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Old 01-25-2007, 10:59 PM
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Default Re: Mortal Divergence Information Vault

  • Capital Continent: Uskot
  • Capital City: Manek City
  • Cities:
    • (Laterz)
  • Important Government Buildings:
    • Ramdyne Federal Prison
  • Military Bases:
    • The Tower
    • Fort Manek

  • Secondary Continent: Dymarion
  • Capital City: Slishsha City
  • Cities:
    • (Laterz)
  • Important Government Buildings:
    • AMS Deathwing
    • Ramdyne Central Post Office

  • Secondary Continent: Lastat
  • Capital City: Astrohang
  • Cities:
    • Moe's
    • Bubba's Bar
    • Century Cantina
    • Pimpin' Joe's Cantina & Brothel
  • Important Government Buildings:
    • Ramdyne Center for Crystal Meth Prevention

  • Island Chain: Combine
  • Capital City: Island 7
  • Cities:
    • Island 1
    • Island 2
    • Island 3
    • Island 4
    • Island 5
    • Island 6
    • Island 8
    • Island 9
    • Island 10
  • Important Government Buildings:
    • Aqua Center for Recruition & Training

  • Space Station: Aqua Dark Storm 'Hellsky' Space Station
  • Team Aqua Ramdyne & Calmencia Fleet Listing
    • ASM Spacewing
    • R-UFGs (400x)
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Old 02-04-2007, 08:00 AM
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Default Re: Mortal Divergence Information Vault

-Type: Transportation
-Description: A Raven is a transport chopper (like the U.S.) but it has two laser turrets on the bottom left and right and is very heavily armored to with stand even the most powerful of rpgs. The front of a Raven is made up of the most durable of metals and the duel propellers allowing the pilot just out of flight school will have almost no difficulty maneuvering in caves or cities (like Reglay) that have enemy insurgents firing at it constantly.
-Completion and Posts: Yes I am still working on it and it should take me 20 posts to complete (5% a post). An Yes I have started with it.
-Name: The Cs-598 assault Sniper rifle

-Looks: Standard assault rifle with a add on barrel.

-Type: Weapon

-Description: The Cs-598 is a standard assault rifle with an add on barrel (if you have light weapons combat training) that increases its power and accuracy by 120 fold. The Cs-598 fires a laser which is focused through a 4 cm telephoto lens that is also used for tacking photos for artillery to identify targets easier and get a better view of the battle field. The lens also has a switch (like a safety switch) that allows it to tack thermal, geothermal, and night vision pictures. Some other things you need to know is that the Cs-598 has an attachment Usb port so it can upload the images onto the main frame of the A.M.S. Deathwing. The Cs-598 comes with a head set to listen to conversations that are over a distance of 3 football fields. The Cs-598 assault sniper rifle has a broad band connection to put things and watch instructional videos in the scope (which has a magnification rate of 300x more then the normal human eye.

-Completion and Posts: Yes I am still working on it, it should take about 5 posts to complete it (because it is only the first model and has a some what high efficiency rate.
-Name: Combat medic armor

-Looks: Combat Medic armor is just like the Mk1 battle armor

-Type: Defense

-Description: Combat Medic armor is just like the Mk1 battle armor but has more protection, it has an amplifying system so a Combat medic can hear some one calling Corman (Medic) and so that A medic can hear an enemy sneaking up behind Him/Her.
-Completion and Posts: Yes I'm still working on it.

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