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Old 01-09-2007, 04:53 PM
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Default making a server

Im making my own server, but im having just one problem...

When I try to go in it, it just says connecting and after 10 seconds it disconnects me..
this is what it does when I open "Run A Server":

11:39:11 AM - Server Version 0.9.6
11:39:11 AM - Loading Pokemon Database...
11:39:15 AM - Pokemon Database successfully opened
11:39:15 AM - Initializing player database...
11:39:15 AM - All data ready!
11:39:15 AM - Script files loaded successfully.
11:39:15 AM - Attempting to connect to server registry at
11:39:20 AM - Connection to registry established! Exchanging data...
11:39:21 AM - Registry log-on completed. Chat/Battle World is now officially listed.
11:39:21 AM - Server Startup

and these are the some of the options I use...

Number of users: 150
Send Rate: No Queueing
Number of Lines to display: No Limit
Auto Logging: On
User account inactivity expiration: 300 days
Allow old versions: No
Allow new users: Yes
Use encryption: No
Max Connections per IP: 0/No Limit
Server Name: Chat/Battle World
Main Admin: -Coolio145-
Registration: Unregistered, because whenever I try to register it my server gets disconnected, and it never works...even when I try it after taking my server off the list :(
Public Server: Yes
Random Number System: Pseudo Random

when I try to get into my server, this is what comes up:
it just says Connecting for like, 10 seconds and then this comes up:
[11:49:42] You have been disconnected from the server.
and it says on the status screen: Network Error: The attempt to connect timed out.

am I doing something wrong? if I am please tell me.. -__- im trying to give as much information as possible

I even have all the ports for netbattle open!!

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