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Old 09-09-2010, 08:16 PM
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Default Re: Desperation [RP]

Cell block 4 -> Canteen.

Nyx had actually woken up earlier then the others. She was up at six, but - obviously - it had been too early to go out. Nyx cocked her head to the side, trying to guess what time it would roughly be It was all natural to her now; like a repeating timetable. Ah **** It, I'm going out anyway. She went straight to the door, bashing it three times with her scythe. It was opened moments later, by a guard. He was burly, his beard looking as bushy as a zigzagoon.

"You finally up eh, Nyx?" He asks, not all too bothered.

"I have been up for a while." Nyx answers, padding out. That one guard was the one she ever spoke too; He seemed worthy, in his own way.

"Now if only you did that to other guards-"

"Quiet, fool." Nyx cut him off, already making her way to the canteen. As she entered, the inmates crowded at the door visibly 'cowered' away from her; Similar to Moses and that water thing. Instantly returning to her dark corner was a must; there had been new arrivals today.

She went to make her way there - swatting away one of the pokemon that had got in the way for Arceus knows what - when she noticed the Block four table had filled again. Pfft, new prisoners. Most of 'em look as if they won't last a single week. Nyx thought, carefully shielding said though like her others.

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