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Old 02-14-2007, 01:13 PM
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Default New League RP /--\ Roleplay

New League

Terran is a new region, already colonized but not organized. By popular demand, the Pokemon League Association has sent a crack team to organize a pokemon league in Terran. Your job is to organize a pokemon league in this region, building gyms one at a time. I will be participating as an overseer, and I will give information on the areas as you go through them. You must build here in order of the list I've made, so you'll need to make sure the materials for a gym can be shipped there, meaning you need to clear paths to the towns so that the trucks can come. You must start a grand pokemon league to inspire trainer in this region! Build a league in Terran!

(Dark Green) Lushburg is a basic city surrounded by farms. The generic brand of bug, normal, and flying pokemon are found around here. A Grass type gym must be built here. Taken: Snowball Sunday

(Pale Green) Woodcrest is not as lush an area as Lushburg, but the pokemon that live there live high in the trees, and it marks the transition between Lushburg and Hilltop, covering half of the other side of the mountain. Like in Hilltop, hardy pokemon live here. Your job here is to build a Bug type gym. Taken: TVTMaster

(Orange) Hilltop is a city nestled in a valley in the midst of rocky cliffs. Near the base, vegetation grows and hardy pokemon make their home. A Ground type gym must be built here. Taken: Gun6

(Purple) Mineridge is a community based off of mining, where caves are deep and pokemon that live there abound. It's fairly close to Hilltop. Here, you need to make a Rock type gym. Taken: Larvinator

(Navy) Smokeport is a busy industrial city, located on the coast near Lushburg. The sea nearby is wide and rocky, and deep-sea pokemon live there rather than the shallow-water pokemon of Marshville and Streamtown. A river flows from the east bound of the city, seperating Lushville and Woodcrest. You must make a Poison type gym. Taken: Draconic_Espeon

(Neon Green) Streamtown is where the river splits into many streams, and amphibious pokemon that like a wet environment come here. A Flying gym will be built here. Taken: Sceptile Frost

(Blue) Marshville is located in a marshy area, where bug pokemon and pokemon that live near the coast abound. Dunes are good for finding common sand pokemon. The beach is a popular place. Build a Water type gym here. Taken: lonewolf

(Red) Spineplains is in a desert, where pokemon that come out in the blazing desert heat live. People here have lots of money but a lack of food. It's hard to cross, but the Spine Desert leads to Megametro, a big city. A Fire type gym is a good idea here. Taken: Deathspector

(Gold) Stockholm is a vast region of grass and plains, where farmers make their living selling grain. Many rough and tumble pokemon like out here, along with a number of bugs and a few fire pokemon. Make a Normal type gym. Taken: Tyranitar_Trainer

(Black) Megametro is a large city, where many rare urban pokemon reside. Poison and electric types populate the outskirts. Lots of commerce takes place here. A Steel type gym will be made here. Taken: Eeveeking929

(Dark Red) Browncamp is a logging town where pokemon that live in the dark flourish. The trees provide constant shade, no matter the season. Bug pokemon also abound. A Dark type gym is to be here. Taken: Daneb

(Pink) Grecoland is a city on flat, rocky, sandy ground where the Terran Games are held. It appears to be in ruins, but the real facilities lie underground. Above the ground live fighting pokemon and psychic types. A Fighting type gym is to be here. Taken: sonickid01

(Deep Blue) Dracopoint is a hard to reach area, surrounded by fierce dragon pokemon. Only strong trainers come here, and legendary pokemon surround this place. Here you will contstruct the Elite Four building. It'll be hard to get the gym supplies up this mountain... Not available.


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Old 02-15-2007, 09:20 PM
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Default Re: New League RP /--\ Roleplay

OOC: All American Rejects pwn j00. And first post. wh00t!


“I say my Pokemon are better!” Mark yelled.

“And I say they’re not!” Tiger retorted.

“Now, now, settle down, boys,” Shale said in a disgusting baby-talk voice. “I think both of your Pokemon are simply superb!”

“Yeah, but we’re trying to see which one is more superb, Granny,” Tiger snapped angrily. Then he turned to Mark. Fury was burning in Tiger’s green eyes. “For the record, Shieldon is a far better Pokemon than that little lizard of yours.” The triceratops-like Pokemon at his feet snorted and threw its head in the air proudly. The T-rex Pokemon at Mark’s feet snorted and stomped his foot, curved like a talon with wickedly sharp claws, in response.

“You tell that clown, Zuga!” Mark cried. “Zuga” was his nickname for the dinosaur at his feet.

Mary rolled her eyes at the scene and turned to stare at the canvas wall of their lovely tent. It was bigger than most tents, but when you bunk with Tiger and Mark, no mansion is big enough. The soft drumming of rain on the premium-brand Furniture Base tent mixed in with the two shouting voices.

“Mine are better!”

“No, mine!”




“Your-wait a minute!” Tiger glared at him.

Mark roared in laughter. “Fooled you!”

“You filthy-“

Tiger was cut off as Joel poked his head in timidly.

“Do you think you can lower the overall volume your speaking voices?” he asked timidly. “I am attempting to meditate, but I am finding it quite difficult under these circumstances. Many thanks,” he added as he ducked back out into the rain.

This stopped them for about two seconds. Then they went at it again.




Mary had just about had it. Not only were these woods freaking her out, but also the stress of having to camp out and wait for supplies was starting to get to her.

“Hey, you wanna take this outside?” Tiger growled.

“That is an excellent idea,” Mary grumbled. Seeing their uncomprehending faces, she added, “Now. Out. I mean it.”

Grumbling about the rain and bugs, they slowly stepped out of the tent.

“May I stay, darling?” Even though Shale was nearly 50 years old, she had quickly learned to respect Mary’s authority.

“If you try and stay quiet,” Mary grumbled.

“Alright. Whatever you say, darling.”

Mary rummaged through her knapsack as Tiger and Mark started up again. Sighing, she pulled out an Ipodkemon and turned it onto her favorite song. She had to drown those nutjobs out somehow, right? As she listened, she began to sing under her breath.

“I’ll keep you my dirty little se-cret…”
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Old 02-16-2007, 08:45 PM
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Default Re: New League RP /--\ Roleplay

"Pick me up, been bleeding too long. Right here, right now, I'll stop it, somehow..."

I sighed as I sat in the back of the shipment caravan truck, feeling every bump and ditch the tires hit. I could have easily gotten out and walked alongside, as slow as they were going. Something about not wanting to lose any of the supplies.

Now, as the truck rolled over a large rock, I bounced high into the air, nearly knocking myself stupid on the roof. A few of the lighter, but by no means soft, supplies rolled off a storage ledge and pelted me before landing in a heap near me. As I came back down hard onto my seat, I couldn't hold in the curse that ejected itself from my mouth.

"That's it, I'm walking," I muttered as I rubbed the various parts of my body that been hit by the packages. I scooted to the front of the back, threw my legs over the edge, and heaved myself out of the truck. After a few dancing steps to keep my balance, I stretched with a wince. My whole body was sore from the long hours of bouncing and riding, and now I was paying for it.

However, I was soon free of stiffness and soreness, and began walking with the caravan. It didn't take long for them to stop though, and put together a camp for the night, since it was getting late and a storm was brewing on the horizon. I helped in pitching the tents and putting tarps over the trucks to keep the supplies inside dry and secure, then went to my own tent and unrolled a sleeping bag. I had no sooner gotten it down than the storm arrived, and I was glad we'd stopped when we did.

After making sure everything was in place for when I was ready to go to bed, I went back outside to see how things were going. Surprisingly, the storm was already letting up. The sudden, fierce torrent of rain had dulled out to a faint sprinkling. Still, it wouldn't last long, as the bulk of the storm had yet to arrive. In the distance I could see two young men, one with a Zugaidos, and the other with a Shieldon. I wondered what they were doing, but didn't bother to go over and find out. Instead, I released Miki from her Ball.

The Milotic stretched langoriously in the soft rain, glad to be free from her Ball. She then slithered off to a relatively deep puddle, and I smiled as I watched her relax. Sharudon and Shiko wouldn't appreciate being released in this kind of weather, what with Sharudon being part Fire type and Shiko just being old.

I stretched one more and sighed, then headed back inside my tent and sat on my sleeping bag. Within a day or two we'd be at Lushburg, where the building and colonization of Terran would begin. I couldn't help but smile at the thought. I would be part of something big, something great, and I just couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.
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Old 02-16-2007, 10:05 PM
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Default Re: New League RP /--\ Roleplay

The caravan had halted, and tents were set up quickly. Rin had dived into her own, the one she was going to share with Jenny, while Dalton, Armond, and Roger were occupying the one next to it, before the storm hit. The ninja-wanna be sat in one corner, her Venonat sitting on her lap. She didn't seem to like storms much, and winced whenever thunder struck.

"I-is it bad?" She asked a little shakily.

"Hard to tell," Rin told her bluntly. "I'm not exactly familiar with the weather in the area, so I can't say for certain." Jenny shivered before quickly standing.

"I think I'll go into the other tent. To, to see Armond." She ducked out, and Rin saw her siloette run to the other tent. Rin sighed with relief.

"Good. With her over there, I can actually think in piece." She had been stuck with Armond, Jenny, and Dalton along with their belongings and building materials all day, because it was Roger who knew the layout of the land and was directing the driver, and was at her wit's end. She didn't have much patience to begin with, and they had severely tried it.

It would be another day of riding before they reached Smokeport, and they wouldn't have time to begin much of anything when they got there. Preparations for lodging would be first. Smokeport was home to a hotel, which was a blessing. No more tents would be needed. Then, they would begin laying the foundation for the gym. Rin rubbed her temples. It was going to be a long process.

Eventually, she took a Pokeball from her belt and released Daiki. The purple rabbit immediately noticed his trainer's mood. And jumped onto her lap. Rin's lips just barely curled into a smile, and she gently stroked him, being careful of his poisonous barbs.

(Sorry 'bout the wait. )

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Old 02-17-2007, 01:49 AM
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Default Re: New League RP /--\ Roleplay

OOC: Sorry for not posting, TVT. Your rp's are awesome (like the Virtual Reality one a year ago.)


Landon James looked out from his little pup tent, the sky cascading with light droplets of rain. The drizzle had been slowly weakening throughout the night, and now had been reduced to a lesser existence. Landon stepped out slowly, feeling the urge to relieve himself.

He walked away from the large collection of tents, the sizes ranging from large and laborious to small and easy like his own. He scanned the night landscape, a lonely group of stars piercing the grey-black dome of clouds. Hardly visible was a stand of trees, a quarter of a mile from the large trucks and Tent City.

Landon quickly walked towards the small clump of trees, reaching down to his belt and releasing Enperuto as he walked. His pokemon immerged, a light click of satisfaction as the ice penguin raised his sapphire wings and let the rain fall over him. The king penguin waddled forward to keep up with his trainer, and Landon returned a smile of affection for his first pokemon.

Looking back now, it was hard to believe that that little Pochama he had recieved in Twin Leaf had ever grown to be so large, so strong. But wasn't it true! Despite his relative inactivity in regards to training as he pursued a degree in engineering at Saffron College, the Enperuto remained strong and adept at all the attacks he had learnt and mastered throughout their trekking through Japan.

The thick clump now was upon him, and he picked his way forward into the high underbrush to a shorter patch. Unzipping his jeans, he sighed in relief and closed his eyes, drops of rain and sweat mixing on his face.
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Old 03-10-2007, 09:04 PM
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Default Re: New League RP /--\ Roleplay

Crud! Haven't been on in eternity!

Ken stood up and looked around. The grey, metal town bustled about him as he wandered about restlessly. The underground suburb was always moving. Everything was. Nothing was quiet anymore. Only his gym.

The gym.

Ken looked at his sleek, silver watch. 4:30. Time to get back to building his gym. His Breloom ran nearby, a grin on its face. Ken smiled back and recalled his Pokemon.

The construction was not far away. It was simply a large, empty plot of land with a few metal bars hanging from the sturdy, dirt ceiling like stalagmites. No workers. No loud noise. It was just a secluded part of the town, where he could meditate in quiet. Plus, building something by himself gave Ken a feeling of satisfaction.

"Strength! Wisdom! Time to build!" he called as he set forth in completing more of his gym.
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