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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 02-20-2010, 03:30 AM
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Default Wolf's Howl [PG-13]

This story is likely going to be covered in various curse words and possibly hit on some touchy subjects.
However, if you would like to read the story without and cursing or touchy subject, just PM/VM me, and I'll try my best to "clean" it.

Wolf's Howl
By: Pokémon Partner

Chapter One

“How the hell could you!” Maria, an idiot of a blond girl with brown eyes that just couldn’t seem to take a stupid hint that I wasn’t interested in her one bit, even though I’ve spelled it out for her several times, shouted at me from almost the other end of the hallway which was crowded with other people that were doing there own things. Much to my extreme disliking, they all halted the instant she yelled to figure out what was happening as she kept going marching towards me, “How the hell could you cheat on me?!”

“What are you talking about?” I shouted back, annoyed at her, “I couldn’t che…”

“Don’t you give me any of that bullshit!” she spat back, “I saw you with that damn Jessica girl!” as her hand ran across my face. As a response, the onlookers started to cheer and make assorted noises, and I suddenly found myself slamming the girl right into the lockers with strength that I didn’t even know I had with everything becoming but a blur of sounds and actions.

“I couldn’t cheat on you,” I attempted to yell at her once again, my voice erupting from my lungs, “Because we were never together!” Suddenly, she pushed me backwards and gave me a full-blown punch in the chest, which would’ve normally sent to me to knee, but it barely seemed to effect me, as I was still able to breath.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she asked while one of the teachers, followed by an officer, started to push through the crowd, and I discovered that everything was in crystal clear focus. I was so clear that I could see the sweat on Maria’s face, hear the beating heart of everyone around me, and a wide assortment of colognes and perfumes coming, and then it seemed as though time halted. However, during this halting of time, I made a fist and punched the damn idiot right on the nose, resulting in her falling backwards onto her ass while blood flew everywhere covering her body, the floor, and the officer that separated us.

After the officer got us to separate, the teacher that accompanied him rushed Maria toward the nurse’s nurse as time, just a quickly as it seemed to have stopped, started to speed up back to normal, but the slowing and speeding up of time didn’t seem to bother me near as much as this: my breathing was slower. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t even start to think about that for I was almost instantaneously the at-school office of the officer that got in the middle of the event as one of the four assistant principals handed him small, plain colored vanilla folder with my name on the tab. “Are you Mr. Bronte Navarro?” he asked, looking at me sternly.

“Y-Yes sir,” I stuttered, nervous because this was the first time that I’ve meet an officer on these terms before.

“Would you care to explain what happened in the hallway about two minutes ago?” he asked, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. After all, what are you supposed to tell an officer about something like, she got on my nerves, even after telling the damn blondie several times that I don’t give a damn about her which ultimately resulting in me needing to get out all of my frustration, but I seriously doubt that the officer would care about that. All the time I spent thinking of what to tell him he started to ask, “Are you aware that her family could press charges on you,” he told me, “Not only are you looking at least three days of out of school suspension, but you are also looking at a possibility of going on trail for assault.” Just then, I felt something crawling up inside of me as I closed my eyes and started to feel something feeling like it was starting to find a way out, something that felt warm yet cold, friendly yet fiendish, but I did my best to force to stay down.

“Well, sir,” I started to utter, the strange thing inside of me struggling even harder to come out, “I guess I lost my temper somehow.” I started to gasp for air as fighting the thing seemed to be getting harder and harder, but I did my best to keep going “You see Maria…”

“Is that the name of the person you punched?” the officer asked, interrupting me, “And can I have her last name as well?”

“Yes she was the one who I punched. However, I don’t know here last name,” I answered back, feeling like I was barely able to breath, “You see she seems to thing I’m her girlfriend, no matter how many times I tell her I’m not, and she got on me for hanging out another girl.”

“Her name please?”

“Jessica Blaine,” I waited for him to write down the name and nod before going on, still feeling like I was struggling to take breaths, “And started to yell at me before slapping me across th…” only to notice the officer’s quizzical look.

“Go on,” he stated, still with the quizzical look that hinted that he didn’t see anything on my face, even though I pointed to where she hit me.

“…the face. I guess I that’s when I lost it as I slammed her into the locker and she punched me in the chest,” I received another quizzical look, but ignored it as I kept my struggle under control as best as I could, “Then, I punched her in the face about the same time you and the teacher showed up.”

The officer finished writing down that last bit before nodding, “Thank you, now then, where did she slap you?” and I merely pointed at where she slapped me while he took out a camera and started to take a few picture of it, the flash blinding me more than once. Then he asked me to take off my shirt and started to take pictures of my chest, but as I looked down at it I couldn’t even see any form of pink, it was as though nothing had happened to my body before I was told to back on my shirt.

“Excuse me, officer” an assistant principal walked in and asked, “Are you done with him?” and to receive a slight nod as he turned to me, “I’ve already called you parents and your mom will be here in about ten minutes to pick you up.” Then, they both handed me a couple of sheets of paper for me to sign. After I read over them, I discovered that one of them was form that contained everything that I told the officer, another one was a referral for the fight, and then the other one pretty much told me the rules that came with receiving an out of school suspension. While struggling with whatever it was that still wanted to come out of me, I looked over all three of the paper, reluctantly signed and dated, and handed them back to them as they told me to sit in one of the chairs in the waiting room, but what happened next really started me. Also in the room was one of the most muscular-looking out of the whole school, even more than the football and soccer players despite not being part of any team, Varian, looking at me with dark brown eyes through dark red hair that seemed to be messy yet neat at the same time.

“It seems as though you are one,” he stated with a slight smile on his face, that seemed to sent shivers down my spine as the thing felt like it was about to leap out of me and I swore I heard something that amounted to growl from a…wolf. However, he seemed to leave me with another thing to think about because the assistant principal and officer called him into an office as my mom came into the waiting room with a furious look on her face. At that same moment, one of the secretaries stopped her from saying something by telling her that the assistant principal and officer were talking to another person and that she needed to wait. Unfortunately, that only seemed to have bought me a little bit of time until the secretary told her to take a chair right next to me. She merely nodded to her while faking a smile before sitting down and turning to me glaring at me without words for a few minutes before finally shaking her head.

“Once we get home,” she stated, “I WANT TO HEAR EVERYTHING,” and all I could do was nod while forcing down the thing that felt like it was within a few seconds of coming out of me, but then I suddenly noticed that there was something in the chair that Varian was sitting it. Picking it up, I discovered that it was a folded up piece of paper with a bit of messy writing on the bottom of it:

Bronte Navarro
Please do not open until you are alone.

Despite being curious as to what it was I merely slipped it into the pocket without making much of a fuss about it while still fighting to keep the thing inside of me to stay down, at least for just little bit longer until I was home or something. The time ticked by slowly as I assumed that that Varian was being interviewed as a witness or something and then the three came out nodding, shaking hand, and then allowed Varian to walk back to class. On his way out of the office, however, he looked in the chair that he was sitting in and nodded before the officer and assistant principal started to talk to my mom in low voice. However, I knew that wasn’t good as she looked at me, made slow head movements, glared at me, and then shook hands with the two of them before they made their way with her snapping at me to follow her, and I did, not wanting to get her more annoyed at me than what she already was.

Thank you, Shy, for the avatar and banner.
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