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Old 11-05-2006, 11:03 PM
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Default Kazjintai's Story

Copyright 2005 (c)

I think you'll like this story. This is a story made by me some time ago and recently copyrighted last year. I won't get into details, but it gets pretty hectic, then sad. This is only the prolouge, and I just posted this to see if it is liked by anyone. :)

Kazjintai's Story
History of The Banisher

Chris Matia (Sipheria)
7:23:54 PM

================================================== ================================================== =========
================================================== ================================================== =========

..... 694 D.S. was the year when the Legendary Three were revived from the Chinosan. 55 years before that, something just as amazing was going to take place....

639 S.D.
Kazin Woods
Jenaro 26th
11:00 a.m.

... It was very snowy in the Kazin Woods this year, like the year before. The forest was filled with creatures that only come out in the winter, like the Ice Konoves and snow Vrans. Inside, deep inside of the forest, was a small town. The houses were decent in size, no second story, but good nonetheless. You see, the Kazin Woods had become a home to the race known as Matians. Many Matians came from their home planet Kazma to live on planet Tanjyobi because of the better feeling of home. Kazma was a hostile planet filled with giant creatures strong enough to kill cities quickly, and the bad part is that they had grown use to it. You see, every 1 million years, a moon called the "Hajakaz" moon appears (Hajakaz is Matian for Evil). The long wait is because it revolves so slowly. When it does come around, all Matians in view of it's rays feels a strange chemical reaction, rather they look at it or not. Their already hostile nature comes out more with a force rivaling the power of Fernir. But on Kazma, this moon is seen every few years, so they cause a mass genocide of all monsters and such. But, I'm getting off the point.

The forest was filled with Matians, ok? Many Matians were living here, about 20 family's, and they got used to each other very quickly. In the snow, they'd send their children to play out in it. Their pointy ears, sharp teeth, and green eyes made them look like cats, but they had more instinct like wolf pups. Some of the gifted Matian kids had a long tail, which gave them a better sense of balance. In the crowd of kids, all Matian parents would usually come together and speak in either their native tongue of Jinzak, or English. It was about 11:00 a.m, so it was a time where everyone was awake and the air was nice and cold.
"So, Tyzen!" a large, buff Matian said with a leather coat on, walking towards another man. "cold as heak, ain't it!?" obviously, Tyzen was the man he was talkin' to.
"Huh?" he responded. "oh, hah, hah! Yeah, Jay." Tyzen had the long, flowing white hair, custom for any Matian. "It's be nice if we had some food."
"I just sent Kyria out to hunt," Jay said. "she loves it so freakin' much, it's scary! Bwa, hah hahah!"
"Huh...." Tyzen said. He wasn't as big or buff as Jay, but he had the most unrivaled pride for fighting. "I'm thinkin' of sendin' my son out to hunt," Tyzen said.
"Ah, yeah!" Jay laughed. "agh... what's his name...? Ah, uh... Kazjintai, right?!" Jay laughed because he forgot Tyzen's son's name. He laughs at alot of stuff...
"Yeah," Tyzen said, blowing a large brisk of fire from his mouth to warm the area up. He used a Release. "Kazjintai is waitin' to get out. Hah, hah."
"So let him out! Bwa, hahahha!" Jay walked to Tyzen's house, and looked through the window. "aw, the little guys depressed!" Jay walked to the door. "I'll let him out fer ya, Tyzen!"
"Huh- Jay, no!" Tyzen reached his arm out to signal a halt, but too late. Jay opened he door, and a white blur raced out of the house. "Whoa!" Jay laughed. The white blur ran into a tree, but knocked it down! The kids were very angry becuase they were gonna' climb it. The blur kept going until an energy blast flew towards him. The blur stopped almost perfectly, and showed who he was.

Kazjintai. A five year old.

White/black hair down to his shoulders, and a white outfit he wore to 'hide' himself in the winter. The energy bolts came from his father, as he used these to warn his son.
"Kazjintai," he said, in a battle position. "do we have to go through this again!?"
"Yeah!" Kazjintai said in a high voice, taunting his father. The boy zoomed in a teleportation and knocked his father into the depths of the snow, falling hard. Tyzen groaned at the pan, and the fact that his toddler son just slammed him.... ouch. Kazjintai was running wild through the whole forest until a few more blast came to him. Like last time, he stopped abruptly perfectly. This time, it was his mom. Uh-oh......
"Kazjintai Moori Matia!" she roared.
"Eh!" Kazjintai trembeled.
"Go home." she gave this look where she tightened her eyes and rolled wrinkled her lips in a scary way, almost with mind control; Kazjintai walked home, quietly.
His mom came to the main village where everyone was meeting and helped her husband out of the ditch.
"Bad luck, eh Tyzen?" she laughed.
"Aw, Aurora," Tyzen said, a little embarressed.

..... around 9:00 p.m. that night, everyone began going into their homes to settle in for the night, returning from Sanko City with food and children hunting for fun. Only Kazjintai stared into the cold, night sky, looking at the many stars placed across the endless dark blue mass called the sky. His father walked out, rubbing his hands together and blowing into his palms.
"... huh? Kazjintai? What're you doing out here?" Tyzen asked. Kazjintai was still looking at the sky.
"...... dad," he said. ".... what is a Banisher?"
"Ah...." Tyzen sighed, almost happy. "I waited for the day you'd willingly want to learn of our heritage. Come inside, I'll tell you."
"No," Kazjintai said, almost in perfect motion after Tyzen spoke. "I want to listen to you... and look at the stars... they're my favorite."
".... yes, ok. Sit down, and we'll talk." they both sat in the snow, with Kazjintai still staring high into the sky. "Hm... where shall I start.... yes, I know."

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Old 11-05-2006, 11:03 PM
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Default Re: Kazjintai's Story

Tyzen began to speak. "The Banisher is our hero. He is everyone's hero. You see, the Regional Republic is the name of our galaxy; our home. In the entire galaxy, many unnatural things take place where a powerful and brave warrior is needed to take charge. Even the Sevriks of planet Akaiden are not strong enough to battle certain forces, so a more powerfully trained master is needed: The Banisher. In our Matian race, the one Matian who completes the "Sick Witted Trials" are able to take the name of the Banisher, and is given amazing, wonderful powers."

"Really, dad!?" Kazjintai jumped, looking at his father now.

"Hah, hah. Yes, Kazjintai." he laughed. Kazjintai had a big grin on his face, and turned back at the sky, looking at the stars. To him, the stars were now bigger. "you see, my son, we do not know what The Banisher does after being promoted to this title, but we do know that it's important. Very important. There have been 4 Banishers since the first, with Jinraz Rivor as our current Banisher, protecting this galaxy as we speak. Hm... yes, the history of The Banisher dated back 490 years ago, with the very first Banisher: Raijak Mezen. The first and said to be the wisest. Around that time, this Banisher was given a vision. In that vision, he saw The Twins. The Twins are said to be as old as Tanjyobi World itself, and have amazing wisdom. Their power is so great, that one touch from them can end the whole galaxy."

"Agh!" Kazjintai shrieked. In a way, he was even more excited.

"Yes, yes. No one really knows if this is true or not, seeing how only the The Banisher has seen them, but it is in our folklore and history. It may be true."

Kazjintai stopped looking at the stars. He turned to his dad with an innocent smile, one that his dad hadn't seen in a while. "I've made up my mind, dad! I'm gonna be The Banisher!"

"Hah, hah! Good idea, son! I'll be there, cheering you on, 'Banisher.' Ha, hah!" Tyzen and his son walked inside to get something to eat. His mom had been a little worried, but didn't think much. To her, as long as he was with Tyzen, Kazjintai was in no danger...

"Move, Rya!" Kazjintai yelled to his sister as they fought in the living room. She had taken his favorite spot on the floor. She was nine, four years older than Kazjintai.
"No!" she yelled, teazing him. She floated up in the air and let him take his spot, but he soon learned that she used an illusion technique on him, stopping him from knowing that he had just moved into the kitchen. Kazjintai soon noticed that he had fallen victim to what she likes to call "Dumb Brother Attack".
"Huh?" he said, noticing he wasn't on his favorite spot. ".... grr...... GRAAA....... RYA!!!" Kazjintai teleported to her and hit her face so hard she flew into the next room.
"Stop it!" Aurora said, coming from the kitchen.
"What are you kids doing!?" Tyzen yelled. Kazjintai had smoothly teleported to the living room and sit on his spot.
"What's wrong, mom?" he said, looking innocent.
"Don't act slick," Tyzen said. "you're still shaking." yup, it was true. Kazjintai hadn't mastered the teleporting art yet, so his body always vibrated after teleporting.
"Aw......" he moaned....

..... It was 12:34 a.m. It was very late now, and the two of them was asleep. Rya was still awake, laying in her bed. She wouldn't sleep. Their parents were still in the kitchen, faintly talking about something. Kazjintai walked into his sisters rooms with the lights still off. He wasn't be bad, he was worried.
"Rya?" he asked worried, drinking from his cup.
"Ah? Oh, Kaz," she said, calling him Kaz as a short version. "I was just... thinking. Somethings not right."
"What?" Kazjintai took another drink.
"... go outside, in the back, so mom and dad don't notice." she said, getting out of bed and putting her coat and shoes on.
"What!?" Kazjintai whispered in unbelief. "It's 20 freakin degrees outside!"
"I just wanna see, somethins' up." Kazjintai was still in disbelief, but he proceeded to his room and put his shoes and jacket on. He returned to his sister who met him halfway in the hallway.
"You ready?" she asked.
"Yeah, yeah, hurry up, you're actin' crazy...."

The two of them made sure to drop their energy level so they weren't noticed, and they used special ablilities they learned to use stealth to the fullest, like floating over the door and such. After making it to the back door, they quietly opened and closed the door, making their way out.
"Ok, ok!" Kazjintai said anxiously, rubbing his palms together. "what's out here that's so amazing!?"
".... I guess.... it was nothing. It's just that I heard a voice in my head... a pretty, familiar voice, who told me to go outside. But it was faint, I couldn't hear it... I really thought that it meant something." she said, dissapointed.
"... hm, maybe it was somethin' tryin' to tell you somethin'! Ha, hahha!"

Before Kazjintai could finish laughing, a large, horrible explosion came from the side of their house, startling the whole area. Lights flickered on from every house, and people began jumping out of their doors.
"Agh!?" Rya yelled, screaming from the explosion. They ran quickly to the side of the house to see the area where Rya's room was located.... and it was completley demolished. everything in her room was either charred or horribly dissentagrated. She would've been killed.
"What happened!?" Kazjintai yelled. He was in a panic, like everyone else. People ran from their houses to the scene, but in a flash, many of them were shot down! Guns had shot them dead to the ground, seemingly coming from nowhere. The red color from the blood covered the white blankets of snow. This was horrible. Screams came from houses as they watched their family members run out and get shot, and they cowered into their homes. Kazjintai and Rya were in a frozen state from what they saw. Soon, and bolts of blue and red energy blasts came from the demolished area of their home, blasting into the trees. When the blasts made impact, soldiers fell from the trees with guns in their hands. These were the killers, but there were more. Bullets rained towards the two fighters, but were dodged and countered. It was Tyzen and Aurora. They were fighting. They looked to their children a few feet from them, and signaled that they run behind the house. They were frozen
"GO!" she yelled. They had now broken from their immobility and ran for cover. Soon, more Matians ran from the houses and fought with the two Matians. It was an outnumbered battle, but the Matians had more power and speed. It was so sick, though. Kazjintai and Rya tried their best to hide, but too many times were they afraid that their cover would be blown. The other children were told to run for cover, but were not lucky enough. They were shot on the spot, motionless on the ground. Soon, the other Matian fighters were dying, losing their lives. Blood covered the snow. They were gone, in instances of seconds... just gone. The two fighters, Tyzen and Aurora, jumped from tree to tree, house to house, and all areas, killing all enemy soldiers who seemed to come from out of nowhere. Their waves of reinforcments continued without fail, causing so much pain. Soon, the soldiers would take the time where they were not targeted and bust into the homes and gun down all familys. Pets, women, children, men, it didn't matter. This was mass genocide...

... It was 1 hour later. The battle subsided. The enemy was defeated, as well as the Matians. Lives were cut so short, no matter how old they were. The only two alive to watch was Rya and Kazjintai. They had come from behind their broken home to see the madness. So many, many lives that were not meant to die just lied on the ground motionless. It was so sad to watch, so horrible. It was just inhumane, to kill with no regard. But these two children... were heartbroken...... to walk and suddenly see their parents dead in front of their homes, layed on top of each other. Even in death, they looked like they were ok, as long as they were together, and their children were safe. They just stared, and had so many emotions race through their mind. They felt that just dropping to the ground and never getting up woud make the pain go away. But no.... nothing was going to make this better. Their parents, their friends, their home... was gone. Killed and destroyed.

They were a nine year old girl, and a five year old boy. They had nothing to do, every living relative was gone, now.
Rya sobbed, and sobbed. She dropped on her knees and grabbed her parents and soaked herself and them with tears, not knowing what to do. Her parents were gone, her family, it was as if she had died! Kazjintai didn't cry, but only because he didn't know what to feel. He was emotionless, his brain had registered a horrible truama. There was no escaping it, they were gone. Rya had cried hysterically for more than 10 minutes, until there was nothing more than just sniffling and coughing. She was all cried out. She regained her composure as she noticed her and her brother were still alive. They were standing in the cold, fierce night of winter, and they were going to die from the frozen air. Rya didn't care, but she still protected her brother. She didn't want him to die, as she felt she was going to. Her grief was so great, she almsot convinced herself that she was next. But she snapped out of it. They were alive, and they could survive.....

.... they trudged through the snow, all night, not knowing where they were going. They had felt so cold, but their fear and grief and hidden their sadness. It warmed them to know that their parents protected them. It was as if their parents were still protecting them....

.... the two had soon emerged into a town, miles away from their own home. It was now 6:22 a.m. The sun was beginning to rise. They were beginning to faint from their cold body's, and broken hearts. Rya had been holding Kazjintai for some time. When they finally walked into the town, they fainted. A passing person had noticed them.
"Ah, ah!?" he ran to the children, and began to call for help for them...

"........ huh..... uh?" Kazjintai was laying in a hospital bed. He had heat pads on him, keeping him alive. Soon Kazjintai lifted his body up and looked around.
"Oh? Ah, you're awake!" a doctor said. "we thought your weren't going to pull through; your heart rate was moving very slowly."
"...... my sister.... where is she?" Kazjintai said. He was so focused on her, he didn't noticed that the edges of his cheeks had long, tiger like scars on them.
"... that was your sister?" he said. "ah, a very brave girl to take you both here. Very brave indeed."
"Where is she...?" he was getting more annoyed.
'Hah, hah. Can you at least tell me your name?" the doctor looked like he was trying to avoid answering his question.
"Kazjintai, that's my name. Now where's my sister!?" Kazjintai was very angry, and worried. the anxiousness was getting to him horribly.
"... Kazjintai.... your sister is......" the doctor bit his thumb and closed his eyes. "... she died."

Kazjintai was in shock, but didn't show it. His faced looked more depressed than anything, almost like he still remembers the feel of the air and pain of last night. But this hurt more, mostly because now he was vulnerable, and this hit him so hard.
"... I'm sorry," the doctor said. "... when you both fainted in this town, we noticed that you were already out cold. But your sister had already had her coat on you, saving you, as she knew that at those temperatures... one of you would die. She sacrificed her ownself to get you here, because she might have known that she'd die upon reaching this town. But she probably had a feeling that someone would save you here..... for a young one, she has an immense sense of responsibility."

Kazjintai didn't say anything. He was just so broken. But there was an amazing amount of Matain pride in him, for he did not pity himself for being alone in this world.....

He strengthened himself.

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Default Re: Kazjintai's Story

Ok, any good? Any reviews? (sorry this is a month old, I had forgot about it even though I was looking for reviews)

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Default Re: Kazjintai's Story

Edit: sorry about the double post I just did, it posted two times when I hit Reply.

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