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Old 08-09-2010, 04:59 PM
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Default SdC; [2/5] Currently Recruiting

So damn CLUTCH
A PE2k Wifi Battle Clan



"History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." -- Winston Churchill

So damn CLUTCH is a clan that plans on rising to the top of the hill that we call PE2k. We promise one thing and one thing only, and that is to give you a good battle and to never quit until we are the best. We will approach wifi battling as not only a competition but a business. And we intend to have clean business and clean business only. SdC supports the growth and improvement of an individual and the learning of the game. There really isn't too much to say, so I will cut to the chase: bring it on.


1.) Follow all rules established by Pokemonelite2000 (which can be read in this thread).

2.) No Spam. Please keep all discussion in this thread related to the clan or to pokemon wifi battling. Off topic discussions should be taken elsewhere and will not be tolerated.

3.) You may only be in one clan at a time. When joining this clan you agree to a contract that you must uphold. This team is treated like a business and unless traded or dropped by both parties, you must fulfill your duty to the clan.

4.) Treat all members with respect. When I use the term "members", I am referring to ALL members of the entire forums. That includes: our clan, other clans, those who are not in clans, both in and outside of the Wifi Battling forum. That means no flaming or fighting, act with pride.

5.) Remain active. SdC would like to pride ourselves on our activity more than anything. Therefore, we would like it if you remained an active part of this team. That doesn't mean you have to post everyday, but it does mean that you have to part take in important clan matters (polls, important decisions, tournaments, and wars).


1.) 6v6: All battles will be single battle, six versus six, all LV. 100.

2.) Sleep Clause: Only one pokemon may be put to sleep at a time.

3.) Evasion Clause: The use of moves such as "Minimize" and "Double Team" are restricted.

4.) Species Clause: A team cannot have two or more of the same exact pokemon.

5.) OHKO Clause: A battler MAY NOT use a move that causes an instant KO (such as Sheer Cold or Fissure).

6.) No Ubers. Please see the official Smogon competitive tiers to be updated on which pokemon are not allowed within standard OU battling.


Boss Mouse (Blue Mage)
The current leader of the Clan. Captain.
RECORD: 0-0-0

Baby Face Dinosaur (Killz4life216)
The leader's right hand man. Vice Captain. -- (Currently under a 6-month, three WAR contract)
RECORD: 0-0-0

Space-cake Kelly (Currently Open)
Skilled and resourceful in training and trading pokemon.

Cheshire Alley Cat (Currently Open)
Team motivator and head of advertisement and graphics (banners, etc...).

The Big Don (Currently Open)
Aids the clan in team-building and research of prospects and opponents.


August 9, 2010: The Clan is founded by Blue Mage. Begins recruiting.

Pearl FC: 3997 0716 7352

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Old 08-09-2010, 04:59 PM
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Join Date: Jul 2009
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Default Re: SdC; [1/5] Currently Recruiting


Joining So damn CLUTCH is like joining a professional sports team: we don't just accept anyone, we could drop/trade you, and we operate on contracts. These contracts help to ensure activity and make things more interesting. While a part of the team you will be rewarded (or paid) for your work. This will be done through: prize pokemon, GFX work, or something else that can be worked out. To join SdC simply fill out the form below and await the testing process. During the testing process you will battle one of the established members with a test team. Depending on how you do, you will either be offered a contract or not. If offered the contract, you can either A) decline the contract, B) accept the contract, or C) negotiate the contract. The contract will work as a verbal agreement (and accepted through a post saying that you did accept the contract). A contract will usually give the amount of time that you have pledged to give the team (during which you will play for them with your best effort) and usually includes a number of wars that you should compete in during this time period (and to achieve the best results from your contract). After your contract expires, you become a free agent and are free to stay with SdC (under negotiated terms) or take your talent elsewhere.

And like any team you may be scouted and ASKED to join. This works the same way although without the test battle and straight to the offer and the contract.

** So damn CLUTCH only allows there to be five members at a time. If all five positions are filled, please do not apply. You can wait until there is room on the team, though you may state your interest to be a part of the team, just so we know that you are open if there be a spot in the future. **


IGN: Your in-game-name.
FC: Friend code.
Time: What time you will be online to be able to be contacted and test-battled.
Reason For Joining and any credentials that make you fit for a position on this team should also be included, but are only recommended.

Pearl FC: 3997 0716 7352

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Old 08-09-2010, 05:00 PM
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Default Re: SdC; [1/5] Currently Recruiting

I am reserving this post to add things later.

Pearl FC: 3997 0716 7352
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Old 08-10-2010, 01:05 AM
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Default Re: SdC; [2/5] Currently Recruiting

you seem to know your stuff, very technical, but what if someone (like me) would wish to battle a member or every member of your clan? like many other clans (including my own) there should be a form to fill which allows battling to test your skills without having to get a tryout battle. but all that aside i would as mentioned like to battle either of you so if you agree either send me a pm or vm and i will get back to you asap.

Leader of the clan T.U.N Lords of Darkness
White FC 2624 2821 5234
White2 FC 4900 6256 6560
Elite 4 of the TUN League
Win: 52. Draw: 1. Lose: 3

we are now on Xat!
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