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Old 06-18-2006, 02:27 AM
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Default Re: My New Project: A Pokemon ROM Hack

Originally Posted by liquinn
This is illegal.
Here. Have a cookie for being so smart.

Things I've learned in WAR RPs- War is Hell.
Old 11-09-2006, 06:47 PM
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Default Re: My New Project: A Pokemon ROM Hack

Originally Posted by Ironshell Blastoise View Post
Alright, with all the new games in the process of being made (KKM's Gold/Silver remake in a ROM Hack of Sapphire, that PP06 and chaos going to make a new online Pokemon simulator) I have been inspired to begin work on a Pokemon game of my own.

As of right now, I have RPG Maker XP (which I am in the process of learning) and Visualboy Advance and a Ruby ROM, along with about 9 hacking programs.

So, I'm looking for people who would be willing to help me in this project. And no, I'm not taking complete random idiots who are all "oh I want to help!" and have no effing clue what to do.

If you know anything about the following programs:

-PokeCry GUI

Please, contact me in this thread. Well, if you're interested in helping me make a new Pokemon game, that is.

This will be my first "programming" project ever. I know no coding whatsoever, and I honestly don't really know what to expect in this entire project I hope to engage in. I'm looking for people who have ROM hacking experience, or are proficient with new softwear so that they can assist me in using them also. I've been reading through on Pokecommunity since they have a huge hacking fanbase there, but seeing as I'm not a welcomed part of that forum, I was hoping there might be a few hackers here. And plus, I can probably depend on people here since I know many of you personally.

Zam, Kenny, Neo, Alex. I'm looking at you. Er, ****, Alex is banned. But yeah, you guys are extremely intelligent, I'll link you guys to my thread and you can give me feedback, I guess, on whether or not you can help.

Anyone else I didn't mention, feel free to reply, but just remember, I'm not taking just anybody and everybody who says "omfg let me help." If you really want to help, make an intelligent post explaining what you might possibly be able to help me with.

As of right now, I am not worried about a plot for the game, because I really just need to learn how to use the programs to edit the ROM. So, I'm holding off on any idea-makers. Just programmers/hackers for now.

ok instead of using elite map use advance text and advance map
Old 11-11-2006, 03:07 PM
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Default Re: My New Project: A Pokemon ROM Hack


You just revived a 2-month old thread. You stupid, you. And you didn't read the rules.

"Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

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Old 12-06-2006, 06:26 AM
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Default Re: My New Project: A Pokemon ROM Hack

re-revive, mwahahahahaaaa...

If someone can post a link to those programs then I'll help out (if the project still lives). Either way some links would be great...googling isn't giving me any good leads yet.
Old 12-06-2006, 11:01 AM
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Default Re: My New Project: A Pokemon ROM Hack

Well, I can get you alot of sprites because I make side scrollers using gamemaker and I am constantly browsing through sites. I can do things like change certain pictures in the game. I did one screenshot fake before with pokemon. instead of Ash being in the fire red pic at the beginning, I made it so that there was a different trainer then Ash. Add me to some instant messenger program. Here is my email info. You can add either one of these:
I can help you alot with this project. I just need the RPG maker. I learn how to use programs fast. I learned how to use GIMP to make sigs and pokemon trainer cards all by myself. And I have heard of this game called Pokemon Topaz that is some rpg from and it has alot of cool fake pokemon sprites.
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