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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

Ash and company traveled confidently along the path. Ash was happy to have Team Rocket off his back, finally! Cameron was drenched, but he was still dancing and prancing around, singing Let's Get It Started. Misty was busy carrying Azumarill like her old Togepi, there wasn't anything better to do. Either watch Ash walk or watch Cameron act like a little child.

"Well, you see those mountains ahead Ash?" asked Cameron as he stopped his singing.

"Yeah, what are they?" asked Ash.

"Those are the Fairland Mountains according to this map."

"They don't look very fair…" remarked Misty.

The mountain in front of them was large. It was late spring but the mountain had snow storms raging on it. Dark grey clouds hovered as little flecks of white flew in furry to the ground. The temperature, again dropped. Misty started to shiver, "Well, it would be nice if the rest of this place was as nice as Clementine Port…" she grumbled.

"Look on the bright side, the northern part of Ordo is probably even colder than this. Hay? Is that a cottage over there? I think it is a little village!" he said. And it was. The buildings were small and drenched with rain. The sun never peeped out to make the sighting of the small village dramatic though, which disappointed Cameron. Ash lead the way to the small village of seven buildings. The roof of the nearest building was made of old and worn shingles. The rest were a tad more modern with red tiled roofs. The clouds made the area extremely dark and small lanterns on the building revealed the one road in town.

Ash came up to the door to read a sign that was worded 'Inn'. He commented on the word, "Huh, couldn't be more obvious!"

"Well, let's get inside! Maybe I can get a jacket or coat while we are in there," yelled Misty as she shoved her way in there.

"Halloa my friends!" yelled a friendly looking man standing behind the check in desk, "Do you need a room? I will see if I can find one for you lads," said the man. He was middle-aged, had a coarse mustache, and deep black eyes. He wore a red and blue checkered shirt and tight denim pants with a belt that said 'Grill Sergeant.'

"Are you the cook here?" asked Ash.

"That I am boy! And I grill a steak if I do say so myself," he pushed out his chest in pride.

Cameron smiled at the man, "We will try it. But, that isn't saying much since Ash eats anything."

"Hay, I don't eat everything…" mumbled Ash as Cameron embarrassed him.

"Hay, don’t look down, to be honest, I eat everything too. Even my wife's cooking," he bent down and put his hand up to the left of his mouth, "but don't tell her I said that, okay?"

All three boys laughed heartily, but Misty stood their shivering, "Hello? Why don't we stop talking about food, and get a room?"

"Sorry lass. Eh, you need something to wear out there. It is cold and wet most of the year… let me see here," he rustled around behind the counter. He then turned around and crouched to go through the things under the counter, "Ah! Here it is… this rain coat was never used. I bought it for my daughter but she insists that it is not stylish."

It was a grey raincoat to match the skies. It was complete with small black buttons on the sides, and a metallic zipper in the center, "Well, I think it looks fine," said Misty as she put it in her bag.

Azumarill hopped down with Pikachu. They both greeted the man, "Pikachu!" greeted Pikachu as it waved up its small arm to shake. The man bent down to shake its hand, "Halloa there fella!" Azumarill then turned around and put its tale up to shake as well, the man laughed as he shook.

"Excuse, me. What is your name?" asked Cameron.

"Ah, my name is Jonathon Pennywhistle!" he laughed jokingly. Both Cameron and Ash laughed, "Good one, I am gonna have to remember that one," said both of them simultaneously, "Anyway, my name is Peter."

The man then showed them to their rooms. They were all, in fact, compressed to the same room. Both beds were bunk beds. Double story, Ash claimed the one on top. Cameron claimed the one beneath him, so Misty got hers all to herself which was fine with her.

The room itself was not very large. It had two closets for both sides behind the beds. The beds were adjacent to the wall. There was single window that showed the dark, unpleasant outdoors, "Do you know what the greatest thing about all of us sharing a room?" asked Misty.

"What?" asked Ash.

"Cameron won't have to pick the lock. How'd you do that back in Clementine?" pondered Misty.

"If I said irrelevant, I would probably meet with a slap. So I will say this, I will show you when the time comes for me to do it again. It is a skill mastered by the pettiest thief."

"Wait, you are a thief?" asked Ash.

"Weeeellllll… not really. I don't break into places to steal or peek into people's stuff. I do it if I have to get into a place urgently. That, and if you get your key and all you stuff locked in a locker. You can go ahead and call the lock master," he said as he winked to both of them and pointed to himself. Cameron's Teddiursa broke out of its Pokéball and did the same pose as his friend.

"Wow," both Ash and Misty exclaimed.


"So, your name is Popuri?" asked Red.

"Yes, I came to tell you something…" said Popuri nervously. For a trainer, she wasn't good at confrontation. She disliked being in large groups or staring directly at a person's eyes. Red took note of this.

"So, what is it you want to inform you?" asked Laura.

"Well, all I have to say is… I didn't mean to try to trick Cameron."

"No, I know that you didn't," said Red.

"Pichu!" concurred Pichu.

"I didn't mean it! Wait… what? No punishment? Wha-wha-what are you doing?" asked Popuri.

"Where are you from?" asked Red. Laura and Red both stood beside each other. Red had his arms crossed, he was getting impatient.

"I… I… I am from north Fiorre…" she mumbled.

Red grabber her chin so she had to look at his eyes. He got close up to her, "That is a long ways from here. That is above Ordo. Now, I know that north Ordo and the rest of Fiorre is covered in crime. Now, tell me, were you an orphan? Were you oppressed? Were you… forced to work?" he asked, getting closer to her face.

Popuri squinted, trying not to make eye contact, "Listen, I don’t have all day. I have to get back to training for the league. Now answer me."

"How'd you know? How does everyone think I am so obvious!?" she screamed in Red's face.

"Well, not everywhere is covered in crime. Now, I will tell you telltale signs of you childhood oppression. You avoid eye contact, you refuse to look to the left to signify lying, the way you walk. You are from crime."

"I am not like that. I don’t try to be… I mean, not everyone can tell… just three people… You, Cameron, and…" she finally started to look at Red's eyes.

"I know you aren't. If you were, you wouldn't want to stop working for that woman. If you weren't you wouldn’t have come to us. If you weren't you wouldn't be a trainer. Throw you Squirtle out."

She did so, a bright flash grew from the Pokéball, "Squirtle?" the small turtle-like creature looked around to confirm where its owner was, "Squirtle!" yelled the Squirtle as it scurried to Popuri.

"See, if you were a bad person, you Squirtle wouldn't have gone to you," said Laura cheerfully.

"Um… well… I wanted to tell you that the woman wants to destroy that boy… Ash I think…" she sighed as Red released her from his grip. He apologized, he had lost his temper, "Listen, I know Cameron… he and his older brother are great friends. I want to make sure he nor his friends get hurt from this evil power. You know of the power I speak about Popuri?" he said. He then lit a camp fire. The soft orange light illuminated three tents.

"Yes, I do…" she said.

"Okay, now. We will travel together, Popuri. You will join me and Laura in our travels. And if we ever encounter Cameron and his friends again, you will help me warn them of the north. There are plenty of gyms below the north that they can go to. I don't want my friend's brother to get hurt…"

Red moved to sit down on a small stone next to the glowing camp fire. Laura sat down as well, Pichu hopping between them. Popuri moaned and sat down too. They began to speak of other things, their pasts and goals. Their Pokémon, and Red didn't mind showing off his doing in the destruction of Team Rocket…


Ash and friends went down the hall to go into the diner. Peter was out on the covered porch grilling. It was extremely dark. Peter's daughter, Karen, was setting the tables for them and the other visitors, mostly stopping trainers. The mother apparently cooked the sides in the kitchen. She was about the same age as Peter, her name was Goody. She had a yellow shirt on, mid length plain white pants, and a small necklace that stated 'Bless you and the food'. It was a cute thing, just like 'Grill Sergeant' on Peter's belt. Karen never smiled though. She didn't look like a happy person. Cameron tended to ignore her smart remarks on some of his funny stories.

"There was once a detective agency. They got a call from their childhood bully. It turns out that he hadn't grown since the last time they saw him, fifth grade. Anyway, when he presents the case, he leaves in his car. When they get into the car, the lead detective says, 'Man, I feel guilty… we have to help him'. His partner asks why and he replies, 'Well, I ratted him out, you know, about him nearly killing our teacher?' and his partner said he is kidding. He then says, 'Who knows, I may have stunted the kid's growth'…" he paused for a second, waiting for the joke to catch up on Misty and Ash. When they laughed at the joke, Cameron joined in.

"You do know that the was from the show Psych? Right you little thief…" said Karen. Her eyes were a shade of magenta, her hair complemented the eyes by being a dark shade of green. The hair went down to her shoulders and was very strait. She was a few years older than our heroes. Peter interrupted the verbal banter that was slowly developing.

"Here!" he paused as he turned over with some plates, "Are the steaks!" Ash and his friends all rubbed their hands together. Ash drooled , Cameron never took his eyes off the steaming steak. Misty made room for the plate, pushing her side salad over. She got the small piece because she didn't want to gain any "weight."

"Hay Misty, why unless you were trying to impress someone?" asked Cameron.

Misty quickly defused the situation with a glare, then her grabbing the fork and knife. Ash had already devoured half the slab of meat already.

"Thish… scromp… ish shome good foord!" yelled Ash, face full with food. Karen continued to wait on the tables. But, Cameron never forgot the challenge…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

The next morning, Misty was awakened by the sound of rain, "Again?" she moaned.

Ash was rubbing his eyes, "Ugh… I guess so, Misty."

"Such a beautiful day… too bad we gotta make headway in our journey today. We are only about twenty miles from Fairland," said Cameron as he rolled out of bed. He hopped a little, slipped on his jacket and beanie. Ash hopped out of bed too, slipped his vest, hat, and gloves on. Pikachu stretched and yawned, "Piiiiikaaaa. Pikachu!" it hopped onto Ash's shoulder.

"Well, we gotta pay and go eat," said Cameron, "Ugh, I will get the bill as I am better paid than you are, heh!" he laughed.

Cameron still never forgot Karen. Something bugged him. As they walked out of the door, he stopped to say something to her, "You know. You certainly are a downer… why are you so angry?"

She looked angry at the remark, but answered anyway, "Cuz I can't go on a journey…"

"You know, you can. You can leave when you are ten. You almost sixteen now," answered Cameron.

"What? Really? I-I-I-I can go?" she was excited.

"Yeah, and since you are more mature than Ash will ever be, you shouldn't have any problem climbing the ropes of the Pokémon League!" laughed Misty.

Ash was a little sore from the first part of Misty's smart remark, but he let it slide. So Ash, Cameron, and Misty went forward on their journey to Fairland city…


Red's eyes were saggy, he didn't feel like opening them. But, he fought against what his body wanted. He got up and put on his shoes, bag, and put down the tent. When the chores of making the camp disappear were finished, Laura, Red, and Popuri continued on their journey as well.

"So, you are Red?" asked Popuri, "You are not exactly… you know…"

"Godly looking?" asked Laura smiling.

Popuri nodded nervously. She did not know how to approach these new people. So she tended to lag behind. Occasionally striking up a conversation with Laura, but she tended to avoid Red, he seemed cold. Red knew where they were going first, Shield. Shield was a large city on the water, like Clementine. Except Shield was not nice and sunny, it was cold and snowy. All the time constant snow fall would blanket the city, making it Christmas all year long.

There was a gym there that specialized in defensive Pokémon. Not a specific type, but based purely on the Pokémon's personality. There was also a large training camp for Police there, so if Cameron and his friends ever came here, they would be as safe as can be.

"Do you know where we are going?" asked Red. He had turned around so he was walking backwards, but yet he could still see where he was going somehow. Popuri and Laura both looked at each other.

"Well, since we are going west, away from Cameron and his friends, we are probably going toooo…" she lifted up a map for a second, "Shield or Knight?"

"Shield," replied Red. He turned to see Popuri's reaction, but it did not change. Good, she was not on the enemies side anymore. Red's party started to approach a forest. The forest was drenched in rain. The rain was not the solid droplets like in Kanto, the rain was more like the mist of a gardening hose attachment. The mist was pleasant, but it blocked out much sight wise. The surrounding area was blocked by the thick, white mist and only a few things were partially visible. Occasionally a large tree would be outlined in the mist, but it was impossible to see well.

The small party never spoke while nothing was visible. They needed to listen in case there were any Pokémon in the way. Mostly small Furret ran around, but occasionally a loud, "Stantler!" would echo throughout the mist. They made their way through the forest cautiously. Never wanting to upset their surroundings. This went on for about three hours.

"We are almost through the forest guys. Hold on," assured Red. He turned around to make sure they were still there. Good, they had not gotten lost in the misty rain. The rain was delightful, not exactly discomforting. It made Red's skin feel refreshed. Laura came up behind him, "Are we almost out of the forest yet?"

"Almost," he looked down at his PokéNav. It measured just a few more meters until they were out. He looked back, Popuri was trying to see through the thickness but was rewarded with no sight.

"Okay, we are out of the forest. I am surprised there were no Ursarang in there. Heh, we are lucky," he laughed. The laugh was occasional. But, even in the two years Laura traveled with him, she had only heard it a few times. He did not have time to laugh. He had won the Kanto championship so many eyes were constantly on him. Either those eyes sot to take him down, or to cheer him on, either way, he did not like the public. He was always petting his Pichu though. One of his few absolute joys in his life were Pokémon. He did have many friends though, but he hardly ever saw them much.

They approached a hilly land. It was partially a marsh, with water all around the place from the constant rain. The water was about ankle deep, nothing to really be concerned about, but Popuri didn't like it, "Oooh, I hate this water. It will get my shoes and feet wet…"

Red smiled a little, "Ah, it will dry."

Popuri didn't believe it though, and tried to dodge the water anyway she could. Laura didn't mind though as she trudged through it. Laura had a slight emo look to her. She had eye liner to draw notice to her eyes, her hair was strait and was down to her neck, but it was not dyed. It was not bad looking, but it wasn't extremely appealing.

"We are about a quarter of a way to Shield, what time is it Popuri?" asked Red.

"Um, about four in the afternoon," she looked down at her watch and then looked back up.

Good, Red was making headway in his Pokémon journey…


"Whew, it is getting close to five guys," said Cameron, "Should we set up camp?"

"Yeah, but we are gonna need to find a forest or something to keep the rain off of us," replied Misty.

"Pika…" conquered Pikachu. Pikachu did not like the rain.

"Well, we are close to the mountains. We could make our way into a cave over there," Ash pointed to some caves, not even one hundred yard away.

So both groups of travelers settled for the night…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

It was early morning when Ash awoke. The misty rain continued to fall, never stopping its relentless bombardment upon the ground, "Aw…" he moaned as he snuggled into his sleeping bag.

Misty was sitting there awake for minutes. Listening to the sound of the rain. The echo of Ash's movement echoed throughout the small indentation inside the mountain. It was like a cave, it was along the ground, but it was not built like one. The stone ceiling hung over them, and small man made walls covered the sides of the "cave." Ash slept for a small while longer. Occasionally snapping awake to turn Cameron's alarm on his watch off. Misty lay across from Ash, Cameron was down at their feet, his watch laying on the ground.

Cameron lay there, soundly sleeping. Misty slid out of bed and looked out. The rain was not showing them any sign of easing up. The mist continued to fall from the sky, making the ground moist and soft. The grass danced whenever a small droplet touched them, almost seeming to be rejoicing for the rain fall. The alarm went off again. The repetitive action that Ash continued on doing, he did. He rolled over to turn off the Snooze Alarm then turning back over. Pikachu's ear occasionally twitched whenever Ash moved, keeping a watch over his friends, without a single eye open.

Misty sighed. The rain never seemed to stop. If this is what the rest of Ordo was like, she probably couldn't bear it, let alone Ash and Cameron. If they had to battle in the rain, it would make their job harder than ever. But, Misty knew that Ash would never turn down a challenge. Cameron, he might. But, she had never seen him in the fray of battle.

"You know. If you stand there near the rain Misty, you will get misty," laughed Ash as he got up.

Cameron stirred for a second than added his comment to the situation, "Yes, but if Misty moves away from the misty rain, wouldn't Misty become unmisty?"

"But, if Misty stands near the misty rain, Misty could catch a cold," laughed Ash as he faced Cameron.

Cameron hopped out of his sleeping bag, "Ah, but if Misty got a cold, than Misty's misty temper wouldn't get and hit me on the head in the misty rain."

"But, if Misty doesn't keep Misty's misty temper, than in the misty rain she won't be able to defend her mistyness."

"Wait… what? You got me there," chuckled Cameron.

"Well, it is strange for Misty to be in a good mood with all the misty rain outside," added Misty, getting into her friend's fun.

The team of heroes rolled up their sleeping bags, put their kits in their bags, put on their hats, gloves, and shoes and head out in the misty rain with Misty.


Red and his company fared well in their tents. They were not large tents, they were large enough to crawl into, but not to walk around in. They weren't anything fancy, just enough to keep the rain off of them.

"Well, we are heading towards Shield again," said Red as he folded up his tent. Popuri was not looking forward to continuing through the marsh. The one dry spot they found inside the marsh was rare and surrounded by watery grass on all sides.

Laura added more optimism to Popuri's thoughts, "Well, there is about ten more miles of marsh. Then we will enter a tundra like area…" she said as she pointed to the map. Shield was in that tundra are, constantly cold and frigid. But despite the weather, the party had heard that people in Shield loved to party and have a good time. Going to restaurants, singing concerts, hockey games, arcades, Pokémon battles, and even friendly dance clubs. But the clubs were not offensive. They were friendly to all ages, they served food, had a child dance area, even an old disco dance room. Shield was a haven for police too. Shield trained police officers. The city contained the largest police training academy known to man, so it was obviously untainted.

"Well, you guys will be happy to know that this place loves recreation. So, when we arrive there, we will find a hotel and stay there for a few days. But keep in mind, we are there so I can get my gym badge," exclaimed Red.

"The Arrav Gym Badge…" muttered Popuri. The Arrav Gym specialized in heavily defensive Pokémon. Not one type, but depending on nature, experience, and fighting style. As a matter of fact, most gyms in Ordo were not set up so there was just one type. That made it too easy. The Ordo League was designed for experienced trainers.

Laura had not forgotten that Popuri was a trainer, "Are you going for the badge as well?" she asked.

"No… I mostly train my Pokémon just to spend time with them…" she said.

"Well, you should try out the gyms. It may be hard because the gyms are difficult here, but if you like it, you will have experience in every Pokémon type," explained Red.

Popuri, for the first time, looked at Red's eyes willingly. She was not forced to, but she stared in the eyes of the trainer. She was warming up to the company already. Something that faulted her in her small crime jobs back home was that she was too trusting. To willing to believe. That is probably how she came to crime back home though. She believed her father, which started an old crime syndicate called the Moskovis. But that organized crime leader was taken down when Popuri was still a small child.

When her father never returned to the small mansion is which only she and her father lived in, she grabbed a pack filled with fresh clothes and a few Pokéballs. She encountered the Squirtle out in the blizzards of north Fiorre. The poor Squirtle had obviously wondered aimlessly through the snowy area for days. So Popuri had taken it into a small cave with a hot spring. At that moment, the Squirtle looked at Popuri in amazement. Its eyes sparkled with happiness, could this have been the trainer that Squirtle looked for? Was it destiny?

Popuri remembered how she had encountered her Squirtle. It brought welding tears in her eyes. But when she came back to reality and realized Red was still watching at her intently, she blinked them away, "Um… I guess?" she said. She was unsure, she had never gone for a gym badge. She never had the courage. What was strange about Popuri is, she hated confronting people. But, she was trusting once she knew the person. Overly trusting…


"Well, I guess this means we are to mountain climb from here," said Cameron as he looked up at the mountain.

Misty remembered the time when Ash and Pikachu were separated from her and Brock. The thought made her think about what could happen this time, "Well, is there any other way we can reach Fairland?" she asked.

"I am afraid not," Ash said as he looked at a map Cameron had in his hands.

"It is completely surrounded by mountains…" she said, not convinced. But when Ash said otherwise and told her to come look at the map, she did. She peered over Ash's tall shoulder to see. Ash had definitely grown. When Ash and Misty had first met, she was taller than Ash. Ash had grown so she was half an index-finger length above her now. Cameron was a giant though. He was nearly five foot seven. A real whopper for a fourteen year old.

So with the prove laying in Ash's hands, they started their climb up the mountain. It wasn't a "climb" climb, but more of an uphill trudge. The wind started to pick up just a few feet from the ground, "Wh-why is the wind starting to blow?" asked Ash as he held onto Pikachu.

"Well, we are getting at a higher elevation, which brings us closer to the atmosphere which is frigid. But that contradicts the fact that heat rises… eh, what are ya gonna do, call the contradiction police?" he chuckled merrily.

"I don't think it is funny, if it still raining, then it will start snowing further up…" said Misty, she began to tense up from anxiety.

"If it gets too bad, Misty, you can always get angry. That definitely otta' melt the snow!" laughed Ash, but he met with a slap. Cameron laughed at the joke, but he also met with a slap.

"Stop making fun of my fears!" she yelled at them, "The last time I made fun of your fears was…" she stopped.

"Three years ago…" said Ash softly.

Cameron stood there as Ash and Misty looked at the ground, side by side, "Ooookay? Are we at a funeral or on a journey. Because lately," he made a fake sniffle noise, "I have been feeling kinda down."

Misty looked up at him angrily and popped him again. But Cameron just giggled as they proceeded with their climb, Ash taking the lead…

But eyes were watching them, "Oooh, yes Ash. Bring your friends closer north. Bring them to their doom, and our inevitable revenge upon Earth… Ha… Hahaha… Muahahahaha…"
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

It was yet, another overcast day. Accept, it was not raining where Red and company were. It was snowing. Red, Laura, and Popuri had nothing but rain coats and they were not thick. The snow landed on Red's cap and then melted. His hat was soaked by the time they had put their camp away. The snow was falling gently to the ground, the flakes were perfectly round as they fell. Red led the way, he pulled out his Pokéball, "I think it is a little too chilly for you buddy."

The small Pokémon was sucked into the Pokéball in a red glow. Red then placed the Pokéball on his belt, and they continued their travels. It was about five miles to Shield now, they could see the roofs of buildings above the hills. Snow capped the hills, making it dangerous to climb up on. Popuri slipped several times, grasping Laura's hand every time. Laura helped her get over every top patiently, "It is okay, when I traveled alone, I fell over and over again in Johto," she laughed modestly.

"Well, we aren't alone now, and we will help each other out," added Red. He was not shivering to the cold like Laura and Popuri was. It seemed he was used to it somehow. It was like there in the snow was where he belonged. Popuri wondered how he could bare it, "Laura, how does he not shiver to the cold?"

Laura let out a large sigh, her breath visible in the cold, "He once waited upon a great mountain in Johto called Mount Silver, waiting for one of the most powerful trainers. That trainer never arrived. So, he left Johto and his home Kanto, to train more, thinking that he wasn't worthy of that trainer."

Popuri looked at Red. He seemed not to hear anything that anyone said. His pace never lessened, he never turned, his hair and rain coat just blew in the slight breeze. Popuri asked another question, "Does anyone know who the trainer is?"

"Red thinks he may have finally found a match," she replied smiling. She looked back up at her dear friend in the front. But, he never acknowledged their speech. Then, he finally spoke:

"We are nearing Shield now," he said. They could hear the faint sounds of laughter, speech, and music. The music seemed to be playing from several buildings, "Those must be the dance rings," said Red. They approached the city to see the cobblestone streets caked in snow. Nobody drove and vehicles, the streets were too cramped by pedestrians. Pidgey flocks hopped around, pecking at the ground. But, they never hopped out of the pedestrians way. They seemed to love the humans as a matter of fact. They probably just waited for food to be given to them though.

"Well, I think it is safe to say we are in Shield now," laughed Laura.


"Whew, kinda chilly up here!" chuckled Cameron.

"It is a little cold," said Ash as he held onto Pikachu. But then the wind started to blow harder. The pieces of snow didn't just float to the ground anymore, the snowflakes were thrown around violently by the wind. The sky was darkened even more by the clouds. Ash, Misty, and Cameron trekked upwards farther. The cold was unbearable. The wind blew to make the company's skin numb. Pikachu cuddled into Ash's arms, trying to keep his friend warm, "Pikachuuu…"

"This is gettin' pretty bad yah know," said Cameron. The snow fell even harder the farther they went up the hill, "Man, it is hard to see. Alright guys, hold hands."

Cameron took the lead, Stuck out his hand to feel a furry paw, "Pikachu?" asked Cameron.

"Listen man, I am not taking your hand. We are both boys," laughed Ash. Cameron laughed a little too, and took Pikachu's little paw. Ash and Misty both linked their hands together as well, leaving no room for error.

"Hay, do you hear that?" asked Ash.

Misty was silent for a minute. She then blinked and said, "Hear what?"

"Sh, sh, sh…" said Ash as he faced Misty. He put his free hand in the air, "Do you hear that?"

It was the sound of a pickaxe. Then even more slight 'clanks!' echoed throughout the mountain. The group was nearing the top. The side of the mountain was slowly sloping upwards, getting smaller as they got closer. But a large hole, large enough to fit a grown man through, lay on the side of the mountain. The sky was no longer a dark grey, it was a dark purple, the effects of being close to the atmosphere made Ash's eyes twinkle. It was a sight to behold. But, his concentration was broken yet again, by the clinking noise. They all looked at the whole, a lantern hung next to it, imitating a soft yellow light.

"I think it is a mine shaft," said Cameron as he let go of Pikachu's hand. Cameron peered inside and then smiled, 'Guys, come on in!" he yelled.

They all hopped in the hole to meet a tone of people walking around. A person then walked up to them, he was a muscular looking man, "Hello, welcome to Fairland!"

"Fairland?" gasped Misty and Ash. The muscle man looked behind Cameron. He stared between Ash and Misty. Both boy and girl looked down to see they were still holding hands. Ash and Misty both blushed and snapped their arms back down to their sides.

The muscular man smiled a little and then leaned back to his previous position, "Yes, half of the city is inside, the other half lays in a small crater in the mountain range," he explained.

"Wow, we won't have to trudge up the mountain!" yelled Misty happily. Ash and Misty walked forward to stand next to Cameron.

"When I peered inside the hole I saw a sign that said 'Welcome to Fairland!' on it," Cameron stated.

The layout was much to behold. There was a large black sphere in the center of the hollow mountain. It imitated a faint yellow light, enough to see all of the mountain city. The architecture of the city was stunning. Buildings were all carved into the mountain, "This mountain has always been hollow…" he said as he took the stance of the three travelers. He stood there looking at the city as well. After the shock was over Misty questioned the beastly man, "This mountain has always been hollow? How does it not collapse on itself?"

"We don't know. All we know is, this mountain city has been around for over 500 years!" he laughed. The laugh was booming. It echoes throughout the humungous cavern. The cavern stretched from the base of the mountain, to the point of the top. The company stood in a hole about midway from the bottom. The height was tremendously high. There was a metal platform that extended to the side, where it lead to an escalator. They went all the way down to the bottom where most of the buildings were. Most of the houses were carved out of massive stones that laid around the massive cavern. The skyscrapers didn't even reach midway to the top. In the middle of the cavern hung the sphere.

"Wow…" is all the team could say to the man.


The city was beautiful, even with the uncomfortable temperature, it was worth hanging around outside. Popuri searched for a hotel that the group could stay in for the week that they would be there. Red and Laura lagged behind to talk and laugh together. Red even laughed occasionally, which surprised Popuri to the greatest extent. His laugh was a nice, cheerful laugh, a contradiction to his normal mood.

The clouds in the sky were an metallic blue color as the small round flakes fell from them. They seemed to flutter around in the sky to find the ground, the snowflakes did. Popuri finished looking at the sky when she heard Red, "Come on Popuri, we found a hotel!"

They were across the street. Laura was standing next to Red near the door. Popuri ran across the street to join the other two. They walked inside to see the clerk standing there to receive them, "Welcome to the Langson Inn! Would you like a room…?"
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

The city was caked in snow. The white fluff seemed to be everywhere, from the tops of buildings to the sides of the window sills. The snow was not furious though. It was serene. The company of three made their way up the their newly acquired rooms. "What do you think we should do?" asked Red. He was in a good mood and Popuri wondered why. So she moved closer to Laura to ask her question.

"Why is he in such a good mood?"

Laura turned her head over to look at Popuri, "He is always like this before, during, or just after a battle. The only time you get to see his actual personality…"

Popuri felt a deeper respect for Red. The boy had the skill required to beat trainers, but didn't go overboard with his feelings. Red let the two ladies in the room first, as it was the polite thing to do. Red then threw he question out there again, "What should we do first?"

"Well, I think we should go to the gym to get it out of the way now…" replied Laura wisely.


Ash could not believe his eyes. How was a hollow mountain possible? His curiosity finally broke through the surface, "How did the mountain become hollow?"

Pikachu concurred with his buddy. "Pika!"

"Come with me," he said. The rock roads were paved flat so cars could travel on them. The dim gold light that shown from the large orb made the city look elegant. The lights of rock towers showed people watching television and doing other recreational things. That showed that the work day was over, which told Cameron that it was around five o'clock.

The muscle man brought the trio to a cave on the other side of the mountain. They walked onto a platform that was powered by a winch cable. It then brought them to another platform higher up the inside wall. Then, they saw a small metal bridge that connected the next mountain together. They walked across it, and then into the next entrance. The mountain was much more dirty, and did not show much life, other than a few miners. "This is where we found hints to how the hollow mountain was created…"

"Wow…" gasped Ash. They were ancient wall paintings. Red stickmen danced around as they looked up at the sky. Some were carrying spears, the women were carrying children. There were row boats coming from up a river. That river would be next to the hollow mountain because all the stick people looked up from the boats and the river bank to see a large white Pokémon sitting there on th etop. It had piercing blue eyes that gleamed in the snowy white capped mountain. It had five claws coming from the edge of its skinny wings. The tail seemed to be wrapped in a natural cone. A long mane of fure streamed off of its head. The face resembled a wolf, or perhaps a vixen. The Pokémon stood on the top of the mountain with its wings in the sky, it seemed to be calling them.

The next picture showed the white Pokémon blasting a large hole in the side of the mountain. A large black Pokémon was now chasing the humans and burning the longboats. It seemed to be letting off a blue glow, it had red piercing eyes. It seemed to be more mechanical than anything else. It had wings coming from its back, and the arms had large claws that had natural battle guards. It was destroying the boats, the humans were running for the hole in the mountain. The white Pokémon then destroyed the gaping hole inside the mountain and charged towards the black Pokémon. The next drawings showed an epic clash between the two Pokémon. Explosions seemed to erupt from all sides of the awesome battle. Large energy beams shot from their mouths as both of the powerful creatures tried to down each other. "There is also an inscription here, but it is all faded and destroyed. All we can read is, 'T wld th re ira fr its great victory'," he read, pronouncing the letters if the word was not complete. Ash and his gang stood there, pondering different things. Then the beastly man took them even farther down the cave, "These are some more.

The next pictures showed the black dragon looking creature defeating the white Pokémon. But, as the creature fell, a large blue aura surrounded the mountain. It showed the stickmen looking around as pieces of the rocks started to vanish with the Pokémon outside of the mountain. The black Pokémon had won, but brought salvation to the humans at the same time. "How old are these drawings?" asked Misty.

"Around five thousand years old," he replied back to the group.

"Five thousand!" exclaimed all three travelers, surprised at the age of the cave drawings.

The beastly man stood there smiling at the three children's astonishment. "My name is Zeal. I am the gym trainer hear along with my more slinky brother, Fortune," he said, proud of his strength. "We both train different Pokémon, but our combination is doubtlessly invincible."

"Invincible eh? Well, I guess we will have to beat invincible Ash," he said.

"Ah, so you know that most gyms here are filled with two or more gym leaders?" asked Zeal. Ash looked bewildered at first his two friends, then at Zeal:

"How can there be more than two gym leaders? The most you can have his tag team, or four trainers each.

"Well, you don't necessarily battle us kid. Sometimes gyms will have battles. Sometimes it will be survival training. Sometimes it will be all out war in a digital arena! There is much variety here in Ordo!" he boasted. His voice boomed in the mine. Some of the miners jumped in fright, some of the older ones were used to him visiting the drawings.

"So what are we gonna do?" asked Ash. "Digital war?"

"No, I am not into all the fancy shmancy stuff. You will have survival training. The first team, you and your friends. Including the girl, cuz you will never beat me and my brother. You use your different Pokémon to survive. If you fail, we have rescue stations dotted all over the mountain. The first person to make it down the other side and back to the city limits is the victor."

"Wait, so we will have an audience?" asked Cameron.

"Yes you will, when you arrive back in the city people will be cheering for you or me! Most likely me, cuz I hardly eva lose! Ahahaahhahaahaahaaaaa!" his laugh echoed throughout the mineshaft. Misty had learned to cover her ears whenever Zeal's voice started to pick up with excitement. "But come. You have just arrived here! Take a day or two to relax! I have had trainers that come here that claim they are ready, but really aren't."

The group made their way back over the small metal catwalk and into Fairland City. But behind Ash and the miner's back, the drawings of the two Pokémon glowed. Their time was coming…


"So, haven't ever battled a gym leader? Your Pokémon definitely seem strong enough to me. Plus, I need you anyway. The gym leader is a double here.

"Wait, what? A double battle? I don't even know how you battle!" yelled Popuri.

"Nobody knows how I battle. I don't plan ahead. I just do… what I think will win me the fight. That is why I took a liking to the boy, Ash. He reminds me a lot of me…" he said, he started to stare off in the distance. His attitude started to mellow, realizing that his battle was coming up and would end soon. A victory or defeat.

"Well, I think we should go to the gym and challenge them tomorrow, we just got here two hours ago…" said Laura. So Red and his group of travelers hunkered down in Shield for the night, preparing for the offensive tomorrow.


"So, what have you to report Ma-" she was cut off by the woman with piercing eyes.

"I have this sniveling wimp for you to ice," she said angrily. The woman threw the small teenager boy to the ground. He was sniveling and whimpering wretchedly. His pleas for mercy echoed out through the dark chamber which he was thrown in.

"Please! Don't hurt me! I will just take my Seviper and leave!" he continued his pathetic cries. Gasping for air whenever he ran out of breath.

"Hmm, well it seems to me that you have failed me. You didn't get the information I wanted about that boy," said the young girl sitting on a large throne. She was not old, maybe eleven at most. But her eyes, they were not always hateful. Her blue hair hung down to her neck, it started to sway as she lifted her arm up. "Get rid of the wretch! He has failed me more than once before! Especially when he tried to destroy that boy who took down Team Rocket!" she commanded. Two guards, with heavy English accents strode toward the shuddering scene on the floor.

"No guys! No, I didn't mean to! It was all a mistake! Pleeeeease! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!" his cries were drawn off by the two grunts that were constantly telling him to be quiet. His screams were eventually cut off by the large metal door in the back of the room. The little girl that sat on the throne. Her mouth seemed to twitch in happiness as the yells of fear and agony started to wring out again, louder than ever. Even the woman with the piercing eyes had to clench them shut. She had never gotten use to that sort of evil. Never that sort of… fun…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

Well written so far. Your grammar and spelling are good enough :3

You started off with descriptions a bit lax but as you've progressed, you've improved a considerable amount (I was the same don't worry we all do it :3). It's an interesting storyline, and while I really don't like using too many canon characters in a fan-fic. (Okay Surge is in mine, but he's going soon ^^) Your doing a decent enough job with them. The danger that you faced with using Ash Misty and Brock is the fact that they're well known characters and fans could really get annoyed if you don't portray them perfectly.

Last thing, and this is a biggie for me, post your updates in bigger blocks. You don't need to do an update everyday. Instead keep writing until you have a bigger section and then post it all at once. It looks a lot better, instead of the little segments as it can be hard to keep track sometimes.

Other than that, doing well. Keep it up :3
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

Well, for using canon characters, I think I have balanced it out by incorporating Red, Laura, and Popuri. Another thing is, I was just as scared about using them as you all were about me releasing them. It is hard at first, but all i have to remember is that Misty hates being picked on. Ash? He is the hard one. I have to make him have enough parts because both Cameron and Ash have similar personalities, goofy. But, I think I have given him enough parts so far. Oh, and about the leader of the evil people. It is going to be really... epic? Yeah.

Anyway, thanks for the grammar compliment. I have been getting used to this new program I downloaded from Cnet. It is a bit awkward to use, but my Word 7 is always crashing on me. I even wrote a few updates on the program's files. But, eh, I have nearly gotten used to it, it is named Rainbow Words 3.1.0. It is fine enough... I guess...

Yeah, about the description... heh... that took a while. You see, I am a film director, and I build my own Brickfilm sets. So, in a film, there isn't much need to describe things because the item is there. But, I do agree with you, my earlier attempts were far less descriptive. Oh, and another thing, I liked how you showed me that everyone makes mistakes. Take some honesty and modesty on your part!

Yo, can you guess what the two Pokemon Ash and friends were looking at on the wall?

Thanks for the constructive criticism, I really appreciate it! Because for crying out loud, some people are harsh...

P.S: Cameron rocks!
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

Chibb was bathing in the sun. The small Tailow was a mischievous one. He was an excellent warrior, learning to fight from a Charizard. The Charizard constantly talked of a powerful trainer. A child that would master any Pokémon if he put his mind to it. The Tailow believed the Charizard, but he was too much of a free spirit. Chibb never wanted to be captured, he enjoyed fighting for a cause much greater than delusion and grandeur.

"Chibb? What are you doing out here!? We got to go and have the meeting with Gallows. He says he has a very important visitor!" shouted a young Pidgey. The Tailow and Pidgey were best friends, possibly more than that.

"You know I knew that Bliss," laughed Chibb. He was slowly rising from his spot in the grass. Bliss was a strong female Pidgey. She had a little voice though, and hardly ever put much of a fight up.

"Oh, but we a' going to be late!" she worried. Chibb put his wing over her neck.

"We are not. We can fly can't we?" asked Chibb.

Bliss let a smile show on her face. She knew that Chibb would never worry about being late. "Come on Chibb. We ha' to go!" Bliss fluttered her wings and took off in lightning speeds, Chibb following her in the same speed.

When the couple arrived in the assembly, several Pokémon were chatting over the visitor. "I heard that he was giant!" yelled a small Aron.

"I sur' hope he is friendly!" yelled Bidoof.

"Hick! Yes! Hick! I do too!" a little Furret.

The hubbub consisted of several Pokémon from all over the western area of Ordo. A Gastradon waddled onto the large stand of rock. The assembly area was a large cave with small bonfires lit to keep a small, radiant light going. Some Pokémon were warming near the fire for they traveled from the north to hear the speech. The Gastradon coughed politely, "Hem! Ahem humph ahem!" As the chit-chat slowed and died off, the Pokémon continued. "As you all know, I come baring a visitor. Ahem, he is very large compared to most of us, so may we all move outside?"

The Gastradon received a shout from top of the cave, "Thank you my good friend Gallows!" The voice was young and had much bass in it. All the Pokémon were talking in their slight English accents as they left the cave. They all chatted and pondered what creature it was.

"By the fur!" exclaimed a small Growlithe. The yell brought all other eyes towards the monstrosity. It was a large white looking dragon. The Pokémon from the cave paintings!


Ash had been awake for hours. It was around eight o' clock as he sat in the hotel room. He was looking out of the window, the small dim light still shown. He sat there, watching as people started their morning routines. His gaze shifted. Misty shifted her position in the bed. But before he could look back to the window, a few yells were heard from the door.

"My goodness! Where'd this fellow come from!" yelled a miner.

"I don't know! But it is very tired," yelled another.

Ash went to see what the commotion was about. But when he opened the door, he was stunned to see a great bird. The bird shook off the miners that tried to help it. It hopped over to Ash. Pidgeot had returned!


Red was awake most of the night. He could not wait for the fight that was to occur today. He was sure to win. But a cold and emptiness was inside him. He knew that once the battle was over, it was back to work. And, he still couldn't forget about Popuri. Whether or not she was still on the enemy's side or not was inconsequential to him, but if she helped him was more important. He needed her to help him in the days to come. He needed to earn her respect, just like a commander needs to earn his respect from his soldiers. That's what Popuri was, his soldier. He needed not to befriend her, but to use her. He needed to use her to prevent harm coming to others, to the world.

Popuri had been up for several minutes now. She was brushing her hair when she noticed Red moving to rub his eyes. She looked in the reflection in the mirror. What she saw was innocent, she couldn't believe that someone so sinister feeling still had emotion and human traits. The eyes that he rubbed were purple for a minute, he was in one of his cold moods. But, when he rolled out of bed, his eyes seemed to shift to a bright orange. "Are you ready to battle against the gym leader?" he asked.

"I… I guess," she replied.

"Good, cuz we are gonna have a tag team that no one will forget!" he said with high hopes. Popuri let a smile out as she put down her comb. She was excited and nervous about the battle. She had always had trouble working up courage, but when she finally worked it up nothing would stop her.

Laura entered the room with a cup. Inside the cup resided orange juice. She had already eaten. Popuri looked at her expression, a delightful smile was across her face. "The breakfast is free!" she laughed.


The girl sat there. She was pondering about the future. She had already foreseen it, but it was unbearable not to wonder. She shifted her neck so her head would land in her hand. Her arm was propped on the side of her large thrown. She sat there, in the darkness. Her thoughts were interrupted by a man walking in through the large metal door at the end of the hall.

"Milady! We have finally found what we… you have been looking for!" he yelled as he panted. He had been running in the rain from outside.

"Good," her voice echoed in the dark abyss. "I will join you."

She rose from the large chair. She walked down from the stairs that led up to her seat. No matter how close the young girl got close to the worker, he could not see her facial features. He could see the outline, but no eyes, nose, or mouth. This sent a shiver down the man's spine. He had heard awful stories about this girl. "Now, take me."

They walked down the hall that lead from her chamber. The old stone walls showed algae growing. The light in the hall was shown by small torches, but the girl constantly dodged and weaved to stay in the darkness. They approached a small wooden door. Behind the door rang out grunts and heaves as men worked. Clangs rang out to reveal a small mining operation.

"In here Milady," said the man. He lifted his arm to turn the knob to the door. As soon as the door started to creak and show rays of light, the girl started to smile. She darted off to the side to stay in the darkness.

"Is there something wrong?" asked the puzzled man.

"It is nothing," said the girl. They entered the mine, but the girl stayed close to the walls to stay in the shadows.


Ash could not believe his eyes. He laughed in delight to see his friend. Both Ash and Pidgeot danced in glee, playing, and enjoying themselves. "How'd you find me old buddy?"

The door opened to reveal Misty rubbing her eyes, "Ash, could you please keep it dow-…" she stopped in midsentence, her mouth gaped wide. "Pi-Pi-Pidgeot?" Pikachu's ear twitched as he heard the word. He opened his eyes and darted off his resting place.


"Hay Pikachu, come to see who has come!" yelled Ash happily. Pikachu darted out of the door to see Pidgeot. Pikachu squeaked happily and ran over to shake Pidgeot's talons. Misty walled over to scratch Pidgeot's chin.

"Wow Ash! We haven't seen Pidgeot in a long time!" exclaimed Misty. She started to laugh as Pidgeot pushed its head into Misty's playfully.

"Pideeeoooot!" screeched Pidgeot happily. It then bent down to peck at one of Ash's free Pokéballs.

"You wanna join us again?" asked Ash. He was overjoyed that his friend was there. He brushed some snow off of its feathers and hugged it tightly. Cameron came out, fully dressed to see the moment.

"Nice! One of your old Pokémon I take it?" he asked smiling.

"Yeah, I just don't know how he found us here!" he laughed as the Pidgeot snuggled its head into Ash's stomach.


The girl stood there in a small circular chamber. The darkness was still covering much of her, but much of the light showed her mouth, and some of her clothes. She wore a dark blue dress. It was an elegant looking one and it had a small cape drooping from the back. Her mouth was smiling, but not the cute girl way. It was a wide smile, but her mouth never opened until she spoke. "You have done well…" she stood as she looked up a large pillar.

On the pillar showed many small Pokémon. They had pointy ears, they looked mouse-like, with small sacks on their cheeks. "Now you see why I want that boy."

"What boy?" asked the worker. He didn't know of her plans.

"Oh, you will see him when I find him. Iiii… knew him once," she mused.

The worker shrugged his shoulders and went back to work, continuing to excavate whatever he was to find.

The girl went back, staying in the shadows, to her chamber. But before she was about to open the massive metallic doors, a thought occurred. "I wonder how that failure is doing down there?"

She walked down the corridor to walk down stairs. The guards that were placed all around the halls watched as she moved. They were not only afraid of the little girl, they were intimidated by her. As she passed them, they stood at attention and saluted. She came to barred cells. Each one had a captive in it. The sight that she saw was horrible. She had peered into the wrong cell, but the one person she saw in there brought a smile.

It was a boy, the same age as her. He was malnourished, skinny, but his eyes showed the fire of a fighter. He stood there staring into her eyes. His blond hair was dirty and covered in mud. The cells were filthy and bare dirt. She continued to smile as the desperate figures came closer to the cell bars. They clung to them to help themselves stand. She looked at them, their misery bringing happiness into her eyes. She finally reached the last open cell to find the boy she had sent the day before. He was curled in a ball, but when he saw the girl he stood up. "What do you want?"

"More importantly, what do you want?" asked the girl. She was not smiling anymore, her blue hair shifted as she cocked her head.

"Let me see your face. So I can hate it forever!" he yelled at her.

"So be it…" she moved out of the darkness to reveal her face. She had gold pins in her blue hair. Her eyes were dark blue tinted. She stood there, glaring at him. His arm shook, "You… you're a girl…" he shuddered.


"Wow, now I have two Pokémon to help me in this upcoming test!" stated Ash, more cocky than ever.

"You will have more, I have two and Misty has three. We should be able to beat them," assured Cameron.

"You are coming too Misty?" asked Ash.

"You bet I am!" she said as she lifted her hand up to make the peace sign.

"Alright! I am set for the competition!" he yelled. People looked at him as he stood in the streets. He had his arm in the air with his hand clenched tight. He stood looking at the ceiling of the mountain with his chest swelling with pride. The battle was on…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

"I come to you in need! I need all of you to help me. To save not only yourselves, but humanity too. I fight for the good of all life, will you join me!?" the giant white dragon asked the Pokémon.

A small Linoone asked as he fidgeted, "I have a question sir!"

"You may ask young Linoone," confirmed the dragon.

"What exactly do you mean fight? Do y' mean combat fight?" the Linoone started to fidget even more.

"Yeah!" some of the group concurred. They had never seen much combat, only the occasional greedy Pokémon trying to rob their houses and farms.

"Yes, combat! But, I am a skilled warrior. I have lived for thousands of the human years. I will train you all if you decide positively!" the great dragon's young adult voice boomed with its bass.

Chibb hopped forward. He was the most skilled warrior there, "I think we should fight lads and lasses!"

"Why so? Is it because of that Charizard?" laughed a small Mousant. Mousant was a small mouse-like Pokémon. It was so small, it was the size of a small pebble. Its kind were master thieves and were very cautious in their ways.

"Not only because I am a skilled warrior, but I believe that this great beast is telling us the truth!" he announced, "I trust all just warriors. And this is my fellow friends, is a just warrior!" He then put his small red and white wing on the dragon-like creature.

"Thank you little fighter. I trust that these people will follow your lead?" he asked.

"I shall say they would! I am the wisest warrior here!" Chibb chirped.

"Then I will ask your people again. Will you join me in the fight against dark?" he dutifully asked.

The Pokémon seemed to talk it over. Voices rang out in whispers and shouts, "Should we Nuzleaf?"

"Why should we Marill?"

"Why not Graveler?"

Before long all the pondering and decision making halted. Bliss hopped forward, "We have decided…" she paused for a second, "Yes!"

A large smile formed on the white dragon's face. "Good! Let’s get started!"


The teenager lay on the floor. He stared outside his dark cell to see a dark corridor. He had little to feed him, perhaps a loaf of bread. But his cellmate, whom never spoke, took half of it. He could not believe that he was imprisoned by a girl. He was commanded by a girl. He obeyed a small girl like an elder. A raspy voice called out to him, "So kid. You haven't asked anything so suppose I will. What is your name?"

The old man crawled out of the shadowy corner he lurked in. The teenager could see a pale face that had not seen daylight for years, "My-my-m-m-my name is Taylor…" he stuttered. The face was very sad and somewhat aged. It was a young man, quite skinny, who had blonde hair. He wore the same uniform that laid on the back of Taylor's.

"Ah, my name is Shalom," he replied. A small smile seemed to form on his face. "I haven't had company in this cell for weeks."

"What are we to do here?" he asked.

"Well, think of all the napping you'll do. But, I am sure that if anyone comes here, they will break us out. And when they do, I will help them no matter their cause," he said. He was staring off into the distance for a long time. Then his focus returned on Taylor, "You are a little young for making the mistake of joining this evil army. What did you do?"

"I failed a mission," said Taylor embarrassingly.

"Ahh, that is what we all did," he let out a small laugh and then shrugged. The then scooted into the shadows to ponder about the future, as Taylor did.


Ash was excited about his challenge. He constantly prodded his friends, "Come on Misty, can't you take care of your hair faster?" he danced around. Misty just sighed and went on with her hair. "Come on Cameron! Let's go!"

"Hay, cool you jets man. I want the badge as much as you do," laughed Cameron. He approached the door. "Meet you out there."

Misty finally finished messing with her hair. She then moved from the sink counter to the bed where she lifted her bag. "Okay, Ash. Let's go."

So the group traveled around the streets of the mountain until they found the rendezvous point, the gym. It was not a full-scale gym, it was maybe half the size of a standard one. It just housed the Pokémon that the two gym leaders used. "Helloa guys!" yelled Zeal.

"Hay!" yelled all three.

"I take it you three are going to take your friends?" asked Fortune. He was a shady person, dressed in black and purple. He had dark yellow hair and it shifted with his body: "Typical newbie move," he laughed jokingly.

Ash took that as an insult, "I am not a newbie! I won second place in the Sinnoh League!"

"Chill man, I think he meant that as a joke," Cameron put his hand on Ash's shoulder to pull him back. Ash was overly excited, who knows what he might have done?

"Okay guys. As you know, we must go all the way to the bottom of the mountain and back. All three of you must make it. It will be a long journey, possibly two or three days. Are you ready?" asked Zeal.

They all lines up, ready to go. "Go!" yelled Fortune.

Ash and his group started off in a small trod, "Remember guys, use your Pokémon in hairy situations!" reminded Cameron. The challenge was now on. The town's people started to get ready for the great feast that was to take place upon the contestant's arival.


"Hello! You be the challengers?" asked a Gaelic accented guard at the gym.

"Yes, we are the challengers," replied Red. Popuri had her Pokémon, a Squirtle and Zigzagoon's Pokéballs out, ready for the battle.

"Alroighty then goiys. Come on ien!" he yelled as he opened the door. The inside was extremely technologically advanced. The floor was made of pure glass. A large machine lay under it, wiring as if it were alive. Popuri was amazed.

"Is this what all gyms are like?" she asked as she gazed around.

"Loirghty me no! This plaice is diefferent just loik all the othas!" he continued with his heavy accent.

"What do you mean?" asked Red.

"Oll the gyms have thea own speacial touch," he smiled. "I loik this one cuz it is all futureistic!"

"I see. When will we battle them?" Red questioned the delightful guard.

"Weill, I would saey about…" he paused as he looked at his watch. "Naiw."

They looked to see the floor glowing in a bright radiant turquoise. Small energy particles started to swirl around them like fireflies on a warm summer night. "Woah!" yelled Laura.

Then two women walked out to the side of the field. "Glad you like it!" one of them said. They both dressed identically. They had blonde hair, blue eyes, and a wonderful smile. The wore shorts with yellow t-shirts.

"How in the world can you dress in shorts? It is frigid out there!" shouted Laura as she wandered to the spectator seats.

"Heh! Live here long enough, you start to build up a defense!" laughed the opposite woman.

Red was tired of the chit-chat. He needed the next badge. "Speaking of defense!" said the other woman.

"Enough! Me and my friend here are ready to battle you!" he took out a Pokéball.

The two women glanced at each other than glanced back at Red. "So, you want to get right down to it I see?" asked one of them.

"I am," replied Red.

"What battlefield do you want? Ice, forest, rock, desert?" asked she again.

"Doesn't matter, I am going to beat you either way."

"Oh, cocky are we?" asked both of them.

"I should say that you two are cocky. Letting me chose the battlefield and all," Red continued the banter.

"Oh, but ours is justified. We WILL beat you," the left one smiled.

Red stared as the battlefield slowly fabricated. Forest it will be…


"Chibb, teach those lads how to fight melee style! Hop to it!" yelled the massive dragon.

"Yes… what is your name?" asked Chibb.

"You will learn my name when the time comes small one. But until then, we must train and prepare," he said. He then slid off to the side lines where he was standing with an old and wise Xatu.

"So, you have finally arrived after thousands of years…" he mumbled, his eyes still closed. The Xatu stood there, the wind blowing on his feathers.

The great dragon looked down to the Xatu. "You see into the future?"

"I see a great deal of things."

"Tell me. Will these innocent creatures keep their lives? Will we succeed? And will the forces of darkness be vanquished from this place?" he went on. He was eager for the answer.

"I would like to tell you that sir. But there are some things that I cannot see," hummed the Xatu.

"What do you see then?" asked the dragon.

"I see a hero. I see three as a matter of fact. I see a death… a terrible death. But then, I see a light and rebirth. I have no idea. But I also see much tears…" the Xatu opened the eye closest to the dragon. It peaked at him over the corner of its eye.

"Well then, I do not know who the death… or deaths… that will happen. But I will tell you one thing! I will not give up!" he announced boldly.

"Of course sir…" the Xatu went into a slumber, still standing…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

I like the theme song of this cartoon very much. It is very funny :)
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins

Thanks much! It changes every new "Act" or section! So stay tuned!

Oh, and my break of writing this is almost over. So expect a new chapter soon!
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

"Go, Wigglytuff!" shouted the gym leader to the left. "See, we have a perfect reason to be overly-confident," she smirked. The Wigglytuff stood there with a determined look it its eyes. It stood in a perfect melee stance, but also had a defensive posture ready to bag it up.

"I'm sorry, I do not think we caught your names," replied Red, ignoring the sarcasm of the woman as he peered through the foliage of the forest.

"I'm Delilah!" shouted the woman without the Pokémon out.

"And I am Celia!" yelled the other.

Popuri had sent out her Squirtle, it stood there in the forest, ready for combat…

Red stood there with a slanted smile. He had his arm to his waist, grabbing a Pokéball. "Well, my name is Red, and this is Popuri. And we are here to defeat you!"

"So be it," said Delilah. "Go, Skarmory!"

The Skarmory came soaring out of the Pokéball, it landed on a branch to peck at the feathers, under the steel armor. Its eyes were blue, and they glared at the trainers from the corner of its eyes. It was prepared for a lighting fast attack.

"Alroity gois! Oi think eit is toime for the baaaattle!" he announced. He then went to the announcer's post and began the match. The battle was on…


Ash, Cameron, and Misty were making their way down the mountain. It was very difficult to make the long bound down the mountain. They could see the two gym leaders crawling down ahead of them. Ash leapt down to see their foe's exact position. He landed on a small cliff that hung over thin air. As Ash landed a loud crack rang out from the mountain's side.

"Be careful Ash! You don't know when any of this rock can give away!" yelled Misty, climbing down above Cameron. Cameron then fell. The plummet landed him noisily beside Ash. The sound was almost comedic, with a loud thud.

"I'm fine! I'm fine…" he said as he pulled himself up. He brushed off his pants in embarrassment.

Misty hopped down to join her two friends. Pikachu clung to Ash's vest tightly, the wind was blowing. The flakes of snow swirled around in anticipation of another victim to their cold touch. Ash watched as the two gym leaders continued their dash down the hill. "How are we gonna catch up?" asked Ash.

"Well, Zeal said we could use our Pokémon," remembered Misty.

"Yeah, but I doubt Pikachu or Pidgeot could help us in this situation…" mumbled Ash disappointed.

"If we brought our other Pokémon, it would have helped…" moaned Cameron.

"Hay, why don't we just use our human… ingenuity?" asked Misty.

"Hmm, heh, big word," laughed Cameron. "But, I like the way you are thinking… Ash, give me your escape rope."

"But we aren't in a cave."

"I know. I am not going to use it to escape," he laughed as he took the rope from Ash's hands. He then bent down and tied it to a rock. He walked to the edge of the small cliff that they were positioned on. He let the rope drop from the side of the cliff.

"I get it!" Ash grabbed Pikachu and slid down the rope. He landed on another cliff below. Cameron and Misty also came down.

"Well, that got us down one cliff pretty fast… how about the next ones?" asked Misty.

Ash looked around. There had to be a way down there…


"Come on chaps! The big guy is going to finish his story!" yelled a Machop.

"By golly! We rushed right into it without even wondering what the big dragon's story is!" proclaimed a small Pachurisu.

All the Pokémon stopped in their training and gathered around a small fire, night was near approaching. The great white creature climbed onto a large rock which was part of a large hill's wall. He stood gazing at the 500 somewhat Pokémon that were willing to help him. The number surprised him. "Hehm… well… you all jumped into such a rush that you never let me fully explain what this darkness I am speaking of is…" he laughed amusingly.

The Pokémon continued to marvel at the colossus that stood before them. The sky was clear, the dark yellow dusk behind the dragon cast a shadow. This made him appear even bigger to the Pokémon.

"I come from up north… near the um… the giant mountain," he said, seeing if any of the Pokémon knew what he was speaking of. The silence seemed to last for an eternity, until an undersized female Jolteon spoke up, "Me and my foke," she looked back at the other Jolteon, "know of such a place, though we do not have a name for the big rock!"

The dragon was pleased to hear a confirmation at last. "Yes! Well, I was held a prisoner for years in that mountain! There is a large fortress on it."

A baby Caterpie asked, "How wong were you kewpt thewe?"

The dragon fixated his sight on the small Caterpie, "Longer than you could ever imagine…" he replied. "I was kept there for many years, until a human… a small human child had me thrown out for dead. This happened several months ago. I managed to crawl here, but I know the full story to that human girl's background, and I need to stop her plans!"

"What are her plans?" asked Chibb.

"That, I shall tell you…"


"Wigglytuff! Use defense curl!"

"Squirtle! Bubblebeam!"

"Skarmory, fly up in the air!"

"Heh! Charizard, fly into the air too!" ordered Red.

The Charizard did what is was bid to do, and in a lightning fast blur too. The Charizard had a confident look, a large scar down its back, and a small slash down its wing. The Charizard was battle hardened. It seemed to stand in midair in front of the Skarmory.

The bubbles seemed to damage the Wigglytuff sufficiently, even after the defense curl. But Delilah had a small trick under her sleeve. Popuri decided to have Squirtle wonder into the foliage of the forest. That is when the trick went into play. "Wigglytuff, roll out!"

The Wigglytuff was rock hard as it began to curl even further in a ball, "Wiiiiigglyyyyytuff!" is cried as it started to roll quickly towards the shrubbery.

"No! Squirtle!" but to her amazement Squirtle had completely dodged the attack.

The announcer screamed in excitement, "Wigglytuiff continuies to roll oaut of control!"

The Wigglytuff did just that too. It rolled up a small rock incline in the middle of the digital forest, flew, and crashed noisily into a tree. The Pokémon seemed to hang there for a few seconds on the trunk of the tree, then slid into the forest's under brush. But the Wigglytuff wasn't out yet.

"Use double slap!" she yelled again. The Wigglytuff's eyes started to have a strange gleam. Squirtle began to tremble from the unnerving expression. Then, the Wigglytuff charge to the Squirtle. Squirtle was forced to jump, dodge, weave, and block the never ending barrage of fists.

Red was holding his own quite well. Charizard was busy finishing the Skarmory. "Alrighty Charizard, seismic toss!"

The Charizard seemed to smile when it grabbed its smoldering prey, the Skarmory being burnt severely. It then soared into the air, Skarmory attached, and flew in a dizzying circle. The announcer was too excited to see anything else as he watched Charizard's amazing power. The great red dragon then plummeted to the ground with Skarmory going head first beneath him.

"No! Skarmory!" Delilah yelled. The Skarmory cried out as it was forced into the forest floor below, ending in a loud crash.

"Skarmory appears to be out of this match! What will the leader choose next?" he yelled out, helping Red and Popuri.

"Go! Golem!"

"Oh nooo…" moaned Red.

"Hah, it is rock as well as ground. It can easily take down you Charizard. Rock blast, Golem!"" yelled Delilah.

"Gooooleeemmmm!" it yelled. It then picked up numerous rocks and lobbed them at Charizard. Some were fast and some were slow and arched around Charizard. Charizard was already getting tired from the battle that seemed to be effortless, it was getting older.

"It's alright Charizard, I know…" Red said with much care. He then returned the Charizard.

"Charizaad is outa' thes match! Wot will he choose next!?" yelled the announcer.

"Go, Venasaur!" yelled Red.

"Veeeeeenasaaaaauuurrrrrrrr!" it growled as it hobbled around to gain correct footing. The Venasaur was enormous and struck fear even in Laura, who was out on the sidelines.

But the gym leader only smiled, "I know that titan of a Pokémon is big and all, but the larger they are the-"

"Harder they fall, blah blah blah," said Red. But he was quickly silenced as the Golem started to beat on the ground. Earthquake!"

The Venasaur quickly lost its footing and toppled on its side. As it lay there defensively, the Golem quickly thrashed it. Hitting the large Pokémon with its fists and feet, the Venasaur was out of the count within minutes.

"Wow! Venasaur was taken down without even taking an attack!" shouted the announcer.

"Go, Blastoise!"

"Blaaaassstoissse!" grumbled the turtle-like Pokémon.

"Oh my, you are one of those who believe in type advantages aren't you?" asked Delilah and Celia.

"What? Oh, no. That's my last Pokémon…" Red moaned.

"What about the Pichu?" asked Celia.

"It's too small to battle…" he replied, "But that aside, prepare for pain!"

"Blastoise!" yelled the Blastoise in anticipation.


"How are we gonna get down there?" asked Ash.

"Well, there is a really fast way of getting down," Cameron said.

"Really what!?" both Ash and Misty said, hope reenergized.

"We could jump…" he said smiling.

The two others rolled their eyes and turned away, pondering. But Cameron was dead serious. He stood there akimbo, waiting for the duo to give up their thinking.

"We could always slide down…" muttered Ash.

"But what if we hit a rock? We will spiral out of control," she replied.

"Oh yeah, didn't think of that…"

Misty turned in anger, "It would be nice if you were helping!"

"I did help, I threw my suggestion out there!" he yelled as he had six pick axes at his feet, "Oh look, where'd these come from?" he said mockingly.

"Wow Cameron… sorry…" laughed Ash silently. The group then grabbed the picks, ready to slide down the mountain with control…

"We are almost to the bottom!" laughed Zeal's booming voice.

"Yeah, and they are only mid way, ahahahahahahaha!" laughed Zeal's brother.

But when they paused on a rock to catch their breath, they heard rocks rolling down. The site that they saw next made even Zeal's eyes grow wide. Misty had just past them! Cameron was next, and it seemed in slow motion he made the peace sign, "Hello old chaps!"

Ash came next, soaring, but he was going slow enough to close Fortune's mouth, "You'll catch flies in there!" he laughed.

"Innovative, they are…" laughed Fortune.

"Yes, they will win, but we must try out hardest!" yelled Zeal…
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

Pokemon Ordo Origins
Act III: Deeper Into the Land

Theme for the new act: (A MUST LISTEN)
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

It was an impossible feat. How would Ash and team get up the colossus of a mountain? The stern and steady mountain seemed to gaze at the three manned team.

"What are we gonna do? It will take us forever to climb up there!" shouted Cameron through the thickening sheet of snow.

"I don't know…" muttered Misty as she shivered from the pure frigid temperature.

They all stared back at the confident mountain. The mountain thought it had won. The cold flakes of powder were thrown this way and that, like a crowd cheering both of them on. Cameron looked to see the gym leaders getting close to the bottom of the mountain. The sky was also darkening as the day drew to an end, "We had better start to do something guys, the gym leaders are catching up to us… or should I say down to us, heh!" he laughed. But his laugh was a nervous laugh. Were they to lose?

"It is at these times that a flying Pokémon would help…" Misty said.

Ash turned to meet Misty's eyes. He had a large smile that seemed to take up the whole bottom of his face.

"What? Did I say something wrong?" asked Misty.

"Ehehehehehehheheeeeeeeeee!" Ash laughed hysterically. The jittery laugh was a mixture of excitement and cold as he stood in front of Misty.

"What!?" asked Misty again.

"I do have a flying Pokémon!"

"Wait Ash, it is too cold to let out a feathered Pokémon!" yelled Cameron, "I mean, it was exhausted when it came to this mountain to search for you."

"I had it fly around and help us in the mountains back in Kanto. Remember Misty? When I was separated from you and Brock."

"Yeah…" Misty replied as she remembered the freakish night on the mountain. She and Brock had be fortunate enough to find an underground spring with Brock's Onix. But Ash was forced to build his own shelter in the side of the mountain. She did not know what happened in there, but Ash seemed to be more grateful, kind, and cautious with his Pokémon. She could only wonder.

"Go! Pidgeot!" commanded Ash. The Pidgeot flew out courageously, proud of its large wing span, is soared out in front of them all.

"Pidgeot!" it proclaimed. The snow barraged its feathers, intent on helping the mountain undermine the group's plan. But despite the snow's extreme cold, it stood there staring into Ash's eyes, waiting for his next orders.

"Alright, I know you aren't big enough to carry all three of us. But you can carry Misty, Cameron, and me up there one at a time. You can break on the way! Okay Pidgeot?" asked Ash. He wanted to make sure his brave fighter wasn't foolish enough to take on a task that would hurt it.

"Pidgeeeot!" it stood firm on the ground. Waiting for its first load. For several minutes, Ash and Cameron looked up into the dark brown sky, and waited for the great bird to arrive for its next passenger. When the great bird flew down, it showed no sign of distress. So, Cameron hopped on.

Ash stood with his buddy, Pikachu, waiting for the next "flight." He then looked over to see the gym leaders. They were already making their way up the mountain. Which, surprised him, were they not going to stop for the night? For about twenty minutes Ash stood and watched as the gym leaders were making headway and were a quarter of the mountain complete.

When Pidgeot landed next to Ash, it noticed that it was gasping for air and shivering. "Hold on buddy, it's okay. Take a breather," Ash then complimented the Pidgeot for its strength. He hugged the great bird tightly to warm it. For two hours, he sat there with Pidgeot, waiting for it to warm up and catch its breath.


Blastoise stood with its rock hard shell. It was ready for the largest punch, rock, or earthquake the Golem could throw at it.

Popuri was struggling with her own problems. The Wigglytuff had been taken down without even a powerful move, but she knew that the Wigglytuff could still fight. The fat pink mass wobbled back onto the arena.

"Squirtle! Tackle attack!" she yelled.

The Squirtle launched itself into the air and crashed into the Wigglytuff's stomach. The air was knocked right out of Wigglytuff and it stumbled back to find it. Delilah returned the Wigglytuff, "Ooohh, darn you! Are you okay Wigglytuff? You aren't hurt are you?" she asked her Pokéball frantically. Delilah then gained control of herself again, and looked back determinedly, "You will pay for that! Go, Lairon!"

The Lairon was shot out of its Pokéball, and never said a word. It stood there, in its armor of shine, staring at the Squirtle. It had blue, piercing eyes and seemed to melt right through Squirtle.

"Squirtle! Water gun!" ordered Popuri. The Squirtle attacked the Lairon reluctantly, and it seemed to damage it sufficiently, but it stood there still. Steady as a rock, staring at Squirtle.

Popuri was thrown off by the Lairon's powerful defense and steely gaze, "Ehm, Squirtle! Bubble!"

The Squirtle did so again, but could hardly get passed the Lairon's gaze. The attack did sufficient damage again. And the Lairon showed signs of critical damage. It was weakening…


The Pokémon trained hard, but still lived as they once did. The Pokémon were back for dinner, went to bet just after dark, and were kind to one another. The dragon wanted everything to stay the way it was for them. But these hundreds of Pokémon were to defend the rest of the world, Pokémon and humans alike. The dragon the sighed as it laid in the grass. The Pokémon from up north sat and slept around campfires and the Pokémon that lived around the area went into their thatch roofed homes.

The dragon could not sleep. He wandered to the Xatu's house for a word. He sauntered through the night. Watching the nocturnal creatures such as Hoothoot was enjoyable. The Pokémon wondered why a day Pokémon was wandering in the night, but they continued what they did. When the white creature made it to the small tipi that housed the Xatu, he just stood. The Xatu would sense his presence there any minute. So he stood and waited. Looking at all the elegant art on the tipi. It was tribal and all the Xatu and Natu did it.

"Ahem, so what would you like white beast?" a voice shouted from the tipi. The Xatu then hobbled out of the tipi. It looked up to meet the dragon's eyes. "Before you ask your question that I have a well planned answer for, I would like to ask a question, Cain."

"How did you… oh, never mind, what do you need to ask?"

"I would like to ask why you told us a false name. What are you trying to protect? For even I have not foreseen that."

"I told you my name was Cain to protect you. It would give you something to call me, and it would be protecting all of you Pokémon."

"Who needs protecting? You are teaching us the art of war."

"Yes, but the numbers of the foe are far greater than us," Cain said as he looked down to the ground.

"But it was you who told us that numbers don't matter, quality does. Now, was that a lie to?" the Xatu looked at Cain sternly. They both stared at each other for a long while, when a smile started to form on the Xatu. That must have been a form of a joke from the Xatu. It was strange and scared Cain, but he laughed along with the joke, forcibly.

"Now, on with my question wise Xatu."

"You may ask, but I already know what you shall say."

"Then who will?"

"A human… Several humans. And many Pokémon…" it said gravely.
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Default Re: Pokemon Ordo Origins (NEW CHAPTER UP!)

I WILL continue this story!
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