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Pokemon: Anime/Movies/Manga Talk about the Pokemon anime, movies and manga. NOTE: It's possible that there may be discussions in here that may spoil something for you if you haven't seen that episode/movie/manga before. Please use the spoiler code when appropriate.

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Old 05-02-2010, 12:48 PM
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Default sinnoh league

who do u think will win the sinnoh league

paul or ash
its most likely that will be the final
except for the legendary trainer

cud it be a possibility that the legendary trainer is gary

anyway if the final is ash vs paul they have very similar teams,

for eg. according to the pokemon we know of:

Ash vs Paul

Torterra vs Torterra
Infernape vs Magmortar
Pikachu vs Electabuzz
Staraptor vs Honchkrow
Buizel vs Weavile
Gabite (hopefully it will evolve) vs Ursaring

btw what does happen if they tie, in the final they'll probs have to share it, but if its in the semis who goes thru

I think that all Pokemon will be eliminated except for Staraptor vs Honchkrow which staraptor will win and gible (if it doesnt evolve) vs Ursaring

which will make the final battle staraptor vs ursaring which staraptor has a slight advantage in with it knowing close combat and brave bird but it is most likely paul will have a different team but i do think in the actual battle the final battle will either be:

Infernape vs Magmortar (because Infernape deserves to beat its former master)
Torterra vs Torterra (which could be very close)

anyway tell me your thoughts
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Old 05-02-2010, 01:54 PM
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Default Re: sinnoh league

i think ash is gonna beat paul.

BlueJelloJelly (21:16:43): Alex walked into the woods with his trusty Magikarp. Suddenly, OMFG a Porygon-Z appeared! Magikarp used Splash! The Porygon-Z fainted! Alex threw a Pogeyballz and it wobbled like two Diglett at a night club.
lord khajmer (20:38:29): Bubble KO gg
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