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Old 07-09-2010, 10:01 PM
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Default [War IX] Forget Me Not

War IX, Week 2

Forget Me Not

Snowflakes were falling heavily amongst gusts of wind that threatened to over-balance a bundled figure walking up the mountain. After trudging in the falling snow for almost an hour, her thick wool coat had begun to allow the sharp wind through. Shivering, the young woman pulled her scarf up over her nose and huddled further into the coat thinking, It has to be here somewhere. I know it’s close. Joy had asked her to wait until the next day, but the weather had been so nice that afternoon, she left the Center anyway.

After coming here to visit her aunt so often, the Snowpoint City Nurse had become a good friend. They were close in age and spent a lot of time chatting, shopping, and learning whatever they could about Pokemon. Joy had grown up in Snowpoint and had a knack for knowing when bad weather was approaching, even if no one else did. It was a gift that Tessa had been thankful for more than once while out on the mountain with her friend. After taking over the Pokemon Center from her sister, Joy would warn trainers to stay inside when she knew a storm was coming in. She often worried when Tessa made the trip to her family’s mountain cabin alone, and this afternoon had been no different.

Tessa had spoken with her before leaving. “Joy, you don’t need to worry. The cabin isn’t that far. I’m sure I can make it long before sunset. And if anything happens, I have my Pokemon.”

At this moment she was wishing she had listened to the warning. Time was nearing sunset, in reality though, the clouds and blowing snow reduced visibility to the point that the sun might as well have set already. Mount Noble was not very tall, but as part of the icy Snowpoint area, it was very cold and known for sudden storms such as this one. Not minding the cold so much, the cone-shaped form of a Snorunt grumbled behind her as it had to follow in her footsteps. The snow had begun to pile up, still powdery and difficult for his small limbs to walk through. Tessa was ready to give up hope, when she looked up. In the failing light that managed to make it through the thick clouds and snow she could see the familiar outline of a cabin ahead. The young woman attempted to pick up her pace with little success.

“Oh, enough of this,” she said, reaching under the edge of her coat for a pokeball. From the glow created by the small object, emerged a small, tan creature with a rusty-orange fan of six-tails. The Vulpix’s deep amber eyes looked up at the trainer. “Alright, Burst, can you make us a path?”

Turning to face the cabin with her ears pinned back against the wind, Burst let out a small stream of flame, melting a clear walkway. Able to move more easily, Tessa hurried to the front entry of the now, very welcoming cabin. After unlocking the door, the two Pokemon at her heels bustled in ahead of her. Closing out the winter storm, she pulled the hood from her head revealing a twenty-three year old with a blue knit cap over a shock of fiery, red hair that would fall in waves past her shoulder had it not been pulled back. Her cheeks stood out as red as her hair against normally pale skin after being out in the cold wind. Tessa’s bright blue eyes scanned the cabin. Things looked as if they had been left pretty neat. The furniture covers had been removed, and there was a good stack of fresh firewood near the hearth.

“I guess Aunt Polly must have been up here recently.” She went over to put a couple of logs on for Burst to start the fire and get the cabin warmed. Once it was started, she straightened up, looking at the mantle with a frown. Right in the center was a picture from two years before. In the image she had her arm around the neck of a young man, leaning over his shoulder as they both smiled happily. Next to the frame was a small vase filled with the dried stems of tiny blue flowers, forget-me-nots. For a moment, a mixture of feelings whipped through her like a small tornado, leaving a wake of loss and pain. She shook her head, trying to shake the feeling away as she reached up to slam the photo face-down on the mantle. “Nice try, Aunt Polly. But, you should just give up. I...have.” She turned, but her hand lingered on the over-turned picture before she could walk away.

A few hours later the cabin was much more comfortable, warmed by the fireplace and a large wood stove in the next room which also carried heat to the one-room second floor. Tessa had a blanket on the sofa sitting next to the fireplace. The Pokemon she was able to release inside were settled in various spots around the cabin. Her Snorunt was snuggled up to a pillow on the sofa beside the trainer reading a book. Burst was curled on the carpet in front of the hearth with a Luxray, both enjoying the warm air. A bench under the window was occupied by a dozing Lucario. Inside, the fire and lamps cast a glow that complemented the warmth of the cabin which shut out the cold storm outside.

The redhead however, found herself unable to enjoy the warmth. Every so often Tessa’s gaze would flicker up to the small blue flowers on the mantle which reflected her eyes so well. She had actually been told that her eyes were very much like the forget-me-nots, so hard to forget. Told the man in the over-turned photo. But now, she had given up hope of ever hearing that ever again....hadn’t she? With a small sigh, she put down the book she was not really reading and rubbed her forehead. It had been over two years, twenty-seven months almost, since he had been gone. Everyone told her she would have to start moving on. She could not hold on forever. Still, her heart would not let her forget, no matter how much her head told her to. It may have been over two years since he was gone, but it was six years before that they had spent growing up and growing close together. She could not forget the way he used to tease her, made her feel like she had something to look forward to, or how much she had loved him. How could she give up? Tessa picked up the pillow next to her, burying her face in it. The four Pokemon looked up from where they were resting as she screamed her frustration, muffled by the cushion. When she finally pulled it away Burst and Roxy, her Luxray, were standing in front of the sofa, watching her with worried expressions. The Vulpix jumped up in her lap while Frost, her Snorunt, waddled over from where he had been sitting.

The girl gave a half-hearted smile as she stroked Burst’s ears. “I’m alright. I will be.” But, it was easy to see the sadness in her eyes.

The Lucario was about to walk over as well when something made her ear twitch. She turned back to look out the window, eyes narrowed, but could not see anything through the still falling snow. Closing her eyes for just a moment, she suddenly leapt up from the bench without a sound and opened the door.

Tessa yelped as she shrank away from the sudden blast of cold air. “Ginger!” she yelled, but the Lucario was already out the door. The redhead started towards the open entry wondering what would make the Pokemon dash out into a snowstorm.

She received her answer fairly quickly as the Lucario came trotting back in the door and went straight to the fireplace with something in her arms. After closing the door, Tessa followed Ginger and saw that she was holding another Pokemon. With a green cap over its head and small red horns she was able to identify it as a Ralts. What it could be doing out on the mountain, she had no clue. Ginger gave a shudder, even though the cold had never really bothered her. Something about this Ralts was unusual to her.

“Did you sense him out there?” Tessa asked as she took the shivering bundle from the Lucario and sat down in front of the hearth. Ginger only gave a small nod in reply and the woman looked back down at the small Pokemon. “Maybe he’s lost from his trainer.”

She sat with him, wrapped up in a blanket for what felt like hours. It seemed as if he would never stop shivering, even with Burst huddled down next to him. Tessa found herself so warm that she had to shed her sweater. Eventually though, the Ralts did start to warm up, but he was terribly exhausted and would still shiver every now and then. Tessa left him wrapped up in a blanket on the hearth rug between Roxy and Burst, while she laid down on the sofa. She wanted to stay close by in case something happened with the Ralts. It was well past midnight by the time everyone fell asleep in the cabin.

Some hours later, Ginger was wakened by something tingling at the corner of her senses. Opening her eyes, she glanced around to make sure nothing was out of place. Tessa was restless in her sleep on the sofa, but safe. Frost was rocking softly where he slept by the door, as he always did. Roxy and Burst were still in front of the fire, but something caught her attention there. The little Ralts, still letting loose a shudder every so often, was giving off a very soft blue glow. Ginger almost did not see it in the light from the fire. She felt nothing that could be considered dangerous and settled to go back to sleep on her bench. Again, she found herself wondering about the Ralts.

The next morning, the storm had ended leaving a clear blue sky that reflected the bright snowdrifts outside. Burst was the first to wake, as she always was, and set to stoking the fires in the hearth and stove to get the cabin warmed back up. When Tessa woke, she quickly checked on the little Pokemon who at least seemed to have wakened as well, before putting fresh logs into the fire and starting breakfast. She cast worried glances at the Ralts. He had not moved from that spot where she sat him the night before. While the other Pokemon ate, she tried to offer some to him, but he just looked at her somberly. Crestfallen, she left the food there and went to eat. She could not remember having met such a melancholy Pokemon. If he did not improve soon, she would have to take him down the mountain to see Joy.

After breakfast was finished, Tessa was putting things away when she saw the Ralts suddenly sit up and look at the door expectantly. She was about to ask if something was wrong when there was a knock. With a small smile, she put away the plate in her hand and started towards the door.

Tessa cast a glance at the Ralts as she walked by. “Is that your trainer come looking?” She received no sign that he heard her question as he continued to stare at the door. With a look of confusion, Tessa opened the door. “Yes, can I he...”

Had she not been holding the door, her knees would have given out from under her at the sight of the man outside. He was bundled up against the cold, and his brown hair was longer as it stuck out from underneath his cap, but she could never forget that face. It was the man from the picture on the mantle. Tessa found that she could not form any words after everything that she had thought about saying. Standing outside the door he was looking at her oddly, as if he recognized her, but did not. Why was he looking at her like that?

He finally seemed to find his voice, although hesitantly. “Yeah, I was...looking for a Ralts. I uh...had this feeling he might have come this way.”

Tessa could feel her heart sinking. He obviously did not know who she was. Did he forget about me? Is that why he’s been gone all this time? Is this really him? Did I make a mistake? Am I missing him that terribly? A hundred questions began pouring through her head as she tried to find her voice. She was starting to feel numb, but not from the cold air coming in the door. Unable to say anything, she opened the door wider so that the man could see the Ralts sitting in front of the fire, still watching expectantly.

“There you are. I started to worry when you weren’t around this morning.” He glanced at Tessa but looked away again, shifting uncomfortably under her stare. “I’m renting a small cabin nearby. He’s not really mine. I’m just used to him following everywhere I go.”

Tessa finally found her voice, soft and cracking. “Don’t you...know me?”

He looked like he was about to answer then stopped himself, eyebrows knit together as he thought about it. Finally he sighed, giving an apologetic smile. “I’m very sorry if I should, but no.” He saw much more than disappointment on the young woman’s face and his smile faded as he tried to explain. “I just woke from a coma a year ago with amnesia. I can’t remember anything from before then, not even my name. Everyone calls me John.”

He did not remember anything from all that time, and she never even knew what had happened. At that, her heart broke. Her grip on the door tightened to keep herself from falling and she could not stop the few tears that fell. The man stepped inside, but did not know what he could say to comfort her. After thinking for a moment, he finally spoke up again, staring at the door frame like it was written with inspiration.

“This may sound crazy, but I’ve had these strange dreams ever since I woke up. Sometimes they’re the same, or really odd. Some feel so real I’m disappointed when I wake up. I’ve never really understood them. When you opened the door here, I almost wondered if I was dreaming again. I...” He paused, unsure how to put what he was trying to say. He finally sighed and looked up at Tessa. “I don’t know who you are, but I’ve seen you in my dreams...”

Tessa did not know what to do. She was frozen in place, unable to manage the thousand and one questions that collided with all her emotions. No one saw the quick blue flash around the Ralts. What they did notice was when Frost started to run back and forth, making a fuss. Ginger was about to stop him when he froze. A soft groan came up through the floor then it was silent. The Snorunt squealed and got next to the sofa, huddling down. Tessa, unable to stop herself from crying, was about to go over to him when a low growl started to grow from up the mountain.

Eyes wide, she looked at the man. “Avanlanche!” she cried. Without another thought, she pulled him inside and slammed the door shut.

cont'd next post...
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Default Re: [War IX] Forget Me Not

With terrifying speed, the low growl turned into a deafening roar. The whole cabin had started to shudder, until it rocked violently from the force of the tumbling snow plowing into it. The shock through the building knocked Tessa to the floor and the taller man huddled over her. There was a sound of shattering glass as the small windows over the kitchen were broken in, echoed by the larger windows breaking upstairs. At the back of the cabin, most of the main floor was buried into the mountain side, but the small second floor was completely exposed. Everyone huddled down as tons of snow roared by. Roxy and Burst were ducked down next to the sofa with Frost, and Ginger had pulled the Ralts away from the fireplace as embers danced out from the shifting logs in the hearth. It seemed like the noise would not end. When it did, everyone slowly looked up from where they were huddled down. Tessa realized that the brown-haired man was holding her and could not help her heart leaping, although it fell again at the thought that he did not know her anymore.

“Thank you, Justin,” she said quietly. He backed up a bit, looking at her oddly. “That’s your name,” she explained. “It’s Justin. Justin Hawke.”

Before he could say anything, smoke began pouring out of the wood stove accompanied by a hissing sound. Tessa immediately went into action. The snow piled against the back of the house had blocked off the stovepipe and smoke was backing into the cabin. Burst had to launch flames up the pipe to melt away the snow and clear the passage for the fumes again. Justin quietly helped to clean up. He and Ginger swept the broken glass and closed the shutters over the windows while Tessa and Roxy did the same upstairs which luckily only showed some minor damage inside. When she came back down, Tessa had a small bag with her. Sitting on the sofa, Justin looked up when she stopped in front of him and held the velvet bag out.

“Your Pokemon. I took care of them. They weren’t mine, so I was allowed to keep them along with my own.” She shifted her feet and stared at the rug on the floor. “I was able to calm down some while I was cleaning up. There’s too much going on in my head right now to make sense of, but I can at least tell you what happened before your coma. See, you’re a marine scientist, and you left on a two month exploration of the Equatus Trench a little over two years ago. While you were gone, there was a terrible hurricane. The crew said everyone was trying to rig equipment on deck...when you were thrown overboard.” The redhead attempted to swallow a large lump that had grown in her throat with little success. She was still unable to bring herself to look up at him. “There was a search for three weeks. The nearest islands to the site were miles away, but no one had seen you on any of them. They finally told us that you were declared...lost at sea...” Tessa finally unable to rid herself of that lump broke down into tears. She buried her face in her hands. “Slowly, everyone started to give up. Wanting to put their hearts at ease they let themselves believe you were gone. But...I couldn’t! I even tried to give up...but I couldn’t forget you.”

By now, she was sobbing openly. The whole time, she could not look up at him. When she finally did force herself to, she saw regret and bewilderment. He was obviously sorry that she had been put through all this, but it was easy to see that he could not recall anything. With each second that passed, her heart broke more, and he could see that. Still she could not pull her gaze away. She had to get out of the same room. Finally tearing herself away, she shook her head and ran up the stairs, followed closely by Burst and Roxy.

Justin was now feeling terrible. This girl’s distress was because of him, and still he could not remember. With a heavy sigh, he reached for his jacket on the back of the sofa, but a paw held it down. Ginger shook her head and pointed at the radio in the corner. The ranger station had an advisory to stay inside until the all-clear was given that there would be no more avalanches. Taking a chance of going outside could burden rescue teams already trying to help those who were caught. Getting the point, Justin put his hand down. What was he to do? He could not remember her except for the dreams he had. When he woke in the hospital in Hoenn, no one knew who he was or where he came from. He had been found adrift on a piece of wreckage by a fishing boat. They told him that he had been in a coma for over a year and had amnesia, which had affected parts of his memory. An older couple who supported the hospital offered him a place to stay until he could learn where he came from. Over several months, he tried to remember something, researched all over the regions, trying to find recognition somewhere. At one point, he decided that something about the Snowpoint area seemed familiar. The only chance he had was to start somewhere, and he chose that place. Upon reaching the city, he was immediately drawn to Mount Noble. What pulled him there, he was unsure, but he rented a small cabin and had been living on the mountainside for almost five months. During this time, he started to notice the little Ralts hanging nearby. It would follow him when he went on walks and he grew accustomed to the small Pokemon always appearing outside his door every morning. The mountain started to become more familiar the longer Ralts was around. In fact, it was after his first appearance that Justin noticed the young redhead in his dreams. Sometimes it was only a short moment, but he would always catch a glimpse of those bright eyes.

There was a small flash of blue that caused him to look up. There on the mantle was the vase of dry, blue flowers. Forget-me-nots. He stood up, wondering how he knew that since he could not recall seeing them before. He did not notice the Ralts on the sofa, concentrating on him. Looking at the tiny flowers, the over-turned picture caught his attention. Thinking it might have tipped over in the avalanche, he turned it upright. When he saw the image, he started in shock. His appearance in the photo did surprise him, but there was something else. Bright, blue eyes were staring at him from that smiling face. Eyes the same color as forget-me-nots. How could anyone forget those eyes? could I forget those eyes!? His blood froze in a moment. He said he would never forget those eyes. Why didn’t he notice sooner? How could he have forgotten?

Ginger had been watching Justin as he looked at the things on the mantle. But, as he turned over the picture, her attention suddenly flew to the Ralts. His Aura blazed bright blue as that same visible glow grew brighter around him. She was wracked by shudders at the strange power coming from the little Pokemon. His Aura was unlike anything she had ever seen before. That was part of what drew her attention when he was caught in the storm the previous night. Her hackles went up, though she could feel no threat. She was caught off guard as Justin suddenly ran by her.

“Tessa! TESSA!!” he yelled, nearly stumbling over the stairs.

Ginger watched him go. She never told him her name. So, does he... The Lucario looked back at the sofa, but the little Ralts was gone and there was no sign of him anywhere nearby. She never sensed him use Teleport, he was simply no longer there. Next to the picture on the mantle however, was a vase filled with freshly bloomed forget-me-nots.
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