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Old 04-01-2004, 03:31 PM
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Default Strangers in a Strange Land

I originally had this fanfic on the old forum but alas it was deleted, and since Pokemon Colosseum rekindled my spark for this fan fic. Feel free to leave your comments on this thread. :)

Chapter One: Captivated!

Another quiet day in the sleepy village of Pallet Town with the latest crop of Pokemon Trainers leaving to start their journeys. Also with the pride of Pallet Town; Ash Ketchum gone to the far-off land of Hoenn to seek new challenges; the town itself seems to feel like a giant house with all the kids gone. No one feels that more than Professor Oak as the days are filled with the unending research and relaxation. Sitting at his computer typing out his latest findings for the scientific periodicals he let out a gapping yawn as Tracy came in with the paper and a cup of coffee.

“You’ve been working on that report all morning Professor, maybe it’s time you took a break.”

The professor turned and took the tray setting it beside keyboard muttering, “I suppose…” speaking a higher tone he asked, “When is that trainer from Hoenn coming in?”

“Oh, he phoned in earlier this morning.” Tracy replied, “He arrived in Vermilion City around 10 o’ clock so he’ll be here within the hour.”

“Good, good. I need those new Pokemon Treecko, Mudkip and Torchic for my research.”

“Not to mention demand for them seems to be growing.” Tracey added, noting the recent visit of Hajime.

“If they want those Pokemon they’ll have to catch them in Hoenn,” Oak sighed, “I know newly-discovered Pokemon are exciting but there’s nothing wrong with the classics.”


Only a short distance away Delia Ketchum was walking to the Professor’s house with a book she borrowed from him. Humming a tune she paused when she heard a whimpering noise from the bushes along side the side. Turning and kneeling she lifted the branch to see an injured Poochyena cowering.

“Sssssssssh.” She cooed soothingly, “It’s alright I’ll just…”

Bringing her fingers closer the Poochyena bolted back up and snapped its jaws. She recoiled but only to realize snarling noises behind her. Her face flushed in fear.

“Don’t worry,” A voice called, “They won’t attack unless we tell them to. Now get up ma’am and turn around. Slowly.”

Doing as she was told, Delia got up slowly and turned around at the same pace. She found that the snarling was from a pack of Mightyenas whose trainers dressed up as sailors with the blue cargo pants, striped shirts and bandanas. Of the three (two male, one female) the one in the middle pulled out his Pokeball and called.

“Poochyena return!,”

The beam of red light hit the Poochyena and went back into the pokeball, this man the leader of the trio held out his other hand introducing himself.

“My name is Rich and my associates David, Shelly and I represent a group called Team Aqua and we take it you know where Professor Samuel Oak lives. Do ya’? If not I guess you’re dog food.”

Delia was paralyzed by terror and but couldn’t even choke out a world the tree could understand. Growing impatient in his tone Rich asked again, “Do you know where Professor Oak lives?”

“Yes,” Delia blurted out, “I do.”

“Excellent,” Rich hissed gleefully, anticipating their next move, “Kindly show us the way ma’am.”

Nervously Delia led them up the stairs of Oak’s estate but the Team Aqua members kept their distance. Mrs. Ketchum walked up to the door and rung the doorbell. Trace opened the door and smiled but his grin turned to a grimace of concern.

“Mrs. Ketchum you look pale,” Tracey told her, “Are you…”

A ball of ice sailed through the air hitting Tracey on the head before he could finish the question knocking him out. Delia gasped as the Mightyenas ran in, she could believe hit. Rich grabbed her arm and shoved her in while David dragged Tracey in. Shelley looked around seeing no witnesses.

“Spheal! Return!” She ordered running into the lab, closing the door. From the outside it would appear that everything appeared normal.”


Professor Oak got out of his eat and called out into the hallway, “Tracey, is everything all right?”

The Mightyenas came to a stop surrounding Oak as Rich came into the lab dragging in a struggling Delia with him. “Professor Oak we meet.”

“If you hurt that woman I’ll…” Oak roared clenching his fit

“You…” Rich interrupted, “…Are in no position to demand anything. I thought our Pokemon would spell that for you. And I would hate to hurt this beautiful lady…”

“Let go of me you creep!” Delia protested, repeatedly punching Rich in the arm.

Rich only chuckled unfazed by her assaults, “Feisty little one eh? David?”

“Heh, heh” David snickered dragging in Tracey, “Yeah.”

Looking at Tracey and Delia Oak shook his head and sighed in resignation, “You win. What do you want?.”

“Why don’t you sit down and we’ll talk about it.” Rich replied.


Outside, the bus stopped in front of the lab and a lone trainer walked out. A boy in his late-teens with platinum blonde hair, with bright red streaks, about 6’ 4” wearing a black, red and orange trainer’s outfit. Looking at the piece of paper as the bus rolled on behind him.

“This is the place.” He said, “Who would think Professor Birch would ask me out of all people to deliver these pokemon to Professor Oak?”

Though by far not a favorite of Professor Birch’s he was asked to deliver these rare Pokemon from Hoenn because he finished third in the Hoenn League Championships and the other two trainers were unavailable. But hey! A free trip’s a free trip; especially if it’s to meet the famous Professor Samuel Oak. His anticipation growing as he took a step closer and chilling raced up his spine as he came to the doorstep and rung the door bell. A minute later and no answer he tired again. Another minute later; no response. A bit discouraged he tried again a final time and two minutes later no response.

He growled, “He much be out for lunch or something.” Shrugging and noticing his empty stomach he sighed , “I guess I better get…” feeling a buzzing sensation in his pokeball belt one of his pokeballs shook of the belt falling to the ground it opened releasing a Raichu.

“Deluge?” he groaned

The Raichu frantically cried, “Rai rai chu Raichuuuu.”

“What?” He asked

Deluge darted around the side of the building, “Rai!”

“Can this wait?” The trainer groaned turning the other way, “No one’s home and I need to get some grub.”

Deluge growled, “Raiiiiiiii!” then fired a Thundershock at his Trainer’s posterior forcing him to jump and turn around.”

“OW!” he yelped, “Okay, okay you win! I’ll go!” and he followed his Raichu muttering “Smart aleck.”

Laying low like Deluge the trainer crawled to under a open window where the Raichu stopped the Raichu perked up its ears and said, “Rai rai!” Poking up his head to hear the trainer overheard the conversation Rich and Professor Oak were having.

“…surely Professor you can appreciate making more homes for Water Pokemon. Give us the information on the legendary pokemon of Kanto and Johto and we’ll be on our merry way.”

“Never!” Professor Oak snapped back, “You’re talking about destroying the homes of humans and land pokemon alike!”

Hearing enough the trainer looked to his Raichu, “How do you know about these things?”

Deluge shrugged with his short front legs, “Rai?”

“Let’s crash this party.” He said in a hushed expression.

Deluge nodded, “Raichu!”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 1 Continued


Rich shook his head, “I’m disappointed, I guess we’ll have to this the hard way. Mightyena?”

One of the Mightyenas stepped up towards Delia glaring its teeth and snarl loudly. She shrieked fearful of what these creeps were planned. Looking back at Professor Oak; Rich asked, “Choose: Your friend here will become an entrée or you give us your files.”

Looking at Delia cowering he cried, “Okay you can have them, just don’t…”

Then in the background a crashing sound interjected and all present (and conscious) turned their heads to the source down the hall, the front door. Rich ordered the Mightyena pack to investigate; a few seconds later the pack was sent flying into a bookshelf.

“What the?!” Rich gasped, “Who’s that?!”

The Team Aqua trio dashed into the hall and found it was a trainer, one they knew from Hoenn.

“Blaze!” Rich growled, “Stay in matters that concern you!”

“When you hold Professor Oak captive,” Blaze answered sternly, “You made it my business.”

“I’ll make you wish you didn’t interfere with Team Aqua,” Rich yelled, “David, Shelly seize him!”

“Talk is cheap Richie Boy…” Blaze snickered pointing to the two charging TA members, “Sizzle! Double Kick!”

From behind Blaze a Blaziken leapt and bolted towards David and Shelly, ripping through them with inhuman speed; like their Mightyenas the two humans were sent flying back. Shakily they got up dazed and slightly confused.

Triumphantly the Blaziken looked over them and snorted, “Kennnnnnn.” Deluge ran up to Sizzle’s side ready to attack Rich who was holding a pair of pokeballs in his hand.

“Go ahead,” Blaze taunted, “I know you either carry Poochyenas, Mightyenas and water pokemon. Leave while you still can or Sizzle and Deluge will make short work of you.”

Rich growled as he, David and Shelly took out their Pokeballs and recalled their Mightyenas, “This isn’t over Blaze.”

“Yadda, yadda, yadda.” Blaze mocked recalling Sizzle and Deluge, “Call me when you can back up those words.”

Without another word the three left through the back door and when the tension cleared up Professor Oak got up and approached the trainer.

“Young man,” he said offering a handshake, “You just saved our lives, Delia and I are grateful.”

Delia nodded in agreement and smiled, “Thank you… Blaze.”

Letting out a nervous chuckle Blaze croaked out, “Heh, thanks.”

Tracey was starting to come to groaning, “Blaze?” groggily getting up his eyes then widened and he cried out, “You’re the trainer that was delivering the rare pokemon from Hoenn!”

“Make that is…” Blaze replied taking off his backpack and took out a metal case and handed it to Professor Oak.

The professor took it and placed it on the table where the other tree crowded him as he opened it. “Looks like everything’s in order.” Professor said and everyone backed off. When he turned to Blaze.

“I hate to hate favors of someone that just saved us.”

“Oh,” Blaze replied, “Anything for you Professor Oak, it will be no problem at all.”

Oak nodded was walked to a cabinet and pulled something out a custom Pokeball with various patterns and engravings. Leading Blaze, Delia and Tracey outside Oak point towards the road leading north.

“That road leads to Viridian City,” He explain, “Last week my grandson Gary, became leader of their gym. I’m too busy with my research to visit him personally so can you make sure he receives this.”

Oak placed the pokeball in Blaze’s hand, he placed it in his pocket, “Consider it done Professor Oak.”

Professor Oak nodded and told him, “Go!”

With that Blaze broke into a dash and turned back waving, “See you all later!” he called out.

“Bye!” Delia called back waving, Tracey groaned as he was waving back then rubbing his bruise. Delia held his shoulders and told him, “Let’s get some ice for that bruise.”

She lead him back into the lab leaving the Professor out there to stand there watching Blaze disappear into the landscape. Smiling he walked back to his lab where he could finish the day’s research.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 2: Old Friends

Night falls in the forests between Pallet Town and Viridian City; at best it would take a day’s walk to get there but you’d have to start in the morning. Blaze left in the late afternoon and had to set up camp in the forest. He could easily finish the trip tomorrow, besides his pokemon and he could use some rest. Sizzle and his Aggron; Ironhide started the fire and Sizzle was sitting on a log quietly stoking it. Deluge, Deep End (Swampert), Shakes (Ludicolo) and Ironhide were busy eating. Blaze meanwhile was in his tent writing an e-mail on his laptop.

Dear Marty

I have to tell you Kanto is looking better than I ever expected and the forests between Pallet Town and Viridian remind me very much about Petalburg Woods. Speaking of which I was thinking about the time you and I ventured through the woods with only us and your Treecko and my Torchic and how we both promised each other that we’d both become Pokemon Masters. Here we are seven years later and have since parted ways; I’m still taking the Gym Leader challenge and you’re on the contest circuit (BTW I’m glad to hear you got first in the contest in Lilycove; I bet mom and dad are glowing with pride.) I thought I could continue on without you there for support but the past two years have been almost unbearably lonely.

Today, when delivering the rare pokemon to Professor Oak; I learned that he, a neighbor of his and his assistant were being held captive in his lab by Team Aqua. Luckily Deluge and I arrived and along with Sizzle we drove them off. Between you and me I never felt such a rush; I managed to chase off Team Aqua the gang that gives Officer Jenny in Slateport such a hard time. Maybe I should change my profession to “Gang Buster” =P

Professor Oak asked me to deliver this pokeball to his grandson in Viridian. So tell mom and dad back in Lavaridge that I love them and I’ll be coming home as soon as I can.

Your Favorite Twin ;)
-Benjamin “Blaze” St. Helens

He smiled as he clicked “send”, Deluge walked inside beside Blaze who smiled back at him.

“Well that’s that,” Blaze told him, “Time for supper.”

In the background in addition to the crackling fire Blaze and his pokemon heard a call, “Help!” Bolting outside Blaze and the pokemon looked into the forest as the voice came closer and closer. Instinctively Ironhide and Deep End tensed themselves for battle as Pokemon thieves often would con an unsuspecting trainer into thinking they needed help before robbing them blind. This voice however sounded familiar to Blaze so he looked at Ironhide and Deep End and ordered them, “Stand down, I think he’s friendly.” They did and backed off.

“Help me please!” the voice called again

“Over here!” He yelled

Quickly the crunching of leaves from a frantic runner became clearer and clearer and the outline of another train became visible, emerging into the dim light of the fire the trainer panted, “This Scyther, he needs your help.”

Even with the low light Blaze could recognize him a trainer of Asian descent with navy blue hair wearing the darkest rest pants, a dark nay blue T-shirt and a faded orange vest. Not only that we was carrying a near-fainted Scyther in his arms, “Lee?” he asked.

Lee’s eyes lit up as he looked at Blaze, “Blaze, thank heaven! Do you have an antidote I can use?”

Blaze nodded, “Maybe.” So he dashed to his tent and pulled out his backpack frantically searching for an antidote. To his luck he found one, Sizzle gave up his seat on the log to allow Lee to lay down the Scyther. Blazed asked handing the Antidote to Lee, “What happened to him?”

Lee took it as he pour the antidote into the Scyther’s mouth, where it slowly drank it. “This young trainer challenged me and you know how you can not refuse a challenge right?” he explained.

Blaze nodded.

“I easily defeated his other Pokemon,” Lee continued, “But when my Muk defeated poisoned his Scyther with a Sludge Bomb the little twerp ran and abandoned him. So I did the only thing I could do take the Scyther and try and find help. I’m lucky I found you Blaze, this pokemon could’ve died if I didn’t find your camp.”

“He’s lucky, but will need to be brought to a pokecenter if he is to make a full recovery. However the closest one’s in Viridian so you two will have to set up camp here.” Blaze said pulling out his cookware, “I have enough food for all of us.”

“I agree,” Lee replied pulling out a pokeball from his pocket of which he put the Scyther in, “It’s too dark to continue, besides we have a lot of catching up to do.”

Blaze recalled his other Pokemon save for Deluge and started cooking his and Lee’s supper. While Lee set up his tent and watched the meal cook, when it was finished the two entertained themselves with tales of their adventures over their meal. Laughing throughout the funny moments, till the fire was on his dying embers.

“..and so those Team Aqua grunts ran like a Poochyena with its tail between its legs!”

And the two laughed, settling down Blazed wiped the tears from his laughing fit before asking.

“So why weren’t you at the Hoenn Championships this year? Were you here in Kanto?”

“Nah,” Lee said shaking his head and snorting, “I really don’t want to make my Pokemon battle for competition anymore. So I’m taking in abandoned Pokemon and nursing them back to health full-time now. I only arrived in Pallet Town four days ago.”

Blaze nodded, “I remembered that about you; taking Pokemon people said couldn’t win a battle for poketreats and you fashioned them into an incredible force. A regular Ash Ketchum eh Lee?”

“Yeah,” Lee chuckled, “But unlike him I actually won a few Championships.”

“Be nice,” Blaze said, “He did win the Orange Islands Championships, I was there myself. But anyway why give up on training?”

“Because I don’t see pokemon as tools for battle or personal glory,” Lee replied looking at his empty dinner plate, “Many trainer don’t or refuse to realize that a pokemon battles for it’s trainer because of the intense loyalty it feels. Younger trainers like the one I met don’t realize it, but that loyalty has to go both ways like the relationship you and Deluge have.”

Deluge jumped up shouting, “Rai!”

Lee smiled, “Then there’s Team Aqua who see their Pokemon as petty tools to be tossed aside. You said they’re operating in Kanto now?”

Blaze nodded, “I can’t figure out why though, maybe has to do with Team Rocket setting up shop in Hoenn. You’re the psychic here Lee you tell me.”

He got Lee and took the plates setting them up on the table preparing to wash the plates. Lee got up; stretched then yawned. “I may have some psychic power, but nowhere as near as intense as your run-of-the-mill psychic or like my sibling Tate and Liza. So I can’t help you there Blaze.” Lee said, “But one thing I can tell you is, this will not bode well for Kanto.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Intermission 1: Strange Times & Strange Bedfellows

Back near Hoenn all was relatively quiet except at Team Aqua’s hideout, Team Magma had invaded and the grunts on both sides were battling fiercely . Carelessly jets of water and fire wreaked destruction attracting the attention of Archie. Surveying the fighting he yelled out.

“Stop this now, Team Aqua withdraw your Pokemon.”

The Team Aqua grunts silently did as they were told, surprisingly Team Magma also stopped in their tracks and withdrew their pokemon. Like they weren’t here to fight, Archie shot a menacing glare at their leader Maxie.

“You have a lot of nerve walking into Team Aqua’s base to attack.”

“I came to offer you a proposition,” Maxie explained, “Your grunts were the ones that attacked us when we came here. If you haven’t noticed we stopped attacking as well.”

Archie looked at his men and shot back, “Alright Maxie, I’ll listen.”

“I noticed that you have a group operating in Kanto,” Maxie smirked, “Very risky considering how that’s Giovanni’s turf.”

“What Team Aqua does is none of your concern!”

“Jason?” Maxie called to one of his administrators who took a large brown envelope from his bag and handing to him. Maxie tossed the envelope to Archie’s hands, “I take it you heard about Team Rocket’s operations in Hoenn.”

“Oh yeah,” Archie huffed taking out the snapshots of Jesse, James and Meowth, “A trio of dolts who can’t even capture a 12 year old’s Pikachu. They are no threat to us.”

“Wrong,” Maxie said, “This is Giovanni wanting Hoenn under his thumb and for him to do that. He’ll have to rub us both out of the picture by sending more of his forces and recruiting here in Hoenn. Certainly that transcends our arguments over the ocean and land.”

“Very well,” Archie sighed, “What do you propose?”

“Both Team Magma and Team Aqua will send teams to Kanto to begin a counter-campaign to force Giovanni and Team Rocket out of Hoenn, after the campaign is finished both our teams must agree to leave Kanto in the span of one week,” Maxie replied, “I am willing to contribute Team Magma’s resources to such a project. What do you see Archie.”

After pausing for a bit Archie answered, “I’ll call a temporary suspension of hostilities I’ll inform my agents in Kanto.”

He offered an uneasy handshake which Maxie accepted but he kept his face close to Maxie’s whispering, “If you don’t hold your end of the bargain; I’ll destroy you myself.”

“It’s a two-way street,” Maxie whispered back, “Remember that.”

Maxie turned around and order his grunts to move out, but he didn’t even turn to face Archie when he shouted, “I’ll make the arrangements to send some of my finest to Kanto by tomorrow. We’ll be in touch Archie.”

Looking over the snapshots of Team Rocket Archie mutter, “I’m sure we will Maxie, and well wipe out Giovanni. For good.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 3: Ultimatum

The sun rose over the metropolis known as Viridian City, wearing a light trench coat Nurse Joy shielded herself from the cool damp morning air walking towards the pokecenter. Humming a tune she unlocked the door, pokecenters usually don’t close but in the case where no trainers are using the bunks; there was no reason to stay open. Turning on the lights, then her computer as well as well as disengaging the security system. One thing was missing though; when she realized it she walked to the door flipping the “We Are Closed” sign to the “Yes We Are Open” side.

After returning to behind the counter and working for a few minutes, she didn’t notice a canister until she noticed the air inside fogging up.

“What in the world…?”

Within the smoke a pair of shadows emerged as a female announced…

“Prepare for trouble!”

“Make it double!” A froggy male voice then chimed

“To infect the world from devastation!”

“To blight all peoples within every nation!”

“You can skip the introductions Team Rocket,” Nurse joy called out, “You aren’t getting what you want this time.”

She tried to reach for the “button” but the female assailant upon seeing this threw a pokeball releasing the Sableye inside. The ghost-type pokemon snatched Nurse Joy’s hand.

“Didn’t anyone tell you Nurse Joy,” The female giggled emerging from the smoke, the duo revealing themselves to be Butch and Cassidy , “Team Rocket always gets what it wants.”

“Well not everything my dear,” A voice echoed as a ring of glowing eyes pierced the smoke surrounding Butch and Cassidy, “Team Rocket shall not have Hoenn as long as we're around.”

Then a ring consisting of Mightyenas, Carvahna, Numels along with various Team Aqua and Team Magma members circled the vastly outnumbered Rockets.

“We represent the interests of our leaders Archie and Maxie,” The lead Team Magma member explained, “…And they’re not pleased with Team Rocket’s presence in our territory.”

“All complaints may be addressed to the boss,” Cassidy told them, “Now butt out of our business!”

“Oh you misunderstand ‘Cassidy’,” The Team Magma administrator sneered, “We are here to issue Giovanni an ultimatum. ‘Stay out of Hoenn or suffer the consequences.’”

“Heh heh heh,” his Team Aqua counterpart Rich chuckled, “While we’re at it why not plunder this pokecenter I bet some nice pokemon are being stored in here. Heh heh heh.”

Seemingly in unison Butch, Cassidy and Nurse Joy protested with a loud, “NO!”

“You three have no choice in the matter,” The Team Magma leader hissed.

Unknown to the whole party they were being watched, one figure threw a pokeball. Once it hit the ground a Blaziken came out hissing, “Ennnnnnnn…”

It’s reflexes like a prize fighter’s it didn’t take long for it to create chaos within the lobby as Mightyenas were tossed around like rag cloths. A swarm of Carvahna flocked into position to drench the blaze pokemon. Leading his offensive was Rich he yelled to the Carvahna. “Water Gun attack now.”

“Rai!” a voice screamed firing a Thunderbolt at the swarm effectively taking them out.

“Deep End! Shakes!,” An unknown voice ordered, “Water Gun attack!”

Two jets of water shot out and flushed a majority of the Team Magma members into a wall knocking them out cold.

“Those pokemon,” Rich gasped looking to the Team Magma administrator, “They’re Blaze’s!”

“Well,” He replied pulling out a pokeball, “Jason Etna never cowers before a mere Pokemon Trainer. Camerupt go!”

Even as the pokeball was still airborne a Skarmory crashed through the upper windows and snatched the ball with its talons. Rich and Jason gapped at the sight as a Muk slithered in and charging up its Hyper Beam attack. With the incredle force of the attack the two were scattered as the beam blasted a hole in the wall.

“Excellent job Deathstrike,” Lee complimented, “Well Blaze it looks like we have them on the run!”

“Pushovers…” Blaze smugly snorted.

Amidst the chaos Butch and Cassidy took the chance to flee recalling Sableye and making a run for it. Blaze however noticed the two trying to make the escape and gave chase to them with the Team Rocket members already piling into the van. Frantically Butch slid the keys into the ignition.

“Hurry!” Cassidy screamed

“Lousy piece of…” Butch growled, turning the key and putting on the gas.

Suddenly the van’s engine roars and the vehicle was rolling off the driveway , Blaze leapt and could barely make it; desperately holding onto the rail. Upon gaining a foothold he pulled out a pokeball whispering to it, “Only you can do this…”

By this time the van was really picking up speed, Blaze threw the pokeball up ahead of the Van yelling as the energy started to form a shape, “Ironhide! Iron Defense now!”

Upon forming a shape the Aggron quickly raise a glowing white force field, Butch slammed the brakes as hard as he could and Blaze jumped off rolling into a patch of grass. The van however was totaled by the collision but Ironhide stood there unharmed. Snorting at the now unconscious Butch and Cassidy and slowly walked toward it’s trainer who was laying there motionless.


Officer Jenny arrived on her motorcycle stopping to inspect the wrecked van, the only question that was left resonating in her head was “What could’ve done this?” There was no lampposts, trees or hydrants in the immediate vicinity. Her answer came as she swung around the hood finding the Aggron overlooking a trainers. Approaching carefully the Aggron say her and roared as she tried to approach the train.

“Whoa there big guy!,” She told it, “I’m a friend. Officer Jenny of the Viridian PD.”

Ironhide snorted and backed away letting her kneel before the trainer, “I don’t think he seriously injured…”

Blaze then tossed and moaned, “…did anyone get the number of the bus that hit me?”

“Doesn’t really matter,” Officer Jenny replied, “Looks like your Aggron stopped that Team Rocket van.”

Leaping to his feet he cried, “Team Rocket?! Oh no, Team Aqua and Team Magma!”

He tried to make a break for it only to be stopped by Officer Jenny, “I can’t let you go back in there, not in our condition.”

“But my friend…!” he protested

“Will be fine,” She explained, “Back-up’s already on the way.”

Already within sight were the police vans, Team Aqua and Team Magma already were hearing the sirens. Jason looked at Rich.

“Looks like we have to split,” He said withdrawing his pokemon and pulling out his last pokeball.

“How do you suggest we do that?” Rich sarcastically remarked.

“Pokeball go!” Jason shouted releasing his Alakazam, “Alakazam! Teleport!”

“Kazam!” in a radiant flash the Team Aqua and Team Magma members disappeared. Leaving behind an empty lobby and a confused Lee and Nurse Joy.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 3 Continued

About an hour later things started to clear up as Lee and Blaze verified their identities and told the authorities what they knew of Team Aqua and Team Magma’s sudden appearance. They were equally surprised to find out that neither team had the intention of plundering the pokecenter’s pokemon but to give Team Rocket an ultimatum. Not being detectives they both went to do what they originally intended to come to the pokecenter for.

Blaze was busy at the PC center switching his pokemon and also trying to quell his little brother’s raging cries.

“But you promised!”

“Calm down Ashton,” Blaze calmly replied, “I have some more business to do in Kanto before I can return.”

“You just don’t want to come back!” Ashton angrily shot back

“I never said that,” He protested, “Some unexpected things popped up and…”

“SOME BROTHER YOU ARE!” He screamed before leaving the videophone. Blaze’s mom then came on shocked by what just transpired, she tried to console Blaze who was already feeling bad about having to tell Ashton about this.

“You know it’s going to be his 10th birthday later this week and he wanted you to be there…”

“I know mom,” Blaze sighed, “But Team Aqua and Team Magma’s appearance in Kanto worries me and with what just happened here that this incident could lead into a turf war.”

“You can’t be responsible for them Benjamin,” She replied, “But we knew you had a sense of responsibility and justice that made you the trainer you are today. And the trainer your brother wants to be like. I’ll have him understand, will that make you feel better?”

“Immeasurably,” Blaze replied, “I’ll call you as soon as I get to Cerulean.”

“Alright,” his mother nodded, “Good luck Blaze. Good-Bye and we’ll take good care of Shakes and Ironhide.”

The screen went blank, Blaze sighed again he hated breaking promises but sometimes you have to do what is needed of you. Lee saw the entire thing and looked at Blaze.

“A broken promise eh?” Lee said smirking, “Care to tell me what that was about? I have plenty of time. Nurse Joy said it’ll take a couple hours for the Scyther to recover complete.”

“I’ll tell when on the way to Viridian Gym.” Blaze told him.


Nearing Viridian Gym by that time Blaze explained to Lee what just happened.

“So your brother Ashton wants to be a trainer just like you?” Lee chuckled, “If I we him I would’ve chosen a better role model.”

The earned him a punch in the arm, with Ben hissing, “Smart Aleck.”

“Ow,” He winced, “Well I was just joking, but why was he so mad at you. Your mom or dad could’ve easily taken him to Littleroot.”

“I know you were,” Blaze replied half-smiling, “You just deserved that. Ashton was planning this trip for months. He already knew what he was packing when I was last on the ranch. And that was a month ago.”

“It always happens to kids when their plans are changed,” Lee told him putting a hand on Blaze’s shoulder, “He’s just angry because things are not going to plan. He won’t stay mad forever, maybe when you can get back you can check his progress and be there for his first gym battle."

Hope now seemed to glimmer in Blazes eyes, “Yeah, it took us the better part of two weeks to make it to Rustboro. So if he’s still not angry at me by then I’ll be there when he battles Roxanne.”

Smiling back at Lee he asked, “Where would I be without you Lee?”

“In a pretty big pickle,” Lee smirked back the two of them reaching the Gym and stopped in front of it, “I think you wanted to stop here?”

The two walked into the lobby where one of the assistant trainers was at the receptionist desk. Blaze looked over and the trainer asked, “Can I help you sir? Are you here to challenge the Gym Leader?”

“No,” Blaze replied, “I come with a package from the Gym Leader’s grandfather.”

“Well wonders never cease,” A voice said entering the lobby from the Gym Entrance. Blaze and Lee looked up to see it was Gary Oak the Gym Leader, “Allow me to introduce myself I’m Gary Oak of Pallet Town and Gym Leader of Viridian.”

Blaze took out the custom pokeball and offered it to Gary, “I think this is yours.”

Gary took it and still gave a half-cocked smile at the two, “Never would I have thought that two Pokemon Champions would come to my doorstep. Benjamin “Blaze” St. Helens of Lavaridge, Hoenn: two-time Lorenn League champion, 4th placed Orange Islands League and Top 10 in the Hoenn League.”

Gary then looked at Lee, “Lee Atone, Hoenn League Champion and Top 10 in the Lorenn League. By any chance either of you two would be interested in challenging me?”

“I retired from Pokemon Training moths ago,” Lee replied, “So thanks but no thanks!”

Gary then shrugged at Lee uttering a “Suit yourself.” He then walked up to Blaze and looked but, “But you Blaze, surely a famous trainer like yourself can challenge me.”

Blaze paused for a moment, “I, Blaze St. Helens challenge you to a Pokemon Battle. 3-on-3 sound good to you?”

Gary backed off, “Okay, your terms are fine with me. I’ll be ready in five minutes so don’t run off.”

Thus Gary left leaving Lee in disbelief, he whispered to Blaze, “Seriously you’re not going to battle him.”

“Why not?” Ben asked, “I’m a pokemon trainer and as long as my pokemon are willing; I’ll show the gym leaders of Kanto how we in Hoenn battle.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter Four: Beatdown at Viridian Gym

Blaze and Lee after a few minutes of talking strategy walked into the a platform which rose to half-way to the ceiling resting at about 25 feet. The battle field was a simple one a plain slate-floored rectangle with boulders carefully positioned and surrounded by a moat should aquatic pokemon be used.

From a box on the left side of the gym the referee sat down and tapped the microphone to see if it were working.

“Ahem!” He coughed, “Trainer Blaze St. Helens with a Blaziken, Flygon and Raichu challenges Gym Leader Gary with his Blastoise, Scizor and Nidoqueen. 3 on 3 battle. Start!”

“Don’t expect mercy,” Gary taunted throwing his pokeball, “Go! Blastoise!”

“Heh, you be begging me for mercy!” Blaze shot back throwing his pokeball at the field, “Sizzle, show him what we’re made of!”

“A Blaziken eh? You’re at a major disadvantage. Blastoise Hydro Pump!” Gary ordered.

“Blast!” the Blastoise unsheathing the cannons from it’s back.

“Sizzle! Double Team!”

“Blaaiz…” Sizzle hissed, the Blastoise quickly found itself surrounded by five Blazikens shooting a Hydro Pump at the various Blazikens in Vain.

“Now,” Blaze yelled, “Sky Uppercut!”

Sizzle dash towards Blastoise and gave it his “Sunday Special”, unfazed by the uppercut Blastoise used its Skull Bash to slam Sizzle into a boulder.

“Rapid Spin attack,” Gary ordered again pointing at the stunned Blaziken.

“Blast… toise!” it roared triumphantly withdrawing into its shell spinning and hurdling into Sizzle. The Blaziken dodged it; barely. The boulder pulverized to dust, stunned but not fainted Blastoise stumbled around in a confused state now if ever was a excellent chance to attack. Blaze saw this and looked to Sizzle.

“Good!” He said complimenting Sizzle’s remarkable intuition, “Quick Attack!”

Quickly Sizzle made numerous speed tackles at the Blastoise, however it’s shell negated any attack and it was starting to get annoyed and Sizzle was quickly tiring. “Let’s finished this! Blastoise! Hydro Pump!”

Again the shellfish pokemon let loose its torrent of water, this time connecting with Sizzle knocking him near the field’s edge.

“Blaziken has faint…” The ref announced before noticing Sizzle shakily getting up, “My lord…”

The only think running in the Blaziken’s mind was his trainer, how he just couldn’t let Blaze down. It was that loyalty that gave him determination, enough to get back up and fight again. Gary was shocked.

“That should’ve finished him off!” He cried, “No way a Blaziken can be that strong against my Blastoise’s Hydro Pump!”

“He has heart Gary,” Blaze replied, “And a Pokemon’s strength is measured by it’s heart, not its power. Sizzle?”

Sizzle looked up to Blaze, “Ken?”

“Finish this!”

“Blazzzzzze!” (Translation: “I will not let you down!”)

“Quick Blastoise!” Gary snapped, “Hydro Pump Attack!”

Sizzle started to run at Blastoise who fired one Hydro Pump after another only to be dodged by the highly disciplined Sizzle. Glowing brighter and brighter Sizzle unleashed his ultimate attack “Overheat”, taught by Flannery herself. If Sizzle pulled this off it could roast the Blastoise, if not he would be drained and the battle lost.

Once close enough to Blastoise he unleashed a firestorm that consumed them both and half the battle field. This was the deciding moment, as the residual smoke from the combustion cleared Sizzle was down on one knee panting heavily…

…But what about Blastoise?

When it was all clear Lee and Gary were shocked to find scorch-marks all over Blastoise’s body. Sizzle had won.

“YES!” Blaze cheered pulling out his Pokeball recalling Blaziken, “You deserve a nice rest Sizzle. You did an awesome job out there you made me proud.”

“Whoa!” Lee said in disbelief, “He actually beat a Blastoise! How’d he do it.”

“Simple.” Blaze chuckled, “He’s Sizzle by strongest and most loyal fighter.”

Gary withdrew Blastoise, “You did your best, no denying it. He is better than I anticipated.”

Raising another pokeball he turned to Blaze and asked, “Are you ready for round two?”

Pulling out his second Pokeball, Blaze replied with a smirk, “Ready when you are.”


“Concorde! Go!” He yelled releasing his Flygon who was hovering about five feet above the battle field Buzzing. Gary threw his pokemon releasing Scizor the scissors pokemon; extremely popular due to its high speed and attack ratings and its part-steel type left it resistant to several other types.

“Zor!” It yelled, graceful cutting the air boasting it’s own abilities.

“Metal Claw!” Gary ordered.

The silvery-white glow covered its claw making several close swipes at Concorde, backing him into a boulder.

“Go up,” Blaze screamed knowing where Concorde would have to go. “Fly!”

Concorde flew up as Scizor readied it’s Metal Claw, hammering it into the rock; the Flygon had already left and the claw hit the rock fracturing it. Scizor’s claw was stuck and it struggled to pull it out but to no avail.

“It’s stuck now’s our chance!” Blaze said, “Flamethrower!”

“Guah!” Concorde roared unleashing a blast of flame from its mouth at Scizor, even as the attack finished the Scizor still stood and the flames also softened the rocks allowing Scizor to free itself and leer at the airborne Concorde creating a tense atmosphere even making Blaze and Lee uncomfortable. But Gary was just fine ordering Scizor’s next move. “Agility!”

Scizor started to move at a more frenzied pace, Blaze was wondering what Gary was up to. Scizor was too heavy to fly and couldn’t reach Concorde. So he ordered a barrage of Flamethrowers with each one fired the Scizor dodged. That’s when the Scizor revealed its plan, using the momentum from the Agility it leapt and wall-kicked Blaze’s platform, heading straight for Concorde.

“False Swipe!” Gary yelled, “Execute Tactic Beta-2-Gamma.”

“Zor,” It his swiping Concorde forcing the Flygon to fall to the ground.

Concorde wasn’t harmed much by the fall and managed to get up without much difficulty, Scizor landed with a soft clank kneeling with its claws stretched from left to right. Glaring at Concorde it pointed it claws at him and they opened. Yellow spheres appeared, collecting energy for not one but two Hyper Beams. The twin sphere fired with such awesome force; The recoil sent Scizor dragging backwards sending dust in all directions. Concorde was sent hurdling; the impact robbing him of the last of his energy.

Blaze recalled Concorde giving him what little comfort he could offer, “I shouldn’t have been so cocky. I’m sorry Concorde.”

“Maybe you depended too much on his Flamethrower attack.” Lee noted, “Maybe you should consider this strategy with Deluge…”

Lee whispered into Blaze’s ear, Blaze nodded and smirking at Gary who was starting to grow impatient, “Are you going to just talk or are you going to battle?” he called out.

Blaze leaned towards him replying, “Prepare for a force you never seen before. Go Deluge!”

The red energy burst out of the opened pokeball forming Deluge, “Raiiiii!”

“A raichu?” Gary winced, “That’s your ultimate force?”

“You have no idea,” Blaze laughed, “Deluge! Agility!”

“Scizor! Metal Claw!” Gary ordered again, this time confident Scizor could defeat Deluge. After all Scizor was given a great deal of speed training.

But Deluge was too fast, every attacked dodged; it was apparent Deluge was running circles around Scizor confounding him.

“Double Team!” Blaze yelled at the dark-yellow streak, over the entire field almost two dozen images appeared confusing Scizor, “I trained Deluge personally Gary and he’s too fast for you!”

“Oh yeah? Scizor! Slash!”

Scizor slashed at every copy of Deluge barely noticing it was raining. In the gym? This was turning out to be a very confusing battle for both of them. Suddenly it donned on Gary; this was Rain Dance and it insures the attack “Thunder” would always strike.

“Rai!” Deluge cried out leaping for Scizor charging up the blast, “Chuuuuuuuu!”

The blast of electricity proved to be too much for Scizor to take, “Sceee…” it cried spazing out of control. When it was all finished Scizor fainted like Blastoise scorch marks covered its once-shiny body.

“It always comes to one on one doesn’t it?” Gary said to himself recalling Scizor and carefully cradling his last pokeball in his hand throwing he yelled. “You’re my last hope… Nidoqueen!”

Nidoqueen’s arrival on the battlefield grand as she landed right in front of Deluge her figure towering over his. She bellowed “Queeeen…” Only one thing was certain in Blaze and Deluge’s eyes; knowing that they had one ace in hole for a situation like this.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 4 Continued

“It’s over,” Gary boasted, “Raichu is still an electric type and Nidoqueen here is a ground-type.”

“You’ll see that I know what I’m doing Gary,” Blaze told him, “Deluge, Headbutt attack.”

Making a run at Nidoqueen; Deluge shouted “Rai!” the Headbutt had little affect on Nidoqueen however there was that notion that bugged Gary, that Blaze was hiding something from him. But that feeling was quelling by the swelling of his ego. “Nidoqueen, Seismic Toss!” he yelled.

“Queen!” she roar grabbing Deluge, then she started spinning and hurled Deluge to the other side of the field. Scratched and bruised the raichu got up waiting. “You know what to do Deluge.” Blaze told him.

“Rai,” Deluge agreed; a pale blue aura then surrounded him. The water around the area started to churn. Gary’s ego suddenly retracted.

“Oh no,” he thought, “Not Surf…”

“Rai!” Deluge cried as a tidal wave formed; bolstered by the lingering effect of Rain Dance it cascaded onto the playing field curving around him but overtaking Nidoqueen. Deluge leapt from one boulder “island” to the next coming across Nidoqueen who was clinging to a boulder.

“Iron Tail!” Blaze ordered

The silvery white glow covered Deluge’s tail as he swung it at Nidoqueen’s head; it connected. Nidoqueen barely conscious released her grip and the torrent took her to the edge of the field where she finally fainted.

“Unbelievable!” bawled the referee, “Blaze’s Raichu has defeated Nidoqueen! Blaze wins!”

To Blaze it was the perfect conclusion to a furious battle. Lee couldn’t help but feel impressed at the effort of Blaze’s pokemon and Blaze’s confident command.

“Congrats Blaze,” Lee said, “After seeing that I wonder why you only got 3rd in the Hoenn League.”

Blaze’s expression turned grim for a second, “That’s another story for another day.”


After everything cleared up Gary, Blaze and Lee met on the battlefield. Holding the Earth Badge in his right hand.

“As per Indigo League rules you Blaze St. Helens have earned the Earth Badge.” He announced placing the badge in the palm of Blaze’s left hand, “Now I see why you got far in those championships.”

They shook hands and Blaze smiled, “You weren’t bad yourself.”

Lee and the Referee clapped, but one questioned still remained so Lee asked, “Why did you want to challenge Blaze and I?”

“You really want to know?” Gary asked, and in a heartbeat Blaze and Lee nodded. So Gary said, “Two trainers named Erik and Gary already battled me and warned me about you Blaze. When grandpa told me you were coming so I thought it would be interesting if what they said were true. Looks like they weren’t lying after all.”

“I see,” Lee nodded, “Well Gary. Good luck with the gym and your new pokemon.”

“Thanks,” Gary smiled, “And you two stay out of trouble.”


The sun was already starting to show signs of setting when Blaze and Lee were leaving the pokecenter. Blaze cracked his neck while Lee was still in deep thought.

“I guess we both won something today,” Blaze yawned, “You have a new pokemon and friend. I have a shiny new badge to add to my repertoire.”

Lee blinked out of his thought, “Hmm? I suppose.”

“Something wrong?” Blaze asked.

“Nothing really,” Lee replied, “It’s just that our friends Erik Wyvren and Gary Frost are in Kanto?”

“I’m surprised as you are Lee,” Blaze told him, “Maybe I can meet up with them, can you sense them?”

“Maybe if I can focus my psychic powers,” Lee said, “I can retrace their steps to find where they are and where they’re going. Whatever you do don’t interrupt me Blaze.”

“I wouldn’t think of it.” He snorted.

Lee snickered then closed his eyes, purging all the distractions. Feeling their psychic afterimages he traced Erik and Gary’s path into Viridian, their visit to Viridian gym and back to the pokecenter. Fast-forwarding he saw their path to Pewter City and where they were; in the shadow of Mount Moon on the way to Cerulean City. Lee’s eyes opened and he said, “They’re headed for Cerulean”

“Well,” Blaze replied, “What am I waiting for?”

He pulled a pokeball of his vest and threw it, releasing Concorde. “If I fly now, we can make it before nightfall…”

“Wait!” Lee shouted, “You’re not going alone are you?”


“It’s always best if you travel with friends Blaze.” Lee smirked pulling a pokeball from his belt to release Sky Dive.

“Eeeeeeeeeee…” Sky Dive hissed

Blaze’s eyes sparkled as he mounted Concorde, “Well what are we waiting for then?”

With that Concorde and Sky Dive with their respective trainers flew for Cerulean City to rendezvous with their old friends.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 5: Out of the Blue

Blaze and Lee made it to Cerulean City by about nightfall and with the cash Blaze was rolling in from when he defeated Gary Oak; the two managed to get a room at one of the city’s finer hotels. The next morning the two walked out onto the street; Blaze letting out a gapping yawn.

“Couldn’t we have just slept in,” He whined, “Check out time is only 11:00 AM not 6:00 AM.”

“Stop complaining,” Lee told him. Sternly, “Besides I would place bets that our two top trainers will be entering Cerulean any minute now.”

“You know where they’re headed?” Blaze asked cracking his neck and knuckles.

“Not even a psychic like me has to guess,” Lee smiled pulling out his pokenav, “The Cerulean City Gym, Current Leader: Misty, Favored Type: Water.”

“Sounds like my type,” Blaze turned towards the opposite direction, “Listen I saw a computer shop while I was out last night. I want to see if I can get it upgraded so it could support a videophone feature. You go to the gym now and I’ll catch up later.”

Lee nodded, “You have your pokenav upgraded for Kanto right?”

“Please…” Blaze snorted, “Give me some credit.”

The two had a short chuckle before they parted ways, Lee pulled out Sky Dive and the two headed for the Cerulean Gym.


Even at this hour of the morning, a battle rages on in Cerulean Gym. In the pool where the pokemon battle a lone Relicanth darts from behind the pillar. Being a couple centuries old it wasn’t as fast as it used to but it needed so it could formulate a plan to tackle the Gyarados chasing it.

“Aeon!” Its trainer yelled, “Ancient Power attack!”

The Relicanth stopped then fired a bolt of mystical energy at the Gyarados which coiled back from the attack. Aeon was glowing, brimming with mystical energy almost giving it some newfound strength.

“Double Edge!” The trainer ordered.

Like a runaway torpedo Aeon bee-lined towards Gyarados slamming it head on. It’s rocky head protecting it Aeon quickly circled around for another attack.

“Gyarados!” The gym leader; Misty ordered, “Hyper Beam attack!”

Gyarados shot a yellow beam at Aeon; but the attack was evaded and Aeon struck on the upswing: knocking out the Gyarados and winning the Gym Battle for the trainer.

From the side of the pool another trainer cheered, “Yes! That was awesome Erik!”

“Ah, it was nothing,” Erik said, “Gyarados is part-flying type and ‘Ancient Power’ is a rock-type attack. Good job Aeon!”

Misty and Erik withdrew their pokemon; Erik moved off the platform as his companion walked on.

“I am Gary Frost of Sootopolis City, Hoenn like my colleague Erik.” Gary smirked as he grabbed a pokeball from his belt, “Normally I fancy myself of a trainer of ice-types but for this occasion…”

He threw the pokeball and the burst of red energy reformed as a Pikachu. “Say hello to Volt.” He joked

“A Pikachu eh?” Misty asked, then commented towards Volt, “Not that terrible a surprise. But you see what my next pokemon is made of. Go Starmie!”

“Hyah!” the Starmie roared, diving into the pool.

Volt scurried across the platform he was on, it was troubling since the Pikachu didn’t know how to swim. Starmie circled around and leapt from the pool.

“Starmie! Bubble Beam!” Misty ordered

Bubbles shot out of its core, pummeling Volt with bubbles; slowing it down. Gary growled, “Volt use Thunder attack!”

“Pi Pikachu!” Volt snarled firing a large bolt of lightning at Starmie hitting it dead on. Nearly fainted Starmie fell back into the pool where Misty told it to use Recover.

In the heat of this battle Lee was entering the spectator gallery, sitting down he intently watched the battle between Gary and Misty.

Now Gary was starting to lose patience, when Starmie swung around again to strike with its Tackle, he ordered “Double Team” and rather than hitting Volt; Starmie hit the after image. Volt used its “Headbutt” knocking Starmie on the platform. “Now Volt while it’s still on dry land! Thunder!”

This time the Starmie was fainted by the lightning bolt’s overwhelming power going limp. Misty nodded, “I was expecting this but despite its handicap your Pikachu fought well Gary. You and Erik are truly deserving of this.”

From her pocket pulled out two Cascade Badges; she walked off the platform (as did Gary) and handed them to the two trainers. In the distance they heard a clapping sound echo.

“Bravo, bravo,” Lee yelled despite his distaste for watching combat.

Erik pulled down his glasses and rubbed his eyes wile Gary’s just widened. Misty however remained nonchalant, “Are you here to battle?” She called out.

Lee leapt into the arena shaking hiking his head. “No, I’m not.”

“Then you’re much too early for the show.” Misty replied.

“Nah,” Lee sighed, “I heard these two were in town and I thought they’d be here.”

Erik and Gary ran up to Lee greeting him and they shook hands and laughed, “Long time no see,” Erik said placing a hand on his shoulder, “What brings you here to Kanto?”

“I was just exploring until met up with Blaze near Virid…” Lee replied before being cut off by Gary’s gasp.

“Blaze is here?!”

“Where?” Erik asked

“He’s at a computer shop getting an upgrade,” Lee explained, “We said we’d meet up here when he’s finished. You don’t mind if we wait here do you Misty.”

She shrugged, “It’s all the same to me, if you now excuse me I have to be feeding the Pokemon here.”

“Oh no you’re not.” A voice told her, “Team Magma won’t allow it.”

“Oh no,” Lee sighed, “Not them again.”

Jason emerged from the closest corridor with a handful of grunts and from every opening the arena was flooding with Team Magma grunts. Then her noticed Lee whom he remembered from the incident in Viridian City.

“Ah, I remember you from Viridian City,” Jason said walking up to Lee as he had his men surround the four, “Interesting I should meet you here when we plan to destroy this gym.”

“What? You can’t do that.” Misty protested.

“Quiet!” Jason hissed, “Having a Water-type Gym on land is an abomination it Team Magma’s eyes and we’ll correct that. Tie them up. They’ll be destroyed with the gym.”

The circle closed in on the four, “You’ll never get away with this!” Lee told him knowing very well that Blaze would be coming any minute. For his trouble he was knocked down and gagged along with Gary, Erik and Misty.

“Oh how cliché my friend,” Jason snickered walking away from their hearing range, then whispering into a grunt’s ear, “Tell our ‘allies’ they can come in and ‘liberate’ the pokemon here.”


At the computer shop, the salesman present was finishing his pitch to Blaze. Initially Blaze only wanted a videophone upgrade for his laptop but, this new “Pokemon Transfer” program and hardware was grabbing his attention. From the pokeball-sized pad a real pokeball was starting to materialize.

“…and like so,” The salesman explained, “You can transfer your pokemon without having to go to a pokecenter.”

Blaze took the pokeball and placed on the empty clip of his vest, “I think I’ll take that as well. How much will that cost me?”

“Along with the videophone upgrade; it should cost only 750 dollars.” The sales man replied leading Blaze to the counter.

Blaze whistled as he pulled out his wallet and debit card, “That’s a bit steep but I guess I can manage it.”

“You don’t need to pay now,” The Salesman told him, “Just leave your computer with us and in a couple hours the upgrade should be finished. In the meantime you can see the city. Need a couple tourist tips?”

Shaking his head as he pulled out his laptop from the backpack, “I have to meet my friend at the Gym so thanks but no thanks.” He placed it on the counter and the salesman took it into the technician’s room in the back where the technician got to work on it right away. Blaze left the store, stopping to breathe for a moment he pulled out a pokeball, releasing Concorde.

“You know the way to Cerulean Gym?” he asked

Concorde nodded and buzzed, “Gu-ah!” Then it hung it’s head in shame. Blaze tried you comfort it as he mounted, “Don’t worry about yesterday, you won several battles for me and one loss doesn’t change our friendship.”

“Besides,” Blaze smirked, “Well show the next gym leader what you’re made of.”

Concorde looked back at Blaze it’s eyes sparkling, he was glad to have him as a trainer and to help him in any way possible. So the mystic pokemon took off ferrying it’s trainer to Cerulean Gym. Approaching the airspace above the gym Concorde saw something, focusing it’s vision on two guards at the gym’s main entrance.

“Okay,” Blaze told him, “You can drop us off here…”

Concorde shook his head, “Gon!”


Concorde tilted his head, “Gu-ah!”

“Something’s wrong?”

Concorde nodded. Blaze thought for a moment, “Land us where we can get some cover.” The Flygon nodded and descended into a grove of trees about a block away from the gym. On closer approach the two hid in the bushes, Blaze looking at the front with his spyglass watching the two Team Magma guards.

“So that’s what you saw,” Blaze whispered with Concorde nodding, “Looks like there are only two of them around the outside. So the rest must be in the Gym itself. However we need to drive them off.”

Blaze pulled off the pokeball he had transferred to the computer shop, “We’ll need a professional for this job.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 5 Continued

“Joe, why do we always get watch duty?” The TM Guard complained, “Barely anything interesting happens.”

“Maybe it would have to do with the fact that you botch up every mission Jason gives us.” His partner snapped back.

Offended the guard snarled, “And like you’re free of any…Whoa!”

The two were interrupted by the arrival of a Scizor with a scar on its forehead the two looked at it for a second. Then at each other, sporting a smile and a pokeball in their hands.

“You think that’s a wild one Joe?”

“You see a trainer doofus?” Joe asked throwing his pokeball, “Pokeball go!”

The Scizor smacked the pokeballs aside with its claws, stalking closer to the two defenseless grunts. They both seemed to whimper as it stood between them showing off its razor sharp claws. The Scizor with amazing speed and precision make graceful slashes at them reducing their uniforms to shredded piles of cloth. The two shrieked and ran into the nearest bushes. Blaze ran up (With Concorde hovering above him) to the Scizor and gave it a thumbs up.

“Nice work Reap…” Blaze complimented, “I see working in my uncle’s shop improved your aim.”

Reaper smirked and nodded, “Zor!”

And the three walked into the gym unchallenged. The two guard watched and cursed the trainer they both knew of and loathed.

“We gotta tell Jason about this,” Joe said, “But our communicator was shredded with our uniforms…”

“And I ain’t going in there with only my undies and hood on.”

“Me neither, Jonno, me neither.”


Looking around in the foyer of the gym the three found it to be empty until they heard voices from downstairs in the aquarium.

“Hey can you help me open this tank?” a voice echoed.

To avoid detection Blaze recalled Concorde and Reaper then tiptoed down the staircase and peeked his head around the corner to be shocked at what he saw.


Team Aqua was in the aquarium stealing the water pokemon inside and depositing the pokeballs into a crate. Rich was overseeing the operation as a grunt gave him a report.

“We’ve liberated 60% of the water pokemon in the Aquarium sir.”

“Excellent,” Rich chuckled, “We should be done emptying the tanks within the hour. Call Jason and tell him he can start laying the explosives.”

“If I may ask sir,” The grunt continued, “What are we going to do with the Pokemon we catch?"”

“Simple,” Rich explained, “Give them to Archie if we’re good maybe we’ll get a share. Now go tell Jason that now’s the time to do his job.”

“Sir,” the grunt saluted then walked off.

“Weird, Team Aqua and Team Magma working together. In all my years of training I never thought I would see them in an alliance.” Blaze thought silently, “I should’ve picked this up when we were in Viridian. Well it looks like it’s up to me to save the day.”

He unclipped a pokeball, enlarged it, then rolled it on the floor. A random grunt noticed it, “Looks like one dropped out of the crate.” He said as he bent down to pick it up.

The ball abruptly opened and unleashed Sizzle, the grunt looked up and the expression on his face read one thing: “Oh cripes.” Sizzle gave the grunt a good kick, sending him skidding on the floor. The other grunts and Rich looked at him menacingly with their hands reaching for their pokeballs.

Blaze then rolled in with two enlarged pokeballs in each hand.

“Hello ladies,” he joked, “Miss me?”


Sizzle sent a flamethrower attack heading for Team Aqua splitting the group. From the two pokeballs Deluge and Reaper popped out, Reaper using his attack power to slash some grunts and Deluge firing a shockwave giving much of the team a good shock. The responded by throwing their pokeballs releasing their pokemon mostly Mightyenas and Carvahna .

“Destroy him now!” Rich wailed, “You picked your last battle Blaze!”

“Oh really Richie?” Blaze taunted, he and his pokemon somewhat arrogantly looking at Team Aqua’s pokemon even though they were outnumbered, “I’ve should’ve picked a fight with someone other than your sorry group of losers.”

“Oh that burns it,” Rich growled, “ATTACK!”

The front line of pokemon charged at Blaze’s group Reaper manage to keep the Mightyena at bay with its Hyper Cutter attack as did Sizzle with its Fighting-type moves. Deluge managed Carvahna with its Thunderbolts but it was evident this was a losing battle thus he took the last of his pokeballs and released Concorde, Deep End and Umbreon to assist the besieged trio. Amidst the chaos a lone poke opened and a Psyduck appeared, ignored by the battling Team Aqua it ran up the stairs into the arena. To find help for its mysterious hero.


Meanwhile the quartet of hostages sighed in resignation, but Jason was having a lively (to say the least) “conversation” with said Team Aqua grunt.

“Blaze is here?!” Jason cried, “Do you need assistance? … No? …Then we’ll continue as planned then. … Roger that.”

“Blaze is here?” Erik whispered as he and Gary were not gagged like Misty and Lee.

“That’s what the bozo said,” Gary replied, “Shouldn’t we do something to help him.”

“Normally I would say yes…” Erik said sarcastically, “But we’re still tied up and helpless.”

Psyduck reached the top of the stairs and ran towards Misty, nearly tripping when he was halfway there.

“Psy psy psy duck psy!” It frantically cried making rapid gestures and annoying Misty to no end. Her temper quickly growing shorter, she was starting to scream through her gag. Still panicked Psyduck didn’t slow down. Not until Erik butted in.

“Slow down there,” He told it, “What is wrong?”

“Psy!” It blurted out before holding its head.

“What it say?” Gary asked

“I don’t know,” Erik said, “I’m guessing something’s happening in the Aquarium right now. Hey Psyduck, can you please try to free us, then we can help you. Use your Fury Swipes maybe?”

Psyduck nodded, “Psy!” then walked up to Erik’s bonds and slashed at them with Fury Swipe freeing his hands which he then used to untie his legs and the other’s bonds while Team Magma was busy laying the explosives.

Erik was quick to take charge as he pointed to Gary, “You go help Blaze in the Aquarium, Lee and I will take on…”

“What about me?” Misty protested, “This is my gym, I should be able to fight for it.”

“I meant no offense,” Erik sheepishly replied, “But your Gyarados and Starmie…”

Gary and Lee got a good chuckle from Misty’s outburst and Erik’s response.

“I have more Pokemon where they came from,” Misty winked, “Let’s do it.”

Trying to somewhat compensate for his bruised confidence Erik told the other two, “You heard the lady…”

“I’m not that old!” Misty screamed.

“Sorry,” Erik whimpered

The group split, by now the Team Magma grunts and Jason realized their prisoners were freed.

“Someone freed the prisoners!” One grunted yelled.

“With your powers of observation,” Jason mockingly snarled, “It’s a wonder why you haven’t been promoted to Administrator.”

“Really? Why didn’t I get the promotion?”

Jason quietly groaned to himself, “Where do we get these guys from?” he then roared, “Destroy them all!”

The groups released their pokemon consisting Mightyenas and various Fire-types like Magcargo and Numel.

“Did they already forget?” Misty snickered, “This is a water pokemon gym.”

“They aren’t exactly Nobel prize winners Misty,” Lee remarked

Misty took three pokeballs threw them over the pool, “Go Staryu! Corsola! Dewgong! Use your water gun attack ”

The trio of pokemon fired jets of water at Jason’s and his cluster of grunts and their Pokemon. Next up was Erik who spearheaded his attack with, “Go Sectaur!” The Vibrava hovered over another group and the fluttering of its wings kicked up some dust blinding the group enabling him to move to the next phase. “Go Draco!”

A Kingdra landed in the pool and surfaced close to the unseeing Team Magma grunts. “Now!” Erik ordered it, “Use Dragon Rage!” Whitish blue flames erupted from the water swirling around it. Unleashing its fury the attack blew a whole through the wall send the grunt flying into parts unknown.


Gary meanwhile was racing down the stairs running headlong into the melee, he didn’t bother asking why Team Aqua was here all he knew was that they had to be repelled from this place. Focused primarily at Blaze the Team Aqua grunts ignored Gary. Thus to get their attention he shouted, “Why battle that ‘loser’ when you can battle a real trainer like me?”

That got a couple grunts attention as well as Rich’s.

“Who’s that guy?” One grunted asked the one beside him.

“I dunno.” The other one said.

“I don’t care who he is,” Rich told them, “Just rush him!”

The two grunts released their Mightyenas, ordering in unison. “Tackle attack!”

From behind Gary a Mr. Mime jumped out into front the charging Mightyena, with its intricate hand movements it formed a transparent yellow barrier. As expected the two Bite pokemon rammed into the barrier and effectively fainted themselves. Gary pulled out Volt, Glalie and his Gengar (named Scar Face).

“Mess with the best,” Gary taunted, “…and get buried with the rest.”

“Destroy him as well,” Rich growled lowly.

Blaze completed a high kick to a grunt’s jaw thankful that these mooks know little of hand to hand combat. Plowing through their ranks he joked.

“Loser?” He snickered, “I’ll make you eat those words.”

“Bring it on ‘Big Ben’” Gary retorted jokingly.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 5 Continued

In the pool the combated was heated between Team Magma and the three… make that two since the battle had begun Lee hadn’t called out any of his pokemon. Erik had noticed that and leered at Lee.

“Lee!” He called to him, “I know you’re against fighting and all that. But can you help us on the ground?”

“My Muk and Manectric are vulnerable to the Numel and my Skarmory can be taken out with their fire attacks.” Lee explained, “I don’t want them to hurt my Pokemon.”

“If we don’t do something we’re going to be poached,” Erik barked, “It would help us if you’d actually help us.”

“Alright,” Lee sighed, taking out the pokeball containing his Scyther, “Maybe I can help with the Mightyena problem. Go Ginsu!”

The Scyther flew out of its ball and headed for the Mightyenas, “Quickly!” Lee told it, “Use your Swords Dance with Hyper Cutter!”

“Scyther!” it screamed, spinning and slashing up the pack. The four them circled it waiting for an opportunity to strike. Ginsu too was waiting; when the first of the pack leapt Ginsu replied with a Hyper Cutter to the face. Another tried to attack, again it was rewarded with a Hyper Cutter.

Now the tide of the battle was turning as Team Magma was being pushed into a corner.

“I do have to say I’m impressed,” Misty remarked at Erik, “Especially how you handled Psyduck. For once he actually did something right.”

“All in a days work,” Erik replied, “Let’s finish this shall we?”

Misty nodded, “Let’s. Water Gun attack.”

“You too Draco!” Erik added pointing to the cornered Team Magma.

The torrents of water drenched the last of the Numel and Magcargo and Ginsu was finishing off the rest of the Mightyena. Jason cursed.

“Damn you Wyrven,” He snarled, “Damn you and your interfering friends.”

“Face it, it’s over.” Erik told them, “You’re going to prison all of you.”

Revealing the detonator in his hand Jason smirked triumphantly, “I still hold the ace, while you were battling my minions you failed to notice I wired up the explosives. If I have to go down I’m taking you all with me.”

Slowly he pressed the button on the detonator.

Nothing happened, he clicked again, again and again but nothing happened.

“The detonator,” he snarled, “Why won’t it work?!”

“um… sir…” His toady whispered pointing to Ginsu who was showing off his blades along with a pile of now-inert explosives.

Jason screamed in a disappointed rage. His voice echoed throughout the gym and the outside causing passers-by to stop and shake their heads.


Among those that heard it were Team Aqua downstairs. Though they couldn’t afford to hesitate and kept on battling but Rich remarked, “Looks like Jason’s plan’s gone bust…”

Deluge and Volt tag teamed on a swarm of Carvahna blasting it with twin Thunderbolts shocking the holy heck out of them. Their owners recalled him and Blaze, Gary and their combined pokemon surrounded the now-defenseless Team Aqua.

“Now…” Rich joked, “Would be a good time to escape.”

“Give it up Charlie,” Gary told him in his worst “cop show” voice, “We got ya’ surrounded.”

“Ah ah ah,” Rich told him, “I still have one contingency plan. You see my watch? On it is a button that activates a teleporting device on me and my minion’s belts. Farewell Blaze… we’ll meet again I promise you that.”

Pressing the button; Rich and Team Aqua teleported from the gym in a flash of white light temporarily blinding the two.

“Erk!” Blaze squawked then trying to reorient himself, “Damn it! The cowards left.”

In his frustration he kicked Psyduck’s empty pokeball it rolled to a tank beside Gary, who bent down and picked it up.

“Hey Blaze,” He said, “Is this yours?”

Blaze shook his head, “Nope.”

Gary then looked around and saw the crate. They both ran to it and found pokeballs inside; all presumably contained the gym’s pokemon.

“So this was all a cover for robbery,” Gary said but Blaze looked at him with a confused glance so he explained, “Team Magma was planning to blow the place up until Misty’s Psyduck saved us.”

Blaze paused for a moment before saying, “It can’t be Team Aqua and Team Magma working together. They’re mortal enemies it doesn’t make sense for them to do something like this.”

Then it came to Gary as he made a run for the stair, he turned to Blaze. “They’re fighting Team Magma in the arena, maybe we could get some answers from them.”

Blaze nodded, ordering Sizzle, Reaper and Concorde to take crate and follow him. Catching with up Gary, and the two made a break for the arena with their Pokemon following them.


Surrounded and with their pokemon exhausted Team Magma had clearly run out of options. As the two trainers and Misty neared them he hissed.

“You haven’t the last of me Wyrven, Atone.” He then pressed the button on his watch, “And be assured our next meeting will be your last with Team Magma!”

Team Magma disappeared in a flash of white light similar to Team Aqua. Erik shielded his eyes from the light, when he opened his arms he saw the empty space left. Angered beyond belief he screamed, “COWARDS!”

Lee and Misty (more or less) were at calm, Lee spoke in a softer tone when he quietly remarked, “We should’ve seen this coming, at least we kept the gym intact.”

Misty was about to dispute that but saw no point in voicing that, “Beats having a destroyed gym.”

“Or an empty gym,” A voice belonging to Gary echoed, “After saving Blaze’s butt I came across this startling discovery, Team Aqua was here to plunder the gym’s pokemon.”

Blaze growled, “That’s what you think.”

Sizzle, Concorde and Reaper laid down the crate. Misty ran to it to verify it holding a pokeball in her hand and hissed.

“Those creeps if I’d known…”

Erik and Lee raised their eyebrows. Lee added his opinion in, “This is very odd, Team Magma and Aqua in the same place but not fighting. Instead they’re working together like in Viridian City.”

Misty looked at the four trainers in confused expression, “Team Aqua and Magma? Working together? What are you guys talking about?”

“Well…” Gary said before being abruptly butted in by Erik how told him, “Allow me.”

Gary growled as Erik started to explain, “Well you see…”


Erik went through all the details about Team Aqua’s goal to expand the sea while Team Magma sought to expand the world’s landmasses. About how the two have been clawing at each other for years in Hoenn and the terror they sometimes spread to innocents. Misty was intently listening whispering to herself.

“I hope Ash doesn’t run into them…”

“Beg your pardon?” Erik asked

Misty blushed, “Nothing, at least you chased those creeps away.”

“You need any help?” Erik offered, “It’s the least we can do, besides we’d be happy too.”

That last remark earned a dirty look from Blaze and Gary, Misty saw that and replied, “No thanks, besides the only thing that needs to be done is return the pokemon Team Aqua tried to steal.”

Erik shrugged, “Suit yourself.”

The quartet started to leave the arena before being stopped by Misty hollering from her end, “But if any of you are in Cerulean City, I’ll be happy to give you a rematch.” She gave them a wink. Erik looked back and smiled, silently praying that he didn’t look like a dork. He would come back someday…


Once outside Blaze gave Gary and Erik a solid punch on the shoulder, “So it was you who saved me? Ha, I was doing fine.”

The two gave a chuckle, “I was just kidding Blaze,” Gary told him, “Nice to see you haven’t changed one bit.”

After a round of laughter the four started to walk, where to was anyone’s guess. “So where are you two headed?” Lee asked.

“The logical place to go next would be Vermilion City.” Erik replied, “You’re coming along?”

“Might as well,” Blaze said, “But I need to stop at the…”

From out of nowhere a pie splattered over Blaze’s face. For a moment Blaze stood there humiliated and growing angrier, wiping the crème off his face he saw the eyes of his attacker. Gary’s Mr. Mime, the prankster of a pokemon must’ve escaped from his ball and chose now as a time to publicly embarrass Blaze. His face growing red he roared at the laughing Mr. Mime.


“Mime!” The pokemon yelped as he fled with Blaze on his trail like an enraged Mightyena.

“Oh no,” Gary groaned breaking into a sprint chasing after Blaze, hoping to recall his pokemon before his friend could get to it.

Lee stood there and sighed, “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Those two will be the death of each other.”

Erik shook his head, “This is going to be one long trip.”

Chuckling Lee asked him, “Would you have it any other way?”

“MURDER, DEATH, KILL!” Blaze shrieked in the distance.

Laughing at Blaze and Mr. Mime’s crazy antics he replied, “I don’t think so.”

And with that the two ran after Gary and Blaze, as old times seemed to be returning.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Intermission 2: Declaration

One day after the Cerulean Gym Incident…

In the tallest of the shimmering towers of Celadon City stood Giovanni’s office where the secret Team Rocket Boss and publicly-known business works in his office with his Persian sleeping at the foot of the desk. He was interrupted from his routine by his secretary.

“Mr. Giovanni, your two o’ clock is here.”

Stopping his work he place his pen on the contracts he was signing, he reached for the speaker phone and told her, “Send them in Miss Thatch. And activate the sonic nullifiers.” The dim hum of the nullifiers now lingering in the background.

Butch and Cassidy walked in the office wearing civilian clothes, to avoid revealing the boss’s true nature. Giovanni greeted them. “Sorry it took too long for my lawyers to find a legal loophole for you to slip out of.”

Butch and Cassidy bowed, but as usual Cassidy was the one to speak, “Thank you Boss.”

He shrugged off their bowing and told them, “You’re two of my finest agents. It was nothing, when you contacted me on the video phone you said you had an urgent message.”

“Yes sir, you see we were going to rob the Pokemon Center in Viridian City,” Cassidy explained, “Then Team Aqua and Team Magma appeared, telling us to pass a message onto you.

“Stay out of Hoenn or suffer the consequences.” Butch continued, “When a pair of trainers arrived and the room went into chaos, we tried to escape…”

“…That’s inconsequential” Giovanni snarled, sitting down. Rubbing his temple as veins flared on his forehead. He was obviously angry; Butch and Cassidy knew first hand what happens to those who make the boss angry. Like a predator or much rather pack leader Giovanni despised those that dared infringe on his territory.

His snarls turned lower, “…and they have the nerve to enter my territory. I’ll destroy them all.”

“Sir?” Cassidy asked

Giovanni looked at her, “I’ll have to deal with this threat personally. I’ll have my connections across Kanto, Johto and Hoenn notify me of their movements and have Domino organize a task force to combat them.”

“What about us sir?”

He pulled out two envelopes and faced them on his desk for the two to pick up, they took their respective envelopes and opened them to find SS Tickets to Slateport, Hoenn. Giovanni grinned with his menacing smile, “I hear summers in Hoenn are quite lovely, I want you two to send a message to them. ‘Hoenn belongs to me and leave my territory’. You two got that?”

“Yes sir!” They chirped saluting him.

“You may leave now,” He said

So the two left, Giovanni brooding in his office peer out the window to the city bellow. He would not tolerate Team Aqua and Team Magma running around Kanto or Johto. Even if it has to come to war, he’ll destroy them all.


Four days after the Cerulean Gym incident…

Archie was hard at work on his own office when the ringer on the large wall-mounted videophone sounded off. On the caller ID displayed he growled, it was Maxie undoubtedly wanting to talk about business in Kanto. When Maxie’s face appeared he sported a wide grin ridiculing his long-time enemy, “So how did your mission in Cerulean go?”

“You should talk Maxie,” Archie replied in a furrowed scowl, “You’re operation wasn’t a smashing success.”

“Ha ha,” Maxie scoffed, “Personal differences aside Archie we still have some grave concerns: those four trainers. As you’re aware Blaze St. Helens and Lee Atone interfered with our plans once before; now Erik Wyrven and Gary Winter have joined the. Thus they are becoming a credible threat to us.”

“For once I actually agree with you Maxie,” Archie sighed, “There’s no real way my men could stand up to four pokemon champions.”

“Nor can mine that’s why I came up with this plan, “ Maxie told him bring up an image on the videophone, “You remember this trainer?”

Archie looked at for awhile, then it dawned on him. So he answered, “Jake Dumont of Lavaridge. He is widely known as Blaze’s rival and beat him in this years Hoenn League Semifinals. I remember before the finals the League found out he was using the banned performance-enhancing drug Metacarbos. It was also said that he physically abused his pokemon.”

“Right.” Maxie said, “And he was banned from any pokemon competition and had his pokemon confiscated. I contacted him two days ago and he has agreed to work for our teams as a second-party.”

“And you did this without consulting me?!” Archie flared.

“Calm down, I have had some problems of my own as of late and hadn’t the time to contact you.” Maxie explained, “Besides what better way to fight a pokemon champion than to fight them with a fallen champion?”

“What indeed” Archie chuckled, “So how soon can he arrive in Vermilion?”

“In about three days,” Maxie answered, “And the little distraction I just had a couple days ago…?”

Maxie snapped his fingers and a fair of his elite guard brought Butch and Cassidy into Archie’s view. One of the guards untied Cassidy’s gag.

“When Giovanni catches wind of what you did to us he’ll…” she screamed

“Silence!” Maxie hissed, “Tell that man on the videophone what your boss wanted to tell our teams.”

Defeated she muttered, “He wanted us to tell you; “Hoenn is mine, and stay out of Kanto.”

“Take them away,” Maxie ordered the guard who dragged Butch and Cassidy out of the room, he then asked Archie, “What do you think of that?”

“That is an insult and no one insults Team Aqua,” Archie snarled, “He has declared war on my team.”

“And mine too,” Maxie replied then breaking into hysterical and menacing laughter, “Why not change the terms of our agreement? When we claim victory over Team Rocket we’ll divide Kanto and Johto amongst ourselves.”

“I like that,” Archie chuckled, “A lot.”

With that he hung up the videophone, laughing to himself. Then he started to finish what he started mumbling to himself, “You Giovanni are a fool to challenge the combined might of Team Magma and Team Aqua.”


Two hours later in Slateport Harbor…

The SS Tidal was one of Hoenn’s greatest luxury liners that goes to ports all over the world, today the ship is leaving for Vermilion City and that’s where Jake Dumont and his ‘cargo’ are headed. A Team Magma van stopped on the pier and Jake stepped out turning to his “allies” in Team Magma.

“I assume you toadies know where the cargo shipment area is right?”

“Of course.” the driver said

“Good,” He replied, “If there’s anything I hate more than failure, it’s imbeciles.”

He walked towards the stairs muttering “morons” as he approached the ticket master. He flashed his ticket and the ticket mast told him, “Welcome aboard the SS Tidal.”

“Of course,” He whispered to himself, “My family makes more in a second than you do in a year.”

He walked towards the stern of the hips which pointed to the direction of his destination: Kanto. Jake could only revel in his thoughts of how he planned on crushing his rival again. If those bleeding hearts in the Hoenn League didn’t interfere we would’ve been champion. But they had to discover how he was enhancing his pokemon with Metacarbos and his disciplinary regiments. They pointed the finger at him crying that he abused his pokemon.

“The weak willed fools didn’t want to acknowledge I am their superior and that scared them,” He snarled.

They barred him from competition in the Hoenn League and as soon as other leagues caught wind of this they barred him from entry. All because they feared him or so he thought, but why did he need them? When Team Magma came and promised him he could have his pokemon and prestige back, he took their offer. Here he was now anticipating the elimination of his rival a middle-class inferior the land of Hoenn knew as “Blaze”; the trainer who was responsible for all his ills.

“Very soon Blaze,” He snickered, “I will crush you and those lowlifes you call friends. So says Jake Dumont.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter Six: Summer Camp
(Special Thanks to my friend Erik!)

Six days after the Cerulean Gym Incident…

Our heroes are on the trail to Vermilion City but still at least a days journey and the sun was already laying low in the west. Though Erik, Gary and Lee were gabbing like schoolboys, Blaze was in the lead and unusually quiet. Today was Ashton’s tenth birthday and how he couldn’t get to Hoenn in time for that special event when Ashton was to become a trainer.

They came into a clearing in the forest; Erik looked at the sky then to Lee and Gary telling the two. “This looks like a good place to set up camp.”

“I agree,” Lee said, “There’s no way we can get to Vermilion; tonight at least.”

Even as the three stopped, Blaze kept on walking. Still absorbed in his thoughts and unaware that the others stopped. Gary looked forward as he pulled his tent of his backpack, he saw Blaze walking away. Sprinting towards him he pulled out in front of Blaze.

“Wha?” He mumbled, looking at Gary puzzled

“Did you hear?” Gary asked, “We’re setting up camp here.”

“Um,” Blaze said, “No I didn’t. Sorry…”

Blaze turned back towards camp and picked out a nice spot to decompress his tent. Quietly he crawled into it while the others regrouped. They too knew that Blaze has been acting distant since they started their hike today. Both Erik and Gary looked at Lee, knowing he’s been with Blaze longer than the both of them. Erik was the one that voiced their concerns.

“What’s the matter with Blaze?” he asked.

“I don’t recall,” Lee told him before it came to him; the conversation Blaze had with his brother, “No wait, Blaze’s brother Ashton is getting his trainers license. Blaze could be there so he exploded in Blaze’s face. Today must be Ashton’s birthday.”

Erik paused for a moment, “I see.” Then he smiled, “What’s a birthday without a couple of presents?”

“What are you planning Erik?” Gary asked someone nervously, “Every time you have that look in your eye it scares me.”

“You’ll see,” Erik said, “Lee in the meantime can you and your Scyther can chop some wood then I could get Prometheus to start a fire. Gary… you do those things you do.”

Lee nodded and walked back into the forest; this time to gather firewood and kindling with his Scyther.

“Yes sir,” Gary joked, then saluted releasing his Pokemon including Mr. Mime.

“Mime mime mime!” The pokemon chimed.

Erik sweatdropped and sighed, “Leave Blaze to me.”

Gary moaned as he recalled his Mr. Mime, “You’re no fun Erik.”

“I thought that would be apparent to you after nearly a decade of travelling together,” Erik snicker, then eyed Gary’s Donphan taking some pokemon snacks from Gary’s bag, “Oh and make sure Elephant there doesn’t go through my food again.”

Gary turned around and saw Elephant eating his food, he ran to it yelling, “Elephant don’t go through my food!”

With Gary distracted Erik was free to wander over to Blaze’s tent, there was the trainer who buried his face in his pillow with only Deluge watching over him with a worried look. There was a shifting sound of someone unzipping his tent. It had a human shadow and was slightly heavy-set, so it could only be one person. Erik wanted to visit Blaze, "Hey man, bummer about your bro's birthday. believe me, I know how it feels."

“Go away!” Blaze mutter

Erik said undaunted by Blaze’s rebuffs, "He said it was okay that I couldn't be there."

Blaze’s only response was a slight gurgle.

Erik nodded, "Yup, I could tell though... he was hurt. It was how he spoke that hurt me, not his words." he shook his head, "I never felt so guilty in my life, next year, I tried to make it up to him... but what was the point, you know? I already missed the important part. There was nothing I could do, eventually he forgave me. However, I want to help you... maybe at least ease the tearing-into...y'know?"

Blaze only tried to give the indication he was ignoring Erik but Deluge looked at Erik inquisitively, “Rai?”

Erik nodded, "I help my friends... human or pokemon" he smirked at Deluge, " I correct in assuming Ashton is a char-nut?"

Deluge nodded, “Rai raichu!”

"Exactly." Erik said, nodding to Deluge before putting on a REALLY cheesy German accent, "Vat ve haf 'ere is a classical case ov dooontrodiness..." he looked at Raichu, "You are wary lucky my long tailed fruend, I haf the EXACT cure vor sooch an ailment..." He grabbed Both of Blaze's ankles and started to literally drag him out of his tent, "...a sure fire way out of moping in his bed, is a nice walk to the woods to the pokecenter in town."

As expected Blaze didn’t take to being dragged out, still cling to his pillow he whined, “Leggo!”

"Uh Erik?" Lee said coming in with his Scyther with some firewood in his hands , "The nearest town is ten kilometers away."

Erik stopped, blinking. He dropped Ben's ankles, "Screw that then." he said, looking at Deluge he mouthed, *LAPTOP* and motioned for the Raichu to follow him outside

Deluge hopped over Blaze whose feet were sticking outside the tent. Sifting through his stuff Deluge was successful in finding the laptop in it’s compressed state. The raichu thought he’d also need the transfer pad as well so he picked it up as he ran towards Erik. The trainer gave Deluge a pat on the head as he decompressed the laptop and the extra parts.

The raichu hopped on over to where Gary and Lee were, Lee’s Muk (Deathstrike) and Gary’s Tyranitar rolled a couple logs in for the trainers to sit on.

“So how can we make a pit?” Lee asked

“Hey Elephant!” Gary called to the Donphan who was eating a patch of grass in a corner of the campsite, “Can you come here and dig us a hole?”

Elephant just ignored Gary and moved to another spot, “That was successful.” Lee remarked.

Gary growled for a minute instead of Elephant he then looked at his Tyranitar, “Never mind then. Godzilla you can dig a shallow pit for us can’t you?”

“Rar!” The tyranitar roared picking a place then spun like a drill into the ground. Climbing out the three feet deep pit. Lee tossed the firewood in there as Deathstrike and the other released people surrounded the pick with large rocks.

Gary pet his Tyranitar, “You’ll get some extra pokemon chow for this.”

“If Elephant hasn’t gotten through it again.” Lee joked

“Oh quiet you,” Gary hissed

Lee tried to snicker but didn’t to spare himself what could potentially get messy. One thing his parents told him. “Don’t Mess with a trainer that has a Dark-type pokemon.”

“Should we get Erik now?” Lee asked him, “Time for him to get Prometheus out to start the fire.”

Gary looked back at Erik who was at the table reading the “Read Me” file for the teleportation pad. Then shook his head at Lee. “We don’t need Prometheus when we have Godzilla here,” He said and Godzilla snorted, “Besides I wouldn’t want to interfere with Erik’s plan to get B out of his funk.”

The he turned to Godzilla and ordered a Flamethrower attack. Godzilla obliged with a small jet of flame igniting the fire.

“Impressive.” Lee complimented, “Let’s get to work on dinner.”

Lee passed by Erik on his way to his to his backpack to get his cooking wares and compressed food-packs. Though not heavily concentrating on it he eavesdropped on Erik’s communication with his folks.

"...oh, one last thing dad... I'm on Blaze's laptop and he has this new portable pokeball transfer system... could you send me that egg that I sent you a while back?" he asked softly.

Kenneth nodded, "Sure Hoss. Lemme just go grab it." he said, as he went to find it. Marie popped on and they talked for a little bit. Kenneth was in the background, holding up... a Charmander egg!! "This it?"

Erik smiled, "Yes, perfect. I'll send Aeon real quick so we can transfer. Blaze'll **** a solid gold brick."


Erik stuck out his tongue. Lee snickered as he started cook their dinner.

Erik smiled as he pet Deluge who ran up to his seat.

"Thanks mom, dad." he put Aeon's ball into the transfer system, muttered a quick prayer and hoped it worked.

Thankfully, it did. A moment later, the egg was transported by pokeball to Erik. “Now to give this to Blaze.”

Lee shook his head as he chopped the onions, “I don’t think so, Erik. Let’s wait until dinner as far as I know; Blaze can’t refuse a meal.”

Erik looked to Deluge who seemed to agree by nodding. “Rai rai!”

“Besides,” Lee added, “We need to break out the pokemon chow before Elephant eats it all.”

“I’ll handle that,” Erik told Lee snickering at that joke, he then placed the ball in Deluge’s paws. Pulling out four of the five pokeballs from his belt he released the pokemon from. A pair of baby Charmanders chased each other around the fire with their parent a Charizard gave chase as well roaring, “Charrrrrrr!” (“Be careful!”)

Lee noticed that Erik still had one Pokeball left on his belt, “You’re not going to release your Vivabra?”

“No I sent him back to the ranch with Draco,” Erik told him his face growing somewhat pale.

“Not him,” Lee groaned.

“It’s his turn in the rotation,” Erik said pulling out the pokechow, “I don’t really want to talk about this now.”

Then he turned away and walked towards Prometheus who finally got the twins to settle down. He then pulled out his Pokenav then disappeared into the forest.
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 6 Continued

“Hey Gary,” Lee yelled over to him, “Can you finish chopping up these vegetables?”

Gary perked up and yelled back, “Sure,” but when he got to them Lee was already following Erik into the forest. Lee faded into the forest as well, Gary just shrugged then continued to grumble, complaining about being left behind.

Erik continued to look at his Pokenav, according to the map there should be a lake about a few hundred metres from the camp. On his way he heard some rustling that started to make him uneasy.

“It must be a caterpie or something,” He assured himself as he came across the lake’s shore. He threw the pokeball over the lake and out popped a Mantine with a wingspan of over 20 feet dove into the lake.

Lee emerged from the forest to see it and his eyes widened at the site, “Sweet Kyogre!” he cried, “That’s the ‘Leviathan’ I’ve heard about?!”

Erik swung his head around, “Lee? You followed me here?!”

Lee hopped down the embankment landing next to Erik, “Well I was curious of who Leviathan was. Blaze told me you had a huge pokemon by that name…”

“Lee.” Erik said turning to Lee, “I said I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s go back to camp before we’re missed.”

He then climbed up the embankment and started to walk back to camp, Lee shrugged and followed him back into the forest. Again there was some rustling in the woods; Erik looked back at Lee who gestured he had no clue what it was. Then they felt a whoosh, someone else was here and said person or group is following them. A circle of eyes surrounded them.

“It’s a pack of Mightyenas,” Lee said, “You know who that is.”

“Yeah,” Erik replied, “Either Team Aqua or Team Magma.”

A voice then hissed, “Stay out of affairs of Team Aqua and Team Magma!”

“Oh yeah?” Erik asked, “We sent you packing and we’ll do it to you again.”

“Really?” The voice snickered, “I happen to know that you both released your pokemon at your campsite and are now defenseless.”

“Not quite,” Erik said unclipping the last pokeball from his belt, “In this pokeball is the legendary Sea Guardian itself Lugia. Leave us be our you’ll be sent flying.”

“You’re bluffing,” The voice scoffed, “Lugia is impossible to catch!”

“So was that 20 foot wide beast I just released,” Erik laughed, “Compared to him Lugia was a piece of cake to catch. This is your last chance so if you know what’s good for you, leave us alone.”

The voice then quietly conversed with another before speaking to the two, “Very well, but be warned if mess with our plans. There shall be dire consequences for you and your friends!”

The white light flashed again flashed and the stillness in the air indicated that whatever threat existed is now gone. Lee looked to Erik, “Don’t tell me you captured a Lugia.”

Erik only laughed as he threw the pokeball, it’s only occupant a Wynaut. “Nau!” it squeaked. Lee’s eyes widened even more, “You fooled them into you had a Lugia when you only had a Wynaut?!”

Picking up the Wynaut into his arms, he snorted. “I dunno if I fooled them, but it definitely would be funny if they thought little Ynot here was a Lugia.”

“Nau,” The Wynaut squeaked again.


With Lee and Erik gone for several minutes Gary was already preparing their dinner. The smell of the cooking food seeped into Blaze’s tent. He stirred for a moment before moaning and getting up. Passing Gary he remarked, “I knew I smelt something burning.”

“What is this? ‘Make-fun-of Gary Day’?” He shot back.

“It’s the 10th of July isn’t it?” Blaze asked.

Gary nodded.

Blaze then uttered as he sat next to his computer, “Then yes it ‘Make-Fun-of-Gary Day’ as mandated by me and Erik 4 years ago.”

“Damn,” Gary cursed.

Deluge ran up to Blaze carrying the pokeball Erik gave him, he yelled. “Rai Raichu!” Then held up the Pokeball for Blaze to take. “What’s this?” Blaze asked.

“It’s a pokeball with a Charmander egg inside,” Gary replied, “Erik had an extra one so he thought your brother Ashton would want it.”

Blaze glanced at the pokeball, “Well he did take a liking to my Charizard ‘Fireflight’. Say why is my computer out anyway.”

“Oh be quiet and send the egg to your folks.” Gary told him.

Blaze shrugged and when he was about to send the pokeball over to the Ranch when the videophone rang. Blaze clicked on the icon bringing up the window, to say the least Blaze was stunned by who was calling him. “Flannery?”

“Hey Cuz,” She greeted, “What’s up?”

“I was going to send this charmander egg to mom,” Blaze replied, “Where’s mom and dad and why aren’t you at the gym?”

“Your dad is driving Ashton to Littleroot and your mom is out feeding the Pokemon,” She said before her expression to a grim one, “I came to have my pokemon get some physiotherapy from your mom. I just lost a battle.”

“That’s a bummer,” Blaze said

“But that’s not all,” Flannery added, “There was a break in at the ranch three days ago. You know that trainer Dumont?”

“Yeah.” He muttered, recalling the whole “Metacarbos” debacle less than a month back.

By this time Erik and Lee were coming in from the forest, quietly they approached Blaze who was still talking to Flannery.

“His pokemon were stolen by Team Magma.”

“What?!” Blaze cried, “Are mom and my brothers okay?! My pokemon?!”

“They’re fine,” Flannery reassured them, “So what about that charmander egg?”

“Oh right,” Blaze said placing the pokeball on the teleport pad, “Can you make sure that it gets to Ashton? I don’t want my brother to think I forgot him on his birthday.”

“Sure thing.” Flannery replied.

Blaze place the pokeball on the teleport pad and typed in the access codes for the PC transfer to the ranch. “Here it comes.” Blaze told her as his finger pressed the ‘Send’ button. It a flash of white light the ball disappeared and reappeared at the ranch as Flannery took it.

“Well see you around Flan,” Blaze smiled.

“See ya around B,” She said waving him, “It also wouldn’t hurt you to visit your cousin’s gym.”

She then hung up and Blaze set his laptop to standby, turning around to find Lee over his shoulder drooling. “Flannery…” right then and there Blaze wanted to give him a good belting to the midsection. But he interrupted by Gary’s announcement, “Soup’s on!”

That seemed to snap Lee out of it and clutching his stomach, Erik tried to reassure them.

“He’s gotten better. Honest.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 6 Continued

Over dinner Blaze told them everyone Flannery said to him about the break-in at the Chimney Mount Ranch. There was much to say that somehow Blaze’s rival and everyone’s enemy Jake Dumont was somehow involved in this robbery.

"Maybe he's in league with Team Aqua and Magma," Lee added

"And that brings up the question why Team Aqua and Team Magma are working together when they're mortal enemies..." Blaze said

"Easy enough, common goal." Erik said, smirking at Lee, "don't need psychic power for that."

"And that common goal is?" Blaze asked

"That, might need psychic powers." Erik chuckled

"Wait!" Lee told them, "Two Team Rocket members were in the Viridian City Pokecenter when we were there Blaze. There has to be a connection."

"Gang war?" Gary offered

"Lets hope not." Erik said

"I heard rumors of Team Rocket's presence in Hoenn, evidently Boss Rocket wants to muscle in on Hoenn" Blaze snarled, "Not that Hoenn what Team Aqua and Magma's turf."

"There we go then." Gary said, "a gang war."

Erik nodded, "With the four of us caught right in the middle."

"And possibly millions of innocents." Lee said, "I don't think either gang has anything against open warfare."

"Maybe it will be short?" Gary asked

"Yeah, I hear that Giovanni has some real morons on his pay roll.... and they have a motto? come on." Erik sighed

"That was only a wannabe runway model, a girly man and stupid Meowth," Blaze groaned, "Team Rocket's full of professionals."

"What about that other team that people run into, the rivals to that other team?" Erik asked, "There about as stupid, and if you ask me, I think the girl's name should be Butch."

"And their HAIR!" Gary added, laughing, "They must spend their paychecks on hair color and mousse."

"I thought his name was Botch." Blaze snickered

"You'd think that wouldn't you..." Erik chuckled

"Or maybe it was '*****'" Lee chuckled, "That's a more fitting name."

Erik and Gary laughed uproariously, Gary passing around some snacks for the group and their pokemon. Sizzle nodded at Gary as it is his way of saying ‘thank you’ and gave a dirty look at Elephant. Elephant merely left a present for Sizzle and walked away to do his own thing. Gary shook his head, muttering and went to get a pooper-scooper.

Erik came back into the camp area after relieving himself, washing his hands with a little bit of canteen water and sat down next to his friends, "Before I forget; we have company guys."

"Of course," Blaze said, "Plenty of Pokemon inhabit these forests"

"Including ones that rasp at me to stay away from affairs that don't concern us?" Erik countered

"Maybe it was a Ghastly," Blaze said.

"and what affairs would concern us about a Ghastly?" Erik asked

“Touché,” Blaze quipped

And Elephant was busy trying to figure out how to get Ynot to move so he could get at Erik's food.

Sizzle got up and confronted Elephant, "Keeeeeeen" ("What do you think you're doing?")

Elephant ignored him and sat looking at Ynot, who was 'growling' at him, “Naaaaaaa.” (“Back off, this is daddy's food”)

Sizzle gave Elephant a Blaze Kick to the trunk, "AZZZZZZ!" ("Get lost!")

Gary was there in a blink of an eye trying to keep Elephant back from attacking Sizzle, "Hey, come on, back off..."

"Elephant... remember the last time you took my food... my last piece of pecan pie and last can of orange soda..." Erik sounded completely menacing and out of character as he glared at the Donphan, who actually shivered for a moment, then slunk off

Gary went after him with some burn heal to clear up his trunk

Sizzle snorted, "Ennn." ("Ass")

Ynot looked at him, "Nau?" (“Ass?”)

Sizzle ignored the Ynot and continued eating shooting a menacing glare at Elephant from time to time. Blaze and Lee shrugged the incident off.

"That's Sizzle for you," Blaze told Gary, "I thought he would started being a bit more 'polite'"

Gary had finally given up trying to heal Elephant, letting him sulk. "that was more polite?"

Erik raised an eyebrow at Ynot who was running around and jumping, "Nau Nau Nau" (“Ass Ass Ass”)

Someone has to teach that Donphan some manners!" Blaze shot back, raising his voice, "What is its problem anyway?!"

Reaper who was silently mediating when Ynot was jumping and yelling in front of it.

"Or..." ("Where did you learn that word?")

Gary and Erik shrugged, "No clue."

"He's always acted like that." Gary answered, "Took me two weeks to finally catch him."

"Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau Nau" Ynot was jumping around like she was playing a game, she stopped, pointed at Sizzle, "Wyn, naut nau. Wynaut!" she smiled at Reaper (“Him, he said it to Elephant. Its fun to say!”)

“Scizor sci zo or." Reaper told her ("It's not a nice thing to say, especially for a young one like you to say.")

"Nau?" (why?)

Reaper smirked wanting the teach Sizzle a lesson. "Zor." ("Ask Sizzle.")

Ynot hugged Reaper, "Wy!" (“Kay!!”) and went bouncing over to Sizzle, tugging on some of his leg feathers.

Erik watched all of this with extreme interest and utter confusion, "What the bloody ages is going on with them?" he wondered quietly

"How much does it cost to feed Elephant?" Blaze asked jokingly.

"Ken." Sizzle remarked ignoring the tugging. ("Even Giovanni can't afford to feed that worthless clump of Pokemon")
"Rai!" Deluge yelled at Sizzle ("Ynot wants to talk to you.")

"Blaze..." Sizzle sighes before snapping at Ynot, "Ken?!" (What?!")

Ynot trembled, "wynaut, wyn au aut wynaut" (I just wanted to ask you a question)

Erik took out a small book, Gary groaned, "Elephant has cost me, alone, about two hundred dollars. because I pack for me, making sure I have enough food and then I have to buy it all again because he eats it before I can get it packed. This is about... every too weeks."

"Blaziken." Sizzle sighed. ("Make it quick okay?")

Blaze yelped, "Good lord! My computer upgrade only cost $750."

"Wynaut wyat?" (“Why is ass a bad thing to say?”)

"Tell me about it." Erik said, "Four hundred dollars a month, for me alone..."

"Bla" Sizzle said pointing at Elephant. ("Because even he's not worthy of that title.")

"wynaut wy wy? Wynaut wy" (“But Reapy said its not a nice thing for me to say, why? It’s fun to say”)

Sizzle glared at Reaper, "Ken..." ("Because 'ass' is an insult a swear word.")

"Wynaut?" (“What’s a swear word?”)

Erik glanced over at Deluge, Sizzle and Ynot, "What in the name of all that is sweet and good is going on over there?"

Sizzle sighed, "Ken..." ("Go ask Prometheus or something.")

"wy?" (why?)

"BLAZIKEN!" ("Because I said so!") Sizzle yelled walking to blaze, tapping his pokeball and retreating into it for the night.

Ynot whimpered sadly, Sizzle's yelling had scared her, she ran up to Erik and lept into his lap shuddering with tears. Erik just blinked, hugging her and looked at Blaze in a confused manner, "um...."

Blaze sadly groaned, "I should've known it was a mistake to let Sizzle out, Since Deluge and I are the only ones he respects."

Deluge comforted Blaze with a pat on his arm, "Rai..." he squeaked. ("It's alright at least he didn't hurt her.")

Erik sweatdropped, "Sometimes, I wish we had a pokemon that could speak english or something... that was just downright confusing..." he said soothing Ynot best he could

"That still doesn't excuse Blaze's lack of control over Sizzle's temper," Lee said sternly

"I can't blame Blaze for Sizzle's actions, I mean, I let my pokemon have their own personalities..." Erik said, cooing to Ynot, "I just want to know what the heck happened"

Blaze yawned loudly, "Well I'm going to call it a night. We still have a long way to go before we reach Vermilion."

Lee agreed, "Yeah we need to be up bright and early tomorrow."

Erik and Gary hissed, not liking the words "bright" or "early"

Ynot still trembled in Erik's lap, whimpering and crying

Blaze got up and recalled Reaper, then he and Deluge walked into his tent. Lee looked at Gary and Erik.


"Bright" Gary said

"Early" Erik cursed

"Come on," Lee said, "We do have a lot of ground to over tomorrow."

"Bright" Gary said

"Early" Erik cursed

Lee sighed before resigning himself to his tent, "Expect a wake-up call tomorrow."

Snickering like a villain he closed his tent.

Erik sighed, "Makes me want to sleep with a big stick..."

Gary nodded, "he has a point though, night man."

"Night." Erik however, wasn't tired, so he was going to stay up a bit later. Pro had gone to sleep with the twins, and Ynot was settling down in his lap. Gary recalled Elephant with out much trouble actually and settled down in his tent.
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