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Default Re: The Trial of Juno IV - Whispers of the Forgotten Angels [PG-13]

Recommended Listening:
Yuki Kajiura - Mezame

Chapter 42
Infinite White

With a savage and seemingly mindless fury, Zaiaku’s legions of Fallen cut down the warriors of dreams that had tried with all their heart and courage to push them back and protect us, knowing how dire the cost of failure would be. However, through their sacrifice, our message had been uninterrupted despite Zaiaku’s desperate attempts.

From what I could sense in his dark soul, he truly believed he was about to win, that his Fallen would finish this long and miserable war, and he would finally be able to destroy everything we have ever held dear. Deep in his heart, he sought to cover the universe in darkness, and savor the destruction of all light and inspiration once he had claimed his dark victory.

I was going to deny him everything he ever wanted.

“Answer with your heart if eternal peace is the wish of all,” I spoke softly, preparing to send the message. “Follow me if your heart shines white, and seeks an eternal haven away from sin.”

Even though my eyes were shut, I could sense we were surrounded by a vast, seemingly infinite expanse of white light. The Fallen, nearly driven into a self-destructive rage in their attempt to stop us, plunged into the light, and were painfully consumed like wood in a bonfire as the holy light burned and vaporized the shadows of sin that surrounded them. For a moment, Zaiaku’s shrieks, his hideous laughter, and his taunts were shut off, deafened, and it was as if he could no longer make a sound. I shut him out of my mind, focusing completely on the message…

Sita, Blazewing, Landon, and Morpheus followed me as their own hearts followed the light, helping the message carry its way across the universe. For a quiet and tranquil moment, it was as if there was no battle, no violence, and no destruction… but just simple, peaceful serenity as we were fully focused on this undertaking. Before, the Dawnbringer Star had showed me only a mere fraction of the path I wanted to take. Now, I was prepared to go all the way, further than even that, as far as anyone could ever go.

Our blazing, white torrent of light had reached Utopia, and it was then that our friends, our allies, and all the other righteous Pokémon of the heavenly realm had heard the message. All of them, whether they were in the streets of the majestic cities, in their homes, in the fields, or riding upon the pristine seas, all felt the presence, the light, and the serenity.

Answer with your heart if eternal peace is the wish of all. Follow me if your heart shines white, and seeks an eternal haven away from sin.

All of them, with hearts and souls of white, had joined us in the divine prayer, hearing my voice and responding to it at this crucial moment. Like a bright light, the realm of Utopia suddenly glowed with radiant and brilliant white, brighter than any sun in existence, as everyone had joined us in the prayer. As it happened, the realm of Utopia could be seen even from where we were standing in the center of the galaxy, lit up like a brilliant sun. However, that was only the beginning.

The light had then chain-linked from Utopia to the ravaged world of Kivistal. It was then that those Pokémon, having suffered through so many hardships before, had been touched by the light, and embraced the prayer that we and all of Utopia had relayed to them. They too, had stopped in the streets, the valleys, the cities, the mountains, and the seas, looking up to the sky as they felt the warmth and the comfort of light coming from the five of us and carrying on throughout all of Utopia until it had reached them. When the message was felt by everyone in Kivistal, their souls had heard it, and they answered with their hearts, joining us in the divine prayer. As it happened, it was realized that all of Kivistal, despite having been always put under the strains and burdens of Zaiaku’s temptation of sin, had rejected his vices, and turned toward the light instead. From the Brownstone Islands to Shale Ridge and all the corners of Kivistal, they prayed, forever turning their backs to evil as they embraced the light and joined us. Like Utopia, all of Kivistal was illuminated like another sun, revealing itself in the universe as a second, brilliant star, now connected with a torrent of light to Utopia while Utopia’s torrent of light was connected to the five of us.

The light had then traveled to the world of Egatept, a place that had always been struck and consumed with Zaiaku’s sins and vices. The dark and gray world had been touched by the light, and the Pokémon of Egatept had felt the message with their hearts and souls. They too, were stopped in the gray wastelands of the world ravaged by sin and destructive temptation, the cities of sin and vice, and the deserts of scorn, stopping to hear the message.

Answer with your heart if eternal peace is the wish of all. Follow me if your heart shines white, and seeks an eternal haven away from sin.

Despite how much Zaiaku’s reign of sin had ravaged and ruined Egatept, all of them stopped and joined our prayer, answering with their hearts as they turned against Zaiaku, forever rejecting him and his destructive ways. From Channlo to Pilfer, they had joined us as all of them rejected sin. Like Kivistal and Utopia, Egatept was suddenly surrounded by light, becoming like Utopia and Kivistal, shining brightly light a sun. As Egatept was connected to Kivistal by a torrent of bright, white light, all three of them, Utopia, Kivistal, and Egatept were brightly visible from where we stood, and the very sight of that brilliance was enough to encourage our warriors of dreams to fight on with a newfound courage, valor, and determination.

The light then traveled from Egatept to Earth, now linked to worlds it had never known before until now. All of a sudden, they were touched by the light, humans and Pokémon, suddenly embraced by the radiance. All across the countryside, the cities, the highways, the deserts, forests, and plains, time seemed to come to a standstill as everything and everyone stopped and had joined us and all the others in the prayer. Yet another world had been joined in tranquility and purity, and suddenly glowed with a radiant light as they too, had rejected Zaiaku, forever turning their back to his sin. It was then that like a giant, celestial chain of white, Earth had been linked to Egatept, Kivistal, and Utopia before coming back to us.

All around me, the light grew brighter and brighter, and I knew the dream was coming alive. Never once did I break my concentration, or look up to see Zaiaku and what he was trying to do to counter my prayer. I no longer heard his voice, saw the abomination that he was, or felt the pain and misery he tried to instill upon me.

It was then that the divine message, the prayer of light had traveled from one world to another all across the universe. I had seen many new worlds I had never known, their people of many races, their creatures, and their cultures. I saw their planets of beauty, their majestic cities of many different shapes, sizes, and designs, their living forests, their rolling mountains and deserts, and their vast plains and grasslands. They had joined the celestial chain of white, all of them hearing my prayer, my promise, and our mission. On and on the chain of white continued, touching and linking new worlds as all were joined in the one, universal prayer chain of peace, rejecting the vices they had known as sin, destructive temptation, and utter selfishness. And as these worlds had joined us, they too, had glowed like bright stars, visible from where we stood at the center of the universe.

Every world that joined the prayer lit up like a sun, all of them forming one radiant and glorious constellation, where all were linked with light and hope. The light and the prayer continued on through hundreds of other living worlds all across the universe, as every living heart and soul was touched, embraced by the light, and called upon to join us in the one universal prayer. All the while, the light grew brighter, stronger, and unstoppable.

The chain of light carried on from world to world, until it reached the last realm it could touch, being Unikuva itself, the world, the realm of everyone’s dreams. For that moment, the miracle had happened, and suddenly all of Unikuva’s dreams had come into existence as the portal had opened so wide that Unikuva had completely merged with reality, and it was then that all the dreams of everyone had become like Blazewing and I… living and real. They too, the now-living dreams of all, united with the rest of the universe in the celestial prayer, now finally completing the ultimate divine circle that stretched all across the infinity of space.

It was then that Zaiaku’s blackened heart had stopped, for at that moment, no sin was committed anywhere across the universe, and instead, all living hearts and souls were united in prayer and suddenly and forever rejected him. Meanwhile, every world had flared brightly like a divine light in the universe, and when I saw it, I looked upon a massive celestial circle of worlds all universally connected by divine light, a holy constellation where all worlds of the universe were connected as one.

All of that light, that serenity, and celestial tranquility had empowered the one dream that had always remained within me, and right now I was standing in the very center of it. For as long as I had ever existed, I had always desired this dream, this reality of never-ending peace, and now here it was around me, shining far brighter than anything ever imaginable as it had become alive, living, and ready…

It had become the moment when all the living were heroes, angels of light forever linked in an unending unity of peace and tranquility that would last forever more. It was then that light waited on me, yearning to be released.

You are the Star of Revelation, and you will forever be known by all, for their dream has always been my dream… ultimate, eternal peace.

I then released the star, its light, and its never-ending glory upon the universe. At that moment, all of existence was bathed in light, the ultimate end of sin and evil.

No one ever heard Zaiaku or his armies of sin and Fallen abominations scream as they perished, and no one ever caught any sight of them falling in defeat. No one saw them die as they were consumed by the infinite white. As the celestial light flared and covered the entire universe, Zaiaku and his sins were forever eradicated, and sin itself completely stopped existing. As the ultimate victory had been won, I closed my eyes, and smiled…

This is how it was meant to be.

With the destruction of Zaiaku and his Fallen, every heart and soul had undergone the same divine transformation we had embraced. The wish, the prayer, had come true, and my ultimate dream was now forever alive and would never, ever die. Unlike the Dawnbringer Star, the Star of Revelation was the ultimate bringer of peace, as now sin and evil would never again exist in this new, transformed, and divine universe. The last and final war had been won, and now a new age of revelations, miracles, and divine prosperity would begin and last forever more. What had once been an Age of Jubilation was now turned into an Eternal Euphoria.

Those claimed by Zaiaku’s sins, the living, the dead, and the dreams that had fallen in battle now breathed life once again. Forevermore, death would be gone, and in time, it would be forgotten as now every living creature was reborn to be majestic, sinless, and immortal. Together, they would be rejoined by the now living creations of their dreams, the now divine warriors and guardians that had joined us, defended us, and helped us forever defeat sin and evil. Together, they would forever soar the skies, never bound by limitations, never burdened by stress or anxiety, and never frustrated by sin and depression ever again.

Today, worlds that had never known each other’s existence had become one, had become friends and allies, and had all worked together to complete the one universal wish of all. All of them had opened their eyes to see the worlds and the universe around them transformed and embraced by the light. Tomorrow, they would fly to the other worlds to visit them, explore them, learn about all the others that had joined them to create this universal peace, and they would share their memories, their experiences, and their ideas, cultures, and creations. But for now, there was simply peace, serenity, and pure and unending happiness.

I opened my eyes, and looked upon the new universe that we had created, and I admired everything about it. At long last, my mission was now complete. I had done everything I could, and all the struggles, all the battles, and all the trials I had endured had finally taken me to this glorious and wondrous universal victory.

Sita and Blazewing had joined me, standing by my side as we looked upon the new celestial display of glowing lights and brilliant stars that made up the new and wondrous universe.

“They said it couldn’t be done…” Sita told me, smiling that those previous assumptions were wrong. “They once believed such a thing like the Dawnbringer Star could never be.”

“And they now learned it could,” I told her, feeling good about what we had done. “They learned that when all are united, any miracle is possible, and now, they got to see it for themselves.”

I then looked down upon the Blade of the Dreamkeeper, the sword of holy light and hope that helped me win this glorious victory. It had won its last battle, and tomorrow, it would rest in Utopia, a reminder and a testament to the victory that was won on this day, a triumph that was won by everyone, that all had succeeded in slaying the last and final enemy of all.

“We did it!” Blazewing cheered, overjoyed at what we had accomplished. “I knew we had it in us!”

“You three are full of surprises,” Landon smiled, looking back at us. “I knew you three were special when I met you, but I never once thought you’d be capable of something like this!”

“Whew, no kidding,” Morpheus added, admiring the sights above. “Not every day you come across two Pikachus and a Latias that manage to destroy all the evil in the universe by turning everyone in existence and their dreams into heroes. Can’t help but say, you guys definitely have the right idea of how to have a good time.”

And the five of us had laughed at Morpheus’s comment as the new dawn had begun. From there on in, the future would always be bright, and would always be rich with life, with creation, and with inspiration. Forever, people would never surrender their dreams ever again, and because of that, all the wonder and beauty in the universe was now possible.

I thanked them all for their dedication, Sita, Blazewing, Landon, Morpheus, and all the others that had joined us in prayer, in hopes, and in love, friendship, and brotherhood. Without them, I couldn’t have done it alone, and I was glad they were with me all the way…

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Default Re: The Trial of Juno IV - Whispers of the Forgotten Angels [PG-13]

Recommended Listening:
Air - Bird's Poem (Hyper Groove Remix)

Chapter 43
The Eternal Euphoria

It wasn’t long until we had arrived back upon Utopia to see its white and radiant shores, its majestic and colorful cities, and its friendly and compassionate Pokémon. I was quickly reminded how much I truly loved this place, and why I loved how it was home to us.

They had tried to hail and celebrate us as heroes upon our return to Utopia. They had tried to honor and praise us as the real champions of what we had created, but I told them it was everyone that had made this possible, not just us. Instead, as the universal celebration had continued around the universe, we held it and remembered it as a holiday that everyone made possible. A time when children would be born, and would never even know that such a thing like sin ever even existed.

We had celebrated the return of the Blade of the Dreamkeeper to its rightful place on top of the Fountain of Purity, still as I remembered it the first time I had called upon the sword to help me in my mission. Today, I had placed it back where it belonged, a weapon of righteousness that had been handed down from one hero to another, finally ending with me after it had completed its last mission, its last journey to finally arrive at a well-deserved rest. I had looked upon it one last time before setting it back into place, still shining with as much light and as much strength as it did on the day it was created.

And even though I tried to convince the others that everyone was a vital part in the eternal peace and happiness that we were now celebrating, they had declared us as the leaders of it, the divine commanders that had led the way, and had shown everyone the path to light, and how we were capable of making a hero out of anyone and everyone. Smiling, I was willing to agree to that.

Shortly after the ceremony, Morpheus and Landon had tried to convince Sita, Blazewing, and I to travel across the universe to see all the other worlds we had only caught a brief glimpse of during our universal prayer. In truth, I was looking forward to it, meeting new friends, and seeing all the people and creatures that had helped us and joined us in prayer, to thank them, honor them, and celebrate them all as heroes. I also wanted to see their worlds, to see more places like Kivistal, Egatept, and many others that they had made their home. I knew in time, I would get to meet them all, and I couldn’t wait to begin on that new journey across the universe.

But there was something I wanted to do first. Something I had meant to do for a long time, but never got the chance to do until now. And now, when it was all done, I figured now was the best time, to put it all down before the new journey had begun, before I traveled across the universe with my friends to see new places and meet new friends.

I wanted to put it all down in writing, to tell the story of where I began, where I came from, and all the trials I had undergone to reach this dream made real. I wanted others to see where I had walked, what I had seen, and realize the mission I had never given up on, and how important it was to me. Even though I knew the journey had been dark, and had been hard, I wanted to show all who read it that hope never dies, and what can truly be possible when one commits to the mission they set out to do. I wanted to show those who read it to never give up on their dreams, even when things become dark and cold, and when it seems like everything has turned against them. There was a light of hope and inspiration in everyone, and I wanted to remind them that it was always there.

And I had also enjoyed my time in Utopia as well, flying around the City of the Horizon with Blazewing and Sita, similar to the first time we had flown when we first looked upon its radiance, and its gold streets, majestic buildings, and jubilant air as we flew through a spectacularly colored sky. And this time, it felt even better than before, knowing there was nothing we needed to fear anymore. We had won the last and final fight, and it was time for rest, time for loved ones, and time for a celebration that would never end.

And as I continued writing, I traveled across Utopia, across the Fields of Paradise and the Twilight Plateau, once again thanking and praising all those I had come across. And we continued throughout all of Utopia, I saw many sights and felt many experiences that I hadn’t even felt before, reminding me that there was still so much to see and be inspired by in this new and everlasting universe.

Even after we had seen it all, I knew I would return someday to see all those wondrous and amazing places once again. But for now, we returned to the City of the Horizon, settling down in Sita’s home, and I found a fond memory reawakened as I looked upon its gleaming silver walls, its crystal windows, and its colorful and jubilant gardens. Once again, it had brought a smile to me, and even tears to my eyes. It was the kind of place that I could stay in forever and still be happy for all time. Meanwhile, Sita and Blazewing stayed close by my side, and the comfort of Sita’s house reminded me of what home is supposed to really feel like, to be surrounded by friends and family, and to remember past experiences as new ones were always being created, enjoyed, and shared with others.

“How’s it coming along?” Sita asked me with as she saw I was writing in the comfort of the living room. “Landon and Morpheus still ask every day about when we’re going on that new journey they keep talking about.”

“We’ll go soon, I promise,” I told her, knowing I still needed some more time. “And yeah, they keep asking me every time I step out the door. I’m excited too, but this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while.”

“Well, keep up the good work,” She told me, looking at me with a smile. “I’d love to read it when you’re done.”

In truth, I was sharing their excitement to see the rest of the universe and all it had to offer, and even though I loved the comfort of Sita’s home, all three of us agreed that we had to see those other worlds, see each of them and be amazed by the sights, sounds, and experiences they offered… even if it was only once.

But I continued documenting the details, remembering even the dark and hard times that I had to endure to reach the end that now existed for everyone. I knew that in the future, there were many that would ask what war was like, how hard it was to resist evil and sin, and what the Abyss was like before it had been destroyed. Still, the dark memories of these experiences weren’t what I was aiming to capture, but instead prove that no matter how challenging things may seem, there was always a light within ourselves that we could follow, and I wanted to be that guide, that example to show them that even in the darkest times against the most infernal forces, it was still possible with hope, and that hope was a journey and a goal, and that peace was not just a hiatus from one disaster to the next.

And I captured all these details, all through Kivistal, through Egatept and through the Abyss and Utopia. I wanted those that looked upon it to realize and understand that some goals, some victories, like the one they were experiencing now, were possible, even when it seemed like all hope and all possibility had faded. And as I wrote it, it reminded me why I never gave up, why I always fought as hard as I could despite how difficult the road was ahead. It also reminded me that there were always friends and allies through every step of the way, always willing to help and provide me with the resources and the courage I needed to ensure I always stayed on the path, and never gave up. And even when I had strayed from the mission, they helped me get back on my feet, and I thanked them and loved them for it.

“You sure have written a lot,” Blazewing commented, looking upon the piles of pages I had written. “I’ll admit, I took a few glances at this, and even though it’s been so long since these things happened, it doesn’t feel like it was that long ago. I’ll admit, reading some of this reminds me it was pretty tragic at times, but it was definitely worth it.”

“Well, I hope others feel the same way,” I told her as I continued to write the last of the few pages I had remaining. “And even though a lot of these were some pretty dark memories, they do help me appreciate the comfort and peace we have now.”

And that’s what I was really hoping for.

Those following days, I had completed it, and made copies to anyone who wanted to read it for themselves, to see what it was like to see things from my eyes, and see how the harder we worked toward the mission we all had in our hearts, the more we made it possible. And those who read it would be reminded why we continued pursuing the goals we had, and why it was important to not be consumed and taken down by the struggles we endured to reach the light at the end.

With my work done and my mission accomplished, I joined Sita, Blazewing, Landon, and Morpheus to see the worlds across the universe, to explore and be inspired before we returned home to Utopia to continue our eternal rest. I was sure that by the time we returned home, there would be many that had read my experiences, and would ask me about it, wondering what certain things were like, and what kind of advice I could give them.

And in the end, that was what my story had been. It was a reminder to never give up, a promise that as long as you carried the mission in your heart and refused to surrender it, it would come true in ways that would even surprise you. Amazing things were possible in the midst of desires and wishes that were challenged, and I wanted everyone to realize that remaining strong and encouraging the dream to survive could result in miracles.

Many years had flown by before we returned home, and I came back feeling inspired by all the sights and all the people I had met during my seemingly endless journey. I had the feeling I would go back to those places once again someday, but for now, I wanted to settle down with Blazewing, my ultimate friend, and Sita, my loving and compassionate wife. And even though Sita’s home wasn’t the largest or the grandest building, it was still home, it was still where I found the love and the friendship that I so greatly cherished, and I smiled, knowing it would be there forever.

And in the end, I knew my writings and experiences would reach many hearts and inspire them. And as you finish this last page, I hope it has inspired you, to always remain true to your dreams, and to always follow the light and remind you that it will always shine in your heart despite the challenges and hardships that need to be endured. Miracles are possible through following your dreams, and may the light, as well as many friends and family, be there to help you every step of the way.

You too, can become a hero through your dreams…


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Default Re: The Trial of Juno IV - Whispers of the Forgotten Angels [PG-13] it is. The final ending, the true and complete ending to the ToJ series. It's been a long time getting here, hasn't it, amigo?

I have to say, although this ending wasn't as long or unexpected as the ending to ToJ III, it was still the perfect ending. A true end to all sin and darkness the like which was never imagined before. No other story actually does this kind of thing, you know, at least not as far as I have heard.

This story truly is the King of all Pokémon fanfics. Kudos, Neo. Kudos, Juno.
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Default Re: The Trial of Juno IV - Whispers of the Forgotten Angels [PG-13]

Phenomenal work of literature. Truly inspiring and a story for the ages, nothing less. Juno will definitely rock on in our hearts forever. When it comes down to staying gold, he's a perfectionist at it. Exceptional job, Neo.

P.S. Morpheus is a badass, just sayin'. ;)
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