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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 06-13-2004, 05:24 PM
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Default Pokemon: Universe

I got a fan-fic that crosses universes with pokemon and any other cartoon/video game (like transformers, Sonic, Yu-gi-oh!, etc). If this is part of the other fan-fiction, please move it. But if it has pokemon, it stays here, right? Ok. Onto the story! This is my first real fanfic so PLEASE be nice:


The Universe. Vast with planets, galaxies, and stars. No one knows if humans and pokemon are the only living beings in the cosmos. They don't know that the center of the universe is a planet that holds the most powerful item ever: the Big Key. It is a key that may look ordinary, like a housekey, but has the power to open portals. Portals leading to different universes. If this item ever fell into the wrong hands, it would spell disaster and doom to all. That dreadful day happened to be yesterday. An evil creature came to that planet, seeking power. His name, was Apokolon. He wore a black suit (think Digimon's Myotismon's body, but modified with no belt) with white gloves, black boots, and a black cape. His skin was black. No hair, but hiding his face under a mask with 8 slits for a mouth. No nose, no ears, but two slits for eyes in an angry position. On the forehead was a red A for his name. He came onto the planet with his henchmen. He wanted that Big Key so he could summon villains to help aid his quest for total domination of the universe. He landed his ship (think of the Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars, but UFO sized) near the castle where the Big Key was protected. Apokolon used his death laser finger on the two guards at the entrance. He told his cohorts (I think that's how you spell it) to stay on the ship, while he entered the castle. It was dark, but it had torches. Apokolon went deeper into the castle with stealth. He searched every room and corridor of the castle, but no Big Key. "What if this key doesn't exist?" Apokolon questioned in his Satan-like voice. "No. It has to be here. Somewhere..." he said to himself. He went to the center of the castle, where the one room he didn't search for was. The door ahead of Apokolon was different from all the others. It was bright red, almost as if it glowed. There was a gold plate on the door, saying: "HE WHO FINDS THE BIG KEY MUST NOT LOOK FURTHER. THY KEY IS A GREAT AND POWERFUL THING. IT SHOULD NEVER BE USED, ONLY IF THYSELF IS PURE OF HEART." "I, Apokolon, am not pure good, but of pure evil." He said with a maniacal chuckle. He entered the room and there it was. The Big Key. It layed on a green pillow that was on a stand in the center of the room. Apokolon looked at the key and wondered, "Is this key really it? It looks like a regular key." He was about to take a grab at it, but the golden key glowed with great power. "I guess looks are decieving in this case," Apokolon said. "But this must be it." He grabbed the key and put it into his pocket. An alarm went off. Apokolon fired a big energy blast at the ceiling, and flew back to the ship. A wise old human man (Looks like Qui-Gon Jin from Star Wars Episode 1, but with gray hair, and an old man accent) rushed to the center of the castle, and saw that the one key was stolen. "No," he gasped in a low voice. "The key has been taken. Not by a man with a heart of gold, but with a heart of evil." He heard Apokolon's ship's engines starting. The wise man rushed out of the castle and saw the ship fly off into space. "Stop that man! He has the key!" He shouted. (X Wing-like) Starfighters carrying robotic pilots went into space to stop Apokolon, but his ship was too fast. "Klone! Prepare ship for light speed!" He shouted to the blue generic transformer-like robot. "As you command, sir." Klone said in a high pitched voice. He set the ship for light speed, and they flew into hyperspace. One of the pilots of the starfighters said to the wise man, "Sir. We've lost him. None of our ships can travel to light speed. He got away with the key." "Then we have no choice, but to find one being who can stop that evil menace," The wise man said. "We have to go to Earth with the spare Big Key, the one key that can close the portals that fiend is problably opening with the original one." "But who are we going to choose, Master Lindo?" The pilot asked. "Who? No human has the power to beat the thief." Master Lindo replied, "I have the blood of the Saiyan known as Goku from the Dragonball universe. The person who drinks the blood will have superpowers. That person will save us all. We just have to hope on him and his pokemon."

Chapter 1 coming soon!

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