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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

{36} it always begins in the cerulean sky



The dynamic duo was now beyond the threat posed by the several hundred skeletons in Grant’s closet. But of course, 507786 being the ‘considerate’ man he was, he didn’t intend on letting that particular incident die any time soon. Not that he was one to talk. “Your traveling companions… they are further up the tower, yes?”

Grant shook his head. “Not that I know of.”

“I see.” 507786 stepped over one of the several fallen pillars in the room; apparently, this part of the castle had been ransacked by… something. “And you never told them about…”

“Yeah,” the younger man said quickly, eager to cut off such a topic. “It’s, uh, not the sort of thing that you really go around blabbing to everyone, you know.” He paused then – did his new ‘friend’ know? After all, for all he knew, he could have just been a regular old Grunt, albeit one who really didn’t want to be there. And he had certainly made no show of hiding his allegiance, if the freakish BDV grunt outfit was anything to go by.

“I understand,” he said.

Well, good.

“So…” Grant looked around. They were climbing their way down a corridor now, but fortunately, all of these pillars seemed to be intact. Though there was still little to no lighting to go by. “How did you end up joining Team BDV?”

“Drafted,” he said.

Grant shuddered. He knew how the BDVs performed their ‘drafts’ – find random Joes on the street, mug them, and drag them into the nearest convenient base, forcing them to join at gunpoint. It seemed to Grant to be more trouble than it was worth, but he supposed that it did make more members. Who needed morality, after all, when you had a decently sized criminal organization? “Oh… I’m sorry.”

507786 shook his head. “Don’t be… to be frank, this is hardly a new experience.”

Grant stopped and looked at him. “Are you saying that other Teams have drafts too?”


There was a pause. Then, “…Oh.”

So this really was nothing new to him. 507786 had been in a team like that before… that made two of them, Grant thought with simultaneous relief and terror. 507786 had seen concrete proof of his allegiance already, and he had been somehow hoping to, er, kill him off before he could tell anyone who would actually care. (Because, even though that ship had sailed, there were probably still people who would be happy to shoot him through given that certain piece of information. Some people never changed…)

“Would you, uh, mind my asking which team you were on, then?”

“Yes,” he said dryly in response.

Well. Okay then.

It was at this point that they came across an open door, promising a staircase. It looked rather like it had been previously locked, but was busted open by some display of brute force. Either they weren’t alone in here, or this was the same work of the beast who had been toppling those pillars earlier. Regardless, after a brief glance at one another, they decided to charge forward – and it’s a good thing they did. Because the next room promised a very important clue.


Immediately Grant was running across the room; it was impossible not to recognize that creature. (At least, if you were part of the Groupie Galaxy, anyhow.) 507786 followed after him, mildly interested in this new development, but otherwise seeming unfazed... and probably quite a bit miffed at his easily distracted companion. “And what exactly is this?” he asked flatly, stopping a few feet short.

Grant, who was at this point occupied with drilling Rotom on where Casey and the others had went, ignored him.

Shaking his head in apparent disgust, 507786 stood there and waited for the two to reunite (though to their credit, it wasn’t much longer after he intervened), and after that fiasco was over everyone got back on track. “Alright,” said Grant, turning back around. “Rotom’s here, right? So this tells us that Casey and everyone else is also here.”

“Or they could be held somewhere else,” offered 507786 helpfully. “Possibly somewhere a significant way away.”

“But we’ve only been here a few days; this world doesn’t seem technologically advanced enough to get human cargo somewhere else in such a short period of time.” Grant smiled craftily, confident in his rebuttal.

“It is long enough to get them to walk a mile or so and be placed in a different facility.”


“Anyway, we should at least look through this building first,” said Grant somewhat stupidly, attempting to make up for his previous blunder. “It would be kind of a waste if we came here and didn’t look. ...But first, help me find a key to this cage, alright? We can’t leave Rotom like this.”

507786 saw no reason why they couldn’t indeed leave him right there and move on, but set to work anyway. Soon enough, after ripping down a few tapestries and getting Rotom to slip in some subtle work of his own, the cage had been opened and the three of them were continuing to proceed up the tower. Despite himself, 507786 occasionally sneaked a few looks at the strange entity known as Rotom – it certainly looked like no Rotom he had ever seen before, and he had had quite an experience with Rotoms.

But that was irrelevant. 507786 shook his head and moved on, being careful not to step on the blatantly obvious booby traps that had been left scattered up and down the stairs.

They reached the top floor just in time to get slammed in the face by a Poliwhirl.

Grant yelped with a face full of Water-type and stumbled backwards down the stairs, right into 507786, who fortunately was able to steady himself against the narrow walls.

Rotom, on the other hand, saw no reason to delay, and immediately flew over and latched himself to Casey’s arm (his head was too covered with hairspikes). Though he was initially startled by the sudden appearance of an over-excited Ghost-type, Casey soon realized who exactly it was, and temporarily paused his curb-stomping to have a brief reunity session. This was quickly stopped when 507786 and Grant walked onto the roof of the building proper, the latter holding a fainted Poliwhirl.

“What in the world is...” Grant had begun his sentence, but quickly shut up when he noticed the freakish demon thing looming over them all. The draconic beast had glowing yellow eyes and a mouth full of pointed teeth, and now looked like it was ready to eat something. Probably them.

“What exactly is this?” 507786 seemed to be much more contained in the face of ancient evil, promptly walking up alongside Casey.

“I’m not sure,” he said in response, allowing Rotom to float closer, the intention being to fight the demon that was once Anti-Ash. “...Er, hang on. Who are you again?” He turned again to Grant, who had been the one to bring him up in the first place.

“It’s okay!” the ex-Grunt yelled.

Shrugging, Casey turned back to the matter at hand. 507786 folded his arms, not looking like he was planning to do anything; this was unfortunate, because with Poliwhirl down, Rotom was officially the last conscious Pokémon of the collective Groupie Galaxy. 507786 probably could have been moderately useful, even if the Pokémon he had were regulated due to his involvement with Team BDV.

Casey glanced up at him briefly, but it didn’t take long to get the memo, and once that happened he gave up and just decided to focus on the battle.

“Alright, Rotom. Thundershock!”

Rotom complied happily, sending a bristling thunderbolt flying towards his adversary. The monster merely scowled at him; just like all of the other attacks, it seemed to have no effect. The opposite did not prove to be true, however, for within five minutes Rotom too was lying on the ground, his inner spark flickering dangerously low.

Now with absolutely nothing to distract him from eating the souls of everyone in the present area (or whatever he intended to do), the demon once known as Anti-Ash began to bring a smile onto his face; needless to say, it wasn’t a nice smile. Instead, it was a downright wicked smile, of the sort one wore when he was about to rip you into ribbons. Coincidentially, this was exactly what was happening.

So Casey and friends were ripped into ribbons.

Or, at least they were supposed to.

“Hey, that’s cheating.”

“It is not cheating! I’m allowed to do this sort of thing!”

The argument, as usual, was heating up, and the combatants were, also as usual, Zero and myself. Right now we were arguing over the fairness of... er, call it Legendary intervention, hmm?

...Alright, so it was an epic deus ex machina. But this isn’t really a story or anything, so it’s okay.

I watched boredly as a Sacred Bolt of Judgement came down from the heavens, striking the demon square in the middle of the head. Of course, it scared the living bejeezus out of everyone down there, but hopefully they didn’t believe it was Rotom’s doing. (I wouldn’t put it past them.) The creature fell to the ground in a flaming, roaring heap, causing most everyone else in the area to take at least a couple steps back if not more.

Because death by flaming demons of the night is really on the rise this year, apparently.

After the flames had died, the Groudon-Salamence monster was no more; instead, it had transformed back into a suddenly frail-looking clone of one Ash Ketchum. No one even bothered to move towards it; even as they watched, the body began to fade in and out, like someone had finally realized that it probably wasn’t supposed to exist – and then, all at once, the whole thing just upped and disappeared into air.

This was not limited to Anti-Ash, however. Though the sky technically seemed no more radiant now than it had before – there was no light given it that hadn’t already been there – it suddenly seemed to flush with color, as if something had been holding it back from presenting its real being to the people of the Holon Mirror World. And it had. All over the world, it seemed that everyone had a weight lifted from their backs – a weight that had been sitting there so long they gradually forgot about it, just took it for granted. At least until it disappeared.

Slowly the group found their bearings again from the ridiculous event which had just passed. None of them looked like they completely understood it, except for Ash, but even he was just standing around, sharing shocked glances with the others. Caro noticed someone he hadn’t previously seen – a man in a BDV Grunt’s uniform, with pale skin and a tight line for a mouth. Blinking thoughtfully, the teenager continued to stare, until 507786 looked in his direction. That prompted Caro to quickly avert his gaze into the floor.

The first person to move was Ash, the real Guardian of Mirror, who slowly walked into the center of the rooftop platform and turned his head to the sky. “Thank you!” he shouted up to the heavens. “Thank you, O masters of the Legendary Court!”

Well, you’re quite welcome, kid.


~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

{37} take (to) the skies

Casey honestly couldn’t have told you what happened in the farewell ceremonies. He shook hands with a lot of people, most of which he didn’t even recognize, and the world swam in a confusing flurry until finally he got to a part he could understand: all of them were going home. This was a good thing, obviously, and now that he had something to look forward to, the fog on Casey’s mind lifted slightly. It was all very... uncomfortable, you see, because Casey wasn’t the sort who acts naturally with all this attention on him. As a matter of fact, he made some pretty stupid mistakes, but everyone laughed them off as jokes and that was that.

It was an absolute relief when everyone who had come from the normal world had gathered together and stepped back through the Mirror, which was now fully able to send them back with Anti-Ash’s curse lifted.

Almost immediately after returning (waiting only to let the faces of Holon Mirror World residents fade from the mirror behind him), Casey dropped to his knees and laughed.

Without a doubt he was happy to be back in his own world. And perhaps that was just that; he was overcome with emotion. This stopped him from noticing the awkward looks on the others’ faces, of course, but those quickly disappeared as the group rounded together again. The sky was nearing darkness now, so visibility was limited, but the general shape of each person was identifiable.

“Thank the heavens,” said Casey as he stood up, dusting himself off and still in a downright good mood. “Remind me never to do that ever again.”

Rotom chirruped from his shoulder, and it was then that Casey remembered that the little creature was the reason they had gotten into all this – but he didn’t feel like arguing. Maybe in the morning, once everyone had had a good rest at a Pokémon Center. Unfortunately, the others didn’t seem to share his sentiments, since Clyde (who caused arguments nearly every time he spoke) was now talking again.

“Anyone here have a JAWS?”

“Um, I do,” Casey responded, standing up rather self-consciously. “Why?”

“Because I don’t think any of us have a clue where we are,” he responded, “and it might be a good idea to find out before the sun goes down.” Indeed, behind him, the sky was stained a violent red.

“...Oh! Oh, right.” Casey went rifling around in his backpack for a short time before he came up with the Journey-Aiding Worldwide System. Fortunately, all of the dimension-hopping business seemed not to have fried any circuits, so all functions (including the map) were still up and running. Casey only had time to open the map application before it was wrenched out of his hands.

“Thank you,” said Clyde as he clicked through the map. Upon realizing that Casey was still staring at him, the man elaborated: “Hey, do you know your way around the Region? Didn’t think so.”

Casey resigned himself to being upstaged by a lazy ex-rock star and attempted to look over the taller man’s shoulder.

“Alright.” The blue-clad man stopped clicking. “So, uh... who here enjoys mountain climbing?”

Predictably, no one else raised their hands. But as Casey looked around at the others, he noticed something much more alarming than a little bit of mountain climbing. “Hey. Hey guys. Hang on a minute.”

“What is it?” Clyde’s attention was back on the map.

“Er... has anyone seen Caro?”

No one had.

Understandably, no one had seen Caro because he was not in fact there; instead, he was being pulled through this branch of the Holon Forest (no pun intended) by 507786, who hopefully knew exactly where he was going. Caro, on the other hand, did not.

“Hey! Hey, bro! What are you doing? Let go of me!”

“Be quiet,” 507786 hissed, turning back to stare him down. Just as Casey had with a certain Gym Leader, Caro learned that it was possible to send a terrifying death glare with one’s eyes obscured from view. “I’ll let you go back to your friends later. For now there’s something I have to tell you... and the others, by extension.”

Caro blinked, but then nodded. He wasn’t sure who this guy was yet, but it was worth hearing him out, right?

“You may have guessed by now that I have no intention of going back to Team BDV,” he continued, speaking quietly but in a rushed tone. “I don’t. I understand from what Grant has told me that the Team is coming after you already. They’ve probably sent more operatives already, now that I’ve run overdue on the mission that sent me here. And they’ve almost certainly worked out what has happened already. They may be watching us now.”

Despite himself, Caro looked around, now seriously concerned. It was amazing how fast he could switch tracks when he was in serious danger.

“I’ll make this brief.” 507786 looked around himself, as if trying to ward off any possible BDV agents with just his eyes. “They have been running lightly on you up until this point. That won’t happen anymore. They can’t do anything in public yet, but you will be monitored. Do you hear me, Caro? Be careful.

“I... yes, okay, I get it,” Caro spluttered. “But I need to ask...”


Not even letting his old friend finish, Cyrus Wolfe disappeared into the trees.

Grant, Casey, and Clyde had all ‘bravely’ gone on to pick up a room for the night in a local Pokémon Center, lying in the middle of the route, leaving Sheridan all by her lonesome in the lobby to keep watch for any Caros who might have come wandering through. She wasn’t doing the best job of this, considering she was soon asleep.

In fact, when a perfectly legitimate Caro found her (and subsequently failed to wake her), he decided to just go over to the Nurse Joy and drop in on the room. The Joy informed him that she had been given specific instructions to let him in when he arrived; however, apparently they were also obliged to take Sheridan back, so once she had been coaxed into a half-awake stupor, the two left the lobby and found the room assigned them without much trouble.

When they got there, Caro left her unceremoniously on the couch, upon realizing that there was only one bed left.

The next morning was filled with a lot of dodging questions and an unusually tight-mouthed Caro – this was what finally tipped the rest of them off that maybe trying to get the events out of him was a bad idea. So instead, everyone headed off into the forest again, and after uneventful following of a certain path, they came upon a fork in the road.

“So...” Casey glanced between the JAWS and the road ahead of him. “Looks like we’ve got, uh... Mountain A and Mountain B, we’ll call them.”

“You could just use their names,” offered Clyde helpfully.

“How do you even pronounce their names?” Caro put his hands in his pockets. “I’ve been wondering that for a while, see, and...”

“Moving on,” said Casey quickly. “So. Mountain A is a dormant volcano, probably warm. Leads to... Sigmon City.” He paused slightly as he tried to sound out yet another ridiculous-sounding Holon name, but then remembered that he was taking the easy way around and corrected himself. “Mountain B. Spiky, steep, very perilous, very cold. Somewhere on it is, urr... Talwing Town. Looks like both of them have Gym Badges, so we’ll be seeing them both anyway.” He frowned. “Thoughts?”

“Didn’t someone get lost in there a while back?” asked Grant meekly, pointing at Mountain B. “I saw it... uh... somewhere.”

“Well, Mt. Thetoile – the one leading to Talwing Town – is supposed to be much more dangerous,” offered Sheridan, reverting back to good old tour guide mode. “It’s easier to get lost in there, because supposedly the way the mountain formed plays around with signals from PokéGears and things like that. Besides, if I’m not mistaken, Mt. Aposso – the other one – has some kind of transport service over the mountain.”

“...Mountain A it is,” remarked Casey after a short pause, in which most of them did nothing but stare at Sheridan.

A few cities away, a man and a girl walked briskly down a street. ...Well. Perhaps ‘briskly’ wasn’t the best word to use – it fitted the girl, but the man looked like he was ready to throw up, and he was more scuttling nervously along. Then again, he normally walked like this, anyway.

Our white-haired friend here was looking around as if there were snipers lodged in the windows of every trendy café they passed – but all things considered, there could well be. Though not snipers of the ordinary kind. He had been keeping silent up until this point, but right now he had finally gathered up enough of what he passed for courage to speak to the girl in front of him.

“W-where are you taking me?”

“To a safe place,” she responded. “It may be uncomfortable at first; those who live there will be unaccustomed to you, as you will be to them. But you shall learn.”

“And... no one will find me there?”

“No one has found us for thousands of years,” said the little girl. “You shall be safe.”

The man sighed nervously, but then moved in just a little bit closer to the girl, in order to mumble something to her. “Thank you... thank you for taking me away from that place...”

“You would have died,” she remarked simply. “But you seem like a human worth saving. You’re welcome.” It was just a little unnerving how she referred to him as a ‘human’ as if she was not human herself; a Pokémon or ethereal being perhaps, but certainly not a petty human like him.

Whatever she was, though, he was grateful for her help, and he followed her with little question after that. If anyone had asked him why, he would have stumbled over his words a bit, and told them that he had done it because he trusted her and she seemed very smart for a girl her age. However, if the person happened to know him, then they would see immediately that it was a total lie; everyone who knew Torsten Lund knew he was completely helpless without someone to follow, ever since he was a child.

They soon reached the city limits, at which point Amarachi looked to the sky, and Torsten followed suit. Both of them simply stood there and watched the clouds for a few minutes. Unfortunately, Torsten had no idea what his young companion was doing, and had just turned his head down to ask when he caught something in the corner of his vision.

A few minutes later, they were joined by a couple of Fearows.

“They are friends,” said Amarachi. “Get on.” She did so, but had to climb off again in order to get Torsten situated – and he could swear that she had shook her head at his apparent stupidity. Had Torsten been in possession of any remains of a backbone, he would have told her that he didn’t climb on Fearows every day of the week.

But of course, he was rather spineless (even by scientist standards), and eventually the two of them were in the sky. Torsten seemed more occupied with admiring the view than noticing where he was going; fortunately, the Fearow carrying him was more focused. After several hours, Torsten’s attention was drawn to the motives of his little friend, upon noticing a landmark below which looked suspiciously like the Munchlax Rock in Sinnoh.

“Hey,” he called over the wind. “Where are we going?”

“You shall see!” Amarachi yelled back.

Torsten was fairly sure that this was the loudest he had ever heard her speak. This was how he knew that they were in some serious business. So he was silent for the rest of the ride.

The sun was going down as the Groupie Galaxy emerged from Mt. Aposso, coated in an impressive layer of dirt and looking like they were about to collapse on the spot. As it turned out, the route they had taken was one of the easier ones; cave formations rarely changed, even between years, and by some miracle of nature, Kaeo and Rotom were able to work together and coax directions out of nearby Pokémon. Mostly by sending them electric shocks or psychic migraines until they responded. It was very likely that the wildlife would not be so receptive the next time they came around, but this was a risk that the Galaxy figured it was okay to take; after all, they probably wouldn’t be passing through again.

As it turned out, the ‘transportation service’ Sheridan had mentioned had been disbanded for several years, and so with no other choice, they were forced to brave the volcano all by their lonesome. Even though one would expect that a volcano with caves in it – the route they took even had a name, ‘Pyral Path’, of which the second word was a total understatement – would have a few pools of lava, it was depressingly lacking in that department, and several Pokémon had needed to be summoned to provide light (such as the aforementioned Kaeo and Rotom).

Eventually, though, our heroes persevered, and that was where we had just found them: looking like Death had delivered them a nice knuckle sandwich. With extra relish.

While checking in at the Pokémon Center, another Trainer walked up to the desk next to him and made small talk while she left her own Pokémon for healing. She introduced herself as Rin, and Casey did likewise. “You came here through the mountain, huh?” she asked as the Joy walked off with her six Ultra Balls.

“Uh-huh,” he responded. The same Joy was also carrying his Pokéballs, with Rotom hovering happily behind.

“I’m guessing you’re looking for the Gym Badge.”

“Right again.”

The woman chuckled. “Oh my,” she said, looking like she had a common fact that Casey really ought to know about, but didn’t. “But first. How was your little hike through Mt. Aposso?”

“Completely fulfilling,” Casey responded drily, “in the sense of I never want to do it ever again.”

She actually laughed at this, and her next question was delivered with an amused smirk. “Have I got news for you, bro,” she said, stifling a giggle. “Because guess what? As fate would have it, getting that Blazing Badge means you need to turn around and go right back in!”

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

{38} finding flame

And that was how Casey and friends, after a short night’s rest, found themselves directly back in the fiery depths of Mt. Aposso. And they were not happy about it.

“No, no, no,” the Gym Leader had told them, shaking his head. “I’m not going to fight just anyone. My Pokémon don’t like that too much. You have to go into Mt. Aposso, find a Magma Stone, and come back here with it... then I’ll consider.” He hadn’t even made an attempt to give his Gym a puzzle; it was clear that he was using the mountain itself as his Gym puzzle, one which no one in the Groupie Galaxy prepared for.

(Obviously, none of the Groupie Galaxy had ever been to Johto.)

“What’s a Magma Stone?” Casey had asked.

“You’ll know it when you see it.” The Gym Leader had shot him one of his ever-present cocky smiles. Casey had learned that questioning Gym Leaders was usually not a good idea, so he made no attempt to argue this time, and instead grudgingly took his fate. His goal was officially the Magma Stone.

Well, Casey was seeing a lot of stones and a lot of magma. All he could do was hope that the Magma Stone (capitalized) was on a handy pedestal somewhere that would differentiate it from all of the magma stone (uncapitalized) that he was walking on, probably hot to the bare touch. Even the rubber soles of his boots didn’t seem to be holding up too well against the burbling rock underfoot.

“I thought this was supposed to be a dormant volcano,” Clyde grumbled, upset by the heat (but apparently not enough to take off his jacket). “Why’s there magma in it?”

“It’s only dormant when the volcano doesn’t blow its top. Duh.” Caro wasn’t exactly an expert on the subject either, it should be noted. And he wasn’t removing his hoodie either. “Doesn’t matter how much magma is or isn’t in it. This thing could explode right now.”

“So why are we in it?!”

He didn’t have a response to that one.

“Guys, calm down,” said Casey. “The sooner we find this Magma Stone, the sooner we can get out of this volcano – regardless of whether it’s going to explode or not.” He sent a pointed look in Caro and Clyde’s direction.

“Hang on a minute,” said Sheridan.

Grant turned to her; Casey was too busy trying to keep a severely aggravated Caro and Clyde away from one another’s throats.

“I’ve heard of something called a Magma Stone in Sinnoh,” she mumbled. “Back in the early ninteties someone tried to steal it from a volcano and caused a nearby Heatran to grow angry with it.” She glanced around. “You don’t think there are Heatran here, do you?”

“...Heatran?” Grant blinked furiously.

Sheridan nodded. “It sounds silly, I know, but...”

“It’s possible, I guess... even though they’re not the most, um, common of species.”

“Not the most common?” Clyde had apparently decided to invite himself into the conversation (again). “Since when has anyone even seen one of those stupid things? Volcanoes doesn’t explode every day, you know.”

“We don’t know they’re made by volcanoes,” remarked Sheridan primly. “It’s an old folk story.”

“So are Legendaries,” offered Grant from the back. “And they’re real… some of them are, anyway.”

“Alright, alright. Enough about Legendaries, you guys. We need to figure out where we are.” Fishing through his backpack for the almighty JAWS, Casey delivered a swift and graceful smiting. (He had a nagging feeling that some combination of heat and boredom was driving the lot of them to squabbling like this.) Amazingly, no one jumped for the machine, insisting that they could navigate better.

If it made any difference, though, Clyde suddenly moved closer to him.

Casey continued to walk and fiddle around with the JAWS at the same time. He pretty much neglected to pay attention to where exactly he was going, and as anyone who doesn’t normally watch the floor while they walk could tell you, this was extremely dangerous.

Especially when one neglects to watch out for suspiciously cracked floors.

With an unsettling rumble, the floor beneath the entire party suddenly ceased to be solid, having disintegrated under Clyde and Casey’s combined weight.


Granted, Casey was the only one who screamed on the way down. But Clyde emitted a word that shall not be repeated for the sake of our younger readers, and then said two things in quick succession. One: “Aff. Guh. That hurt. Ohgodow…” And two: “…Man, you scream like a girl.”

Casey did not respond, for he was too busy trying not to scream like a girl again.

After much coughing and scuffling, the two of them managed to get to their feet, at which point they tried to take inventory of where they were. “No one else fell down here, did they?” Casey asked somewhat nervously.

“If they did, I don’t see them. But stay in here too long and we’re going to be mincemeat.”

“Right. But since we’re moving, keep an eye out for the Magma Stone.”

“I see a magma stone right there,” said Clyde somewhat drily. “And there. And up there. Can’t we just take a random rock and tell him it’s the Magma Stone?”

“No, because there’s probably a unique one in here called a Magma Stone. And someone must have tried that before.” Casey shook his head. “This is probably part of the Gym Battle, Clyde. You can’t skimp on Gym Battles or else you’re going to lose.”

“Gonna lose anyway,” he grumbled in response, swatting a Zubat away from his hair (which it had apparently mistaken for a mate).

Casey wisely decided not to grace that one with a response.

Meanwhile, something terrible rumbled through a tunnel within Mt. Aposso. Many of these tunnels had been made over the years to support the small but sure population, and they had created an entire network. The tunnels were big enough for the hulking Pokémon to get through, but small enough that the heat would immediately kill any other creature (human or otherwise) who would try to crawl through after them. The animals’ inherent ability to understand the dynamics of the volcano shone here; one false tunnel could have caused the entire mountain to collapse, but the creatures knew where that one false tunnel was, and pointedly avoided it.

The steel-plated monstrosity crawled through with an odd, alien air of superiority. If one were to compare this creature with the others in its tribe, they would have noticed that this one was bigger, stronger, and more detailed in design; this status had quickly earned it the position of leader, even though it had at first been deemed some sort of anomaly.

Soon, however, it was forced to stop. Sensing a disturbance elsewhere in the volcano, the monster promptly changed direction and went back the way it came, intent on scoping out this new development. If it wasn’t careful, and that sensation was left unattended, the entire area could be in serious trouble.

And so, without even knowing it, Casey and Clyde unknowingly made their quest easier and harder – at the same time.

Meanwhile, Torsten Lund was trying to make himself comfortable on a pile of furs. They were… warm, he supposed, and comfortable enough to lie down in. But he had never been in such proximity to so much Pokémon fur. Old childhood phobias, which he thought he had taken out years ago, were suddenly rising up to the surface again. The skin was suffocating, closing in, light is gone, they just keep coming, why don’t they stop oh dear God someone please make them stop

Whimpering quietly, the man climbed out of his pile and laid down again on the dirt-packed ground. A moment later, he had condensed himself into a ball. ‘Deep breaths,’ he told himself over and over. ‘Deep breaths. Pokémon are good. Pokémon are friends. Pokémon are good. Pokémon are friends.’ That had been a chant from when he was a teenager; a suggestion from his therapist. They weren’t the best, but they helped calm him down. But suddenly, he realized something, and he had a new one.

‘Pokémon saved me… Pokémon are good… Pokémon are friends…’

He repeated this for several minutes, in a ball on the floor, before he was able to control himself again. Sitting up, the somewhat broken young man glared at the opposite wall, and for the first time in several years, he addressed another touchy area of his psyche. “Lor… dammit, Lor… why didn’t you save me? Why did you leave?” His voice started as weak as it had been, but soon began to gain momentum. “I was only a baby! A little kid! I missed you, Lor, it’s all your fault, you should have stayed and been with me! Look at what happened, it’s all your fault! I could have… I could have not been like this! Stupid! Stupid!”

He was standing up now, screaming at the wall. A beat of silence passed, and he went back to lie in the fur pile, too riled up to let anything happen to him. Sinking in to it and half-closing his eyes, Torsten finished off his long-bottled-up tirade with a weak sounding, quiet sentence.

“…Come back, brother…”

So, as you've probably noticed, this chapter is significantly shorter than most others. This might be the new average length, it might not, I don't know. But if shorter chapters means I can actually get a chapter out, then man, I am cool with that.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Thumbs up Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

Just starting reading now, about 10 chapters in. Is chapter 2's title "you should watch this transformation" a reference to lyrics in The World Ends With You? Because I love that game. And this story. And you as a writer.

|||||||||||||||Enjoy the moment!
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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

Yes, that is a TWEWY reference. n_n I have the entire soundtrack on my iPod and listen to it frequently (plus a number of the chapter headers are song lyrics), so the reference was practically inevitable. And thank you very much! It means a lot to me. <3

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

Originally Posted by Giratina View Post
Yes, that is a TWEWY reference. n_n I have the entire soundtrack on my iPod and listen to it frequently (plus a number of the chapter headers are song lyrics), so the reference was practically inevitable. And thank you very much! It means a lot to me. <3
No problem. Now I need a TWEWY reference...hmm...I'll get one soon enough and it'll be a title for Ambersand. And does nobody comment on this? You deserve many comments. Praiseful comments.^-^
EDIT: I'm post #111. Coincidence? I don't think so.

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

{39} magma cavern

They had tried, really they had, to defend themselves. But the attack had come as a definite surprise — and besides, though they had only been in the mountain for a few hours, a combination of worry and exhaustion had driven the larger half of the Groupie Galaxy to be completely helpless when opposition showed up, Zubats a’blazing. Team BDV, it seemed, would simply not be stopped.

And in the midst of this confusion, we find them now.

“Get back here!” Sheridan was absolutely livid with fury. Kaeo and Aeveon were both trying their hardest to round up the mass of Grunts who had seemingly appeared from thin air — and of course, Caro’s Raichu making his own valiant attempts. Grant was finally making good on his threats to hit people around the head with that metal pipe of his.

Somewhere in the long fray, a few more individuals joined the fight; or at least looked on from the sidelines. These two individuals were Casey and Clyde, who were absolutely nowhere closer to finding the Magma Stone, but had heard the commotion. (You see, when there is a large ruckus being made in a mountain that is more than likely to collapse, obviously the thing to do is to run towards it.)

The grunts were shouting orders to one another; none of them made any sense. It was all some babble about positions and ‘the target’. Fortunately, even though this kind of language was all very intentionally vague, it was also very intimidating when used correctly. And these BDV grunts certainly knew how to use it correctly. But before any more fighting could break out, a mess of dust suddenly filtered out from holes in the walls, limiting sight exponentially — and by the looks on the grunts’ faces, it wasn’t their doing.

That wasn’t to say they didn’t sit still for long, though. The grunts kept moving as the cloud filtered in, and eventually a voice could be heard if one sat down and listened hard enough: “Target acquired! Let’s move!”

The confusion dissipated rapidly after that. Everyone was swiping madly at their eyes and telling their Pokémon to call off the rapid-fire attacks they’d been sending, and so it took several seconds before they could regroup and realize what had just happened – more than enough time, of course, for Team BDV to make their great escape. But once they did, each was surprised to find that they had two others in their midst which had not been there before. There were the usual exclamations of surprise, of course, but soon afterward Casey realized something.

“Hey guys. You didn’t lose Grant, did you?”

“No,” said Caro. “Grant’s still here. Look, he’s right over…” The teenager turned to his left, and found a total lack of Grant in the area. He then turned to his right, and once again, was left completely deprived.

“…He’s not here, is he,” said Casey weakly.

“He must have been lost in the fight,” observed Sheridan intelligently, her anger from before quickly stifled by this new development. “Maybe he ran away or something.”

“He wouldn’t run away,” grunted Clyde.

“How do you know?” Sheridan raised an eyebrow.

He turned and fixed her with a hard look. “Because he has no money, no backup, and no spine.”

“Still, we should look for him, don’t you think?” Casey interjected when he saw Sheridan advancing threateningly towards the taller man, her hands rolled into fists. This earned him a roll of the eyes and a sarcastic comment from Clyde, who evidently saw fit to remind him that this was not a video game and that there wasn’t always a blatantly obvious clue lying in the middle of the ground.

Except for when there was.

“Er, what’s this?” Casey ran across the cavern to the other side and kneeled before an object that had been lying on the ground. It was a briefcase, though not one that any of them had seen before. Casey hadn’t been able to see anything more than that before Caro had descended next to him and yanked the thing open, rifling through the stacks of important-looking documents.

“No points for guessing who left this here,” he said absently, inspecting the blatant Team BDV logo that had been plastered on every single paper. “Erm, let’s see… ‘6005 growth habits, week 26’… ‘Karmada collection and tagging dates’… boring… boring… uh?” Here’s where he stopped, holding a piece of paper seemingly no different from the others. “‘BDV Task Force Level One — Region-wide Grunt Roll Call’?”

Everyone went pale-faced and silent for a moment, before Casey went and vocalized the thing that they were all thinking about. “You don’t think they took Grant for that roll call, did you?”

“…Uh… I’d say they did,” Caro responded, his voice sounding surprisingly different without the enthusiastic overtones. It was almost as if someone had thrown a wet towel over him, taking his Wild Fighting Spirit down several notches.

“And they’re probably going to do things to him afterward.” Sheridan was grimacing. “When you catch a runaway Grunt who’s been making as much trouble as Grant has, you don’t just let them go with a slap on the wrist.”

“Come on, guys.” Casey shut the briefcase and picked it up. “We need to go find Grant.”

“What about this Gym battle?” asked Clyde drily from the back of the group.

“Leave it,” he said, tone suddenly serious. “It doesn’t matter if we wait on the Gym match. But it does matter if we wait on saving our friend. Let’s go.”

Clyde rolled his eyes, but didn’t object. He didn’t want to sit through another one of those stupid battles anyway.

They left the mountain to find a certain red-haired man hanging around outside the entrance — the Gym Leader, Buck. His expression was bright when he saw Casey come out of the cave, but upon seeing the grim expressions on their faces, he died down a little. “So,” he said, leaning against the wall of the cave. “Find the Magma Stone?”

“No,” Casey responded. “We have other business to attend to, sorry. We won’t be coming back for a while.”

“Oh, really?” Buck blinked. “…That’s cool, I guess. I have something important to do later today, anyhow, so it’s not like I would have been able to fight you in the first place.” He laughed; no one else did. “…Well, whatever. Good luck, pal! I’ll be waiting for ya.”

“Yeah.” Casey held up a hand as he left. “Later, Buck.”

A few seconds later, Buck called out to them again. “Hey, hang on!”

Everyone turned around to find him jogging to catch up.

“Could you tell me the badges you have, bro?”

Casey nodded and dove into his backpack, surfacing with a badge case which he showed promptly to Buck. “Erm… Tide, Voltage, and Twilight. You’re my fourth, I think.”

“Oh, you’re halfway there,” said Buck, nodding in approval. “Good thing you have the Twilight Badge already. The Gym Leader disappeared a while back on a trip.”

“Oh, she was already gone. When we got there. We fought the, um. Other guy.”

Buck looked at him for a moment, and then grinned like he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Holy crap, seriously? Wow, good job, man! You deserve that badge!”

“It wasn’t that bad,” Casey lied. “Well, anyway, we’d better get going. See you later, Buck.”

He clapped, backing towards the mountain again. “Later days, Champion-to-be!”

Another short chapter, but I'm pleased to finally get into the meat of the storyline. I've had all this planned out for two years while you guys have been reading about Casey derping about in Rhoter! Heh heh.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

Wait...I know a lot of things that could be references, but could easily be not. Just how many do you have? Anyway, a good chapter. :D stuff is getting interesting! ...better then the Derping Tales of Casey. I mean, that was great, but this is better!

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

Oh, I don't even want to count the number of references made in this story. xD I'm sure there's at least twenty of them in the chapters, not counting the chapter titles. ...And the title of the story.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Wings Have We { and wherever we may go... }

{40} the good old bait and switch

A few hours’ walk past Mt. Aposso and Sigmon City, there lies a little Pokémon Center sitting by the routeside, not yet far enough away from the mountain to escape the coating of ash. But that was hardly a problem; most people passing by were just happy to have somewhere clean and air-conditioned to take a rest in, and this is what the Groupie Galaxy decided to do as well. Though Clyde had put up a ‘convincing’ argument to leave the issue of the New Briefcase until tomorrow (his primary objective being to get to sleep), the others had all decided to call an emergency meeting while they, once again, had a long session that consisted mostly of filtering through all the papers in hopes of gathering more information concerning where Grant could have gone.

They probably wouldn’t be finding anything for a good long while, and as it happened, there was something else occurring in a different part of the Region at the exact same time. In lieu of narrating the exciting act of scanning papers over and over again, let’s cut to that scene instead. The general circumstances may be familiar to you, if you have been following the chronicle up until this point. But unfortunately, the devil is as usual making himself comfortable in the details.

Four people (and a computer) sat around a table.

Roll call that day had consisted of Marianne, Stathis, Garret, Buck, and Rodney; as if Anima leaving wasn’t bad enough, Mina had apparently taken the day off as well, meaning that the five of them were left to their own devices for the entire three-hour duration of the meeting. Predictably, they were now on the verge of breaking into totally uncivilized chaos.

That is to say, Stathis and Rodney were at one another’s throats, Marianne was clattering away at her cell phone (probably hitting on some random number she thought up five minutes ago), Buck was playing an electric guitar which he had stowed away in this building several months ago, and Garret was trying/failing to get everything under control. Unfortunately, he just didn’t have the death-Articuno attitude that Mina was capable of emanating upon request.

“Come on, guys,” he kept saying uncertainly, “I’m sure there’s some way we can get things done today... even though Mina is gone...” Fluttering around, Garret was trying frantically to fill in the hole that their Rock-type Gym Leader had left behind; nobody liked to talk about it, but they all knew that without her keeping things reined in, the whole Region would crumble to its roots. Unfortunately, his words were all but drowned out between the shouting, giggling, and endless verses of ‘Everybody Loves Me’.

Nobody paid him any mind, because they knew as well as he did that this was completely untrue. Without Mina, their primary source of correspondence with Champion Roman, there was nothing for them to discuss. And without Mina, the only thing keeping them in line long enough to handle these meetings, nothing was going to get done in the first place. Garret didn’t seem to be able to take command, whch meant they were pretty much on their own — we’re talking about, on average, the youngest and most inexperienced pack of Gym Leaders on the Region roster, missing at least three members of their group. Whatever would these poor Gym Leaders do, without someone to keep them on task and discussing the important events of the day?

Well, they’d get a surprise visit, of course.

Not in person; there was far too much to do. But fortunately, there was a video screen resting on the wall above their heads. It was typically used for PowerPoint presentations and the like, and ignored in kind, but today the machine had just turned on by itself and was displaying a dreadfully fuzzy and low-quality video feed. The accompanying voice, strangely, was clear as a bell.

“Holon Gym Leaders!”

Everyone stopped abruptly, looking at the screen like so many deer in headlights. Buck was the first one to react, quickly shoving his guitar under the table, and Garret sprung into action a moment later. “Oh, hello there, sir!” he said, stumbling to position himself in front of the television. “We were just, um, getting a few pre-meeting issues ironed out.” Behind him, Stathis rolled his eyes. “It’s a pleasure to see you here, sir, normally you just send your messages through Miss Mina... we’re all very honored to have you here...”

Roman waited in the manner of a man who knew incompetence when he saw it, but was just letting it play out so as to use it as blackmail later. Once Garret had finished flailing, though, Roman spoke. His voice was of a charismatic sort, calm and silky.

“Don’t worry about Mina,” he said. “She has come to my headquarters for a short while. She’ll be back with you shortly, I promise. In the meantime, do you all think you could do a little favor for me?”

By this time, the remaining Gym Leaders had stopped tending to their own business and were actually paying attention to Roman, just like Garret does. He smiled upon noticing this, and then continued. “Well, as you know, being Champion, I have an obligation to inform all of you when there are dangers being posed to our Region. Normally I would carry these messages along through Mina, but she is needed back here, for a different purpose. So since there’s simply no way I could come all the way out to where you are, I’m forced to deliver the news through this… program.”

Stathis was frowning; it wasn’t as if they were very far from the center of the Region, where the Pokémon League offices were. “Okay, so what’s up?”

Roman cleared his throat briefly before continuing. “We’ve had reports of very odd Pokémon beginning to traipse around Holon. They’ve all been causing trouble in various areas of the Region. Up until now we didn’t feel it was appropriate to interrupt your meeting with such a trivial matter, but the cases have gotten worse, and we are needing to take more drastic action. As a result, the Pokémon League Association is temporarily revoking your ‘advanced’ Pokémon until the crisis has been addressed.”

This caused a general outcry from the Gym Leaders. Take their Pokémon? Had he gone crazy?!

“You tried this once before,” said Marianne. “We, uh, forgot our Pokémon again? I think.”

“Oh, yes.” Roman smiled. His teeth were oddly sharp. “Worry not. We’ve sent operatives to your respective Gyms to collect the Pokémon.”

More outcries, but this time the query came from Rodney. “And just how do you know where our Pokémon are?”

The Champion actively chuckled at this one. “I don’t know if you should be the one talking. You are the one who uses your advanced Pokémon as part of the Gym puzzle.” Rodney was left steaming, as usual, but he made no comeback; Roman took this as a cue to move on. “Now then. Your Pokémon will all be safe and sound in the Pokémon League Headquarters, here in Omegus City. I’ll keep you informed as to the state of the situation, but of course, you’re all welcome to perform your own individual examinations.” Roman looked down to his desk, and shuffled a few papers, before the sound of a door opening interrupted him. He glanced up for the briefest of moments, and then returned his focus to the screen. “…Oh dear, I have a visitor,” he said. “Well, that was all I needed to talk about. Enjoy your meeting, Gym circuit!”

The feed cut.

Rodney was too busy brooding to supply the usual snappy one-liner around which the rest of the conversation would begin, so Garret took the incentive, though not with any success. “…Wow… he could have, I don’t know, told us.”

Buck reclined in his seat, smirking over at the white-head. “What? Don’t tell me you’ve actually grown attached to that pile of scrap metal you used to call a Scizor?”

“…He was important,” said Garret weakly.

“Yeah, sure, whatever,” said Stathis. “Look, as the oldest currently present Gym Leader, I’m taking charge of this meeting. And I say we call it short and go check on our Gyms. I dunno about you, but I don’t like those guys going rifling through the place looking for our Pokéballs.” Buck (who was younger than Stathis only by two years, being 27) rolled his eyes, but went along with the plan, mostly because he wanted to get back to his Gym too. Those stupid League guys would surely have noticed that his little buddy wasn’t in the Gym, and heavens forbid they find out the hard way where he went.

…Not that he, you know, cared about their well being or anything. He just liked keeping his job.

This was the 57th meal they had brought her. They only brought meals in the morning and at night, and they had started in the morning, so that meant that this had to be the start of the 27th. Little tricks like these weren’t always apparent to mist people, but those in unusual situations typically found themselves inventing unusual ways to cope. And in this case, the scientist was doing just that. Keeping time was one of those little things that she thought would keep her from going insane down here.

The food was… unappetizing. But it was food. The room didn’t flood, she had supplies that had been left down here in long-forgotten crates — too bad there weren’t any long-forgotten escape routes, too. She had checked. Moved every barrel, inspected every inch of the place with what little light she had, and the results always turned to nil. This… wasn’t so bad, she would tell herself, when she was getting just a bit too delusional. It could have been worse. They could have killed her. Her own teammates, her own friends, they could have killed her. But they didn’t, they left her down here, while they did something up there. She’d lost track of the news. None of the Grunts were willing to tell her anything at all. She was forced to sit down there with her own thoughts, days upon weeks upon months on end. Solana had called it an ‘extended time out’, probably just to make fun of her.

“It gives you some time to think about what you’ve done,” she had explained, in her terribly condescending tone of voice.

Yeah, well, she’d had plenty of time to think about what she’d done. And she knew just as well as they did that they didn’t even need her for anything anymore; they were keeping her here only to make sure that she didn’t run away and spill their secret to the world. They had become terrible people, she knew that. But the question was, had they been turned this way by the experiments? Or had they been spiteful, hating, maniacal beings from the beginning? And why hadn’t she noticed it?

With surprising difficulty (was her energy draining?) the scientist stood up and walked over to the only visible door, ignoring the food for now. She knocked on it lightly, then with more force; predictably, no one came to open the door, and the scientist had known this was going to happen. Regardless, she kept pressing on, shouting through the door now. “Hello? Is anyone out there? Hikaru… Mach… anyone?”

Hysterically, no one was.

She slunk away from the door and sat back down again, this time slowly setting to work on the unappealing gruel that she had been consuming for the past month. This had to be a karmic scenario, she supposed for maybe the fiftieth time, of a scientist who committed strange experiments and then was betrayed by her own creations. But in a way — and this was the part that hurt — it was also of a silly little Trainer, betraying and betrayed by her very good old friends…

So, I just recently finished playing White. I'm very happy that the Pokémon series is finally taking a foray into actual plot (for once I feel as if I can't easily expand upon/massacre the storyline, which is a serious accomplishment!), but at the same time it's a little concerning because... well, some of the ideas were getting pretty close to the ones I made for this story in, like, 2009. Whoops. There's no striking similarities, but yeah, close.

EDIT: See, guys, this is what happens when you write climatic plot arcs in 2009 and put them into use in 2011. Professor Driftwood is actually perfectly fine; we're being subject to the torture of a certain other individual, which some of you may remember as a blast from the past.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Wings Have We

Because we've right now hit Chapter 40 in the story, I figured it was high time we made a little chapter compilation.

{xx} chapter navigation

{0} the beast of the sky stirs
{1} fate knows where you live

{2} you should watch this transformation
{3} it's enough you're growing up in such a hurry
{4} the way the universes go
{5} hyakugojuuichi
{6} we're gonna head down to the forest
{7} pokémon hunter s
{8} we're not nosy, we're just concerned (part 2)
{9} the meanness of resistance
{10} no boundaries (part 2)
{11} i'll come flying like a spark
{12} let's make tracks
{13} dancing ludicolo dance
{14} but who can name the face?
{15} i've got something to confess
{16} a little birdhouse in your soul
{17} the skeletons are catching up
{18} a name once heard... (part 2)
{19} defeat means unity, not friendship (part 2)
{20} i am a passerby
{21} catch! catch! catch!
{22} irresistible force, immovable object
{23} dna strands in my hair
{24} high above
{25} any way you've got to
{26} who you gonna call?
{27} invaders! encroachers! (part 2)
{28} please take me down (part 2)
{29} i'll fight them away through you
{30} the most hateful and cursed (part 2)
{31} casey and the amazing mirror
{32} brave chapter
{33} holon mirror world
{34} the spitfire story
{35} wings of innocence come off in the night
{36} it always begins in the cerulean sky
{37} take (to) the skies
{38} finding flame
{39} magma cavern
{40} the good old bait and switch
{41} star shrine
{42} the meaning of...

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

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Default Re: Wings Have We

{41} star shrine


Setting out the next morning, an unusual air of seriousness had fallen over the Groupie Galaxy. Nary a whine or complaint was to be heard. After a long, long night of once again looking over a mysterious briefcase, the Galaxy was now significantly better informed about what was going on, including what had happened to Grant and where he was. The documents had mentioned something about gathering every BDV grunt currently on duty (secretly, Caro had checked the listing, and was relieved to find the name ‘Cyrus Wolfe’ marked missing). They were all to be taken in what sounded like one of the biggest BDV headquarters in the Holon region, centered in the sprawling city of Omicropolis.

Unfortunately, even with Mt. Aposso out of the way, there was another mountain standing in the way of Casey’s company and their missing friend. However, this one promised to be significantly easier than the blistering-hot trek they had gone through for an ultimately futile goal called the Blazing Badge. There was a hiking trail over the mountain, this one christened Thetoile — though it was technically just as long as Mt. Aposso, there were no serious obstacles in the way, meaning that progress would be significantly faster. Instead of simultaneously seeking another exit from Mt. Aposso and finding the Magma Stone, the group decided that they would skip the Blazing Badge for now and come back for it later, after Grant had been rescued from the psychotic clutches of Team BDV.

After sorting out some of their unneeded inventory and placing it in the storage system (their bags were getting a little heavy), the Galaxy set off for Mt. Thetoile. Not even three hours later, they were standing in front of it, working out the passage fees; and twenty minutes after that, they were walking up Starstud Path, the ‘scenic route’ over the mountain. It was here where they encountered a problem.

“What do you mean the road’s closed?” Casey felt about ready to die.

“Told you, big rockslide,” the workman said, shrugging. “Sorry, kid, nothing I can do. If you want, you can go through the interior of the mountain, but there are a bunch of wild Pokémon in there…”

“We’re all Trainers here, Pokémon are fine,” said Casey.

“In that case, you’d be better off going in through that tunnel there.” The workman pointed to a turn they had just made, around which they knew was a hole in the mountain that could hardly be called a ‘tunnel’. “You can go back to the base and head in that way, but they’re still going to charge you about seven hundredPoké.”

“But we already paid three hundred to get up here!”

“You sure did,” he said. “That was with a refund.”

The group wisely decided to use the tunnel. However, as it turned out, Mt. Thetoile would not let Mt. Aposso best it in terms of aggravation; even though there was no Gym challenge to face, the mountain was still horrifically twisted, and the number of Golbats the group had faced was nearing on a thousand (and not in very large groups either) before they decided to take a break — in the words of Casey, to “heal up and get our bearings”. They weren’t doing a very good job.

“Does anyone have any Potions?” asked Caro, kneeling in front of his Azumarill worriedly. The only person who did was Clyde, and he handed it over with a grimace that suggested it was his last one. (He didn’t particularly need it, anyway; both his Slakoth and Vigoroth had fainted, and he was rifling around for any spare Revives.) Casey was working just as diligently as the others; his only Pokémon who was in any shape to fight, Larvitar, was currently standing guard against any incoming Golbats who wanted to approach the temporary hospital. Everyone’s attention was taken away from their Pokémon when the Pokémon emitted a loud shout, which Caro decided not to translate to the others as “Hell yes!”, only partially because he figured they were already thinking it anyway.

The small green Pokémon’s sand stream had trickled down to nothing, and as the Golbat collapsed to the ground in front of him, his body began to glow bright white. His arms and legs slid into his body, and the spike on his head expanded; it seemed as if the entire shape of the creature was changing, which it was. Finally, the glowing stopped, and Casey was presented with a slate blue, pointy cocoon, which was staring at him and balancing on its point.

“Pururu,” announced Pupitar loudly.

A general outcry of success followed this development; even Caro found it in him to nod grudgingly at the mid-stage Pokémon, who pretended not to notice. It wasn’t hard, either, all things considered. Casey actually laughed and picked the Pokémon up — much to his chagrin, without limbs he found himself unable to resist his Trainer’s hugging. “Well done!” he announced. “Well done, Pupitar!” The others chorused similar sentiments, including the Pokémon; Rotom, who had long since gotten over the punch-out incident the two had when they met, was cheering for Larvitar too. Sheridan was bouncing with renewed excitement and vigor, though she fortunately stopped herself from tackling the Ground-type in a fangirlish haze. Even Kaeo was chuckling to himself.

The excitement soon wore off, however, and it was replaced with the familiar concern that they were running low on supplies and still had half a Galaxy’s worth of injured Pokémon. The group had just finished apologizing to their still-fainted and hurt Pokémon, and moved on to packing up in order to move farther into the mountain. They walked for a short time, and when they came up to a fork in the road, they noticed a figure up ahead. It was standing still with one arm to its head — either thinking about where to go, or a person using a JAWS.

“Probably just a Pokémon,” Casey told them.

As they approached, though, they saw that it wasn’t a Pokémon; it was a red-haired woman in a large, sky-blue haori, who smiled as they approached. She spoke quickly into the device in her hand, which Sheridan at least recognized as a PokéGear, before putting it away and waving to them. “Hi!” she said, walking up. “Are you all going through the mountain too?”

“Yeah, to Omicropolis.” Casey nodded.

“Wow. Umm…” The woman put one hand to her chin for a moment, thinking. “…Well, if you need to get there, then I think you need to pass through Talwing Town first. Did you do that?”

The group shook their heads.

“No? Okay, that’s where you need to go, then. If you don’t go through Talwing Town then you’ll never get out the right exit to Omicropolis. Do any of you have a PokéGear?”

Casey stared at her blankly. “…Erm, what’s a PokéGear?”

Blinking in surprise, the lady held up the machine she had just been using. “This is a PokéGear, silly. Don’t you use them here? They can carry around applications, like phones and maps and things for you?”

“I have, um, this.” He shrugged and showed her the JAWS, which she took and inspected. “…Wow, that is weird,” she said. “I guess you guys use this thing more now. I came from Johto, you know, so everyone there uses PokéGears. …Well, anyway, it looks the same, so I think this should work.” She put the PokéGear and JAWS into one hand, and pulled from her pocket what appeared to be a USB drive. “This thing here is an add-on to the map function of the PokéGear,” she explained. “It’s called a GPS! Not only does it show you what town you’re in, but it also lets you zoom in so you can see a map through the route or cave or whatever. That’s what I’ve been using this whole time.”

“Wow! I’ve never heard of that.” Sheridan put her hands on her hips, looking at it thoughtfully. “When did they start selling it?”

“Oh, it’s not for sale to the public,” the woman said, giggling childishly. “They only sell it to certain people. My cousin is a Gym Leader in Johto, so he got one for me as a gift!” She smiled. “My cousin is very nice. You should meet him some time. …Anyway, want to see if it works on this, um, JAWS here?”

Casey blinked, having completely lost track of the conversation. “…Um. Sure.”

The lady poked around with both devices for a short while, and was rewarded with a cheerful ding, which made her beam from ear to ear. “Wow! It actually works! Teehee… here you go!” She presented Casey with his JAWS, obviously proud of herself. Casey took it with a more than slightly awkward smile.

“Hey, put that thing to use,” said Clyde. “Where’s the next town?”

“Erm…” With some help from the coat-wearing lady, Casey was able to get the GPS function to work. Its display was not promising. “Um, not for a while yet, I don’t think.” He foresaw a lot of running away in the group’s future — too many Pokémon stood between them and the promised land of the Talwing Town Pokémon Center. “Oh man. I can’t wait until we get there…”

“Huh? How come?” The lady paused for a moment, and then jumped. “Oh my gosh! Your Pokémon are all hurt! Let me heal them!”

“What? No, you don’t need to—” Casey was too late, and helpless to stop the woman from mercilessly descending upon the Groupie Galaxy and restoring their teams to full health. It made him wonder just how many Hyper Potions she had in those giant pockets of hers. After everyone was feeling better, the woman got another idea. “Oh, I know! You all must be tired. You should come back to my campsite with me.”

“Campsite? Why are you camping in a place like this?” asked Caro, returning the glare that a Golbat was sending him. He didn’t need to be fluent in Pokémian to know that they weren’t welcome here.

The woman wound into an exposition as the group followed her back through the mountain. “Well firstly, my name is Anima, Anima Ardall. And, er, there are lots of legends around this part of the Region that there’s a very special Pokémon who lives in this mountain. Her name is Jirachi.” Sheridan perked up at the last word, but held her expository urges so that Anima could continue. “Many people say that if someone can get to Jirachi’s home, somewhere in this cave, then she will grant any one wish the person requests. But the person has to be pure of heart, or else Jirachi will just appear to be a chunk of rock. I don’t know if I’m pure of heart or not… but I need to get that wish.”

“What are you going to wish for?” asked Caro, suddenly interested.

“…Something that I can’t get through any other means,” said Anima, now speaking much more quietly. “I’m looking for a cure. For a friend of mine. We go back a long way, and… I haven’t seen him in a long time, but I think something happened to him. And if it did, then the only way to heal him is through wishing…”

“…That’s pure of heart if I’ve ever heard it,” said Casey.

Anima stopped and turned around, looking at him uncomprehendingly.

“You’re coming here to speak to this ‘Jirachi’ so she can grant you a wish,” he continued. “You could easily wish for all the Poké in the world, or eternal luck, or more friends or something. But you’ve gone all this way to ask her to help someone else instead.”

She pondered this for a few minutes, then broke into a small smile. “Thank you.” She looked around then, and noticed something. “Hey, we’re back at my campsite! I’ll make you all some food, and then we can all go to bed. I’ll show you the way to Talwing Town tomorrow, if you want.” No one had any complaints for this idea, and after insisting that she could always go back to Talwing for more food (hence why she knew the way), Anima made everyone dinner. It wasn’t exactly a five-course meal, having been made in the middle of Mt. Thetoile amongst a swarm of aggravated Poison-types, but it was delicious nonetheless.

The next morning came somewhat comfortably, or at least as comfortably as it could be in the middle of a cave, and the diminished Groupie Galaxy got moving. As they walked, it was their turn to tell Anima a story, about what had happened to Grant; she wished them luck, agreed with their complaints that Team BDV were an awful thorn in everybody’s side, and gracefully accepted their thanks when they had reached the end of the road around noontime.

“Goodbye!” Anima waved from the foot of the cave, after the Groupie Galaxy had rejoiced at the presence of sun once again. “Good luck finding your friend!”

“And good luck finding Jirachi!” Casey hollered over his shoulder.

Before nightfall, they had made fantastic time to Talwing Town. They’d need to go back into the mountain later, but frankly, nobody cared at the moment; they just wanted to rest up and keep going. But unfortunately, their ‘fantastic time’ was very quickly challenged by another problem, and that was the issue of the Talwing Town Gym. Should they keep going and move on to find Grant faster, or should they stop and get the Gym out of the way? Most of that night, and the next morning, was occupied by a heated debate on the subject.

Eventually, the group reasoned that they would all just take a look around the Gym, and if it seemed simple enough to defeat (this part was stated with a grim tone of voice that could only mean remembrance of the Raxi Gym), they would take it out before continuing on. But if it wasn’t, they would move to Omicropolis and come back later, just like they were doing with Buck. No one knew what to expect when they approached the Talwing Town Gym, but speaking to a girl standing outside, they had a very unnerving and significant briefing.

“This is the Gym, right?” asked Casey, pointing to the building.

“Sure is!” The little girl smiled and smoothed out her dress. “It’s got lots of Bug-types in there! Everyone’s scared of them, but I think they’re cute.”

“Bug-types, huh?” Casey paused for a moment. Honchkrow immediately came to mind; with his array of Flying-type moves, he should be able to at least get a leg up in the oncoming battle. “Okay, thanks. What’s the Gym Leader like?”

He was hoping with all of his heart that the little girl wouldn’t say ‘Nobody knows’, but fortunately, she was all too happy to chatter on about the Gym Leader — while swooning. “Ooooh, he’s adorable!” Casey was reminded uncomfortably of Sheridan’s fangirl tendencies, but the girl also got out the fact that he was also a rock star and total hottie before Casey could squeeze out more relevant information.

“Oh, his name? It’s Garret. Garret! Isn’t that a great name?”

“White hair?” asked Clyde much more forcefully than he really needed to be, shoving Casey and Caro to the side. “Short? Girly? Plays bass guitar?”

“Yes! Yes, yes, yes!” The girl was bouncing up and down now. “He’s the greatest!”

All question of whether they would stay or go was dissolved in that moment. Screaming profanities at the top of his voice, Clyde all but barreled down the door to the Talwing City Gym, looking like he was more than happy to wring this ‘Garret’ person around the neck.

Fun fact: to date, Wings has 110,252 words, making it twice as long as the average NaNoWriMo novel.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)

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Default Re: Wings Have We

{42} the meaning of...

It was all Casey and the others could do to run in behind the rampaging Clyde – but fortunately, something else had already stopped him in his tracks, being the gym puzzle… or lack thereof. There was a large chasm standing between their platform and whatever was on the other side; it was so big that they couldn’t even see where the Gym Leader might have been, even if they wanted to. After the shock of this had worn off, the group turned to focus their attention on a certain red-faced drummer.

“Clyde, cut it out, will you?” Caro hissed first. “At least try to keep your head, huh?”

He didn’t look particularly moved by this gesture, unfortunately, so Sheridan tried again with slightly calmer tactics, but they too didn’t work as well as she had hoped; at least he wasn’t shouting profanities anymore, but he still looked like he wanted to wring this Garret fellow around the neck. But as the two of them continued to goad him, it descended into an argument, and quite a loud one at that.

In the end it was Casey who calmed him down… though not so diplomatically.

“Alright, alright, all of you shut up,” Casey demanded, standing on the edge of the platform and looking over the railing. “Bicker on your own time. We have better things to do.” His tone grew steadily more tense as he spoke, suggesting that everyone calm down in the same way that a Krookodile suggests that a Patrat be very, very afraid.

“Like what?” Clyde, like most Patrat, completely misses the memo.

“Like getting across this giant chasm so we can get out of here and go back to finding Grant!”

And so Clyde, also like most Patrat, was left to do nothing but stare while Casey the proverbial Krookodile bites his head off.

“…Thank you,” the ‘teenager’ said after a long pause, in which Caro and Sheridan also took on the role of the Patrats in our hypothetical wilderness scene. Fortunately, though, he was beginning to sound like a rational human being again. “…Okay. Does anyone see any way we can get across the room?” While everyone else looked, he turned around and did so as well, having been ungraciously interrupted from his previous attempt.

“No… but there is a scoreboard over there.” Caro pointed, somewhat meekly (!), to a side of the room in which there was indeed a LED board hung up on the wall. It was differentiated from most scoreboards by one little modification: half of the board was taken up by your typical number and possession-of-ball areas, but the other half was occupied by one giant patch. It seemed like its only purpose was to scream “GOOOOAL” when such an achievement was reached, but of course, that would be silly. No one would waste so much electricity on something like that.

“Are we supposed to play some sort of game?” Sheridan tapped a finger to her chin.

“I’d say so,” replied Casey. “I wonder if anyone’s around… Hey!” He shouted this last part out to the room, seeing no one else around, even on the pedestal on the other side of the room.

From their left, there came a soft sound, and it took them a moment to realize that was the noise of a door opening. By then it was too late; a man, making up in confidence what he lacked in height, strode out and approached Casey with consideration and grace. Based off of his interesting red-and-black outfit, our friend the challenger assumed with great foresight that this man was Garret, the resident Gym Leader. He also assumed with great foresight that there would be a force like a herd of linebackers about to rush past him, and so he shifted slightly to the left; it worked. This was just enough to keep Clyde from owing up to his promise of wringing Garret’s neck.

Before he could even start speaking, though, Garret interjected with a smooth and composed tone. “Good day, challenger,” he said, smiling pleasantly. “I see you’ve brought my brother with you. How considerate.”

“‘How considerate’?!” Clyde shouted, sidestepping Casey and storming up to his much shorter brother. “You could have thought about ‘considerate’ when you ditched us in that damn forest!”

“…I left a note,” said Garret.

“Oh, a note, a freaking note, great. Great! Now we all know where you are and why you left because you left a freaking note!”

Garret looked completely unfazed by this outburst, and though his smile dimmed, he showed no sign of wanting to shout back. Instead, he adopted a very serious expression. “Regardless of what… your opinion is on the matter, brother, it is nothing that cannot be discussed in a private arena, when I do not currently have a challenger waiting.” His expression was perfectly calm, and yet even Casey cringed at the severity of his tone.

The conversation went on like this, but not for long. Clyde eventually grew tired of being talked to in words he didn’t quite understand, and grudgingly allowed himself to be brought off into a side room while Casey handled the ‘urgent business’ that he had come here for: the Gym Badge.

“Eh… is this a bad time, or…?” Casey had evidently lost most of his leaderly attributes now that the crisis had passed. And so, as it seemed, had Garret.

“No, not at all. I’m sure we could fit a match in. I’m afraid I neglected to introduce myself; I am Garret. A pleasure to meet you.” He extended his hand to shake.

“Er, Casey. You too.” He did so feeling vaguely stupid. Though of course he had no way of knowing it, a feeling of vague stupidity is a very common ailment to those who challenged the Talwing Town Gym. “So you’re his, uh, brother?”

“Yes, I was just about to ask about that. What happened?” Garret tilted his head to the side.

“Well, we met him and the, uh, rest of them out in the Holon Forest. It was a while ago. Er… they sent Clyde with us in order to find you. Since I was going all around the Region and all, for the Gym Badges. They figured I’d find you somewhere. And I guess I did.”

“And they didn’t know I was a Gym Leader?” Garret chuckled. “Typical.”

Casey nodded, unsure of what to say.

“Well, at any rate… let’s carry on with what you came here for, yes?” Garret smiled charismatically. And a second later, he answered his own question. “Well, as you may be aware, many – if not all – Holon League gyms have a ‘puzzle’ that contenders are expected to complete before they may defeat the Gym Leader. The Talwing Town Gym is slightly different. Instead of a puzzle that must be completed without the use of Pokémon, it is the Pokémon itself which completes the puzzle for you… and the puzzle is not a puzzle at all, but a competition.” He smiled at Casey’s completely bewildered look. “Casey, friend, have you ever heard of PokéRinger?”

“Um, no.”

“I see. It is mildly popular in Hoenn and Sinnoh, but even fewer have heard of it here.” Garret readjusted his jacket. “The rules are quite simple. We will be playing a miniature game of PokéRinger, with each side having one Pokémon to his name, unlike the game standard of two. As I said, it is a miniature variant, which means the first person to score a goal is the winner. Simply pick a Pokémon of yours that can fly, and we’ll continue from there.”

“But won’t I be at a disadvantage?” asked Casey. “I’ve never heard of this before, and you’ve been probably doing it for years.”

“Not at all. My Pokémon will be just as inexperienced as yours.” Garret waved the notion off like it was a wayward fly. “I only have one Pokémon who is particularly trained for PokéRinger, and he is… otherwise indisposed right now. So we’re both starting fresh.”

“Okay,” he said. “What are the rules?”

Garret smiled, looking like he knew that was the answer Casey was going to give. “Both of our Pokémon must be those which can fly, but not necessarily Flying-types. The goal of the game is to take a ring that is floating on a balloon, and hang it on a spire that is lying in the middle of the field.” As he spoke, what had to be the arena churned to life behind him. From the floor came a three-pronged cone that was clearly to be the spire, and the ring was soon in sight, attached to a red and yellow balloon, hanging perfectly in the middle of the arena. “Pokémon are allowed to use any move in their arsenal. The first Pokémon to hang the ring off of the spire gets the point; and since we are playing for one point and one point only, that Trainer will also win the game. Do you understand?”

“…I do,” said Casey, his mind and eyes focused on the things going on behind Garret.

“Good. Whenever you’re ready, we can begin.” Garret gave the three of them a slight bow and left through the door he came from, reappearing shortly afterwards on the other side of the abyss – or arena, as it were. Casey turned around to face his two remaining friends.

“Never heard of it,” said Caro, shrugging.

“I’m from Hoenn, but I never looked into it. Sorry, Casey, you’re on your own for this one.”

“Oh, great…” Casey’s mind went to his current Pokémon team. Honchkrow would be the obvious choice. No one else could actually do it, for no one else had wings. Briefly, he humored the thought of digging out that stupid Hoothoot he’d been given by Giratina, but just as quickly, he realized what Garret had said about using moves in the match; all his Pokémon had to do was throw an attack at it, and it would be down, making him lose the match by default.

Well, at least he didn’t just laugh it off.

He sent Honchkrow out and giving him a briefing on what exactly was going to happen (with lots of animated pointing and translation from Caro, due to Casey’s less-than-stellar powers of explanation). Fortunately, it didn’t take too long, and the two approached their side of the platform; Honchkrow looked cocky, as usual, and Casey was assuming the line-face which was soon becoming his typical expression at the beginning of a fight.

“Is everyone ready?” asked Garret cheerfully, watching as a referee went to stand on the edge of Casey’s side of the arena. “Yes? Good. Let’s begin.” He unclipped a Pokéball from his belt and threw it into the air. “Out you come, Scizor!”

According to the Pokémon League records of Garret’s team, he had two Scizors and a Scyther. Not particularly original as far as type variation went, but hey, it got him through; even besides this, Garret’s good publicity had never hurt him when the Pokémon Inspection Agency came knocking. But like the other Gym Leaders on the Holon circuit, one of his Pokémon was a little… different than the rest of its species, in this case a Scizor. This, obviously, was not that Scizor.

Honchkrow was sent out as well, employing his usual strategy of belting out insults at the opposing Pokémon until it had been sufficiently faked out. For this Scizor, surprisingly, it actually seemed to work; standing on the very edge of the platform, it actually looked back at Garret once or twice, as if unsure if this was really such a good idea. The Gym Leader was steady in his reassuring grins and polite gestures to kindly get back to the fight. Eventually, Scizor gave up and let himself to his fate.

A buzzer rang across the arena, and both Pokémon all but sprang off of their landings like a diving board. Each one was headed straight for the ring, and though Scizor was larger and had the advantage of reaching out with its claws, Honchkrow was the first one to claim it. He had a small bit of difficulty unhooking it, though; it seemed the thing was jammed, and so Honchkrow began yanking at the cord while rapidly trying to fly away from Scizor, who was now catching on.

One of Scizor’s pincers (which had sharpened themselves) raked the side of the balloon, still attached, and the whole thing promptly began to deflate. It was being held only by the ring, which itself was only being held up by Honchkrow… and without air to hold it apart, the heavy fabric of the balloon was suddenly several pounds of dead weight. Unfortunately, Honchkrow’s body was simply not built for carrying this weight (without the use of a special move like Fly), and so the bird dropped.

Scizor, of course, was right there to pick up the ring as he fell.

The Pokémon grabbed the ring in one of its pincers, snapping the cord easily as it closed. While the balloon was falling uselessly to the floor, Scizor had already reached the wall and was springing off of it in the opposite direction, once again like a diving board, and was hurtling across the room.

“Ach… Honchkrow, Pursuit! Go after it!”

If Fly was a move that increased a Pokémon’s strength for carrying a human, Pursuit was a move that increased a Pokémon’s speed for catching a quick-moving foe. Almost as if he had honed in on the Bug-type, Honchkrow practically rocketed into Scizor, knocking it well off track and into the wall. Though the Pokémon was far from defeated, the ring had been dropped, and a quick swipe from Honchkrow was all it took for him to reclaim the coveted circle of plastic and wood. Without even needing to be told the Dark-type wheeled around once again and dove straight for the spire in the center of the ring.

“Take it again!” shouted Garret. “Don’t let Honchkrow open your claw!”

Using one of its pincers like a wrecking ball, Scizor jumped off the wall again and slammed its arm into Honchkrow. The bird, which was faster but definitely not stronger, went once again hurtling into the aether, leaving Scizor to happily snap up the ring. It was thus contained in Scizor’s hollow pincers, which then began to shine gray; it had to be an Iron Claw, but not for attack, but defense. With the pincer now taking on the properties of a single chunk of metal, there was no way it could be opened without Scizor calling off the attack, even if Honchkrow pecked at it all day long.

Which, incidentally, is what he did.

Honchkrow went flying towards Scizor, spinning around with Drill Peck on full throttle. Predictably, it failed, leaving Honchkrow severely dazed and barely able to keep in the air. Scizor took this opportunity to let the Metal Claw go, once again utilizing its wrecking-ball attack and sending Honchkrow spiraling down. He hit the floor with a very definitive crunch, and Scizor unhooked his claws, throwing the ring around so it could get it in a grip that could be moved onto the spike.

It took the Steel-type a few moments, but sooner or later he had the ring in the proper alignment, and was headed for the spire again. It allowed glances down at Honchkrow every so often, but since the bird showed no signs of movement, not an awful lot of attention was paid. Though not going particularly slowly, it was taking his time with it, making sure to balance the ring on its pincer so that it wouldn’t fall and the entire thing would be for moot.

And then, it took a Shadow Ball to the stomach.

Casey hadn’t even given the order; he sat there just as stunned as Garret and everyone else was. They watched as Scizor fumbled at length to regain control of the ring, ultimately failing. It fell right into Honchkrow’s waiting beak – on the floor of the arena. He hadn’t been able to fly, so he walked. But now he could, apparently, and flapping its wings somewhat frantically, Honchkrow took off and hung the ring without a hitch.

Once the Groupie Galaxy had finished locating their collective jaws and picking them up from the floor, they all looked at Garret, anxious to see his reaction. By that point, he had wiped the surprise off his face and had returned to his usual charismatic smile.

“Well then,” he said. “It seems I must come to a decision.”

Once again, Casey found something flying with high velocity towards his head. Everyone seems to be doing that these days.

~ World famous singing sensation, Stefan Gordy.

(For the longest time I was telling myself that I would come back to PE2K once I had something artsy and cool to contribute... but that's too much effort. GIRA IS BACK!)

(vpp da)
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