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Default Those Eyes

Hi! (waves)

Okay, this story I actually wrote for the "Roses and Chocolates" Romance One Shot contest. Okay, a few things:

-It will be rated PG for a kissing scene and...I think that's it! Eh, trying to be somewhat safe. XD

-It is thirty pages (dang, why my oneshots are always long >.>)

-Hope you enjoy it!

Those Eyes

Love and unforgiving.

"Look, I am very, very sorry, honey. Please, can you forgive me?"

"No, I won’t accept it."

Shattered and hatred.

"What? Why?"

"Look. It’s just that, this was the same routine we have been through for quite some time now. Fight, fight, fight. You know what? I think we should be separated. "


"Really? Well then, since we can’t seemed to get along no more, I am leaving!"


Brad just woke up from that awful memory. His black hair felt very wet, thanks to the sweat. Some of it made his green eyes very watery.

The twenty year old man looked at the window. What a dull sunrise it was. No other colors splashed into the mix except for purple in the sky. Also, the sun was bright yellow already.

Brad quickly got off from the twin size bed and went downstairs, still wearing his silky green pajamas.


Inside the kitchen, Cathy was making some eggs. Luckily she wore a red apron so that the grease wouldn’t ruin her green shirt and blue jeans. While cooking one of the eggs, she pulled a strain of her brown hair away from her icy blue eyes. She now could see better.

When Brad came in, he could smell them. Eggs were his favorite breakfast food so he couldn’t wait to eat them.

"Good morning, brother," said Cathy happily after she caught sight of Brad.

The brother smiled weakly and then said sleepily, "Good morning Cath."

Brad went toward the refrigerator and grabbed himself some apple juice. After he poured the apple juice in a glass, he drank it very quickly.

"So, had a good night sleep last night?" asked Brad’s sister nicely.

Brad gave out a groan and then said acidly, "No, I did not. Had that stupid dream again."

Cathy’s ears suddenly went up in interest. In her mind, she knew what dream Brad meant.

"Oh…wait, not that dream again! The one where you and Anita argued before you left her. Is it?" Cathy asked. The way she said it was as if she is playing charades.

"Yes," said Brad, putting his head down in shame.

As her eyes gazed sorrowfully at that sight, Cathy couldn’t help it but think to herself that her brother really hasn’t gotten over Anita yet. She was not exactly sure if comfort or reality would make Brad felt better. After some thought, she decided some tough love would do.

"Come on, Brad. How long has it been since the two of you were separated?" she asked seriously while flipping eggs inside a small pan. "You should be over with Anita by now."

Before he answered the question, Brad had put his hand on his head. He thought a headache just came. "About four months ago.”

"Four months?" said Cathy sarcastically. "You know what, this means you still care about her." After she had commented on that, a huge smirk creep onto her mouth.

In his mind, Cathy could be right. For four months now both he and Anita have been separated. The two hadn’t talked to each other since then. Maybe those dreams were telling him that part of him still cared for her. Still, like any brother-sister relationship, he won’t admit it.

"No, I don’t care about her," mumbled Brad. He drag his hand down on his face. "If I cared for her, would I have gone and left her?"

That only made his sister grin even more.

"Come on, tell me the truth. You still want to be with her."

And that made Brad’s frustration rise in temperature.

"I said I don’t care about her! If I did, then she and I would had lived happily ever after! I don’t want to be with her!" yelled Brad heatedly. Like in the morning, his lungs moved up and down very quickly.

After Brad had said that, Cathy got the eggs done. When the sister put all of them on both of the two plates, she quickly gave one of them to her brother. One glance at Cathy’s face made Brad think he made her very upset. Both of her eyes looked very sluggish and her mouth seemed smaller then before.

As soon as the other plate was on the table Cathy went to go grab some forks.

"Okay Brad, you won this round. If you said you do not like her, then you don’t. Sorry to be mean," surrendered Cathy, putting her hand on the middle of her chest. Those sleepy-like eyes and tightly covered mouth was actually her being a little annoyed. After she said that, she gave one of the forks to her brother and then sat down.

"Thank you," said Brad joyfully, glad his sister won’t pester him on that dream.

All of a sudden, Cathy punched his right shoulder. That really hurt poor Brad a lot.

"Ow, that hurt!" yelped Cathy’s brother in pain.

"Oh sorry, guess my hand slipped!" giggled Cathy. She then gave her brother a wink.

"You can be so immature sometimes," snorted Brad angrily while rubbing his shoulder. After it did not hurt much anymore, he started eating his breakfast.

Ignoring her brother’s complaint, Cathy was eating the eggs and reading the newspaper at the same time. All was quiet in the white colored kitchen except for some crunches. The three minute silent treatment was broken when Cathy spoke.

"Oh my gosh! Brad, guess who just opened a Pokémon Daycare Center a couple of weeks ago?"

"Who?" Brad said with a fake smile. That did not peek Brad’s interest one bit...yet.

"Your ex-wife, Anita."

When she said that a big smile was on her face. That was the biggest grin Brad had ever seen from his sister, and it scared him too. Now that peeked Brad’s interest a lot.

"Really?" inquired Brad eagerly . He hoped what his sister said was true. "I hope you are not lying."

"I am not, at the bottom at my heart!" said Cathy truthfully with a hint of humor. When she said that, her right hand touched on the chest where her heart is. Brad gave a look of disgust, always hating it when his sister was trying to be all funny.

To show she was an angelic woman with her word, Cathy gave the newspaper to Brad. His eyes caught the title entitled, "MAUVILLE CITY RESIDENT ANITA MOUSE HAS SUDDENLY TURNED HER HOUSE INTO A DAYCARE CENTER" in big bolded black print.

"In a sudden burst of surprise, Anita’s daycare center was a big success. Even though it had been open for a couple weeks now, a lot of trainers already got word of a great nearby daycare center.

"Why did ‘Anita Mouse’s Pokémon Daycare Center’ all of a sudden came from a house to a very popular Pokemon daycare? Well, one of the reason would be that you can have your Pokémon be taken care of for an unlimited number of days for the low price of two hundred dollars. Also, the owner has put great service to her work. She feed, breed, cleaned, anything to just make the Pokemon feel special. That’s why most of the Pokemon were getting used to staying the place."

For some odd reason Brad got this weird feeling that Cathy was about to say "I told you so" in front of his face. Trying to ignore that thought, Brad began to comment on his thoughts.

"Hm…so Anita had turned our house into a Pokemon Daycare Center, ey? That stupid girl! Hey Cathy, do you think it was wrong for…hey, where are you going?"

There was a reason Brad questioned that very sharply. His eyes glimpsed at Cathy, putting on her yellow sports jacket.

"I am going to check out that daycare center!"

Now that made Brad’s head boil. Also, he thought Cathy did that to make him lose his temper quickly. Well, at least it worked, thought the brother to himself. At first, Brad was about to scream at her, but then thought what’s the use.

Not wanting to waste his voice, he spoke nicely, "Why?"

Cathy answered his question with no hint of sarcasm or humor in it. "Well, I will be gone in a couple of days and I think maybe I will let her take care of my Pokémon for a little bit. Okay, I will be back soon. Luckily, today is my day off."

Brad shrieked in flaming frustration, "Wait one minute! How could you! Please, don’t go to that stupid bit…"

Before Brad could finish his sentence, the sound of a door closing was heard.

"Crud," he mumbled, disappointed in his sister very much.

All of a sudden, he looked at the clock. Eight thirty in the morning. Fear just punched him in the face, so he ran upstairs to go change.


It was nighttime. The moon was burning very brightly and the sky was swirling with blue and black mixed together. The young stars were twinkling like very tiny jewels.

Brad looked at the night through his living room window. To him, it is a beautiful night. That did not wash his worries away, though.

He thought maybe watching the television might be a good way to calm his nerves. Before Brad had turned on the twenty inch wooden TV, he sat on the light red furniture. After he grabbed the remote from the black coffee table, the lonely man pressed the ON button and then the blank entertainment box came to life. Right now an old sitcom was on. Despite the roar of laughs from the audience and a funny scene Brad would have died giggling at, nothing came out from his mouth.

Still, that did not wash his worries away. Well, two worries to be exact.

First, when he came back from work, his sister was not here yet. Dang, are those two gossiping or something? Oh how he hated those two talking to each other like thirteen year old star-stalking girls. That was one of the things Brad didn’t like about Anita.

Another thing, the whole day he couldn’t help but think about what his sister had said earlier.

"You know what, this means you still care for her."

"Still care for her?" asked Brad in a low voice. Weirdly enough, he was not sure if the tone he used was either of wondering or forgetting. True, he shouldn’t care that much before because the two broke up a little while ago. On the other hand, maybe he does still care about her. Brad heard stories of how if you dream of someone you knew, you still have feelings for that person. Still, he did not want to think about it.

When you broke up with a person, they flew away from both your mind and heart. Right?

Brad’s thoughts were interrupted when he heard the door open. He turned around and saw his sister with a handful of grocery bags.

"What the?" said Brad in disbelief. He was not sure what to ask first- why it took her very long to come back home or what was with all those grocery bags.

"Oh, hi Brad! You are home from work early!" She paused for a little bit so that she could put the bags down on the black carpeted floor. "Yeah, I bet you wondered what took me so long, huh?"

Nothing came out from her brother’s mouth. Instead, Brad gave her a deadly glare.

"Well, sorry that I was late," apologized Cathy while giving a nervous laugh. "Oh my gosh, I got a lot to tell you!"

Indeed, she did have a lot to talk about to Brad.

Cathy told him how when she came into the Pokémon Daycare Center, there were a lot of Pokémon trainers. Also, she told Brad how Anita had her hair changed from curly to straight. Another thing Cathy mentioned was how after Anita showed her the backyard (where the Pokémon were), the two talked like crazy. That eventually led them to do some grocery shopping together.

"And that was why it took me so long. I hope you forgave me, brother.” After Cathy said that, she bowed her head down, ashamed she took so long to come back home.

Part of him wanted to just punch her on the face. He really couldn’t believe his sister talked to his former wife. The other part of him wanted to say he forgave her. He knew that those two were friends for a long time.

After a few moments of silence, Brad answered with a sweet smile, "All right, I forgive you."

In just a flash of a second, Cathy suddenly hugged Brad’s neck tightly.

‘Oh my gosh! Thank you!" squealed Cathy madly (in a good way). Without noticing, she hugged Brad’s neck even more tightly.

All Brad could think of was four words: Crazy good hearted sister.


While his sister was sleeping, Brad couldn’t help but think about the Pokémon Daycare Anita owned.

Really? Is that Pokémon Daycare Center really that good?

All of a sudden, a wild urge nudged him to go check that daycare himself.

Hm…maybe I should go inside that place. Want to see what all the fuss is about.

A good idea indeed. If he doesn’t take a peek at that place, then the thought of how the daycare looked like would itch him forever. Yes, all he could do was just barge in…or so he thought.

Wait a minute, I can’t just let Anita see my face after these last couple of months!

So true. Brad believed if Anita suddenly saw him, she might go nuts and the two would argue. Things might get a little hectic.

Now, how will I be able to go inside in that place?

Brad tapped his thumb on his chin, deep in thought. All of a sudden, an idea came to him. His body suddenly tickled with excitement and glee.

Wait, I got it! Oh, this should be good. The best part, she won’t suspect a thing. And yeah, Cathy won’t either.

Now that made Brad slept easier that night.


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Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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Default Re: Those Eyes


Hehe, with Cathy gone, she won’t know that I visited that Pokémon Daycare Center.

How a few alternations can make you a different person.

Right now Brad wore a spiky brown-haired wig on his head. The hands were inside the pockets of his black formal pants. At first he was embarrassed to be wearing some of his sister’s makeup, but then decided to let it go. It’s true that makeup can hide true beauty real well.

Today everything will be going his way. All he had to do was go inside that daycare center of Anita’s, look around a little bit, and try to find a few things he could criticize. After that, he then could come back to that place (himself, that is), talk to Anita, and prove to her how bad of a Pokémon Daycare Center it was.

There were some people that said bad things will happen if you became a little too full of pride. Indeed, that is why pride is a sin.

Loud screams were heard. Brad did not hear them as his mind was too busy thinking about how bad the daycare center would look like. What was ironic, however, over half of those yells were directly at him.

A huge rhino Pokémon suddenly ran. Its slow speed was due to its gray armor-like body. The Rhyhorn suddenly had its small but sharp horn hit Brad on the back. The hit was so hard, he flew up way high in the air. The poor man hit the ground really hard before he even managed to notice what was going on.



At first he couldn’t seem to get away from the darkness. For a while the man struggled to wake up, but his mind and body wouldn’t let him. It was a while until he managed to finally break free.

His eyes blinked a few times until he made them open. The first thing that Brad saw was a woman staring very happily at him.

Her long blue hair moved very gently, thanks to the soft breeze from outside. For a second, Brad actually thought she looked very pretty with her hair straight. At first, he thought this was the first time he saw that woman. One look at her dark brown eyes and red colored lips made him realize who that lady was.


The woman had one of her fingers touch Brad’s dry mouth.

"Hush," whispered the female in a merry voice. "I bet you wonder why you are here."

All Brad could do was nod very speedily. Also, in his mind, he was glad Anita had stopped him from saying her name. If he had blurted it out, who knows how she would react.

The woman giggled and then answered nicely, "A Rhyhorn all of a sudden rammed into you. That led you to fly very high in the air. After that, you fell down very hard. You were out cold for the rest of the night. The good news, you will be fine. Still, you would have to stay here for the next few days or so. Sorry, but your leg is badly hurt. "

At first, Brad wondered why she said that. His eyes then glanced at his leg. It was all bandaged up below his knee. He now felt like itching.

Suddenly, yesterday’s events flew back in Brad’s mind. The screaming from concerned people. The Rhyhorn that ran as fast as it could. Him flying way up in the air and then falling. Yeah, it was all coming to him. All of a sudden, a question came to mind.

"Can I ask you a question?" he asked. Anita nodded a couple of times slowly. "Why did that Rhyhorn suddenly run away like that?"

Another giggle came from Anita’s mouth before she replied, "Well, that Rhyhorn actually missed her trainer and so she was just trying to find her. Don’t worry, right now that same Pokémon is sleeping peacefully outside."

"How did you do that?" Brad mused excitedly, wondering how Anita had pulled that off.

"By battling and fainting it, of course.” After the lady said that, she winked.

Brad couldn’t helped but smile. Even though she was his ex, he appreciated what she did. All of a sudden, a realization came to him: did Anita find out who he really was, yet? The next words from her mouth would ease his worries away.

"Oh, where are my manners. My name is Anita Mouse."

Shoot, now he was in big trouble. Brad felt he forgot something, and indeed he has. He had not come up with a fake name yet. All of a sudden, a lot of names came swirling around his head: James, Brian, Markus, Sam, Fred. There were a whole bunch Brad could have chosen. It took a little bit until he finally decided on one.

"Um…my name is Chris Smith," whispered Brad then turning his head away from Anita.

All of a sudden, Anita burst out laughing. Her body started shaking like an earthquake for a few seconds. After she calmed herself down, her thumb pressed Brad’s nose softly.

"Aw, you are so cute! Hehe, you don’t need to be shy about it, sweetie.”

Somehow, the smile on her face made Brad put on a big grin on his face. Still, inside his heart, he will hate the next few days or however long he has to stay here.

That night, Anita cooked something inside the kitchen. She actually couldn’t help but think about Chris Smith.

Hm…Chris seemed to be a very nice guy.

Anita thought that guy was very mysterious, never heard of him before. That actually did not worry her much.

Even though I never heard of him before, there were millions and millions of people I never heard of before also.

Actually, something made her very worried. For some reason, Chris reminded her of someone. How odd as that thought made her all felt gooey inside.

That man actually looked like someone I knew. It was probably those eyes…those emerald eyes.

Wanting her thoughts to stop there, she continued cooking to keep herself busy.


While Anita was cooking dinner, Brad took a nap until suddenly he heard the ringtone from his cell phone. He quickly grabbed it from the small table next to the bed he was resting on, and then answered it.


"Brad, it’s me, your boss Carlos!" screamed the man, Carlos, loudly from the phone.

That startled Brad a little bit. Already, he knew why his boss was mad at him.

Crud! Carlos is mad at me for not coming to work!

"Oh, hi Carlos. I guess you wondered why I was not there today," muttered Brad very nervously. His heart pounded faster and faster, jumpy about his boss‘s anger.

"Yes, why weren’t you at work today? Also, why you did not call yet?"

Right away he knew he was in deep trouble. Now what he would say to Carlos? He couldn’t say, "Right, I have a broken leg and living with my ex wife for a little bit?" That would make his boss wonder why he was there in the first place. Sometimes to get out a situation where your neck can be saved, the thing to do is to lie.

"Um…well sir, a family emergency just came up. I was such in a state of shock, I forgot to call you about it," mumbled Brad slowly, hoping his boss will be okay with this.

"Oh, I see," said Carlos in an understanding tone. At first, Brad thought he was saved. That is, until the boss spoke again. "So, what kind of emergency?"

Deep trouble again. Brad was now thinking about what sort of even could be considered "emergency". Or better yet, a shortcut.

"I really don’t want to talk about it."

Brad closed his eyes tightly, ready for the very loud yells from Carlos. Ironically, it was the other way around.

"All right, you don’t need to say it right away. I can understand this emergency must be very tough on you. Don’t worry, take your time," alleged Carlos sweetly.

A sigh came from Brad’s mouth. He was relived that his boss will let him alone.

"Why, thank you, sir. I will let you know when things calm down. Okay, bye."

After that, Brad hung up on the phone.

For a few years, Brad knew Carlos did not like it when someone was either late or had not shown up at work. Underneath that temper, there was a nice side to him. He was totally understandable when it came down to family. His motto would always be "family first." Brad was lucky that motto was applied in this situation.

Footsteps was suddenly heard. Brad thought the sound of them was actually gentle. A couple of seconds later, the door opened very slowly. Anita’s head peeked inside the room before her foot was set inside it.

"Hi. I made you chicken soup for dinner. I hope you like it."

The lady slowly gave Brad a bowl of sliced chicken and mint smelling soup. When the injured man had his first sniff on his dinner, he thought it smelled heavenly. He suddenly ate on the soup very quickly. Any other woman would have been disgusted at the sight of that. Anita, on the other hand, smiled very widely.

"Hehe, very hungry, huh?" giggled Anita.

"Ah huh!" mumbled Brad happily with his mouth full.

"Well, if you want seconds, let me know!"

While Brad was eating, he remembered how Anita cooked very tasty foods. That was one of the things he actually liked about her. These last few months he ate his sister’s bad cooking. Brad actually thought he was going to die with just a little piece touching his tongue.

Brad also thought, while eating his dinner, how Anita was really nice to him. Her kindness was one of those that made you felt all gleeful inside. Still, he remembered that she was not actually being nice to him. One look at the mirror next to the window made him realized that.

Wait, Anita is not being nice to me, but Chris Smith. Chris Smith was the person that has his leg bandaged up, not me.

"Hey Chris, where are you living right now?" questioned Anita merrily.

Brad suddenly choked. Loud coughing sounds came out from his mouth. After punching himself on the chest a few times, he spoke weakly, "Why do you ask?"

"I don’t know," said Anita truthfully. "Eh, I just want to get to know you a little bit more."

Brad had a smile shown on his mouth. Luckily, he already thought up of the city.

"Well, I came from Slateport City. I was here at Mauville City for a little vacation," said Brad calmly with a small grin, assuring the woman that’s the truth.

Anita smiled brightly and then said, "Oh, that’s cool. Well, too bad you would have to stay here for a little bit and miss work. That reminds me, did you tell your boss the situation?"

"Yeah, I did. He said to talk to him when I am better.”

The man knew that he should have not lied but he did not want Anita to be all mad. Besides, both her and Carlos have no idea what was exactly going on.

"Oh, that’s good," Anita said before she clapped one time out of happiness. "Well, I had been living in Mauville for most of my life, but I was originally from Saffron City at the Kanto region."

That actually took Brad by surprise. While the two were dating, Anita told him that she lived in Mauville for a long time. This was the first time he heard her said that. What was ironic, she told that to Chris, not him.

"Oh, Saffron City? I heard it‘s a very good city. Why, you and your family came here then?" asked Brad tensely, interested as to why she moved from Saffron City to Mauville City.

"The reason was because of how my parents got divorced, and my dad wanted to move somewhere different. So yeah, that was why my father and I are living in Mauville City.”

All of a sudden, Brad had this urge to know Anita a little bit more. The truth, he was not sure if this was to get to know Anita better as a human or try to gather some information for use to hurt her spirit. Now he felt as if he had a split personality.

So far, all Brad knew was that she was talking to Chris, not him.


For the next couple of weeks, Anita spilled on a lot of stuff about her that Brad never heard before.

Most of those were just simple things that Anita should have told him while they were together. For instance, she told him how she was allergic to fish. Now he knew why Anita kept telling him to not catch nor buy any fish from the market.

Also, a few of them were being secrets. One of the secrets Anita told Brad was one time she had ditched school. She and a few of her friends she went with ate at a place called Kingdras. While in there, a Team Rocket member went in to rob the place. Anita got really scared when that person had held a gun up high and shot it a couple of times. As soon as the Team Rocket robber got a chuck of money, she burst into tears, afraid death was upon her. Lucky, her father did not knew anything about his daughter ditching, though he should have. That night, the news was on with the reporters talking about the robbery scene When she saw that, Anita ran away quickly with tears bursting from her eyes.

During those couple of weeks, Brad had always wondered why he never told her those things before. He should had known the answer already, but for now he felt he was blind during their relationship.

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Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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Default Re: Those Eyes


Brad’s leg got a whole lot better the last two weeks. Now instead of just lying there on the bed, he could walk somewhat better. Anita told him to stay for a few more days, just to make sure that he would be fine by himself. Oddly enough, Brad agreed to it.

As soon as Brad was able to walk again, Anita gave him a tour of the house-slash-Pokémon Daycare Center. First, it was the living room. His eyes first glanced at the familiar red carpet. So far, no stains. Also, the two small sofas and the black coffee table were all in order. The small brown television, on the other hand, had a lot of dust bunnies on the screen. The only difference Brad had noticed was the gray colored wall was filled with pictures of Pokémon. Hm…looked like she took away all of the pictures with the both of us in it. After that, it was the kitchen. Lucky for Brad, everything was the same. Anita did not paint over the white colored walls nor change the blue-tiled counters. Also, the black microwave and the white refrigerator was still in place. His eyes looked peacefully at the brown-colored tiled floor.

After that, it was time for the outside of the house. When Brad went outside, he was quite impressed of how beautiful the backyard was. A lot of Pokémon ran on the dark green grass. The water Pokémon swam in the small size pond. A few Slowpoke and Slakoth slept either on top on tree branches or huge boulders. Also, he spotted the Rhyhorn that hurt him a while back, drinking some water from its bowl. Brad couldn’t believe how peaceful the Pokémon were outside.

"So, what do you think of my Pokémon Daycare Center? Beautiful, huh?" asked Anita nervously. She prayed to herself that Chris would like it.

"Indeed, very pretty. The Pokémon look very happy staying here!" exclaimed Brad joyfully.

Anita’s eyes suddenly got wide and filled with glittering stars. A smirk came from Brad when he saw that.

"Oh my gosh, thank you!" squealed Anita very happily. "Seriously, I worked really hard making this place perfect. I am glad that you like it."

"Hehe, no problem. Seriously, very gorgeous place you have set up for them.”

A couple of seconds later, a small round Pokémon came out from the pound. Its huge black eyes shined with happiness when it saw both Brad and Anita. It suddenly ran, with its long white tail moving up and down swiftly.

"Poli wag wag!" yelled the Poliwag merrily with its red mouth opened wide.

A giggle came from Anita when she had her arms wrapped around the blue-colored tadpole Pokémon. After that, she tickled its clockwise swirl-printed belly. Poliwag laughed really out loud, very ticklish on that area.

"Chris, I would like you to meet my Poliwag, Jasmine. Jasmine, met Chris, a guest of mine."

Poliwag suddenly rubbed on Brad’s chest very slowly. For a second, he thought she actually purred like a Persian or a Skitty.

"Aw, Jasmine likes you already," chuckled Anita, thinking it was a very adorable sight to see.

All Brad could do now was give out a chuckle. He already knew Jasmine, but he would have to pretend that this was the first time he saw her. At first, he worried she would notice the real him by smell or recognition. Luckily, Jasmine did not suspect anything. The one thing he liked about this Pokémon was how it was always in a cheerful mood. Also, each time there were guests, Jasmine would be all happy about it. She always loved guests, and Chris was no exception.

"Hehe, what a cute Pokémon," said Brad nicely. That was Chris talking, not him. Although, Brad always thought Poliwag as very cute Pokémon.

"Yeah. All of the visitors kept saying that when their eyes glanced at this girl. I won’t trade her for anything in the world," whispered Anita solemnly.

That suddenly clicked Brad’s mind. His fuzzy memory came back to him. He remembered how he was attracted to her not only for her looks, but also for her love of Pokémon. Everyday the man saw how much care she gave them. Not just her own, but other trainer’s Pokémon and strayed ones also. Now Brad wondered why the two all of a sudden came from bliss to a huge slump.

All of a sudden, the Rhyhorn that drank some water earlier ran towards Brad. He was about to run away, but his body just froze there. While standing, he hoped that the Rhyhorn won’t smash him. The next thing that happened really shocked him. The huge four foot Pokémon pinned him down and then licked his face. While Brad was on the ground, he could hear innocent laughing sounds close to him.

"Aw, looks like that Rhyhorn wanted to say it was sorry to you."

Brad’s eyes twitched with confusion. Never thought licking your face can be used for saying you are sorry.

"Really? This seemed more like this Rhyhorn is licking me instead of saying sorry," said Brad seriously, not finding this one bit funny like Anita had.

After the silver-colored Pokémon stopped licking Brad, Anita helped him stand up. In his mind, the man was relieved at least his leg was not hurt again.

"Oh, don’t worry," chuckled the Pokémon daycare owner while patting the Pokémon‘s head. "This Rhyhorn I actually have known for a while. Seriously, she is such a sweetheart, probably the nicest female Rhyhorn you would ever meet."

That suddenly hit Brad’s brain again. He actually thought he heard that saying before. Hm…that sounded very familiar. I think Anita said something like that before. Soon, his doubts would be answered.

All of a sudden, a doorbell sound was heard.

"Oh! Wait here for a minute! I will go answer that!" squealed Anita like a teenage girl.

Guess the Poliwag is not the only one who liked guests, thought Brad amusingly to himself. He giggled a couple of times before Anita left outside.

As soon as Anita went inside the house, Brad was left with the Rhyhorn. His stomach suddenly jumped when the female creature suddenly had its head rub on the uninjured leg. Brad was originally about to shout to Rhyhorn to tell her to stop it. After a little bit, he actually got comfortable to it. Besides, the Pokemon did say it was sorry in its own cute and adorable way.

"Hehe, I forgive you girl," Brad whispered softly. To prove that, he then stroke her head a few times.

"Rhy horn rhy!" cheered Rhyhorn joyfully, glad she was forgiven.

Two footsteps was suddenly heard. Closer and closer they came. It wasn’t long until Anita and another woman came outside.

Brad suddenly felt as if he had shrunk. For once, he never feared for his life more then anything else. Oh crud. Right now he wanted to run away, but his legs were too weak to even have done that (especially the damaged one).

"Chris, I want you to meet my friend, Cathy."

"Cathy?" Brad muttered timidly, eyes blinking very fast and arms shaking a little bit.

So far, all he knew was his sister had dropped her Pokémon here. Now Brad was afraid she might find out already that he was here too. Dang it, why did Cathy have to be here? It would be a miracle if she had not found out yet.

What the man feared more then his sister coming here was Anita detecting anything from his tone.

After chuckling for a few seconds, Anita answered, "Oh, you probably don’t know her. She was a friend of mine who dropped all of her Pokémon here a couple of months ago. Yesterday Cathy called me that she will come here to pick them up the next day."

Cathy started laughing also. "Aw, he’s quite cute! So you say my Rhyhorn actually rammed into him?"

A thousand knives would not even make Brad very shocked.

My Rhyhorn? MY RHYHORN!’

He felt like a dumb person now, should have noticed a few deep scratch marks on her upper right leg. Also, he should had noticed the way the female Rhyhorn was all happy when she saw him. Oh shoot, Cathy’s Rhyhorn! thought Brad realistically.

Indeed, his speculation are true. The Pokémon suddenly ran and stood on her two legs. After she had her front legs on Cathy’s chest, her tongue clobbered all over the woman’s face.

"So, this must be your Rhyhorn, huh, Cathy? If you must know, I had forgave her already for her actions," Brad said humbly with a smile on his face. He tried to make it sound as if this was the first time his eyes laid on Cathy. Well, his first time realizing this Rhyhorn belonged to his sister was the truth (sort of).

"Hehe, yeah. Well, it’s nice meeting you, Chris. Sorry I can’t stay here and chat with you. My brother Brad expects me home by now." After Cathy said that, she turned around to face Anita. "Okay Anita, you said you have the rest of my Pokéballs upstairs?"

Anita gave out a nod and then replied brightly, "Yes I do. Follow me."

"Oh, that’s good.” She turned around to face her Rhyhorn and then said to the Pokémon, "Okay girl, let’s go inside."

As soon as the two women and Rhyhorn were inside the house, Brad gave out a happy sigh.

"Wow. Lucky my sister did not find out anything yet."

Still, part of Brad told him that everything will be solved soon.


When Cathy was inside the apartment, she went to the kitchen to grab a can of lemon soda. While gulping down on the drink, she started thinking about Chris.

I don’t know why, but that Chris guy remind me of someone. Oh my gosh, I should tell Brad about this! He should be at home by now, as it is seven-thirty.

With that said, Cathy quickly moved her head around a few times. No Brad inside the kitchen.

He’s not in here. Maybe he could be in the living room. Dang, why I did not notice him there?

Cathy checked the living room. She jerked her head once, twice, thrice. No Brad in sight.

What, not in the living room either? Shoot, Brad sleeping already?

As soon as she came inside the bedroom, she saw no Brad in there either. At first, her first instinct was to call the police and file a missing report. Probably a bunch of Growlithe will be able to get his scent. Cathy later decided to calm down and think rationally .

Okay, I can’t call the police. Not one hundred percent sure if Brad was missing. Maybe he was working overtime or something. I should call Carlos.

After she got out her cell phone from her purse, Cathy dialed the numbers very fast.

"Mauville City Pokémon Market. How may I help you?" answered a man’s voice sluggishly.

"Hi Carlos! This is Cathy, Brad’s sister!"

Carlos said joyfully, "Oh, hi Cathy! I assumed that things were good now, right?"

"Actually yeah, my vacation went great. Still, that was not the reason why I called. I want to…"

"Wait, vacation?" cut Carlos. "Brad told me he had a family emergency, and I assumed you were part of it also."

That made Cathy want to say "What the?" in a very loud voice. She was confused as to why he said that. Now there was hatred towards Brad in her heart.

"Oh, he really said that?" mumbled Cathy icily.

"Ah ha, yeah. So, did things clear up?"

At first, Cathy was about to tell him about how she did not know anything about it. She then made her final answer that some little revenge fun won’t hurt.

"Yep, everything is fine," Cathy replied with a sly smile on her face. "Brad should be able to come back to work in a couple of days. Oh, and he will tell you everything that happen."

"Oh, all right. Well, thanks for letting me know. Okay, good night."

"Good night," said Cathy slowly in a soft voice. After that, she hung up on her cell phone.

All of a sudden, she started thinking about Chris again.

Dang it, Chris reminded me of someone!

She tried her best to picture how that mysterious man looked like.

Brown hair, pale cheeks with some white powder on ,that scratchy voice, long nails, Rhyhorn happy to see him…green eyes that looked exactly like Brad’s…oh my gosh, it can’t be.

Already, her fingers dialed a few numbers.

I am so going to punch him! thought Cathy very furiously. Fire started to sparkle in her eyes.


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Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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Default Re: Those Eyes

Tonight’s dinner: fried rice, two glasses of strawberry soda, and pie for dessert.

The two of them were eating in the small dining hall. Luckily the small black table could take the meal, drinks, and dessert. Anita finished her fried rice while Brad was eating a piece of his desert. Everything was peaceful until a cell phone was heard from someone’s jeans pocket. A bit of red lit up on Brad’s face.

"Um…he heh. Sorry about that, Anita."

Anita’s face showed she was a little annoyed that someone called during dinnertime. Well, she hoped that was not a telemarketer. At least she held her grudge before she spoke.

"Don’t worry," said Anita with a weak smile. "You may be excused from dinner."

Brad nodded slowly and then went outside to answer his cell phone.


Outside, most of the Pokémon slept already. Only a few Pidgey and Hoothoot cried in a hopeful song.

When Brad had heard the caller’s voice, he wished for a bomb shelter right now.

"BRAD! Why the heck were you in Anita’s place?"

Make that two bomb shelters, thought Brad sadly.

Now he was really in for it. Brad couldn’t believe that Cathy found out. That later led him to this question: how did she really find out?

"Um Cathy, how did you find out?"

Brad heard an evil chuckle for a few seconds. After Cathy calmed herself down, she answered, "Oh, let’s see. I came home and you weren’t there. I talked to Carlos and he said about how two weeks ago we had a ‘family emergency’. Chris stayed in Anita’s place for fourteen days. Yeah Brad, everything seemed to be connected to each other."

Already, he felt like throwing up. Brad had nothing else to do but face the music.

"Now Brad, I will ask again. Why are you in Anita’s place?"

The man was actually about to surrender and tell his sister the truth until she spoke again.

"Oh my gosh, I think I know now. The dreams, you staying here for a couple of weeks, your depression…you still have feelings for Anita!"

Brad’s grip almost crushed his cell phone into a million pieces. He knew how much his sister really loved to say that. Still, the brother won’t say anything to his sister on that subject.

Okay, FOUR bomb shelters at most! Now, in three, two, one…

"You love Anita! You love Anita!" chimed Cathy merrily.

"…No I don’t," Brad put it plainly.

"Yes you do!" Cathy said crazily, really having fun with this.

"No I don’t."

"Yes you do!"

That suddenly made Brad’s anger rise in temperature.


Brad quickly hung up on the phone. He have enough of his sister’s gloating for the night. All of a sudden, he feared Anita had heard him. Brad took a quick glance at the backyard. So far, no Anita at sight. Slowly, he went back inside the house.

While walking, he couldn’t help it, but he got Cathy’s little song stuck in his head.

"You love Anita! You love Anita!"

His heart suddenly banged faster. At first, he thought a heart attack was coming. It took him a few seconds to realize his heart beat like that…when he first fell in love with Anita. Not only that, Brad felt sick inside, but not that kind of sick he had earlier. Instead, his stomach felt gooey and his head felt dizzy.

Oh my gosh, I think Cathy might be right for once. I am falling in love with Anita again!

After that realization, Brad started to think of reasons why he adored Anita. Some of the things that he came up with were: she was nice to him, took care of him very well, and he actually knew her better now than when they were together.

Ugh, falling in love can be too easy sometimes.

All of a sudden, he heard a glass cracking- liked noise. His first instinct was that he was in the bedroom. His second instinct was he accidentally broke something. Brad quickly looked at the floor and saw small pieces of glass lying there. Not only that, but a picture also.

The photograph was of a young happy couple. The man was dressed in a black tuxedo. The woman dressed in a white long sleeved dress. Both of them were outside, with a lot of trees everywhere.

"Hehe, we looked cute together like that," said Brad sadly to himself. "Dang it, why did we separate?"

In an instant, a hand suddenly yanked the picture. Brad’s eyes blinked a few times before they saw Anita’s face.

"Anita! Look I am sorry that I…"

"It’s all right, Chris," Anita interrupted him. "It was an accident."

Brad later saw Anita’s right thumb slowly tracing the photograph. It suddenly hit his head that this could be his opportunity to have his question answered.

"Um Anita, who is this guy?" he asked slowly. Brad was careful to not let her suspect anything.

"Well, his name is Brad. My ex-husband."

"Ex-husband? Why did the two of you break up?" asked Brad in a surprised tone. What’s so funny was he actually meant that. (At least, the broke up part).

"Eh, a lot of problems. There was constant fighting between the two of us twenty-four, seven. We couldn’t seem to agree on anything. Ugh, after dating for a few weeks, we quickly decided to get married, just like that."

"So I guess the two of you did not get to know each other, right?" asked Brad guiltily. He then gulped, ashamed the two married too soon.

Anita sighed heavily and then said, "I guess you can say that. It’s weird, the things I told you about myself, I never told it to Brad."

A little bit later, Anita stared at Brad’s eyes very curiously. That frightened the man a little bit. Now Brad was afraid that she will notice him.

"You know, your eyes looked exactly like Brad’s. They’re green, like well-kept grass and bright like the sun," whispered Anita seductively.

Suddenly, her thumb pressed on a piece of glass and then a small dot of blood came out. Without thinking, Brad took out that small piece of glass from her thumb and dropped it on the floor.

"Is it better now?" asked Brad sweetly. Fear came in his mind, worried how Anita would react.

"Yeah," whispered Anita in a mumble. "Thanks."

All of a sudden, the two of them both felt attraction and respect towards each other. It was as if they felt something like this for the first time. Letting their emotions get to them, the two of them suddenly kissed.

Slowly, Brad had his hands on Anita’s apple colored cheeks. They were very, very soft. Anita had her hands wrapped around on his neck very loosely. She did that so that she won’t accidentally choke him. The two were like that for a little bit now.

Things were heating up a little bit when suddenly Brad had his lips touching Anita’s neck. The lady was surprised that she actually like the way he was kissing it slowly and passionately. She stretched it a little bit to give him more space to use. Without noticing it, her hands slipped off from Brad’s neck and instead was around his stomach. After that, her embrace was tighter.

While all of that was happening, Brad couldn’t help it but feel happy. It actually felt right to him. He never knew that he would fell in love with Anita again. Now the man was actually glad the two kissed each other.

"I can’t believe I am actually falling for you," Anita said excitedly in a soft voice. Brad can hear her deep breathes.

"Me either," whispered Brad truthfully. He actually can’t believe he’s falling for Anita again. Just like before, his mind started to fill with excitement.

What the two did not know was that the next words Anita would say would lead to a big impact.

"You know, I think I love you, Brad."

Brad’s eyes were suddenly wide open. His body stared to shake in fear and nervousness.

Shoot, does she know who I am? I really hope not.

When Anita said that, she wanted to hit herself. Those words felt like poison in her tongue. She just blew it with him, big time.

Oh my gosh, I can’t believe this! I called him "Brad"!

Shreds of tears suddenly flowed down on her cheeks. Quickly, Anita ran away and went outside. Worried about her, Brad followed.


Outside, Anita kept running. She covered her face in deep shame.

Why…why did I say Brad? I want Chris, not Brad!

Anita did not find it weird to fall in love with Chris within a two week period.

Oh boy, now he will think I still have feelings for Brad!

That actually intrigued her a bit. Now she wondered if this was a sign of some sort.

Me? Feelings for Brad? Heck no! I nearly forgot about him since he left me.

Not actually watching where she walked, Anita suddenly tripped and then instantly fell into the pond. The water Pokémon took cover after they saw her body inside their habitat. The woman tried to swim back up, but because of her disheartened state of mind, she wasn’t able to.


"Anita! Anita!"

When Brad had his foot step outside, he quickly saw Anita suddenly drop inside the pond. He swiftly dived in the pond and grabbed the woman by the stomach. After the two got out of the lake, both gave out huge coughs. It took a little bit until Anita opened her eyes.

"Ugh…Chris? Is that you?" mumbled Anita very slowly. Her vision was at first blurry. As soon as she could see again, her throat became dry. Also, Anita felt her stomach jiggling in shock.


"No, not Brad. It’s me, Chris.” Again, he tried to pretend to be that other person.

"Actually…" Anita spoke in a shaky voice. She was unable to finish her sentence, shocked of what she saw.

At first, Brad thought she said his name again because of her shock. What confused him was when she said "Actually." He later saw Anita pointing her finger at the pond.

Brad slowly looked the lake and then realized why Anita was shocked now. His brown-haired wig was gone. The man now wished he could run away right now. His body was all frozen and unwilling to move an inch. He suspected a huge yell from Anita, but it was something different.

"Brad? Why are you here?" Anita asked sorrowfully. Her eyes widen, filled with shock and surprise.

Brad slowly turned to face the female and was about to say something. For some reason, his mouth wouldn’t open. All of a sudden, shame and embarrassment were the only things he could think right now. His emotions later got the best out of him as he ran away all the way back home, six miles of it.

When that happen, all Anita did was stand there, dumb-struck on the events that came.


Cathy sat on the couch, reading a small book. She was getting to the good part until she heard the front door opened. After closing the book, Cathy suddenly saw her brother ran into the bedroom. A loud piercing scream was later heard.

"Yay, he’s here!" Cathy cheered. "Now I get to ask him why he was in Anita’s house for these couple of weeks."

The sister walked slowly inside the bedroom, only to find Brad covered his face with a pillow.

"Hi there Brad! So how’s your stay at Anita’s?" squealed Cathy eagerly. Her mouth suddenly curled to a big grin.

More screams came from Brad’s mouth. That did not bother Cathy one bit. She still had her huge smile on.

"Wait, let me guess. Anita found out, right?" butted in the sister.

As if some sort of pain got into him, Brad took out the pillow from his face and then his voice became very loud.

"Yes, Anita found out! It was after we kissed that night! Also, you know what? You are right, my sister. I am in love with her. I am in love with my ex-wife. The only problem was, she was in love with Chris, not me," yelled Brad angrily and sadly at the same time. Madness came to him as he admitted his true feelings to his sister. Depression came to him when he wished Anita’s feelings were not towards Chris.

Part of Cathy wanted to dance for joy. She always liked it when she was right. Also, part of her wanted to make his brother feel better. She was really torn as to what to do. After some thought, Cathy decided bragging would be very rude.

"Oh, I see. Well, I am sorry that I kept making you mad for saying you loved Anita. That was very childish of me."

"It’s all right. You don’t need to apologize," Brad said in a humbled voice. "Dang, now I think Anita won’t ever want to see me again. And to think, I came just so I can spy on her Pokémon Daycare Center."

Now Cathy knew the truth. She realized Brad came to Anita’s house in the first place, just so he can spy on her. Cathy found it a little amusing that his plan did not turned up like he wanted to.

Not really sure what to do, Cathy just blurted out uneasily, "Well, I don’t think Anita would hate you. Maybe you could call her and the two of you can talk about it."

Not liking that idea one bit, the brother put his head down on the pillow. "No, that won’t work. Seriously, I think she hates me now. Well, I guess I should go take a shower now."

Brad slow dragged himself inside the bathroom. After Cathy heard the door shut, thoughts swirled around her head.

Aw, poor him. Hm…maybe I should explain to Anita everything. Still, she might freak out if I told her Brad came in just to spy in her place. Well, you will never know unless you try.

Wanting to know the truth quickly, Cathy went to the living room to go call Anita.


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Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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Default Re: Those Eyes

This morning the skies were splashed with light orange, pink and violet. Clouds were extra fluffy for some odd reason today. The bright sun woke up Brad from his slumber.

He slowly got up and looked at his window. Boy, this morning is beautiful…like Anita. A heavy sigh slowly came from his mouth. Brad slowly jerked his head to look at the clock. What he managed to see was not what time it was. Instead, he saw Anita’s smiling face.

"Anita?" whispered Brad chokingly. His eyes twitched for a few seconds. He did not expect her to come here. "What are you doing here?"

"Hi Brad. Well, I came here because we need to talk.”

"Oh, about last night. Look, I originally came here…"

"To spy on my place," Anita interrupted. "Cathy told me everything, from your dreams to admitting her that you loved me."

"Yeah, that’s true," Brad admitted in a shameful tone. He put his head down, ashamed to even look at Anita. "I think you probably hate me now, more then ever. Probably a billion apologizes won’t be enough for you. Seriously, I am so, so sorry."

Brad suddenly closed his eyes tightly, ready for anything Anita might do- punch him, scream at him, kick him, anything. Instead, Anita gave out a small smile.

"You know Brad, yes, at first I was really frustrated when Cathy told me that. After a little while, I have been thinking. Seriously, our marriage wasn’t a total sham. It was just that, each time we argue, we suddenly wanted to cut each other throats. I think the both of us really don’t know how to handle arguments really well."

Brad knew that Anita actually spoke of the truth. Their marriage was like half and half. Each time they argued, it was blown out of proportion. The fighting usually got very fierce. Each time they were happy together, it was like bliss. Young love can be funny like that sometimes.

The man chuckled and then said, "Hehe, I guess you are right. I can’t believe we fell for each other very fast. I guess that’s how all very young couples were like-inexperienced."

A nod came from Anita before she replied, "Yeah. I think we went way, way too fast."

One look at Anita made him suddenly go crazy over her again. Somehow, that sunlight made her even more beautiful. He was sure going to miss her if the two were to part again.

All of a sudden, Brad held both of Anita‘s hands and then said, "Look Anita, I still love you, and always will. I know we still have a lot of growing up to do, but I think if we worked this out, we can overcome anything."

His body suddenly shook out of nervousness. He feared that he might lose her again, but this time forever. Now Brad wished he went back in time. Instead of being Chris, he could be himself and just tell her he still loved her. All the man can think of now was whatever Anita said next might be what their future will hold.

"You know what Brad, I think I still love you too," admitted Anita proudly. "Every day for the last few months, I had been thinking about you. And you won’t believe this, but I always thought the times we had fun together were the happiest times of my life. Seriously my love, I want this marriage to work. Meh, I guess love is not perfect."

Brad actually felt like dancing now. He couldn’t believe Anita felt the same way. Now the two of them are in the same page.

Not wanting to have pride take over his emotions too much, Brad gently kissed Anita’s hand. The woman like the way how the lips was cold to the touch. She always liked freezing temperatures for some odd reason.

"Glad you gave me a second chance, Anita," whispered Brad happily. He soon gave out the biggest smile he could muster.

"Glad you came as Chris or else I might have beat you up with a broomstick!" giggled Anita, later touched Brad’s nose playfully.

Slowly, the two started kissing again. Liked before, Anita had her hands coiled around the man’s neck while Brad had his hands on her soft cheeks.

Anita wished this moment would last forever.

Brad wished he would never let go of Anita again.

Outside the bedroom, both Cathy and her Rhyhorn looked at the two lovebirds. The two had huge smiles on their faces.

"Hehe, looks like everything will be fine."

"Rhyhorn!" cheered the Pokémon happily, agreed with what Cathy said.

"Okay, let’s get away before the two will find out we are here."

Both of them slowly left the hall and went inside the kitchen to go eat some breakfast.

Love-such a confusing but fun subject to adventure.

Love and forgiving. Relived and bliss. Happiness.


Well, that's my romance one shot. I hope you all enjoy it. Also, big big thanks to my friend Hanako Tabris (hope I spelled her name right ^O^) for betaing this story for any grammar mistakes.

Um...happy holidays! =D
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Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)
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