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Default Viewtiful Joe- THE MOVIE! Delux addition!

Viewtiful Joe- THE MOVIE! Delux Addition
The writings of this film are the property of Metal Sonic of PE2K, and any theifs must be reported.

<Picture to some day go here.>

Special Features!
If you would like to have one of your characters featured in a scene of Viewtiful Joe, the Movie, please PM Metal Sonic.

Scene select!
Scene 1: Welcome to movieland.
Scene 2: A new hero in town.
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Default Re: Viewtiful Joe- THE MOVIE! Delux addition!



“Henshin!” Shouted the man on the movie screen, a normal guy until that point. The watch on his right arm glowed, and the man was surrounded by a bright sphere of energy, and when it dissipated, he was replaced by a super hero in blue, with a blue cape, helmet, and a scar on the right side of his head. The man stood, and gave his iconic symbol, with his index and middle fingers in a V-shape.

“All right! Go Captain Blue!” Joe cheered enthusiastically, pumping his fists and spilling some of his popcorn. Joe is just your average, forgettable guy with red hair and a goatee in a blue shirt; but in all reality, since when was a normal guy a hero? Never. His girlfriend, Silvia, a blond-haired girl with large round glasses, was with him, and seemed bored as heck. Joe had taken her to see a classic movie; Captain Blue, his favorite super hero. No one else was in there. Silvia had been overjoyed a few minutes ago, but now just seemed annoyed by Joe’s fan boy reactions and him not hearing her. It usually went like this, but she had to appreciate the fact that he was at least trying. Or, at least, trying as much as Joe ever did.

“Joe, he always wins, doesn’t he? What’s the point of even watching the screen if you know what’s going to happen?” Silvia asked, but was ignored (or, rather, unheard) by the actions of Captain Blue on screen.

“Come on, Blue, kick his butt!” Joe urged, on the edge of his seat with excitement. On screen, a new villain had appeared to challenge Captain Blue, this one a huge, black entity. The villain gave a maleficent laugh, and taunted Blue with a hand gesture’ a somewhat-casual ‘bring-it’ gesture.

“Come on Six Machine!” Blue shouted, thrusting his right hand into the air.

Captain Blue’s cape blew forwards as Six Majin, the small red jet that was Captain Blue’s beloved vehicle, roared onto the scene. As Captain Blue gracefully back-flipped into the cockpit of the vehicle, the other iconic machine used by Captain Blue known as Robo Six appeared, and Six Majin attached to the head of the robot. Robo Six thrust both its arms into the air in triumph, and then gave Captain Blue’s signature gesture with the index finger and middle finger in a V. Joe gave a fan girl-esque squeal, and spilled yet more popcorn onto the floor, while Silvia sighed, annoyed by how much he was acting like a fan girl over Captain Blue.

“Oh yeah, Robo Six! Get him, Blue!” Joe cheered as Robo Six engaged the new threat with both fists punching, but the attack was shrugged off like it was nothing. Robo Six rose again, and swung its fist down at the black enemy, but the punch was reflected, and the villain’s fist connected with the exact spot Six Machine was connected to Robo Six, dislodging the jet and throwing Robo Six into a clock tower directly behind it.

“Dude! No way!” Joe shouted, throwing his popcorn all over Silvia, much to her annoyance.

“Joe! Ugh, and I just got this suit back from the dry cleaners, too!” Silvia complained, trying to get the butter off her skirt with a napkin, but Joe practically had his face against the screen. The massive black villain smashed down Six Machine, and dislodged Captain Blue from within. The massive hand of the villain waved over Blue, and the super hero was sucked through the ground through a black portal. Captain Blue clutched his head, as if he were suffering from a horrible headache, and the last thing that Joe and Silvia saw of Blue was him looking out of the portal in horror, and with his hand out, trying to find something to latch on to.

Joe was freaking out at this point; shouting about how it must be a cliffhanger, and about how this wasn’t written by the director of the other Captain Blue movies, and other such rants. Silvia, however, suddenly took a bit of interest. She pushed her glasses back up on her nose where they’d fallen down a bit, and looked confusedly at the screen.

“Have I seen this somewhere before? That scene with Captain Blue looked familiar…” She said to herself, but her thoughts were interrupted by the hand of the villain reaching at--No, THROUGH the screen and grabbing her. Joe recoiled in shock and surprise, and tried to grab for Silvia; but the massive black hand simply swatted Joe back down.

“Leave now, Joe. Not even Captain Blue could stop Jadow, and YOU can‘t, either!” The black villain said, and gave an evil laugh, pulling Silvia into the movie screen.

“DUDE! What’s going on!? WOAH! SILVIA! WAIT!” Joe shouted, but it was too late; she had already been pulled through the screen and into the movie. Robo Six had recovered by now, and stood on its own power. Robo Six charged at the black monster, its fist flaming in a signature V-Punch, named so because it followed up with a second punch that ended the move in the shape of a V.

But Robo Six was no match for the villain; the silhouetted Power-ranger-esque bad guy simply grabbed Robo Six’s fist, and threw the robot out of the screen, and almost on top of Joe. The villain disappeared, and the screen switched to another place, which showed Silvia in a cage, on the back of a motorcycle. Silvia was blocking the way to see who was driving the motorcycle, and he could hear her shouting.

“Joe! Help me! Get me out of heeeeere!” Silvia whined, the cage shaking back and forth. There was a laugh from the driver of the motorcycle.

“Roll credits!” The voice shouted. Robo six recovered, and reached down to grab Joe. One it had Joe safely in its hands, Robo Six charged through the movie screen, bringing Joe to the parallel dimension that would become known to the world as Movieland!

Joe awakened some time later in the city that had been crushed, trampled and otherwise destroyed in the movie scene he had just been watching. His hat had fallen off, so he put it back on and looked around, blinking.

“Dude… where am I? It’s like I got sucked through the screen or somethin’…” He said, his voice echoing in the abandoned, ruined city. The clock tower chimed weakly behind him, and the whole scenery was grey with the exception of him. “He-llo? Anyone here? Yo, Silvia, where’d you go? This is NOT cool, dude!”

His voice came back as an echo, and he blinked. “Huh… where’d she run away to? Hey! Dudes! You can come out, seriously, this isn’t funny!” His voice echoed back again, and this time he crossed his arms, remembering all the places he’d seen in the movie. There were a couple of jewelry stores there, and Joe thought she might have gone there instead of hanging around waiting for him to wake up. It was what she usually did when they watched a movie and he fell asleep in the middle of it, so he popped in to the only one that wasn’t entirely crushed. She wasn’t there, but neither was anyone else. He decided to browse around a bit; Silvia didn’t like Captain Blue movies as much as he did, and she was usually annoyed with him afterwards. In any case, her birthday was coming up, and he figured he might as well pick her up something.

“Yo, cashier dude, where are ya? I’m lookin’ for a gift for my girlfriend, think you can help me out?” Joe called out, but still only got an echo. “Creepy quiet here today. I guess they must be out sick or something,” He mused, browsing the various necklaces, rings, earrings, and various other things in the store, picking out a diamond ring and a large gold necklace. Joe plopped them on the counter, and stood there looking over the watches for a few minutes when he finally noticed the sign said ‘Free stuff day’.

“Hey, cool! Free stuff!” He exclaimed, looking at his long-broken watch before discarding it into the garbage can and stuffing Silvia’s gifts into his pocket, looking at the watches. The one that caught his eye was on the counter, and instead of a watch face, it had a ‘V’ on it. He flipped up the face, and there was a watch under it, too. “Nice, this thing almost looks like a real V-watch, just like Captain Blue… Huh, y’know, if this is the movie world, I wonder if this thing’s real?”

Joe put it on, and decided to test it out. He pressed the watch face down and the two prongs of the V extended a good ways, the face turning to a yellow crystal. “Here goes nothin‘! Henshin A Go-Go, Baby!” He exclaimed, and the V responded, the screen going black as the V soared from the watch and around his head, attaching to a red helmet with a black visor that made his eyes look yellow and white rim around the visor, leaving his chin and mouth exposed. A flowing pink scarf hung around his neck, and he was now in a red suit almost like Captain Blue’s, white gloves and boots with a silver belt accentuating the look perfectly.

“Whoah! I can’t believe that worked! I’m a super hero! This has gotta be the best thing EVER!” He said, admiring his costume in a mirror on the wall, flexing his muscles before leaving the store with a big grin on his face. “Sil is gonna love this!”

“There he eez!” An accented voice came from above. “Geet heem!” A monochromatic villain dropped from above, wearing a red cape and a black top hat. The thing that made Joe blink in surprise, however, was the oval head with a speaker mouth and two different-sized robotic-looking eyes. He also wore the sort of outfit you’d expect to see in a Shakespeare play, but that wasn’t as weird as his face.

“Sweet, thirty seconds as a hero and I get a bad guy to kick around! But what should I call myself…?” Joe asked, thinking for a second before noticing he was surrounded by freaky dudes with weird faces. “Oh, wait, I know this one! They all attack one at a time and I knock ‘em out, right? What were you guys called again? Blankies?”

“Get eet right, you stopeed zero! Eet ez ‘Bianky’, not ‘Blankie’!” The one in the funny hat said.

“What’s with that bad accent, dude? You loose the part of that dude in a Shakespeare movie?” Joe asked with a laugh. Instead of attacking one at a time like was usual in action movies, they all tried to tackle him at once. Joe jumped, and all of them knocked each other out with a head butt to each other. “Dang. So that’s why they only attack one at a time in the Matrix! That was buggin’ me for a while.”

“You pest! I, ze Jester, will destroy you!” The Bianky-think introduced itself, drawing a sword in its right hand and a gun in its left.

“Huh… I don’t think that name’s good; you don’t really strike me as bein’ funny,” Joe commented, ducking as a bullet flew past his head.

“SHUT ZET MOUTH OF YOURS!” The Jester boomed , charging at Joe and swinging his sword, impaling it in the wall behind him.

“Jeeze, and I didn’t think I’d need those martial arts stuff! Thank you, Silvia!” Joe said to himself, jumping up and kicking the weird-looking man in the back of the head.

“Zis is embarrassing! You aren’t even uzing your powers!” Jester said, frustratedly trying to punch Joe to have his fist grabbed and get judo-thrown over the man’s shoulder.

“Huh, let’s see… Which one should I try out.. I got it! Mach Speed!” Joe exclaimed, and the reel of the movie he was in started moving faster, allowing Joe to beat Jester to a pulp with blazingly fast moves as the camera seemed to zoom in on each hit.

“GACK!” The Bianky exclaimed, falling over and at least pretending to be unconscious.

“Wow, this place is awesome!” Joe exclaimed, crossing his arms. “Maybe… Awesome Joe! Nah… Joe Cool!… lame… Gosh, who knew thinking up a Hero name would be so tough? Eh. I’ll think about that later… Ah! Dang, how could I forget that! It looked like that motor bike was taking Sil… Thataway!” He said, seeing a desert just outside the crushed city that looked exactly like where the motorcycle had been before Joe had been sucked into the movie.

“Man, how’d I forget something so important? I really gotta start paying more attention! Hang on, Silvia, I’m comin’!” Joe shouted, spying a bicycle that wasn’t crushed and hopping on as he changed back to his usual self, pedaling off and following the motorcycle tracks on the ground. That was his girlfriend being kidnapped, and Joe wasn’t about to let some movie monster do horrible things to her.

But, unknown to him, the monster that had taken her was being tormented, rather than the other way around.

“I need to use the bathroom! Stop the motorcycle NOW!” Silvia demanded. She’d been telling the big green monster man for the past five minutes she needed to go, but he had been ignoring her. She finally lost her temper.

“OKAY! I GET IT! Just shut up! God, I don’t get paid enough for this! ‘Send Hulk Davidson to get the girl’, they say; ‘She’ll be too terrified to do anything’, they say!” The green rhino-biker-monster-thing growled. Hulk Davidson was his name, and he was very much an ogre. He had a rhino head with yellow eyes and a horn on his nose, a thick muscular body, and wore a leather biker jacket that had the sleeves torn off, as well as boots on the three-toed feet and gloves on the three-fingered hands, one of which was twitching to grab his battle axe and stop the girl from saying anything ever again.

“Didn’t send that wimp Charles ‘cause he can’t stand the heat… Hang on, I know a buddy who lives around here somewhere…”
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Default Re: Viewtiful Joe- THE MOVIE! Delux addition!


Joe didn’t exactly know how, but when he’d been in the desert pedaling a bicycle following a motorcycle, he had suddenly crossed into a small town that looked like something out of a western, complete with the push-open cantina doors on the restaurant, which was otherwise modern inside from what he could see through the window. In addition, there was almost no one around; a couple of old guys with long beards and tall hats sat in rocking chairs with a stalk of wheat in their teeth, but that was all.

“Dude, talk about a ghost town… Hey, dudes, you seen a big monster thing on a motorcycle cruise past here? The guy snatched my girlfriend, and I kinda got lost,” Joe asked, hopping off the bike and sticking his free hand in his pocket, effectively hiding the v-watch from view. The two men looked at him like he was crazy, and didn’t say a word. “Hey, come on, dudes! I could really use a hand here…”

“We got our own problems, boy,” One of the men said vengefully, spitting in Joe’s general direction.

“Really? D’you think I could help?” Joe asked, propping the bicycle against the building marked ‘Saloon’ and folding his hands behind his head. “I’m kinda in a hurry, but I might be able to help you out.”

“Skinny wimp like you? Hah!” The other man laughed. “You’d never do as good as Captain Blue did, no matter if you had muscles big as them barrels!”

“Hey, that’s no way to treat newcomers to our town!” A blond-haired boy said, coming up behind Joe. Joe looked between the two as the kid gave them a lecture about how disappointed Captain Blue would be with the people of his home town acting like that to a newcomer. The two men grunted apologies, but the kid still looked annoyed. Joe felt like he recognized the kid; Sandy blond hair, bright blue eyes, a red shirt and a pair of jean shorts.

“Sorry about that, stranger,” The boy said, looking up at Joe. “Things’ve been kind of rough for this town since Captain Blue disappeared.”

“Sorry to hear that, little dude. I could help, you know,” Joe suggested seriously, looking around. “Yo, where is everybody?”

“That’s the problem; everyone’s too scared of the gang to come out of their houses but those two guys ‘n’ me. My name’s Jeremy Blue, stranger; sorry again for the rough welcome,” The boy said, turning to leave to wherever he’d been before.

“Oh yeah, I remember you now! You were Captain Blue’s sidekick, Blue Jr.! So, like… where’s Captain Blue? Did he just, like, go poof in thin air or what?” Joe asked.

“Where’ve you been, mister? Captain Blue hasn’t been seen in almost five years. No one else believes he’s gonna come back, so there’s been a lot more time. Say, I forgot to ask, what’s your name, stranger?”

“Who, me? I’m just your average everyday Joe,” Joe replied. There was a quiet gust of wind, and Jeremy blinked.

“Okay, Joe. I’ll see you later; enjoy your time in our little town, and be careful!” The boy said, running off somewhere.

“Wonder what all that gang stuff was about?” Joe wondered aloud, shrugging. He decided to go to the restaurant, and ordered himself a cheeseburger, shelling out two bucks for it and wolfing it down before returning to the outside. For a desert town, it was surprisingly not boiling hot. It was the sort of day people were out having a good time, which made the silence even creepier. And that was the point in which Joe realized the two men and the boy were no longer in sight. Everyone had disappeared, and the doors everywhere slammed shut and locked loudly; windows banged, etcetera. Just like in cowboy movies before a shootout.

“Things get quiet fast when you see a guy with wings, doesn’t it?” A voice said from behind Joe. A man in a purple version of his hero outfit, albeit with demon horns instead of a V, a pair of bat wings and a demon tail, was standing there with his arms crossed and a frown on his face. He was clean shaven, and the visor he wore made his eyes look purple. “I’m going to take a chance and guess you’re the guy that followed his girlfriend in here and found a V-watch, right? What was your name again?”

“Uhh… I’m still workin’ on that, actually, but you can just call me Joe,” Joe admitted, shrugging. “So you’re the bad guy for this scene, right?”

“Nice guess, but not exactly. I’m more of a free agent for Jadow, who happen to be the people who kidnapped your girlfriend. Well, Joe, if you want to be a hero, here’s a first test for you; my boss ordered a biker gang to terrorize this town for one reason or another, but I never got the specifics. Not my problem. Now before I fly off to watch you beat up bad guys, tell me; why do you want to be a Hero?” The man asked, smirking slightly.

“Oh, I know this! That’s an easy one! Heroes fight to defend truth and justice and, like, save people from bad guys!” Joe exclaimed, pumping his fist into the air.

“That’s all well and good, Joe, but what about you specifically?” The man asked again. Joe thought about it for a moment, then grinned.

“I’m fighting to save Silvia, and protect everyone here since Captain Blue’s gone!”

“Not bad for your first day in the hero business. Have fun beating up my boss’s wannabe gangsters,” The man said, his wings lifting him into the air.

“Hey, wait! What’s that all about; at least give me a name or something!” Joe protested. The man paused, then shrugged.

“Okay then. My name’s Alistor. You’ve got a job to do, Hero; you might want to suit up,” The man introduced himself before disappearing. Joe went through his transformation sequence into his unnamed super hero identity, giving a hand sign he’d invented on the spot; his middle and pinky fingers and thumb were left standing up and he stuck out his tongue, grinning.

“Oh yeah, I’m goin’ with that from now on! I really gotta think of a name…” Joe said to himself, frowning as a fairly large group of tough looking men rode up on motorcycles.

“Look at this, boys, someone’s out in town! And who’re you supposed to be, Cap’n Blue?” The leader, a guy with a short-cut beard and a German helmet laughed. Joe struck a pose, an explosion bursting behind him.

“I… Still haven’t come up with a cool name yet. I’m here to defend this town from you buncha jerks in the name of Captain Blue!” Joe exclaimed, his pink scarf billowing in the wind, showing no signs of fear either from stupidity or bravery. “It’s not right to bully these people just ‘cause you can!”

“And what you gonna do about it, small fry, call your buddy Captain Blue? That old coot aint comin’ back! Tear ‘im apart!” The gang leader ordered, and the large men encircled Joe, moving as if they were all one conscience, swinging their fists to hit the shorter Joe faster than they seemed capable. Joe dodged left, right, up and down to avoid the fists, though one did hit his helmet hard enough to knock Joe to the ground, skidding on his feet a short ways before frowning.

“What was that thing Captain Blue did…? Oh yeah! Slow!” Joe exclaimed, remembering another of Captain Blue’s superpowers. Fortunately, he also had this power. Everything slowed down incredibly, but Joe didn’t slow down as much as everything else, and he grinned. Joe leapt into the air and kicked the first in the row directly in the face, slamming him into his buddies as time resumed its normal pace, doing a lot more damage than Joe had expected, knocking most of them unconscious.

“Oh yeah! Joe nine, bad guys none!” Joe cheered, punching out that last one as he tried to swing a baseball bat at Joe. “Not so tough without your gang are you, big guy?” He taunted, grinning. The big man got off his motorcycle, drawing a battle axe as he did.

“C’mere and find out, ya little bug!” The man boomed, charging at Joe and swinging the huge axe, missing as Joe ducked low, following up with a roundhouse kick to the stomach that knocked the man off his balance, a punch to the face finishing him off. The man grunted, and slumped over, entirely unconscious from the assault. Joe was immediately met by cheering from behind, the two bearded men quickly rushing out and locking handcuffs on the bikers before lugging them to the prison. Joe turned around to see people leaning out of windows and doors, cheering for him. Joe grinned and flashed a thumbs-up.

“Heh, no problem, dudes!” Joe said, but his attention was grabbed by a sharp whistle from Alistor. Joe looked up at the nearest building to see Alistor perched on the roof with his arms crossed.

“You’re not done yet, Hero; you’ve got one more to deal with,” Alistor called out, jerking his head in the direction of a wave of dust billowing in their direction. A squeal of brakes accompanied the throwing of dirt into Joe’s face, and the townspeople disappeared as quickly as they had come, again with the door slamming and locking. The dust cleared, and Hulk Davidson got off his motorcycle, his yellow eyes glaring at Joe as he hefted his battle axe.

“Oh, I get it, this is the boss fight, isn’t it?” Joe asked, smirking. “Big rhino dude, cool.”

“That’s Hulk Davidson to you, boy!” The rhino monster introduced itself, swinging the massive battle axe and coming very close to slicing Joe in two if it hadn’t been for a lucky dodge. “And just who the hell’re you supposed to be?”

“Just call me… eh… I haven’t come up with a good name yet,” Joe said, shrugging and ducking beneath another swipe of the huge battle axe. Luckily, it was large enough that Hulk’s swings were slow, but Joe wasn’t interested in finding out how it felt to be hit by it. Hulk stomped the ground hard enough to shake it, surging forward with the axe, forcing Joe to jump up over the monstrous biker’s head, screw-kicking the monster’s head and landing on his feet a good ways.

“Pretty fast for a big guy like you; what size are you? Quadruple extra large?” Joe taunted, electing a roar from Hulk Davidson and a strong hit to the chest from the blunt end of the axe.

“Keep talkin’, small fry; I’ll hit ya eventually!” Hulk boomed, swinging his axe down at Joe, but the strangest thing happened. A grey yoyo wrapped around the axe and jerked it to the side. Jeremy had the yoyo in his hand, and was dressed in an outfit that looked a lot like Captain Blue’s without the helmet.

“The hell? Little brat! Fine, I’ll kill you first!” Hulk boomed again, charging at Jeremy. This gave Joe an idea, and he quickly jumped up and stuck his foot out in front of Hulk, causing the monster to trip and skid into a row of garbage dumpsters. He stood up and rubbed his head, looking up just in time to see the soles of Joe’s feet slam into his face, making him stagger backwards and hit the building behind him, crashing through the wall. He stood up again, this time finding a brick being thrown in his face before he went out, thrown by Jeremy.

“Not bad, Joe; not bad at all,” Alistor said, drifting down and giving a wave of his hand. Hulk and his motorcycle disappeared, along with his axe. “Looks like my hunch was right. That was beautiful, simply beautiful.”

“Huh…?” Joe asked, raising his eyebrows. “Did you just say ‘Viewtiful’?”

“What? Of course not; that’s not even a real word.”

“Huh… Well, you should have; it’s a cool word! Hey! That gives me a great idea for a hero name! Viewtiful Joe!” Joe exclaimed, instantly liking his choice. “Oh yeah, Viewtiful Joe, savin’ the day!”

“Hah… Have fun with that, Viewtiful Joe. Looks like you already picked up a sidekick, too. Not bad for a first day as a hero. I thought you had what it took to be a good rival; maybe I’ll get to test you myself some time soon,” Alistor laughed, turning away and starting to leave, chuckling. “I’ll give you a tip; just keep going the way you were until you get to a castle. If I’m not mistaken, your girlfriend should be there.”

“Hey, wait! If you’re one of the bad guys, why’re you helping me?” Joe asked. Alistor shrugged.

“I told you, I’m a hired hand. I have my reasons for telling you; either believe me or don’t. Have fun,” Alistor said, disappearing from sight. Joe shrugged, and went back to being just plain old Joe again, noticing that Jeremy’s mouth was open in shock.

“You’ve got one… a real V-watch… Just like Captain Blue,” He said finally. Everyone else in town was giving him a similar open-mouthed stare.

“Woah, I never knew so many people could make the same face at once…” Joe commented, shrugging. “You betcha! I just found it laying around in some beat-up old city… you can stop with the funny faces any time, dudes… Hey…. Guys…. Seriously, you can stop it now… Hel-lo?” He asked, waving his hand in front of them. Joe shrugged, and checked out the head gangster’s motorcycle. It was an older style Harley Davidson-type vehicle, complete with a side car. And, the keys were still in. “Okay… I’m going… Jeeze, talk about creepy.”

At this point, the crowd snapped out of it, insisting that he stay. They took the keys out of every vehicle and locked the bicycle to a pole, so he didn’t really have a choice. He agreed to stay there for a few hours, during which he napped the entire time on a couch.
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Default Re: Viewtiful Joe- THE MOVIE! Delux addition!

Sorry I took so long to comment, metal. Anyhow, this is a great story!(although I've never played the Viewtiful Joe video games or anything) I think I noticed just a few typos, but I'm too lazy to pick them out!^^

Keep up the good work! =)

P.S. First comment! :O

P.S.S. ...Rawr.
[12:38:20 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH" <---- Yup.
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."
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