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Old 04-22-2004, 12:33 AM
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Sorry I haven't been posting any chapters, my sinuses are killing me and I think I'm developing a cold.

I'll try to have Chapter 11 done by Friday or Saturday.
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Old 04-26-2004, 02:28 AM
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 11: Doom and Gloom

Blaze quietly pocketed his pokenav moving out of the small pokemon transfer room at the Celadon Gym. Gary busy reading the latest issue of “Pokemon Now” set the magazine on his lap.

“So are they coming?” He asked

“Yeah,” Blaze sighed, “Something’s up with Erik.”

Gary raised an eyebrow and brushed it off a little and shrugged, “He gets discouraged easily, that’s why I’m around someone has to assure him…”

“But he’s with Lee…”

“He’ll be fine.” Gary said, “Trust me.”

Blaze sat down and tapped his fingers impatiently on his knee caps. Gary unclipped a pokeball from his belt and rolled it.

“Who are you going to use against Erika?”

Unclipping the fourth pokeball from his belt, a great ball Blaze threw it upward and caught it. He then replied, “My sceptile Razorclaw, he may be a bit… excitable. But you know me Gary, got have a type disadvantage.”

Gary nodded. Blaze then asked back, “So who are ya going to use to beat Erika?”

Rolling a pokeball in his palm Gary replied, “Screamin’ Meemie.”

Blaze looked back at him confused, “Who?”

“Screamin’ Meemie.”


“Screamin’ Meemie.”

After a minute of “Who?” and “Screamin’ Meemie.” Blaze was showing obvious of frustration by rubbing his temples with his index fingers. Meanwhile Gary was taking spiteful pleasure out of aggravating his friend.

“Please Rayquaza give me enough strength not to rearrange his face…” He growled to himself, then asked one last time, “One last time. Which Pokemon of yours is Screamin’ Meemie?”

“Oh,” Gary snickered, “He’s my Glalie just renamed him too.”

Restraining his anger Blaze growled again and hissed, “Sometimes I wanna strangle you like a chicken.”

Gary smirked, “I know.”

Turning his attention to the time Blaze complained, “Cripes when will she arrive?!”


Meanwhile at Giovanni’s offices, the big man himself was signing some contracts when his secretary came him.

“Mr. Giovanni?”


“You told me to watch that pokemon trainer that defeated Butch and Cassidy in Viridian?”


“Well…” Janice told him, “He’s at the Celadon City gym.”

Now this peaked Giovanni’s attention, “Really, do I have any appointments this afternoon.”

Janice looked at his day timer and flipped through his appointments, nothing was there so she replied, “ You’re free for the whole day Mr. Giovanni.”

Giovanni got up from his seat and told her, “Excellent. I’m going to the gym to see how this trainer fights myself.”

As he was walking out Janice turned to him and asked, “Why do you find this trainer interesting?”

“To give him an offer few would ever receive from me.” Giovanni slyly replied.


After around two hours of waiting Blaze and Gary were awarded for their patience by a visit from Marty and his girlfriend Courtney.

“Erika will battle you now.” She softly said

Blaze grunted and groaned stretching his muscles that were half-asleep. He then nudged Gary yawned and stretched.

“Took long enough,” Blaze muttered under his breath. Then loudly cracked his knuckles and followed them with Gary along in tow.

Courtney ran through both of their trainer profiles and made a couple oral notes, “Received all eight required badges for five different leagues? Not bad Blaze…”

“Wait,” Gary said, “I thought Blaze only participated in four leagues.”

“I did,” Blaze replied, “I never bothered to enter the Silver Conference.”

“Why not?”

Blaze looked at Marty, “That was the year Marty and I split up. I didn’t feel like competing that year.”

Marty bit his lip as he didn’t was to say any cruel words to Blaze in the presence of his girlfriend. “You will never let that go won’t you won’t you Blaze.” He quietly thought to himself.

Despite his better judgement he caught up to his brother and gave Blaze something that looked like a potion bottle.

“What’s this?” he asked

“It’s a Full Restore.” Marty replied, “Trust me, Erika will use her absolute best Pokemon against yours.”

Blaze pocketed it but still maintained his smugness, “With Razorclaw I don’t think I don’t have to worry about her.”

“You’ll be surprised Blaze.” Marty snickered.
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Old 04-26-2004, 04:45 AM
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 11 continued...

Courtney then stopped at a door and motioned for the others to as well, “Erika’s waiting behind these doors. If you want to withdraw your challenge now is the time to do it.”

Gary scoffed, “We waited 2 hours later, we ain’t backing off now.”

“Heh,” Courtney snickered, “Just kidding. In you go…”

And so the doors swung open to the main part of the gym, this battlefield was surrounds by rich and exotic flora and some Grass-type pokemon like Bellsprout, Oddish even a Sunflora were basking in the foliage. On the other side of the field was Erika in her battle kimono. See peered at the two trainers and asked.

Acting as referee Courtney took her positing and announced to those watching, “Trainer Blaze St. Helens with a Sceptile challenge Gym Leader Erika with Bellossom! One on One Battle! Start!”

“Go Razorclaw!” Blaze called out.

“Scept!” Razorclaw hissed hyperactively slashing around and bouncing off the trees. Blaze groaned and told him, “Eyes on the target Razorclaw!”

“Amusing,” Erika smirked throwing he Pokemon, “Go Bellossom!”

Bellossom danced a little, waiting for the sceptile to make its move. Blaze ordered, “Use your Fury Cutter!”

“Tile!” Razorclaw screamed as it rushed the bellossom, but Erika quickly told it, “Sunny Day!”

The gym flooded with intense sunlight temporarily blinding Blaze, Razor Claw and Gary.

“Wait a sec,” Blaze growled, “Bellossom’s speed doubles in intense sunlight.” He then called to Razorclaw, “Raz! The bellossom is as fast as you are!”

“Okay Bellosom!” Erika pointed to the staggering sceptile, “Sludge Bomb!”

“Hurry!” Blaze yelled, “Detect and evade!”

Razorclaw braced itself and took the hit and protected itself from the sludge bomb. The sceptile took no damage but still Blaze knew he couldn’t stay on the defensive. Then a though came to him as he quietly though, “Bellossom may be able to keep up with him, but I bet it’s not faster than his claws. After all the hand… er claw is faster than the eye.”

Blaze ordered from Razorclaw, “Hyper Cutter attack Razorclaw!”

With increased fury Razorclaw slashed at Bellosom, with each connecting hit his power growing stronger. Even so much that on the fifth strike his slash threw Bellosom backwards at Erika’s feet.

“Bell,” it groaned as it struggled to get back up almost out of energy.

“Hold in the Bellosom,” Erika coaxed, “Nail it with Solarbeam!”

The Bellosom nodded as it collected the sunlight and fired ray of unimaginable power at Razorclaw sending him flying into the foliage and kicking up all the dust in the gym. Blaze looked around for a moment, “Razorclaw?”

Razorclaw crawled from the bushed bruised but not beaten, his grass-type save him from what would be heavy punishment for other pokemon.

“You underestimated me Blaze,” Erika called out, “Now our pokemon are even.”

“Yeah,” Blaze quietly snickered to Gary, “One more Fury Cutter and the bellossom’s history.”

“I know,” Gary whispered back, “But if the hit doesn’t connect the next attack looses its punch.”

“Bellosom!” Erik dictated, “Double Team!”


Bellossom darted around Razorclaw leaving afterimages behind, the sceptile grew confused and hissed, “Sceptile…”

“Listen!” Blaze called to him, “Just focus and relax and watch Bellossom’s closely.”

“One last time,” Erik said, “Solarbeam!”

Sceptile shot a glance and made a nearly blind slash. There was a odd silence as everyone looked to the battlefield. No solarbeam was fired thus it was logical to find Bellosom laying down fainted beside a triumphant Razorclaw who yelled, “SCEPTILE!” then hopped around like a hyperactive 6 year old.

Blaze sweatdropped and recalled Razorclaw, “Okay okay, don’t to excited Razorclaw. Great job by the way.”

Erika knelt next to her bellossom, “It’s okay Bellossom, you tried your hardest.”

Courtney announced, “Erika’s Bellossom is unable to battle! Blaze wins!”


Giovanni was watching intently from the bleachers with his Persian looking down on Blaze’s victory.

“Hmmm… he is skilled as they say,” He said to Persian, “But his friend, maybe we have another potential recruit.”


“Great job Blaze that rainbow badge is yours now.” Gary said to Blaze as he stepped back from the battlefield.

“Yeah and it should be yours.”

“Heh heh heh,” Gary snickered, “With Screamin’ Meemie this’ll be a piece of cake.”

Then Courtney announced, “Trainer Gary Frost with a Glalie challenges Gym Leader Erika with Cradily! One on One Battle! Start!”

Gary didn’t immediately notice Erika’s pokemon as he called out throwing a pokeball, “Go Screamin’ Meemie!”

Blaze however his jaw dropped, “Did Courtney just say “Cradily”?!”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 11 continued...

Gary looked back, “What’s a Cradily?”

Blaze pointed to Erika who threw up her next pokeball unleashing the long-extinct pokemon Cradily, Blaze took out his Pokedex and Gary took a look as well.

POKEDEX ENTRY –[ Cradily – "The Barnacle Pokemon"- "Cradily's body serves as an anchor, preventing it from being washed away in rough seas. This pokemon secretes a strong digestive fluid from its tentacles.”

“Additional Note: This Pokemon has been extinct for thousands, if not millions of years. However through fossil revival technology this Pokemon as been used by trainer lucky enough to obtain a fossil”]-

“How did she get a pokemon like this?!” Blaze asked out loud passed the Pokedex to Gary.

“Oh I acquired a fossil while lecturing in Rustboro City,” Erika explained, “I took it to Devon Corp. and had it revived, since then I’ve been training it.”

Blaze groaned.

“According to this it’s a Rock and Grass type,” Gary read, “Cradily should fall easily to Meemie’s Ice Beam.”

Gary then handed back the pokedex back to Blaze who warn him, “Gary, remember Rock also crushes Ice. Be careful.”

Turning to Screamin’ Meemie; Gary ordered the glalie pointing at Cradily, “Nail it with Ice Beam attack!”

“Shield yourself Cradily! Protect!”

“Lee!” Meemie yelled as it shot a frigid beam at Cradily who blocked with a protective barrier. Gary cursed under his breath, knowing he needed to whittle down Cradily’s energy should Erika
use Protect again.

“Change of plans Meems,” Gary instructed his pokemon, “Use Toxic!”

“Lee,” Meemie his spiting out its toxic attack. The poison didn’t hurt Cradily off the bat but at least it was crippled.

“Ancient Power Cradily!” Erika countered

Cradily’s eye glowed as it summoned the ancient force into a wave of crackling-white energy nailing Meemie who cried in pain as the glalie had type-disadvantage. Then a white aura crackled around Cradily as its power increased. With the augmented speed it received Cradily was able to attack first.

“Rock Slide!” She ordered, knowing that attack could defeat Screamin’ Meemie.

“Craaaaaaaid,” Cradily shrieked summoning a landslide over Meemie chipping of pieces his ice armor, then the cascade of rocks buried him and Gary ran to save him by unearthing him.

“Don’t worry,” He said tossing off the rocks, “We’ll beat her just you wait…”

When he finally uncovered Screamin’ Meemie he saw the pokemon was nearly fainted, barely hanging onto consciousness.

“Come on,” Gary pleaded, “You can’t give up now.”

Blaze looked on, “Gary’s getting creamed.” He thought to himself before remembering the Full Restore Marty gave him. Blaze didn’t need it because he had already defeated Erika and Gary could really use it now. Digging it out of his pocket he called to Gary, “Hey Gary!”

“Yeah?” he called back.

Blaze threw the Full Restore and told him, “Catch!”

Catching it in his hands Gary saw it was the thing Marty gave Blaze knowing he needed it desperate he untwisted the cap and fed it the Screamin’ Meemie.

The glalie’s face lit up and Gary told him, “Get back in there and use Double Team!”

“Do it again Cradily! Rock Slide!”

Too late Meemie already split into a dozen after images and evaded the attack. Cradily cringed as Toxic’s effects really started to sink in.

Walking up to Gary; Blaze asked, “So what’s next? An attack with Ice Beam? Blizzard?”

Gary smirked, “Sheer Cold.”

“Are you nuts Gary?!” Blaze yelled, “That attack’s too inaccurate!”

“Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze, Blaze. Ye have little faith?” Gary teased, then shot an order at Meemie, “Finish this quickly! Sheer Cold!”

“Lee,” Meemie nodded, building up it energy. Leering at Cradily it summoned the bitter arctic winds inside it and blew a chilling gust of wind that nearly ripped Cradily off its suction cups. Frozen into place, Cradily was frozen solid and devoid of any more energy to fight on. Courtney paused for a moment before reported her verdict.

“Erika’s Cradily is unable to battle Gary and his Glalie win!”

Gary jumped in the air whooping, “I WON!”


Giovanni looked on Gary before. Even he had to admit that Gary was a trainer of high caliber. Should he join the ranks of Team Rocket Mr. Frost would become an administrator in no time at all. No, he should give him the same offer as his ally and friend Mr. St. Helens. Rising from his seat his told his Persian.

“Come now, they’ll do quite nicely…”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 11 continued...

Both looked proudly at their badge cases, Gary with his five badges and Blaze with his three. Having just won Gary was in a bragging mood.

“I am the greatest! Five badges!”

“Don’t get too cocky Gary,” Blaze warned, “I only went to four gyms and couldn’t bother with Misty’s challenge.”

“Is that jealousy I hear?” Gary taunted.

Blaze growled, pulling back his fist. However before he could even think of giving Gary a socking, Giovanni sneaked up behind them.

“Mr. Winter and Mr. St. Helens.”

Gary and Blaze turned, Blaze lowered his fist. Hinting some familiarity with Giovanni’s face Blaze asked.

“You look familiar. Do I know you.”

“No, not in person,” Giovanni replied, “I’m Giovanni, head of Team Rocket and I’ve come to made you two an offer.”

Gary used his turn to ask, “Offer?”

“Yes, I watched your battles with the gym leader and quite frankly I’m impressed,” Giovanni commented, “So much I’m willing to give you rather generous offers, both of you can be administrators should you accept. And don’t take it lightly, I’m giving you a chance of a life…”

Then his cell phone rang and he pardoned himself. Both Blaze and Gary considered it for a second but they knew they couldn’t accept.

“As much as I hate Team Aqua,” Blaze whispered, “I think we should refuse this offer.”

“Yeah,” Gary replied in the same hushed tone, “These guys steal pokemon and I have no interest in being a criminal.”

Giovanni growled as he hung up, “There is some trouble at the office so I have to insist for an answer no.”

“As tempting as it sounds,” Blaze replied, “World Domination is not our thing, so we respectfully decline your offer.

Nodding as he passed by, Giovanni looked a little disappointed walking between to the two with his loyal persian behind him. He stopped and gave the two a warning, “A word to the wise Mr. St. Helens, Mr. Winters. Do not interfere in the operations of Team Rocket or the consequences will be grave.”

A chill ran up Gary’s spine as well as Blaze’s as they watched Giovanni and the persian walk into the limo parked out front.

When it drove off and was lost to Celadon’s traffic Gary stuck out his tongue and spat, “Yeah and we’ll be ready for ya!”

“Let him go.” Blaze growled,, “I think Giovanni as bigger problems on his plate. Namely two teams starting with ‘m and a’ and both ending in ‘a’.”

“Whatever,” Gary shrugged, “You think Erik and Lee made it to the pokecenter?”

Blaze looked up to the sky and replied, “I doubt it.”

“What makes you say that?” Gary asked

Blaze pointed to the sky and circled around “You see the sky?”

Gary looked around and saw gray of varying contrasts, “Yeah so?”

“That’s smoke and it’s surrounding Celadon so that means there’s a huge forest fire circling the city.”

“Explains the smell. So what do we do?”

Blaze looked to the street, “We go back to the pokecenter and see what’s going on.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Intermission 4: Inferno

A few hours ago…

In the thickest forests between Celadon and Saffron at a rarely used back road a van with the Team Magma logo stops. Its occupants clear out and spread across the forest. On of the grunts snorts at the lush foliage and the carpet of dead leaves and pine needles on the forest floors.

“Those morons, trying to stop forest fires so much they made these forests giant tinderboxes.”

His partner smirked at him, “Then let’s help mother nature along shall we? Go Slugma! Torkoal!”

“Go Vulpix! Go Combusken!”

The fire pokemon lined up in front of their trainers.

They both yelled, “Flamethrower!”

The fire pokemon spat out a jet stream of fire and did so repeated until the forest pokemon started to flee. Taking a cue from them the Team Magma grunts recalled their pokemon and fled to the van as the fire gained strength with every passing second. Swiftly they got in as the other two grunts came back. The driver hit the pedal and the van went speeding off as the flames started to engulf them.

The driver grabbed the radio microphone, “This is subgroup Vesuvius reporting. Operation Firestarter is a success at checkpoint Charlie.”

A voice crackled over the radio, “Acknowledged subgroup Vesuvius, return to base. Those trainers are going nowhere.”


Only within an hour of those fires being set Lee and Erik, flew over the forests after their adventure in Saffron.

Lee took a deep breath and sighed, “Beautiful day isn’t it?”

“Yeah,” Erik muttered, “Beautiful.”

Having less and less patience for dealing with it, “When you knock off the listlessness? Since when did you care about that creep Dumont says?”

“It’s those people Dumont made me look like a monster.”

“For the love of,” Lee groaned, “They were only 15 people!”

“The subject is closed.” Erik growled, “I’m going to Celadon, gonna tell Gary and Blaze I’m leaving and then I’m gone…”

Two dots in the sky were coming in and fast, two park rangers on pidegots were bee-lining it towards the skarmory and the salamance carrying Erik and Lee. Running parallel to the two the female one warned.

“You have to turn back now!”

Lee looked at her, “I thought this was public airspace.”

“It is,” She replied, “However due to multiple forest fires, all routes and low-altitude airspace westbound to Celadon City are closed.”

Lee nodded and told his skarmory, “Turn back, we’re going back.”

Erik gave the salamance a light kick and it turned around following Lee on his skarmory, the two forest rangers broke off and went to search for more trainers trying to fly to Celadon.

“Looks like we’ll have to go back to the pokecenter in Saffron,” Lee said.

“Yeah the sooner we get there, the sooner I can tell them I’m leaving.”

“You’re not going anywhere Erik.” Lee told him sternly, “I’ll give you, three guesses who started those fires.”


Giovanni was looking over his office with papers scattered everywhere, books knocked their shelves and the wastebasket kicked over.

“Do you know who did this?” he growled.

“We don’t know, the security tapes when it happened were ‘blanked out’.” The security chief replied.

“What was taken?”

“Nothing valuable,” The chief explained, “Just a technical machine.”

Giovanni paused. Then he said, “That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

He then turned to his security chief, “Fail me again Mr. Laurio and I’ll make sure you will never find a job in Kanto. Got it?”

Mr. Laurio nodded nervously, “Yes sir, it won’t happen again sir.”

“Now get out of my sight.” Giovanni ordered. The security chief briskly walked out of the office to avoid incurring his employer’s wrath. Giovanni walked up to his desk turned the wastebasket right side up and sat down in his chair.

There was no doubt who dared come into his office to steal his property, but why they wanted his rare TM ‘Fissure’ was a mystery. He then picked up the phone, “Janice, call in the Team Rocket executives and have them come to my office by 10:40 tomorrow morning.”


Back at the pokecenter in Celadon City, Blaze had his laptop open and was writing an e-mail to his parents. Gary was sitting across from him playing on his gameboy advance and by the moment of cursing the other trainers could assume it was a final boss or something.

Nurse Joy’s voice came over the intercom, “Will Blaze St. Helens and Gary Winter come to the front desk, again it’s Blaze St. Helens and Gary Winter come to the front desk.”

“Looks like that call we’ve been expecting has come in…” Blaze sighed, saving the e-mail and shutting down his laptop.

Gary was still snarling and cursing. Blaze put the laptop in his backpack and then looked at Gary, “You kiss your mother with that mouth?”

Gary didn’t even respond. Blaze groaned and snatched the GBA and shut it off.

“Hey!” Gary yelled, “I was playing that…”

“Did you save the game before that boss?”

“Of course.” Gary replied.

“Good,” Blaze said tossing the GBA onto Gary’s lap, “We’ve been called to the front desk.”


When the two came to the front desk, Blaze looked to Nurse Joy.

“I’m Blaze St. Helens and he’s Gary Winter. We were called here a minute ago?”

“Oh yes,” Nurse joy said, “You have a call off videophone three.”

She pointed to the videophones, Blaze thanked her and he and Gary sat down in front of it. As anticipated it was Lee, Blaze greeted with a cheerful look.

“Lee, what’s up?”

“You heard about the forest fires Blaze?” Lee asked

“Yeah. Many of the trainers here are stuck because the wanted to challenge Erika before they challenged Sabrina.” Blaze replied.

“So you know why Erik and I couldn’t make it.”

Blaze looked to Gary, “Should we tell them?”

“Tell us what?”

“He can meet up in Fuchsia City,” Blaze explained, “Routes 16 through 18 are still open so Gary and I can go that way.”

“Where’s Erik?” Gary asked.

Lee’s looked turned to a somber one, “There was an incident with Jake Dumont and now Erik wants to leave.”

“What?” Gary gasped, “He can’t leave now!”

Blaze nodded in agreement.

“I am,” Erik came up to the videophone Lee was sitting at and replied, “I’ve had enough of Kanto. I’m going home.”

“You’re going nowhere Erik.” Blaze told him.

“Yeah!” Gary agreed, “We’re gonna kick Team Magma and Team Aqua’s butts back to Hoenn!”

Blaze saddled up his backpack and told Lee, “Make sure he goes nowhere. If Gary and I hurry we can make it to Route 17 by sunset. Ready Gary?”

“Always.” Gary nodded.

“Well no time to waste… see you in Fuchsia Lee… Erik…”

“But… but…” Erik protested.

Lee waved, “See you there Gary, Blaze.”

“Adios amigos…” Gary said before the two hung up.

At the Saffron pokecenter Erik was speechless, they never even gave him a say in edgewise, “Did you hear that?”

Lee replied, “Yup.”

“I am not going.” Erik snorted.

Lee gave a devious grin and snickered, “Well if you want me to pry into your mind and read your darkest secrets…”

Defensively Erik growled, “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Would I? I (unofficially) made a promise to them that I’d take you along.” Lee told him, “And I’ll do by any means.”

Erik grumbled for a bit before muttering, “Fine… I’ll go.”

“Great,” Lee replied, “Next stop, Lavender Town.”
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 12: Encounters with Ken

The routes from Celadon City to Fuchsia City in the south are a series of bridges and islands full of unique pokemon and trainers (though many are biker gangs.) Such a path comes with many adventures for the trainers Blaze St. Helens and Gary Frost. About to find themselves in a big mess coming to the next bridge.

"Welp Blaze, turns out we may have some excitement on this route..." Gary said turning to Blaze with a wicked smile.

Blaze was somewhat concerned about what David told him about their father, and then he sighed

Gary noted the sigh but best thought to leave the thought to Blaze. "Ken told me there was a trainer on this route...a really good one who challenged whomever walked this way." He said looking ahead

"Think he was talking about himself?"

"I hope not...I suppose if we run into this person, we'll find out eh?" Gary sighed in confusion, "We could use a challenge for a change..." Gary said under his breath

"Indeed," Blaze smirked, "You know why David is hell-bent on beating me right?"

Gary thought for a bit remembering one of David's old rants about their father losing to a wannabe Fire Trainer. "Yeah...he wants to beat you cause you defeated our dad in a honorable, and fair fight." Gary said shining his glasses. "That's how he uses his brain. If he or dad loses, it's automatically the winners fault."

"And your dad? Was he shattered by his defeat like David said?"

Gary sighed. "After his defeat, my dad retired, but not happily. He said he was to old to continue battling. He put his trust in David. To carry out his work. Continue the blood line. Hell, he even gave him his Flareon." Gary took a breath. "David is pretty much fighting for both of them now." He concluded

"And apparently wants to settle old blood debts."

"Yup." Gary said plainly and simply.

Finally coming to the end of the bridge connecting Celadon to the Indigo Archipelago was the trainer Gary spoke of earlier. Looking familiar Ben cried out.

"Sweet Jebus it's him!"

Gary didn't believe his eyes. It "WAS" Ken....but soon another figure appeared behind him. Ken approached the two and spoke. "This is the guy...he beat me again! For the 8th time today!" Gary laughed to himself on how even Jesse and James could beat him. With just Meowth in their bags.

Gary then looked at the other Trainer. He didn't look familiar. "You know this guy Blaze?" Gary whispered to him.

"A-Nope." Ben replied "How many times were you trying to beat this guy again Ken?

The trainer in question approached with short spiky purple hair. He wore a plain black shirt, along with blue stylish jeans. He brushed his purple hair with his fingers and posed a stature. "I'm Luke..." He said looking to the others with his brown eyes. "I'm the best trainer in Fuchsia City, and you're walking on my route." He said with a vile smile

Ken only mouthed off. "Eight or so..."

Gary whispered. "Well, he shouldn't be to hard...he's only tried to beat you about 1000." Gary joked softly

“Last time I checked moron," Blaze snarled at Luke, "It was a public route and my friend and I can use it any time we desire. Now get out of my way!"

Luke snarled a bit at Blaze's outburst but quickly regained his posture. "You're 'was' a public route. That is until I took over by defeating all the trainers who came by here." He walked towards the three. "You should back track now. Like I told your friend. You're not welcome on this path." He said turning away. "But...I'll let you pass. If you beat me in a battle." He concluded

Blaze pulled out the Ultra Ball that contained his Dragonair, "How about this? If I beat you, you never show up on this route again."

Then Blaze taunted, "Unless you're a coward which is fine with me."

Luke was impressed on how Blaze challenged him so, but he knew like all the others. The outcome will be the same, and he'll be the victor. "Deal." Luke pulled out his first Pokeball. "Heh...Me a coward! I never back down from a fight! Three on three!" He commanded in a battle position. Gary was a bit nervous but was anxious to see a real fight

"Ladies first Luke."

"Grrrr..." Luke growled as he threw out his first pokeball. "Go Dusclops!" He yelled as the Ghost-type Pokemon appeared in front of Blaze with red eye glowing.

“Dussss...clops!” The ghost pokemon growled

"Get him Imperium!" Ben ordered as he threw the ultra ball in the ring.

The Dragonair unwrapped and looked upon the Dusclops. One would have to be impressed Blaze found one of the rarest pokemon on the planet.

"Use Dragon Rage!"

Luke was quite shocked to see such a rare find, but he quickly yelled out "Dusclops! Evade quickly!" Dusclops was swift enough to breeze away from the powerful projectile in time!

Gary was shocked. He had a Duskull of his own, and he knew the evolution was slow. He'd never seen a Dusclops move so fast! "You can still get him Blaze!" He shouted for his friend.

"Change of plans! Use Twister!" Blaze yelled

"Nair!" Imperium nodded and sent a tiny (but powerful) vortex of blue flame at the Dusclops.

Dusclops wasn't fast enough to react this time as the tiny blue flame hit home. Dusclops closed its eye and flew backwards into the trunk of a tree. "Dusclops no!" Luke shouted. "It's not over yet friend!" Dusclops red eye again opened and he stood back up.

Ken sat back and watched lazily. "Thing's got spunk..."

Blaze knew that Dusclops was particularly very resilient of special attack. “Maybe I should use Outrage it's a powerful attack but will leave Imperium confused and vulnerable. Otherwise Dusclops does have very little stamina.”

Luke grinned. "You've got a strong pokemon there...I admit that. But now it's time to show off Dusclops power." He said magnificently. "Dusclops! Double Team!"

“Dussssssss!” Dusclops closes his eye and soon several more clones of the creature appear around Dragonair.

Luke then called out again before Blaze could use another attack. "Dusclops! Use Shadow Punch!" The ghost pokemon rose a fist and charged straight for Dragonair with fist hurling with incredible strength.

"Nair" Imperium cried as the attack connected, but Dusclops was a pretty weak attacker.

"Not that it'll help you Luke!" Blaze counter, "Imperium! Use Outrage!"

The orbs on Imperium started to shine bright as blue energy surrounded it. It exploded in an attack that hit Dusclops and all its clones with a dragon's ferocity.

Luke's eyes grew large as he witnessed his Dusclops getting hit by the straight Dragon fury.

“Dusssss...clops!” And that was it. The Ghost Pokemon had fallen with a large thud to the ground.

"Dusclops! No!" Luke shouted out. "You got lucky cause you have a Dragon Pokemon."

“Looks like some has a case of sour grapes.” Blaze shot back

Luke grumbled as he called back his first pokemon. Gary grew with excitement while Ken brushed off a wave. "I would of beaten him too if he didn't use Double Team..."

"I'm just getting warmed up Luke," Blaze told him recalling Imperium, "Now bring out your next pokemon!"

Blaze took his next pokeball and called out, "Go Deluge!"
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Default Re: Strangers in a Strange Land

Chapter 12 continued

"Rai!" The legendary Raichu cried out, he had started to gain a reputation as one of the fastest pokemon alive.

Gary mumbled. "He could of just had him sit there...and you still would of lost." He said to himself as he turned his attention back to the match

Luke grit his teeth as he threw out his next pokeball. "Go Golem! We'll teach this guy!" Luke said enjoying that this match he had the upper advantage! The large rock-type Pokemon clashed onto the ground with a loud boom.

“GOOOLEEEMM!” It shouted with massive strength.

"Deluge! Peel some rubber! Use Agility!" Blaze yelled.

Deluge started to dart around at extreme speed matching that of a European sports car. Confusing the Golem very much.

Luke was impressed to see such a speedy pokemon, but refused to let Blaze get a 1 up on him. "Golem! Use Roll out and roll yourself all over the field!" Golem tucked himself into a ball and began spinning madly as he rolled all over the area. In hoping to clash into the speedy Raichu.

Deluge quickly sidestepped the Golem and Blaze decided to show Luke something surprising, "Deluge! Use Surf!"

Luke couldn't believe it! The Water smashed into the grounded Golem and threw him back to roughly. He was already knocked out from the blast.

"What the!?" Luke was speechless.

"You never heard of a Surfing Pikachu that evolved into a Raichu?"

Gary was laughing. "What happened Luke? Your mouth got stuck from running to much?" Gary laughed. Ken however didn't take it so lightly.

Luke grunted. He couldn't believe he was losing. And so easily too. This guy was a far better trainer than he thought. "Hah! I saved the best for last!

"I won two out of three Luke." Blaze sneered, "Even a puny little Metapod gave me a harder time than you did!"

Luke didn't respond as he held out his third pokeball.

Gary was anxious to see what he'd throw out. But Ken already knew. He sat back full of jealousy. "I could of won two out of three rounds..."

Blaze was waiting too, "What's the matter Luke? You're having a change of heart?"

Luke grinned as he spun out his third and final pokemon. "Go Sudowoodo!" The Tree-like Pokemon landed abruptly with a loud wooden thump as it stared at Deluge with nasty intentions.

"Deluge combine Agility with Double Team!"

Deluge ran again filling the battle field with a staggering 32 doubles. But Luke probably had something up his sleeve.

Luke Shouted out with "Sudowoodo Use Earthquake Now!" The Tree-Rock Creature implanted its weight into the ground causing a massive tremor. The ground started shaking violently beneath the feet of the quick and agile Raichu and its doubles.

Blaze recalled Deluge as he fainted from the tremendous shock and took another ultra ball and call out. "Razorclaw go get him!"

Then the Sceptile hissed at the Sudowoodo and started showing off its leaves like a swordsman.

Luckily Razorclaw was very quick and agile much like Deluge. One look at the Sceptile only made one thing clear... Sudowoodo was toast. From Blaze's point of view.

"Leaf Blade, Razorclaw!"

Razorclaw sprinted at the Sudowoodo and slashed it elegantly with its razor-sharp leaf. For the finale it slashed at Sudowoodo with it's claws in an 'X' pattern.

The branches began to break apart from SudoWoodo's stance and it looked like it took massive damage. Luke shouted out again. "Oh no you don't! SudoWoodo! Use Slam attack!" He wasn't about to throw in the towel, even at his slight disadvantage. Razorclaw was just to fast for his pokemon to keep up.

"Suck it dry Razorclaw! Giga Drain!"

"Ile" Razorclaw hissed as it evaded Sudowoodo's attack. Glowing and yellow-green aura it and sapped the Sudowoodo dry of its energy.

Sudowoodo's eyes crossed out and it fell to the ground defeated. Along with its owner who also was defeated. He stood motionless with pokeball in hand. Gary cheered loudly as he knew Blaze would pull through in the end. "You won...." Luke looked towards Blaze with slight fear, aggression, and respect.

Razorclaw cheered "Scep! Ile!" then started to bound like a 5 year-old jumped off on coffee and sugar.

"You weren't so bad yourself. Now can we pass?"

Luke looked disappointed, but he figured he would lose sometime. "Yeah...the paths all yours. With a trainer like you around, I don't think anyone would dare try to take over a route. Good battle." The Purple haired clad slung his backpack over his shoulder as he called back his pokemon. "Maybe I'll see you guys again some day..." He said nodding to the three as he walked off and vanished out of sight.

Gary ran up to Ben and his hyper Razorclaw. "That was intense..."

Ken however remained seated under the tree pouting with a nose rose in the air.

"I knew I would win, Luke was like all the other trainers I beat in the past. Too sure of themselves."

Gary nodded. "Reminds me of a certain short man." Gary ushered to Ken who finally joined the duo. "Don't you have anywhere else you can go?" Gary remarked at Ken who followed shortly behind.

"I doubt it." Blaze quietly remarked

Ken ignored Gary's comment and followed along. "You guys know I could of beaten him easily. Just an off day for me! That's all!" Ken said grinning full of himself. Gary mumbled "Sure..." As he stepped up to keep up with Blaze.

"Reallllly big off day." Ben added, “Come one, let go cross this bridge and set up camp.”
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