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Old 08-22-2009, 09:05 PM
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Default mitlotic help

i got a feebas and got beauty up all the way and shes still not evolving what do i need to do

also is there anything red shard and blue shard do to help you

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Old 08-22-2009, 09:43 PM
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Default Re: mitlotic help

If you have the Beauty to maximum, then all you need to do is level it up one level.
Old 08-22-2009, 11:09 PM
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Default Re: mitlotic help

Yes, one level up and you shall have your pink sea serpent!
Old 08-30-2009, 02:37 AM
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Default Re: mitlotic help

Originally Posted by Murder Crow View Post
i got a feebas and got beauty up all the way and shes still not evolving what do i need to do

also is there anything red shard and blue shard do to help you
level up feebas to get milotic, as everyone else has said.
red shard=fire stone
blue shard= water stone
this happens when you trade them with the shard maniac (whatever he is called)
yellow shard=thunderstone
green shard= leaf stone
just for future reference.
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Old 10-20-2009, 12:55 AM
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Default Re: mitlotic help

I dont know if this will help but...

When i traded Feebas to my LeafGreen it evolved after level 20, and i didnt have to increase the Beauty.
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Old 12-11-2009, 07:00 PM
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Default Re: mitlotic help

It's very simple. Get Feebas' beauty to 170 points (usually max) and then carry it up one level
Old 12-11-2009, 07:06 PM
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Smile Re: mitlotic help

Step 1: Finding Feebas: You will need to have the move "Surf"(HMO3) taught to one of your pokemon and a SUPER ROD, no other rod. Go to Fortree city and go west. Find the place were you can jump into the water. There are approximately 400 squares in this particular body of water. I suggest searching every square in the pattern below



You should search every square and not leave a square till you get a bite. More is a bit of overkill but any slacking is enough to let Feebas get away.

There are probably about 6 squares were the Feebas will appear. Our theory is that in that Dewford town craze house, making a craze with "Feebas" in its name will increase your chances and changing your craze will reset the spots they will be in.

Usually if you find Feebas, another one will be either in the same spot or very, very close by. I suggest you try to catch both a Male and a Female because you will be able to breed them and if the one you caught is the wrong personality (Read down the FAQ to see the personality guide), you can breed another one.

We also liked doing this because we can train our Milotics from Level 5 or 6 so they will be a little bit stronger than one trained from around level 20-30.

Step 2: Check your Feebas: This shouldn't take to long to do but it is always useful.

First, we all recommend you check Feebas' personality. If it is any of the following:




If your Feebas is any of these, it is suggested you breed them to get another one. The reason is because these personalities hate dry pokeblocks, the type used for raising beauty. I wouldn't bother trying to evolve it.

Step 3: Evolving your Feebas: This is the most difficult part. Until you finish this step, your stuck with an ugly fish.

You will need to find and blend the correct pokeblocks for raising the beauty of Feebas. Remember, a Pokemon will only eat 12 pokeblocks before it won't eat anymore, ever. These are the berries and what level Indigo/Blue pokeblocks they make. We have grouped them for convenience.

Group A berries (Level 10-12 pokeblocks)

Pic Berry

Bluk Berry

Oran Berry

Lum Berry

Group B berries (Level 23-25 pokeblocks)

Kelpsy Berry

Hondew Berry

Cornn Berry

Group C berries (Level 45 pokeblocks)

Pamtre berry

These are the berries we know that create the correct pokeblocks. We always just find a couple of Cornn, Kelpsy or Hondew berries, grow them heaps in the Berry Master's garden then use them all to make decent level 23-25 pokeblocks and use them all on the Feebas. After that, attach exp share to Feebas and battle with your strong pokemon until it grows a level and evolves. Alternatively, if you are a lazy bum, use a rare candy and it will grow a level and evolve.

Tips and Tricks for Feebas and Milotic: Most people like breeding a female Feebas with a pokemon with a good move to give their Feebas a boost for when it becomes a Milotic. Here is an example.

Training a male Lileep to learn Confuse Ray then breeding it with a female Corsola. You hopefully get a male Corsola with Confuse Ray. You then breed it with a female Feebas to get a Feebas with Confuse Ray.

This and many other breeding tricks will make a dream Milotic. And training it from level 5 makes it a lot stronger than training from level 25. Here is a chart of other egg moves of Feebas.

Move Pokemon to breed it with


Mirror Coat Corsola

Mud Sport Mudkip

Dragonbreath Altaria, Bagon

These are the level up moves of Feebas and Milotic

Feebas level-up move list:

Move Type Level


Splash Normal 1

Tackle Normal 15

Flail Normal 30


Milotic level-up move list:

Move Type Level


Water Gun Water 1

Wrap Normal 5

Water Sport Water 10

Refresh Normal 15

Water Pulse Water 20

Twister Dragon 25

Recover Normal 30

Rain Dance Water 35

Hydro Pump Water 40

Attract Normal 45

Safeguard Normal 50
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