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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-27-2004, 03:36 AM
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Talking Nikki's Dragon Journey

Nikki's Journey Chapter 1:The Beginning

"This is Littleroot Towns morning news!It's 8 o'clock and.." Nikki sleepily slammed her fist on the giant Snooze button that put too sleep her small grey alarm clock.

"Agh,I gotta get moving!" She said too herself angrilly,suddenly realizing she was going too the Proffessors too get her first Pokemon.She swung her legs out of her cozy four-poster,slipped on some summer clothes and a pair of blue flip flops,and rushed down the stairs,her heavy pack swung rapidly over her shoulder.

Her mom wasn't there,she knew she was gone too work.She messily shoved her long raven hair into a purple hair band,and set off at a rapid run towards the lab.


A few minutes later,Prof.Birch walked out at a brisk pace,knowing that Nikki was eager too get on her way,he held out a Pokeball,and without a question,Nikki gently took it out of her hands,smiled and waved,then ran off towards the forest Route.

She frowned at herself for being so late for the amazing Proffessor,scolding herself angrilly as she ran off,the pony band slipping out of her hair and allowing it too fall down her face.


"Flash,c'mon,we need too catch some Pokemon." She called back too her new Umbreon.It was low-leveled,but a nice Umbreon none the less.

"Um,bre!" *Want me too show you speed?*

Suddenly a black bur sped past her and she recongnized the blur too be Flash,his delicate paws seemingly not touching the ground as he shot off,laughing too himself.

Nikki chased him,chuckling,unable too keep up with him as they ran forward.Suddenly Umbreon collided with something,tumbling over in his haste.Nikki gave a curious look too the grey doglike Pokemon as Flash leaped in front of her,growling slightly.

Nikki whipped out her Pokedex and scanned the Pokemon,which was already in battle stance,staring Flash down:

At first sight, POOCHYENA takes a bite at anything that moves. This POKEMON chases after prey until the victim becomes exhausted. However, it may turn tail if the prey strickes back.POOCHYENA is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This POKEMON tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.It evolves into Mightyena at Level 18.

Poochyena growled,and suddenly lunged at Umbreon,aiming for a fierce Bite.Umbreon dodged too the side in suprise,but Poochyena skid-turned and charged forth for a Take Down.

"Umbreon,JUMP!" Umbreon jumped and Poochyena almost skidded into a tree in its hurrying turn around.

"NOW,Umbreon,go ahead with Faint Attack!" Poochyena watched Umbreon charge straight at it,then moved too the side just as Umbreon dissappeared.It arrived at the right of the dog just as it was scooting the other direction,so Umbreon easily sent it flying with the attack.Poochyena slammed into a tree and fell,then struggled up.

"Hmm,Flash,this Poochyena looks tough!Try Quick Attack,then maybe a Confuse Ray!"

Poochyena started for a Crunch just as Flash dodged around,and lunged into a tree in slight confusion,thinking Poochyena was still there.Umbreon skidded into a turn just as Poochyena did,and they both lunged at each other in pure anger.However,they both missed,and Poochyena slammed into a tree as Umbreon rotated so that his feet hit the bark and he proppeled off alittle lopsided,then slammed into Poochyena,hurting himself in the proccess while he slammed into the tree.

Poochyena yowled in anger and pain,then took the chance too Bite Umbreon over and over.Umbreon yowled this time,then jumped off Poochyena and took the chance too use a Faint Attack of his own accord,slamming Poochyena farther into the tree as Poochyena countered with a weaker Crunch.

Poochyena slid off the tree and landed with a dull thud,laying as if it were asleep,on the ground.Her eyes darted,suprised,from panting Flash now looking close too falling as well,back too the near-fainting Poochyena.She went up and picked up Flash,smiling and praising him.She gentley threw a red-and-white Pokeball at the panting Poochyena.It hit it gentley on the head,sucking Poochyena in with a shining red light.The ball snapped shut and fell too the ground.

It shook..side to side..DUN...dun...DUN...dun...PING! declared the ball,confirming that the Poochyena was captured.She laughed happily,celebrating with Flash and picking up the ball happily.



The End of:Chapter 1

Sorry it's pretty bad..I was trying too make it better,but I'm sort of in a hurry.Chapter 2 coming soon!
Chapter 2 Preview:


Nikki and Co. encounter a giant ocean-like sea.A gigantic pod of around 50 Sharpedo stand in their way.Word is in Odale Town that a swarm of Rare Pokemon are coming for a tournament,and Nikki wants too catch as many as possible.The ferry that sails them across is gone,and will not return until the Pokemon Tournament is over at the Rare Pokemon are gone.What will Nikki and Co. do too make it over?Stay tuned!
Moving On,Moving Up
As a girl fused with a Houndoom travels through the region,she learns about taking care of Pokemon. Soon,she hears about an evil organization planning to freeze all of the region Ona. In this situation,she is forced to work with the humans she feared and hated before to save the sacred region. Can she do it?
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Old 05-27-2004, 05:10 AM
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Talking Re: Nikki's Dragon Journey

Chapter 2:The Water Rumble

Nikki ran through the forest,her Umbreon and Poochyena barely keeping up as she ran forward,ignoring the brambles,thorns,and branches tearing at her clothes.Her joyous,anxious face was cut slightly,but she didn't care.She was so eager!

"Flash,Loki,c'mon!We have too get too Oldale FAST!They're bringing in the rare Pokemon tomorrow,and we can't miss it!" Flash sped up,pushing himslf too the utmost and Poochyena jumped onto Nikki's shoulder from way behind,stretching out too clear the jump and landing neatly.He was panting,so she decided they could maybe take a rest for a little while.She sat down,not realizing that she was panting too.

"Sorry,guys,but I'm just so excited!!!" Flash and Loki nodded in understanding.They were happy too!

Suddenly a loud Pokemon-like noise sounded throughout the forest.Soon,racing by,came one lone,quite small Pichu,followed by a Pidgeotto,chasing it and tearing at it fiercely with its talons.Unfortunately,the duo swept into the thick trees,so Nikki didn't even try too follow it.

She stood up,and Flash and Loki followed her as she set off down the dirt trail at a brisk pace,running her fingers distractedly through her loose Raven hair.Then they came too what looked like a sea,for it went on quite a ways.Several Water Pokemon were there,but Nikki,ignoring them,jumped into the lake in pure anxiety not too miss the rare Pokemon.

Suddenly all the water Pokemon darted in all directions,and Nikki soon saw why:Lots,maybe even hundreds,of Sharpedo were swimming towards them,and extra-large one in the front.Nikki immediatly jumped back onto the shore,and she knew that Flash and Loki would be no match against these fierce sharks..but she needed a way too get across!

She looked for a bridge,but there wasn't one too be found.Then she looked for a boat too sail across.On the Renters cabin there was a note:

Dear Trainer,

Gone too Odale!Will not be back until after tournament.Sorry.Find other way too go across!


She frowned,sitting by the waters edge and laying her head in her cupped hands,sighing deeply.Would they ever make it too Odale?


It was around 8:00 PM.Everyone was gathered around a nice cozy fire,Flash's rings glowing in the moonlight.Suddenly a loud rustling sound emitted from behind them.

Flash and Loki turned immediatly,and out walked the little Pichu,who sat down,exhausted,at the fire.Nikki looked slightly puzzled at the Pichu,then remembered that it was the one that had been attacked by the bird earlier.Deep cuts and scratches were all around its small yellow body.

Gently Nikki took out her Pokedex and scanned the small creature:

~{It is not yet skilled at storing electricity. It may send out a jolt if amused or startled.Despite its small size, it can zap even adult humans. However, if it does so, it also surprises itself.It is unskilled at storing electric power. Any kind of shock causes it to discharge energy spontaneously.}

Said the robotic voice of the device.Then came another,loud noise.Out from the trees flew the fine Pidgeotto.She also scanned this,catching its movement in the Pokedex easily:

~{Very protective of its sprawling territorial area, this POKéMON will fiercely peck at any intruder.This POKEMON is full of vitality. It constantly flies around it's large territory in search of preyIt has outstanding vision. However high it flies, it is able to distinguish the movements of its prey.It immobilizes its prey using well-developed claws, then carries the prey more then 60 miles to its nest.It slowly flies in a circular pattern, all the while keeping a sharp lookout for prey.Evolves into Pidgeot at Level 36.}

"CHUU!" yelled the Pichu helplessly as the Pidgeotto began using many different,fierce attacks on the already-beat-up Pichu.Nikki stood.

"Hey,you!Leave that Pichu alone!" Flash lunged forward. "Confuse Ray!" Loki lunged out for back-up.A ray shot right at Pidgeotto,from Flash,and Pidgeotto slammed right into the ground,confused.

"Nows our chance!Loki,Crunch,Flash,Faint Attack!" Loki lunged forward eagerly and began biting Pidgeotto all around,while Flash feinted too the right,dissappeared,and charged right into one side of Pidgeotto,dealing damage but proppelling it back into the air,where it flapped its wings and cawed loudly and angrilly.He flew forward,slamming into Flash with the right wing and Loki with the left,then turning and sending a strong Gust their way.Unfortunately,the next Quick Attack was messed up by Pidgeotto's Confusion.He hit himself and fell too the ground again.

"Loki,Bite and Take Down,Flash,Tackle then back up and Faint Attack again!" Pidgeotto countered Loki's Bite and Loki did a weak Take Down after that,and fell,exhausted,too the ground.Loki's diversion proved true too Flash,who executed both attacks without interference.Pidgeotto stayed still on the ground,and Nikki threw a Pokeball at it.DUN....dun...DUN...dun...PING!

Nikki smiled as she picked up the ball and brought over Loki and Flash too the poor Pichu,who was close too the cozy fire and almost asleep in exhaustion,but had been watching the battle."You can go now,I suppose,Pichu." Nikki said politely too the Pichu.She stood too go get the tired Flash and Loki some food,when Pichu also stood and ran after her,then hugged her leg and wouldn't get off.

"CHHHUU!" It laughed,still clinging too Nikki's leg.She chuckled,and sat down,gently trying too pry the Pichu off.It leapt onto her head and waited as Nikki laid out extra food next too her.Pichu leapt down and dug in hungrilly,unaware that Nikki had snuck some Full Restore and Max Potion in.Soon Pichu was much better.Nikki decided too let it stay with them until morning,then too let it go.

Nikki yawned,exhausted,and sank sleepily into her sleeping bag next too the high-spirited,joyous Pichu.She got too sleep with no problem.


Nikki woke up too see Pichu still there,chatting happily with Loki and Flash.It seemed too fit right in.Nikki got up,stretching,and walked over too the group,kneeling next too them with a weary smile,and addressing the Pichu. "Hey,buddy,you can go on now,if you want too."

Pichu stared up at Nikki with wide,pleading eyes,and jumped into her arms,looking sad and pleading with his eyes. "Chuu!Pi,pichu!" It yelled.Nikki chuckled.Looked like Pichu was there too stay. "Alright." she gave in.Pichu cheered,and leapt happily into a Pokeball.It didn't shake,but 'pinged' immediatly.Nikki smiled as she took out two more Pokeballs and returned Flash and Loki.

Then dread overcame her as she looked at her digital watch.11 o'clock.The Pokemon would come at 12 or 12:30.She probably would be late.She got up,grabbing her pack and storing her sleeping bag inside,she began walking towards the lake.Just like they were earlier,the Sharpedo were sitting in the water,gaurding the other.

"Looks like I'll need everyone for this battle.Sparx,Loki,Wings,Flash,come on!" Pichu,Poochyena,Pidgeotto,and Umbreon all popped out in battle stance,calling out challenges too the 50 or so Sharpedo just floating in the water.At the challenge they turned too them,preparing for battle,they challenged back as one, "Sharpedo!Shar!"

"Ok,guys,let's go." She paused too count them. "There are 60!Sparx takes the first 15." She nodded too Pichu. "Flash the second." She gestured too Umbreon. "Wings the third." She pointed up too Pidgeotto. "And Loki the last." She gave a glance at Poochyena. "Then all of you will attack the leader.Then you'll be returned and I'll swim across.

The Pokemon all nodded in unison. "Okay,ready,go!Sparx,take out the first section with your most powerful Thundershock!" Long,strong bolts of lightning charged right into the first fifteen,and they let out yells as they were electrocuted.

"Flash,go with Faint Attack!" Flash did a huge Faint Attack at the next ones.The first one slammed into the second,then the third,so on.It was like dominos,except they all dropped underwater in exhaustion.

"Wings,you next!Gust!Peck!Wing Attack!Quick Attack!" Wings acted so fast he was a light-brown blur as he shot around the Sharpedo,each one fainting as he did his stronge attacks.

"And finally Loki,take 'em down with a Crunch and Take Down!" Loki darted close too the water,then dived in,doing the attacks once her was close too the Sharpedo.The whole row fainted.It was down too the leader,who was closest too the shore. "Now,all of you!Pichu,Thundershock!Pidgeotto,Gust,Peck,Wing Attack,Quick Attack!Umbreon,Flash,Faint Attack,Tackle!Poochyena,Crunch,Bite,Tackle,Take Down!"

They all attacked the leader as hard as they could in unison.It still floated in the water,but near fainting.Nikki threw a Lure Ball she borrowed from her sister at the exhausted Sharpedo.It floated in the water,and soon the 'PING' sounded.She waded into the water,attacked the ball too her belt with a smile,and retured all of her Pokemon,praising them as she went on her way.

What challenges would awai them in the tournament?Stay tuned!
Next Chapter:


Chapter 3:Tournament Trouble!

Nikki and her new,strong team meet up with her friend (boyfriend in her case,but he doesn't know.) at the tournament.Nikki enters,and finds out that the tournament would be tough,but the Grand Prize was a Rapidash and a Dratini,so she was spurred too great heights.Then its down between her and her friend in the finals.Will she hold back and let her boyfriend win,or beat him too the prize and make up for it later?Find out soon!
Moving On,Moving Up
As a girl fused with a Houndoom travels through the region,she learns about taking care of Pokemon. Soon,she hears about an evil organization planning to freeze all of the region Ona. In this situation,she is forced to work with the humans she feared and hated before to save the sacred region. Can she do it?
Kara And Circe-Houndoom Hybrid and Black and Orange Torchic-Working Together With A Special Bond
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