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Old 06-27-2004, 05:55 AM
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Default Re: Telekinetics? Real or Fake?

Ah yes. The Blanketing of the term energy. You know, many people think that electricity is energy. It isn't. It's the movement of solid electrons through objects. It's their polarity, or magnetism, and their motion that's the energy. The little sparks you see are the electrons reacting with their enviroment. Such as nitrogen emits blue sparks (hopes memory serves me correctly) when electricity travels through it, regardless of it's phase of matter.

Energy isn't this unknown thing that can do anything. Science has closely studied what energy is, and it has it's limits. You spoke of the brain sending signals to our body. That is done through electricity causing a set stimulous in the body, such as when an electric current runs through you, it causes parts of you to involuntarily twitch. A set reaction. Some parts even have the chemical reactions in the body, such as the emotion of love, or the enzymes that digest food.

Another interesting story about "knowing". I once saw on television a "street magician" who would show tricks to random people on the street. One of his tricks includes levitation. Now, he would preform his little trick in front of people, claim it was real. People were literally changing their religion on camera because of something that anyone could do if they knew how. I know how he does it, too.

If you were to talk to these people and say it wasn't true, they would deny it's falsehood to the end, simply because they saw it, and thus, they know.

I know a lot of scientists that believe a whole lotta things.

Though I do not doubt your actions, I doubt your explanation for them. Nothing is emitting from you. Nothing is changing around you. The actions of spiritual beings take place in another dimension who can manipulate ours as easily as we could manipulate our imagination. Science cannot explain how these every-day actions take place, and the prospects of energy are well within Sciences grasp.

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