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Stories Write a story to catch Pokemon. A Grader will then decide if it catches or not.

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Old 01-29-2007, 06:59 AM
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Default ~*~Alone in the world~*~

"Daddy! Stop!" I choked back tears as my Dad slammed me against the wall.
"No! I know you were going to run away again, Ssssseni!!! I know! You were with that Pokemon!" Daddy was drunk. As always."I forbid you to ever see that pokemon again!"
I bit my lip."No! You can't do that! Shadow Jirachi is my friend! NO!"
"You pokemon infessssted girl!" He slapped me, making me fall down onto the hard floor.
I turned and bolted out of the house. Knowing Daddy, he would probably go to his room, apoligize later, then go buy more alchohol.


My daddy never liked me. I knew that much. Team Magma...Ugh...I hate them...They did this to me...

"Where am I?!" A younger me was strapped to a table. I struggled against the bond.
"No use struggling, little girl." A man walked into the room.
"M-M-Maxxie?!" I was shocked. I knew him as the man who was always giving me candy.
"Yes. But not the one you knew. I am the leader of Team Magma."
"Team Magma?!"
"We are an organazation of theives who want to awaken the legendary pokemon Groudon."
"You stay away from Groudon!" I struggled against the bonds more.
"We need you for an experiment. So stay put."
"Experiment? What do you-?!" He brought in a mirror and showed me my face. I screamed. My ears werent there. Instead, two espeon ears were on the top of my head.
"Now, to begin the research..."
"Let her go, Maxxie!" A voice boomed. I knew who it was. A black Jirachi flew into the room, red eyes glaring at Maxxie.
"Ah, Shadow Jirachi. Good to see you. Here for the reunion?"
"No," Shadow Jirachi used Night shade to break the bonds. I broke out.
"Oh no!" Maxxie ran at me.
"Plusle, I choose you!" I threw a pokeball, sending out a Plusle."Plusle, Thundershock!"
"Pluuuuuussssssle!!!" There was a boom, then we escaped.

That was when I met Shadow Jirachi. He was the only one that made me feel...Well...That I belonged.
I stopped when I got into the forest. I sat down by a tree, hugging my knees and crying my heart out.
"Seni?" It was Shadow Jirachi. He floated down to me, sitting down beside me in the grass."What happened?"
"D-daddy he..." I just continued to sob.
"Its okay, Seni," He floated onto my head."I'm here now. Remember my promise? I will always watch over you." I looked up at him with my purple eyes, making a small smile.


"Its decided. I'm leaving tonight." I told Shadow Jirachi.
"Thats probably a good idea. I'll get Inferno and Aqua Jirachi to tell your father. For some reason they want to make friends with him." Shadow Jirachi nodded.
"Will you be traveling with me?" I asked.
He shook his head."No, but I will watch over you. I'll be there when you need help."
I nodded."Thats okay. I'll have my Plusle and Minun to keep my company."
"Well, I geuss this is good-bye for now," Shadow Jirachi said,
I hugged him."Thank you for everything, Shadow Jirachi. Good-bye." I went deeper into the forest, heading for Dragon Port City.


"Hiya, Seni!" A Light Blue Jirachi flew around me. It was like a regular Jirachi, except it was Light Blue instead of Yellow."Shadow Jirachi told me what happened! So Inferno Jirachi and I wanted to see you off!"
Inferno Jirachi nodded. He was mainly orange, but had all the colors of fire on him. I nodded."Where's Vine Flower Jirachi?" I asked. Vine Flower Jirachi was just a dark green Jirachi.
"He's stubborn as always and wouldn't come." Aqua Jirachi said. Her and Vine Flower Jirachi had a big rivalry.
I nodded again,"I have to go now. See you later." I waved, then walked off.
"Remember, we're watching over you, too!" Aqua Jirachi called, then flew off with Inferno Jirachi into the night.


Plus, My Plusle, And Min, My Minun, were out of their pokeballs and on my shoulders."Oooh! Whats that?!" They pointed at every little shadow they saw.
"Seni!!!" That was Vine Flower Jirachi. He probably has some message for me. He's usually delivers things for me or Inferno Jirachi...Rarely for Shadow or Aqua Jirachi.
I sighed, turning around."What, Vine Flower?"
"Message from your father...Its not really a good one."
I took it, and began to read:

Dear Seni,

Aqua and Inferno Jirachi told me about it.
Just so you know, this meansss you can't come home.
Let your precioussss pokemon keep you company,
You pokemon infessssted freak.


I sighed, and Vine Flower Jirachi's face grew sympathetic."Seni...I know this is a tough time for you, but remember, We're always watching over you.
"Thank you. You Jirachi's have been so nice to me through these rough years." I turned around."Goodbye now. I hope to see you again." Then I walked away.
"You will," Vine Flower Jirachi flew away."Oh, you will..."


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Default Re: ~*~Alone in the world~*~

I was really nervous when Min started growling. I had never heard Min growl before. Something was coming. I didn't know what it was, but all I heard was,"Chuuu..."
"Some form of a Pikachu, I think..." My espeon ears perked up. Sounded more like a Kurochu to me. Kurochu may look like a normal Pikachu at first glance, but ats second glance, you will see differences. Kurochu is black, with red eyes, and all the black, brown, and red parts of its body are silver. A Kurochu jumped out of the bushes.
"Just as I thought, a Kurochu." It stared up at me, fear in its eyes.
Startled, it let out a blast of Night Shade from its cheeks,"Chaaa!" Plus and Min pushed me out of the way."Plus, go! Use Thundershock!" Plus obeyed, but Kurochu countered with Night Shade.
"Plus, use Quick Attack, then use Take Down!" Plus nodded. This time it hit. Kurochu quickly hit Plus with a Night Shade.
"Plusle!" Plus cried in pain. It used Tackle on Kurochu, then hit it with a blast of Thunderbolt.
Both Kurochu and Plusle use Thunderbolt, causing a collision, which caused an explosion.
When they smoke cleared, Kurochu was fainted, and Plus was barely standing.
"Pokeball, go!" I threw a Pokeball at the Kurochu.
It shook once....twice........then a third time...Then it stood still."Alright! We caught Kurochu! Welcome to the Team!"


"Finally! We're here! Dragon Port City!" This place was mainly city, statues of dragon pokemon, and the sea.
"Excuse me young Lady!" Two people in red ran up to me. I knew who it was. Team Magma. I geuss they didn't reconize me because I was older."Would you like to join our secret organazation?"
"What organazation?" I asked boredly, not wanting to hear them blab.
"Team Magma! We're aiming to awake the legendary pokemon Groudon!" Yep, they definetly didn't reconize me.
"No, not a chance. And you better leave groudon alone." I warned.
"Hey! You can't turn us down like that! We'll make you join by force!" A female magma grunt stepped forward.
"Go, Poocheyenna!" A poocheyenna popped out of her pokeball, snarling,
"Poocheyenna, hm? Alright, lets go Min!" Min stepped forward.
"Poocheyenna, go! Use tackle!"
"Dodge, Min! And use Thundershock!" Min zapped the Poocheyenna.
"Poocheyenna, get up NOW!"
"No wonder the pokemon doesent fight well. Min, use quick attack!" Poocheyenna tackled Min first, though."Thats alright, Min! Use Quick Attack, then use Tackle!" Poocheyenna fell backwards onto the trainer.
"Ahh! Lets bolt!" Both Magma members ran off. They probably didn't want they're precious Poocheyenna's hurt.
I shrugged."Oh, well. For now, its not my problem."


"The first gym. Oooh, I'm nervous. Plus, am I shaking?" I asked Plus. This was the first gym. It was a Bug gym. The leader was Trina Kasey.
As soon as I entered the gym, I bumped into a boy with black hair and red eyes."Oh, I'm sorry!" I said, rubbing my head.
"Watch where your going next time." I looked up at him and my eyes widened. He was an Umbreon Pokemorph.
"Your...A pokemorph." I said, a bit suprised.
"Whats it to you?" He asked, glaring.
"Nothing...Its just...I've never met another pokemorph before."
He glanced at me through the corner of his eye,"Whats your name, girl?"
"My name is Seni."
"Buhite. Don't run into anyone anymore." Then he walked off.
"Hm..." I heard a boom inside the gym, and I immidiatly ran in.


"Oh no! Oh no! Oh no!" A girl, probably Trina, was running around the gym like a maniac. The gym was a wreck.
"What happened?!" I asked.
"My Butterfree was stolen!!!" Trina cried.
"Trina, calm down! Now tell me. Was it Team Magma?"
"Yes! They also stole a boy named Buhite's Pidgeotto and my sisters Pichu!"
"Buhite? Did he happen to be an Umbreon Pokemorph?"
"Yes, Why?"
"Never Mind." I turned around."I'll go get the pokemon back. Sit tight." Then I set off to save the pokemon.


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