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Old 04-15-2010, 10:58 PM
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Default A match-up for Machop

It was ten o’clock in the morning. A Pidgey, a brown, tiny bird, fought against the air friction to get the ring in its beak before hitting the ground. Pidgey almost hit the sandy floor, but ascended early enough. It tossed the ring back to its trainer, Samoht. That was all of them.
Samoht was long and black haired. He was clothed in a dark blue outfit and wore a backpack of a very simple model. He wore black sneakers with white stripes, which looked like shoes of a giant sport mark, but they were actually fake, but who cares, they were comfortable.
“Good work, Pidgey,” Samoht said. “You’re getting faster every day.”
Pidgey looked happy. The two were at the training field right next to the Pokémon Center in Pewter City. The Pokémon Center was significantly smaller than the one in Viridian City. It was at most five meters high and had a red, flat roof. At the side Samoht was on, a glass slide door was installed and the floor of the Pokémon Center was build out of wood. The floor was so clean, some people would almost believe it’s still wet.
Pidgey landed on Samohts left arm, where he kept the rings, and poked with its beak against one of the rings.
“Okay, okay,” Samoht chuckled. “Once more, but then its Poliwrath’s turn. We want to get that Ice Punch perfect, remember?”
Pidgey flew back in the air.
“Incoming!” Samoht yelled and he tossed the five rings in the air again. “Quick Attack, Pidgey!”
The Flying-type Pokémon began to capture the rings with incredible speed and tossed them back to its trainer. The first four were caught in three seconds, but a sudden windflaw blew the fifth a couple of meters further and higher making Pidgey miss.
“No worries, Pidgey!” Samoht called. He felt the wind changing and ordered Pidgey to try a use of Agility. Pidgey flew even faster to the descending ring. Both Pidgey and Samoht saw a silhouette jumping out of some nearby bushes grabbing the ring. Pidgey tried to lower its speed, but couldn’t help bumping into the small human shape.
“Pidgey!” Samoht called and saw that the bird lay on the ground. Samoht picked the bird in his arm and looked what it was Samohts Pidgey collapsed with. A Machop lay with its arms spread on the ground, with Samohts ring next to its right hand. It was a grey turtle-looking Pokémon with three yellow plates sticking out of his head. If he was standing it would be probably reach Samohts chest.
Samoht picked the Pokédex out of his pocked and scanned the Fighting-type. A mechanical voice was heard from the small speakers: “Machop, the Superpower Pokémon, Machop have muscles that never tire no matter how much they excercise. Machop have enough strength to throw 100 average sized adults.”
“Are you okay?” Samoht asked.
Machop began to sit down and gazed around until he saw Pidgey. Right when he looked the Tiny Bird in its eyes he began to yell at the Pidgey. Pidgey cooed back loudly, not so friendly either. Machop went really angry now and began to yell even louder. Pidgey freed himself from Samohts arms and began to yell louder than Machop. Samoht put his fingers in his ears, for his own ears sake. Pidgey started to flaps its wing with high frequency whipping up a Gust attack. Machop answered by hitting the bird with a Cross Chop attack. “Pidgey return!” Samoht called and aimed the Poké Ball at Pidgey, but the bird avoided being caught by the Poké Ball and hit Machop with a Wing Attack.
“Poliwrath, now!” Samoht said. He threw the Poké Ball in front of him and the Poké Ball released a white cloud who changed into Poliwrath.
“Poliwrath, use Hypnosis!” Samoht said, and Poliwrath began to concentrate his body to make it turn around, but both Pidgey and Machop were blinded by anger and weren’t to watch at Poliwrath’s belly.
“Poliwrath, try Water Sport,” Samoht said, but he noticed both Pokémon were tired out. “Poliwrath, Pidgey, return now!”
“Stop!” Samoht heard a high voice from behind him.
“You have to take it with you!” it was Officer Jenny. A blue haired young woman on a motorbike, in a police uniform. “That Pokémon is always up to a fight. This time he may be tired, but next week it will return. It always causes trouble in this city. Please capture it. After I saw you trying to make those two stop fighting, I know it will be in good hands.”
Samoht was flattered a little by the nice words of Officer Jenny, but he recovered fast.
“Let’s capture it then,” he said. “Poké Ball, now!”
The Poké Ball opened itself and converted Machop in a red cloud before absorbing it. The Poké Ball wiggled a little, and another wiggle. But the Poké Ball flew open!
“What?” both officer Jenny and Samoht asked loudly. Machop stood there, he looked tired, but still in a fighters mood.
“It still want to battle,” officer Jenny concluded. “Make it a good one!”
“Of course,” Samoht answered seriously. “Pidgey, go!”
Pidgey was sent out of the Poké Ball again.
“Hey Pidgey,” Samoht said “We’re want to capture that Machop. I know you’re not friends, but I know he will give both of us respect if we put up a good fight. And I’m sure you’ll be friends. So, what do you think?”
Pidgey was still weak from the previous fight. Machop was tired too. Pidgey looked at Samoht and nodded.
“Alright, Pidgey, use Wing Attack”
Pidgey began to fly very fast again with its right wing glowing, trying to strike Machop. The Superpower Pokémon proved to be a fast one to as it managed to dodge Pidgey’s attack. Machop stood behind Pidgey and hit it with a Cross Chop. Pidgey recovered itself and waited Samoht next orders.
“Pidgey, use Agility!” Samoht said making Pidgey speed up his flight. Samoht saw how Machop was trying to follow Pidgey with Foresight.
“Pidgey, Quick Attack!” Samoht called and with Pidgey even enhancing its speed tried to tackle Machop, but it knocked Pidgey back with Dynamicpunch. Pidgey collapsed on the ground and struggled to gather its last reserves of energy.
“Pidgey, are you alright” Samoht said in pure reaction. Of course Pidgey is not alright, how could Samoht be so stupid to attack Machop right away, while he knew Machop used Foresight.
“Wait a minute!” Samoht said like he got another idea. “Pidgey, use Agility!” Pidgey got its energy gathered and began to fly in the air while speeding up and it was clear to Samoht that Machop was following Pidgey again.
“Now descent and turn circles around Machop!” Pidgey descended with its speed boosted and when it was about to hit the ground it ascended a little to stay even with the ground. Pidgey began to turn circles around Machop, with its opponent still following it. The Machop went dizzy by turning around capturing Pidgey with its eyes.
“Alright, it begins to work. Use Double Team too!” Samoht said. Pidgey made clones what made Pidgey even look faster than it was.
“Now stop!” Samoht said. Pidgey stopped and was dizzy itself too, but managed to recover in the air and land upon a oak trench. Samoht threw the Poké Ball at the Machop, making the sphere consume the Pokémon again, would it be a hit this time?

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Aiming for Machop
URPG Stories to be graded:
A match-up for Machop
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Default Re: A match-up for Machop

Try checking the section that says URPG: Stories for where you should post.
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Default Re: A match-up for Machop

Sorry, I knew, but something must have gone wrong
URPG Stories to be graded:
A match-up for Machop
Stories in progress:
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