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Creative Writing Share your fan fiction, stories, poems, essays, editorials, song lyrics, or any other related written work. All written must be your creation. Start a new thread, and keep replying to that thread as you add on more chapters. Anyone can join in at anytime.

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Old 05-19-2004, 02:53 AM
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Default You're Special

Kojina was a regular girl. She went to regular 4th grade classes and went to a regular public school with the regular rules and regular dress code. She lived in a regular family with regular parents and regular daily chores. In fact, everything about Kojina was regular and she was down right sick of it! How could anyone me any more boring then herself?

The truth of the matter was Kojina hated being regular. She hated blending in with other people and she hated the way others treated her. Everyone else in her class was taller then her or shorter, but she was in the middle of heights. Some kids scored straight A's or straight D's, but she got the average B expected form your regular kid.
She always tried to dress exotic, wearing a cute t-shirt with some random saying, but everyone ethier had a blank T-shirt or a T-shirt that an adult had made jsut for them.

Overall, Kojina felt she was a very boring girl. In fact, she felt that if she didn't change herself no one would ever notice her. Every day she was ethier ignored or bullied. She had no friends since no one wanted to lower themself to her level and she had no one to talk to. No one passed notes to her asking if she'd like to get ice cream after school and the probbly the only good thing about her note getting notes was bullies never threatened to beat her up after school.

So, when Midori Kobiyoshi transferred from her school in New York, Kojina's life of being your average girl in Durham North Carolina flipped upside down.
Midori was just what every at school admired. She was rich, for one, and wore a cute black t-shirt and black skirt. She stuck up for herself and the more souls who were picked on daily by bullies. She had interesting parents too. Her mother had been a theif but quit so she could turn her life in the right direction while her father worked as a writer.

But what made her stand out to Kojina was the fact Midori wasn't interested in the rich and popular girls. Midori was interested in Kojina. Midori had a favoring for the little girl who sat in the back of the class and stared straight ahead. Midori was also hanging out around the only regular girl in school.

"Why don't you come play with us?" She asked one day, her perfect long brown hair pulled back in a ponytail and green eyes fixed on Kojina "You never play four square with us during lunch. How come?"
Kojina would stared, then look around to see if Midori could possibly be talking to anyone else before replying "No one likes to play with the regular girl."

Midori would then frown and put her hands on her hips, giving Midori a stern look like her older sister gave her if she did something wrong. "You aren't regular. If you want to be regular, keep believing it, but you should jsut accept the facts. You aren't like any one else." After saying this, Midori would leave to play and Kojina would watch her, thinking about every word Midori had just said.
What did she mean? Kojina was regular and no one would reject that fact. So why did Midori bother trying to lift her hopes?

This happened almost 4 times a week, only on Fridays did Midori take a break and just sit next to Kojina. She'd just sit there, trying to figure out how Kojina could be entertained by just... Sitting there. Where was the fun in that? Why wasn't Kojina out playing ball?

For 2 monthes, Kojina just ignored this slow torture. For 2 monthes she just waited for Midori to leave her alone. But the time never came.
One day, Kojina gathered up her courage and walked over to Midori "Why do you sit with me and Fridays? Why do you try to change the truth? There's nothing special about me." She said firmly, trying to brave, trying to stand out to Midori.

Midori turned to Kojina and smiled in a friendly way, as if she'd succeeded in some game she'd been playing.
"Because, what I say is true. Kojina, you're special. You are the only 'regular' girl in 4th grade. Everyone's diffrent and so are you. Don't listen to people who try to bring you down, Kojina! You've got what it takes to stand out in the crowd!"

The following week, Kojina spent every momment of her life diffrently. She didn't look at her parents as regular anymore. She didn't think of herself as a regular student ethier. She played games everyday and even earned herself the title as the Queen of 4-square 5 days in a row. The next month moved by faster then Kojina had expected and life seemed alot funner then it had been before.

A month after Kojina's change of heart Midori missed school for a week. The school teacher explained to the class that Midori's mother had died when trying to fight a robber at a bank. Midori's father had been on a buisness trip when it happened and no one knew how to contact him at the time.
Midori was spending the whole week alone with no one to comfort her.

The teacher requested that everyone in the class made Midoria card to bring up her spirits. Colorful paper was handed out and markers were shared amoung classmates. For 3 hours the class worked on the cards, then sent each card around the school for everyone to sign and by the end of the day there was no room on the big, pink paper heart for Kojina to sign.
So, depressed that she couldn't sign her name for Midori, Kojina went home in tears. It wasn't like out of the hundreds of kids from Pre-K to 8th grade in the school Midori was going to realize she hadn't signed, but she still felt awful.

The next day each student in the 4th grade got a thank you letter from Midori and one letter to the whole school was read at the morning assembly. The letter to the school thanked everyone for caring and was covered in smiley face stickers and hearts.

After assembly every 4th grader read their letters to themself and some kids even wrote replies. Everyone smiled and read their letters, but Kojina stared at hers, trembling all over. What had Midori written to her? She felt too scared to find out, too scared to even lift the letter.
Her letter, like all the others, was folded so it appeared no air could get in or out. All the letters are swirls of color and were covered in stickers.

"Why aren't you reading your letter?" Kojina's teacher asked Kojina Sternly "Don't make me read it for you."
Kojina put her head on the desk, refusing to confess that she hadn't signed the big card.
In a momment of fury, the teacher snatched Kojina's letter and walked to the front of the class. Everyone's attention was now focused forward as the teacher prepared to read Kojina's letter to the class.

Like all the letters there was a tab to pull in order to get the letter open without harming the paper. As the teacher pulled the tab, hundreds of beautiful golden sparkles fell from the letter. The letter was only on sentence long, 6 words on the paper.
"Where's your name on the heart?"
That was all that was written on the paper.

A week later Midori came back to school. She was smiling at everyone, but her smile to Kojina was brightest.
"How'd you know?" Kojina asked Midori softly "That I didn't sign?"
"I looked all night for your signature." Midori explained "But I didn't see your special name in your special hand writing."

From that momment onward, Kojina and midori were best friends. Even after they finished school they were close friends. And whenever Kojina saw anyone standing alone she'd ask "Why are you all alone? You know that you'r special, so why don't you prove it?"


I wrote this story for the school writer's club and it's aimmed mainly to the younger readers ^_^;; Uh... Any suggestions before I submit it?

~Chikyuu no Mirai, Gouhoshi suru, nya!~
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Old 05-19-2004, 03:11 AM
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Default Re: You're Special

I just read it and I think it's wonderful the way it is...but that's me. I like your stories! ^_^

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