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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 03-04-2004, 01:29 AM
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Default (~The Strive To Victory:Kanto~)

(~The Strive To Victory: Johto~)

(~Chap.1: Cyndaquil, You’re~)
Tony walked down the road of New Bark Town, where he planned on going to the Pokemon Laboratory to meet Professor Elm. Tony was now twelve-years old, which made him the legal age of an official Pokemon Trainer. Tony had black hair, and was wearing a red shirt with a hood, and sunlight yellow shorts to match. With his red AirForceOne’s, he was at the top of styling. Tony also had one dream…to become the greatest pokemon trainer there was! So, after passing up the marvelous homes of New Bark Town, he had soon reached the Pokemon Laboratory!

Tony walked up the land steps, reaching closer and closer to the large laboratory. Tony had everything he needed…his pokegear, his ten pokeballs, and his pokedex he received on his birthday two weeks ago. As he approached the lab’s door, he slightly opened it, and went inside, closing the door behind him. The Pokemon Laboratory was well designed, with gazing walls and historical paintings. Tony looked at them, seeing how historical those paintings are. “Wow, these must be ancient pokemon…” Tony said to himself. “Actually, they are fossil pokemon. They are soon to be pokemon to come back to life.” Tony quickly turned around, seeing a man with brown hair, who was also wearing a lab coat. “I’m Professor Elm. And you are?” “I’m Tony Williams! I’m here to receive my first pokemon!” Tony said with confidence. Professor Elm smiled. “You must have a lot of potential!” “Well, I studied at the Pokemon Trainer School two years ago when I used to live in Littleroot Town, so I have some experience!” Professor Elm smiled again. “Well, I can see that you must want your pokemon. Come. Follow me.” Tony began to cavort, and rapidly followed Professor Elm.

They ended up in a back room. There were crates full of pokeballs, and tons of colored paintings. The marble floor matched the sunrise colors, which made the backroom a place to just sit down in and relax. Tony then saw a white, movable table with three pokeballs on them. Professor Elm stood behind the table, while Tony stood on the other side. “Alright, Tony! You have three choices to choose from. First up, Chikorita!” Professor Elm picked up the pokeball and it opened, releasing a grass-type pokemon. The pokemon had a leaf on its head, with grass pallets around its neck. Tony wasn’t very interested for grass pokemon, and he said, “Um…I don’t like grass pokemon much. They have different scents…”

Professor Elm grinned. “They could be very powerful against rock pokemon, but okay…Next up, Totodile!” He released the second choice from the second pokeball, releasing an alligator-like pokemon, known as Totodile. Its element was water, which caught Tony’s attention. “Wow…save that pokemon! I might get that one!” “And finally…Cyndaquil!” He released the final pokemon, which happened to be a fire-type pokemon. The pokemon smiled straight at Tony, which deeply caught Tony’s attention. He picked up Cyndaquil…and said, “I like this one! I choose Cyndaquil!” Professor Elm returned the other two pokemon back to their pokeballs, and said, “Cyndaquil is a great starter. Its attacks and speed rates are very high. So, here’s Cyndaquil’s pokeball.”

Tony took Cyndaquil’s pokeball, and carried Cyndaquil outta there! Tony was ready to start his adventure! As he eagerly left the laboratory, Professor Elm waved and said goodbye to him. He knew one thing…Tony was gonna make it as a trainer…but his skills were something to emerge within!
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Old 03-04-2004, 03:24 PM
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Default Re: (~The Strive To Victory:Kanto~)

I wa sad to hear that you aren't continuing Journey of a Champion, but this story is great so far. Who knows? Maybe this will be even better! Keep it up!

"Remember, battles may be won or lost but if the battlers do not learn, the battle served no purpose."

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Old 06-04-2004, 01:13 AM
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Default Re: (~The Strive To Victory:Kanto~)

Kewl! Now, is Tony's biggest thing to be the top of styling, or a pokemon trainer?
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