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Old 06-28-2004, 06:54 PM
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Lightbulb Technology Outbreak

In the desert of Orre, the hero Wes shuts down the Shadow pokemon Lab. Unbeknownst to all other human beings, another lab, undiscovered by Cipher, was lying just under the sand. Team Robok had their glory days 20 years ago, before even Phenac was founded. The lab undergrund was teeming with technologies which Robok had decided to release on the world. But once the power supply of SPL had been destroyed, Robok's hideout was lost to time. 20 years later, an archeologist dug it up, finding the technologies. As Yugum, the archeologist, opened the main door, the technologies began to glow with a red aura, and took off to their worthy masters. Only one technology fell into Yugum's hands, the power to engineer completely new pokemon. This became a profitable market, and soon, every trainer had their dream pokemon. But the special technologies, which went to the worthy people, were kept hidden from society. The chosen trainers were not only in Orre, but in Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn as well. These trainers grew restless, and today, they are planning to use their technological powers to create a completely new civilization, and continue the noble work of Team Robok.


H, L, P:
Pokemon: (at least one must be made-up)
Technologies you plan to develop:

BEGINNER'S TRINITY (coming not so soon to a fanfic section near you)


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