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Old 08-15-2010, 06:34 PM
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Default EV Training Locations

After rediscovering this forum, I thought it might be a good idea to make my first topic in a long time one that could, maybe just, be considered useful. A while ago I wrote some EV training guides for HG/SS and I've managed to find a few of them.


In the Sinnoh games, EV training for special attack usually took place at the Old Chateau and this was fine except the most EVs a Gastly can give you is 10 (best possible conditions) at a time and that means 25(.2) Gastlys must be defeated to max out the stat.

In Heart Gold and Soul Silver, one may expect to have to do the same, except with Psyducks. Fortunately though there is one much quicker method and all it needs is a little extra effort, so to speak.

On Route 13 there are a pair of trainers called 'Young Couple Tim & Sue', initially they have Psyduck and Kadabra, but on Fridays they will offer rematches. Rematch them until they get their final team, Golduck and Alakazam.


1. Temporarily teach the Pokémon you're EV training the move Protect.
2. Find a powerful Pokémon that knows a move that hits the whole field, eg. Earthquake. If you use Earthquake, the Pokémon will need either an attack stat of about 200 if the move is STAB (the Pokémon is Ground type) or 300 if it is not. For a move like Surf it will need a special attack stat that's even higher (Golduck resists).
3. Use the typical Protect + Earthquake/Surf/Lava Plume/etc. combination.

Now the base EV yield is just 5, but factor in hold items...

Without PKRUS:

@ Macho Brace = 2*2 + 2*3 = 10 EVs per battle
@ Power Lens = 2+4 + 3+4 = 13 EVs per battle


@ Macho Brace = (2*2 + 2*3)*2 = 20 EVs per battle
@ Power Lens = (2+4 + 3+4)*2 = 26 EVs per battle

Under the best possible conditions it would take just ten battles to max out the stat from scratch, without need for expensive Calciums. Oh and speaking of Pokédollars, try this...

Attach an Amulet Coin to the attacking Pokémon that isn't being trained and your winnings per battle will be $14,336.

Under the best possible conditions, your total winnings would be a massive $143,360, which is certainly nothing to be sniffed at. What's more, EXP yield is also fairly impressive.

Try it out yourself and see just how easy it is.

Perhaps the most overlooked of all stats, HP is often quite easy to do simply because few Pokémon require much more than 100 EVs in it and, of course, 100 EVs can be pumped into a Pokémon through the use of ten HP Ups. With amounts such as 126 being popular choices for defensive spreads, little thought is given to battling the odd Pokémon for the additional EVs.

Now usually these guides will show you how to EV train easily without need for expensive EV enhancing items, HP is different. The reason for this difference is that HP Ups can be obtained for free. All you have to do is continually rematch Youngster Joey on Mondays (he is the first trainer north of Cherrygrove city). He will give you one HP Up per defeat and on top of this you can gain valuable experience (remember not to battle his Raticate with the Pokémon you're EV training, though, unless it needs speed EVs). Without the cost factor, EV training for HP becomes much easier.

If you're Pokémon needs more EVs, you may be wondering where you can gain these EVs.

For Weaker Pokémon

Celadon City - Surf Near The Old Man's House

Most of the time you will find Grimer which provides a base of 1 HP EV. This means 2 with Macho Brace or 5 with Power Weight. If PKRUS is also part of the equation then this means either 4 or 10 EVs per battle respectively.

For Gaining More EXP Too

Route 15 - Saturday Night Time - Twins Kay & Tia

All you have to do is temporarily teach the Pokémon being trained the move Protect and send it out with a Pokémon with a move that attacks the whole field. These trainers each have a Quagsire, which gives out 2 EVs; meaning 4 EVs unboosted, per battle. Combine this with boosts, though, and things become a little bit easier. With Macho Brace it becomes 8 EVs per battle and with Power Weight it becomes 12 EVs. Again, if your Pokémon has PKRUS, this provides between 16 and 24 EVs per battle.

For Stronger Pokémon

Route 13

Nidorina is a fairly common sight and each provides a base of 2 EVs.

Try it out and see what you think.

Attack has always been one of the easier stats to EV train in. The latest games make no exception. Battling wild Pokémon is probably the best for this particular EV, due to how common the Pokémon is. Believe it or not, Goldeen and Seaking are the holders of this EV.

Attack EVs For Weaker Pokémon

Cerulean City - Surf

You will find Goldeen around 90% of the time, with Seaking the other 10%. Goldeen provides 1 EV as a base amount, which can be boosted to 5 with a Power Bracer or to 2 with a Macho Brace. Combine this with PKRUS and you get...

10 EVs with Power Bracer or 4 EVs with Macho Brace. Under perfect conditions it would probably take about 10-20 minutes to max out your attack stat; Goldeen are really that abundant.

For Stronger Pokémon

Mt. Silver - Surf Within The Cave Near Entry

This is the opposite of the previous. Seaking will appear 90% of the time and Goldeen 10%. Be careful though, these Pokémon are often around lv.40. Seaking gives out a base of 2 EVs, meaning 6 with Power Bracer or 4 with Macho Brace.

PKRUS will boost these numbers to 12 and 8 respectively. An EV yield of 12 means that you only need to battle 21 to max out the stat from nothing or just 13 if you decided to splash out of 10 Proteins.
Do you have any favourite EV training locations? Were the above guides useful at all? Any feedback would be fine.
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Old 08-15-2010, 10:47 PM
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Default Re: EV Training Locations

Thanks for the info, Im wondering about the power anklet and pokerus what formula is it?

Lets say im battling a starly for 1 speed and im using the power anklet with pokerus.
Is the formula:
or is it

sorry you probably answered this in your post but I really just skimmed over it seeing what locations you use.
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Old 08-16-2010, 02:08 AM
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Default Re: EV Training Locations

Originally Posted by Eskapeze View Post
Thanks for the info, Im wondering about the power anklet and pokerus what formula is it?

Lets say im battling a starly for 1 speed and im using the power anklet with pokerus.
Is the formula:
or is it

sorry you probably answered this in your post but I really just skimmed over it seeing what locations you use.
It's the second.

If you have pokerus and use an item it's

X= EV's given off of pokemon you're battling.

(X+4)*2= Total Ev's

so if starly is giving off 1 speed ev then you get 10 EV's in total with pokerus and the speed anklet.

Same works for any other pokemon and power item. You add the power items bonus first and then multiply by 2 for pokerus. :)

Good job on this EV guide btw Rampardos fan. I'm too lazy to read all of it since I can already EV train but I know it takes a while to get all this down and know good sopts to EV train. :P
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