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Competitive Battling This board is for competitive battling discussion. Get team help or learn to play competitively.

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Old 04-18-2010, 02:21 PM
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Default Challenges

I didn't really want to make separate threads for the different games, so I thought this might be a good place to put it.

There are loads of ways that people go about playing the games. Some play it quite tough by never grinding, some trade Pokemon from a previous game and just storm their way through.

However, some people play the games over again but impose limits on themselves. For example, the Nuzlocke challenge is where if a Pokemon faints, you must release it ASAP, and you may only catch the first wild Pokemon you encounter in an area - if it faints, tough luck.

So, are there any challenges you like doing? Post them here so that others can maybe have a try at them.
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Old 04-18-2010, 08:40 PM
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Default Re: Challenges

I'm currently doing the Nuzlocke challenge on Emerald, and I'm actually fairing pretty well so far. I chose Treecko to begin, and I caught a Ralts on Route 102, which was lucky. It's so damn hard to raise though. I also picked up a Taillow on Route 104, but fainted the Silcoon I encountered in Petalburg Woods. I defeated Roxanne fairly easily; my Treecko OHKO'd both her Geodudes and 3HKO'd Nosepass. Unfortunately, Abra was my first encounter on Route 116, which wasn't ideal considering I already had Ralts. I caught it regardless as a reserve, incase I have to replace one of my team members. I'm currently on my way to Dewford, to deliver Steven the letter. Still to experience any casualties, and luckily not had to release anyone as of yet.
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