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Default Forever Dawn [PG] [Last chapter~]

Welcome to my latest fanfiction, Forever Dawn! It's a short, thirteen-chapter story... well, you're going to have to read this post more to find out more about it!

In case you're wondering, no, this fanfiction has nothing to do with Twilight. Yes, I'm quite aware that the first sequel to Twilight (called Forks at the time) was called Forever Dawn. This fanfiction is a rendition of the tale of how the notched/spiky-eared Pichu got that ear. I'm thinking of possibly making a sequel or two.

Go on a journey to the Pokémon world to find their world's strongest pair of friends, the one and only duo of two Pichu, one male and shiny, and the other, female, and soon to get a malformed ear! But as the above prophecy unfolds, we follow Zakuro, a female Pichu with an unusual ear, attempt to save the forest... but how? Joining with Pokémon left and right, new and old, Kanto and Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh, legendary and not legendary, Zakuro notices that sometimes the best are chosen for the wrong reasons.

If you are interested, I can accept applications for people to be characters in the story. However, please follow these guidelines; you may choose any name, as long as it is Japanese. I can accept Chinese names, but Japanese names are preferred. Your Pokémon cannot be legendary, in the pseudo-legendary families (Dragonite, Tyranitar, Salamence, Metagross, or Garchomp), or powerful-ish. Like, refrain from Pokémon like Magmortar, Rotom, Aagron, Castform; etc. I highly recommend a bug or grass type. You can be any other type, if you want, but remember that the story takes place in the Ilex Forest. In book two, I can start taking requests for better Pokémon, and even names from other countries. Oh, also, fill out the following form;

Name: (The character's, not yours)
Pokémon: (Remember: nothing too powerful or big)
Personality: (Spill it all here)
Age: (Optional)
Shiny: (Yes/No)
*History: (Is it from your fanfiction? Then I need to know ALL about the character)
Other: (Scars, deformations, or other stuff)

*If yes, please PM me the form. If no, please post the form in this thread. If it is not your character, don't post it at all.

1. |The Missing Gift|
Theme - Simple and Clean [PLANITb Remix]
2. |Another Time|
Theme - Edward Leaves
3. |Bittersweet Dusk|
Theme - The Violet Hour
4. |Team Ironbolt: Part I|
Theme - The Bird and the Worm
5. |Team Ironbolt: Part II|
Theme - Supermassive Black Hole
6. |Zenjiro|
Theme - Xion's Theme
7. |What Promise?|
Theme - I Will Not Bow
8. |Green Flash|
Theme - The City of Blinding Lights
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

Character Bios
Make sure you have read everything up to date as the following may contain spoilers.

Zakuro - In the beginning of the story, she is a normal Pichu, envious of her brother, because he is slightly different. However, all of this changes when Zakuro's ear is clipped and deformed right before seeing two visions in the Ilex Forest shrine; one in the past, one in the future. Zakuro is the main character of the story, and the heroine. She cares deeply for her brother, Kiku, and although he is older than her, attempts to look after him as he looks after her.

Mnemosyne, The Guardian - The current Guardian of the Ilex Forest. It is a spirit of the Ilex, which so far, only Coeus, Zakuro and Zenjiro have met. Little information at this point is known about the Guardian, but was mentioned by Zenjiro to be giving the title up to Zakuro.

Coeus - The current Guardian of the Holon Forest. It is a spirit of the forest near the Shinto Ruins within the Holon region, which has only met Mnemosyne (Coeus's sister) and Zenjiro in the story. He is fearful of Kiku and his powers and not allowed to enter the sacred Bellchime Forest.

The Sacred One - As of yet, this character is unknown. However, Zenjiro mentioned in chapter six, Zenjiro, that he will host the Sacred One's spirit. However in chapter ten, it is mentioned that the Sacred One will fight the Clandestine Spirit, and the Guardian will be unable to intervene.

The Clandestine Spirit - As of yet, this character is unknown. However, Absol mentioned in chapter ten that the Clandestine Spirit will fight the Sacred One, and the Guardian will be unable to intervene.

Father Time - As of yet, this character is unknown. However, Coeus mentions that Father Time is Coeus's and Mnemosyne's father, along with being the father of all Celebi.

Kiku - Kiku is a male, shiny Pichu that stands out from the crowd. Cheerful, he is somewhat different from Zakuro; not as free a spirit, and gifted on the intellectual side, although just as playful. He loves to watch over his sister, despite their parents' death which they rarely look back upon.

Unknown Sibling(s) - In chapter nine, we learn that Aina is pregnant with her third child, after having twins. However, Zakuro believes that when or if Aina, her mother, died, that the baby died with her. However, Xatu tells Zakuro that Aina did not die from the Absol, and hints to the fact (which Zakuro picks up) that she had enough time to give birth to a third child, a new set of twins, or possibly more.

Yasu - Yasu is a Munchlax, an inhabitant of the Ilex Forest. He knows a lot about berries, and is considered the authority on all knowledge about them.

The Xatu - This Xatu chants an eerie prophecy while clipping Zakuro's ear at the beginning of the story. His appearances are brief and rare after his confrontation with Zakuro.

The Absol - This Absol, murderous and contempt, kills Zakuro's father, as well as an old Lucario clan leader, named Ryuu. He has only appeared once, and was last seen in the Ilex Forest executed, however, he managed to escape.

Zenjiro - An odd, mysterious Zorua that is new to the forest. He only has his sister, Zanin, a Zoroark, and seems to take an interest to Zakuro and Kiku, especially Zakuro. He has a deformed tail, but it is unknown as to how it was caused.

Zanin - An enigmatic Zoroark. She is Zanjiro's sister, and does not speak very much, unless Zenjiro is the only one present.

Rikuto - Like Kiku, Rikuto is a shiny Pokémon, although he is a Riolu. He is cheerful, but his intelligence often hinders this, especially when he rants. He can multitask with moves and abilities, which can be a rare trait in Pokémon. He teamed up with Kiku and Zakuro in the Ilex Berry Bloom Festival. His father is Ryuunosuke, and his grandfather is Ryuu.

Ryuunosuke - The eldest of the Lucario, and Rikuto's father. When Zanin accuses him of having to do something with her little brother, Ryuunosuke assures her if she calls for war, Zanin will indefinitely lose. He is the firstborn son of Ryuu.

Ryuu - The eldest of the Lucario before Ryuunosuke, his son, became the leader. Like Rikuto, his grandson, he is a shiny Pokémon. He was killed by an Absol, and as a result, his body was sacrificed by his son to the Guardian.

Kazuo - Kiku and Zakuro's father. He is also the husband of Aina. He is a Raichu who, being very fatherly and protective, attempts to save his family when an Absol randomly attacks them. He succeeds, however, we do not know what became of Aina.

Aina - Kiku and Zakuro's mother. She is also the wife of Kazuo. She is a Pikachu who, being very motherly and courageous, sends her children into the Ilex (to thier Lucario friends) so that she can help her husband, who is currently fighting an Absol. She fails in saving her husband, however, Absol ignores Aina to go after Kiku and Zakuro, so we have no clue as to what happened to, except that Xatu states that she didn't die from the Absol, and hints to the fact that Kiku and Zakuro have yet another sibling they have yet to meet.

Suzume - A greedy Sneasel that teamed up with Shinobu and Zenjiro on the Ilex Berry Bloom Festival. She acted as the one that intimidated everyone in the competition, keeping anyone from thinking about stealing back their berries. However, this failed to intimidate Rikuto, resulting in Team Shadowlight's loss.

Shinobu - A greedy Sableye that teamed up with Suzume and Zenjiro on the Ilex Berry Bloom Festival. He acted as the one that used Trick on everyone in the competition, stealing berries from others in exchange for a few blades of grass. However, this caused Rikuto to get angry and steal them back, acting as a distraction for Kiku and Zakuro to steal more berries from them, resulting in Team Shadowlight's loss.

Tomomi - A nice Vaporeon that offers Kiku and Zakuro a ride when they want to go via water, because in Green Flash, Zakuro's Magnet Rise cannot lift her over water.

Lixue - A shiny Ninetails that offers Kiku a position within their organization. The name of said organization is yet to be known. She is called the Central Duke of the Kanto region and is the Honshu province's Kanto Marchioness.

Sidra - An oddly colored Guardevoir that is nervous around Kiku. She is the Lady of the Holon region as is the Honshu province's Holon Duke.

Xiao Hong - A Raichu mentioned by Lixue to be Kiku's teacher. She is the Viridian Marchioness and a Knight of the Honshu province.



In Forever Dawn, there is a prophecy that states not only Zakuro and Kiku's shared future (and separate futures), but also the future of the Ilex. However, the prophecy (as you may have just read from chapter seven) is given in pieces. Here, I have a list of the bits of the prophecy that so far only the Xatu can (at least) confirm, however, there are pieces of the prophecy that are/will be revealed by other characters. They will be covered in spoiler tags. In the future, when revealed in the fanfiction, I will put up an explanation for each piece of the prophecy.

1. Revealed in The Missing Gift
A pair of destiny’s finest friends shall journey to their world’s ends, and until the two can take no more, their tiny hearts will begin to sore. One will evolve, the other cannot, other places he began to sought! Until their friendship is no more, humans will scare you to your core! Approve of change as it is your fate! For nighttime will never be late, know that stars will never lend to those that are not their friend. Remember this prophecy’s every line, for it is true and it is mine! Just remember this Xatu’s rhyme; go to a place, a different time.

2. Revealed in What Promise?
Everything burns if the flame is hot enough. The world is nothing but a crucible.

*Quote taken from Andrew Davidson's The Gargoyle*

Omnes ustulat si flamma fervens satis est. Mundus est nihil sed crucibulum.
Alles brennt, wenn die Flamme nur heiß genug ist. Die Welt ist nichts als ein Schmelzitiegel.

^ Omnes... crucibulum is in Latin, translated by me. Alles... Schmelzitiegel is in German, used before the English translation in The Gargoyle.

3. Revealed in Green Flash
You act as a benevolent force in the universe at the expense of being whole.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

Here's chapter one! It is titled The Missing Gift. And here's it's inspirational theme song, Simple and Clean [PLANITb Remix].
“Happy Birthday, Zakuro!” Kiku screeched happily, hugging his sister. As this happened, Zakuro, the lighter shaded of the two, started brushing glittery sparks off of her brother.

“You sparkle when you’re excited,” Zakuro said, pulling away, disdainful. “No one likes vampire Pokémon.” Kiku put a hand behind his head, and crinkled his furry, yellow forehead.

“I can’t help it,” Kiku said, sighing, as the sparkles disappeared.

Zakuro, turning from serious to hysterical in an instant, started cracking up an octave higher than her normal voice.

“Not funny,” Kiku said, turning to the side, and remaining emotionless, as if trying to suppress a smile. “I was going to give you a birthday present.”

Kiku closed his eyes and kept to the side, only to find Zakuro pecking a kiss at his cheek. “Sorry, Kiku!”

Zakuro blushed, then turning again to lead the way through a large patch of snowy grass. They were eventually running by the forest’s lake’s edge, as the sun was relatively high in the sky that unusually warm wintry morning. It had just snowed the day previously, and now, the weather was relatively wonderful. It wasn’t warm enough to melt the snow too much, but there showed a steady decline in the amount of the snow on the ground as the day progressed.

The two Pichu, Zakuro and Kiku, were chasing each other around in the grass, laughing and playing. Pichu – in case you don’t know already – are a very playful species of Pocket Monsters, better known as Pokémon. Zakuro, the girl Pichu, was a very light yellow Pokémon, with two pointy ears, two pink cheeks, and a black, pointed design around its neck, almost as if it were a design embroidered in her hair. Kiku was just the same, except with more mustard in color.

Soon, the two bumped into a Munchlax, knocking him over, as he was carrying a couple of berries. Munchlax was Pokémon with blue fur, two pointy ears, yellow chin, feet and spot on its belly, and two large eyes. Zakuro and Kiku identified him quickly, and helped him up.

“Sorry, Yasu-san!” said Kiku, apologetically, “We’re in a rush! It’s Zakuro’s birthday today!”

The Munchlax named Yasu grunted in pain, scratching its side as it picked up one of the berries it dropped. “That’s okay Kiku-kun. I’m in no rush today. Happy birthday Zakuro-chan!”

Zakuro blushed. “Thank you, Yasu. Kiku’s got a surprise gift for me somewhere, and I can’t wait!”

Yasu smiled. “Many birthday blessings from me, Zakuro-chan! I’m very sure this year will be very special for you.”

As they said their goodbyes, they continued to move on throughout the forest, bumping into a few others along the way; Hideaki the Bonsly and his mother, Hikaru, the Sudowoodo, Emiko the Mantyke, Hana the Oddish, Hanako the Gloom, Harana the Vileplume, and Haru the Bellossom, and lastly, Aiko, the Cleffa.

They finally got to one of the termini of the forest that led to the human town of Azalea, when Kiku started to look worried. He kept looking around, moving flowers and berries of all sorts, as if he were searching for something.

After a few moments, Zakuro got a little curious. “Kiku? Is something wrong?”

Kiku remained silent for a little while, as he continued his search. He looked around a Pecha bush and a small Oran bonsai, but he still couldn’t come to comfort.

“I swear… I put your present around here, somewhere,” Kiku said, worriedly, sighing. “I got you… I got you a –“

“I want it to be a surprise,” Zakuro said, putting her hand over his mouth.

“But,” said Kiku, taking Zakuro’s hand off of his mouth, “How are you going to help me find it if you don’t know what it is?”

“I don’t know,” said Zakuro, turning her nose up at her brother. “Maybe you could tell me what color it is, or something...”

Kiku looked at her for a few moments, and the nodded sighing. “Fine. But I don’t even know what it is. All I can say is... is that it’s a berry, and it’s yellow. It doesn’t even grow here, and I found it lying on the ground. I was going to get you something else, and just eat it and plant the seeds, but I couldn’t find something.”

Zakuro nodded, smiling again. “Okay. I’ll look on the east side of the forest!”

“I’ll take the west,” Kiku said concertedly, nodded, and ran off into the tall grass.

Zakuro was now alone. Standing on her stubby feet, she closed her eyes, and sighed.

I’m all alone, she thought to herself, as she skipped to herself, walking down a human’s road through the forest. It went through an array of trees, blocking some of the sun’s light, casting down similar-shaped umbrae. She started to hop some more throughout the forest, and began to laugh joyously.

“This is actually kind of fun,” Zakuro said, laughing to herself. She closed her eyes, which made her accidentally bump into something in the road, tripping over it, landing on the ground, face first. She helped herself up, and opened her eyes. Looking around, Zakuro realized that she had just tripped over a green, birdlike Pokémon about her size. It was round, had a yellow beak, and tiny, red wings, possessing ominous eyes that didn’t – or couldn’t – blink. It was a little shorter than Pichu was, but only by what seemed to be a couple of inches.

The bird Pokémon grunted, but it said nothing.

“I’m sorry, erm…”

Zakuro thought deeply for a moment. What kind of Pokémon is that?

They stood there for what seemed to be a few minutes. The Pokémon did not move nor blink; it didn’t even seem to breathe. After a few moments of curiosity passed by, Zakuro reached out to touch it.

"You needn’t to touch me, young Pichu," the Pokémon said, without moving its beak.

In sheer horror, Zakuro backed off, surprised. She couldn’t even make a sound; but her face said it all.

You needn’t to be afraid of me, either,” the Pokémon said without moving its beak again. “I am a Natu, as you were previously wondering. I stand here for days without nourishment. It is normal for me, for I would rather look at the beauty of the sun and moon than eat or drink.

After a few moments of silence, Zakuro stuttered, “B-but wou-wouldn’t you die?”

The Natu smiled. “My kind has learned to fast for days without dying. We do it because beholding nature allows us to have glimpses of the future. This ability fascinates my kind, as we aren’t allowed this privilege often.

“Have you seen into the future before?” asked Zakuro, with more confidence.

The Natu nodded. “Yes. But only a few times. Only once before have I seen the future carried out. But that was a long time ago.

Zakuro stood for a while in silence. I should go back to finding my present…

Oh, so you seek something!” the Natu suggested, perking up, which kind of scared Zakuro. Mind-reading seemed to be one thing that freaked her out.

The Natu grunted, unfolding its tiny wings. It looked straight into the sun, as if its eyes were opening more. Its eyes began to dilate, and its beak opened ever so slightly.

Zakuro began to back off, because the Natu was starting to squawk. It was flapping its wings, and as this occurred, it began to glow a bright white. This white glow enveloped the Natu, and as it did, it began to shift in shape, until it was almost five times Pichu’s height, which began to frighten the Pichu even more.

Natu showed itself from the white light, and screamed, “A pair of destiny’s finest friends shall journey to their world’s ends, and until the two can take no more, their tiny hearts will begin to sore! One will evolve, the other cannot, other places he began to sought! Until their friendship is no more, humans will scare you to your core!

Natu’s new form was very different. Although it was still green, and had the same beak, it had a torso now, and more elliptical eyes. Its wings were no longer stubby, but now longer and freer, and white. Its new torso had more intricate designs upon it, showing a face with two gleaming, red eyes. Its feet were also no longer stubby, but looked less birdlike. One thing was for sure; this was no longer Natu. Natu had evolved.

Approve of change as it is your fate!” the new Pokémon began again, screaming, “For nighttime will never be late, know that stars will never lend to those that are not their friend. Remember this prophecy’s every line, for it is true and it is mine! Just remember this Xatu’s rhyme; go to a place, a different time!

Flapping its wings and cackling telepathically, the Xatu began to fly around, as it hit Zakuro, frightened, in the forehead. Zakuro practically flew several feet before hitting the ground on her backside, sliding on the ground. She began to lose consciousness, as the Xatu flew around again, and picked her up by its beak. It began to clip at her ear, blood trickling down and onto her face, as they flew over the forest.

Zakuro, terrified, tried to scream, but as it looked over the forest, even all of her birdlike friends ignored her. She could not be heard. No one could hear her.

The Xatu began to fly lower onto the forest, until Zakuro’s feet began to brush the peak of the forest’s canopy. And like that Xatu dropped Zakuro, to her displeasure, as a blue aura surrounded her. She levitated past trees as she fell at the same speed at which Xatu was flying her, as she flew into a shrine-box with a red roof, which opened its doors as soon as Zakuro saw it.

And like that, Zakuro slowed down. She began to fall gently in a greener light, as the lime green atmosphere began to close in on her. She was about to scream, but the light calmed her. She knew she was falling, but it seemed different to her. As if she were falling up, Zakuro began to shut her eyes. Her ear no longer hurt, as the green light was beginning to heal the ear. Blood no longer dripped from her ear, and like a lullaby, the green light began to tire her.

And soon, Zakuro fell asleep, her eyes flickering in a new light; daybreak.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

I've got chapter two, although it's short. It's meant to be short, actually, but the reason will be revealed later.

Chapter two is titled Another Time, and the theme is Edward Leaves, by Alexandre Desplat. If you are a Twilight hater, please still listen to the song. It gives you the gist of the mood of this chapter.

The sun rose as Zakuro’s eyelids fluttered liberally, sneezing as she shook her head. It had snowed that morning, and there she was, underneath a white landmark that looked like a house, with a red roof, and brown windows.

The one I fell into, Zakuro thought, remembering. That psycho Pokémon threw me in there for... Is it sunrise? Didn’t it just snow…?

Zakuro looked around, when she saw a dark-yellow Pokémon skid across the surface of the icy snow-paved grass, with a large, yellow berry in its hands. The Pokémon placed the berry directly into the snow, near a patch of taller grass, hiding it well. Subsequently, the Pokémon turned around, and wiped a drop of sparkly sweat off of it’s forehead.

“Zakuro-chan’s going to love her birthday present!” said a familiar voice, when Zakuro realized it was coming from the Pokémon.

It’s Kiki-kun! she thought, but she couldn’t speak. Words couldn’t seem to form right now. She could breathe and move just fine, but somehow her will suppressed her to the point to where she could not speak nor walk. Something willed her to not move.

Coming to realization as Kiku ran off, Zakuro recognized the berry. It fit Kiku’s description of the berry, the very same one that he apparently placed somewhere in the Ilex Forest on the morning of Zakuro’s birthday. But that could only mean…

Zakuro shook her head. But she couldn’t seem to get that Pokémon’s words out of her head… Just remember this Xatu’s rhyme; go to a place, a different time!

So, this is a different time, Zakuro said, nodding. This morning, when Kiku hid the present. But what happened to it?

A green light flew out from behind her, and changed the scene to what seemed to be a couple hours later, when the sun was a little higher in the sky. A Munchlax was walking by the shrine, as snow seemed to melt in the sun’s presence, revealing the yellow berry, seeming less giant in the Pokémon’s presence…

Wait; that was one of the berries Yasu was holding! Zakuro realized, but she couldn’t speak. Words failed to form, only to create huffs of choked breath. She could helplessly lay there underneath that shrine, while Yasu, not noticing Zakuro, simply walked away.

However, it was not longer the problem anymore, the lost present. Zakuro would confront him later, she thought, if she could. She couldn’t move her stubby feet at all. Nor could she speak, let alone whisper much.

As soon as it all appeared, Zakuro began to levitate into the air, and floated up and into the shrine, shutting the doors behind her. This time, as the green light guided her, it frenzied, shuddering and shaking. It was orbiting her, growing dimmer with each passing second. Now sitting on the inside of the shrine, Zakruo felt feeling return to her limbs. She could walk now. Getting up, she turned over to the doors, and opened them, regretting she ever did.

Flames were eating the abandoned forest alive. Zakuro was protected in the tiny shrine-like box, but she still shivered in fear. She could hear screams from the other side of the forest, even as the flames roared, as they make trees and bushes alike crack like firewood. Trees fell over, and the sky was dark with misery.

But only one Pokémon stood in the middle of this fiery wildfire. It was Kiku, and he did not look well. He looked parched of life, and looked as if he were barely alive. He turned his head towards the shrine, and blinked. He collapsed onto the ground, as the flames seemed to creep over towards him, soon to lick his mustard fur, and engulf his body.

“No!” Zakuro screamed, able to move again, but as she attempted to run out, the shrine trapped her in, shutting the doors on her. As tears rolled down her cheeks, the flames from outside muffled, and the green light appeared again, lulling her. Melancholy, Zakuro mumbled a promise that she didn’t quite understand. She felt as if this green light, which she put all of her trust in, was telling her something.

I solemnly swear to protect this forest from harm, Zakuro thought, repeating the promise over and over again, as if to remind herself.

She closed her eyes, but the soft green light still shined around her.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

Chapter three, Bittersweet Dusk, and the theme is The Violet Hour, by Sea Wolf. Yes, another Twilight song, but it's from the soundtrack this time, not the score.
Zakuro’s head flew into the air with a start, screaming as sweat drenched her body, practically drowning the grass underneath. Her eyes wide open, she realized that she was back in the Ilex, and the forest was alright. No fires. No flames. No screams of terror.

But there was no sign of Kiku.

Frightened, Zakuro looked around. It was still the afternoon, however, had crossed three quarters of the sky already, and looked like it was getting ready to set in the west. She had probably been sleeping, but she had known that what she had experienced was no nightmare. It felt worse. Almost like a prophecy; a nightmare yet to be born. And already she was starting to remember that bird Pokémon – possibly being a Xatu – dropping her into the shrine. She poked at her ear, but it seemed fine. It didn’t hurt at all.

She decided to find the forest’s own lake, and soon noticed that now all of the snow had melted. Spring is definitely on its way, I suppose, she thought, sighing to herself as she scampered over to the lakeside.

Looking over the calm crystal waters, she saw several blue spider Surskit racing along the surface of the middle of the lake, and could hear their playful laughter. In the depths of the lake, she also saw some golden koi Seaking and glow fish Lumineon playing tag with a Quagsire, and even a few orange Magikarp join in on the fun.

But that was when Zakuro looked closer, and noticed her reflection. Her left ear, to her surprise, was malformed. She was speechless for a moment, but then she thought back to what happened with that Xatu; it had cut her ear. But what would cause it to heal this quickly, let alone become deformed afterward? She flapped her ear to wave at her reflection, which showed the left ear to have three points, as opposed to one. This was a change she was going to have to live with, if she could.

“Did you doze off?” a familiar voice asked, laughing behind Zakuro. “I bet you’ve been sleeping all day!”

Startled, Zakuro turned around to see Kiku behind her, sparkling brightly. Kiku was quickly shocked, but Zakuro instantly understood why. If Kiku is this surprised, then my birthday is not going to be any fun.

“What happened to your ear?” asked Kiku, settling down, sounding more concerned.

“Meh, it was clipped at by some very strange bird Pokémon,” replied Zakuro, as if it were no big deal. “I think it was a Xatu. But it’s all better.”

“But it’s deformed now,” Kiku pointed out, dejected. “And wounds can heal that fast.”

Zakuro sighed. She had heard it all before. She had said it to herself earlier, after all.

“I don’t really care. It doesn’t hurt.”

Kiku nodded, but still looked uncertain. “I still haven’t found your present. I’m sorry, Zakuro; I’ve looked for it everywhere. I’ve asked all of the forest, and still, I haven’t been able to find it.”

Zakuro smiled. “Have you asked Yasu?”

Kiku put a finger to his chin. “Matter of fact, I haven’t seen him this morning… why?”

Zakuro grinned wider. “Come on, let’s find him; I have an idea! Race you!”


“So, you’re telling me that I found this berry on mistake?” the Munchlax groaned, dejected. “Oh, darn. It’s very rare around these parts. Please plant the seeds. I think it would make a good food for the forest.”

Zakuro nodded gratefully. “Thank you very much, Yasu-san! You’re the greatest!”

Yasu blushed. “Why, shucks! It’s the least I could do! But when it starts growing berries, I get the first one! Deal?”

Kiku and Zakuro nodded in unison as they took back the berry. “Right!”

Yasu also nodded, in agreement, and sat down as he began to eat a very bumpy blue berry. “You guys wouldn’t happen to know what kind of berry that is, right?”

Zakuro shook his head. “No, Yasu; Kiku just said that he had found it along the road, and said it wasn’t around these parts. Why, do you know?”

Yasu smiled as he swallowed the blue berry whole. “Yes. It’s a Grepa Berry. I hear it’s a little sour, but also kind of sweet. I’ve known a few Igglybuff that come through this forest claiming it’s the best berry they’ve ever tasted. But I know I’ve tasted better.”

“I bet you have,” said Kiku, smiling. “Thank you so much! You saved me!”

“Again, don’t mention it,” Yasu replied, taking a bite of a similar berry, only red in color. “You two best get ready for tomorrow. It’s a big day!”

“Oh, that’s right!” Zakuro cheered, “It’s always the day after my birthday; the Ilex Berry Bloom Festival!”

“Yes,” Yasu agreed adamantly. “The day when have the spring harvest! When some of our more exotic berry trees and bushes bloom, and then produce fruit! Oh, it’s like a dream come true! I hear they planted a Rowap tree last year, and I’ve been waiting so long to try it!”

Zakuro giggled, and mumbled to herself as the twosome wandered off towards home. “I’m sure you will, Yasu. I’m sure you will.”

Zakuro, with the berry being carried by her teeth, was climbing up a large Oran tree, when Kiku quickly helped her up. They began to sit on a large branch large enough for them to play on, but they preferred to sit back and watch the sunset while laughing and telling jokes, or even talking about the most random of topics. Except this time, they decided to relax in the evening twilight, and remain quiet, because Zakuro had decided to split the Grepa in two for Kiku to eat, as well.

“No!” Kiku protested, but it was no good. “I don’t want you to share your birthday gift. I got it especially for you!”

“Yeah,” Zakuro said blatantly, “But it’s no fun not to share! I don’t like eating something without you.”

Kiku stopped arguing, partially because the Grepa’s taste was too hard to ignore. Zakuro was going crazy over it, and almost regretted sharing it, much to Kiku’s disdain.

“I told you not to share it,” Kiku groaned, rubbing his belly. “I’m stuffed! I think I ate too much of that berry. It was big, after all.”

“Yeah, it was big, alright,” Zakuro said, suddenly dejected, staring off into the sunset. Kiku observed Zakuro for a few moments, and sighed.

“Is something the matter, Zakuro?” Kiku asked, frowning a little. A light zephyr was blowing in their faces, making the needles of some of the evergreen berry trees blow in the distance. However, the tree they were on was seasonal, and had only buds now.

Zakuro nodded. “Yeah, I suppose so. I’m just not too happy right now. You see, when that Xatu did that thing to my ear, he dropped me in that shrine in the middle of the Ilex, and I kind of saw some things…”

“What shrine?” asked Kiku. “We don’t have a shrine in the Ilex. At least, I’ve never heard of it.”

“Yeah, we do. I don’t know why, but…”

Zakuro paused, and for the obvious reasons. She was about to tell Kiku the truth, but she knew what the outcome was going to be. She didn’t want to lose respect. But Kiku kept poking at the subject, asking “What were you going to say?” and “C’mon, Zakuro, what is it?”

“I think I went back in time,” Zakuro blurted, sighing afterwards.

“Zakuro,” Kiku chided, shaking his head, “That’s impossible. Why would you think that you went back in time?”

“Forget it,” Zakuro replied coldly. “Forget I ever said it.”

She looked back at a moment at Kiku, who definitely looked very upset. But she turned away. She didn’t want to deal with this right now, and with the given circumstances, she was definitely going to be called crazy.

“Well,” Kiku said, striking conversation again, to Zakuro’s surprise, “They do say that there is a time-travelling Pokémon that lives here. But it hasn’t showed its face around here in many years, and I doubt it’s still alive. It’s very unlikely that you met it, Zakuro.”

Zakuro was instantly hood. “Tell me more! What does it look like?”

Kiku shrugged. “I don’t think anyone knows. But some people say something about it being associated with a green light that acts as a lullaby to weary travelers. When injured, Pokémon can see memories through the time-traveling Pokémon’s eyes. I hear that very same Pokémon is our guardian, and is the eyes and ears of this very forest. It can give life to plants, humans, and Pokémon alike, which is why it never dies. If it does, it comes from the past to the future to bring itself back to life, because it can sense it. It’s not all that powerful, but it does its best.”

“Wow,” was all Zakuro could say to that for a few moments. “How do you know all of that? Did you learn it from others?”

Kiku smiled. “Yeah. I guess you could say that, Zakuro. But I find it hard, really, not to laugh at all of that. It can’t happen. We just have to face that sometimes, tales are just fairy tales, and some have more merit than others.”

Zakuro nodded, sighing. She still didn’t give up on the possibility of time travel. It wasn’t quite worth it to nix the possibility just yet. After all, what did she see? Two times; one when Yasu accidentally took her present, and two, when she saw the future, that the forest would someday be surrounded in flames?

Hopping down from the tree, Zakuro took the seeds leftover from the berry, and planted it nearby, in a somewhat open place full of bushes, where she knew a tree was not growing. When she came back, Kiku tilted his head.

“Did you plant it?” he asked, curious.

Zakuro nodded happily. “One day, when it starts growing fruit, it’ll be our tree. Hopefully by then, we’ll be a couple of Pikachu, right?”

Kiku nodded, standing up on the branch, doing a tough-guy pose. “Yeah! Then, nobody will mess with us! We’ll be super-strong!”

The two Pichu laughed and laughed until they couldn’t take any more, as they witnessed the sun sinking far below the horizon. Crawling a little down the tree, they found a hollow opening where they normally slept. It wasn’t exactly the comfiest place to sleep, but oddly enough, it was roomy.

And that was probably the best birthday that Zakruro ever had.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

Chapter four, Team Ironbolt, part one of two... at least, only two are planned. The theme (which fits perfectly, aside from the fact that it mentions water, and that it's got romantic references) is The Bird and the Worm, by Owl City.
“Today’s the day!” exclaimed Kiku, shaking Zakuro vehemently out of her slumber. “It’s the Ilex Berry Bloom Festival! We have to beat Yasu-san this year!”

Zakuro, unequal in enthusiasm, lethargic in what seemed to be sleep deprivation, yawned, and rolled over to smile at Kiku, squinting. “Good morning, Kiku.”

“Come on, come on!” Kiku shouted where they were at from within the tree, making the flock of Murkrow on the tree’s branches fly off. “We have to be Yasu! This year for sure!”

Zakuro moaned, and fluttered her eyelids, shaking her head back and forth to wake up, which unfurled her spiky ear, which Kiku frowned at.

“Something wrong?”

Kiku shook his head, tightening his eyebrows. “You still have that thing on your ear. Did you say it was clipped by a Xatu? I’ve never seen one of those Pokémon around here.”

Zakuro nodded. “But it doesn’t hurt. I’m fine, really. But the thing that happened with Xatu… it was just weird.”

Kiku was starting to worry for his best friend, tilting his head in confusion. “What was odd about it?”

This tested Zakuro somewhat. Could she come to tell Kiku what she saw? What did she see, anyway? Staying silent and reviewing it in her mind, she remembered seeing to things; an event in the past, with Yasu picking up the berry, and then a destructive scene where the entire Ilex was on fire, with the fire engulfing her best friend. What if that was the future? she thought.

That’s when Zakuro broke her silence, and made her decision. “Meh. It’s not all that important. So, are you ready to smash Yasu this year?”

“Am I?” laughed Kiku, smiling wide. “I think I found that third person that we need to help us this year.”

“Third person?” Zakuro asked, confused for a brief moment. “Oh yeah! The rules say that you can’t have any more or any less than three Pokémon on your team!”

“Yeah!” replied Kiku, grinning widely. “Riolu is going to be on our team!”

For Kiku, this seemed to be the greatest news in the world, but as the duo crawled out of the tree’s crevice and onto the wet, dew-tipped grass, Zakuro scrunched up her face. “But isn’t he too young?”

Kiku was still, to Zakuro’s surprise, smiling. “Not anymore! Last year, he was just a baby. But now he’s old enough.”

Zakuro thought that over for just a little bit. “Wait; what does a Riolu evolve into? Kangaskahn? Is he old enough to evolve yet?”

“No, they evolve into Lucario, I think,” Kiku attempted to explain. “Either way, they evolve into something. But I don’t know if he’s old enough yet. If he is, we are.”

“Right,” Zakuro said, a little happier. “We should be Pikachu before he can evolve into a Kangaskahn! Or Lucario! Or whatever!”

Kiku laughed as the two Pichu, brother and sister, united tails. Tiny sparks joined the two, brushing the trunk of the tree lightly, but it touched the dew on the grass, and shocked them back. In turn, they fell over, but quickly recovered, laughing it off, skipping into the morning twilight.


“I’m excited for this year!” Rikuto exclaimed, giggling as he galloped into dance with Kiku and Zakuro, who were both just as happy.

Stopping, Zakuro noticed something somewhat eerie. Another team in the festival, on the starting line, Team Shadowlight, as they were called, seemed peculiar to her. It was comprised of three dark Pokémon. Even though there was the general rule that no evolved Pokémon could join, they seemed to scare her. The three Pokémon didn’t exactly stand out to the crowd, but it was obvious that the three were ominous.

First was the sharp-clawed Sneasel named Suzume, whose body was mainly black, but aside from its white claws, it had pinkish growths on its left ear and lower back. It also had a yellow topaz jewel on its forehead and the center of its chest, which the Pokémon seemed to sport with great authority, as if it were the envy of the entire forest. However, the jewel almost seemed to absorb light, making her atmosphere somewhat chilly.

Next was another jewel-sporting Pokémon, the illustrious Sableye, whose name was Shinobu. It seemed to be some malformed shadow of a Keckleon, but without the tail. Diamonds sported parallel on its face acted as its eyes, and like Sneasel, it had a jewel on its chest, but it was a blood-red ruby.

The next Pokémon, however, was different. Zakuro hadn’t met this Pokémon before, but the Ilex had many visitors, so there were always new faces. Rumors went around (that she was just now hearing from adult Pokémon around her) that said that the Pokémon’s name was Zenjiro. It was a foot taller than Zakuro herself (who stood a foot tall, already), and resembled a fox, almost like a Vulpix. But it definitely wasn’t a Vulpix; it was grayish purple, with red ellipses above its eyes, red-tipped feet, a red scruff of hair on its crown, and a small, dark gray mane around its neck. Its furry tail was kind of deformed, like Zakuro’s ear, but it wasn’t spiked. As of yet, the Pokémon’s species was unidentified, at least from her eyes.

“Something wrong?” Rikuto asked, tilting his head. Rikuto was their third member, the happy-go-lucky Riolu. It was canine-like in features, and stood just a little taller than the mysterious Zenjiro. It was the only Pokémon other than Kiku that had a recessive color, which was a mustard yellow. However, like a normal Riolu, it had black-colored markings on its face, collar, and feet, as well as its paws, which had rounded bumps going up its forearms, which could be the start of a young Lucario’s spikes. His irises were garnet in color, which Zakuro always thought peered into her soul.

Zakuro tried not to point, but she did so discretely. “Is that Pokémon… I mean, what is it, exactly?”

“Oh, that’s simple,” Rikuto said, smiling, tempted to join Kiku back in dance. “That’s Zenjiro. From what I hear from my mother, other lands call it a Zorua. Their kind are apparently rivals to mine; we manipulate aura, and while they control illusions.”

“Aura?” asked Zakuro, tilting her head.

“Yeah, aura,” Rikuto replied. “It’s the life force that fuels everything. Few humans can control it, but my entire species, along with the Lucario, can manipulate it, and see it. Some other Pokémon can do it, like legendary Pokémon, but it’s kind of possible that Zorua, and their evolved form, Zoroark, can. But they’re so mysterious.”

Zakuro laughed. “Wow, Rikuto-kun, you can be the know-it-all, can’t you?”

Rikuto flashed his eyes, which Zakuro swore glowed for a second, but it was possible that it was just the sunlight. “Yep. We’re just that good.”

There were other teams, but they didn’t seem as much threatening as Team Shadowlight. There was Team Cleftogibuff, comprised of a Cleffa, a Togepi, and an Igglybuff, but they often fought with each other. Secondly, there was Team Cute Horror, which seemed like an odd name to Zakuro, with an even weirder composition of Pokémon; an Absol, a Azuril, and a Magby. But Team Ironbolt, Zakuro’s team, which Kiku was the leader of, had a few secret weapons; Rikuto had Shadow Claw, to reach higher-up berries, and Mind Reader, to keep an eye on the competition. Kiku, Zakuro’s older brother, had just learned Nasty Plot, which increased his already large brain power, to think up ideas, just in case Rikuto’s Mind Reader told him that another team was leading. And lastly Zakuro herself had Magnet Rise, which allowed her to float in the air for a little while, which was weak right now, since she was only a Pichu.

The time finally came when all of the participants were all lined up along the starter’s line, which was really an array of every team captain; Kiku, Zenjiro, Absol, Sunkern, Yasu the Munchlax, and Castform, all next to the announcer, a Loudred.

“ALL PARTICIPANTS TO THE STARTING LINE!” the Loudred shouted, as every team settled into a line, the captain in the front, the two other Pokémon falling behind. To the side of every team, dividing them all into sections, was a large, rectangular box weaved from leaves, which were meant to hold the berries.

“Ready?” Rikuto whispered, turning his head to Zakuro, who nodded, with a grin.


That is when Zakuro turned her head slightly to the left, eyeing Team Shadowlight. Behind them were their parents; a pair of Weavile, a pair of slightly larger Sableye, and a Pokémon that looked vaguely like Zenjiro the Zorua. It was two and a half times taller than Zenjiro, and stood with its knees slightly bent. It had the same grayish purple skin, however, it was severely different due to the fact it had red claws. The most noticeable thing about it, though, was its large, ominous Razz Berry red mane flowing from the back of its head, with a little black smudged here and there. Its torso was really thin, and its large main had a blue sphere that tied its hair towards the end. Its eyes were watery, and gleamed silver at the edges that seemed to pierce at Zakuro’s gut. The one thing, though, was that it was alone, which seemed to be odd. Zakuro’s instincts told me it was female, but Zakuro couldn’t tell from that far.

“EVERYONE READY?” blasted the Loudred, slightly louder than before, to everyone’s displeasure. “ONE, TWO, THREE, START!”

Instantly, the imaginary starting line broke, and a rush of Pokémon with massive loads of energy flowed into the forest. Kiku and Rikuto gleamed at Zakuro very briefly as they ran, laughing as the three entered the competition, with their minds in the game, and their hearts in the moment.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG]

Chapter five, Team Ironbolt, part two of two. Wow, I'm on a roll with writing! xD

The theme is Supermassive Black Hole, by Muse.
The rush of Pokémon that filled the entrance to the forest’s berry garden subsided when the teams began to branch out. It was enormous, filled with various different types of berries, possibly, as legend told, berries that were yet to be discovered, by Pokémon and humans alike.

Team Ironbolt, the threesome headed by Kiku, with Zakuro and Rikuto as his teammates, were gaining an edge. Rikuto used his aura-sensing skills to find the rarer berries, then using his Shadow Claw to obtain them, two at a time, storing them in a bag that all members carried, similar to the bags rescuers, explorers, and adventurers were told to have. Kiku, however, teamed up with Zakuro; Zakuro would use Magnet Rise to lift itself off the ground to pick the berries it couldn’t reach, and Kiku would catch them, putting it into their bags.

“Be careful!” warned Rikuto, pausing for a moment. “Mind Reader is coming into effect! I just got note that Sableye from Team Shadowlight is using Trick to swap leaves with other team’s berries!”

“I may know what to do!” Kiku said, stopping production. Closing his eyes, Kiku concentrated his energy, as a black aura covered his body, making Rikuto step back slightly. Zakuro assumed that it messed with his own aura, but she seemed clueless. The black aura, after a few moments, shattered into little pieces of light, revealing an enlightened Kiku.

“What do you suggest?” asked Rikuto, regaining composure.

“I have the ultimate idea!” Kiku exclaimed, cheering. “On top of your Mind Reader protection, add Foresight. In addition to your aura sensing powers, your sensory will be threefold! All of us know Protect or Detect, so if Sableye is about to use Trick, then we’ll know, and use it ahead of time!”

“Interesting idea,” Rikuto said, but there was obvious displeasure in his voice. “But there lies one problem. If I do that… I’ll be overloaded. I won’t be able to pick berries.”

But Zakuro nodded in agreement. “It’s the price for protection. You’ll have to pick by hand.”

Rikuto showed a little sadness, but he seemed to be over it quickly. After all, they would have to get over it. Security was much more important than picking just a little faster. And as time passed, it was proven very effective, but Sableye hadn’t attempted to Trick them. So, Rikuto did attempt the risk every few moments, but Kiku promptly warned him not to do it every time, and so, each time, he would stop using Shadow Claw, and continue to picking the normal way.

They had gone back to their basket three times by noon, and by that time, they were tied with Team Shadowlight, and all of the other teams had barely any berries in their baskets, probably to the loss over berries through Trick. But Zakuro knew they weren’t breaking any rules by doing that. Loudred had said that you couldn’t steal from another person’s team once they were placed into the baskets.

Rikuto, although unexhausted, was yearning to use Shadow Claw, despite the fact Kiku was scolding him. But, he withstood the urge, as a premonition crossed his mind.

“Quick! Protect!” Rikuto barked, as three green spheres made of light energy surrounded the three. But their hope was shattered as their protection was; a wisp of darkness flashed by, knocking Rikuto over onto the ground.

From the wisp of darkness, five feet away, was Shinobu, the Sableye, chortling at its prize; Rikuto’s bag filled with all of the berries it collected. Sableye had used Feint to break through the Protect.

“Ehkekekeke!” the shadow laughed, clenching the sling with its claws. “A fine prize! See you all at the winner’s circle!” And like that, Shinobu disappeared the same way he came; in a shaded flash of darkness.

Rikuto grunted, getting up, as Kiku and Zakuro rushed to his side. “They stole my bag. I’ve got to get it back!”

“Wait,” Zakuro suggested, “Maybe you’re not the only one that can use Foresight and Mind Reader around here.”

“Perhaps,” Rikuto replied, making its way past Zakuro as if it were never hurt. “But that’s fine.”

“Hold on, though,” pressed Zakuro, worried. “We can’t hurt them. We’ll get disqualified.”

Rikuto frowned. “They hurt me.”

“But we’d only be retaliating,” retorted Zakuro. “Any ideas, Kiku?”

“Let’s see,” Kiku said, nodding uncertainly. He concentrated once more, as the black aura reenergized around his body, which again, in turn, made Rikuto step back, this time a little further. Zakuro noted this carefully, but she didn’t know whether or not it was important to note. Either way, Rikuto noticed that Zakuro had seen, and smiled vaguely.

The aura shattered once more, reinvigorating Kiku’s cheery expression. “I have an idea.”

“Ehkekekekeke!” Shinobu chortled, appearing in front of Zenjiro and Suzume. “Those chumps didn’t know what hit them!”

“Did they finally give in?” Suzume said, choking on her own laugh. “Weaklings.”

“I wouldn’t doubt their power,” Zenjiro replied mysteriously, tilting his head to fix the scruff of hair on the top of his head. “I wouldn’t exactly call them weaklings.”

“Then what would you call them, Zenjiro?” Suzume asked. “Idiots? Morons?”

“They’re a bit naďve,” admitted Zenjiro, closing his eyes. “But I must say they have a wide variety of unusual moves that make them quite versatile. Worthy opponents, might I add. But there is definitely something unusual about all of them. They are all… very special. Two of them colored differently, and the third...”

“Deformed, like you,” said Suzume, blatant. “You know, I don’t remember you mentioning as to how your tail got messed up. Looks like some sort of freak accident.”

Zenjiro scoffed disdainfully. “That’s because I didn’t tell you what happened to my tail. Some people have pasts you know.”

Suzume laughed. “And feelings, surprisingly. Like that matters.”

“Maybe not to you,” replied Zenjiro, sighing. “But still. That Pichu is very different, I know this much. She also feels very different. To be around, you know. I can feel people just by seeing and being around them. But it’s not by touch; some dark type Pokémon just seem to have that kind of intuition.”

“So, boss?” asked Sableye, scratching its head. “Why are you defending Zakuro, the little pipsqueak of a Pichu? It’s young. It and its older brother Kiku lost their parents a couple years ago.”

“Hm,” mused Zenjiro, smiling. “I guess I didn’t really think about it.”

The next few moments, however, were a blur before their eyes; quickly, a flash of yellow and black sped past the Sableye, grabbing the bag back, but it stopped on the spot, revealing itself to the three, whom immediately came to defend the bag.

“You better hand it back over, if you know what’s good for you!” Suzume said, charging a light blue energy in its claws. Similarly, Shinobou charged a purple energy in its own claws. When Rikuto didn’t move, still clutching the bag, Suzume and Shinobu, regardless of the fact that Zenjiro yelled to have them stop, let loose their energies, as ominous purple and icy rays of energy collided with each other at Rikuto, causing a cloud of dust.

While Suzume and Shinobu coughed up a storm, they looked around. Rikuto was gone.

“Where’d they go?” asked Suzume, shocked. She looked around frantically, but found nothing.

“They took our berries, too!” Shinobu hissed, groaning as its knees fell to the grass.

“I saw it all,” said Zenjiro, amused. “It’s fun to see you two fail.”

“But how come you did this to us?” Suzume asked harshly. “We wanted to win! You’ve barely did nothing, and now you say you let them get away with it? What’s wrong with you?”

Zenjiro laughed. “I could care less about this game. Matter of fact, I don’t care at last. But my kind? We’re masters of illusion. I could break down everything for you, everything that even you fake dark types couldn’t see.”

Fake?” asked Suzume, hoarse. “You’re calling us fake?”

“Yes, ironic, isn’t it?” Zenjiro said, laughing again. “We’re masters of illusions and we’re calling you fake. But it’s true. Only true dark types can master the art of illusion. You know what happened? That Riolu is a multi-tasker; it was using Double-Team and Agility at the same time. Then, it cloned itself by using Substitute, so while the clone stayed behind, it could still get away with its Agility. While that happened, capturing your attention, the two Pichu used Magnet Rise to lift our berries out of sight. Well, only one of the two Pichu can use the move, but you get what I mean.”

“They tricked us!” Suzume screeched, dropping to the ground. “They stole from us!”

Zenjiro smiled. “Live by the sword, die by the sword, Suzume.”
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG] [Comments appreciated!]

Chapter six, Zenjiro. The theme is Xion's Theme, by Yoko Shimomura.

An entire crowd of Pokémon cheered and dance, to which Kiku, Zakura, and Rikuto joined into. The celebration was massive; some Pokémon were munching on berries, others were singing and dancing, but for some like Yasu, some pouted. But even Yasu saw that moping around was not going to do anything. So, he eventually got into the celebration, giving the winning threesome berry blessings.

“Thank you, Yasu-san!” Kiku said, laughing as he danced around the Munchlax. “You know, you should dance. Loosen up a little. C’mon, it’ll be fun!”

Yasu laughed nervously. “Don’t be silly! It’s not a good… woah!” Yasu tripped over himself, groaning afterward, making Kiku and Zakuro laugh a little. Rikuto and Yasu eventually joined in on laughing, but they were slightly hesitant.

And even though Kiku and Zakuro proved to have a good time with their buddies Rikuto and Yasu, some other things went unnoticed, even in the celebration. For example, those who did not celebrate, or those who didn’t even wish to participate in the first place.

Zenjiro, for example, was standing behind a Razz Berry bush adjacent to the party venue, the starting line. He was lying down, sighing. He was staring off into the dark sky, his eyes filled with wanting. No one could say what he was feeling exactly; he was misunderstood, and often the castaway.

It’s all because I’m one of the Pure Ones, Zenjiro thought, sighing. How far he was from his home! He wanted meaning. He wanted this to happen. Or did he? Thoughts complicated his mind, transforming his already chaotic mind, numb with exhaustion.

“Why not join the others?” a rusty, feminine voice heaved from above him. Zenjiro looked up to see his Zoroark sister peer over him, her luscious mane flowing in the zephyrs of night. She did not seem happy, but did seem slightly concerned.

“Not pleased, Zinan?” asked the Zorua, stretching as he got up. “I’m rejecting earthly pleasures. Like you said.”

“Like our leader said,” Zinan corrected, affectionately scratching the top of Zenjiro’s scalp, which he did not like. “But I suppose you are being good. But I do not think a dance once in a while would hurt.”

If there was anything Zenjiro did not like about his older sister, it was that Zinan was ambiguous in meaning. She’d say one edict or commandment – usually it was something that either a Zorua or a Zoroark was to avoid or not do – but there would always be that period where you could break the rules, but never when Zenjiro wanted to, which he did not understand.

“I think it’s pointless,” Zenjiro muttered, beginning to walk in the other direction.

“Pointless?” Zinan asked, with a hint of irritation in her voice. “If you’re to host the Sacred One…”

“I will host the Sacred One!” Zenjiro whispered loudly, so the others couldn’t hear her, cutting her off.

Zinan tilted her head like a smart-aleck. “Right. If you will, you must still hold a connection to the earth. If you don’t, you’ll be viewed ignorant, and you’ll be one of the Forgotten.”

“Don’t you think I already know that?” Zenjiro growled, frowning at his sister. “And why are you doing this? Why are you trying so hard to keep me on the right path? You could just as easily kill me in my sleep.”

“What good would that do?” asked Zinan, crossing his arms. “That would only mean a delay in the Sacred One’s plans, which will already take a couple of winters to commence.”

Silence filled the air, at least where Zenjiro was. It was kind of empty, because you could still hear the Nincada chirping from the trees, and in tall grass, but on the other hand, you could also hear the Pokémon not too far away celebrating for the Berry Bloom Festival. Breaking the silence, Zenjiro sighed, and trotted quietly, deeper into the forest.

“Where are you going?” asked Zinan, from behind. “You have other matters to attend to.”

Zenjiro turned around, but only about ninety degrees, looking at his sister directly into her liquid blue eyes. “I have another matter to attend to.”

“Ah, the Gaurdian,” Zinan said, waving her claw dismissively. “That’s all well and good. It’s best to consult those whom lead you to your fate.”

Zenjiro sent Zinan a confused look. “I’m sorry? What do you mean?”

Zinan chuckled, but did not reply. She simply stared back into Zenjiro’s eyes for a moment, locked onto him for the slightest few seconds, and then disappeared into the night.


It was only an hour later when Zenjiro got to the most desolate place in the forest; the place where a single shrine existed, which seemed abandoned and forgotten. He had remembered this shrine from before, for he had remembered it. He had never actually been here before, but somehow it looked familiar to him. Like the one I saw in the Sinnoh region, near those ruins with the Time Lord and the Governor of Space, and the Three Spirits…

That is because Father owns a similar shrine,” a voice said, as the wooden windows to the shrine opened slowly, “Each shrine created has a Time Spirit that resonates within...

“Show yourself, Guardian of the Ilex,” Zenjiro ordered, stumbling. “I wish to speak to you.”

The voice giggled, as a green light flowed from the entrance to the shrine. “As you wish... but first, you must join me.

“Very well,” Zenjiro replied, consenting. As the nighttime sky sparkled above, he swore he saw a comet shoot across the sky in lightning-quick speed, but before he could appreciate its beauty, it barely became a memory as the green light that came from the shrine lifted the Zorua up and into the shrine, as the doors quickly shut, keeping him in.

“I’m sorry it’s so dark in here,” the voice said, this time more clear, as if it were close. The darkness that filled the small shrine made the space he was contained in much larger. However, a green light appeared, coming up in front of Zenjiro. It revealed a fairy-like being that levitated with much grace. Its head was round in shape, however forming a tip towards the top. It had two, blue-tipped antennae, and two clear wings that kept it afloat.

“That is fine, Celebi,” Zorua said, smirking, but the one called the Guardian shushed it by lifting up a finger.

“Do not call me by my true name,” Celebi warned, making soft wind sounds. “You’re one of them. They can hear me if you mention my name.”

Zenjiro, unaffected, nodded. “So your name is taboo. Got it.”

“Yes,” Celebi clarified, smiling serenely. “I do ask, though, that you say everyone’s name by their divine title. The Sacred One wouldn’t appreciate you calling it by its true name, now would you?”

“No, he would not,” Zenjiro replied, nodding again. “I came to ask you a question.”

The Celebi sighed dejectedly, and shook her head. “Sorry. I’m just a bit out of it right now. What answer do you seek?”

“I have come to ask,” Zenjiro began, smiling enigmatically, “About Xatu’s prophecy.”

Celebi, too, smiled. “I see. Quite odd how such a common Pokémon can deliver such an interesting prophecy, right?”

Zenjiro looked deeply into Celebi’s eyes. “Is it preventable?”

After a long pause, Celebi shook her head morosely. “No. It’s not. The fire will happen.”

“I see,” Zenjiro said, noticing the awkwardness in the situation. “But I’ve noticed a couple of things about the prophecy. This isn’t just any ordinary fire, is it?”

Celebi pouted, losing color almost. “No... it isn’t, I suppose. I’ve gone forward in time numerous times, but I just cannot seem to figure out the problem. You see, I can’t find the source.”

“The Sacred One?” Zenjiro suggested, sitting down. “It’s the only odd fire-starting Pokémon I could think of.”

“Not exactly,” Celebi said, circling Zenjiro. “You see, I can’t say everything... but I do know that sometimes even the most dangerous of forest fires, it is not a fire Pokémon that starts it.”

Zenjiro sighed, shaking his head lethargically. “Ironic, isn’t it?”

“Are you tired?” asked the Celebi.

“None of your concern,” retorted the Zorua. “But I am... getting...”

“Sleep, young Zorua,” Celebi said, lulling Zenjiro as it fell over within the shrine, fluttering its eyes. Celebi’s eyes, almost hypnotic, glowed blue, which seemed to have an effect on Zenjiro, who ultimately stopped resisting, and shut his eyes.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG] [Nobody is commenting. =(]

Chapter seven, What Promise? The theme is I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin.

By this time, Zakuro was in the middle of a blazing inferno, sitting emotionlessly on a tree, which seemed to be a safe haven in the chaos. The flames licking the rest of the forest were relentless and unforgiving to everything it touched, leaving a clear circle around the tree where she was. She could only watch as the sea of flames devoured everything it touched, clearing paths, yet filling them as well, with eternal licks of scarlet and goldenrod.

A single Pokémon, who tore through the flames as if they were air, was a familiar Pokémon. She had seen it earlier, at the race. It had been behind Team Shadowlight, the very team that threatened her team’s chance at winning. Besides the Sableye couple and the Weavile couple, there was a single Pokémon that supported that team. It was dark, and now bound by chains it seemed to carry along as if they were appendages of itself. It was a Zoroark.

On the other side of the circle was another Pokémon, one of which she had remembered seeing before. It was blue in color, and resembled a more grown-up version of her friend, Rikuto. However, it had a furry torso, and was taller, even sporting thorns on the back of its paws. It seemed more human like in shape, and resembled a jackal. It was a Lucario.

The animosity between the two was obvious. Their gaze long withstanding was undeniable, as the flames seemed to respond to the pair’s emotions. The two were several yards apart, the tree seeming to be the anchor and barrier holding between the two. Almost like a threshold, the tree Zakuro merely perched on was the most important factor.

Half of the sea of flames miraculously changed to water, restoring life to what seemed like half of the forest, supporting the half that Lucario stood on. The water, like the fire that balanced it, however, did not fall to the ground and stretch out. Rather, it stayed in midair, attempting to fight the flames, which did the same towards the water. It was obvious at this point that the flames backed the Zoroark, just as the water backed the Lucario.

Until their friendship is no more.

As the stalemate continued, the two opposing Pokémon kneeled in discomfort. A Pokémon flew over the fray, perching right next to Zakuro, who stood on the tree branch simply watching the battle. Looking over at her, the flying Pokémon, a Xatu, turned.

Approve of change as it is your fate.

The water lurched forward, but the flames pushed it back. Doubling in size, both the flames and waters surrounded each other, spiraling upwards towards the sky, as time itself in this very forest began to slow down. Green lights hovered over the seas of fire and water, dividing their power.

Know that stars will never lend to those that are not their friend.

But even the lights could not hold back the two, which easily broke through them, resuming their fight. But even as it continued to go forward, no one Pokémon claimed an edge. Nothing seemed to change in this battle, and neither Zakuro nor the Xatu could do anything about it. The two were fated, destined even, to battle for a long time, possibly lasting unto forever. But these two sides were mortal and weak; they lacked immense power, and tired.

Remember this prophecy’s every line, For it is true and it is mine!

The Xatu turned over to the Zakuro sighing deeply. She could see that it wanted to tell her something, but it could say nothing. The fight had made it impossible to do anything at this point, because all were absorbed in the awe of the destruction. Either way, Zakuro could barely pay attention. But a few things, however, were undeniable; the few things she was unable to shut out, as they were part of everything.

Just remember this Xatu’s rhyme.

Suddenly, Xatu picked Zakuro up, this time, gently, not clipping at her ears. The last Zakuro could see of her home as she was carried into the night that presided it was the water and the flames devouring each other. Some flames died, and some water evaporated, but the stalemate was all it was; a tie. Temporal as it was, as tears swelled deep within her, she knew that this was a war that would never end. A string of battles that would always end in ties that cost lives and homes.

Go to a place, a different time.

Suddenly, Zakuro, sweating heavily and breathing out of control, woke up, slamming her forehead up against the bark on the innards of the tree. Kiku waking up alongside him, had shook his head wearily, and yawned. Zakuro, who was worried, stuck her head outside the opening of the tree. To her relief, the forest was not half on fire, or half submerged in water. It was daybreak, and stars were beginning to dissolve into the sky. Very few Pokémon were awake, as even the Duskull and Murkrow themselves, along with other nocturnal Pokémon, had already fallen asleep.

“Something wrong, Zakuro?” Kiku asked lethargically, half-asleep. Zakuro remained silent, allowing Kiku to fall back asleep. Zakuro, at this point, was wide awake, and was willing to go out and explore a little.

Crawling out of the crevice, Zakuro peeked around. There were definitely not very many Pokémon up at this point. Climbing up the tree, Zakuro found the one branch of the tree that she originally was perching on in the dream. It also happened to be the same branch Kiku happened to share with her when they hung out to watch the sunset, often eating berries or telling each other stories, perhaps reliving memories, or wishing for the future, when the two would become Pikachu. If they would.

He will become a Pikachu, if that is what you’re asking,” a voice said from nowhere, startling Zakuro. Looking to her right, Xatu was perching there, scaring Zakuro beyond belief. But before she could freak out, she realized that Xatu was not there to hurt her, at least this time.

“Wh… what do you mean?” Zakuro asked, hesitant.

The Xatu turned to her. “I have predicted the fate of this forest for many years, and not once have I been wrong, even as a tiny Natu. The forest here is blessed by Time, just as it blesses me with acquainting with it.

“Hmmm,” murmured Zakuro, sighing. “I suppose you don’t know my future, do you?”

The Xatu, still perched, hadn’t moved a muscle. “I shouldn’t repeat what is already burned into your memory. You know your future already. Just not all of it."

This didn’t sit too well with Zakuro. True, she remembered the prophecy word for word. She just didn’t understand it very well. But one thing did come across to her; not all of it. Not all of it, meaning she’d learn the rest sometime in the future, possibly one piece at a time, if she had too.

“Does that mean,” Zakuro began, “That the dreams I’m having… would it be possible that they’re telling me the truth?”

That would depend on what your dreams consist of,” mused Xatu.

“I had a dream of a Lucario and a Zoroark fighting in this forest, with flames engulfing the forest,” Zakuro began, uneasy, “And you and I were watching over it. The half of the forest Lucario was on that was fiery turned to water, and the two sides engulfed each other in the end.”

Silence. Xatu said nothing, but Zakuro knew he was probably thinking or seeing something else. But there was no telling at this point. Zakuro had no idea why this Xatu was doing anything it was doing, and had no idea why any of this was happening. But she knew it had importance… of some sort.

Everything burns if the flame is hot enough,” began Xatu, clearing its throat. “The world is nothing but a crucible. Remember that.

Zakuro turned towards the Xatu with an odd look on its face. “Wait – what does that mean?”

Xatu shook its head. “Oh, look. Speaking of flames…

Zakuro turned and expected to see the forest engulfed in flames, however, to her relief, she saw that on the horizon, a scarlet flying Pokémon was flying in the distance, with a golden flow surrounding it. A faint rainbow was following it, as it shimmered light below it, as the sun emerged from the horizon.

“It’s beautiful,” Zakuro said. “A rainbow at sunset. Kiku told me a story once, how there was a man and his family. He saved two of every Pokémon, being warned by two bird Pokémon that the world would flood. Then, in a war between two ancient Pokémon, the world flooded, and in an ark that the man made, he safely hid with every pair of Pokémon for a while. Then, once the war was over, land reappeared, and a third Pokémon in the war, along with the two bird Pokémon, promised that the world would never again flood, if they could help it. Then, one of the bird Pokémon flew over the earth, carrying a rainbow, which signifies as their promise.”

Xatu laughed, and by the looks of it, quite heartily. “A promise! What promise? Sure, one less option of theirs, of the many ways to end the world! Hah!

Zakuro looked over at Xatu strangely. “What’s that? Ending the world with… I don’t get it.”

The less you know, Zakuro,” Xatu assured, finally moving to lift its wings, “The better.

Just like that, Xatu flew off of the branch and into the horizon, flying into the distance as the sun rose. Zakuro sighed as the bird Pokémon, both the rainbow-giving one and the Xatu, flew out of sight.
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG] [Nobody is commenting. =(]

Chapter eight, Green Flash. It's one of those "free day" kinds of chapters. Nothing much happens. The theme is City of Blinding Lights by U2. I couldn't find a good video that's not on tour, but here's one of them on tour anyway, here.

“Hey! You awake?”

Zakuro fell over onto the ground with a thud. She quickly remembered that she was near the tree, walking with Kiku, when she had suddenly come to a stop. Kiku had asked her whether she was awake or not, and as a result, Zakuro had fallen over in surprise. It was morning, and yet the sky was a collection of smoky wisps formed by giant hands. The air was damp, but many Pokémon were still out on their daily routine, as if the weather were normal and beautiful. However, this didn’t make the day normal, especially not for Kiku and Zakuro.

“Yeah… I’m fine, I think,” said Zakuro, helping herself up. Kiku carried a worried look, but quickly shook it off. He knew that she had been acting up matter of late, but Kiku didn’t know what to do. He just thought if he could ignore it that it wouldn’t really bother him, but he felt as if he couldn’t ignore it much longer. Zakuro was lethargic and unenergetic as a Dunsparce stuck in an Ariados’s web. He didn’t know how much more of this could happen, or how much the either of them could take.

Kiku, brave and desiring more energy from Zakuro, thought something up. “What do you want to do today?” Zakuro, in surprise, looked over at Kiku. The most energy she had given all day, Kiku thought. She hesitated, hanging her head low. She frowned, and sighed deeply.

“I don’t know. We usually just do stuff,” Zakuro said, shrugging. “I mean, I’m up for anything, I guess.”

“You know,” Kiku began, crossing its arms, “You’ve been very… not yourself. You don’t seem like you want to do anything anymore.”

Zakuro gulped. Kiku hit dead-on this time; he was one-hundred percent correct. She didn’t know what to do. She hasn’t been herself lately. Sometimes, Zakuro even wondered herself what the problem was. However, what no one else knew was that Zakuro hadn’t been herself since that dream. The battle between the Zoroark and the Lucario seemed so real to her; the sight of it, the sounds of it, even the feel of it. It shook her raw, like it were a phenomenon that left a continuous aftershock; a gigantic fissure that never healed. And it was even in the Ilex Forest. She was there. Xatu was there. Meaning, if it were real, it was something that was going to happen, and that meant that most of the forest had to die. But I swore to protect this forest.

“You what?” Kiku asked, Zakuro instantly realizing that she had spoken those words aloud. Should Kiku know? Was it up to her if she could even say such things?

Zakuro thought quickly. “Oh, nothing. Well… do you want to see Rikuto today?”

It’s a start, thought Kiku. Zakuro had finally come up with something that appealed to him. They hadn’t seen Rikuto since the Berry Bloom Festival a week ago. The weather had obviously gotten worse over time. Spring showers were already starting up, and everyone was ready for it, even the fire Pokémon of the forest, who had just improved their flame-protection systems this year, with the help of the Diglet and Dugtrio that moved into the forest a month ago, who had dug a special cavern for them that were safe from water and could not flood.

Kiku nodded. “Yeah. It sounds like a good idea. Let’s go!”

And so, they proceeded throughout the Ilex, playing Leap-Politoed as they went, jumping over each other in rhythmical patterns. They eventually passed by the berry bushes and the Wormadam and Burmy shrubs, and towards the Ilex’s lake. They approached the edge, where a light-blue-bodied Pokémon, with a white, webbed-looking collar. Its yellow ears were also webbed, and it had blue ridges that ran down the length of its spin to its tailfin. It greeted Kiku and Zakuro with a smile.

“Why, hello Zakuro. And hello, Kiku,” the Vaporeon greeted, smiling broadly.

“Hello, Tomomi!” exclaimed Zakuro, hopping on the half-submerged Vaporeon’s body. Kiku did the same, as the three laughed playfully.

“Do you two rascals need a ride to the other side?” asked Tomomi, trying to look behind. When the two agreed, Tomomi laughed. “Of course. I can get you there in no time. Is there anyone you’re going to see?”

“Rikuto-kun,” verified Kiku, as Tomomi carried the two across the water. “He’s a Riolu. He’s different, like me!”

Tomomi tried to look on its back again with no success. “But not different like your sister?”

“I mean in color,” Kiku said, giggling. “But there does seem to be a new Pokémon that is different like Zakuro-chan! He’s got a bad tail.”

“That’s not very nice,” Tomomi replied.

Zakuro shook her head. “No, he didn’t mean it like that. He just mean it was deformed, like my ear.”

“I see,” Tomomi said, nodding. “I get it now. You’re talking about Zenjiro, the Zorua that just came to the Ilex?”

Kiku nodded back. “The very same. How do you know this?”

“I need to get you there fast, then,” Tomomi said, turning her head forward, swimming faster. “He’s gone missing.”


“What do you mean you don’t have my brother?” Zinan asked, hostile, slashing at the Lucario in front of her, which dodged impatiently. “He’s gone missing. There’s no explanation. You traitorous swine!”

Just as Kiku and Zakuro reached the water’s edge on Tomomi’s back, they began to see the full picture. Zenjiro, who Zakuro has only known for a week, has gone missing. Matter of fact, she hadn’t seen him since the day of the Berry Bloom Festival. He was missing, and his older sister had blamed the Lucario tribe for this very occurrence. This bothered Zakuro and Kiku, partially because Zinan was now glowing with violet energy. It was ominous-looking, which even made Tomomi shiver.

“I need to go,” Tomomi said, letting the two off at the edge of the water. She began to recede, as she melted into the water, a normal ability for Vaporeon. The atmosphere, instead of damp, was slightly humid around Zinan, which neither Zakuro nor Kiku could understand let alone explain.

The Lucario, standing in front of a worried Rikuto, stood like a solid iron wall in front of her child. “We do not have your Zorua, Zinan. Leave our people alone, please.”

Zinan growled. “No. You see, my brother is special. It is imperative that he be returned to me at once.”

The Lucario scoffed. “You treat your brother as if he were a material possession.”

“I need none of your crap, Ryuunosuke,” Zinan chided, eyeing the Lucario venomously. “This is serious business. A fellow brother down means war.”

“Do not call a war you know you will lose,” Ryuunosuke warned, with an obvious smile spread across his face. “There is only one of you. There are multiple Lucario and Riolu within the forest. You are only one Zoroark, Zinan, and your missing brother is the only Zorua.”

Zinan laughed. “You know as well as I do that my family is just as big as yours. All I need to do is call them, and they will come to me, just as yours will if you do yours. We are evenly matched. And I will call a war if I must.”

In the middle of the argument, Zakuro whispered over to Kiku, “So, I guess we won’t be able to play with Rikuto today, do you think?”

It took a while for his answer, but finally, Kiku replied, “No, Zakuro. I don’t think so.”


“So, why do you think Zenjiro’s gone missing?” Kiku suddenly asked out loud, as he was attempting to casually climb up a tree. This again startled Zakuro, who was on the ground, waiting. She hadn’t gone off balance again, but she did hesitate.

“Umm…” For some reason, no words came out of Zakuro’s mouth. She didn’t feel like answering. She didn’t know the answer herself, but yet the answer lay deep within her. She could feel that much.

Kiku got no reply, so he continued. “I think it’s kind of odd. At the Berry Bloom Festival, we hovered while we were on your Magnet Rise, he let us steal the berries while Rikuto’s clone held up Shinobu and Suzume.”

“You think it’s odd?” Zakuro asked, wavering. Kiku nodded back, which confirmed Zakuro’s fears. “Something about him doesn’t seem right, of course, but I don’t know. There’s something about him that’s… different. Aside from the deformed tail, of course.”

“He’s a different Pokémon,” Kiku replied, as he finally got to the top of the tree. “I don’t even know where he comes from. It’s probably far away.”

And something within Zakuro confirmed this; an unnatural feeling that really agreed with Kiku’s feelings and opinions. As far as Zakuro knew, Kiku was getting everything right. But how far did that span? How much did Kiku really know? And Zakuro’s time-traveling adventures... and the future. Was there anything Zakuro knew that Kiku didn’t? Was there anything he knew that she would never guess? At this point, it doesn’t matter, I guess, she thought, sighing deeply, as Kiki was picking some Passho Berries for them to eat together.

Conjuring small amounts of static electricity from her surroundings, Zakuro used the sparks to lift her into the air, while whispering “Magnet Rise.” Hovering, Zakuro circled around the tree playfully, while ascending towards Kiku. Zakuro zapped the smaller berries, because she knew they were sweeter. And not only Passho Berries; Bluk Berries, Wiki Berries, and even Kelpsy Berries. The funny thing, or not-so-funny thing, as it would be to Yasu, their Munchlax friend, who knew all about berries, was that this tree had different kinds of berries on it. Nonetheless, they were all blue.

As if Kiku had read Zakuro’s mind about Yasu and the blue berries, he said, “And what does that say about berries?”

This threw Zakuro off once more, except this time, she had to stay afloat, or else she would fall. “What do you mean?”

“They’re all the same color, these berries,” Kiku began, as he managed to find an Oran Berry that was hidden between a Passho Berry and a Kelpsy Berry. “What does blue signify?”

“I don’t know,” Zakuro replied, shrugging. “Water. The sky. Sapphires.”

Kiku smiled faintly. “Sadness. Empathy. Deeper, indulgent emotions. Such are the things blue signifies.”

Zakuro laughed. “You speak as if you’re old.”

“You know,” Kiku said, dropping the berries he had collected onto the ground at the base of the tree, “Rikuto said those with blue auras were familiarized with spirituality.”

“You seem to like the idea of aura,” Zakuro said, grabbing Kiku by the arm, as the two descended towards the ground. Next, she extended her powers of Magnet Rise on the berries, making them float with the two, as they passed over the green grasses of the forest, towards their tree.

Kiku smiled, looking over towards his sister, amorously, but in a more brotherly fashion. “I seem to. Ever since I knew that Rikuto could sense it, I’ve always wanted a feel for it, too.”

Zakuro then tilted her head as they approached their tree, picking up on an old detail. “So… if people can emit certain kinds of auras, what color do I have?”

Kiku shrugged. “I don’t know.” The gently floated to the ground, followed by the berries. Zakuro arranged them in such a way that they were near the tree, but hidden in a secret ditch that was covered by a log that Zakuro could easily lift with Magnet Rise.

“Then what do you think my color would be?” asked Zakuro curiously.

“I can’t read aura, Zakuro,” Kiku replied, sighing. “But I’d have to say probably like a cloudy white. A silver, kind of.”

Zakuro laughed. “And what does silver mean?”

“For starters,” Kiku began, as the pair began to climb up their tree, and onto their favorite branch, “The person that emits a silver aura is somewhat modern. Always loyal. They have secrets, sometimes, and they keep them mostly to themselves. But one thing…”

“Hm?” mused Zakuro. “What is it?”

“Well…” Kiku, almost lost in thought, looked into the sunset as he sat down on the branch. “You act as a benevolent force in the universe at the expense of being whole. Or so Ryuunosuke told me.”

“I don’t get it,” replied Zakuro, frowning, then subsequently smiling again. “Ah, what a busy day. And it went by so fast!”

Kiku nodded, frowning as the duo looked off into the sunset. “Yeah. The clouds cleared fast, too. That’s kind of weird.”

“Hmm… anyway, what do you think happened to Zenjiro?” asked Zakuro, as she made two Pecha Berries float from a nearby tree towards them with Magnet Rise. Zakuro and Kiku intercepted the two berries, leaving Kiku impressed.

“Your powers are getting stronger,” noted Kiku looking over at his sister in a suspicious manner. “Are you certain that a normal Pichu is able to do such things? I’ve heard of Magnet Rise being able to make you levitate, but not making other things levitate, let alone pick berries for you.”

Zakuro shrugged as she took a giant bite out of the Pecha Berry. “I don’t know. Kinda odd, I guess?”

“I guess,” Kiku replied, nodding, as he, too, took a bite out of the Pecha. The two continued to do so, talking and comforting each other, until finally the sun sunk below the warm horizon. And yet an odd feeling was sweltering deep within Zakuro, something she couldn’t help but notice. One thing that Kiku had mentioned earlier did bother her. You act as a benevolent force in the universe at the expense of being whole.

Suddenly, once the tip of the floating red disc in the sky that was the sun dipped below the horizon, a massive green flash exploded in the atmosphere, dissolving as quickly as it came. This came to the surprise of Zakuro and Kiku, who found this exhilarating.

And just after, Xatu’s voice spoke within her head. “ You act as a benevolent force in the universe at the expense of being whole.

The third part of the prophecy, thought Zakuro. That’s what it is. You act as a benevolent force in the universe at the expense of being whole. But what does it mean?
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG] [Now accepting character applications]

Chapter nine, Memories, part one, because both parts together is too long for a single post. The theme is It's Only The Fairy Tale, by Mai HiME.
The next day, Zakuro wake to find Kiku missing.

Zakuro had woken up sluggishly when the sun was in the middle of the sky, which seemed to be about noon. This was normally how long Zakuro slept when Kiku didn’t wake her up. But why was he missing? She had already gotten out of the tree, and looked around. When Kiku wouldn’t wake her up, he’d always been within shouting distance of the tree. But he wasn’t even within sight, even when Zakuro pried her eyes open while standing on their tree’s branch.

Giving up, she sat on the branch, and used her Magnet Rise to pick a Pecha Berry, as she did last evening. But as it flew towards her, she noticed it had been getting stronger and stronger, bringing things towards her faster. She knew normal a normal Magnet Rise couldn’t do that. Perhaps Kiku was right, she thought. It is stronger than it should be.

But she was simply a baby Pokémon, and she knew that her talent with Magnet Rise had surpassed a Raichu’s. She didn’t know all of the answers, but she had the talent.

“It’s no use asking,” Zakuro muttered, shaking her head. “My questions will never be answered.”

Never be answered, will they?” Xatu’s voice said, coming from Zakuro’s left. She turned her head, and just like the two previous times she met the Pokémon, Xatu had appeared out of nowhere. Zakuro was starting to get used to this now, but it still seemed to throw her of balance.

“Yeah,” Zakuro said, using her stubby hands to play with her spiky ear. “You see, I had a move I knew at birth called Magnet Rise. It allows me to levitate in midair. But I’m learning that it’s also allowing me to levitate other things, even other Pokémon.”

Most usual, indeed,” Xatu said. “Let me ask you a question. Who are your parents?

Memories flooded back to two years earlier. Zakuro couldn’t forget her past, no matter how hard she tried.


Two Pichu, a Raichu, and a Pikachu were laughing, singing and dancing as they walked upon a gravel path in the middle of an empty, grassy plain. There was a river close due west, and grins were spread across the family’s faces. They had just traveled through the Ilex, an interesting forest that seemed to welcome them. There, they had met family friends of theirs, the Lucario clan, led by an old Lucario named Ryuu, whose righthand man was his own son, Ryuunosuke, along with making a few new friends which the two Pichu, one slightly orange, and the other, a pale yellow, were discussing.

“Hey, Zakuro!” the orange Pichu called to his sister, the pale yellow Pichu. “Remember that Munchlax? He wouldn’t stop eating!” Staying on the topic, the brother stretched his body to make fun of the Pokémon he saw in the forest earlier, by sticking out his belly and pretending to eat massive amounts of food. This make his sister laugh uncontrollably, to the point where their mother, the Pikachu, and their father, the Raichu, had to laugh. And they all stopped to laugh as the sun passed the middle of the sky, reaching past noon.

“Zakuro, Kiku,” the Raichu said, as the foursome sat down on a grassy field not too far away from the road which they were walking on, “Do you know where we’re all going?” The two began to contemplate to themselves, bringing on a silence. Their mother began to hum a lullaby, which almost lulled the two to sleep.

Lethargically, Kiku yawned and cuddled closer to his father. “I don’t know, Daddy.”

Affectionately, the Raichu looked over at his wife, with a gleam in his eyes. “Well, Aina? Should I tell them?”

“I’m not sure at this point, Kazuo,” replied Aina, returning the affection by lightly kissing her husband’s right yellow patch on his cheek, to which Zakuro giggled. “I wanted it to be a surprise, but I suppose now’s a good time for a story.”

“Story?” Zakuro said, now excited. “I love stories! Ryuu told me a story about the Lucario of older days, and how they ran the forest before a spirit came to guard it!”

“And that same spirit,” Kazuo explained, clutching his two children closer to him, “Is said to join her family at the place we are going to once every ten years. And matter of fact, it happens to be the same place Zakuro was born.”

“But Daddy,” Kiku said, tilting his head with confusion up towards Kazuo, “Mommy said we were twins. Weren’t we born together?”

Aina reached down to kiss Kiku’s forehead – and subsequently, jealous Zakuro’s head – and smiled. “This is where the story starts.”

“You see,” Kazuo began, pointing towards the sunset. “The sun always sets in the west. Now if I’m correct, that way,” – Kazuo paused to point slightly to the right – “Is towards the Lake of Rage. And slightly over to the right, you’ll go in the direction of Mount Silver, a mighty mountain where we were going to go to have you Kiku. We only thought we were going to have one child. We tried to get there, we honestly did… but Mommy couldn’t wait. We were almost there when it was time for you, Kiku.”

Zakuro gasped. “Then what about me?”

Kiku turned to Zakuro, and then to his father. “Yeah, what about Zakuro?”

“That’s quite simple,” whispered Aina so softly that only the four of them could hear. “I eventually went into labor again. But Zakuro, remember that move you just learned?”

“Oh!” Zakuro said, standing up awkwardly. She moved forward a couple of paces, and calmed herself. With small currents of static shock, small sparks lifted her off of the ground, allowing her to levitate briefly. She came back down to the ground quickly, landing on her bottom, but she wasn’t in pain, and she didn’t cry.

“I know it, too,” Aina said, smiling, as she, too, got up, although with great difficulty.

“Careful of the baby,” Kazuo warned. Aina, smiling, clutched her belly and nodded.

“I’ll be careful.” This assured Kazuo, but he still wasn’t sure. Aina turned to Zakuro, and like Zakuro, she calmed herself. Closing her eyes, she did the same thing; static electricity began to pulsate from her body as it lifted her off of the ground, this time for longer. She was still in the air, when she floated over to pick up Zakuro off of the ground. Zakuro was startled at first, but she quickly got over it, as Aina began to float higher in the sky.

“You know, Kiku,” Kazuo said, only to Kiku this time, “It’s kind of weird. Did you know most Pokémon are born from eggs?”

Kiku nodded. “But we came from Mommy’s tummy, like you said. How could a Pokémon come from an egg?”

Kazuo ruffled Kiku’s hair, and hugged him tightly. “It’s very complicated, Kiku. Mother Nature blesses us however she can. Humans are just realizing now that some Pokémon can lay eggs. There’s just a few of us that still can have babies in our tummies.”

“Ah.” Kiku continued to look at his mother and sister, as they were floating high in the sky, having a lot of fun. Kiku was definitely envious, and wanted a ride, let alone learn the move. “Daddy, how come only Zakuro knows that move?”

“Kiku, some Pokémon are born with certain powers,” Kazuo replied, pointing up at his wife and child. “She was born with a power we call Magnet Rise. However, if you’re anything like me, you’ll inherit Nasty Plot.”

“What’s Nasty Plot?” Kiku asked, frowning. “It sounds bad.”

“It isn’t always,” Kazuo replied, smiling. “But it makes you smarter for a little while. And I bet you that it’s a move your sister won’t have.”

“Mommy said betting is bad,” Zakuro whispered. “And besides, how you know she won’t, and how do you know, I will?”

“I’m sorry, I know, gambling is never the answer,” Kazuo explained nervously, after quickly hugging his son. “And I don’t know. But it wouldn’t be fair if Zakuro got two things you can’t have, right? Wouldn’t it be better to be balanced?”

Kiku shrugged. “I dunno. Zakuro said she likes my color.”

“Well, a lot of Pokémon are jealous of that factor,” clarified Kazuo. “Being alternately colored is –“

Suddenly, from nowhere, everything went silent as a low growl echoed unnaturally in the atmosphere, ringing loudly in the hills. Worried, Zakuro’s ears perked at the sound of the growling, and clung close to Aina, as she descended. Kiku, also scared, clung to Kazuo, but when the growl became an odd howl, Kazuo detached himself from his so and sent him to Aina. He stepped closer, back towards the Ilex.

“Kazuo,” Aina warned, wary.

Kazuo looked back at his wife to see her, and smiled confidently, even if his smile was a little broken. “I’ll be fine.”

The howl, this time louder, blasted from the Ilex, causing massive amounts of bird Pokémon to fly upwards. Quickly, Kazuo took his stance as his ears perked at the sound of the howling Pokémon’s approach.

Now worried, Kazuo looked back very briefly. “Run!”
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG] [Now accepting character applications]

Chapter ten, Memories, part two of two. The theme is Aqua's Theme, by Yoko Shimomura.

Everything after this was a blur to the Pichu twins. Aina took her children into the air as she was surrounded by sparks. However, she instantly discharged, and dropped back onto the ground, loosing grip of her children. Zakuro, thinking quickly, took her brother in hand, and used her own Magnet Rise, reducing the speed of their fall, allowing them to come in contact with the ground safely. Running over to their mother, they helped her up, as sparks flew from the corner of their eyes.

Turning to their left, Kazuo was fighting with a quadruped Pokémon with snow white fur. Its face and claws were black, as was its sword-like tail and scythe-like extension from its forhead, that terminated at the side.

“It’s an Absol,” grunted Aina, as she tried to recover from the fall. She clutched her belly. “But an Absol only comes to warn of a great disaster.”

“What’s going to happen, Mommy?” Zakuro asked, frightened. The two ran up to hug their mother, but Aina quickly stopped them.

“Zakuro, Kiku, you have to be brave,” Aina instructed, as the Absol slashed at Kazuro, who flipped in the air, delivering a massive shock towards it, which it negated with its scythe-like extension. “Go into the forest. Find Ryuu, and he can help you.”

Kiku’s lip quivered. “But Mommy… will you be okay?”

Aina hesitated. “I…”

Before they knew it, a blur of yellow and black whizzed by, and acted as a barrier between Kazuo and the Absol, both of which looked very damaged from the fight. Absol looked better, while Kazuo seemed to be bleeding. When he stopped, his form was revealed. It was Ryuu, the alternatively-colored Lucario.

The fight that commenced afterwards was very brief. Absol jumped, and slashed at Ryuu, who dodged. Ryuu tried to get back at Absol as a counterattack, but failed. In what seemed like an instant, Absol’s scythe-like horn glowed violet, and slashed at the standing Kazuo. Kazuo was thrown backward, and eventually landed after a few seconds of airtime.

“Kazuo!” screamed Aina. In tears, Aina lightly pushed Kiku and Zakuro towards the forest. “Go! Find Ryuunosuke! Quickly!”

And at their mother’s request, Kiku and Zakuro unwillingly ran towards the forest. After a minute, they heard another howl, and no more fighting could be heard. For a quick instant, Zakuro looked back. Absol had slashed through Ryuu, doing the same thing it did to Kazuo. Neither Kazuo nor Ryuu got up. And Aina was next. Zakuro screeched, but Aina waved at them to keep moving forward. The Absol, ignoring Aina, ran towards Zakuro and Kiku, its red eyes glowing blue. Terrified, the twins hand in hand ran into the entrance, and didn’t look back. Zakuro tried to take the two of them afloat, but she could only do so for ten seconds at a time. Another brief look back, and they saw that the Absol was already gaining on them. Zakuro, with as much power as she could, blasted the ground with a Thundershock, supercharging her Magnet Rise. Absol, not expecting this, took the Thundershock full blast, paralyzing it. Zakuro and Kiku, however, were floating a good thirty feet in the air now, and the two were safe.

Soon, from below, they could see a pack of Lucario running towards the entrance, and descended to follow them, as they now felt safe. But Zakuro regretfully knew why they were running. They knew Ryuu was at least badly damaged.

The one other Lucario they recognized, Ryuunosuke, who had gold eyes as opposed to red ones, had the other Lucario corner the Absol, now trapped.

“Great devastation will extirpate this place, as long as those two Pichu remain!” the Absol howled loudly, causing a few of the Lucario to step back a little.

Brave Ryuunosuke, however, didn’t move a muscle. “They are simply two Pichu. You expect me to believe they will be the downfall of the Ilex? Our forest’s Guardian would never allow it!”

The Lucario all focused upon Absol as they moved their paws towards their hips, as a blue orb of light appeared in each Lucario’s palms. The Absol howled further, growling and scratching at the ground.

“Their destiny is intertwined with the Sacred One!” Absol shrieked, tense with fear. It began to shudder, as if cold.

“Enough!” Ryuunosuke yelled. Like a signal, he lifted his left palm in the air, as each blue orb of light intensified.

“No!” the Absol pleaded. “The Sacred One will rise again! As well as the Clandestine Spirit! The two will fight in this very forest, and there is nothing that can be done except to exterminate those two Pichu! Heed my warning, my wave-guiding friends! The Guardian shall fall! The Ilex shall be plagued! Time itself will be harmed if this continues!”

Quickly, before the Absol could continue on, he brought his paw down level with Absol’s eyes. Absol tried to make a run for it, but the all of the Lucario centered their orbs at it. A massive amount of smoke filled the forest upon its impact with Absol, causing Kiku and Zakuro to cough. But even as it began to dissipate, they learned that the Absol was gone.

“Search everywhere!” Ryuunosuke commanded, shouting into the forest’s depths. “It must be somewhere! And where is Rikuto?”

“Over there, my liege,” one Lucario said, going up to Ryuunosuke. He pointed to a small, yellow-and-black Riolu, who was dragging the body of Ryuu. Zakuro and Kiku instantly noticed that Ryuu’s body and the one named Rikuto had the same color scheme, yellow and black, but they didn’t take note of it for long. They looked towards Ryuunosuke, who kneeled at his father’s body.

Zakuro swore she saw a tear, but at this point, it didn’t matter. Ryuu had died in vain. The only good that came of this was that Zakuro and Kiku were alive. Their father was dead, in addition to Ryuu, Ryuunosuke’s father. Absol went missing, and was probably still alive. And their mother…

“Mommy!” Zakuro screeched, running towards the forest’s entrance. Kiku nor Ryuunosuke stopped her, but Rikuto decided to follow along. Pushing past berry tree after berry tree, she finally got to the entrance, to the field they were sitting at earlier. Just minutes before, they were all having a fun time, with their parents telling stories. They talked about the past, while thinking about the future.

But Aina was nowhere to be found.

“MOMMY!” yelled Zakuro, welling up tears. She scanned everywhere, but even Kazuo’s body was missing. She continued to scream, but she noticed that it did no good. She dropped to the ground, crying and screaming. She pounded at the ground, although she knew it did no good.

Rikuto approached her. “Everything alright?” Empathetically, he kneeled right next to Zakuro, who shook her head.

“No,” Zakuro sobbed, as she looked up to someone she would later know as her friend. “Nothing’s alright. Nothing is going to ever be good again.”

Rikuto patted her back until Kiku came. The rest of the Lucario also approached, along with Ryuunosuke, carrying his father’s body. The sun was beginning to set over horizon, as Ryuunosuke held Ryuu’s body up to the sun.

“Oh great Guardian of the Ilex, hear me today!” Ryuunosuke proclaimed, as his surroundings became silent. “With your time powers, I beg you to look upon the most unfortunate among us; our leader, your beloved Ryuu! He fought with valor, and died in your name to protect this forest and these two Pichu! Honor him forever, as we sacrifice his body to you! Please, mighty Guardian! We beg you to listen, and tell our hearts to do as you see right!”

A few moments of silence passed. Zakuro, although distracted by the ceremony, began to sob, albeit quietly. She saw the sun finally pass, terminating at the land’s edge, as a green flash shot up into the sky. Turning to Ryuunosuke, Zakuro saw that Ryuu’s body transformed into tiny different lights, which floated around in the sky. One of them, however, reconciled to Ryuunosuke, as all of the surrounding Lucario kneeled.

One of the Lucario stood up, and bellowed, “Our new leader! The spirit of Protector Ryuu has chosen his son, Ryuunosuke, as the protector of the Ilex!”

The surrounding Lucario subsequently stood, putting their paws over their hearts. Rikuto the Riolu, did the same. Zakuro looked around, and saw the infectious effects of the respective signal, noting that even Kiku had done it. Zakuro nodded, standing up. She did the same. When everyone dropped their paw or hand, Zakuro sighed, looking back towards the sun.

Nothing will ever be the same again, will it?


Zakuro nodded, acknowledging Xatu. “Kazuo and Aina. My father Kazuo, was a Raichu, and my mother, Aina, was a Pikachu.”

I see,” replied Xatu, blinking. “So, might I ask why you are saying ‘was’?

Sighing deeply, Zakuro looked off into the sky, wearing a fractured smile. “They died. An Absol came just outside of the forest and began to attack, and when my father tried to protect us, the Absol killed him, for some reason. And my mom was never found.”

So you’re sure your mother is dead, but you never found her?” Xatu asked, nonchalant.

Zakuro just seemed to shrug the whole thing off. “You know, I think she is. So does Kiku. Wouldn’t our mom have come back?”

Do you not think it was possible that the Absol had something to do with her disappearance, and not death?” asked Xatu.

Shrugging again, Zakuro shook her head. “I think she’s dead.”

And you’re absolutely sure?” Xatu asked again. Zakuro hesitated this time. Why was he asking this? she asked herself. There was no telling what Xatu was thinking. Whatever the thing was though, she knew that Xatu knew something that Zakuro did not.

“Is she?” Zakuro asked.

Xatu waited a few moments, and then replied, “Yes, Zakuro. She is dead, along with your father. However, it was not the Absol that killed her. And there is something you are forgetting in this equation, young Zakuro.

Depressed yet confused, Zakuro thought long and hard. What was Zakuro forgetting? Surely she thought of everyone when she was thinking about the story. And everything. But who was the Guardian? Who was the Sacred One? Who was the Clandestine Spirit? Who or what was she forgetting?

I will give you a hint,” Xatu offered, as he spread his wings, getting ready to fly. “[i]This Pokémon is in your memories. He or she is someone you have yet to have met, but you knew all along existed. This Pokémon had been with you for a few months, protected. All I can say, though, Zakuro… this Pokémon is waiting for you. You will meet him or her someday.”

And like that, Xatu jumped, flapping its wings to keep it afloat. It was only then that Zakuro got who Xatu was talking about. It was not Kazuo, Aina, or Kiku. Nor was it the Absol, the Lucario, Rikuto, Ryuu, or Ryuunosuke. It wasn’t the Sacred One, the Guardian, or the Clandestine Spirit, whoever they were. But at this point, it was obvious that that Pokémon Xatu was talking about earlier, was there all along. Protected by my mother…

“I have… another sibling?”
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG/PG-13] [Now accepting character applications]

Chapter eleven, Coeus. The theme is Sinjoh Ruins, from HeartGold and SoulSilver. Sorry this took so long! Not that I think anyone really is reading this... My house needed to get refinanced, and well... I took my DMV learner's permit test today. I failed. ): So, I finally present this chapter!
Zenjiro woke, shivering. His dark purple fur was covered in snow, which he stood wearily to shake off. Soon after, he found himself standing in it. He looked around, nervous and confused all at the same time. This place was a forest. It had trees. There was a lake in the distance. Just like the Ilex. But it didn’t seem like the beginning of spring. The leaves on the trees here had already fallen.

It was just springtime in the Ilex, Zenjiro thought to himself, looking around. “But was I traveling through time that long?”

Suddenly, an aura of warmth sparked behind him, as he turned around in surprise. Like the Ilex, this forest had one of those Time Shrines. But it was painted slightly differently, which he noticed as its doors opened slowly. This isn’t the Ilex.

I couldn’t agree any more,” said a voice from within the shrine. As a golden glow surrounded it like an aureole, a Celebi lightly levitated out of the shrine and closer to Zenjiro, whom immediately caught sight of a strange color anomaly; this Celebi was an odd shade of pink, with emerald-colored eyes. Its heat-based aureole warmed Zenjiro and the grass he stood on, which was originally covered in snow. Looking down, he saw that a flower was developing at what seemed like a slow rate before his eyes.

“Mnemosyne?” Zenjiro asked, gasping. Serene and graceful, the Celebi circled Zenjiro, and frowned.

“So you do know my sister,” the Celebi sighed, shrugging. He put on a more friendly look, and smiled, looking at Zenjiro. “Mnemosyne is my sister. She is the Guardian of the Ilex Forest. Meanwhile, I take residence in the Holon Forest.”

Zenjiro hesitated, while his pupils dilated. “Umm… the Holon Forest, you say? Does that mean…?”

The Celebi nodded, his eyes briefly flashing peridot, and hovered around playfully. “Yes, dear Zorua. You are in the Holon region, quite a ways from the Ilex Forest within Johto.”

Zenjiro gulped, his eyes opening widely. He began to pace back and forth, whispering numerous things to himself, leaving the Celebi to float silently above ground. Zinan is going to kill me, he kept thinking, nearly ignoring the blistering winds of winter. But so will the Sacred One. The Sacred One needs me. And I’m not allowed to leave the Johto region!

“Why are you so afraid of being away from the Johto region?” asked the Celebi, tilting his head. “The Holon region is just barely north. Actually, we’re very close to the border.”

This seemed to rest better with Zenjiro. Good. That’s within a few hundred miles of here. At least, the Tower is… He shook his head, as if in a trance. “Thank you. Now, can you point me in the direction of Johto?”

The Celebi giggled, continuing to levitate around playfully, floating around for emphasis. “Oh my dear Zorua! I have a little unfinished business to attend to, mind you. You have a very important meeting to witness.”

Zenjiro looked at the Celebi straight in the eye. Normally, when he looked in the eyes of a legendary, it stung him, but since Celebi was a lesser and more friendly legendary, it hurt considerably less. “How could this possibly so important that it must take up a portion of my life?”

The Celebi, for the first time serious, albeit blatant, looked directly back at Zenjiro, hurting him further. “Zenjiro,” – hearing him call out his name sounded like acid on his tongue – “It’s extremely important. You’re a Pokémon involved in the Great Prophecy of Johto.”

“What’s the Great Prophecy of Johto?” Zenjiro repeated, looking doubtfully as the wind blew faster and stronger. “And will I be able to get home?”

The Celebi sighed. “Yes, you’ll be able to go home. Soon. Just promise me you’ll go to this meeting.”

“Well, how can I go if I don’t know what it’s about?” asked Zenjiro, stomping its forepaws. This startled the Celebi, as it didn’t expect that reaction. Ravenous thoughts purged his mind, seeking answers. So he really is serious about finding the Sacred One.

The Celebi looked north, and smiled back at Zenjiro, moving closer to him, giving off more warmth. “Zenjiro, each region has a Great Prophecy that is observed once a century. A different one every time. And that prophecy, for the first time, was revealed and is being revealed by a normal Pokémon. Not one of legend, like myself.”

“How can you be revealed and yet to be revealed at the same time?” asked Zenjiro.

The Celebi rolled its eyes. “You take things too seriously. I meant that it has been revealed, but in pieces.”

Zenjiro nodded, understanding everything so far. “And I’m a part of it?”

“Yes,” the Celebi confirmed, beaming brightly.

Zenjiro turned to the snowy landscape to his right. It was mainly forest; trees covered with hundreds of pounds of thick snow, some evergreen and some without leaves. Through the trees, he could see a small hill, one that Zenjiro felt was hiding a powerful presence.

“Oh my, I’ve completely forgotten to introduce myself completely,” the Celebi said, chiding himself with a slight frown, instantly going back to the cheery self he was. “My name is Coeus.”

“Coeus,” Zenjiro repeated. It wasn’t one of those “slide-off-the-tongue” names, unlike his own. It also seemed very unique.

Coeus seemed to approve, corkscrewing in midair. “Anyway, we must be off. This meeting cannot wait.”

Zenjiro began to step back as he felt Coeus’s psychic powers extending towards Zenjiro’s body. Lifting him up, Coeus’s powers suspended Zenjiro in midair. This caused Coeus to smile gently and levitate towards the hill. If there was anything Zenjiro was not accustomed to yet, it was aerodynamic flight. Airsick, Zenjiro could feel his insides churn like a frozen waterfall about to give in. Coeus could sense this, and descended after they had went over the trees, reaching the hill.

Zenjiro groaned, sprawling out on the cold snow. “That… was… horrible.”

Coeus rolled his eyes, descending closer to Zenjiro. “You’re being extremely melodramatic. How do you expect to be a vessel to the Sacred One?”

Taking notice of this, Zenjiro eyed Coeus with great suspicion. “You… know?”

“Whatever Mnemosyne knows, I know, as do my brothers and sisters,” Coeus replied, nodding, as the snow melted below him, causing roses to bloom. “And what I know, Zenjiro, my father, the Time Lord, knows.”

Zenjiro didn’t know what to think. At a loss for words, Zenjiro looked down. I have failed you, Sacred One.

“Don’t fret,” Coeus said, attempting to comfort Zenjiro. “The Time Lord does not share the same realm as the Sacred One.”

Nodding, Zenjiro finally looked up, looking Coeus straight in the eye. “So, if your father is the Time Lord… does that mean he’s known all along?”

Coeus nodded as well. “Yes, he always has. He also knows how it ends. But the problem is, only we, the Time Spirits, can know the outcome, but are not allowed to speak of it.”

“So, then,” Zenjiro said, looking up the hill, up into the cloudy, precipitating sky. “Do you know what will happen, Coeus?”

Coeus hesitated. “Zenjiro, sometimes there are futures we know are coming but do not wish to see until it happens. Meaning, we know what events will take place, if we want, but we don’t always like to know the outcome until the time has passed. But telling you could change everything.”

“As could traveling back in time, right?” asked Zenjiro, looking into Coeus’s eyes dependently.

“Yes; although, it is not the preferred method,” replied Coeus, who began to levitate up the hill, as all of the snow that layered melted in his presence, growing roses that Zenjiro knew would not last. Deciding to follow Coeus, he walked up the rose hill, seeing the rare but possible sight before him. A spring paradise in the middle of winter. Snowflakes sprinkled on beautiful roses like dandruff on an old man.

Once over the hill, Zenjiro had a complete view of the temple. Magnificent as it was, its exterior structure was plain, for the most part, excluding very detailed statues scattered on and around the building. Seven beings, three miniature ones that decorated above the doorway, three dragon-like statues and an equine one standing on the top of the roof, various letters with eyes distributed along the boundaries of the temple, along with many other statues Zenjiro did not have time to look at. Coeus was already at the entrance waiting for him.

“Come,” Coeus called, waving his arms towards himself. “They’re waiting inside.”
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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG/PG-13] [Comments? Please?]

What?! You have no comments?! Uggh, I know how that feels, so I decided to read.

Okay, first of all, I love the fact that you decided to write a fan fic on the origins of the Pikachi-colored Pichu and Notched-eared Pichu. I think the best stories come about when an author takes something canon that hasn't been elaborated on and create this whole story that makes people go, "Hey! That makes sense! They should have put that in the game!" I have to admit: I'm jealous I didn't think of it. xD

So far, I've only read the first chapter, though I'll be sure to read more. The names Zakuro and Kiku, as well as all the other names, sure aren't names you read about often, but it gives the story this feel that everything is happening in a time long past. It's cute that the two Pichu are siblings and that it's Zakuro's birthday. That Natu/Xatu sure is creepy, and the whole "We rather gaze at nature than eat and drink," fits with their aloof apperance and personality you see in the anime and games like PMD. The ending of Chapter One definitely was strange, but it only makes me want to read more.

(I had a Japanese classmate named Aiko back in fifth grade. She taught us how to eat with chopsticks. :3)

As far as grammatical mistakes, there were instances where you forgot a word, like "the" before "Pichu" and other small instances. Also, there's this:

Zakuro, terrified, tried to scream, but as it looked over the forest, even all of her birdlike friends ignored her.
You switch from calling Zakuro "her" to "it" then back to "her". Stick to one, like how you addressed Natu/Xatu as "it" throughout the whole thing. Right now, it just sounds like you can't make up your mind.


Although it was still green, and had the same beak, it had a torso now, and more elliptical eyes.
You tend to use a lot of unecassary commas here and there, especially before "and." Commas are used in places where people normally breathe if they were reading the sentence aloud, but if I read this and breathed with each comma, it would sound awkward. In this sentence, you can take away the commas before "and had the same beak," and "and more elliptical eyes." Try doing that and reading the sentence aloud, and then read the sentence with the original commas. Which one sounds like it flows the best?

Description was good throughout, though sometimes I had to take a guess as to what the surroundings looked like. When you say a human path, do you mean a dirt road with nothing surrounding it or a dirth road that's deep in the forest? When you describe Pokemon, your description tends to get list-y. In one sentence, you tell us the fur color, the ears, and so on. It's like, "BAM! Here's what he looks like! Now back to the story..." Try and spread your description around. For example, when Yanu is getting up, you can describe the way his short, rotound body jiggles 'cause he's so fat. When he's up, you can describe the color of his fur as he dusts himself off. Just make sure that you don't just thrust all the description to the reader at once. It's like pausing your story to describe a character and then pushing the Play button once you're done; it's too abrupt.

Like I said, I'll be sure to read more. Right now, my Soul Silver game is calling my name. ^^;

Good luck with your story! :3 And yes, more people should leave comments. :>

- Kat

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Default Re: Forever Dawn [PG/PG-13] [Comments? Please?]

This is really good so far. Phantom Kat already picked out all the grammar and the like, so that's one more thing I don't have to do XD

Anyway, I will keep reading this, so keep writing.
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