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Old 05-08-2010, 08:41 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Good to have you aboard, crystal_wolf, your character looks fine to me.

We'll wait for the others to finalize thier entries before I start the RP proper, and still even after that the sign-ups will still be open.
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Old 05-09-2010, 02:27 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Okay, here's one of my characters. I'll probably do a bad guy, too, but I thought I better get this one up now, yeah?

Name: Summer Kirkham

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Good/Bad/Neutral: Good

Rank: Ranger Rank 5

Appearance: Standing at exactly five feet, Summer has a strong build for being so small, and is quite the athlete. Her big blue eyes always seem to be full of mischief. Atop her head is thick, layered, white-blonde hair that falls down to about her shoulders. She has fair skin, and easily gets sunburned, but that doesn’t stop her from spending as much time outside as is possible. She wears the classic Ranger’s red jacket, but instead of black she wears blue and white tank-top underneath.

Personality: Adventurous and courageous, it would take a lot to scare Summer. Her favorite pastimes are camping and hiking, which she gets do to quite often thanks to her occupation. Despite this aspect of her, she’s far from being reckless. In fact, she’s even-headed and reasonable when proper. Summer’s genuinely concerned for the welfare of those around her, and wouldn’t do anything to put them in danger. She tries her best to remain optimistic, even in the worse of conditions. Summer absolutely loves her job, and always gives 100 percent. Though she is usually patient with people, she has little tolerance for criminals or perpetrators. She might be a bit biased, but she’s fervent in fighting for what she believes is right. Sometimes she gets it into her head that she’s the boss and knows what’s best. She’ll get rather upset when she can’t get things her way, so watch out.

History: Summer was born the oldest of five in the port town of Olivine. Growing up, she had always been spoiled by her doting family, but as the family expanded she found herself getting less and less attention. She grew rather jealous of her siblings, and when she found out that her mother was expecting another little girl, she grew rather bitter. She felt forgotten and neglected, growing rebellious and disdainful. But as soon as her baby sister was born, her attitude changed. There were complications in the baby’s development, and she was born handicapped.

Because of her, Summer softened. Her little sister needed someone she could depend on, and Summer never hesitated to be there for her. From the bond she shared with her, Summer grew compassionate about helping others, losing her once selfish ways. She desired to become a force for good in the world, to be able to reach out and give a hand to those in need. Eventually, she found her calling when a Ranger came into her life, a handsome young man who had been newly assigned to her district. They became friends, and from him she learned all she could about the Rangers and what they stood for. When she was old enough, she enrolled at the Ranger School.

Being a Ranger was tougher than she thought. School in itself was easy, but she found out the hard way the downsides: the bad guys. Assigned to district in Northeast Kanto, she was assigned to a mission that uncovered a particularly bad case of illegal cage fighting. The Pokemon recovered were in a shocking state that it left Summer speechless for days. They had been bred and forced to fight each other to the death, kept in cramped and filthy cages. Their empty and frightened eyes became imprinted deep in her mind and heart, and though she tried to remain stoic she couldn’t walk away unchanged. After that mission, she held a deep hatred for anyone who abused Pokemon.

With the emergence of Team Ulitma, Summer’s base has had their hands busy. They’re one of the leading forces with combating these mysterious characters, but so far they haven’t had much success unearthing any secrets or weaknesses. Some Rangers have jokingly called them the Shadows because of how sneaky and difficult it is to find out who they are. Summer has been especially fervent, trying to expose these fiends, but has had little success as well. She has had a close scrape with some Grunts, and was actually injured by their Pokemon. The Ranger just recovered, but she’s rather bitter at the moment. She would like to take some revenge, if she can, or at lease liberate the Pokemon that was being fiercely abused.


Partner--Flames (Male Charmander)
-Fire Fang
-Dragon Rage

(If it’s okay, I’m going to give her some owned Pokemon, since she‘s in a League region)

Boden (Male Ivysaur)
-Razor Leaf
-Take Down
-Sleep Powder

Jet (Male Wartortle)
-Rapid Spin
-Aqua Jet

Luna (Female Noctowl)
-Air Slash

(It's probably not my best, but hey. I'm a little under the weather, you know? xD)

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Old 05-09-2010, 02:33 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Looks good to me, Charmander009. Maybe after one more finishes up thier entry, I'll start the RP proper. XD
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Old 05-09-2010, 04:19 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

(One more for Team Ultima! Woot!)

Name: Atlas Parsec
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank (If needed): Team Ultima Grunt
Appearance: Atlas is very plain in appearance and doesn't really stand out in a crowd. He stands at a height of 5'8" and weighs about one hundred-thirty pounds. His mousy brown hair often obscures his hazel eyes that are magnified by square-framed glasses. When in his street clothes, Atlas usually wears a simple green t-shirt and blue jeans. The grunt uniform that he has is very ill-fitting, being very baggy to fit its previous, more corpulent owner.
Personality: As a person, Atlas is extremely quiet and soft-spoken. Whenever there's a dull moment, he stares off into space and daydreams. Atlas is utterly lost without being directly told what to do all the time. Because of his qualities that make him seem detached, many assume he's not very smart. However, he's very intelligent and clever. His wits show in battle, where he seems to transform into a confident person.
History: Atlas Parsec was born to a lower-class family in Lavender Town. His parents gave him a powerful name believing that he was destined to be powerful. They were quite mistaken. He didn't talk outside of the family until he was ten and didn't have any close friends. However, Atlas did excellently in school, surpassing all of his classmates. Then one day, Mr. Parsec took Atlas to Silence Bridge to the south for a fishing trip. A large Tentacruel capsized the tiny boat and Mr. Parsec drowned. A fisherman on the bridge sent his Mantine to rescue the flailing boy in the waves. Without Alexander Parsec, the house felt empty. Mrs. Parsec and Atlas moved south to Fuschia City thinking that it would quell the sadness of Mr. Parsec's death.

Within a few months Atlas's grief was suppressed, and Mrs. Parsec's grief turned to anger. She took it out on her son, claiming that it was his fault he didn't save his father. Her yelling and screeching fits didn't take very long to escalate to physical violence. She had him do relentless housework and then go through the house ruining everything that he had done just to make him do it again.

Atlas did all of these tasks without question, however he often dreamt of a finer life outside of that little house in the outskirts of Fuischa City. On his eighteenth birthday, he left the house and headed back to Lavender Town. Alone in the wilderness, Atlas wandered aimlessly. He forgot supplies and looked around for food. Hanging on a tree, Atlas found a discarded black jumpsuit. He put it on, and the large outfit provided a layer of warmth. Shortly after putting it on, a group of men in uniforms matching Atlas's jumpsuit appeared out of a clump of trees, mistaking him for a newcomer that was straggling behind the rest of the group.

With that, he was sucked into a blur of Team Ultima training, conditioning camp, and even Pokemon catching. Atlas found that he didn't mind being barked at by Commanders, because he couldn't function without being told what to do.

Forretress (M)
-Signal Beam
-Pin Missle
-Iron Defense
-Bug Bite

Houndoom (M)
-Fire Spin
-Dark Pulse
-Thunder Fang

Loudred (M)
-Hyper Voice
-Rock Tomb
-Hammer Arm

Nuzleaf (M)
-Razor Wind
-Double Team
-Grass Knot

(The history kinda got ended abruptly...I didn't really know what to put for it...Uh...Yeah.)
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Old 05-09-2010, 04:21 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Finished my SU! ^^
05/03/12: I claimed ↓ ♥

First banner with GIMP. Hooray for finally being able to make something. Nyar~ :3
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Old 05-09-2010, 06:03 AM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Ill join also, but my character will have a taste of neutrality lol.

Name: Kenny Garcia(dont you think is a original name)

Age: 19



Appearance: Kenny is a proffesional burglar and so he is always seen wearing comfortable clothes just in case he sees something he wants. His favorite clothes are his black and grey pants and he also wears a red and white jacket that resembles flames. He is a tall person, has black hair and green eyes that matches the bandana he wears in his head. He also has a scar in his left arm due to being bitten by a wild Pokemon.

Personality:He is a very cool guy if he isnt stealing from you. He is relaxed and somewhat lazy, but when it comes to work or chasing his biggest dream (capturing Heatran) he is the most active person you can see. He also lacks any sense of remorse and doesnt minds what happens to the others as long as he is safe, kind of a selfish person but he isnt selfish.

History: He was born in the foreign land of Sinnoh, in Veilstone City. His father was one of the best trainers of that area and he often accompanied him to the BattleTower and saw his father battling in there. One day during a trip to Stark Mountain, Kenny saw a four legged Pokemon that was sorrounded by flames walking at the other side of the mountain where they were. When he told his dad it was already gone and his dad explained him the story of Heatran. After that he sought to catch it and become friends with it, this events occured when he was only 11 years old. Now with 19 years he has traveled along different cities looking for Heatran but without having so much success. He became a burglar because of necessity as he didnt had a real job and was always traveling, he was known as the 'ShadowThieve'. He arrived at Kanto because he heard of the Starr Company and the wealth they had, so he decided that with some of that money he could buy all the neccesary things to explore Starks Mountain crater and complete his dream.








So this is it, i think this is going to be interesting.
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Old 05-09-2010, 01:05 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

All the entries look good to me. I'll now add one of the bios for the first Admin you'll encounter and a hint of where the main first part of the story will take place...

Name: Jack Drake
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank: Admin of Team Ultima

Appearance: Jack is a tall white man at 6 feet, he has bright blonde hair with green eyes. His normal street clothes is normally just an average pokemon league shirt you can buy at the pokemon league gatherings and a pair of either jeans that are shorts, or jeans that are pants depending on the weather.

Personality: At first he's very nice and ongoing to everyone he meets, but when he's all business for the Team, his nice and kind facade changes into a very dark and menacing persona that's not afraid to get himself dirty with the really dirty jobs or to do what it takes to advance the goals of Team Ultima. Due to this, it's unknown which side is the true Jack..the Kind Trainer, or the Menacing Monster...

History: Not much is known about Jack, but he started his pokemon journey in Hoenn. He was always in love with Mawile, seeing as it perfectly matched his personality. He spent days upon days in Victory Road, trying to catch a shiny Mawile. He never gave up, and even unleashed his menacing persona, violently beating down all the pokemon he encountered in Victory Road with no problem while searching for the shiny Mawile. After a month in Victory Road, he found the Shiny Mawile. Maybe by fate, the Mawile was also bullying the other pokemon in Victory Road, somewhat calling out to Jack. Once he cleared the Hoenn Pokemon League, he came over to Johto where his tenancy and personality did not go unnoticed by Leader Nova. Nova itself came before Jack in a Team Ultima Cloak and offered Jack the position of Commander to start out. Jack accepted and quickly rose to Admin due to his outstanding work. After a year of being one of the Admins, Jack is now heading toward Goldenrod City, where Team Ultima already bought him a house down there, to try and expand operations in Goldenrod so that that area of Johto would also have Ultima agents planted among other things planned for the area...


(Shiny) Mawile (Female)
-Iron Head
-Sucker Punch
-Rock Slide

Blaziken (male)
-Sky Uppercut
-Blaze Kick
-Shadow Claw
-Swords Dance

The rest of Jack's pokemon are unknown...

I'll go start the RP proper now, even though Sign ups are still open. Don't be afraid to come join us. XD

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Old 05-09-2010, 06:18 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Name: Skylar Marks
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Good/Bad/Neutral: Bad
Rank: Team Ultima Scientist

He is usually always wearing a white lab coat over a black shirt and pants.

Personality: As a knowledgable, and world renowned Pokemon researcher - Skylar's attitude can be taken as a bit of a know-it-all. He tends to think he has absolutely no intellectual equal, and usually looks down upon others.
He is however, a keen battler and a perfect strategist when it comes to observing Pokemon's attacks.

History: Eight years before joining the ranks of Team Ultima, Skylar was a student studying out of Celadon City High School, his top subjects including science, and Pokemon history. After graduating at the top of his class in both subjects, he began an internship at Silph Co. where he trademarked several Pokemon-related inventions, such as a headband which could be worn and would soothe the mind of it's wearer, and aid it in growing stronger. However, after recieving an Eevee, he began to turn his attention to it's history of being able to evolve into different kinds of Pokemon.
Slowly, but surely, his research began to work and the Pokemon was able to transform occasionally into it's other forms. However, the Owner of Silph saw this as cruelty to Pokemon, and ceased Skylar's research funds, and cut him loose from the company.

Now, he stands at the forefront of Team Ultima's science and research department.


-Take Down

This particular Eevee, as a result of many years of experimentation and painful gene splicing, is able to transform randomly into any of the following.


-Pin Missile
-Thunder Wave


-Hydro Pump
-Rain Dance
-Aqua Ring
-Acid Armor


-Iron Tail
-Fire Spin


-Calm Mind
-Quick Attack


-Shadow Ball
-Mean Look
-Confuse Ray
-Sucker Punch

It is a popular misconception that having a Pokemon with the ability to transform at will would be unstoppable, however it is wrong. This Eevee can only transform at set intervals, and once one of it's forms is knocked out, it is unable to battle at all. Eevee's newly discovered forms, Glaceon and Leafeon are beyond it's abilities.


-Counter Attack
-Mirror Coat
-Destiny Bond

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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Looks good to me, CeriseInka, glad to have you with us.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

I hope you don't mind me adding another Pokemon, since Eevee only really counts as one, and when it gets KO'd in any form that's it - so I've added it a team mate if you don't object? :)
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

That's fine.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Name: Mykia

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Good/Bad/Neutral: Good

Rank (If needed): N/A

Appearance: she has a little, slim figure. she has a small nose piercing and always wears her black hair in a spikey... ponytail thing. as for her makeup, she wears silver powder around her eyes with thick black eyeliner and black lipstick. her clothes are usually a tight black capsleeve shirt with a white design on the front with black and white stripy armwarmers. her pants are black skinnies with chains and buckles all over them, causing her to make loud noises when she walks so it is impossible for her to be sneaky. she also has large black boots and a black studded belt.

Personality: her personality completely contradicts her appearance. she is very bright, bubbly and friendly. It is easy for her to make friends and build peoples trust. she is also very loyal. her pokemon are her good friends and valued partners, so she will be willing to risk her life to help them if they are in danger; especially her wobbuffet depper.

History: Mykia grew up quietly in Solacion Town with her sheltering mother and father. as a result, she is very oblivious of the outside world and everything seems new and interesting to her. when she was very little, her mother and father both had jobs in different cities to try to make ends meet, so they got her a young pokemon to take care of her, look after her, and protect her while they were away. they instructed this pokemon that the only reason it exists is to be there for this little girl. the pokemon was... dun dun dun! Depper the Wobbuffet, Mykia's new pet and best friend. they bonded very quickly, and depper became very overly protective of mykia. at the age of 15, she asked her parents if she would be able to go on her own adventure with pokemon like all the other kids did, and they replied with a blunt "No." Despondent, Mykia put off the next few days with depper up in her room. One day, a small child went missing from the village. Mykia snuck out of the house with depper and they went to look for her, finding her lost in the woods. Mykia and depper brought her back to the town, and this convinced her parents that she must be old enough to be able to take care of herself. thus, she started her pokemon journey off with her first pokemon, Depper the wobbuffet.


Wobbuffet (Depper) (M)
-Mirror Coat
(depper is protective of mykia, and will risk anything to save her. however, mykia is equally protective of him. he always wears a 10 gallon hat and a big black belt, with a piece of straw in his mouth. his tail also has an odd pattern on it; the eyes appear to be smiling or happy, and one of the pupils is bigger than the other.)

Snover (Lucent) (M)
-Ice Shard
-Razor Leaf
-Wood Hammer

Rotom (Havac) (genderless)
-Shock Wave
-Shadow Ball
-Ominous Wind

Drapion (Razor) (M)
-Cross Poison
-Poison Fang

I hope that's okay XD I think this role play sounds really cool, mmhmm! can't wait!
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Old 05-10-2010, 07:44 PM
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Yeah, looks fine to me. Welcome aboard.
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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Name: Davis Garnet

Age: 17

Gender: male

Good/Bad/Neutral: good

Rank (If needed): N/A

Appearance: Clicky!
It is best to note that Davis wears a plain white shirt as opposed to this logo-ed one

Personality: At first glance, Davis would almost be the equivalent of the stereotypical hero with a bit of know how. He has learned from personal experience and events that always rushing into things brainlessly can be dangerous, so he tries his best to at least give his next move some thought. However, more often than not, when it comes to people or Pokémon in trouble, he will try his best to help out. In that sense, Davis is rather brave, it seems no danger will deter him once he sets his mind to something. Stubbornness is another of his main traits, along with a general sense of adventure and being easily bored.

Davis, however, does have some under lining issues worth noting. He tends to push himself too hard, sometimes until the point of exhaustion. Also, his work isn`t usually the best of quality, especially when he is tired or feeling down about something. Davis is the type of person that tends to let his emotions take the best of him, sorrow and rage being the two most prominent negative sentiments felt. Let`s just say when he needs to, Davis let`s himself cry, not really caring about the common “men don`t cry” stereotype.

When talking to others, Davis tries to act kind and decent as long as he is treated with such respect. He doesn`t tolerate unprovoked rudeness, and will usually respond if seemingly needless flack is thrown his way. This would also apply in the case of his friends or Pokémon being the targets, the person is part of the baddies or if they are bullies to others or Pokémon.

It may be worth noting that Davis is very critical of Starr, thinking corporations shouldn`t have that kind of power. He believes too much influence leads to greed which results in corruption.

History: Davis is one of the few trainers to claim the Lake of Rage as his birthplace and place of residence. His parents, both being skilled Rangers, were permanently assigned to the isolated location after many young trainers were attacked by Gyarados or became lost in the wilderness of the area. Another aspect of his life that tends to separate him from his peers is his status as an only child. However, unlike many mono-children, Blank was never spoiled and wasn`t basted in parental attention. He did get much of his influences from them, though and his basic character was very much shaped from this.

When Davis attained his eleventh year, he was given a sassy Sneasel and was also presented with the opportunity to become a real trainer and go out collecting badges. He accepted the offer and happily set out in hopes of concurring the Pokémon League and become a true Master. At first, it was hard for him but with his stubborn ways, he slowly overcame the problems he encountered. After he caught a gentle Skarmory, which was being bullied for it`s unusual pacifism, things really began to pick up. From there, he continued adding to his team and traveling around the region. His friends consisted of mostly Pokémon, for he had a rather poor set of social skills, which would also improve along the journey.

It was when Davis turned fifteen that things hit a major snag. With thirteen badges and a strong team, he was soaring. A mission gone wrong, which left his father seriously wounded clipped his wings and Davis returned home to give support and help his mother out. He mulled things over, and this ultimately helped him realise he needed to consider how fragile life really was. Before that point, Davis was quite reckless, sheer cliffs, angry Pokémon, dangerous situations, all which never caused him to hesitate as he blazed on. He became more sensitive also, finally allowing himself to cry shamelessly and became more emotional afterward. In all, his father was deemed fit again about one year later.

Since, Davis has added three badges to his collection and is training to hopefully square off with the Elite Four. He has also become aware that every piece of trainer gear he owned was somehow either made or sponsored by Starr. This seriously freaked him out, as did the rash of Pokémon disappearing and the government`s lack of response. Team Ultima also has a shady place in the boy`s mind and he is almost certain they are linked to something big…


Icy the Weavile (F)

*Swords Dance
*Night Slash
*Ice Punch
*Low Kick

Icy is Davis`s first Pokémon and has been with him for about six years. Although she can be quite sassy and difficult at times, she also has a good heart and is endlessly loyal.

Silver the Skarmory (M)

*Brave Bird

Silver isn`t a fan of fighting and is usually a calm, gentle soul. However, however hard it maybe to do, when angered he almost goes on a rampage and losses his common sense.

Ione the Leafeon (F)

*Leaf Blade

Ione is the voice of reason in the team and usually thinks before acting on anything she feels may be dangerous. She wears a small violet flower, which is usually tucked behind her left ear.

(It may be worth noting Davis never went to Sinnoh. Instead, he received Ione a long time back in a trade with one his parent`s colleagues.)

Draco the Gyarados (M)

*Dragon Dance
*Stone Edge

Draco has learned to control his nasty temper a bit better, but is still rather easily set off. However, it seems once he gets to attack a little, he quickly regains his calm.

Crimson the Typlosion (M)

*Focus Punch
*Fire Blast
*Brick Break

Outside of battle, Crimson can be quite shy and reserved around strangers. However, he seems to get a major confidence boost in battle and never gives up until the end.

Storm the Raichu (M)

*Nasty Plot
*Light Screen

Strom is an active Pokémon that likes things fast pasted and can get easily bored. He loves to joke around and is rather forgiving of others.

So yeah, I think this is done. A little weak on the weak side though ^^`

{Activity will likely be off} {Paired with Sam }

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Default Re: Pokemon: Hidden Intentions [SU]

Looks fine to me. Good to have you aboard, Moonlight.
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