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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Default The Legend of the shadows

Genere:Drama/URPG Trainer story

Hello this is my URPG trainers story.His name is Aretas. He has finally become free after five years of imprisont for a crime he did not commit.
(please comment, criticge my work. any advice would be greatly appericated. its been awhile since i wrote much"

0) Introduction
1) Memories

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Default Re: The Legend of the shadows

The Legend of the shadows-Introduction by Blue Eyes

There is much in this world that is unseen. Locked inside the shadows of man. They are deep within us, all of us. They make us feel love, hate, passion, lust, and most of all fear. It is this force that drove use to the four corners of the earth It also gave us the urge to enslave the many species ‘that populate this world, just as our ancestors had aimed to do when these species we collectively call Pokemon. While many have studied Pokemon to aid future generations, no one is willing to look, not at but inside these creatures to discover what exactly they are. Its because they want to forget, how dangerous these creatures really can be.

One example of this dates back to ancient Greece, Millenniums before the creation of the first pokeball. It was the time of the Olympians such as the mighty Zeus and hades and these creatures posed a threat to the gods and the Hellenic people. The Greeks and the early Pokemon lived in tension for years until a great Greek hero was born. This hero went by the name of Hercules, son of Zeus. Admired for his strength he easily persuaded the town’s people to follow him into battle. Hercules great strength helped them greatly in the first half of the war in which they wiped several species off the world. However the Greeks enemies, the Pokemon started to exhibit strange powers beyond their natural elemental gifts. Using these powers they slaughted the Greeks in an attempt to wipe them off the earth. They would have succeeded as well if it had not been for the one. This one being would later be classified as lugia. Lugia ended the war between Pokemon and humans. But what he did about the darkness that each Pokemon poss…

His eyes fluttered briefly before they opened to the cold harsh view of that ceiling that laid above him. It was a gray ceiling that easily matched the rest of the small metal room that he found himself in. He had been there for awhile, as punishment for a crime he did not commit. But today was the day that his blue eyes would finally see the outside world once more.

It had been on this very day, Wednesday the ninth of June 2005 that he was incarcerated for arson of the local gym. It wasn’t his fault, he wasn’t even there, but due to his familys connection to the mob, he wasn’t even given a trial. The worst part was knowing that he had been forgotten as he had received nothing from the “great man” who went by the name of Giovanni. But he didn’t care anymore, all he knew was that he was about to free.

The best part of being free, was well everything. Because he had been given a 2nd chance at life. It was the government’s way of apologizing for imprisoning him by mistake. He would be given a new name, some money and his first Pokemon. It was the latter he was most excited about, yet he was also a little hesitant. Mostly due to the lectures and videos about Pokemon that the guards had been showing him recently. All basic stuff really expect for one video lecture given by a professor dogwood.

The professor stood out from the others like professor oak, birch and elm, not in his passion for Pokemon But in the level of seriousness of his research. He spoke of ancient wars between mankind and the early species of Pokemon.

“Alright, stand up” one of the guards said as he walked around the corner, his footsteps echoing on the cold stone floor below “everything is now in order, Mr. Arêtas, that’s your new name by the way”

“alright” was all that Arêtas had to say as he walked through the metal door frame and into the hallway. “What now?” he asked.

“Come this way, you didn’t have any belongings, so here is some money and clothes” the guard said as he placed several items on the table.

“Alright, thanks” Arêtas said as he examined the clothes. They had given him White and blue shoes, black socks, two pairs of ordinary blue jeans, three shirts all white and a black jacket.

“Aright no problem, now come with me” the Guard then left him and walked down to the end of the corridor.

As Arêtas was getting dressed, he noticed that there was a small brown cardboard box that he had not seen before. Inside he found what looked like 3 pokeballs and a piece of paper that was addressed to him. He slowly held the paper in his palm before opening the tiny piece of yellow notebook paper.

Arêtas, you’re not safe. There is not much time so let me just quickly say that the locals want to make an example of you. Yes this is because of your family ties to Team Rocket. Quickly take one of these Pokemon know there’s not much choice since there all fire type. But take one for yourself and deliver the others to Professor Dogwood. He needs them for his studies anyway. And please be aware that much has changed in the past 5 years. Use the back door. NOW!

As he was finishing note, he came to realize that whoever was coming was already here. How did he not hear the screams until now? He stood there transfixed until the high-pitched scream of the guard reached his ears. It was at this time that he grabbed a pokeball and ran toward the squeaky back door.

The invaders of the station who had been locked in battle with the guard looked up just in time to catch a glimpse of Arêtas running out of the old and battered back door. “good girl” she spoke, Her seductive voice carrying down to her Weavile. Her name was Jasmin and she was Victoras first Pokemon. “Don’t worry, we will catch that little runt” She spoke again as she stepped over the carcass of the security guard and into the main room.

She stepped into the room and admired the simplicity of the cold stone and steel. It was very low end especially in these days; never the less she stood there. She had removed her Stilettos, as there were some small traces of blood on the floor. So there she stood her soft silky legs bare to mid of her thigh, which was were her mini dress ended. “come on” she finally said. “there’s nothing here” and with that she walked out without a second glance with jasmin right behind her.
Arêtas stood on the back porch of the station. He could not believe his eyes. For much had indeed changed in the past 5 years; what he had known as a sunny and cheerful landscape had transformed. Instead of the green grass from his past were, his mother would watch her blue eyed, Blonde haired boy play. The sound of Pidgeys and Fearows that used to fill the air as the sun beamed down. All of these were gone the ground too dead to support any life and more then anything the stillness that had replaced the sounds of the pidgeys.

“I don’t like this” he cried “why, iv waited five years to see my home and its gone…”

“Well what are you going to do about it” a cool and collected voice resounded from a distance. “Just don’t sit there like a baby”

“Who are you?” Arêtas asked as he looked up to see a boy about his age standing a few feet away from him. The boy was a little taller then him and had Irish green eyes and brown hair. “What do you want?”

The Boy green eyes smirked. “ My names jermie and I know who you are, Steven. And as for what I want, well I want your help to leave town”

“” Leave town?” Arêtas repeated “just leave then its not that difficult.”

“Well you see there is this pesky generator that I need to destroy, only it would take a dreadful long time to get past the security, I was hoping you would help me.” The boy said. “ I mean we have done enough damage, we don’t want to do any more.”

“No!, you’re the ones that did this” Arêtas yelled “you killed my home, I am sorry but I will not stay here not with you.” With this Arêtas started running down the path from his hometown of Sino village, which would eventually come to the town of Billon.

Once Arêtas had ran, jermie turned and yelled “Alright Vicky, you can come out, he is gone”

“aright im here’ Victoria said as she stepped out of the shadows “did you find the book?”

“No im sorry Vicky, but its here keep looking”


The Legend of the shadows-Introduction by Blue Eyes
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Default Re: The Legend of the shadows

chapter 1: Memories

He walked down the lane. Alone and forgotten he was he walked . As he walked , the memories of his past flooded his mind. The memories were those of his old life, the one he had before being wrongfully imprisoned. It had been a good life.

In his old life, he went by the name of steven saxon. He had been a blonde 13 year old boy with blue eyes. Cheerful and curious he was as he ran up and down the county lanes that had then been so full of life. Very much like the one he was currently walking down, besides the fact that this lane was dieing. Indeed the once very much prominent grass that used to spread across the country side over the rolling hills which had been so perfect. The wonderful effect of the grass was also enhanced by the the shights and sounds of the surrounding forests. He would walk down there whenever he could get away and listen to the sparrows. He could do this whenever he wanted, expect for when the occasional storm would come. This would always upset him, but he knew it was for his safety, for nothing was like a storm in Odin village.

Alas the days of his green hills were far gone. Something had happened in the past five years to kill all the life in the area. He had no way of knowing what had happened due to the fact that prisoners don’t receive much information from the outside world. He wasn’t necessarily angry, just determined to find whoever had ordered that boy named Jermie to do this. He didn’t know much about the boy expect he was around 18, the same age as himself. The boy also had green eyes and spiky brown hair, and a air of confidence that showed he was a powerful trainer. Definitely one that Steven could not face now. If only if it had never happened then maybe everything would be all right.

It had happened 5 years ago when he was only thirteen. The day had been the fourth of June and had ment to be a special day for him, as it was the day him and his mom whose name was melody were to catch his first Pokémon. Melody unlike his father did not want his first Pokémon to come from Giovanni .She called him an evil man who caused nothing but pain. This was unfortunate as her stance caused many arguments in their house hold.
He remembered all of these fights as well, all in crystal clear clarity. In fact one of the fights was about his first pokemon. It had gone like this:

“I do not care, how many times you say it” Melody said, her blue eyes flashing in anger. “hes not getting a Pokémon from Giovanni”

“Melody, please see reason” her husband said “this is the best way”

Melody froze as the words ‘this is the best way’ drifted out of her husband’s mouth. “Are you saying?” melody began as she stood tall upon the black and white checkered floor. “that selling our son to Team Rocket, is the right thing to do”. She turned and stared at him while saying these words, totally forgetting about the carrot she was currently preparing. “Is that what you’re saying tom, is it?”

“Honey, put the knife down” Tom said, as his muddy brown eyes watched the knife in melody’s hand. “I don’t want you to hurt yourself”

“Do you really think I would” she sneered. “Of all the **** you say, that takes the bloody cake.”

They fought so much, in fact the only reason they stayed together was because of Steven really. He sometimes wished they hadn’t, he would have been happier with just one of his parents. Luckily he had the lane and all the wild life to help he cope. Even with all the hatred in his house, it was bearable. It was all ok, until that fateful day.

That had been the day that he and his mother were to go catch his vulpix. However it would turn out to be one of the worst days of his life. The worst thing about it was how he didn’t see it comeing. No one did how you could. In fact everything was fine that morning. No it had been better then fine, It had been perfect, too perfect.

“What type of Pokémon do you want son”. His dad asked him as Steven climbed down the purple shag carpeted stairway and into the circular kitchen which had the black and white checkered floor.

“I really want a vulpix” he told his dad enthusiastically “there so cool”

“well son, we will try our best, I haven’t seen many in this area” his dad replied.

“you can try the safari park” a sweet voice said as a young girl entered the room.
Her name was Abigail, and she worked as maid in the Saxon house. However she was also quite a beauty with her long red flowing hair coming down to her waist. This contrasted quite a bit with her traditional modest clothes. But the most amazing thing about her was the way she walked. She had previously been trained as a dancer for the past 18 years of her life, ever since she had been born. So naturally she was very flexible and graceful.

Now on any other day,His dad would have exploded. Steven never could understand why his dad didn’t like Abigail. He would always bark at her to leave whatever room he was in. Even if she was cleaning some of the very old useless artifacts that were stranded across various points of the room of which there were many. He would also yell such awful words such as “Negro” and “nigger” at her. Now even though Steven was much too young to really understand what those words meant. He knew they hurt Abigail for she would cry every time she was called one of those things. And Steven hated to see her cry.
Stevens Mother on the other hand loved Abigail to pieces. He saw this in how his mother would always come to her rescue whenever dad went on one of his rages. Along with protecting her, they would often sneak out of the house to go down to the shops and spoil themselves.
Today was different however, as dad didn’t say anything. Not at first at least as he sat there reading his newspaper. “Pokémon safari park?”, he said finally “sounds like a good idea, when are we going?” he asked as he stopped to look at his wrist watch.
That was where it ended, the memory that is. For the next he knew he had awoken to find himself in a cold metal room, with no windows expect for the one in the door. He was a prisoner and he had no idea why. The cops weren’t any help either all they would tell him is that he was paying his dues.
It wasn’t much of a prison, mind you. It was more a local police station that had once been an Butchers shop. This was evident from the stains of grease that had been left the rotting cacus of some wild species of cow. It wasn’t terrible as it did smell of lemon and bleach which was sure sign of it be scrubbed completely. Alas the thing that hurt the most was the painfully consistent daily schedule that he would go through.
It would start every morning with Steven waking up about 10 am to a fairly good breakfast. They normally consisted of bacon and eggs to French toast. A little dull, yes but an incredible difference then what he had been expecting. He would then spend the next six hours staring at the wall at which his guard would come down to see him.
His guards name was Henry Smith, he was around the age of thirty-five and rather skinny for his age. He was also completely odd in every way, this showed in how he wore a rainbow hat instead of the regular blue cap that the others wore. This in contrast with his coconut brown eyes and happy lucky go demeanor made him quite a sight.
While Henry was indeed nice, there had been a indecencies of strange behavior that Steven had experienced while with him. He learned all of this straight away, and on his very first day.

“o’l hello there” Henry said enthusiastically the moment he opened the gate. “I’m Henry it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

As strange as this was, Steven did not want to anger the guard, at least not on his first day. “Yes, hello” was all he could manage however as he had a very strange feeling. “My names Steven” he finally managed to say as he looked upon Henry and his rainbow hat. “Good to see you too”

“he-he” the guard chuckled as he failed to stop himself from turning red. “You’re just saying that to be polite.” He smiled a smile for a second. It had been the strangest smile Steven had ever seen. “I’ve got something to show you” he continued to say as he reached down for his zipper. “It’s in my pants, just to let you know and it’s just waiting to be gobbled up”

“No” Steven yelled as he heard the words ‘in my pants’ float over from Henrys mouth. “I don’t think so” and with that he pushed the guard out of the cell and closed the door, successfully sealing himself in and protecting himself from the guard. “Oh and yea, actually I was just being polite; in reality I hated meeting you”

No matter what he tried to do? He would always end up in the same boring routine that been going for five years. It ended eventually, which happened to be the day he got out.
It all started when a new security guard marched down the stone corridors to Stevens’s room. “alright, stand up” The guard said as he opened the cell door.

“Alright” was all that Steven had to say, as he walked through the metal door frame. Something was right though, were was Henry? Another thing that stood out to Steven was the guard’s eyes. Well actually it was the color of them, for you see they didn’t have any.
“Everything Is all set up, Mr. Arêtas” The guard had said as he materialized a cardboard box from a cupboard that Steven had not seen before. “That’s your new name by the way” the guard continued, completely unaware of what Arêtas was staring at. The guard finally left him and walked down to the end of the hallway before turning to say “ Ill be waiting for you, report here when your dressed.

“ok” Arêtas said uneasily as he examined the cardboard box that had been laying on the table. What he found was no more than a pair of blue and white sneakers, 3 pairs of standard blue jeans, three plain white T-shirts a black jacket and socks. This was all assorted with various other goods, like toiletries. It wasn’t till he had packed and gotten dressed that he saw what really interested him.

What had caught his attention was no less than three pokeballs and a yellow piece of parchment that look suspiciously like a note.It read:

Aretas, your not safe. I don’t know whats happening, but its not good. I do know they want to make an example of , and yes it has to do with your family’s and team rockets connection. Now listen if theres anything odd about the guard that comes down to see you. Run. Use the back door, it has no lock. Be careful and make sure to take the other two Pokémon to Professor Dogwood. One last thing, im sorry I wasn’t there, I know we started off wrong but good luck to you. We wont meet again. Love Henry.

As Arêtas read the note, he reflected on the guards eyes. He remembered that there had been no color. He didn’t have to think about it very long as he heard a large explosion coming from the front of the station. They were coming for him, he quickly grabbed a pokeball before running out the back door, which was in terrible condition into the world outside.

That had been how he had come to be standing in the lane hat he had come to. Slowly he started walking, walking away from his past. But little did he know, that he would be unable to escape from his past, Never the less he walked on.
“alright” Arêtas said aloud “time to take the two pokeballs to Professor dogwood “.He reached into the pocket of his coat that he had put his own Pokémon in, to find just his own. He had forgotten the other two pokeballs. “Should I go back” He asked himself. He already knew the answer, he had too. He couldn’t let those two get their hands on two more Pokémon. But he couldn’t do it as he was. “I only have one Pokémon there’s no way I can get past them”. His deliberation was interrupted however as a a figure from down the lane yelled something. He wasn’t sure quiet what, but stood there waiting, watching for it to emerge from the mist.

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