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Old 05-06-2010, 11:08 PM
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Default Re: [RP] Royalty is Among Us [RP]

Stella Steal
King's Side
Maid's Quarters

"Clean, cook, work, clean, cook, work, clean, cook, work! THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO DO AROUND HERE!" The room shook as Stella vented her anger out on a nearby dresser. There was only one bed in the room, and at the moment she was the only maid in the castle. All the other maids had either quit or joined the Queen.
Dawn, the annoying, odd, and very bright, Espeon giggled as the dress shook and said, "Never before have I seen you so upset." He sprang down from the dresser and continued giggling. Stella, however, was not in a laughing mood,

"Why won't they let me fight?!" she stopped beating the dresser, " I can fight. I can battle. HECK! I can beat most of those lazy knights to a pulp if I really wanted to!" She turned to face Dawn, "So why can't I fight with them?!" It was at that point that Dusk, the Umbreon, jumped down from the single bed and said,

"Maybe because you are needed more here in the castle." Stella was glaring, "And also, you almost killed some of the King's soldiers."

"Hey, those guys were asking for it!"

"I'm just saying, you must be in more control!" Stella began moping. "Look," began Dusk, " if you really must. The guards should be sleeping late night so you cou-"

"You could go to the training grounds and train. Without anybody knowing of course." Dusk stared at Dawn with a disappointed look. Stella then sat up and thought about how wonderful it would be to train with the duo once again.
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Old 05-20-2010, 11:58 PM
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Default Re: [RP] Royalty is Among Us [RP]

Robert Growlanser
Waslee Village, No Man's Land

Robert made his way through the twisting tunnels of Mount Seribus, treking for a long two hours in the dimly lit maze. Finally he could see light and the silhouettes of two armed men; one wearing the uniform of the king's army and the other wearing the uniform of the queen's army. They both saluted as Robert walked past them and into the open air of the mountain range town. The town was situated on a flat part of the mountain valley. The land was only fertile enough for certain berries and autumn-weather veggies to grow, but there was plenty of fresh lake water for the people that lived there.

Robert walked into a large stone building on the northernmost side of town. Inside, he made his way to a large room. At the center of the room was a large, oval table with a multitude of chairs around it. At the rear was a rope which attached to a mounted bell in the tower portion of the building. After pulling it once, the bell clamored through town for a short period of time, echoing and fading away in the mountains.

Robert took a seat and waited as three men and four females entered into the room, taking the remaining empty seats. These weremembers of various secret organizations within both countries. There were military officers from both sides that decided to chip in to bring an end to the war, as well as various groups of civilians and even two of the finest rogues, one form each kingdom.

"The time is coming my friends. We have found the weapon. All that needs to be done is to escavate it and to find a power source to power it. Of course, the latter portion is going to be the more difficult. Felicia and Atrus, you two have proven your skills in both information gathering and treasure hunting. I need you two to seek out and sort of ancient artifact or current invention that will produce enough energy to get it up and running. Vitiro, once the escavation is complete, the professor will need your help in repairing the machine. Once everything is in order, we can start to bring an end to this war, as well as to ensure the safety of both countries against hostile countries, especially Grangalia as they have been sitting at the borders for quite a while, waiting for either side to weaken. I know father is looking to bring allies onto his side, so we must be expedient in this." Robert spoke. All of the members gave a solemn nod. Robert stood and gave a deep sigh before speaking again.

"We must succeed. Once we make our move, we will all be considered traitors by both sides, and our very lives will be in immediate danger. But, for the sake of a lasting peace and a means to end war, we must succeed. You have all proven yourselves to be the most trustworthy of allies, and the closest of friends. We will end this war, we shall secure the borders and then, once we can develop a means of establishing true peace with other countries, we will not need the weapon anymore and it can be destroyed. We shall call it, the Admonisher, for with it we shall clense our countries sinful desires for war. May Arceus be with us all."
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