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Old 06-17-2004, 03:41 PM
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Default Re: Forgotten Hearts

OOC: Dash, that post will be ignored. You turned the story upside down. Anyway, the monster would have turned them the mashed potatos.
IC: The monster went towards America, Seattle. Mizti knew who it was. Dash. He followed them on his dragonite. "Mizti, why is she doing this?" He asked through the walkie talkie. "I don't know." Mizti replied. She swooped down into the city. Everything was dead. Nothing lived. Heads and bodies were all over. People had been killed in the most gruesome ways. "Nooooo!!!" Dash ran towards a house. Well, a wrecked crushed pile of wood, to be honest. There, behind the house, was dash standing in a garden. It was beautiful. In the middle of was a carcass too yucky for words. Then, dash wimpered, "Pappa...Momma......." And then mizti noticed bloddied clothing in the middle of it all. She comforted Dash, and led him away. She then noticed something. The monster was flying away, towards Mizti's home town of Tokyo. Mizti hopped on Tabitha and was gone.

OOC: Suspense! Ha!
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