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Old 03-06-2011, 12:19 PM
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Default Want a B/W Gym?

I (Pidge) will be monitoring both threads.


Pokemon Black and White is finally here in URPG! This means a brand new set of gyms is available to lead. Read over the rules for applying to a gym:

Gym Requirements:
  1. You must own at least 1 of your Gym Pokémon, which must be the same Type as the Gym. {ex. Raichu for Electric is ok. Houndoom for Ghost is not.}
  2. If there are multiple applications for the same gym at one time, the best will be chosen.
  3. You may be turned down if you recently started. Don't feel bad, this is to prevent Trainers from overpowering you as a new Gym Leader.
  4. When selecting an open Gym, choose fully evolved Pokémon based on the Gym type (Vermillion City is Electric so Raichu would be a choice.) You are allowed only one Pokémon that isn’t the Gym’s type (Houndoom for Ecruteak since there aren't that many Ghost types.) These are called wild cards. IT'S UP TO THE LEAGUE ORGANIZER WHAT THEY CLASSIFY AS A WILDCARD. ONLY CERTAIN POKEMON ARE ACCEPTABLE AS LONG AS THEY AREN'T STUPID EXAMPLES: MAGMAR IN A WATER GYM OR MISMAGIUS IN A NORMAL GYM. You cannot have a Wild card as a RENTED Pokemon. You can only request a Wildcard if you OWN that Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon aren't allowed as Gym Pokemon.
  5. You can't use a wild card until it's approved by the LO. So even if you post it here as a change to your line-up, as long as it's not approved you can't use it. Pokemon of the gym type can be used once you post the switch in this thread; you don't have to wait for the LO to edit it into the line up.
  6. The Pokémon you choose that you don't own will be borrowed from the Gym. You will have to buy TM’s from the Pokémart and teach them to your borrowed Gym Pokémon. It is suggested that you own as many as the Gym Pokémon yourself as you can.
  7. If you catch a new Pokemon and want to switch it with a borrowed Gym Pokemon, you may do so. Any TM's on the borrowed Pokemon will transfer to the replacement Pokemon of the same type. Tauros -> Tauros {TM's transfer.} Tauros -> Blisssey {TM's don't transfer.}
  8. Trainers may challenge the Gym for the Gym if they think they can be the better leader. Both Trainer and Leader will use there Pokemon of the Gym's Type and rules stated by the Leader. If Trainer wins, he/she gets the gym and Leader can't challenge back. If Trainer loses, he loses and can't challenge back. Challenges of these types will be looked at in a case-by-case scenario. Please consult the League Organizer for acceptable challenges.
  9. As a special bonus, Gym Leaders who own 4 Gym Pokémon may add up to 2 extra legal Pokémon to their Gym Pool (rented or owned), for a total of 8 Gym Pokémon. Gym Leaders who own 6 Gym Pokémon may add up to 4 legal Pokémon to their Gym Pool (rental or owned) for a total of 10 Gym Pokémon.
  10. To be a Gym Leader, you must have an AIM account or be registered both on PE2K and BMG. When you apply, please post your PE2K name, BMG name, and AIM name..
Note some Pokemon are more useful in their non-fully evolved form if you use the Evolite item in conjunction with that Pokemon. So there are some Pokemon I may approve if you plan on doing that, although you should specify.

The new gyms are...

Striaton City: Grass, Fire, Water
Badge: Trio
Owned by Monbrey

Nacrene City: Normal
Badge: Basic
Owned by Orata (Ataro)

Castelia City: Bug
Badge: Insect

Nimbasa City: Electric
Badge: Bolt
Owned by Synthesis

Driftveil City: Ground
Badge: Quake

Mistralton City: Flying
Badge: Jet

Icirrus City: Ice
Badge: Freeze

Opelucid City: Dragon
Badge: Legend

Fill out the following form if you are interested in leading one of these gyms. You can apply for multiple gyms, but may only lead one. Apply in the order of the gyms you want most to the gyms you want least.

For Striaton City Gym, you must own at least 1 Grass, 1 Fire, and 1 Water Pokemon. Pokemon with two of those types only count as one. A full lineup consists of 4 Grass, 4 Fire, and 4 Water Pokemon. If you have less, you can't have 2 or more of a type than your lowest amount of the other types. For example, if you can have a maximum of 8 Pokemon, you can't have 2 Grass, 2 Fire, and 4 Water Pokemon. However, 2 Grass, 3 Fire, and 3 Water Pokemon is a valid lineup. You must choose 1 Grass, 1 Fire, and 1 Water TM, which all can be used by any Pokemon in your lineup that can learn them. Anyone who defeats your gym gets to choose which single TM he/she wants.

Opelucid City Gym can have multiple wildcards.

Owned gym Pokemon you plan to use:
Rented gym Pokemon you plan to use:

I may wait about a week before deciding on some leaders.

Note that the rules for maximum amount of Pokemon you can have in your lineup have changed. Now, if you own 8 gym Pokemon, you can have 12 total Pokemon in your lineup.

btw, this region better be the strongest and not an easy 8 >:o
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Default Re: Want a B/W Gym?

City: Castelia
Type: Bug
Badge: Insect
Owned gym Pokemon you plan to use: Scizor, Armaldo, Yanmega, Heracross, Shedinja, Flygon(WildCard)
Rented gym Pokemon you plan to use: Galvantula, Scolipede, Accelgor, Volcarona
TM: TM U-turn

VPP: Giratina, Level100 @ 4,554
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