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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 12-13-2006, 11:20 PM
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Default Shiakugan Clan


Long after Hogake Tsunade was killed by Sauske Uchiha and his brother Itachi Uchiha, Naruto tried his best to stop both of them with his Ragasan, Summoning Jutsu of Gamabunta and his Nine tail Fox powers of Kyuubi and was still nearly killed by Itachi and Sauske until a tall dark shadow broke into the room of the fight and activated a strange bloodline, known as the Shiakugan. A mixture of both the Sharingan and the Byakugan. the users left side of the body flows with the blood line of the Sharingan, while their right side flows with power of the Byakugan creating the blood line of the Shiakugan. The man told Naruto of his bloodline and told him he had a sonwho just born named Tyler and he was the son of Neji Hyuuga after Neji was made part of the Main Brach family after becoming a Jounin, the man also told Naruto that he had a feeling that Naruto would live to up to his dream and be Hokage. And the man was was right, because after he had left Naruto was made Hookage at a young age of 19. Sauske and itachi were suprised to see the man leaving the village and asked him some questions before trying to kill him only to fail and Itachi be killied with one blow to the chest and Sauke fled scared of what the man might do to him next. Shiakugan had no head Branch or Side Branch like the Hyuuga Clan, but Brains. Tyler was born into the Head Brain after his father Long Hyuuga and his mother was Lien Uchiha the second known female surviver from the Uchiha Clan that fled to the Village Hidden in the Stars along with her mother and her father. 1 year after Sauske was bitten by Oruchimaru Lien Uchiha and her parents returned to the Village Hidden In The Leafs. For some odd reason Hokzage Tsunade didn't tell Suaske that him and his older brother were not the only survivers of the Uchiha Clan but three more people lived. But she had her reasons, mostly because she thought Itachi would return and kill them. But it was too late now for she was dead.

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