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Old 03-23-2007, 04:59 PM
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Default Moves and STAB

I have been playing PMD for some time now and have noticed that moves used by same type pokemon seem to do a lot more damage than ones that are not. I am almost positive that there is STAB in this game much like the other pokemon games however I have looked both through this forum and at damage calculations on seperate sites and there seems to be no mention at all about STAB.

My question is... is there anyone here that has experienced the same thing as me and if anybody know anything about this that I have missed?


I did some more looking into the subject and found out that there is in fact STAB in this game. When a pokemon uses a move that matches its type, the effectiveness of the move by 1.5 (exactly like the other games).

I guess there isn't much more to discuss in this thread. It can be closed now.

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