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Default A lesson on trust

Plot: With Onix and Nincada in tow, Jane does her best to stick around a sullen Cyndaquil as it goes through physical therapy. However, the pokemon's healing will need to be more than mental. And, when an unexpected ally shows up to warn her Team Rocket is looking for her, Bayleef's suspicions nearly drive him away. Shiloh, Persephone, and Serenade are grateful to him, further widening the rift between Bayleef and the other pokemon, and as Natu finds a new female friend, Bayleef's fight with Serenade nearly leads to serious injury for Persephone and a newcomer.


Warning: Team Rocket are, basically, a criminal gang. They are unethical, immoral, self-centered, often traitorous, and even more often, violent. This series doesn't treat Team Rocket as a joke, so just be forewarned that they'll probably do some fairly nasty things. Mentions of previous torture of Cyndaquil is included here.

Pokemon to catch: Natu, Cyndaquil.

Just a reminder: This picks up right where Oversights and Errors in Judgement leaves off. To summarize the stories so far:
- Jane's town was attacked by Team Rocket. Chikorita saved her, and a year later, returned to live with her. The two caught the Natu, Shiloh, together.
- Jane went out and caught a Nincada, which proved to be a nuisance, and she traded it to a man for Persephone the Pichu.
- Natu got in trouble, and they fled to the only place they could- The treacherous cold Easiku mountain range
- A few Rockets followed them, they fought, and a Dratini who was freed from its snowy prison helped them escape the Rockets.
- When Jane found an office building, she thought she'd found safety, but it turned out to be Rocket Headquarters. She captured Dratini, then made her way through the building after having her pokemon healed, trying to escape. However, she ended up in several battles, the last few to save a Cyndaquil who had betrayed Team Rocket. An Onix she accidentally took, thinking the Pokeball she was 'borrowing' from the Team was empty, ended up saving them.
-While at the Pokecenter waiting for news on Cyndaquil's injuries, Jane caught a second Nincada because although it, too, was making a terrible nuisance of itself, Chikorita, now a Bayleef, suggested they could sell or trade it.

Night had long since fallen, but it wasn’t until a bit past midnight that Jane finally agreed to stay in a room at the pokecenter for the night. Cyndaquil had been declared likely to survive, but as the damage would take hours to repair, Jane knew she ought to sleep in the meantime.

Without the Pokemon there, however, to act as a reminder of all she had witnessed that day, the girl was remarkably calm. After changing into her pajamas, she settled herself into bed, with Bayleef laying at her feet, and Natu and Pichu curled in their blanket on the nightstand, next to the pokeballs containing Onix and Nincada. Dratini looped itself around the pole at the headboard of the bed, and insisted on remaining there, despite Bayleef’s comments about how uncomfortable that had to be.

Ten minutes later, Jane was asleep, despite the occurrences of the day- Or perhaps because of them. She had been exhausted, after all, even before it had gotten so late (Or early, depending on how one looked at it). Her Pokemon, however, were slower to doze off. Natu was watching Dratini resentfully, and Pichu seemed too restless to sleep. Only Bayleef lay still, and she seemed to be merely biding her time in the darkness, rather than trying to get some rest.

Finally, as though it had sensed the glares being cast its way, Serenade glanced up at Shiloh. The bird type snapped its eyes shut, playing innocent, and Persephone sighed, nudging the pokemon. This didn't dissuade Shiloh, however. He merely chirped irritably at the electric type before going right back to what he'd been doing before, as soon as Serenade turned away.

A feeling of general malcontent hung in the air, perhaps explaining why they all slept so poorly. By ten the next morning, when Nurse Joy entered the room to tell them they'd finished working on Cyndaquil, it took her several minutes to get any of them to stir. Bayleef, at that point, was the first to awoken, stretching briefly before nudging Jane to try to wake her. The two padded down the hall with Joy, leaving the other Pokemon still engrossed in a deep slumber.

As they reached the back room of the hospital, Jane looked away from the few other hurt and sick Pokemon, interested only in Cyndaquil. The fire type was heavily bandaged, his limbs in wraps and casts, lying tiredly on a small bed. The Pokemon didn’t so much as look at Jane as she walked in, though Nurse Joy didn’t seem disturbed. He was beginning to make his own decisions now, at least, after all. During surgery, before they’d managed to put him under for the duration, he’d done nothing but plead with them to stop. Wondering if it was her presence that left the Pokemon so sullen now- perhaps from embarrassment- Nurse Joy fussed over him only briefly to make sure he hadn’t reopened any of his wounds, then left him with Jane and a woman sitting in a corner of the room- A Pokemon therapist, in case he wanted to talk.

Feeling awkward herself with the therapist present, Jane ambled to Cyndaquil’s bed, taking her time. She wasn’t sure what to say. The Pokemon, however, was curt with her.

/Thank you./ It said, though it didn’t sound particularly thankful. /I owe you./ The last was said resentfully, and unhappy with its tone, Bayleef snarled softly. Rather than lashing out at it as expected, however, the little Pokemon cringed, flinching before it could stop itself.

Seeing that it was trying to salvage its pride, Jane gave Bayleef a meaningful glance. Now that the Pokemon didn’t seem to be threatening, however, the grass type was willing to back off without argument. The two made a brief attempt at small talk with Cyndaquil, then left it, as it obviously didn’t want company.

Back in their room as Jane changed and washed up and the other Pokemon began to awaken, Bayleef began to pace. Though the Pokemon was worried for Cyndaquil, she wasn’t sure they’d be safe if they stayed to protect the fire type. Or, for that matter, if the fire type would be safe to be around once it recovered. Anyone who betrayed Team Rocket couldn’t be sane, and also had to have worked for them at one point to be able to betray them. Neither of which were good signs.

The soft knock of the door broke the Pokemon’s pacing. Immediately, suspicious, she walked slowly to the door, trying not to make any noise as she peeked through the crack of the door and the doorframe. Though she didn’t recognize the man standing there, he didn’t seem to be a Rocket. Looks could be deceiving, however, and so Bayleef didn’t open the door until Jane asked her to.

“We’re in a Pokecenter. We’ll be fine.” The girl said with a sigh, as the grass type tried to protest.

A short man, perhaps 5’7 or so, slipped into the room. He seemed too neat to be a Rocket, however. Dressed in a light blue, fuzzy, fading suit, he smiled meekly, fixing eyes of a similar color on the grass type in front of him. As though nervous, he ran a hand through his hair, mixing the normal strands of light brown with those highlighted bleach-blond.

“You’re the girl the Rockets were looking for, aren’t you?” He said. Unlike the rest of him, his voice seemed masculine, very deep. Then again, underneath the silly suit, he was quite obviously solidly built, so perhaps he wasn’t quite as feminine as Jane had thought upon first seeing him.

Before Bayleef could interject a bit of her usual paranoia, the man added, “I took care of the Rockets who tried to follow you here, but since Cyndaquil was so badly hurt, it’s only logical that you would have taken it here. You need to leave before they find you.” Tilting his head to the side, he grinned apologetically.

/Oh, so you’ll warn us, but then leave us to fend for ourselves?/ Bayleef barked angrily at him.

Taken aback, the man raised his hands defensively, taking a step back. Anger flashed in his eyes for a moment, but then he calmed, as though remembering that the Pokemon, after what she’d just been through, had a right to be annoyed. “I’ll go with you to keep you safe.” He said, but he didn’t sound sure about doing that. Jane took another glance at him and wondered how young he really was. He looked around 20 or so, but then, looks could be deceiving.

/I never said you could come./ Bayleef said, changing her tune quite quickly. /We don’t know who you are. We don’t trust you. I don’t like you./

“Whatever you want.” The man said gently. Satisfied that he’d won her over, he stepped past her, to Jane. Though the grass type snarled at him as he passed her, he ignored it. Glancing down at the shorter girl before him, he offered her his hand to shake. “I’m Koiple. Nurse Joy said you’re named Jane?” Without giving her a chance to answer, he gave her another mousy smile, and said, “My niece is named Jane, too. Though, she’s a few years younger than you. You’re about 13, right?”

Glad that someone had, for once, gotten her age right, Jane nodded. She was more cautious about taking his hand, but her wariness seemed to be for nothing, for he was gentle.

Now that Persephone, Natu, and Serenade were awake, the man suggested, “Why don’t we go get breakfast? You must be hungry now.”

/We were going to eat here./ Bayleef said guardedly, but Koiple simply nodded acceptingly.

“Of course. I’ll bring a tray up.” He said, and waved as he left the room, quietly closing the door behind him.


Serenade appreciated the man’s love of singing, Natu his carefulness in bringing him into the conversations, and Pichu his gentleness. Even Jane seemed entranced by him, for while he teased her a bit over breakfast, he treated her more like his child than just a random girl he had found. Only Bayleef was suspicious of him, by the time noon rolled around, and she was growing frustrated at the lack of cooperation the others were giving her. Everything he said, she had an argument for, but it was consistently shot down by the other Pokemon. In fact, Shiloh was even siding with Serenade, temporarily putting aside his resentment of the dragon type.

Unwilling to leave Cyndaquil, yet knowing the Pokemon wasn’t well enough to anywhere, Jane had made the decision to stay at the Pokecenter for a few days, to Bayleef’s distress. The Pokemon was afraid Team Rocket would come after them, and even with Koiple’s help, that they would be defeated. Koiple’s Pokemon weren’t with him, either. The man swore he’d sent them off to make sure they weren’t being followed, though Bayleef professed disbelief in this. She was, however, at least partially proved wrong when a Natu swooped in the window, landing on Koiple’s arm. Cheeping softly, it lowered its head, causing a rattling noise that made Bayleef jump before she realized it was only the Pokemon’s collar. Though she wrinkled her nose at the sight of a Pokemon wearing such a thing, like a pet might, the Natu seemed content enough.

Flattening her feathers, the Natu waited impatiently for Koiple to listen to her, quickly relaying something. Jane was quite impressed when Koiple nodded understandingly, as she herself hadn’t caught a word of it. Thanks to Shiloh, she knew at least a BIT of the language, but certainly not that much, nor spoken that fast.

“Ah, Team Rocket’s coming.” Koiple said apologetically. “My Pokemon are trying to hold them off-“

/What Pokemon? All I see is a little toy bird./ Bayleef snorted. /That’s hardly going to be of any help- Has it EVER seen a fight before? Do you have any Pokemon that might be at least as usual as a Magikarp?/

“I have a Qwilfish, Piloswine, Cacturne, Banette, and Blaziken.” Koiple responded coolly. The man didn’t seem the least bit worried about the imminent Rocket attack now, and Bayleef, as usual was suspicious.

/Well, I suppose we’ll find out if they’re any good at fighting, then./ She said darkly. /You need to find somewhere to hide./ She told Jane, /And not near him!/

“I’ll send Natu to see how things are going.” Koiple said. The little Pokemon seemed reluctant to go, but when he nudged it, it flew from his arm, circling once before going back out the window.

“I don’t need to hide. We have to stay and fight.” Jane insisted. She had a somewhat eloquent argument planned (Well, okay- “I hate them and I don’t want to run from them” wasn’t exactly sophisticated, but she had planned on finding a way to bring Cyndaquil into her excuse), but she never got time to say it. Spores and Sleeping Powder poured through the window on the opposite side of the room from the one Natu had left, the bird type being very lucky in its choice of exit routes. That didn’t help the others, however. Koiple had been to the side, and evaded the flow, as had Bayleef and Shiloh, but Jane and her two remaining Pokemon were fast asleep on the floor by the time the air cleared. The moment the dust settled to the ground, the window was forced abruptly from its frame, to allow two Rockets to enter. The two were, however, clumsy. The girl was hoisted up, only to catch one of her blue pigtails on the top of the frame. With a shriek, she grabbed hold of her hair, letting go of the window, and nearly fell. Her partner, a tall blond man, clung tight to her, for he had been boosting her up.

The two finally managed to stumble in, landing partially atop each other. Neither was really dressed for fighting, either. The man wore the Rocket top, but his pants were made of a white, shiny material, with various unusual symbols sewn to the ropes that crisscrossed them. They looked, if anything, to be for clubbing or decoration only, and even then only if there wasn’t much walking to be done. He could hardly avoid tripping over himself. The girl, on the other hand, wore a headband in front of her pigtails, with an ‘R’ the same bright color as her hair, but had on a plain shirt and a miniskirt.

At first, Koiple wasn’t noticed, perhaps because he had dropped down behind a chair when the powder had started flying. Bayleef, however, charged at the Rockets as soon as they got inside. Sniffing disappointedly, the woman hauled herself to her feet, tossing a pokeball at Bayleef. “It’s rude to interrupt.” She said haughtily, as a Cubone popped out of the Pokeball. “Martin, take care of this, please.” She added, glancing around the Pokecenter, “I have to find Cyndaquil.”

“Of course.” Her partner agreed, calling out his own Pokemon. Unlike the minimalistic Claire, he used all the Pokemon he had- Furret, Granbull, and Scyther.

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Default Re: A lesson on trust {Unfinished}

Chirping a battle cry, Shiloh darted towards the furret. The swift ferret Pokemon dodged wildly, evading its attempts to use Peck, then slammed its tail into the smaller Pokemon. Tossed back, the Pokemon rose slowly, one wing hanging limp. Sensing weakness, the furret grinned nastily and advanced quickly. It didn’t abandon its caution as quickly as Granbull, however. Barking as though rabid, the dog raced at Natu, intending on using Take Down. Once it got close to Natu, however, the Pokemon used Confuse Ray, then Psychic, entirely scrambling its mind.

Falling back, Granbull slammed into Furret. Impatiently, the Pokemon dodged it, but Granbull, unable to stand without assistance now, tried to use it as support. Unlike the loyal dog type, however, Furret was ruthless. Turning on its own comrade, it used a swift Slam, followed by several fury swipes, knocking the Pokemon out. Without the distraction, or competition- After all, Furret wanted to be the one given the credit of subduing the enemy- the Pokemon went for Natu again, only to find the Pokemon missing. It ‘reappeared’ suddenly behind Furret, having used Teleport while Furret was distracted, then used Peck, hitting Furret in the head. When Furret turned to attack again, the Pokemon got in its face, pecking fiercely, until the normal type was forced to retreat. A swift Hidden Power finished it off.

Bayleef had, in the meantime, taken on Scyther. Her luck wasn’t so good, however. The Pokemon had evaded her attempts to poison it, dodged razor leaves, and proved stronger than her vines- He’d tossed her instead of vice versa when she had made the mistake of grabbing him. Now, using Wing Attack, he backed her towards a corner. Trying to help, Shiloh flew towards Scyther, but a Fury Cutter attack threw him to the side, dazed.

A small green streak rushed past him, again through the window. This time, however, it was good news. Koiple’s Natu had returned. The Pokemon darted towards Scyther, using Confuse Ray successfully. Assuming that Bayleef could handle the Pokemon now, it glanced around for other enemies.

Cubone and Claire were still within plain sight, looking in the wrong places for Cyndaquil. Another Pokemon, too, was helping them search- A butterfree- at least partially explaining the sleeping attacks from earlier.

Scyther’s claws made a harsh sound as they hit the wall, tearing through it. The Pokemon slammed its head into the wall, as though attempting to use Take Down on it, then dropped, unconscious. Hearing the noise, Claire turned, then reluctantly decided to help Martin before finding the escaped Fire Type.

“Sleeping powder.” She ordered Butterfree, waving it carelessly towards Natu. However, the attack didn’t work. The bird simply shook it off, although even the slight stray particles were making Shiloh feel exhausted. Amazed by this, Jane’s Natu watched Koiple’s Natu. The bird seemed to be more useful than Bayleef had expected. Nightshade attacks left Butterfree hurt, and unable to pinpoint where it was being attacked from, while Cubone huddled next to Claire, seemingly worried about fighting.

/Afraid of the dark?/ Koiple’s Natu said snidely to Cubone, but the Pokemon’s comment seemed to upset the larger Pokemon.

/They know each other!/ Bayleef said to Shiloh, as though realization had just struck her. /They have to. It explains why she’s not hurt, either, even though her collar’s noisy. They did hear her earlier, when she was watching them, but she’s on their side. That’s why they didn’t attack her. It has to be./

/Yes, that’s why she’s saving us./ Shiloh shot back, offended. /Can you ever use even a little tact? He’s helping us, she’s saving us, and yet you’re convinced they’re Rockets?/

/It’s the only reasonable explanation./ Bayleef said. /You’re only agreeing because you think you have a chance with her, but I’m sure I’m right./

“Natu!” Koiple yelled, but the man didn’t appear pleased with the Pokemon’s good timing. Curling his hands into fists, he ducked as his Natu flung herself at him, then grabbed her collar, yanking her from the air. The little Pokemon shrieked, but apparently, Koiple didn’t see her as much of a threat, for her merely tossed her to the side. Using Teleport to get there in time, Shiloh caught her before she could hit the wall, as she hadn’t had time to react and open her wings. The bird guided her to the ground as Koiple drew five Pokeballs from his belt. The man had made a quick decision not to pretend. Though he’d wanted to find out more about Jane after hearing of her last runins with Team Rocket, she was now obviously not going to be useful to the Team, and while strong, her Bayleef seemed unreliable. The other Pokemon were as good as worthless. And, seeing as that they were weak, and also tired now- those that weren’t asleep- He didn’t think he needed to trick her to defeat her.

Koiple had, however, been honest about his Pokemon. The five he called out were indeed Qwilfish, Piloswine, Cacturne, Blaziken, and Banette. “Find the Cnydaquil.” He said to Martin and Claire, watching to make sure they were going the right way this time before turning to the issue at hand

This distraction, however, had given Jane the opportunity to awaken her sleeping Pokemon. As they hadn’t otherwise been injured, Persephone and Serenade were refreshed, and ready to battle. And, though Shiloh was busy, Bayleef was not. The Pokemon had been hurt by Scyther, but wasn’t too weak to fight.

/What about Onix and Nincada?/ Bayleef asked suddenly.

“I left them… Oh!” Jane said, glancing at the table she’d left their Pokeballs on. It was destroyed. She had missed this occurrence, as she had been asleep.

One pokeball still lay on the table, and she grabbed it. The other was lying on the floor, broken, and a hole that looked suspiciously Nincada-sized had been dug through the wall. The Pokemon had escaped, then.

Tossing the other pokeball, she was relieved to see Onix spring forth. The Pokemon didn’t wait for her orders, but it did seem willing to fight for her. The Pokemon was cramped inside the room (Though, thankfully, the room was meant to be shared by a few people, almost like a dorm, or Onix would never have fit), but it still managed a Rock Throw attack. As it had to aim carefully, to avoid hitting its allies, the rocks were smaller, but still damaging. Blaziken, the toughest challenge Jane’s Pokemon had to face, was knocked out, to her great relief. However, Onix was helpless against attacks as it didn’t have the space to move, and as Qwilfish began using Bubble against it, Jane flinched. She had to recall it.

Without Onix, things looked grim. Not wanting to give up, however, Jane did her best to fight. “Bayleef, take Qwilfish.” She decided quickly, and the Pokemon obeyed perfectly for once as she added the order to use Razor Leaf instead of using her vines. “Persephone, help Bayleef. Dragonair, take Pilowswine.” She ordered. That covered all the Pokemon save Banette and Cacturne. Unfortunately, Banette seemed to be the most dangerous. Jane couldn’t see where he had gone.

/Behind you./ Banette hissed. Despite her earlier confidence, Jane felt a shiver run down her spine as cold seeped into her back. Banette was mere inches from her. Rather than attacking, however, she disappeared just as rapidly.

By now, both Natu had recovered, and were beginning to fight as one. The two alternated using Peck attacks on Cacturne, distracting it so it was unable to focus on a single one of them long enough to attack.

Turning to Bayleef to see if she could figure out where Banette was, Jane paused, mouth open. Bayleef was very busy with Qwilfish- She was avoiding its attempts to tackle her, while using Razor Leaf- and the mystery of Banette’s location had just solved itself, anyway. The ghost type appeared behind Koiple’s Natu, using Shadow Ball. As the Natu fell, a quick Nightshade added additional damage. Snatching up the bird type while it was still disoriented, Banette grabbed one wing in each hand, yanking roughly.

Quickly, Jane glanced at her Pokemon. Bayleef was avoiding pin missile attacks, Persephone atop her back because a painful hit on her leg had made her unable to move enough to dodge further attacks. Her other Pokemon were also busy- Dragonair had gotten a few good attacks in, including a Wrap that had temporarily disabled Piloswine, but Thunderwave hadn’t harmed the Pokemon. Its thick hair had protected it, and it had retaliated with several powerful ice attacks, driving the dragon-type back. And Shiloh, without the other Natu to help him, was trying frantically to avoid being pinned by Cacturne.

The nearest thing to Jane was an empty pokeball; Dragonair’s, in fact. Ignoring this, however, she flung it at Banette. The Pokemon, startled, was sucked in. Moments later, she broke free, the pokeball hurtling away before landing on the bed, miraculously undamaged. However, Natu had had time to recover. Landing on the ground, unable to fly with its wings damaged- Though thankfully not broken, despite being thin-boned like the limbs of most birds- it hobbled backwards as Banette approached again.

Ducking under a final pin Missile, Bayleef tossed Persephone aside with her vines, gently. Assuming the Pichu was going to attack, Qwilfish aimed its next watergun at the electric type, ignoring the real threat. Bayleef used Razor Leaf again, striking Qwilfish directly, and knocking it back.

/Finish it./ She ordered Pichu sharply, and the little electric Pokemon began to use Thundershock as Bayleef dashed to help. Rather than going to the two Natu, however, she tackled Dragonair’s opponent from behind. Confused at the sudden help, but not about to complain, Dragonair used Slam, then bit down on the Pokemon through its thick fur. The thunderwave it used then was conducted properly, and Piloswine fell back, paralyzed. Not taking any chances, Bayleef began to use Razor Leaf on it. However, she had freed up Dragonair, and Pichu too, as the electric type had defeated Qwilfish, leaving them both open to help fight Banette.

As the strongest of Koiple’s Pokemon, Banette wasn’t worried to be fighting against several Pokemon. Calmly, it surveyed the situation, than faded away again. The ghost reappeared behind Pichu, using a weak Shadow Ball to get its attention. As soon as Persephone turned around, Banette used Flash directly in its face, temporarily blinding the Pokemon.

Before it could continue to taunt Pichu, however, Banette was attacked by an Icebeam from Dratini. Swooping out of the way, she countered with a barrage of shadow balls, forcing the Pokemon to flatten itself against the ground to avoid them. From behind Banette, Pichu tried to distract it with Thundershock, but the weak electricity only irritated Banette. Dratini’s Thunderbolt, however, was a genuine shock to its system, pushing it back.

Determined to win the fight, or at least even the odds and then worry about winning, Banette used Shadow Ball again on Pichu. The Pokemon dodged, to the ghost type’s frustration. However, Hidden Power left it collapsed on the ground, shivering with cold, as the last of an icy barrage flowed at it from Banette.

Wanting to avoid the ice, Dratini flew into the air above Banette, before aiming a hyper beam down at it. The Pokemon was taking a chance, since it would have to recharge afterwards, but if the attack finished Banette, it would be worth it. Banette, however, wasn’t affected by the beam. The energy went through it without affect, and the Pokemon countered with a Shadow Ball from close range, followed by Nightshade.

“Banette, Shadow Ball.” Koiple ordered, pointing at the two Natu. Obeying him, Banette attacked the unsuspecting birds as they swooped in to peck at Cacturne again. The attack hit, knocking both little Pokemon to the ground, and Bayleef rushed forwards to save them. However, she was focused only on Banette, and didn’t get there in time to stop Cacturne. The cactus Pokemon calmly lowered a spiny foot onto the Pokemon, beginning to try to crush them.

Ceasing her rush towards Banette, Bayleef turned to ward off Cacturne instead. A ghostly apparition beat her to it, however. One of the Natu, or perhaps both, had used Future Sight, and now the attack hit, knocking Cacturne away. As the two were unconscious, it was hardly a ‘win’, but they were relatively safer now.

Glancing around, Bayleef quickly determined that while only Banette could still fight (Though Koiple, who was watching with a scowl, now looked ready to jump into things himself). However, as the Pokemon on her side were down for the count, too, this hardly seemed fair.

Knowing whatever she tried was, perhaps, doomed to fail, Bayleef walked slowly to Banette, not even trying to attack. When she got close, however, the Pokemon lunged suddenly, using Attract. Placing a kiss on the Pokemon’s lips, she purred soothing words as the Banette, somewhat confused, tried to muddle out what it was feeling. The lull gave her time, and Bayleef slowly extended her vines to wrap the Pokemon in a ‘hug’ that soon turned into restraints that covered all but her nose, mouth, and eyes.

/What?/ She said indignantly, when she felt both Pichu and Dratini’s eyes on her back. Turning around, still holding the Banette close to her body, she scowled. /Don’t even say it./

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Default Re: A lesson on trust {Unfinished}

/I knew you could be diplomatic if you wanted to./ Dratini said, wisely trying to placate Bayleef. /But if you don’t want me to, I won’t tell you./ He added, intentionally misinterpreting.

Watching as the last of his Pokemon was knocked out with a quick blow to the head from Bayleef, before the grass type released the limp body of the ghost, Koiple stared. It wasn’t possible. Hell, it was too embarrassing to bear, even if it obviously was possible.

Recalling all of her Pokemon except Bayleef, Jane glanced anxiously outside her room to see if she could spot Nurse Joy. The woman was nowhere in sight, however, leaving Jane wondering how Cyndaquil was.

Deciding to check before the Rockets had a chance to try to fight again, Jane turned to get her backpack, only to find it hanging in front of her, from Bayleef’s vines. Again, the Pokemon had anticipated her.
/Let’s go. Hurry./ Bayleef said, pushing her trainer forwards. The girl obediently walked out the door, then broke into a sprint towards Cyndaquil’s room.

“We can’t leave. What if Nurse Joy needs our help? What about the other Pokemon? What about the Natu?” Jane said, resisting..

/They’re not here for her, and we can’t save everyone./ Bayleef responded tersely. /They’re not going to kill Joy, anyway, she’s harmless. She probably heals their Pokemon as well as ours if they need it. Like the red cross. Grab Natu and go./

Rather than trying to run to the Pokemon, however, Jane grabbed a pokeball from her pocket, throwing it at the Pokemon. The moment the ball stopped moving, Bayleef snatched it up with her vines, then physically propelled her trainer from the room, moving softly but insistently against her back until she began to move of her own accord.

Reluctantly, Jane kept running, skidding to a halt as she got to the door of Cyndaquil’s room. It was empty of other Pokemon, as there were no other seriously hurt ones at the Pokecenter at the moment. There were, however, shelves of Pokeballs, next to a transport machine.

/We don’t have time!/ Bayleef argued, even before Jane took her first step towards the machine. Her assumption was right, however. Jane began to shove Pokeballs into the machine, choosing a random Pokecenter as the destination. The ‘emergency’ button overrode the request of the other Joy for her to explain why someone other than a nurse was sending Pokemon, and by the time Bayleef managed to pull her away without hurting her, she had sent several Pokemon through the machine.

/I’ll do it, you get Cyndaquil./ She ordered, pulling the nearest pokeball from the shelf with her vines.

“We can’t run with him this way.” Jane said, having tried to lift him twice. The Pokemon resisted both times, and was clearly in pain, as well as angry.

/Use this./ Bayleef said, waving a pokeball at her. That particular one was full, of course, and moments later placed in the teleportation device, but she had gotten her point across.

Quickly, Jane tossed the pokeball, for the second time catching an injured Pokemon too weak to fight back. The brief guilt that hit her was pushed aside, however, as she had bigger things on her mind.

When the last of the Pokeballs- There seemed to be so many- had been transported, Jane tiredly leaned on Bayleef. “We can leave now.” She said. The Pokemon slowly walked out the door with her, hoping to find a way out that wasn’t filled with Rockets.

To their surprise, however, the only person in the lobby was a flustered, angry looking Nurse Joy. “What happened?” She demanded, waving an arm at the mess of demolished furniture and scattered razor leaves, among other things.

“Team Rocket was here.” Jane warned, but glancing around hastily, she realized she didn’t see them anymore. They had gone.

Joy seemed to take her word, however. The woman cautiously went to inspect the rest of the damage, mouth falling open as she spotted the empty shelves that had held all the Pokeballs. “Wha- What-“ She sputtered, but Jane and Bayleef had shared a look between themselves as she headed into that room, and decided to leave. The two were halfway down the road by the time she thought to come looking for them.

Luckily for the two of them, the next Pokecenter wasn’t far away. Two miles down the road, or about an hour later, they reached it. Handing over her Pokemon to be healed, Jane slumped wearily onto one of the couches, nibbling at a granola bar from her bag. Without Bayleef beside her- For she, too, had needed care from Nurse Joy- the girl felt oddly alone. The slowness of their return, however, didn’t even occur to her, as tired as she was. She had awoken only recently, but the fighting had left her drained, though sitting and resting was helping her feel better. All she needed to feel human again, she decided, was a shower.

When Officer Jenny sat down beside her, however, the girl realized that she might not get that shower right away. Presumably the incident with Team Rocket would need to be discussed first, so she could try to find the people responsible. Jane’s trust in the ‘justice’ she could provide wasn’t great, but she didn’t want to be a declared an obstruction, so she reluctantly accepted the fact that she would probably have to go through a long, pointless recounting of the tale for nothing.

She wasn’t, however, prepared for Officer Jenny’s words.

“You’re under arrest.”

“What?” Jane asked, glancing up at her with a startled expression. Jenny, however, seemed serious.

Immediately, Jane moved for Bayleef’s pokeball, knowing the more experienced Pokemon would know what to do. It was, however, gone. “For what?” She asked, trying to think logically.

Skeptically, Jenny glanced at her, as if doubting that she didn’t know for what. “For the way you’ve been treating Cyndaquil, for one.”

“Oh.” A sigh of relief at the misunderstanding hit Jane, and with a laugh, she leaned back in her seat again. “Oh! No, that’s from Team Rocket. We saved him. Twice, I think.” She added, remembering their more recent fight with the Team.

“Ask him. Or one of my Pokemon.” She suggested, trying to make sure the officer was entirely convinced. Jenny, however, merely shrugged.

“You’ll have to stay here until we can check your story.” She said.


/She may mean well, but he needs therapy. Both kinds, Bayleef. Even if you think he should tough it out instead of talking, he’ll need to learn to use his muscles again./ Serenade said softly to Bayleef. The Pokemon’s responsible was best left unrepeated.

/That’s negligence, if we don’t get him help. He needs someone older and experienced to take care of him, and probably someone who’s strong enough to fight Team Rocket./

/We have, twice./ Bayleef muttered. /And I have a third time, all by myself./ Preparing to launch into another embellishment of the story, she found herself interrupted.

/You’re hardly a suitable guardian for Jane, let alone Cyndaquil. She needs someone who can help her learn to mesh with society, not someone who likes to play hero./

/Play hero?/ Bayleef hissed. The Pokemon lowered her voice, but there was a dangerous edge to it now. She wasn’t calm, she was livid, and Dratini was about to set her off. /I don’t play heroes. Heroes are good for nothings who risk very little when there are people there to praise them for it. They’re stupid and naïve, trusting of almost everyone and arrogant enough to think that those who are against them can never hurt them. And they treat the people they ‘protect’ like dirt./ The grass type said, getting herself worked up.

This time, when Dratini tried to cut her off, she stopped trying to argue logically and leapt for the dragon type. Swiftly evading her, he tried to calm her down by holding her in a gentle Wrap attack to immobilize her until she settled. However, with Nurse Joy in another room, Bayleef felt safe to do whatever she wanted without repercussion; in this case, using Solarbeam. From such a close distance it could not have failed to hit, and Dratini braced itself, unable to dodge. The beam flung it back into the wall with a loud thump, and snarling, Bayleef advanced, pinning it there. The Pokemon’s grip was light, however, and Dratini suspected it felt badly.

The force of the thrust had lifted Dratini to a wall actually above one of the beds. It wasn’t, however, as empty as it appeared, for when the beam had gone over it, it had scorched the pillow. The hole where it had once been revealed a Pichu and a caterpie, both of whom appeared to be unharmed, but frightened.

Noticing them, Bayleef released Dratini, the anger that had been building up suddenly draining away. Though the Pokemon snapped /What were you thinking hiding under a pillow?/ she was more frightened than angry. Had she aimed a bit lower, they could have been badly hurt.

Not waiting for an answer, Bayleef turned to the door, storming out. She didn’t feel as though she could deal with the rest of the Pokemon at the moment, angry at them, and also at herself for losing control. Though, hadn’t she been justified? After all they had gone through, Serenade still didn’t seem to understand anything.

Spotting Officer Jenny sitting near Jane as she entered the room, Bayleef trotted over to them. She expected to be vindicated, to have Jenny agree her earlier actions had been what had saved them from the Rockets.

“I’m sorry, but you can’t be here.” The officer said, and startled, Bayleef demanded to know why. “Your trainer is under suspicion of abusing one of her Pokemon, and we can’t risk having their testimonies tainted by her.”

/Excuse me?/ Bayleef asked icily. /Are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. You ought to be out looking for the Rockets who attacked us, or the ones who tried to kill Cyndaquil-/

“So he was attacked by Rockets?” Officer Jenny asked. Bayleef hadn’t had time to coordinate a story with her trainer, after all, and she hardly seemed intimidated by her. If anything, perhaps the opposite was true!

/Duh./ Bayleef said, rolling her eyes. Then, turning away from the officer, she climbed onto the couch Jane was sitting on, leaning across her lap affectionately.

“Yes.” Jane said with a sigh. This time, however, when she launched into her story, Officer Jenny listened, instead of interrupting.

“We’ll be on the lookout for the Rockets.” The officer assured her, though considering how intelligent she seemed to be- Or not to be, in this case- Jane wasn’t really too reassured. The girl only shrugged, however, acceptingly. “Make sure you keep an eye on Cyndaquil. It’ll need a lot of time to get better. Technically, since it was a Rocket, I should have it questioned, but it’s in no shape to answer questions now. You may need to bring it to talk to us once it’s recovered, though.”

“Of course.” Jane said, and Bayleef smirked.

/Lying through your teeth, I’m so proud of you. That’s my girl./ She said, and Jane wasn’t sure if she was just teasing, or really thought she had been lying.

“When it’s ready, of course, if it’s really necessary.” She said, and Officer Jenny, seeming to understand, only grinned and winked before leaving.

/Now that we’ve dealt with officer Do-nothing, see if you can find Sunshine before she reports me to child protective services./ Bayleef suggested. /Really, we should find Nurse Joy and Cyndaquil./ she added, when Jane didn’t budge.

“Yeah, I guess so.” She agreed.

Nurse Joy was apologetic as well, though sure she had done the right thing in making sure everything was investigated. Jane’s Pokemon were returned to her, however, save for Cyndaquil. A group of Chansey had managed to heal its visible injuries, but one of its legs would need to be watched carefully for a while, and it would need a physical therapy regimen. Aside from that, while it was no longer so timid, it was aggressive. According to Nurse Joy, it was resentful of needing to be rescued, and then about being captured without a fight.

/Too bad./ Bayleef said dismissively, but reconsidered when Jane didn’t seem to agree. /It can fight once its better, then feel it had a chance after you recatch it, but if it fights now, it’ll jeopardize its recovery. It would be a stupid thing to do./

“Yeah.” Jane agreed, with a soft sigh. It was true, but unfortunate. “I’ll speak with it.” She offered. Of all her Pokemon, Cyndaquil was the only one not in her possession at the moment. Bayleef was beside her, and Persephone, Serenade, Shiloh, and Onix in their Pokeballs, but Cyndaquil was in the back of the Pokecenter, going through its first physical therapy session.

To its credit, the Pokemon looked tired, but not totally exhausted, when Jane found it. The girl nervously fidgeted for a moment, unsure of what to say, but that problem was solved for her when Cyndaquil glared at her. /That was cheap./ The Pokemon said.

“I had to get you out of there somehow.” Jane said, knowing it wasn’t the best excuse. Wanting to make the Pokemon happy- ExRocket or not, it had gone through enough- She added, “I’ll give you a chance to fight when you get better.”

/Oh. When I get better. When will that be? Maybe I’ll be fully recovered in 5 years, if that. How wonderful. Don’t play with me, little girl, I’m much better at it than you./ Cyndaquil said back. /It’s a token gesture. Forget it./ Sullenly, the Pokemon turned away, dragging one of its legs as it walked.

Reminded of Bayleef for a moment, Jane sighed softly. She was sympathetic, however. She at least partially understood Cyndaquil’s hatred for being helpless. He could easily have been caught by someone who would make him a pawn, just as Team Rocket had done.

“Let’s have that battle now, then.” Jane said, and called out Natu. The tiny Pokemon was even smaller than Cyndaquil, less experienced, and less fierce. Injured as Cyndaquil was- Enough to slow it considerably- Bayleef could have taken it out effortlessly, and even swift Peresphone or patient Serenade would have dispatched it without problem. Natu was Cyndaquil’s best bet, especially since the Pokemon wouldn’t try to confuse a Pokemon who’s mind was already in turmoil.

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Default Re: A lesson on trust {Unfinished}

Before Jane could give Natu an order, Cyndaquil had launched an attack. For a Pokemon who’s walk was a slow shuffle, it was amazingly quick in using Flamethrower. Shiloh didn’t have a chance to spread its wings, let alone fly out of the way, before being struck by the wall of fire.

Cyndaquil’s expression had changed when the battle had started, and it eyed Natu grimly now, with no remorse for the painful attack. However, when it tried to charge with Double-edge, it was slow enough that the bird, even burned, could easily dodge. A swift Psychic attack knocked Cyndaquil back, but it didn’t seem to notice the pain as it hit the wall. Instead, it retaliated with another fiery blast, this time followed by a smokescreen, hiding it from view. Within this, it crept up behind Natu, grabbing the Pokemon and aiming a bite at the back of its neck. Panicking, Natu swiftly obeyed Jane’s order to Teleport, and reappeared in the air above Cyndaquil. The Pokemon’s eyes watched it, tracing it no matter how fast it moved, for while Cyndaquil’s body was injured, its mind was still quite sharp. The Pokemon had reverted, however, to a savage temperament now that it was fighting. It was panicking. Jane wondered what it was seeing, or had seen, to make it this way. Bayleef was paranoid, and often vicious, but she was never absolutely ruthless, nor immune to pleas from Jane to be more careful. Cyndaquil, however, seemed to be living purely off survival instinct, with, at the moment, no sense of guilt or compassion.

“Natu, wish.” Jane ordered, trying to get the situation back under her control. Snarling, Cyndaquil started to advance on her, before slipping, its leg collapsing under it. As though this had jolted it back to the real world, the Pokemon calmed slightly, turning its focus back to Natu. By now, however, Natu had healed. And, this time, Flamethrower missed. Natu teleported away neatly at Jane’s command, then used Nightshade, darkening the room so much that the remnants of the smokescreen were useless, then using his other senses to find and attack Cyndaquil. This time, when the Pokemon fell back, it didn’t rise again.

Having expected Cyndaquil to be an amazing battler, Jane was surprised for a while, until she remembered it had been hurt very recently. With only flame attacks at its disposal, since it couldn’t move fast physically, the Pokemon had been at a disadvantage. As she toyed with its pokeball, considering, it sat still, however, no longer looking angry. Deciding now was as good a time as any, she threw the pokeball, not being gentle despite wanting to as she thought it might offend Cyndaquil.

The Pokemon would definitely need help later, she noted, but she was determined to teach it to trust again- And to make sure it was changed before it had a chance to become like Bayleef.

For all she knew, however, it might have been involved in worse before Bayleef had even been born.
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Default Re: A lesson on trust {DONE! Please grade}

Story: Interesting... :o Team Rocket and all is quite a good plot in my opinion. Overall good.

Grammar: Please capitalize "Pokeball" and "Pokemon" please. Since they count as names. A couple of spelling mistakes but my English MS Word has different spellings. ::P
Comma mistakes that everyone makes, watch out for those ^_^

pajamas... should be Pyjamas? But i dont know on the American or other spellings of it :P

Thunder Wave and Ice Beam are seperate words for attacks

Detail: You repeated Pokemon names every couple of lines. You could be creative and say this for example in place of Dratini:
The sparkling light blue dragon slithered along the floor... Or something like that. :P

Originally Posted by You
Banette, however, wasn’t affected by the beam.
I think it sounds better like this:
Originally Posted by Me
The beam, however, didn’t affect Banette.
The other Pokemon were as good as worthless, Just have Worthless instead of the simile part :P

Length: Good enough.

Reality: Of course ^_^

Battle: Thunder Wave and Ice Beam are seperate words for attacks.
The detail was good. I got a clear picture of what was going on. Good job ^_^

Outcome: Natu and Cyndaquil Captured!

It was a hard decision but you just clenched them both just.

Notes: Please remove all "/" next to stuff it's annoying XD!

Tips: Work on your details a bit more, maybe make the battle a bit more lengthy. I hope you keep writing.
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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Default Re: A lesson on trust {DONE! Please grade}

Thanks. ^__^ The point of the // are to show pokemon are speaking in their own language, not English, but I'll find a less annoying way to show it next time. :P
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Default Re: A lesson on trust {DONE! Please grade}

Originally Posted by FireflyK View Post
Thanks. ^__^ The point of the // are to show pokemon are speaking in their own language, not English, but I'll find a less annoying way to show it next time. :P
I suggest different colors of text with a key at the beginning or end lol
<3 Donny & Sooty you both will always be in my heart :)
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