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Old 08-01-2010, 06:20 AM
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Talking Showing Age

Pardon, the vet is in town.

Nintendofreak000 and I were discussing the past at length. We even came across our old stuff, and I thought I would share if any of you youngsters cared.

FYI: Over at bulbagarden: "Members eventually became unhappy with Yahoo Groups format because of the advertisements, layout, and inactivity (many members were lost when the Ultimate was deleted), and moved to Pokémon Elite 2000 in February 2003." The reason isn't correct.,

Nin and I made this website because we didn't have stickies to make the major information.
It is so blatantly obviously it was made by two 15 year olds with little html knowledge.

I know it's linked in other places but look!
This is where the second half started! Seriously, we moved in 2003. We were already started MANY years before that. If you'd like a glimpse into what we were back then, that's the best way! Take a look at our "stories" to catch pokemon. You only needed two paragraphs.

Scott (beheadingking/gotenks) called me "old man," so this "old man" is now finished with his stories.

Some quotes I saw:

*"Flare dare here... one of the founders did it. (possibly) We'll
stay togther and figure out this miess that has been bought upon our
shoulders. :D"* EW WHATS WRONG WITH ME!?!?!

*"..........damnit!....... whoever deleted omega and ultimate will be
destroyed! I'll find him sooner or later! or back to
corrupting souls...."* Nintendofreak00.. he regrets this lol.

*"For those that be questioning who was responsible for the deletion of
The Pokémon Ultimate RPG, The Omega Pokémon RPG and the two websites
belonging to both, the answer be myself.

Kaira Dragonstone::.*

*"TO: General Members
FROM: Direwolfprimary
SUBJ: Direwolfprimary, resignation


Aye, I must convey my deepest regrets regarding
ultimate's grave misfortune. Unfortunately, I have
more bad news. When I first was made a "co-founder", I
stated to some members that Ultimate would be, as I
had so naively put it, "my first and last command."
And I was not lying. I must turn down any requests for
me to take any sort of leadership role--whether it be
as a grader, ref, editor, moderator, and so on.
However, I will remain a member of your Ultra RPG, and
I will, most assuredly, look in on you all from time
to time. However, I will not be an active member.
Should that be problematic for you, feel free to
remove me from the listings.



Doing everything with a flare.

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Old 08-06-2010, 04:44 PM
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Default Re: Showing Age

Found this on the rules page of the one site you linked to

I find it oddly poetic.

Things I've learned in WAR RPs- War is Hell.
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Old 08-18-2010, 07:07 AM
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Default Re: Showing Age

WoW Flare I cant believe you found this stuff..and you're still coming around..I was watching one of the new Pokemon Episodes and remembered the old days..I just to come back and visit PE2K

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Old 08-18-2010, 03:27 PM
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Default Re: Showing Age


Is this that time of the year again? I mean, it seems just yesterday I saw a thread like this one made by the "old guard" so to speak.

Glad to see you still around, and as you can see we're living on!
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