance near Mossdeep City. I have confirmed visual of four L-class targets, Shaymin to be precise. Requesting pickup for the L-class Pokémon, and back up to deal with the heavy array of Pokémon. The CO of Zeta Team is wounded beyond fighting capability, and we have two KIA.”

“Christ, when the hell did this happen?” I asked him, “I’ll call in a Medevac, but that’s the best I can do. We’re in your location, but with a different target.”

Quickly, I radioed base for a Medevac to head to the Major General’s position. I didn’t know what kind of resistance they were dealing with, but it could have been more of those Pokémon supporters that were trying to jeopardize the mission. And it was also possible there were moles within ENDoG. I swore under my breath, knowing this mission could go completely wrong because of this. At the moment, there was no order as tactical command had yet to make a decision, but I didn’t know how this setback would affect the operation.

Once I got the confirmation that the Medevac was on its way, I contacted the Major General again. His location wasn’t too far off from mine, but I was still on standby because if we were the tactical team selected to make the hit, we needed to be ready and not in another location. Besides, our team had been deployed for a completely different purpose, and even if the Major General was having medical problems, the Medevac squad was far more prepared to deal with it than we were.

“The Medevac is on its way, General,” I told him, making the second contact. “Keep your squad on standby, as we have deployed teams in the area on standby waiting to apprehend a different L-Target. Striker out.”

Once that was done, I put the radio away, and waited. The last thing I wanted was for this mission to fail because of a setback like this.

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Default Re: [RP] Tides of Freelance ~ Nigh Ruin

OOC: thanks for reminding me Neo

Major General Keiru "Longshot" Fireking
Near Mossdeep City, Hoenn, engaging hostiles.

“Christ, when the hell did this happen?”

Keiru was startled by the reply, but let out a near silent sigh of relief.

"This was just a simple move in and seize the Shaymin, but we got attacked by masses of Pokemon.." Keiru replied.

A Hyper Beam ripped through part of the tree, narrowly missing Keiru, who cursed under his breath.

“I’ll call in a Medevac, but that’s the best I can do. We’re in your location, but with a different target.”

"Thank you." Keiru said.

“The Medevac is on its way, General,” the radio sparked into life once again. “Keep your squad on standby, as we have deployed teams in the area on standby waiting to apprehend a different L-Target. Striker out.”

"We will try and hold out as long as we can." Keiru spoke up. "Good luck in your mission Striker."

Keiru stood up, firing a hail of bullets towards the Pokemon. Keiru heard a resounding, lone, shot, and dived back under cover as he saw small pieces of the tree splatter into the air. Keiru cursed. There were armed hostiles somewhere. How the hell had they acquired guns?

"Don't worry, I will get you out of this." Keiru said.

Keiru looked into the air at the sound of a cry, spotting a Pidgeot swooping towards him. Keiru dived backwards, narrowly avoiding the Pidgeot, and fired five bullets at it. The bullets pierced its skin, and it fell limply to the floor.

A Hyper Beam skimmed Keiru, scorching his left arm. He let out a grunt of pain as the fabric was destroyed, his skin being scorched by the attack. Keiru dived back into cover, reloading his weapon.

Keiru placed his ACR on the floor, pulling out his .50 cal, and lay prone on the ground, poking the sniper rifle out the side slightly. He looked around, through the scope. He could see a faint figure in the trees about sixty metres away, a gun in hand, facing their way. He smirked.

Keiru's finger hovered over the trigger, before slamming down on it. The bullet flew silently through the air, ripping through the skull of the figure. The figure's head snapped backwards, slumping to the floor. Keiru leaned his .50 cal against the tree, picking his ACR back up again.

Keiru could hear the faint approach of chopper blades, and looked in the direction of the clearing which they were just on the edge of, a small clearing to their right at the rear, near the wounded Major, just large enough for a chopper to land.

Keiru could see the helicopter appear over the treeline, and smiled slightly. His smile vanished when he saw one of the hostile Pokemon turn to look up at the helicopter. It launched a Shadow Ball at the helicopter, and Keiru cursed.

The Shadow Ball slammed into the helicopter, causing it to sway slightly, but to Keiru's relief it wasn't taken down. Before the Pokemon could launch another attack, Keiru stood up and launched cover fire for the helicopter. The rest of Zeta Team did so as well, keeping the hostiles preoccupied as the helicopter managed to reach the small LZ near the Major.

Obviously, the pilot had spotted the clearing with the Pokemon in, and had looked for a safer landing spot. The helicopter lowered towards the ground, landing with a soft thud. The chopper blades remained on, the back of the helicopter opening, and five ENDoG operatives running out, two of them carrying a stretcher.

The Major was placed carefully on the stretcher, and rushed the stretcher into the back of the helicopter, though they did it as quickly and safely as they could manage without causing harm to the Major. The other three ENDoG operatives rushed over to Keiru's position, taking cover behind the tree with him.

"Sir, you need to come with us now." one of them said, placing a hand on Keiru's shoulder.

"My objective is to obtain the four L-class targets." Keiru stated.

"All our operatives are busy. Just kill the targets. You don't currently stand a chance with the amount of Pokemon here." the ENDoG operative frowned.

Keiru stared at the operative, then glanced at the amass of Pokemon in the clearing. He was right. There were far too many. It was suicide. What would a few dead Shaymin damage? Nothing. There were loads of Shaymin.

Keiru picked his .50 cal back up, and placed it firmly on the tree, aiming at the four Shaymin, who were surprisingly calm in this violent area. Keiru held his breath as he fired a shot, the bullet slamming into the Shaymin, flinging its small body across the ground from the sheer force of the bullet.

The other three Shaymin panicked, looking around in shock, as if they had just noticed the chaos, and all ran, stupidly, in the same direction. Keiru suppressed a laugh, deep in concentration as he fired another shot. The Shaymin crumpled to the floor, smearing its face on the ground as Keiru took aim and rapidly fired again.

The bullet splattered into the second Shaymin, piercing through its soft flesh. The hostile Pokemon flew into a heavy rage, barraging attacks at Keiru. Two cries of pain rose up to Keiru's left, and he saw two of Zeta Team crumple to the floor, severely wounded. Keiru growled, taking aim.

"Come on! We have to leave now." a medic shouted.

Keiru waved him away, and the two injured Zeta Team Operatives were carried away, followed by the last standing Zeta Team operative. Keiru stared intently, firing a final shot, before picking up his equipment, and running towards the helicopter. Attacks flew through the air all around him, the helicopter tauntingly close. He dived forward, landing on the bay of the helicopter, just as it started to rise into the air.

He scrambled up, throwing his things to the ground, and leaning back. Damn it all.

"Three IIA and two KIA. A simple operation, totally cocked up." Keiru cursed.

Keiru thought over the events, playing them through his head, when he remembered something. He was meant to assist Striker. Keiru stood up.

"Can you take me to Mossdeep City?" Keiru asked.

"That is unrecommended as there is an operation of dire importance going on currently." the pilot called back.

"Well, surely there is somewhere in Mossdeep City where we can land without worry of hindering the operation?" Keiru asked.

There was silence for several moments.

"I could land at the coast." the pilot broke the silence.

"That will do." Keiru said.

"Alright. Detouring to the coastline now." the pilot stated.
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