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National Park Welcome to the URPG's National Park. This is the place to come if your a role-playing fanatic, because here at the Park, you RP your way towards catching more Pokemon!

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Old 01-12-2010, 08:38 PM
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Default Changes in Ranger Logs -

For rangers, how to report your battle posts and your non-battle posts.

-Individual RP's -

For individual RP's, you will now add either a "BP", if it's a battle post, or a "NBP", if it's a non-battle post, on the beginning of each of your posts, centered, like this or like this.
When the ranger in charge of wages checks your log, he will skim through your RP from where you were last paid, and will report wages in this fashion: 5BP + 3NBP = 5K + 750 = 5,750.
You are required to still link to your battle posts, in order to have evidence in case you believe you were not paid correctly. You may report your non-battle posts if you wish, though it is not mandatory.

-Main RP-

If you are participating in the main RP, you will link in your ranger log to all posts, regardless of the type, specifying whether it is a BP or NBP. The ranger in charge of wages will base the payment on what you report, so be sure to have everything clear enough so you get paid correctly.

These changes are effective immediately, and you'll have to add the legend from the next unpaid post you have in each of your RP!

As a reminder, we pay 1k for BP's, and 250 for NBP's.

For those who also wish an example of how to report your logs, here you go.

By Khajmer
BlueJelloJelly (12:00:35): What, you going to kill me with your Wynaut?
ClockKnight (12:06:07): bidoof use take down on wynaut
ClockKnight (12:06:50): wynaut use counter!
ClockKnight (12:06:58): ko
StunkyLupus (12:07:04): OWNEDDDDDDD

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Old 01-12-2010, 08:45 PM
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Default Re: Changes in Ranger Logs -

Just so everyone knows, I already approved this XD.

Also, from now on, Rangers will keep track of what post they've been paid to, by indicating it in their Log. Do this by linking to the last post you were paid to and naming the link title "PAID TILL HERE" or some other variation.

I know, this means we all have to go back and edit all our posts since yesterday when final wages were given out, but in this manner it'll be easier for us to keep track of posts and give out correct Wages.

EDIT: Just to clarify, after every Wages period, if you have any RPs that are continuing, you'll edit your "Paid till here" link with the last post you were paid to.
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