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Old 05-06-2010, 12:29 PM
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <RP>

Shunsui Kyokaru
Karukara town – Fighting the Kami-Hollow

As he leapt towards the beast, his swords struck home true … But to no avail whatsoever as the blades literally struck and bounced off the enemy’s hard skin. So, its as tough as a Hierro is it? Perhaps even tougher, who knows he thought as the beast battered him away. “Blimey, you’re a tough one aren’t you? I really don’t want to have to pull out all the stops, my Bankai isn’t the type that so many people should see you know.” He adjusted his grip on his blade and was readying another strike when somebody moved very fast behind him and whispered in his ear “You must strike the eyes! They are the weak points, however strongly defended they are. Take out his eyes and he is defenceless.” They said before moving on to the next person. Shunsui nodded his thanks and looked back to the beast. Excellent, now at least I know what to aim for. Only just then he noticed Byakuya and Mayuri standing on the other side, attacking as well. Kyokaru allowed himself a small smile. Them two working together, now there’s a sight.

Readying himself, he touched his hat swiftly. “If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to do it, sadly.” He said to himself, and then leapt up at the beast again. As he reached an eye on its midsection, he struck many times at the place, as hard as he could, switching his swords in his hands to get off as many powerful attacks in one go as he possibly could.

Byakuya Kuchiki & Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Karukara town – Fighting the Kami-Hollow

Byakuya blinked in disbelief as his Senbonzakura blades were dispelling as easily as the beast would swat away a fly. As they returned to him, Byakuya watched as Mayuri leapt towards the beast as well, slashing at hides hide to no affect either before he was swatted away too. Landing next to him, Mayuri grunted in what was evidently annoyance. “This Kami-Hollow really doesn’t want to be my test subject. This makes me sad, I would have hoped not to have to go all out.” Mayuri mused to himself, prodding his chin with his lips. “Still, I guess there’s nothing for it.” He sighed, raising his sword and preparing to release his Bankai.

“Mayuri, wait a second.” Byakuya said quickly. “I’ve just been told that the weak point is the eyes of the beast. However, they’re defended well and will be hard to destroy.” He looked at Mayuri seriously. “You’re the most proficient user of Kido in Soul Society Mayuri, even if you don’t like to admit it.” He said, trying to flatter the captain – a tactic he wouldn’t have used not even 10 years ago. It goes to show just how much Byakuya had changed in the past years from his old self.

Mayuri pondered this for a second “What tactic are you suggesting Kuchiki?” He said, his eyes untrusting.

“Bakudo 59, Six rods of blazing light.” He said simply, raising his hands in the position needed for the casting.

Mayuri smiled and lowered his sword. “Hold him in place while our allies rip him apart? Kuchiki when did you become so devilish in your thought processes?” Raising his hands in the required position, the two looked at each other. “Ready?”

Byakuya nodded and looked at the beast. They both seemed to have formed some unexpected alliance in the face of this beast. The two captains who had never normally got on, period, were now fighting alongside each other, using they’re astounding skill in kido to deadly effect.

In unison, they chanted at the same time “Bakudo #59, Six rods prison of blazing light!” unleashing the spell on the beast.
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <RP>

Ronoh =Routaikakami=
World of the Living, Karakura Town
The Holders


Kisuke Urahara =Soul Reaper=
World of the Living, Karakura Town
The Holders


Soyana =Routaikakami=
World of the Living, Karakura Town


Zohara Desmond =Vampire=
World of the Living, Karakura Town

I drew back a bit as Ulquiorra and Gin unleashed their spiritual pressure to enormous levels; the Arrancar then let loose a massive black Cero, while Gin used one of the Soul Reaper spells. Xaiko roared angrily when the Cero struck him, and he thrashed about when the Black Coffin erected around him. After a few seconds, though, the walls shattered into black shards before dissipating, but there was a difference in Xaiko now. I could see nearly seventy or eighty of his eyes had gone a deep shade of red; our plan was working. I had heard it said that when Xaiko focused two or more eyes on one being, those eyes turned crimson.

“Pests!” Xaiko shrieked, whipping his tail into the air and lashing out with his stinger. Before he could get his bearings fully, Septem and Quinque combined their talents and unleashed a severe punishment on the Kami-Hollow. The punishment was released in the form of nearly a hundred golden bolts, each of them striking a single eye and destroying it. Left in the wake of the assault were craters that spewed black ichor. Xaiko screamed and flailed about randomly, his long body coiling and twisting as he tossed his head.

“MY EEEEEEYESSSSSS!” the Kami-Hollow screeched, his voice thick with pain and fury. “MYYYYY EEEYEEESSSS!!! YOOOUUUU WILL PAAAAAAY FOR THIIIISSSSSSS!” And even as I watched, another hundred or so eyes took on a dark red color. Nearly two-thirds of Xaiko’s eyes had focused on the others, watching them to foresee what they would do.

At nearly the same time, Mayuri, Byakuya, and another Captain I didn’t recognize attacked as well. The unknown Captain was trying to attack with his swords, slashing rapidly at some of the eyes on Xaiko’s middle. A few of them shattered and shot out jets of ebony blood, coating the Soul Reaper’s arms and chest. The other two Captains were using a restraining spell; six rods of light encircled Xaiko around his chest, while another six formed around his lower back. The rods slammed into Xaiko, momentarily immobilizing him.

I watched as Kuro attacked, but Xaiko paid him little mind. Instead, his remaining eyes shimmered when Soyana suddenly released more of her Spirit Fire, matching and then easily surpassing what the others were all putting out. She clapped her hands together and uttered something I couldn’t hear; the next thing I knew, her scythe had broken down into hundreds of shards. These flew at Xaiko, each one hitting with enough force to punch small holes into Xaiko’s armor-like carapace. Spurts of black jetted from the wounds, and on the heels of that, Soyana flung out several small orbs of black-streaked sapphire Spirit Fire. These flew forward erratically, some of them striking Xaiko’s new injuries, the others making wounds of their own.

“Filth!” Xaiko raged, his remaining eyes alighting on Soyana as she jerked her arms down, causing her scythe to reform. It swung around and came to a halt in front of the Routaikakami, slowly spinning in place. “You veeeeerrrrmiiin shaaaaall be dispoooosssssed of in as painfuuuullll a manner I can create!” The Kami-Hollow cackled, his eyes split between five of us gathered. “I can sssssee what you will dooooo,” Xaiko hissed. “I can ssssseeeeee the choices you will make befoooooorrrrrre you make theeeem. You will not essssscaaaape!”

The twisted Routaikakami then opened his jaws and spewed forth a spray of dark green-yellow fluid. It sizzled as it flew through the air; it was some sort of acid, so caustic it was burning the very air. Already knowing what the others would do, Xaiko had no doubt spit the acid so that the actions of the others would carry them into it…or some worse trap. I hoped the rest of us could finish our task quickly, before Soyana or the others got injured.

With all of his intact eyes blazing red, I knew it was safe for the rest of us to act. Rearing up, I opened my jaws and inhaled deeply. Air filled my lungs, but so did light from the sun above us. After my lungs were full I exhaled, then breathed in again, accumulating more and more Light energy within my lungs. After a few seconds I began to glow, softly at first, but then with increasing strength. Soon I would be too bright for any of the others to look at me without harming their eyes.

Even then I continued to draw in Light energy, becoming brighter and brighter. The air around me steamed because of the heat of so much raw light. After a few more moments, I felt I had gathered enough Light within myself. Closing my eyes, I sighed softly and simply let myself drift apart. I quite literally dissolved, becoming pure energy as I mingled my essence with the Light energy I’d absorbed. I allowed myself to stretch thin, then slowly drifted forward and started to coil around Xaiko. With his eyes focused entirely on the others, he would not see what I was doing.

I wrapped myself around the Kami-Hollow without touching him, and then I separated a wisp of myself from my main mass. The small wisp floated to the nearest person, which was Ishida, and I willed my voice to speak from the cloud of Light.

“I will heat Xaiko’s eyes, making their protective layers brittle and weak. But the pain will alert Xaiko that we are up to something; you and the others must act within a second after I attack. Spread the word to the others quickly; when they are aware of what to do, I will strike.”
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <RP>

Gin Ichimaru <Live bait sounds kind of fun, actually...>, Uryu Ishida & Ulquiorra Cifer
Karakura Town, World of the Living

Gin elbowed Urahara to get his attention as he drifted back, a plan sparking in his brilliant mind. "Oh Kisukie, I'd like to ask you have a healing spell of some sort in line in the next thirty seconds. I get the feeling I'm going to be hit very hard by that time."

With that comment, Ichimaru flash-stepped right next to the kami-hollow's ear. "Y'know, I've heard stories 'bout you. They say you're blind as a bat in the daylight. I heard a' four eyes before, but you need a thousand? Geeze, wonder how much it costs to buy contacts for you, fella!" He taunted, disappearing and reappearing a good ways away, but still within earshot, eyeshot, and any other sort of attack. He was so good at irritating people, why not make himself the live bait? There were few who could grind the nerves as well as Gin Ichimaru, and he knew it. "You know, there was one particularly interesting story I heard that said you were lookin' for the Fell Stones. Now I got to thinkin', 'Just what's so special 'bout these Fell Stone things'? And wouldn't you know that these things can boost up your spirit energy to make your li'l show look like somethin' a goldfish spat up? But y'know, there's somethin' that bothers me more than that about these stones..."

Ichimaru once again disappeared, anticipating that he was about to be attacked with full attention on him, reappearing next to Uryu and mouthing 'run' to the Quincy. Thankfully, he didn't have to ask twice; Uryu took up position below, next to Orihime, his eyes hunting for a target. "And it's somethin' tiny I bet you'd never even thought of. If these things're so powerful, how come I been wanderin' this town for three months an' not one of you's noticed I had this little trinket," With that said, Ichimaru flicked his wrist, the red, marble-sized stone rolling into his outstretched left palm, which sunk into his left hand. "An' more importantly, how bad ya want this li'l rock. C'mon, big bad, try an' take it if you think you can handle it."

"This looks like our chance," Ulquiorra observed cooly and quietly, voice unwavering and reducing his spiritual pressure to allow Ichimaru's to register more prominently. "Wait until he is sufficiently distracted to strike; fire off the strongest Cero you are able to muster."

"Inoue-san, I do not think Tsubaraki will be able to do much here," Uryu said, keeping a blazing blue arrow knocked on his bow, seeking out a target. "Please stay on your guard; it may be better if you find a place to hide. Arisawa-san is at the Urahara Shoten; please, make sure she is all right; I doubt she can withstand this level of spiritual pressure for very long without protection."
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Default Re: The Fell War Saga [Bleach RP] <RP>

Blackmoon, Shiro, Kuro, and Orihime
Karakura Town
Mostly Neutral

Blackmoon nodded at Ulquiorra without looking at him really. "You got it. One seriously massive cero, at your service. If it weren't for the fact the town's unstable as it is, I'd considering trying to pull off a Gran Rei, but it's too risky." She muttered, watching Gin confusedly.

Orihime was torn--stay here and try to heal everyone that got hurt of go check on Tatsuki? She did fear for her best friend, and the girl in her arms--Shiro the boy had called her, hadn't he? Was starting to wriggle and mutter more and more. She looked at Uryu and sighed. "Fine, I'll go. But make sure everyone comes back okay enough for me to be able ot fix." She told him sternly--it was true that she could fix just about everything now, but dead was something she couldn't unless she spent a ton of energy she didn't have on it.

Meanwhile Kuro had fallen victim to the acid, he'd tried to evade the glob falling in front of him, but he'd failed to notice the one coming to the side of him. He howled in pain as the acid splashed against his side, setting his nerve endings on fire. This in turn jolted Shiro awake, and Orihime couldn't prevent her from rolling out of her arms and dropping onto the pavement as she shoved and bucked almost violently to tend to her brother. "Kuro!" She screeched, suddenly tapping into more power than she had, tapping into her other half's own power, she managed to get enough of it to forma decent spell, and shot it at him. Kuro was making a fast retreat to get out of everyone else's way when it hit him, and the giant dog magically stopped smoking as it did, though he was more worried about Shiro, now. Orihime whipped around to grab Shiro by the waist and yank her away, the smaller girl screaming and kicking the whole time.

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