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Old 08-19-2010, 05:32 PM
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Default [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Belysning, Year 2074, Planet Earth
Lance O'Conner
Lance's Office
Macabre Inc.


His heart should’ve been racing, but it wasn’t.

He was, essentially, doing something that wasn’t physically against the law- I mean, who’d be mad enough to think of it- but he knew it was bad. He knew that he was taking... life into his own hands. The social structure. The fabrics of time and space and... everything.
Everything that existed.

But you never would have guessed it. He was a picture of complete calm, slumped there in his swivel-chair next to the wall of his office that was complete window. Just glass. His reflection mirrored him perfectly, of course- longish dirty blonde hair swept back off of his forehead; dark, intent green eyes; loose red tie over his rumpled white shirt- but it didn’t always. No, he’d seen different things. That’s why he was doing this in the first place.

His eyes swept over the city below. It was beautiful, he noted with interest. Yes, very beautiful.

His office was filled with a faint whirring noise, but he didn’t stir. He was leaning forward in his chair, finger and thumb of one hand holding his chin, his feet against the window. The city was much nicer site than his office.

His office was grey. The floor was covered with big, grey tiles. His desk was grey. The walls were grey. The light fittings were grey. Grey grey grey. Monotony.
There was a door near the back of his office that was brown. Brown oak, if he recalled correctly; but he wasn’t thinking much about materials right now.
The whirring noise came from behind the door, but he didn’t stir. He just watched. Gazed out of the wall. Hah, what a funny thing.
It would happen soon, he knew it.


It sounded a bit like a photocopier when it gets too hot.


Was that the door?



Yes, it was the door.

“Sir, I-”


Pens and staplers rattled on his desk as smoke rose from the city below. Lance slowly sat up straight, no change in expression, as below him the earth shook. He could feel the building trembling slightly but he was not in the mood to care for that, nor for the man who was yelling his name behind him.

“Lance! LANCE!”

It was happening. This was it, he knew it. He stood and pushed the chair aside, staring out of his office as Uevlei screamed. It was working. It was working!

Whirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirr whirrwhirrwhirrwhirrwhirr

The noise was getting higher and more insistent. Something was ripping and tearing in the skies above, something was festering and gripping and attaching and snarling. He could feel it. He could almost feel it... inside himself. Oh, this was wonderful.

He’d been right all along.

The whirring noise came from behind the door, but suddenly it stopped.


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Default Re: [RP] ::The Dark Side of Me


Welcome to the roleplay!
As you can tell, there's currently a minor earthquake. :P You're being stitched to your Mørke duplicates as we speak, so there's your starting point!
Make the stitching as simple or as graphic as you wish. No limits.

Any questions should be PM/VM'd to me or posted in the discussion thread; the latter being preferable!

Off we goooo~

Discussion Thread
Sign-Up Thread



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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Kenji Gazette
Mess Hall
Uevlei Correctional Facility (Prison)

Four years...

"Four years I have spent in this dump. For what? Trying to make ends meet by hacking the largest company in this city. So what? What's 4 billion dollars they can't get back in like, a week." Kenji said to an inmate, "I'm going to get out of this place. I don't deserve to be here. I'll make them all pay for ruining my life completely." He took his fork to his mushy food and devoured it.

"Well wouldn't it be your fault. I mean you've told me that you took up drugs, and underground fighting. Not to mention computer hacking. You ruined your own life, not Macabre Inc. You decided to hack the largest company in the country and look where it got yo-.." The man's words were stopped when Kenji shoved his fork into the mans the throat.

"I don't need you to state my faults," Kenji, said as he was suddenly snatched up and dragged away by the prison guards. The men were big, but they would be lightweights for Kenji. However he did not hesitate. He was being dragged to purgatory, which is at the bottom of the prison, something he wanted as it would be closer to the sewers. Closer to his inevitable freedom.

That's when it hit.

The earthquake started off smaller but got steadily heavier, but only to a point. Enough to knock people off their balance. While Kenji was hacking the database of Macabre INC. He read some of the research data, and knew exactly what was happening. He ignored it, and physically threw the two guards down the hall with ease. However when their bodies arose it appeared as if though their own shadow had consumed them. They were darker, and they looked content with killing. Kenji wondered what to do, and that's when it happened.

He looked down to see his own shadow consuming his body, twisting and wrapping around him like chains or tentacles. Everything became a blur, his ears were ringing. He was suffering. It seemed like he was suffocating, but only for a moment, then a soothing feeling.

After that, nothing. All that was heard was laughter. A more sinister version of his own laughter...

Kenji (Mourke Controlled)
Purgatory Hallway
Uevlei Correctional Facility (Prison)

A new light shined as he breathed in new air from this new world. He tilted his head to the side and heard his neck crack a few times. "... Oh Yeah"

He looked down the hallway to see two very big, very scary men. He smirked and 'raised his dukes'. ".. Party Time."

The two giants stampeded down the hallway, shaking the the area more than the earthquake. Kenji reached out and tapped both men in their noses a couple of times. The sheer velocity from these strikes knocked both of these men over, and sent them tumbling down the hall and crashing through the doors at the very end. ".. Oh, come on. Is that all you got?"

The two stocky individuals got to their feet, but this time Kenji was running at them. They moved quickly and the next thing Kenji knew, he was in a Full-Nelson get really heavy lefts and rights to the skull. Kenji had to think fast before he lost consciousness from this beating. He had been in this situation before, he used the size different to flip up and kick the attacking guard in the mouth, then used his momentum coming down to send the guard that was holding him flying into the dazed guard.

"I'm done with your games," he said, wiping away blood from his lip. He reached up and grabbed a pipe from the wall, which happened to be from a gas line. The minute he tore it from its proper holding, gas fumes leaked into the air. Kenji reached into the guard pocket and pulled out a zippo lighter. He smiled as the pipe molded into a spike, which he stabbed the two guards through the chests with and pinned them to the wall. He ran down the hall way, and turned around to face them once more. With one final smile hidden behind his bangs, he lit the lighter and tossed it towards the guards.

He ran down that hall, bursting through every doorway as fast as he could. An explosion on his tail, darkness in his future. He stepped into nothingness and felt himself falling down, into a hole of sorts. A loud clank, a sharp pain in his skull, and then nothing.

(So am I doin' it rite? o.o)
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Kyo sat up and took a look around. His vision was slightly blurred as he had just woken up. The all-too-familiar lack of warmth and stench reassured him that he was back in his room from the dream world that he loved.

The sunlight from the window also told him that he had overslept, again. He got up from his sleeping-bag on the floor and found a pair of jeans to wear. His stomach already growled. The dagger, in its sheath, was lying on the nightstand until it was picked up by Kyo and shoved between his jeans and boxers.

There was a barrel filled to the brim with water located outside the shack. Kyo briskly splashed his face with the water and gazed into the barrel, seeing his own reflection. "What a mess," he thought. It had been days since the thought of grooming had crossed his mind.

All of a sudden, he noticed ripples in the water. He quickly looked up and glanced his left and right, but he saw no source of the disturbance. He sighed and turned around.

That's when it happened.

Instantly, Kyo became dazed- a bright flash of light appeared before his eyes. Then came the total silence of everything, no sound at all. No chirping of the birds, no rush of the wind, nothing. It was as if a bomb was being dropped in those old movies. But if that was the case, where was the...? His train of thought had been interrupted by a wave, a sonic boom. The impact of the sound knocked him back a few steps.

A tingling had started near his ankles and slowly worked its way up the rest of his body. His knees became weak. He felt as if he had to vomit. The tingling turned to pain. Not just a pain like the prick of a pin, but more of a shock of electricity. This occured from his upper torso to his head. He felt a second presence with him, he could feel it grinning. After his ears had recovered from ringing, he could detect his own, irregular heartbeat. The second presence had a driving instinct that rushed through Kyo's own mind. He felt the need to run, run free, but he collapsed on the ground within a couple steps. A voice rang inside his head, "Quite painless, wouldn't you say?"

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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

[OoC/; Caleb, you are essentially, but your Morke duplicate basically isn't in Morke anymore, so it doesn't need to be RP'd. I advise against it strongly. :P
Also, you can't know what the earthquake is about, as Lance didn't tell anybody about it, let alone advertise it on his website. xDD

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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

OOC; Just to get the situation here clear for everyone else. There's a total of two earthquakes. The first one happened when the whoever was stitching the shadows of animals and monsters to test it out. It'd already happened. So the earthquake now is referring to your characters' Shadows being stitched with them!
Lumiere stiffened.

It had been 3 days since she'd entered into Macabre. Inc. Time was running out, and she needed to do whatever she could to pry more information from Lance. It was clear to her as water that the man did not trust her entirely - he'd only allowed her to join for amusement. Perhaps he had thought her harmless? "Ha," Lumiere thought to herself. "Pretty soon you'll be left hanging there, wishing you'd never met me, Mr. O'Conner."

Two Macabre members were walking towards her direction. Instantaneously, she slid her thumb-drive into her shorts. An extremely safe place, in her opinion. With full confidence in her stride, she walked across the corridor to meet them, a questioning expression sweeping up across her face. It was well-known around Macabre that she was Lance's "valued guest", the term he apparently imposed on her. He'd given Lumiere 3 days to consider his offer - get into Macabre to gain information about her brother's whereabouts, or simply just get out of it. Lance's claim that he could help her find Frey if she would work for him was glaringly suspicious to her. She'd sat in a room and weighed out her options. She decided in the end that gaining Lance's trust was the best option, but deliberately made full use of the dateline to analyse the situation here.

Which had given her extra pressure, of course. Everywhere she went, she was still the Boss' "valued guest, to be treated with the utmost respect". The two members in front of her were no different. With their identical bows and greetings of, "Good Day, are you doing well, do you need anything, call upon me if you do", she could only sigh mentally as she declined and walked past them. This was Lance's way of pressurising her? Ugh.

"Oh, Miss Vesperia?" One of the members turned back and called after her. "That way leads to the Correctional Facility. You may want to stay out of there as there're some pretty troublesome guests there."

With her back to them, a smirk lit up on Lumiere's face. "Why don't you just say the prisons and the prisoners, you liar," she muttered under her breath.

"I'm sorry?"

"Oh, it's nothing to me," she added with a louder voice, turning around and grinning at them. "I'm used to handling troublesome people, as your Boss noticed. I'll keep them under control in no time, if they prove to be a nuisance."

Lumiere hurried off towards the prisons. She'd been wandering around as Lance told her she was free to check everything out, but she had knew better. There was no way a suspicious man like him would allow her to return outside after she'd familarised herself with everything within the facilities. And that was just what she wanted him to think - she was someone who only had the skills but not the brains.

Deep in thoughts, she was about to tap her card onto sensor when it came. The building shook slightly a few times initially, but soon it got so bad that Lumiere had to hold onto the pole containing the sensor for support. "What the heck?" Lumiere frowned as she steadied herself. "What's... this-"

She stopped in horror as her reflection in the mirrors aligned in the corridor grew darker. Her shadow was there - it loomed ominously, and then it started wavering. Wavering as if it was a reflection in water. And all of a sudden, the hands of her Shadow extended towards her waist. A wild smile could be detected on what was supposedly the face of her Shadow as it pulled her down into a kneeling position. There she was, facing her own Shadow on the floor, beside a mirror.

"You only have two options, honey," it cooed, sounding exactly like her own voice."Deal, or a forced deal."

: Sakura
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

(I hope i got the idea right )

All there could be seen was blackness in all of Ashley's surroundings. As Ashley walked slowly forwards, she noticed that no matter how much she walked, the darkness kept on going. It was strange though. Even though Ashley's surroundings seemed like darkness, she could still see in front of her. Were the floors and walls painted black? She didn't know what was happening and how to explain it. As she walked through the darkness, a figure could be seen in front of her, just about twenty feet away.

"Excuse me, but what is this place?" Ashley asked as she got closer to the figure. She noticed that the figure was turned around, her back facing Ashley's. From what Ashley could see, the figure was the same height as her and had long curly dark brown hair. As Ashley got closer, the figure turned her head halfway, only showing half of her face.

"Hello Ashley." the girl has said. Ashley stopped walking when she was only about seven feet away from the girl. When the girl turned around to show who she was, Ashley had gasped.

"You?" the figure said, an mirrored image of Ashley. The only thing that was different was that the girl had different clothes on and her hair was in beautiful curls, while Ashley's was perfectly straight but still as beautiful.

"Am I dreaming?"
"Yes, you are. My name is Ashley."
"So wait, I'm seeing myself?" Ashley asked. Shadow Ashley put on a playful smile and looked at her. Shadow Ashley loved to play horrible games with people.
"Pretty much yeah. You're the goody goody two shoes. I'm you're other half."
"Other half?"
"That's right. I'm full of lust and pride. You see, I'm pretty much buried deep inside you."
"But...this is just a dream..."
"Yes, it is. But do you know what I'm going to do as soon as I become strong enough?" Shadow Ashley asked as she crossed her arms. Ashley slowly shook her head back and forth, waiting for the answer. "I'm going to break free and switch places with you unwillingly." Shadow Ashley said in a cheery but threatening voice.

Ashley gasped as she quickly sat up on her bed and sat there for a few moments, staring out into space and breathing hard. Her heart was pounding really fast as she collapsed back down into her soft pink pillows, looking at the ceiling in relief.

"It was just a dream...just a dream." Ashley whispered as she sighed, slowly sitting back up again. She grabbed her little brown diary and opened up to the first page, pressing the black pen onto the paper and began to write.

Dear Diary,
Something awful is going to happen today.
I don't know why I wrote that. It's crazy. There's no reason for me to be upset and every reason for me to be happy but...
But here I am at 12:00 o'clock in the afternoon, awake and scared. I keep telling myself it's just that I'm all messed up from the lack of sleep I've been getting lately. But that doesn't explain why I feel so scared. So lost.
The day before yesterday, while my aunt Jenna and my brother Jeremy and I were driving back from the food store, I had such a strange feeling. When we turned onto our street I suddenly thought, "Mom and Dad are waiting for us at home. I bet they're on the front porch or in the living room looking out the window."
I know. That's totally crazy.
But even when I saw the house and the empty front porch I still felt that way. I ran up the steps and tried to call for then in my head, but nothing. I had let out a sigh and helped put away all the food. And then after when we were finished and walked up to my room, the most horrible feeling I've ever felt in my life came over me. I've never felt so utterly and completely lost.
Home. I'm home. Why does that sound like a lie?
I was born here in this town of Moonbrook. I've always lived in this same house since I was little, always. I moved away when I was ten , but then just moved back into the family house just two weeks ago. I should be happy that I'm home, even though I have no friends here anymore. All these people I've never met before. I guess everyone who I knew went away to college, so now I have to start fresh. This is my chance for a fresh clean start... But right now everything looks strange to me, as if i don't belong here. It's me that's out of place. And the worst thing is that I feel there's somewhere I do belong, but I just can't find it. Also I had this weird dream when I woke up this morn

Ashley quickly stopped writing when she felt her bed violently shake back at forth. At first she thought that somehow the bed was falling through the second story but when she looked around her room, Ashley saw that everything was shaking.

"Jeremy! Aunt Jenna!" Ashley yelled as she tried to get up from her bed and onto the floor, but the vibration was too strong, which caused her to fall on the floor. She managed to get back up on her bed and hold onto it tightly.

"Ashley! Don't move!" Jeremy's voice could be heard from the kitchen. A few moments later, the shaking and vibrations had stopped completely. After when they had stopped, footsteps could be heard running up the stairs. Seconds later, Jeremy ran into Ashley's room, panting to catch his breath.

"Are you alright Ashley?"
"Yeah. What the hell happened?"
"I think it was an Earth quake or something."
"But we never get those."
"Yeah tell me about it." Jeremy said as he sighed, happy that Ashley was okay.
"Where's Jenna? Is she alright?"
"Yeah she's fine. She was in the kitchen with me when it happened." Jeremy said. Ashley nodded and stood up, along with Jeremy.

"Let's go get something to eat in the kitchen." Ashley said. Jeremy agreed and followed Ashley downstairs.
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

OOC: Well, here goes. I'm gonna RP a bit and kinda lead in to how I got into Macabre Inc., if that's alright. Feel free to post in the discussion if you want some character interaction, because like I said, I need a way to get into Macabre Inc.

I woke up with a start, feeling an acute pain throughout my body. I winced, I was not used to this kind of pain, and for this type of pain to be present, something must be wrong. I didn't feel like myself, but who else could I be, other than me? No one.

I unfixed my eyes off of the ceiling, gazing left and right to see the limited furniture in my room in disarray. What had happened here? I was a neat person, there was no reason for my stuff to be in a state such as this.

Good morning, sunshine.

I jumped up, my heart racing as I gazed from left to right, scanning for an intruder. Sure enough, I was the only one in the room. But who else could have said that? My mother had left for work already, as she usually did on Saturdays, meaning I was the only one in the house. My mind began to race with thoughts; what if someone had broken in? What if I was in the middle of a robbery? What if I am going insane, and soon I would be headed to the asylum? Oh lord how I could not be insane. I had too much of a bright future, I was going to be successful, I was going to change the world, I --

What the **** are you talking about?

I gulped. "Who's there?"

Hahahaha. No one, just me. Are you always so...stupid?

I needed to get out of the house. I got out of bed franticly, looking for a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt to throw on - just two articles of clothing that my wardrobe consisted of. Once I was dressed, I slipped on my brown moccasin slip-ons and raced out the door.

It was foggy, the grass on the ground was newly washed with dew, the birds were just waking up, and they let everyone know with their songs of serenity. All was surprisingly normal.

Yo, it's pretty nice here. I could get used to this.

I stopped dead in my tracks. No one was in the house, it most certainly couldn't be a "hilarious" prank from someone.

"That's it! Who are you?!"

My name is Axel. But the real question remains, who the hell are you?

"You can't be Axel, because I'm Axel!" I was talking out loud. Someone was bound to hear. As I waited for a response from this "Axel", I walked behind my house onto the walking path the went through the forest, and then into the city. No one ever used that road, I should be safe.

What in the hell was going on, anyway?

"Who are you, and why are you in my head?"

I could be asking you the same question. I'm just as lost as you are, son.

"What's the last thing you remember, you know, before you got into my head?"

Well, I had a long day, of you know, working and all. I laid down in my bed, and I was sleep within what seemed like seconds. Next thing I know, I feel a jolt and ****, then boom, I hear your voice, I hear your thoughts.


life is a btch, but i appreciate her
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Talan Hawke
Hawke Industries

“Are you sure you’ll be alright here on your own, sir?” the assistant asked quizzically, a concerned gaze locked into her eyes as she looked upon the undoubtedly troubled figure of her superior. “It’s very late, and headquarters is near deserted...”

Talan smiled weakly. “Miss Reno, how many times do I need to tell you? I can look after myself. You should go home to your... well, whatever it is you do.”

Sighing in resignation, the young woman turned swiftly on her heel and slinked from the exceptionally large and minimalistic office, which seemed to resemble a gigantic tiled shower room with a distinct lack of amenities and abundance of filing cabinets. Talan sat, as usual, on a rigid steel chair (“why fork out for luxury when I’m perfectly happy with basics?”) at his desk, laptop whirring as he ran through his company's files. Or so his subordinates thought...

Truth be told, Hawke hadn’t been ignoring the family business. Far from it- he always kept on top of such important matters. However, he’d been working harder than usual as late, and his motives for doing so were as much a mystery to his closest friends and allies as they were to his enemies. Ever since the atrocities which tore his life apart within those past few months, Talan had found it impossible to grieve. Rather, he sought justice- not for the sake of revenge, but for the honour of his proud and longstanding family, which had been all but slaughtered by what the media had described as a “deranged, homicidal maniac.” Talan knew better, though. His parent’s cold-blooded murder was not the work of a psychopath. Being the first on the scene, and with his Marine Corps experience, it was obvious to Talan that a professional had been sent to knock them off. What’s more, he had more than a hunch what they were after- an end to Hawke Industries. This put Macabre at the top of his list of suspects. There was only one problem... He had no evidence.

It was for this reason that Talan knew he had to take matters into his own hands, acting as a private detective and vigilante under the front of his corporation for as long as it took to close this chapter. He’d worked a fair few late nights, juggling personal and business dealings until the early hours, often awaking on that cold, steel seat to the smell of fresh coffee courtesy of his loyal PA Miss Reno. She was right to worry- Talan kept a brave face and managed to hide his fatigue from pretty much everyone, but she knew him better. She could tell he was suffering.

Another long night of non-discovery dragged on, the bustling city still awake down below and outside his high-rise office even as he drifted off. Entering the dream world, Talan was about ready to catch a few fleeting hours of rest when the ground, and his complex in turn, began to tremble...

It had happened previously, not long ago. A minor quake... not entirely unusual in these parts... but something seemed vastly different about this one. There was what Talan could only describe as an “evil presence” coupled with the tremors, as though something had physically grabbed hold of the natural world and shook it vigorously in an attempt to knock everyone for six. He sprung majestically to his feet, alert as though the sun outside were still beaming, and frantically hammered the keys of his laptop, backing up all important information to a removable drive in preparation for the worst case scenario. Disk in pocket, Talan made his way fiercely to the stairwell to evacuate. Mysteriously, an unknown figure stood behind the swinging doors, seemingly awaiting his arrival. From the size and build, this must have been a man of his mid-to-late twenties, though he was clothed so thoroughly that only his eyes were visible, and even they were closed to mere slits, masking their colour.

“Hawke, please come this way,” grunted the figure in a husky male voice, confirming Talan’s previous assumption. He could see a handgun at the man’s waist, and a combat knife in his belt on the other side. Intuition told the ex-soldier that this was one chap he wasn’t inclined to trust so easily.

All of a sudden, a further quake threw the room into a state of semi-contained chaos, and both parties momentarily lost their footing. Recognising this fleeting chance to escape, Hawke swivelled powerfully on his rear, planted foot, and swung his other outstretched leg into the air, colliding his heel forcibly with the aggressor’s chin in a vicious hooking kick. Incapacitated, the stranger seemed to be of no further threat as he twitched gently on the floor, until something very unexpected began to occur...

Swelling threateningly from the near-arctic floor, a smoky black cloud writhed and contorted its way around the masked figure, engulfing him and somehow, strangely, morphing his appearance- the conspicuous but otherwise pristine black all-in-one had been torn and ruffled in places without event, and faded to a dirty charcoal grey. The lifeless body of Talan’s assailant then began to reanimate, rising to its feet like a Hollywood zombie with an ear-piercing cackle that seemed to reverberate endlessly upon the barren corridors. Instantly feeling the imminent threat, Hawke dashed back to his office, concluding his hasty retreat with a baseball slide under his desk.

“Screw this!” he cursed aloud, yanking his Dao from its concealed scabbard on the table’s underside. “I don’t know what you are, but I’m not going to let another monster run free.”

<Brother...> a voice not unlike his own, but distorted and choked, came to him from within his own mind. <Let me deal with this pitiful waste of bones... I want to taste blood...>

Overwhelmed, Hawke yelled into the air, unable to fathom how someone could be communicating with him through his own thoughts. “I have no brother! Just who the hell are you?”

<I... I am you... I think...>

With those words, a wave of nausea fell over Talan, who could do nothing but collapse to his knees as the same cloud of darkness billowed from the floor to ensnare him, crawling up his legs and filling them with an icy chill unlike any he’d felt before, threatening to choke him out. He felt himself inclined to give in... to give full control to this new power... when he looked down and realised.

My... My shadow is attacking me? Holy...

<That’s it, Talan...>
the voice echoed around inside his head as though it were an expansive valley. <Give in to me... I will lend you my power...>

Summoning all the strength he could muster, Talan clambered back onto his feet, and issued an authoritative roar. I won’t let you take me!

Regaining full control of his mind just in time to clock the maniacal demon advancing on him, about to draw that treacherous sidearm, Hawke threw himself into a two-handed sword thrust at the man’s midriff. Mere nanoseconds before the point of impact, he visualised the sub-zero arctic seas, focusing mana to his blade. As the razor-sharp steel penetrated his aggressor’s body, a shockwave of blue energy burst from it, freezing the opponent to a solid, humanoid block of ice. Twinkling as it reflected the city lights outside, the ice statue toppled in the final tremors of the quake, shattering into diamond dust as it struck the hard floor. Talan shuffled back to his desk, re-sheathing his trusty Dao before slumping back into his seat, exhausted. All the while, he’d become aware of a new and almost certainly unwanted presence, and it was now permanently beneath his feet...

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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Lance O'Conner
Lance's Office
Macabre Inc.


The door to Lance’s office slammed as the man who’d called his name made his escape. The glass wall vibrated softly as the earthquake’s tremors continued, and Lance finally dragged his eyes from the city to focus on the way his office was shaking.

He blinked.

His face, faint in the trembling glass, was staring back at him; a pinched, handsome face, quite white with both shock and absurd elation, his eyes dark green, his hair messy; but as he watched, he saw, over his shoulder, a snaking tendril of black smoke. His pupils dilated slightly and he staggered backwards, shaking his arm and brushing his shoulder frantically, only to see the smoke explode silently and then slither through his fingers.
It was deathly cold.


This was...

The coldness was seeping through his shirt. He felt a slight constriction on his shaking legs and looked down to see the same dark substance snaking up his body.

It worked.

“It... it worked...”

The smoke, light as air, had him constricted in a matter of minutes. The simple task of drawing breaths into his lung was becoming harder and harder. It was so cold. He was drowning in cold.

His eyes, manically wide, searched for his reflection again. It was there, standing straight, shrouded in twisting, writhing smoke. It seemed to be forming at his feet.

All at once, the smoke cut through him.


Lance fell heavily against the chair and stumbled stupidly as it wheeled away from him; he flung out an arm to catch it, to steady himself, and ended up crouched on the floor, gasping inhumanly. His insides were coated in ice, yet burning as relentlessly as a forest blaze. He screwed up his eyes as the pain ricocheted through his body, panting, noises squirming like maggots throughout his consciousness. It had him constricted again.


He opened his eyes, teeth gritted, as he felt gentle chilled swipes at his face. He opened his mouth to exclaim in surprise but was cut off as the smoke forced its way into his mouth and down his freezing throat. He could feel the very essence of himself being disturbed, inspected, settled upon- stained.

He was nearly screaming now.

[You never see yourself how others see you, do you..?]


[I mean, I thought I was good at handling pain... stuff like this... but now that I’m looking at myself... heheheh... I’m not very good at it at all.]

Lance’s eyes, brimming with tears of anguish, rose to the glass wall. He saw himself, curled up, his face racked with pain and glimmering with happiness-


-and his reflection grinned back.


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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

ooc- rather short. :[

Blank's Room
Macabre Inc. HQ
Belysning Yr. 2074, Planet Earth

Blank sat on his bed, thinking about his day.

It was a pretty successful one- that rich businessman that Lance had told him to kill didn't struggle much at all, only squirming a few times before losing consciousness. Nobody noticed, nobody really seemed to care. Obscurity. Perfect.

Not only that, but Blank had managed to make away with about 100 dollars. He'd been stealing from all the people he'd been killing, slowly hoping to make up enough money to escape from Macabre Inc. And start a life of his own. As he was thinking these thoughts, he felt a faint rumble beneath his feet. Bigger. Bigger. Bigger.


He continued sweeping in his room, cleaning up all of the shattered glass that had been piled up as a result of the earthquake. As he looked at the pile of glass, he had a feeling of dread that there was something different about his reflection.

He ignored it, and dumped the glass into a trash can.
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

OOC: We gotta get this going :/

Kyo staggered to regain his balance on his feet. He quickly scanned his surroundings, looking for a source of the voice, but he saw nothing. Perhaps it was only a figment of his imagination...

"Calling me a part of your imagination would be calling yourself non-existent." the voice cooed again.

Kyo looked around again, determined to find where the voice came from. His hand swiftly slid to his concealed dagger and drew it.

"You idiot. Put that thing away before you kill yourself. How long will it take you to realize that I am very real. You know who I am. I am you."

"Then where are you?" the young man asked, still scanning the environment for his 'other self.'

"In this world, I am your shadow. I will now be with you wherever you may go- we are bonded now.

"Bonded?" Kyo thought, "What kind of trick is this?"

"That's enough for now. All you need to know is that I am, by far, stronger than you. Do not upset me."

Kyo laughed and returned to the water barrel to splash his face once more. "You're my shadow, what threat to me could you possibly be?" Before his hands dipped into the water, however, he noticed his reflection beginning to grin once more.
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

(( Sorry for taking so long! I didn't even realise it was up o: ))

Rory Morris
Macabre Inc
Outside grounds

A nightime stroll, always good to clear my head, Rory thought to himself as casually walked along, hands deep in his pockets and a smile on his face. Finally a purpose in my godforbidden life, something worth living for. This particular part of the grounds was his favorite, infact he loved it so much down here it had become part of a ritual to take a night-time walk through this area. it wasn't much to look at, just steel walls and a dirt ground, but the view of the moon here was fantastic. The clouds never crossed at this point, and having a fond fascination with the moon he loved to walk around while staring up at it. Smiling widely, with a hint of madness in it he carried on his walk, listening to the sounds of metal machinery grinding in the background.

Fumbling in his pocket he drew out a pack of fags, Sterling superkings red and a lighter. Sticking one of the white sticks in his mouth he procceded to light it causually and inhale a deep toke, savering what was evidently the thing he enjoyed most in life. "Fags, money and power. Everything I'll ever need in this life." He said, more to himself than anything, that mad smile still on his lips.

About this point, the earth around him shook slightly. Shrugging to himself he thought no bother, just some machinery turning on, always happens. Moments after the thought dissappeared a huge tremor rippled through the ground, causing crashes and bangs as it made the very walls shake. Rory's eyes widened in surprise as he fought to keep his balance, his hand already on the handle of his Katana. As the earthquake's tremors carried onwards, he fell to the floor, the ciggy flying out of his mouth as he ducked into a roll.

When the tremors had stopped, Rory lay there for a few seconds a look of shock etched on his face. Then he burst out laughing, mad insane laughter that was so unlike his own. The laughter carried its way throughout the forterress like an echo for all to hear, and he couldn't even stop himself laughing. He was laughing like a hyena and he had no idea why.


He stopped laughing in an instant as a voice whispered the word through his mind. "Who's there?"

(Roryyy Morriisss. My good friend ...)

Leaping to his feet he summoned the fire magicks he controlled so well, his fists turning to flames "Come on out you psychic son-of-a-cow!"

(But it's me Roryyy! You've known me for so long now ... It's good to be introduced to you at last.)

Another tremor shook the compound, throwing him to his knees into a puddle. When the quakes had finally gone he glanced at the puddle with a face of shock.

His reflection was staring back at him, grinning.

(Hello Roryyy ...)
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Disbelief clouded over Lumiere's face as her shadow let out a wickedly mischievous giggle. She stared at her shadow on the ground before turning to glance at the mirror, which confirmed her fears. Instead of a black shadow, the mirror reflected a blurry outline, with scarlet eyes staring back at her. It was identical to her own signature ones, widened with shock in her own reflection. She frowned. What was happening? Was this all part of Lance's plan?

As expected from myself, aren't we both smart girls?

Slowly sucking in a breath of air, Lumiere stared right into where her face should be, on the shadow on the ground. "What are you?" She demanded with a frown pasted on her face. She supposed she would start off with analysing her 'other self''s character first. Lumiere tried to stay calm, but she was still too shocked to release herself from the grasp of her shadow.

I take that back. Clearly you need some time to develop your puny little brains before you can match up with my intelligence. Pfft. A sniff was heard, undoubtedly from the shadow.

Rolling her eyes, Lumiere retorted, "I'm not that dumb. I'm asking if you are just a creepy talking shadow and Lumiere-wannabe." She kneeled lower to her shadow. "Or are you a human. Like me."

From the corners of her eye, she watched as her counterpart's expression twitched with something. Ire? Amusement? Delight? It seemed like a mix of the three. So she has an unpredictable character, thought Lumiere to herself. But she has a hand in this situation. After all, I can't really harm a shadow, can I? Perhaps I can smash the reflection in the mirror instead-

Her shadow interrupted her abruptly. Tsk, you're too rash as usual, Lumiere Estelliese. What good would it do to smash the mirror in a situation as such? You'll only attract unwanted attention. And why, you seem to be ignoring the fact that I can hear you. How rude of you. She hummed a little tune, which was not unfamiliar to Lumiere. It was a tune that Frey usually hummed to her when they were young.

Lumiere felt her heart skip a beat. She had overlooked the fact that her shadow did not speak out loud - everything she heard was inside her head. She felt the corners of her lips twitching. This may turn out to be fun. So, what do you want, Estellies? The sarcasm emphasised on her middle name was not to be missed.

That's simple, Lumi. I only want two things from you. Lumiere watched on as her shadow's reflection sharpened into herself. She felt her jaws open as she take in the fiery red shade of "Estelliese"'s hair, then smirk on her face, and the hands holding onto her with the exact same ring on the middle finger. "One, your co-operation", Estelliese whispered out loud instead of thinking, with a hinge of danger in her tone. Her hands moved slowly along Lumiere's arms, leaving a lingering touch on them. "And two," she paused as she licked her lips, "your body."
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Default Re: [RP] ::The Darker Side of Me

Jaden Wolfe
Jaden's Room (Prison Cell)
Macabre Inc. HQ

Jaden sat on the floor of her room, back against the wall. Suddenly she felt the building start to shake. She tried stood up and ran over to the cell, grabbing a hold of the bars. Her sword hitting her back as she ran. She looked out her cell and looked around. She noticed the bars were opened.

"What the...What the hell was that? Huh? They must have came loose when that earthquake happened."

Jaden stepped out, after haing moved the bars. She looked around, trying to see if anyone was there besides her.

"I wonder...AH!"

She quickly reached up and gripped her head. Pain rushed through her head. She fell to her knees, clutching her head harder.

"Wha-what's going on?"

She slowly got up and walked back into her cell. Before she could sit down, she fell to her knees again.

'Aw, you poor thing. Does it hurt that much?'

The pain in Jaden's head slowly went away. She looked up and noticed her ref;ection in a mirror. But...Something's different about it this time. It started to vibrate. Almost like water did. She stood up and looked at it. Suddenly her shadows head popped out of the mirror.

'You poor thing. I would have thought you wouldn't have been so surprised.'
"What the hell are you?"

Her reflection (AKA her Shadow) fully stepped out of the mirror, it's arms wrapped around Jaden's neck.

'I'm you, Jaden Wolfe. I'm your Shadow.
'So, this is what Lance had planned. For all these 3 years I've been locked up here. This is what her planed!?'

Jaden thought to herself. She looked at her shadow. It looked just like her, except it's voice was more sadistic and evil sounding and it's eyes were a bright sea foam green.

'Now what am I gonna do?'
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