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Old 04-17-2004, 05:34 PM
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 18

Chapter 18

“Where are we now?” Nathan grunted, as they walked through the shabby corridors.

“Let’s see… we’re approaching Section D.” Kira replied.

“We’ve been walking for almost an hour!” Nathan groaned.

“There are only five Sections, Nathan. A through E. And Section D is nearest to the exit that leads to Vermillion City.” replied Kira, rolling her eyes.

They continued until they reached Section D. Section D looked like a rest place, but looked the same as Section C, if you took out the booths and placed sofas and vending machines. There was a lone girl sitting down on one of the sofas.

“Hi. Do you know if we’re nearing Vermillion?” Kira said, as she bended down to see the girl eye to eye.

“Yeah, you are.” she said, in a voice that seemed familiar to them.

“Wendy?” Kira replied, not really sure of herself.

“Kira?” Wendy replied, looking up at her, “Oh, you don’t know how happy I am to see you!”

“What’s up?” Kira asked, helping Wendy up on her feet. She was sincerely worried for Wendy.

“I went to Vermillion, you see, and… he beat me.” Wendy answered.

“Who? The gym leader?” Kira asked.

“Yes, the gym leader!” she exclaimed back, “Now I really think I’m no good!”

“Don’t give it a thought, Wendy! I lost against Misty, and look at me, I’m here, and I beat her on my second try!” replied Kira, as she hugged Wendy in comfort.

“But what if this is a sign of things to come? That we’re no good?” Wendy asked.

“If both of you are no good,” Nathan interrupted, “than Grumpig matter as well fly.”

“Thanks Nathan,” they both replied, turning their heads with smiles on their faces.

“Listen, Wendy. You just need to try again!” Kira smiled with her eyes closed, “As easy as that, you hear me?”

“Okay,” Wendy replied, “Thanks for making me feel better. I have to go to Section C now to get my Pokemon signed up for hobbies!”

“What Pokemon do you have now?” Nathan asked, out of curiosity.

“Charmeleon, Bellsprout and Magikarp!” Wendy said, “Bye guys! I’ll see you around!”

They said goodbye to the blonde girl and sighed, “Almost in Vermillion!” Kira stated, as they left Section D to the final corridor, which would eventually lead to the exit of the underground passages.

After ten minutes of walking slowly, they finally saw the stairs that would lead above ground. They went up the metallic stairs quickly and looked around the room they were now in. It was quite larger than the other one; it was actually a Pokemon Center.

“Wow!” Kira exclaimed, looking around. It had everything other Pokemon Centers had; phones, televisions, a stairway upstairs for rooms and of course, Nurse Joy.

Nurse Joy and her station were right in front of them as they exited the underground passages, “How may I help you?”

“Can you heal our Pokemon? They’re very tired from all our journey here.” Nathan replied.

“Very well, hand them to me, and they will be healed in the morning. I suggest you take a room, as it is getting very late,” Nurse Joy suggested, “How about room 176 and room 181?”

They nodded and gave her their Pokemon, and took the keys to the room. Kira decided to take room 181, while Nathan reluctantly took room 176.

“Welcome back to Late-Night News with myself, Larissa Hotchkiss!” Larissa Hotchkiss, the news reporter said on the television, “We have new information on Teams Aqua and Magma!”

Suddenly, all eyes were on the television.

“The two teams, which seemed to have oddly disappeared from Hoenn last month, have surfaced in the heart of Kanto. An old couple tells the tell of how Team Aqua and Magma are now at large.” Larissa Hotchkiss announced, as the big screen changed to the sight of Lucy and Henry.

“Earlier today,” a younger male news reporter said, “these two, as well as two trainers that are no longer here, witnessed Teams Aqua and Magma trying to steal this daycare’s Pokemon. Do tell us more, Henry and Lucy.”

“If it weren’t for the two young trainers, we would have been robbed of all the Pokemon we raise here,” Lucy nodded, “We are very fortunate.”

“They both came here unaware the other had come.” Henry continued.

The old duo continued to tell the tale, as Nurse Joy healed their Pokemon, “Turns out,” she said, “Your Pokemon aren’t that weak, they are ready now.”

They thanked the redhead nurse and asked what was on the menu for supper. It was nine o’clock, and they just wanted something they could nibble on fast to get to bed faster. She gave each of them a bowl of mushroom soup, and they drank it quickly.

“Refreshing, Nurse Joy. Thank you for that soup!” Kira thanked, as she and Nathan headed up stairs.

The hallway they entered was smaller than other Pokemon Centers, as it only had twenty rooms.

“Good night Nathan.” Kira said, unlocking the door to her room.

“Sweet dreams!” Nathan replied, going over to his own room and unlocking it.

Kira got undressed and got her pajamas on. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. Nathan took a shower before he went to bed, and fell asleep a little later than Kira.

The following morning, Nathan woke up at seven o’clock to go jogging with Eevee. He got dressed in his orange tank top and white shorts, and exited the Pokemon Center, deciding to eat breakfast later.

“Go Eevee!” Nathan shouted, letting out his latest Pokemon, “Hey little bud! Ready to run?”

They began to jog around the little forest that was around the Pokemon Center. Suddenly, they heard someone yell Nathan’s name.

“Antonio?” Nathan wondered, as he saw the karate boy behind a bush.

“Nice to see you, Nathan!” he smiled, “Care for a little battle?”

“Sorry, I’m jogging with Eevee right now.” Nathan said, as he and Eevee jogged in place.

“Well, you can jog in place like that while we battle!” Antonio said, taking a Pokeball from his belt, “Go Makuhita, my new fighter!”

A small, overweight Pokemon appeared. It had its eyes closed and was smiling, placing its two overgrown fists on each side of his body.

“Makuhita, use Fake out on Eevee!” Antonio barked.

“Whoa, Eevee! Use Quick attack!” Nathan shouted, taken off guard.

Makuhita raised its left fist and was going to punch Eevee, but, at the last second, retreated its fist and raised its right fist and punched Eevee right on. Eevee, while airborne, shot itself around the back of Makuhita and tackled right in.

“You’ll never win against Makuhita! You’re disadvantaged as a normal type!” Antonio stated, laughing.

“That may be, but Eevee always puts up a fight! Sand attack, blind him!” Nathan commanded.

“Counter with Arm Thrust!” replied Antonio.

Makuhita was about to jab Eevee with its arm, but Eevee splashed some sand up at his eyes. He couldn’t see, and missed completely.

“Great! Now use quick attack!” Nathan said, overcoming the odds.

“No, Makuhita!” struggled Antonio, “Use Vital Throw!”

Makuhita took a few steps back, and stood in an upright position. Eevee jumped at it, pushing the fat Pokemon back a little more. Makuhita threw itself at Eevee, who was taken off guard and pushed to the ground.

“Eevee?” Nathan said to his Pokemon, uncertain of whether it could go on or not. A faint cry was heard, and Nathan recalled Eevee, “Good job, Antonio.”

“That’s two and zero for me, Nathan Lennox. You should train more, and maybe one day you can defeat me.” replied Antonio, as he recalled his Makuhita.

“Yeah, sure.” Nathan replied, before saying goodbye to Antonio. He jogged back to the Pokemon Center to heal his injured Eevee.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 18 Continued

Kira woke up shortly after and went downstairs, where she found Nathan eating some cereal. She joined him in eating cereal, and she asked him how his first jog was. He told her all about his encounter with Antonio.

“Too bad. Maybe you’ll win next time, Nathan.” Kira comforted, “So, Vermillion City is near here, we’re almost getting there, Nathan! I’m so anxious!”

Kira finished eating before Nathan, and wandered off to speak to Nurse Joy, “Do you have brushes?” she asked her.

“Yes, we do, in fact. I’ll give it to you for free, because it’s very old.” Nurse Joy replied, opening a drawer and retrieving a bright pink brush.

“Looks good anyways!” Kira replied, as she released Vulpix, took her in her arms, and began to brush her. She headed back to the table where Nathan was eating.

Nathan finished eating and brought back all the silverware to Nurse Joy, as well as their room keys, as Kira finished brushing Vulpix. She recalled Vulpix to her Pokeball, and they left the Pokemon Center.

“It’s a straight way to Vermillion if we follow this road.” Kira pointed to a road that avoided all water surfaces and forest.

“Great!” Nathan replied. They began to follow the path, and sighed.

“Wendy lost against the gym leader, he or she must be tough.” Nathan said, breaking the silence after they had encountered a few wild Pokemon and fought them off.

“Yeah. I hope I don’t lose against him too.” Kira sighed, “It’s a lot harder then it seemed back at Pallet town, in the textbooks.”

“There’s nothing that can beat the real experience, huh?” Nathan said vaguely.

“Yeah, I guess. I’m starting to miss my family a lot now…” Kira replied, as a Bellsprout came out. She sent out Vulpix to fend it off.

“Me too.” Nathan answered.

“I’m so childish, I have no reason to miss my family. You do, though.” Kira laughed, remembering that Nathan’s dad was in a coma.

Nathan didn’t reply to this, because he didn’t want to have to face that pain again. An hour or so later, around nine thirty, they saw a metropolis city begin to appear in the distance.

“Almost there!” Kira said sympathetically.

“Yeah!” Nathan shouted, as all their Pokemon cried in joy. They were all tired from fighting the wild Pokemon that they encountered, as there were many of them in this route.

“Hey guys!” Annabelle’s voice rang, from inside the forest. The blonde girl came out, soaked from head to toe.

“What happened to you?” Kira giggled.

“I went to train my Pokemon in the water, it’s much easier that way.” Annabelle said, shaking her hair.

“That’s right! Did you sign any of your Pokemon up for hobbies?” Nathan asked.

“Goldeen and Staryu are going to fight fires, it’s actually a pretty competitive hobby, and it gives you such a rush of adrenaline that I said ‘Why not?’! Any of my future water types are also going into that.” Annabelle answered, as they continued their walk to Vermillion.

“What about Venonat?” Kira asked.

“I haven’t decided yet, it’s down to either gardening or running. Probably running, though.” Annebelle smiled.

She asked them what their Pokemon’s hobbies were, and they explained with glee.

“Pretty cool, guys!” Annabelle replied, “Well, you’re almost in Vermillion City. I need to go train some more, because I’m going to have trouble beating this gym leader.”

“Why?” they both asked.

“He’s a specialist in electric types, so I’m as good as fried if I don’t amp it up a little bit!” Annabelle exclaimed, “But now, I don’t care whether I beat the six other gym leaders.”

“Why not?” they both inquired again, at the same time.

“I beat Misty, a water gym leader. That’s what means the most to me, beating the masters of water Pokemon.” Annabelle explained, “For anyone that specializes in a type, you can ask them, they’ll say they want to beat the masters of their type. Because it means you excel with your type.”

“Oh. But you still got to beat the other six, I want to see you at Indigo Plateau, girl!” Nathan joked.

“Sure thing. Bye now!”

“Bye!” they both replied, as they turned their heads back to the cityscape of Vermillion.

They entered, and saw all the city traffic: plenty of people, all running out of time, trying to head to one place or another to do one thing or another.

“Let’s try and head for the Pokemon Center before someone runs us over!” Nathan shouted, as he pointed to a nearby building with the same dome-like roof.

They headed to the Pokemon Center and sighed, in relief. They weren’t used to having so many people in a city; it was so alarming! They were used to a small town with not a lot of people.

“I know what you mean.” Nurse Joy said to them, in the virtually empty Pokemon Center like all others, “When I was transferred from Lavender Town, I couldn’t handle this place. You get used to it.”

“Say, Nurse Joy, any recommendations of what we should do in this city?” Kira asked the redhead.

“Apart from the gym, you can visit the Pokemon Club, and there are many hobby related things you can do here. Namely the Pokemon Stage in the northeast part of the town, though. Oh, and how could I forget? The S.S. Anne is a great deal of fun for anyone who enjoys being relaxed.” Nurse Joy informed, “This day is so boring! No one seems to come to the Pokemon Center anymore, their lives are too fast paced I guess.”

She sighed, as Kira said to Nathan, “Okay, Nathan, there’s a stage! I need to go there and inform what I can do with my Pokemon to improve their… umm… acting?”

“I wonder how they act.” Nathan pondered out loud, “You can go check that out, I’ll go look around, see if there’s anything I can occupy myself with.”

They both left the Pokemon Center and headed in opposite directions.

Nathan went south and found the dock in the southern part of the city. A booth was right in front of the majestic boat, with ‘S.S. Anne’ on a sign in front of that very booth.

“How much is two tickets for the S.S. Anne?” Nathan said to the male sailor inside the booth.

“50 dollars a night,” the blonde sailor said, in a tough voice, “If you’re wondering why it’s so cheap, it’s because this is a slow time of year.”

“When does it leave next and for how long?” Nathan asked, informing himself.

“It leaves tomorrow at five in the P.M. It leaves for two nights, and therefore comes back in three days.” he answered happily.

“Where does the cruise go?”

“Not far, but it’ll leave from here and come back here. Just a smooth, relaxing trip.” the sailor replied.

“Good. I’ll buy two tickets.” Nathan said calmly.

“That’ll be two hundred dollars,” The sailor replied with a grin, taking the money, “Here are your tickets.”

“Great!” Nathan said in joy.

He decided to find Kira, to see what she was up to at the Pokemon Stage and how she was doing.

“I hope Kira will be happy with this little present.” Nathan thought, as he made his way through the tons of people walking around Vermillion.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

After long waiting...

Chapter 19

Kira was watching a supposedly famous man direct his Pokemon in a demonstration on acting and directing. His Pokemon, Jynx and Mr. Mime, were interpreting ‘Romeo & Juliet’, along with a few other Pokemon to fill the odds and ends.

He was sitting in a black and white chair, with a radio in his lap, his fingers strolling on the buttons. The CD in the radio was saying the Pokemon’s lines.

“But Romeo! You cannot leave me!” Jynx’s lips were moving to the CD’s lines.

“I must, my fair lady, as your family will find me if I don’t leave now!” Mr. Mime was lip-syncing, moving his hands around as well as facial expressions to accompany his act.

“Sweet, so would I, yet I should kill thee with much cherishing. Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow.” Jynx lip-synced back.

“End of Act II!” the director shouted, pressing ‘stop’ on the red radio in his lap.

“Bravo!” everyone shouted, clapping and whistling. Everyone was a few steps back from the director, and therefore very close to the wooden stage set up.

“Thank you, thank you!” the man answered, bowing and blowing out kisses to the crowd, “Act III shall be playing tomorrow, my people!”

The crowd cheered some more, before going up to the stage to meet the actors, if it was at all possible to do so. Kira stayed behind to talk to the director.

“A young, new director, I see?” the man, with his black bonnet on his head, replied to her hello.

“Yes, I am. But I’m first and foremost a trainer!” Kira replied, “Listen, could you give me tips on how to start out? My pamphlet here isn’t very specific…”

“Well, you must be too lazy to read it,” he replied, not leaving her time to defend herself, “It tells you everything you need to know. But, as my father always said, experiences can be better than books.”

Kira blushed, and hushed him to continue.

“You’ll need a radio and a recorder first. Since your Pokemon can’t talk, you need to read the lines on a CD using a recorder. Simple, but you need to get the times coordinated with the actions your Pokemon have. That’s all the material you really need, other than that, you need props for your play. They sell sets of those everywhere, it’s popular with children.” He informed her, giving her all the details she needed.

“Good, good… continue…” Kira noted on the pamphlet what he was saying. She had known this already, as she’d read the pamphlet, which, she had lied, was actually informative. She just wanted to get advice from the man.

“Your Pokemon need chemistry with one another, and they need to know when to move their lips, and with what facial expressions. For already written plays, this is easy; you can buy tapes for them to view to make them remember when they need to ‘speak’, or you can give them signals. Once you master getting them to move to their lips, you can start writing your own plays and get them to act them out.”

“Wow, that was definitely helpful. What play is the easiest for new Pokemon actors?” Kira asked, smiling to him.

“The easiest play for them to perform is Romeo and Juliet.” he replied.

She frowned to this, “So you’re performing the easiest play to people?”

“Techinically, but my Jynx and Mr. Mime are just acquainted to acting. I do far more advanced plays with my other Pokemon, like Alakazam and Wigglytuff.”

“I see. What’s your name, by the way?” Kira asked, finishing her questions. She stuffed her pen and pamphlet in her pocket.

“Emmanuel Leduc, aspiring master Pokemon director.” he replied, shaking her hand.

“Kira Varon, aspiring Pokemon master and director.” she smiled, letting go of his hand.

“Well, see you around. I got to go and rehearse with Jynx and Mr. Mime before the crowd runs them over!” he joked, going to get his Pokemon away from the crowd.

“Kira!” Nathan’s voice resounded. She spun around and smiled.

“Hi Nathan!”

“Did you have fun here?” Nathan looked around to see what was going on.

“Yeah. This guy was performing act two of the classic ‘Romeo and Juliet’. This stage is always here, and, although just a wooden box, it’s really cool. You can hang up drapes to get a backstage, and you can go underneath and open to trapdoors to have special effects.” she informed him.

“So, what did you learn?”

She told him everything she had to do for her Pokemon, and they headed off to the PokeMart right away to see if they stocked the merchandise she was searching.

“Hmm….” the clerk of the shop replied, when she asked for a recorder and a CD-compatible radio, “I’m new to this job, I’m getting it to pay for my trip to Hoenn… let me check the index on the computer.”

The blue-haired girl typed in ‘recorder’ in the computer and got three choices, “Okay…” she continued to type in ‘radio CD’, and got five choices, “Got it! What’s your price range for these products?”

“Well, I have 8 500$, and you have 11 500$ Nathan…” Kira recalled, with their winnings against Gym Leaders and the money they left off with, “I’m willing to pay 500 dollars for both a recorder and a radio.”

“Follow me, you can buy the most hi-tech ones!” the clerk replied, as she went off in the isles, “Recorder, one hundred bucks.”

She pointed to a microphone with an adapter connected to it. Kira took it off the burgundy shelf and they continued down the very same isle.

“Radio, two hundred and fifty dollars.” she pointed to a pink radio on the shelf.

Nathan took it off the shelf, as Kira’s hands were getting full, “Here you go!” Kira said, getting the change out of her backpack and giving it to the clerk.

“Thank you, don’t hesitate to buy anything else!” she closed her eyes and smiled.

“Actually, do you sell any books in here?” Kira asked quickly.

“Of course we do! We promote learning, of course! Look in the back, and bring it to the register, okay? I hear someone coming in.” the clerk left the two alone.

“Okay!” they resounded and headed to the back part of the store. A lot of books, discs and video games were seen there.

“Romeo and Juliet, perfect! Only five dollars too! Wow, cheap!” Kira said, digging in the pile of books, and taking the one with a beautiful blonde Jynx on it, accompanied by a psychic Mr. Mime on the cover.

They brought it to the clerk and she passed it through. Kira paid for it, and put it in her backpack’s pocket, as it could fit. She fit the radio in, as it was relatively small, along with the recorder.

“Do you happen to have blank CDs here?” Kira asked.

“Sure, take some for free. It comes with the recorder.” The clerk replied, handing her a package of five white CDs. She stuffed that in her backpack as well, and barely was capable of closing it.

“Let’s get going, Kira.” Nathan took charge, as they exited the shop, “I got something for you.”

“Ooh, what?” Kira asked, taken off guard.

“Two tickets for the S.S. Anne!” he revealed the two tickets to her.

“Wow, this is great!” Kira replied, after he explained all the details, “We better challenge the gym leader tomorrow so we can rest after!”
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 19 Continued

“Emergency! Call Officer Jenny someone!” a man said suddenly, not too far away from the PokeMart.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan and Kira both said simultaneously, running up to the man.

“There is a thief in my house – a thief I tell you! He’s stealing my collection!” he shouted, pointing to his house. It was a nice, quite large house. It looked to be about two stories.

“Let’s go!” Nathan said, and Kira nodded with intent. They walked into the house at a face pace, and the man told them the thief was upstairs. They bustled up the stairs, and entered the room they heard breathing come from.

“Hold up, you!” Kira said in an angry tone, as she saw a man dressed in blue attempt to get outside, through the window.

“Go Ivysaur! Use vine whip to hold him back!” Nathan commanded, as the beast came out and held back the man.

“Let go off me you pest!” the man screamed, struggling to remove the vines from his arms.

“Hey, I know that voice…” Nathan murmured.

“Go Chansey! Get back the goods he stole!” Kira shouted, letting out the pink blissful creature.

“Chan!” she shouted to her trainer, as she went over to the man. She slapped him, and then took the large brown bag he was holding. She took it back to Kira.

“Blue stones…” Kira said, as she saw aquatically colored stones inside the bag.

“Hah! Belle, help me out of here!” he shouted, as a familiar looking girl pulled him out of the vines’ grip and onto the rooftop. They skidded off the roof, and shouted in symphony, “Team Aqua surfs off in the stream again!”

“Hey, that was the Team Aqua grunts we saw at Henry & Lucy’s daycare!” Nathan shouted, finally linking them together.

“Yeah…” Kira replied, as the man barged into the room.

“Did they get away with it?” he barked to them.

“No, he was only going to steal this,” replied Kira, handing him the brown grocery store bag.

“My water stones! Dear gosh, I was afraid they were going to take this! At least my collection is still intact!” he said, placing the stones on a shelf, in a row. They were all aqua and had different shapes and forms. They then noticed shelves all around the room, all with different varieties of stones.

“What kinds of stones are these?” Nathan asked him.

“They are evolutionary stones. They permit certain species of Pokemon to evolve. There are six different kinds: water stones, the blue ones, fire stones, the red ones, thunder stones, the golden ones, leaf stones, the green ones, moon stones, the white ones and finally solar stones, the bright yellow ones.” he replied, as he pointed to the shelves that held each kind of stone.

“Okay. Well we better be going now…” Kira said, leaving the room.

“Wait! I have many stones, and some are doubled, and even tripled, so I think I can give you a reward. Here’s a water stone for you, young lass, and a leaf stone for you, young man.” He stopped her, handing Kira a blue stone and Nathan a green, mossy stone.

“Thank you!” they both said, taking the miniscule stones in their hands, and putting them in a safe place in their knapsacks.

They then left the old man’s house, and went to the Pokemon Center to get their rest. The city bustle had stopped and the city was calm, almost asleep, as they walked to the Pokemon Center.

“I wonder why team Aqua wanted the water stone.” Kira pondered the thought, “They were so small, and perhaps Steve got a few in his pockets…”

“I noticed two things about Team Aqua and Team Magma, Kira. Magma raises ground and fire types, whereas Aqua raises water types. And they are in some sort of competition with each other.” Nathan stated.

“Competition?” Kira replied, confused.

“They didn’t seem to be trying to steal the daycare’s Pokemon together, did they? I think they are rivals of one another.” Nathan nodded; glad in the fact that he had hypothesized something that seemed true.

“Oh well, I guess time will tell… Hey, isn’t that Tabitha?” Kira said, as she saw the familiar girl walk down the street they were on.

“I think so. Tabitha!” Nathan waved her over.

“Oh, hello.” Tabitha said, as her eyes grew wide and her face grimmer.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can smell death. Right here, right now. I can smell it.” Tabitha said, looking at the ground in her peril.

“What? NO! I won’t die! The lady used a cleansing tag on me!” Kira shouted in her own defense.

“No, it said someone we don’t know yet would die.” Nathan replied quickly.

“I smell death. You won’t cause it, but I smell it. It will happen, and I fear it will happen soon. Whether you have met the person yet or not is of no importance!” Tabitha shouted, “Don’t you people see? Someone will die, around you! You can stop it!”

She mumbled a curse word and ran away. She seemed horribly frightened by the ‘scent of death’.

“We better go and get our shuteye now, we have to wake up early tomorrow to challenge Lt. Surge!” Nathan exclaimed, as they did just that. They ate their dinner at the Pokemon Center, watched a little bit of television, but hit the sack pretty fast.

The following morning, they woke up early and asked around for directions to the Pokemon Gym. They got the same response from a few people that it was in the southern-most part of the city, near the S.S. Anne’s dock.

They headed to where they were told, and only saw a bunch of trees grouped together on a peninsula. The water surrounded the peninsula, and there seemed to be no really building on the peninsula.

“I think I see something, we should try to get in.” Kira said, standing on the tips of her toes trying to see the gym.

“What do you suggest? Climbing like monkeys?” Nathan rolled his eyes as he said this.

“Well no, I mean, those trees don’t look murderous!” Kira explained on a limb, “I bet we could get through with ease.”

They got to the trees, and bended left and right to get through. They had finally gotten through and saw a building on the peninsula. The trees hid it very well.

“Great! The gym! You’ll go first, Nathan. I was first last time!” Kira announced in glee.

“Fine.” Nathan gave up, knowing he’d never convince her to go first.

They entered the regular looking gym, and could not see anything. It was pitch black inside the edifice.

“Welcome to my gym.” a big voice said, as the lights came on suddenly. He was standing on a pillar in the middle of the room, up high. Around him was some sort of obstacle course. The blonde man grinned, happy about their shocked visages, “This is the obstacle course. If you can make it to the end of the obstacle course, I will battle you for my badge.”

The man jumped off the pillar and onto a rope, which swung him from the center to the back of the room.

“Luck, kiddos! Oh, and if you fall? You will not be able to challenge me today,” he said again, giving them thumbs up and running off again.

“Oh my gosh Nathan, I can’t do this! I can’t climb ropes, and crouch under wires and climb walls, or score goals in basketball hoops!” Kira said, observing some of the many things in the course.

“Come on, Kira! I’ll help you out… this boot camp-like course won’t be difficult.” Nathan said, and, seeing her still desperate face, he continued, “Trust me!”

“Okay…” replied Kira, still not convinced.

The first part of the course was crouching under some wires. It was simple enough; the marble floor was clean. They passed through in one quick moment, and the next obstacle was a wall they had to climb.

“Kira, you can climb on my back. I can handle it.” Nathan said, when he observed her struggle on the first stone she had to set her foot on.

“Okay…” Kira said, feeling disgraceful as she was letting him work for her. She hopped on his back, and he climbed up. He let her off her back once they reached the summit, and saw the third task.

Boards had been set up to cross a gap.

“Finally, something I am good at!” Kira shouted, getting on the board first, and maneuvering herself through.

“Right okay…” Nathan stuttered, going on the beam. He set his arms up like Kira, trying to balance himself. Halfway through, he stumbled: he was going to fall! If he fell, he would not be able to challenge Lt. Surge, instead, he would have to come back another day!
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Please Note: This chapter is far shorter than others. But it's letting on to the 'Good' part. Thank you for your attention.

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

He fell backwards and onto a mat that was set underneath the balance beam.

“Ha, better luck next time!” the gym leader said, over an intercom, “You may return another day to try again. But for today, go away! You can stay to watch your friend if you’d like, turn left and enter the door. If not, leave.”

“See you Kira.” Nathan smiled sympathetically, and going to the place where he’d be able to watch her.

He walked into the hallway, and saw the gym leader standing there with his own sympathetic look on his face.

“I thought you’d make it, you better work on your balance kid,” he commented.

Kira continued to do the tasks, which consisted of shooting two baskets, running across a hot floor of coal barefoot, and finally, getting to the door. She tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Huh?” she said, confused, as she looked around. She saw the key, in the middle of the room, attached by a thread on the ceiling. A trampoline was below it.

She got onto the trampoline and started to jump. She grabbed onto the key, and smiled in bliss at the fact that she had gotten it. The threads had broken easily.

She walked over to the door, unlocked it, and entered yet another black room. She didn’t see anything, but she heard the door behind her shut loudly.

“Hello?” she said in a small voice, afraid of what was coming.

“Hey again,” the gym Leader answered. Lights began emerging in the darkness, and Kira could distinguish Pokemon. One was a rat with a cute, innocent face, with orange fur. Another was a round ball, with a red half and a white half. It had a wicked grin. Alone, these two Pokemon illuminated the whole room, “Lights on!”

He clapped his hands together, and lights illuminated the room. The Pokemon stopped providing electricity at this clap.

“Who are you, anyways?” Kira asked, as she had only assumed he was the gym leader.

“Lieutenant Surge, ex-sailor of the S.S. Anne, and now gym leader of Vermillion, specialist in the erratic electric type,” he boasted, ruffling through his spiky blonde hair. He wore spiky wristbands, and an army-like uniform, with the camouflage traits.

“I am Kira Varon of Pallet town, and I challenge you for your Thunder Badge!” claimed Kira, pointing straight at her adversary. All the while, through a window set up in the next room over, Nathan watched with intent.

“Challenge accepted. Come in, Lt. Lockheart!” he called, and a door near where Nathan was opened up. A redheaded vixen came out, looking more like a tomboy than anything else. She was wearing khaki long pants and a blood-colored tank top.

“I will act as the referee of this match,” the female lieutenant stated, getting into position with two flags, “This is a match for the Thunder Badge! Challenger Kira against Gym Leader Lt. Surge! Each trainer will use two Pokemon, and there is no time limit. Begin!”

She raised the yellow and green flags up in a shocking speed, the yellow flag in her right hand, on Lt. Surge’s side, and the green one in her left, on Kira’s side. The gym leader pointed his hand out to the field, and the overgrown rat took place on the field. The Voltorb stood behind his trainer, waiting to be brought into the battle, if needed.

“Raichu, the mouse Pokemon. When its electricity builds, its muscles are stimulated, making it more aggressive then usual.” Kira’s Pokedex informed. She nodded, knowing exactly who her choice was.

“Go Vulpix!” Kira said, letting out the fire fox. Kira knew Vulpix had never had any real battles against other trainers, and knew that she needed to give Vulpix the experience.

“Vulpix, eh? I’ve seen those before. Not bad!” Lt. Surge commented, “But by no means will that pipsqueak beat Raichu. Raichu, quick attack!”

“Vulpix, use your own quick attack! Show that overgrown rat just how feisty you really are!” Kira barked, frowning. She was very insulted by Lt. Surge’s assumptions.

Both Pokemon built up their speed and shot at the other.

“Luckily for me, Raichu is an electric type. You must learn this now…” Lt. Surge said, as the Pokemon began to attack, “Electric types are known for their speed.”

As Raichu hit Vulpix, Kira’s memory shot back. She had been taught this somewhere, she couldn’t remember where, either at school, in a book or on TV, but had forgotten completely about it. Vulpix got back up and hit Raichu, but not quite as powerfully, as it was already hurt.

“Raichu, use thunderbolt!” Lt. Surge shouted.

“Use Ember, Vulpix! When he comes at you!” Kira ordered.

Raichu jumped up in the air, and started to pump up energy to shoot at Vulpix. Kira observed Raichu’s facial expression change from innocent, to aggravatingly angry. The electricity shot down at Vulpix, who, in defense, shot its flame up above to its opponent. The thunder was diverted left and right, missing Vulpix completely. The ember continued and hit Raichu right on the spot, putting Raichu on the ground.

“Although speed does give an advantage, it also gave me one. I can predict how your Pokemon will move and counter to that.” Kira said, smiling.

“Raichu, get back up!” the lieutenant commanded, sounding a lot like he was in a boot camp, “Use your special combination!”

“If she’s good enough, she’ll understand this.” Lt. Surge thought, grinning.

“Combination?” Kira muttered, as Raichu quickly attacked her, and began to jump up, “He’s using both attacks!” she muttered again, but then shouted, “Out of the way, Vulpix! Now!”

Vulpix dashed out of the way backwards. The thunderbolt hit the ground where she had just stood.

“Lucky, you are. Lucky.” Lt. Surge replied, clapping his hands sarcastically.

“I still avoided it! Vulpix, quick, attack while Raichu is still off guard!” Kira smirked. Vulpix jumped at the opponent, who was down on the floor. She began to bite Raichu very hard.

“Raichu is knocked out! Victory for Kira and Vulpix!” Lieutenant Lockheart shouted, raising the green flag in triumph.

“Return, Raichu. You did your best!” Lt. Surge said, with a bruised pride, “No more playing around! Go Voltorb!”

The spherical Pokemon rolled onto the field immediately.

“Use sonicboom!” Lt. Surge commanded.

Voltorb emerged a twister onto the field, which immediately hit Vulpix. Vulpix fell to the ground, taken off-guard by the Sonicboom. She was fainted.

“Return, Vulpix!” Kira struggled to think of what could go against Voltorb, “I choose you, Clefairy!”

The pink fairy was out on the field, and ready to go against the half red and half white Voltorb.

“Clefairy, use metronome!” Kira commanded, letting the odds take over. Wartortle and Chansey weren’t sufficantly strong to fight against Voltorb, in her opinion.

“Voltorb, use Spark!” Lt. Surge retorted, not sure of what to do.

Clefairy closed its eyes and began to twirl its fingers around. Voltorb charged up electricity, as Clefairy let out a loud, “Fairy!”

A tidal wave began to grow behind Clefairy, falling down on Voltorb. The electricity Voltorb had charged surged through the wave, hurting both Pokemon.

“Good job, Clefairy! Use Sing! Then, finish him off with another metronome!” Kira shouted.

“She just can’t beat me by the object of randomness!” Lt. Surge thought, and then shouted out, “Selfdestruct!”

Voltorb turned to a burnt black color, as Clefairy sang a humble tune. The tune was completely ignored by Voltorb, who couldn’t hear it. Clefairy rapidly began to twirl around her fingers, knowing that this was her trainer’s last hope.

“This has to work…” both trainers though simultaneously.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 20 continued

Clefairy’s Metronome attack had taken effect and began to take place. A white shield erected around Clefairy, but disappeared as soon as it had erected. Voltorb advanced and exploded, but Clefairy didn’t seem hurt. Nathan, completely blown away by this battle, checked what the attack was with his Pokedex.

“Protect, a normal attack. It can deflect any attack once, but fails if used in succession.”

The Pokedex had enlighten him, and he put it away.

Meanwhile, both trainers recalled their Pokemon, as Lt. Locheart declared Kira the winner.

“Here’s your badge, kid. You did well on outplaying me, but it was only out of luck. I’d recommend you train your Pokemon better for them to be prepared for any situation.” Lt. Surge informed her.

“What would have happened had Clefairy not deflected your Voltorb’s attack?” Kira demanded.

“Well, it would have been a tie. You wouldn’t have won this!” Lt. Surge said, handing her the Thunder Badge. It was like a miniature sun.

“Thank you.” Kira said, smiling to herself.

“Your friend, Nathan, he’s in there. You can also exit this building with the door that’s in there.” Lt. Surge said, pointing her to where Lt. Lockheart had emerged.

She nodded and went to join her friend. Nathan complimented her on a match well fought, and she thanked him deeply. They left as Nathan told her what attack Clefairy had performed.

“Oh well,” Kira responded, “let’s go heal my Pokemon. Then will we be able to board the ship?”

“Yea, I think so. We’ll have to go check with the sailor.” Nathan replied.


At 5 o’clock, after having messed around for a few hours, they headed to the dock. A bridge was nicely set up, going onto the boat. A young fellow was on the boat, looking like a ticket-checker.

They showed the man their tickets, and he nodded, “Welcome to the S.S. Anne. We’re about to leave, seeing as how it’s scheduled to leave in five minutes… you may join the others in the ballroom.”

Kira and Nathan continued down the wooden floor towards the ballroom. Kira checked the man out; he was of average height, had a nice white hat on to hide his brown hair, blue eyes, and a sailor’s outfit. She had noticed his name on his nametag; Captain Boddy.

They walked into a grand room with a dance floor, and an elegant long table beside it. Four others were already seated, two men and two women. Nathan and Kira went to join the four.

Nathan sat to the left of one of the girls, who was seated next to a guy. On the other side of the table, Kira was seated beside the two other guests on the ship. The presumed captain arrived in the room not much later, with the final guest.

“This is the last of them. Have fun, I’ll go and get this ship on the road. Ask me if you need anything. Name’s Captain Boddy, nice to meet you,” he said grimly, tipping his hat off.

The guests replied “Nice to meet you!”

“Isn’t there anyone else? We’re not many on this cruise, you know,” Kira asked, as the final guest, a woman, sat down.

“It’s a slow time of year, this is a normal turnout for June. July and August are the big months, as school is out then,” Captain Boddy replied. He then left the ballroom, to go to steer the ship, “There’s food at the buffet!”

A buffet was nicely set up at the other side of the room. All seven guests got up, and went over to take a plate and stuff it with food. The air was tense with the other guests, excluding the one who had just arrived. Both Nathan and Kira noticed this.


Tabitha was getting ready to go watch the nightly news at the Pokemon Center in Vermillion. She was about to leave her room, when she began to have a vision.

Chilling images of murder began to show up in her head. She couldn’t make anyone out. The images ended, and a last image popped up: Kira.

“It might happen tonight,” she stuttered to the empty room, “No. It will happen tonight.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 21

Everyone had taken food and returned to their seats. The ‘late’ guest had sit at the head of the table.

“I think it is suitable for everyone to introduce themselves.” Kira broke the large silence, “I’m Kira Varon, pleased to meet all of you.”

“And I’m Nathan Lennox, how do ya’ll do?” Nathan chipped in.

“I’m Rose,” the late guest said, sporting a red dress and brown shoulder-length hair, “Rose Valentine.”

“I’m Kevin Moon.” the young boy nodded, wearing jeans and a jacket. He had blonde hair in spikes.

“I’m Michelle Girard!” the petite blonde shun, smiling from ear to ear. She was sporting a salmon skirt with red heels and a white tank top.

“I’m Eve Kismet,” a black lady said, looking very mannerly although not too glamorous, in a blue blazer. She wasn’t any more than eighteen year old, but she looked like she wanted to be adult.

“I’m Michael Garble,” a large man said, with short black hair. He was sitting on the opposing side of the table, across from Nathan. He intimidated Nathan a little.

“I think that’s all for introductions…” Kira began, as she began to chew a piece of food.

“Forgetting me, are ya mates?” the Captain said, coming out from the place where he had gone to earlier.

“Excuse me if this is rude, but who is steering the ship?” Michelle asked, looking over his shoulder to see if there was anyone else.

“Yes, I don’t want to be remade as a romantic person in a spin-off of Titanic!” Kevin exclaimed quickly, seemingly panicking.

“Don’t worry, it’s set to auto navigate. This means that the ship is hardly moving, so I can loaf around and meet the voyagers,” The man said, crackling a cough, “So, is the food good?”

“As far as food goes, you’re a true hero!” Michael exclaimed, stuffing his face. Nathan spotted a vicious look on his face.

“Really, it is extremely good sir.” Kevin replied respectfully, also having a crimson color in his eyes, spotted by Kira. She shrugged it off; she was probably seeing things.

“Yar, well, if ya’ll have any questions, I’ll be at the head of the boat…” he mumbled, as no one was really listening. They were all hungry.

Afterwards, the Captain, which they found out, was named Captain Petrian, put on soothing music. With a glass of whatever they wanted in hand, they all dispersed to get to know one another. All except one.

Rose Valentine curiously stayed put on the chair. Kira and Nathan both found this weird, but the rest seemed to not care less.

Before time could tell, Kira was in a conversation with Michelle and Eve, and Nathan was in one with Michael and Kevin.

“What sports do you people play?” Nathan asked.

“I play baseball, soccer, basketbell… pretty much everything!” Kevin boasted, “I’m just a natural talent.”

“You might be but I would so beat you at football! And basketball while I’m at it!” Michael said, giving a playful pat on Kevin’s back.

“I play basketball…” Nathan interjected, feeling inferior. He had security issues, that had become apparent to Kira a while ago, “Do you people have girlfriends?”

“Of course, dude! Her name’s Virginia, and she’s a beauty beyond words…” he smiled, “I miss her.”

“What happened to her?” Kevin asked, confused.

“One day, she just… fell apart,” Michael sighed deeply and got back to his playful attitude, “What about you, Kevin?”

“My girlfriend’s name is Darienne. She’s cool, but she’s kind of stuck-up…” Kevin began, and continued to talk about his girlfriend Darienne.

“So, let’s talk boys!” Michelle said very excitedly, “You first Kira, who’s the lucky man?”

Kira observed Eve’s depressed face. She was trying to hide it, but it wasn’t working well, “Earth to Kira?”

“Oh!” Kira laughed, as they sat down on three chairs, “No lucky, or unlucky for that matter, man for me. But I am single and ready to mingle!”

“Wow, you’re delightfully funny!” Michelle laughed with her, “And you Eve?”

It took her a few minutes to respond, “I rather not talk about it. Take that as a no.”

“Okay.” Michelle replied, now depressed as well.

“What Pokemon does each of you have?” Kira asked, getting informed.

“I have Chansey and Jumpluff. I have dreams of becoming a doctor and helping people.” Eve’s face lit up as she said this.

“I have Jynx and Kirlia. Nothing like beautiful Pokemon – just like me!” Michelle giggled.

“I have Chansey, Vulpix, Wartortle and Clefairy. Anyways, bought any cute shoes lately?” Kira changed the conversation.

Kevin, meanwhile, finished up about Darienne, “And you, Nathan?” he kindly asked.

“I don’t have a girlfriend. I used to have one, but let’s talk about better things.” Nathan smiled, shrugging the fact off.

“What Pokemon do you guys have? I have Gyarados and Dratini. I love feisty Pokemon, and girls too…” Kevin joked.

“I have Machoke and Croconaw. Nothing like big strong Pokemon, eh?” Michael boasted.

“I have Ivysaur, Scyther and Eevee… say, who are you pulling for in the Kanto Basketball League?” Nathan replied.

Rose continued to sip some tea, sitting there in her chair, eyeing everyone.

“Well now me mates, why don’t ye take a partner and dance? The floor is amiss of people!” Captain Petrian said, walking in.

“Would you like to dance?” Kevin asked Michelle awkwardly.

“Sure.” Michelle smiled as they began to dance to the music that came on.

“Would you like to dance?” Michael asked Kira before Nathan had the chance to.

“Of course!” Kira replied with a smile.

“Guess that leaves you and me!” Nathan said to Eve with a laugh, completely forgetting about Rose.

“Guess so, kid!” said Eve, as they began to move with the music.

“Why aren’t you dancing, pretty lady?” Captain Petrian asked Rose, who curiously had not even bothered asking.

“Dancing is for those who have life.” Rose replied with a sigh.

“And if I’m not mistaken, I hear you breathing. Come on, it wouldn’t hurt for you to dance!” the Captain exclaimed, patting her on the back.

“If you insist, I suppose.” Rose replied grimly, putting her tea on the table. They got up and began to dance to the classic song that was playing.

The seven guests on the cruise then sat down and had desert, strawberry shortcake, and chatted about their lives. Curious tension set place in the room.

After that, the captain informed where everyone would be sleeping tonight and the following night. Except for Captain Petrian’s room, all rooms were in one corridor.

Nathan and Kira’s rooms were the farthest in the corridor, which was connected to the ballroom. Nathan’s room was on the left side whereas Kira’s was on the right side. Michelle and Kevin’s rooms were second-to-furthest, Michelle’s being on the right and Kevin’s on the left.

Next in line were the two bathrooms, one for the guys and one for the girls. Again, the girl’s bathroom was on the right and the guy’s bathroom was on the left. Michael and Eve’s rooms were next in line, Michael’s on the left and Eve’s on the right.

Rose’s room was on the right, next in line, nearest to the exit. There was one room left empty opposing hers.

The Captain’s room was near where he navigated the cruise.

“I think I’m going to head to bed.” Rose said, weary. She entered her room, locked the door, and began to get into pajamas.

“Me too, I’m starting to feel woozy.” Eve said, going into her bedroom.

“Michelle, come into my room. Let’s do some girl talk!” Kira laughed, as they both entered her room.

“I heard there was a basketball court here on the S.S. Anne, let’s go play some ball, guys!” Nathan announced, and they went off to do their business.

An hour later, nine o’clock, Michelle left Kira’s room to go to bed. She stopped off at the bathroom first, to take off her makeup. Kira had talked to her about a special feeling she had for Michael, and they talked about fashion.

The three boys came back, and all went to bed except Nathan. He and Kira met in the hallway.
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Default Re: A Journey in Kanto

Chapter 22 Continued

“Let’s go see the Captain before we turn in, why don’t we?” Kira said, and they went off in the Captain’s wing.

“Hey kiddo!” he exclaimed when he saw Kira, “And the other kiddo!” he continued when he saw Nathan.

“Hey! So, how is life as a sea captain?” Kira asked, as she sat down on his bed. Nathan joined her. Captain Petrian was on his chair; writing in what she guessed was his logbook.

“It’s one heck of a life, Kira. But I don’t particularly like doing these little old things, I rather bring people to new horizons like Olvine City and Mauville City… over the sea, you know?” Captain Petrian said, with a passion. He really loved what he did.

“No, but that’s okay.” Nathan laughed in reply.

“Well, you best be going off to bed now. Don’t want to get in the way of your sleeps, mates.” Captain Petrian shushed them out.

A sudden cry was heard, followed by a smash. It wasn’t just any cry, it was very, very chilling, and loud. You’d have to be bloody deaf to not hear the cry. Everyone in the boat heard it.

The three did not even mutter a single word and made their way to the hallway where the bedrooms were. Michelle, Eve, Kevin and Michael all stood dumbfounded in their bedroom doorways, with a confused look on their face.

“There’s only one person not present here.” Kira said, with a cold white face. Everyone else slowly started to release where the cry had come from.

“You mean… Rose is… was..?” Eve stuttered, recalling Rose’s name queerly easily.

“There’s only one way to be sure.” Kira took the lead and went over to Rose’s door, “No, I can’t do this! I’m a woman! You men, go!”

“I’ll go…” Nathan said, putting his hand on the doorknob. He shook a little while he turned the doorknob clockwise, and opened the door finally. He shut on the lights.

Rose was face down on her bed, bloody as hell. Blood was everywhere on the bed, she was soaked in it. Her feet were on the pillows and her head was at the foot of the bed. Something had definitely gone on here.

“So?” they all said, eagerly, as Nathan exited the room. He shut off the lights and had a grim look on his face.

“She’s in paradise. Six feet under. Dead.” Nathan said bluntly, almost barfing as he said this.

“Well, it wasn’t me, nor was it you Nathan, or Captain Petrian for that matter. We were all together far away from here,” Kira stressed, and then turning around and pointing fingers at the other four, “there is only one conclusion to be pulled from that! One of you four did it!”

“No!” Michael blurted out.

“Of course not, that’s appalling!” Kevin replied.

“I didn’t do it, I’m a guiltless person!” Michelle shouted.

Everyone looked at Eve, who wasn’t defending herself.

“Well what, I didn’t do it!” Eve shouted.

“She might of committed suicide!” Kevin supposed.

“No, that’s impossible. She was in a position that’s not suicidal. She was face down and upside down on the bed, it’s hardly possible she killed herself…” Nathan explained.

“Did you see a weapon?” Captain Petrian pondered, “Maybe we can trace the weapon to one of us.”

“I didn’t see one, but I think we should all get some sleep. We can’t investigate without sleep.” Kira said.

“What? Am I supposed to be able to sleep with a mad murderer sleeping next door?” Michelle retorted.

“Lock your door.” Nathan answered, rolling his eyes.

“And put a chair underneath the doorknob. It’ll be impossible for any mad killer to kill you.” Captain Petrian indicated.

“Thank God, at least I can sleep in peace.” Michael broke his silence.

“And we should lock the door to Rose’s room. Wouldn’t want anyone to toggle with the evidence, would we?” Nathan said, going back into her room to locate the key. It was right on the bedside table.

He left the room and locked it. He gave the key to Captain Petrian, knowing he was innocent.

“Let’s go to bed people.” Kira announced. Everyone returned to their rooms, locked their doors, placed a chair underneath the doorknob, and hit the sack.

Although they all knew deep down they were safe, everyone was scared. Who wouldn’t be? Someone had just been killed – at the hands of someone in the very same cruise!

“Me and Nathan have to solve this. And fast. Because we’ll all die if we don’t catch this psycho.” Kira thought, before she drifted off to sleep.
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